Secret Sex At A Wedding

Hi guys I am Raj from Pune. I am here to share part 2 of my story ‘Lost My Virginity To Richa Bhabhi’

As you all know how I was seduced and laid by Richa bhabhi. Now I had started enjoying my secret life with Richa bhabhi. I had started getting used to Richa bhabhi and we used to chat a lot. Often we would exchange our nude pics with each other.

She was a very horny lady. Whenever we would be alone she would ask me for sexual favors. I never used to deny those as I too liked her a lot. She had a beautiful and busty figure and also was good looking.

One day I was at her place. I got aroused while watching her. So I went near her and grabbed her from behind. I started to caress her butt and started to press her breasts from her blouse. She gave me a smile and whispered in my ears, “Raj, Prakash is there in the other room. He might catch us. Wait till he is gone.”

I was in no mood to wait as I was rock hard. I went outside and saw that Prakash bhaiya was doing some urgent office work. My aunt was not at home. I went inside again and unzipped my pant. I made bhabhi go down on her knees and asked her to give me a quick blowjob.

She smiled as we both loved taking risk as it used to arouse us more. Soon she grabbed my balls and started sucking my cock. I was feeling good. I took control by grabbing her by her hairs and pulling her head towards my cock. It was around 2-3 minutes that we heard the door bell ring.

So I was feeling disappointed as I had to dress up and bhabhi had to go open the door.  I was already hard rock down there. But since some guests were at home I could not find Richa bhabhi alone. So I controlled myself and went outside for a walk to take things of my mind.

Suddenly Prakash bhaiya called me inside and asked me to get ready. We had to leave for a family function. Though I was not in the mood to go, Richa bhabhi convinced me to accompany them. We started in the car. I and bhabhi purposely sat on back seats and Prakash bhaiya was driving.

While sitting in the back Richa bhabhi was caressing my thighs with her hands making me aroused. She often passed me a wicked smile. I too kept my hands on her waist and rubbed her milky waist. Soon we reached the place where we were going.

We were greeted by the hosts. They gave us a room for 4 of us to stay bhabhi, me, bhaiya and their son. Now it was difficult for us to make out in bhaiya’s presence. But I was getting annoyed as I had not got sex for some time now.

In the evening everyone dressed up and were ready to leave for function. Bhabhi wore a beautiful red saree with a backless blouse. Her navel was clearly visible which could make any dick hard. I smiled to her. She smiled back. We both wanted to do it but with bhaiya around it was difficult for us.

Soon we reached the marriage venue. I took a few drinks and soon I was set. Now I was in bad need of sex. Watching bhabhi dance made me more erect. I had no idea what to do. Soon I saw bhabhi going towards bhaiya’s car which was parked in parking.

The parking was in open and there was a shady building under construction next to parking. I grabbed the opportunity and asked bhabhi to come with me. When I took her to that shady place she got scared and said, “Why have we come here Raj?” I said, “Bhabhi I want to have sex right now.”

She smiled and said, “Raj wait till we reach back home tomorrow. Here we can get caught if someone comes.” But I didn’t wanted to listen. I pulled her towards me and started to lip lock and kiss her madly. She was also enjoying the kiss. While kissing I inserted my hand inside her petticoat.

I was rubbing her pussy from outside of her panty. I could see her getting aroused too. She said, “Oh, Raj please let’s go inside.” I said, “Bhabhi lets create a memory here.” I unhooked her blouse and unhooked her blue color bra. I grabbed her boobs and started to suck her nipples and biting them.

She was also now enjoying and playing with my balls. I quickly removed her petticoat and pulled down her panty. She was all naked and as usual, we both were locked in an intense hug. Our naked bodies were rubbing each other. I went down on my knees and started licking her love hole.

She was moaning and I could see her riding in pleasure. Her juices were flowing in my mouth. Suddenly she saw someone coming in the direction. So she quickly dressed up and I too was dressing up. But soon I realized no one was coming but she was scared so she wanted to leave.

I grabbed her from behind lifted her petticoat and whispered in her ears, “Bhabhi, bas ek quick shot lene do.” She cooperated and held her petticoat. I turned her in the doggy style and made her face the wall. Then with full force inserted my tool inside her wet cunt and started to fuck her hard.

I was making quick strokes but I was in no mood to cum soon. Then I took her in a cowgirl position. I made her ride my dick so passionately as if she was my wife. She was sweating with pleasure. I knew that bhaiya might come anytime looking for us.

So I quickly got her in missionary and banged her for the next 5 minutes in an isolated building and soon cummed inside her pussy. She hugged me tightly and said, “Raj this was one of the best sex which we have had till now.” I smiled. Just to make sure I don’t get erection again soon she gave me a handjob.

Then we both dressed up and leave for the function. After reaching function we both kept on smiling watching each other. So guys please let me know how did you like the story at [email protected]

Suman Mausi Meri Girlfriend Bani

Hi friends. Ye meri iss pe pehli story hai. Hope you all will like it. Main ISS ka regular reader hun. Aur aaj main aap logon ko apni zindagi ki ek sachhi kahani batane jaa raha hun.

Ab story pe aate hain. Ye kahani hai meri mausi Suman ki (name changed). Woh dikhne main achhi thi. Uska rang thoda sawla sa tha. Age 26 ki thi uski. Magar uska figure bohut katilana tha. Ek baar bus koi usse dekh le, to uski niyat badal jaye. Uske lund mein hulchul ho jayegi.

Uske boobs bohut hi tight the. Uska boobs ka size 32c hoga. Mast chulbuli gaand thi. Jo gadi ki dikki ki tarah thukna chahti thi. Apne baare main yehi kahunga ki main 24 ka launda aur kisi bhi aurat ko sahi se satisfy kar sakta hun.

To baat tab ki hai jab meri mausi ki job yahin Delhi mein lag gayi thi. Tab main yahin Delhi se B.Tech kar raha tha. Ek room kiraye pe le kar reh raha tha. Aur poore maze utha raha tha apni jawani ke. Roz porn dekh ke lund ko hilata tha.

Woh bhi B.Tech ki thi, aur salary itni thi nahi. To mujhe ek din unka call aaya ki, “Somu, meri job Delhi main lagi hai. To agar main tere saath hi shift ho jaun to kya tujhe koi problem hogi? Main tera bhi achhe se khayal rakhungi. Aur tujhe koi dikkat bhi nahi hogi.”

Uss time meri uske liye waise feelings nahi thi. Aur mujhe kya maloom tha ki woh mera ek din aise chud chud ke khayal rakhegi. Issliye main nahi chahta tha ki woh mere saath rehne lage. Kyunki meri saari mastiyon pe tala lag jata. Par na chahte hue bhi mujhe haan kehna pada. Kya karta?

To fir woh ek din Delhi aa gayi. Maine jab usse station pe dekha to mujhe kuch alag lag raha tha. Woh kafi gadra gayi thi. Jaise hi woh train se utri to mere gale lag gayi. Uske narm magar kadak boobs meri chest pe feel hua. Mere neeche kuch harkat si hui.

Jab woh aage chalne lagi to mujhe uski gaand dekh ke maza aane laga. Main nazar hatata bhi to uski gaand meri nazar wapas kheech leti. Magar maine apne dil ko samjhaya ki mere mann main koi galat thought nahi the. Khair main unhe apne kamre main le aaya.

Par dikkat ye thi ki kamra ek tha, single room set. Ab usse change karna tha. To main darwaze ke bahar khada ho gaya. Par na jane kyun andar dekhna ka mann ho raha tha. Raat ho chuki thi to usne tight pant aur t-shirt daali jisse uska figure mast dikne laga tha. Fir hum khana khane lage aur fir bed pe chale gaye sone.

Ek hi bed mein woh mere bagal mein leti. Andhere mein mujhe uski gaand par haath firane ka dil hone laga. Par maine khud ko roka aur masturbate karne bathroom gaya. Fir agle kuch dinon mein maine Suman mausi ko Delhi mein kai jagah ghoomai.

Jiske dauran main uski kamar pakad leta tha kabhi to kabhi bus ke bheeed mein apna lund uski gaand pe ragad leta tha. Ek din raat mein bagal ke kamre se chudai ki cheekhe aa rahi thi. Usne poocha ki kya ho raha hai uss room mein. Maine kaha, “Mausi, sex ho raha hai.”

Woh sharma gayi. Fir woh boli, “Hum jitni bhi jagah gaye ghoomne, har jagah ladke ladki haath main haath liye. Itne close chalte hai.”

Maine kaha: Woh boyfriend aur girlfriend hote hai.

Mausi: Mera kbhi koi boyfriend nahi raha.

Me: Achha.

Mausi: Teri koi girlfriend hai?

Me: Abhi nahi hai.

Mausi: Achha.

Maine mauka dekhte hue kaha, “Aap meri girlfriend banoge?” Usne poocha, “Main itni achhi hun?” Maine kaha, “Haan. Main aapko dikhaunga ki aap kitne achhe ho.” Fir woh boli theek hai. Aur sharma ke so gayi. Maine peeche se lete hue usse pakad liya.

Woh boli, “Ye kya kar raha hai?” Maine kaha, “Girlfriend ko to pakad ke hi sote hai.” Aur apna lund uski gaand pe ragadne laga. Par uske age nahi badha. Ab gale lagna, gaand pe lund ragadna, gaal ko choom lena roz ka kaam ho gaya. Par woh aage kuch nahi karne deti thi.

To ek shaam maine plan kiya. Uske aane se pehle incest porn laptop mein laga kar masturbate karne laga. Aur darwaza khula rakh diya. Woh jaise hi ghar aai, usne darwaza khola aur andar aa gayi. Usne mujhe hilate hue dekha ur kharash karne lagi.

Par main usse ignore kar ke usski naam ki muth maarne laga.

Me: Oh, Suman mausi. Kitni hot ho tum. Mera lund pagal hai teri jawani par.

Tab usne mere kandhe pe haath rakha. Main chaukne ka natak karte hue apna lund pant main daalte hue bola, “Sorry mausi. Sorry. Main kuch nahi kar raha tha. Woh screen pe chal rahi porn thi. Ye to galti se khul gaya. I am sorry.”

Usne mujhe rokte hue kaha, “Koi baat nahi. Mujhe bura nahi laga. Haath muh dhoke khana khane aaja.” Fir hum kha ke bed pe lete, poori time shaanti hi thi. Usne kaha, “Aaj apni girlfriend ko hug karke nahi soyega. Aana jaldi. Mujhe achha nahi lag raha.” Fir maine usse peeche se jakad liya. Usne kaha, “Tu porn dekhte waqt kise imagine kar raha tha?” Maine kuch nahi kaha. Woh fir boli, “Bata na apni girlfriend ko.” Maine kaha aapko.

“Kya imagine kiya?” mausi ne poocha. Maine uske neck ko peeche se choomte hue, dheere dheere uske kaan main bola, “Tere boobs dabaana.” Fir uske boobs ke pass haath ferne laga. “Teri choot chatna.” Fir uski thighs ko sehlane laga. Usne badi sexy aawaz main bola, “Aur?”

Maine uske hontho ko choote hue bola, “Isey choomna hai. Blowjob lena.” Fir woh boli, “Sirf imagine hi karega ya kuch real bhi karega apni girlfriend mausi ke saath?” Itna sunta hi maine nighty ke andar haath daal ke uski panty side ki, aur uski choot ragadna laga.

Woh masti main karhane lagi. Fir maine uski nighty utar di. Usne bra nahi pehni thi. Use apni taraf ghooma ke uski boobs ko pakad liya aur dabane laga. Uski nipples ko kaatne laga. Hur jagah uski gol boobs pe mere kaatne se nishaan pad rahe the. Aur woh cheekh rahi thi.

Fir maine uski taange kholi, panty utari, aur chatne laga uski choot ko. Uski virgin choot par halke halke baal the. Main poore maze se uski choot aur bagal ke hissey ko chaat raha tha. Main uski choot ke baal ko daaton se kheech deta. To woh bohut tez chilayi.

Fir maine apni jeebh se uski chudai ki. Woh moan kare jaa rahi thi. Fir woh jhad gayi. Maine uski choot chaat ke saaf kar di. Fir apna pajama utara aur uske hontho pe ghooma diye. Fir uska sir pakda aur uske muh main de diya. Woh pehli baar lund choos rahi thi par bohut maza aa raha tha.

Fir maine usse titfuck ke baare main bataya aur lund uske chooche ke beech main daal kar. Uski boobs ko chodne laga aur lund ka topa uske muh ke andr dene laga. Woh mere tatte choosne lagi. Main jab behne wala tha to maine usse roka. Aur fir uski choot chaati aur nipples masalta raha.

Woh moan karne lagi, “Meri jaan, chod de ab mujhe. Aur chaat mereko.”

Fir jab woh gili ho gayi to maine condom laga ke uski choot pe ragadne laga. Woh chilane lagi, “Chod de mujhe ab harami saale. Chod de apni mausi ko.” Fir main uske andr ghusane laga par woh bohut tight thi kyunki woh virgin thi. Woh rone lagi aur kehne lagi, “Bahar nikal. Marr jaungi main. Nikal bahar.”

Maine uska muh band kiya aur zor ka jhatka mara. Uski seal toot gayi aur khoon nikla chadar mein thoda sa. Woh dard ki wajah se mera haath kaatne lagi thi. Aur uske aankh main aansoo the. Fir maine thodi der woh position hold ki aur fir thukai chalu ki.

Missionary position main usse chodta gaya. Aur uske boobs dabate hue, nipple choosta raha. Woh bhi poora saath de rahi thi aur moan kar rahi thi. “Mere raja. Chodta reh apni mausi ko. Mere nipple tan gaye hai. Kaat inhe kutte. Main randi hun teri aaj se. Aur jor se dhakke de mausichod.”

Maine bhi kaha, “Han tu meri rand hai aaj se kutiya. Teri chut ka bhosda banaunga, meri raand mausi.”

“Haan main teri rand mausi hun. Chod apni randi mausi ko. Main jhadne wali hun.”

Maine dhakko ki raftar aur tezz kar di. Fir woh jhad gayi. Maine apna lund uske haath main de diya aur usne usse hilaya. Main uske muh main jhad gaya. Humne ek doosre ko saaf kiya. Aur nange hi ek doosre ki baahon main so gaye

Aage aur kitni baar hua uske saath, aur kaise hua, janiye agli story main. Apne comments kare. Mail kare [email protected]

My Mother Gives Me Erection


It is like a pair of magical glasses that you are born with. Through those glasses when you look, all you see around is a fantasy land that you are living in. It’s only after you lose your innocence that you start noticing the truth.

My name is Ashwin and I am 19 years old. By this age, I have a very good idea about what is sex and know what a female naked body looks like. I have seen pictures and studied about sex. I might even brag that I am no longer a virgin.

But there was a time, not a long ago, that I was so blinded to the things that were happening around me, in my own house!

I am the only child to my parents; Nabha, my mother and Harinath, my father. While my father lived in Mumbai for work, my mother and I stayed in this peaceful place I call home. In an open field on a hill, I lived in a small house. Although only two of us lived in the house, I had many friends from college.

I was happy with my life and so was my mother. Or at least I thought so. My father would visit us twice a year when he used to stay with us for a week each time. I could see my mother being cheerful and happy when he was around. But when he wasn’t, she was alone, lonely!

I didn’t notice her loneliness as I used to spend my entire day outside and return only in the night to eat and sleep. Father was earning well and always came bearing a lot of gifts for us. But the last time he came empty-handed. He said it was a surprise. He kept quiet until the last day.

Only before leaving, he told us that he is planning to demolish this house and build a bigger one. He has already paid the contractor. I was happy to finally get my room. Father went away and in the following days, the contractor brought four workers who were supposed to work on our house building project.

He set up a tent where we would have to live temporarily. The tent had everything, from cot to sleep, a small kitchen, clothes and other stuff of ours stacked in a corner. One end of the tent opened into our old toilet cum bathroom which was kept to be demolished last.

And on the other side, there was a big stack of wood that was supposed to be used for construction. Out of the four workers, two were women while two were men. The women I wasn’t much concerned with. But it is the men I should have paid more attention to.

John, a 50-55 year perv old widower and Wasim, a 35-40-year-old gentleman. Since the workers had started working at our house, my mother appeared to be cheerful, happy, having people around the house.

My mother, Nabha, was a conservative dresser. She wore a sari at all times with barely showing any skin. She used to even cover her belly and navel. The only time she wore maxis was when father came home. But things had changed since the construction work on our house began.

She started dressing more casually. Wearing loose saris, maxi during the morning and while going to bed. I had noticed that but didn’t care much about it. A lot was happening in my life as well.

I was studying in college which had actual girls in it for a change. I made a rich friend called Dipin. The studies were as usual but the highlight of the day was when Dipin used to bring new Playboy magazines for me to watch. It contained pictures of naked mature women.

Despite living under the same roof with my mother, I had to see the magazine pictures to learn what a female body looks like under the clothes. In college, we were taught about sex, but that was boring because they didn’t use pictures or videos.

I slept through that class just as I used to sleep through science and mathematics ones. The pictures I used to watch made me feel aroused. But I didn’t know what that feeling was except for the fact that it felt good. Every time Dipin used to bring magazines, I used to read them and give them back.

I felt embarrassed to ask why my dick was growing watching those pictures. I should have asked my father. But he was never around and something stopped me from asking about it to my mother.

One morning Dipin was late for college. The class had begun and he joined us late. He appeared scared as he came and sat next to me. Seeing him I smiled and whispered.

“Did you bring more Playboy?” I asked, pushing his shoulder to get his attention. Meanwhile, he was lost in something.

“Did you bring…?” I asked again.

Dipin nodded, “No.” he was stuttering, “Th… there… is a pr… problem.”

“If you have to read more playboy, then we will have to read it at your place,” he whispered back to me. I smiled in return. The deal was done.

The next day at 6, I was done with my bath and waiting for Dipin outside the tent. He walked with a playboy magazine, smiling as we approached the tent.

“We’ll sit in the tent, no one will disturb us there,” I pointed and walked him in. Getting comfortable on the cot we started reading the magazine. More like admiring the nude pictures. I was very much aroused. So was he, based on the expressions on his face and boner in his pants, the same as mine.

I was curious and wanted to ask him about it, but I didn’t. We continued to flip through pages. From time to time I was peeking at his pants watching his erection. I was waiting for the right time to ask. It took me a whole 5 minutes to gather courage as I said.

“Dipin, can you tell…” I was interrupted by a screeching sound of the bathroom door opening.

“Someone’s inside. Quick hide behind the wood stack,” I said and we jumped off the cot and hid behind the stack of wood hoping to not get caught.

It was 6:30 as I saw my mother step out of the bathroom. She was wearing just a white thin fabric towel around her that covered her body from her boobs to her thighs.

“I should have known,” I said to myself hitting my head. “I bath at 6 and my mother at 6:30.” It was the routine.

The fear of getting caught had brought my erection down. But seeing my mother in that state made me hard again. Even though her breasts and pussy were covered. Her huge visible cleavage and bare legs made her look prettier than all the women in the magazine combined.

I had not seen so much of her skin before. I never realized that my mother had the body of an actress. I was getting bad thoughts so I closed my eyes and looked away. I realized that my friend Dipin was there too. “What if he sees my mother like that?” I thought as with a shock I turned to look at him.

Fortunately, Dipin too was scared and looked away before he could see much. Perhaps, he was also scared as I could see his eyes tightly shut and him shivering with fear of getting caught.

“The real deal is a thousand times better than the pictures,” I said to myself as I was tempted to turn around. In the meantime, Nabha was drying her hair with another piece of cloth. I never call her by name. But in the current situation, I better not address her as ‘mother’ while I get dirty thoughts watching her.

Nabha was closer than before. While she was unaware of our presence and I continued to stare. The towel was wet and so I was able to see through to her round brown nipples. As she walked towards a cupboard for some reason I ogled at her round butt stretching the fabric of the wet towel.

I could see the towel rise. I got a glimpse of the lower side of her butt cheeks when she bent to look in the cupboard. Taking out a maxi she decided to put it on. I feared that at any moment she might drop the towel and expose her entire body before she put on the maxi.

I feared Dipin might see her naked and wanted to ensure he wasn’t looking. But my eyes were glued to her sexy figure. Fortunately, she did the sensible thing of wearing the maxi first and then swiftly pulled out the towel before the maxi lowered down to her feet.

To some extent, I was disappointed as I didn’t see Nabha naked. But fortunately neither did my friend. I was still looking as if using my X-ray vision to see through her maxi. But then she turned and started walking towards us. I hid back behind the wood stack, closing my eyes, looking up praying to god to not get caught.

“It’s her panty,” I realized. Just above us ran a rope on which we hung our underwear. Among them was her white panty. She came close to pick the same. Turning away from us, she put the panty, first the left leg and then the right and then slowly pulled it up along with the maxi to wear it in place.

My heart was beating so fast that her every movement appeared to me in slow motion. It was for a fraction of a second but I got a glimpse of her round bare ass. She was so close that I could easily extend my arm and touch her butt. But I would never do that.

Still, I saw a hand approaching her butt, ready to make contact. Shocked, I turned to see Dipin. While his right hand was on his erection moving, he extended his left hand to cop-a-feel. I didn’t understand what Dipin was doing holding his penis in his hand tight and rubbing it.

His eyes were glued on Nabha’s butt and he tried touching it. But then he saw me staring and pulled his hands back. He was embarrassed that he took his hand off his penis and pulled up his pants. He waited for my mother to leave. Once she was gone, he simply said, “Sorry,” and then ran away with the magazine.

It’s been three weeks since that incident and I haven’t seen Dipin since. But I guess that’s my fault. I never tried talking to him, even when I saw him. I no longer got to watch pictures of nude women. But I didn’t need them as a living breathing hot model walked around the house showing off her sexy figure.

That day I lost my innocence as I started noticing new things. My mother had gotten close to the workers Wasim and John who worked at our house. I started skipping college to spy on my mother. I wanted to see what she did daily. What I found out as shocking.

I caught John countless times staring at my mother’s ass. Quite often he tried to brush her ass cheek while passing by. This one time John spanked my mother hard while he pretended to slip and fall. In the meantime, she was attracted to young muscular Wasim.

I noticed that she was flirting with Wasim showing more skin while around him. Her pallu slipped very frequently as she bent down while exposing her chest to him. In response, Wasim used to give a simple smile and walk away. I respected him for that, for not making a move on her.

Once while moving a heavy object, Nabha’s boobs popped out and Wasim simply closed his eyes. “Nabha is dressing like a slut for Wasim and wants to fuck him.” I still didn’t know what ‘fucking’ meant. It was just something I heard guys say at college.

But one thing was for sure, I was liking how it felt to see my mother naked. I was looking out opportunities to see Nabha naked, at least once a day. Not out of some perverted desire, but out of curiosity.

“Why does it feel so nice to see a woman without her clothes?”

I heard it from the guys that if a woman keeps her pussy hair clean shaved, that means she is desperate for sex. I just wanted to know if she craved it.

“What is sex?” I still used to wonder. I used to ask my teachers who were all female. They would simply blush and walk away. My curiosity was growing every day.

I became like Sherlock Holmes, looking for clues, hints, signs. Every day the same routine, me hiding behind the wood stack. She steps out of the bathroom wearing a towel, putting on the maxi, removing the towel. Finally wearing her white panty before walking out of the tent.

I used to get an erection every time. I did nothing and it became small again after some time. I had seen her countless times removing the panty from the rope just over my head and putting it on.

“I’m missing something. I’m missing something!” This is all I could say to myself not realizing what I was looking for. The clue that was in front of me all this time, “I’m missing… something…”

Then it hit me.

“Isn’t she supposed to wear a bra too? Okay, if she doesn’t want to wear a bra, that’s fine. But where did all her bras go?” This was a mystery I was determined to solve, which I did.

A week later I found the bra thief. I caught him while he used her bra to rub his penis as Dipin did. It was the old man John, hiding behind the tree with his pants down. As he kept on rubbing suddenly he shouted, “Ahh!” and white fluid came out falling on the tree. “It’s not like regular pee,” I wondered.

I called him out shouting, “John uncle!”

He panicked throwing my mother’s bra on the side and pulled up his pants. “Sorry! I’m sorry!” he kept on saying.

“What were you doing there John uncle, with my mother’s bra?”

“Nothing… I was just cleaning my…” he said pointing at his penis. He panicked and was scared as if I caught him doing something very wrong. That’s when I realized that he has the information I want. I walked to him, fell on my knees and joining hands I begged,

“Please, tell me everything you know about sex!”

To be cunt-i-nude

Hi, guys, I hope you liked my story. Do tell me what you think about my story by giving feedback at [email protected]

In this day and age, we know everything about sex, thanks to the internet. Young kids who have not even reached puberty know about sex. I don’t know if that is good or bad. Still, there are some naive boys and girls who officially become an adult still they don’t know about sex.

Now, what they learn can be good or bad depending on the source of information. This is something very serious which I hope to explore through this series. Please comment and share so that more people can enjoy my stories.

In the next part – Old man John is not a nice guy and he wants to fuck that milf Nabha. Now the question is what does he teach Ashwin about sex?

Aafi The Sex Therapist – Indian Sex Stories

Hello ISS readers. I am back with the next part of the story. Please do read the previous parts to fully know the context. My quick intro. My name is Aafi. I am from Bangalore but I am working and living in Chennai. I am a 25-year-old Software Engineer. You can email me or hangout me at [email protected]

We all four were tired and fell asleep after that unbelievable foursome. I woke up the next morning. Anna and Chloe were still sleeping on the bed fully naked. Rose is already awake, I think she’s taking a shower in her room. I went looking for her.

Me: Rose?
Rose: In here, come join me!
Me: Coming!

There she is! Taking a shower standing in the bathtub. There was soap foam all over her body. She is facing the wall. I could see her whole backside. Gosh! Those rounded and huge butts.

Rose: You’re up early.
Me: Yes, what time is it?
Rose: I think it’s 6:30 or something like that.
Me: Wow! That really is early!

Rose: Are you excited about living here?
Me: I really am, you?
Rose: Me too! I can’t wait to have fun with all the people I love.

She then slowly turned and faced towards me. Holy fuck! She looks so seductive while bathing. The foam is covering all her boobs except her nipples. That was looking so sexy. She’s moving her all over her boobs and chest.

Rose: Get in here with me. Let’s both take a shower.
Me: I know what that means.
Rose: So what are you waiting for?
Me: Nothing at all.

I was only in my boxers. I removed them quickly and jumped into the shower. I turned her towards the wall. I stood behind her and inserted my dick in her pussy from behind.

Me: Do you like that?
Rose: Yes. Keep going.
Me: Shower sex. Lucky me.
Rose: Lucky us.

I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me. She’s turned on and moaning heavily.

Rose: Yes. Right there.
Me: I’m so hot.
Rose: Let’s move this. The water is so hot.
Me: Ok, let’s do that.

I lifted her in my arms and got out of the bathtub. I made her lie on the bathroom floor. Lifted her both legs up and rested them on my shoulders. I was on my knees and shoved my cock in her pussy. The foam on her body made her look so hot.

Me: This is much better.
Rose: Mmmmm.

I fucked her in this position. Her moans were echoing in the bathroom. After 15 minutes of fucking, we both orgasmed. I shot my cum in her pussy. Them we both showered and cleaned ourselves. We went into Rose’s room. We both were still naked.

Rose: This place is so great!
Me: I know.
Rose: You know what?
Me: What?

Rose: Let’s do it again.
Me: Really?
Rose: Yes, I am still horny!
Me: I think that’s a great idea.

Rose: Then. Let’s take this to bed.
Me: Yes!
Rose: Come here.

She went and slept at the edge of the bed. She was lying on her back. I stood in front of her. She spread her legs wide and guided my cock inside her pussy. I grabbed her thighs and started fucking her pussy. After 10 minutes we changed the position.

I made her into a doggy style. She was a bit tired and pushed her boobs into the bed. I was behind and fucking her pussy from behind. We fucked hard and fast. She orgasmed soon.

Rose: Ahhhhhh! That was great morning sex.
Me: Yes! It was! I am about to cum baby!
Rose: Cum in my mouth! I want to drink your healthy morning juice.
Me: As you wish my lady!

I shot my cum in her mouth. She gulped everything down her throat. She licked every single drop of my cum from the dick and swallowed it.

Rose: Wow! It’s so damn tasty Aafi!
Me: Haha! Glad you liked it.

We both cuddled together in the bed for a while. Anna and Chloe came to our room and woke us up.

Anna: Looks like someone was really horny early morning.
Rose: Haha! No, Aafi woke up when I was showering. We wanted to save water by bathing together.

Me: Yeah! Things took a turn from there.
Chloe: Haha! Looks like it was a long turn, making you end up on the bed.
Rose: Hahaha!
Me: Hahaha!

We freshened up quickly and were sitting in the living room.

Chloe: So, Aafi what are you gonna do sitting at home?
Me: I was just thinking about it.
Anna: I have an idea.
Rose: What is it?

Anna: Since he is so great at sex and also the way he managed to convince all three of us into a multi relationship. I feel like he will be great at giving sex advice.

Chloe: Wow! That sounds interesting.
Me: You mean Sex therapist?
Rose: Yes! He will be perfect for it.

Me: Uhmmm. I’m not sure about that!
Anna: You will be great at it.
Chloe: I know you can do it.

Me: Really?
Chloe: Yes. We believe in you.
Me: Awe! Thanks, gals! I think I’m gonna do it. But where am I gonna set up my office?

Anna: Why don’t we use the garage and convert that into your office.
Rose: Oh yeah! That way you don’t need to leave the house. It’s like work from home.
Me: Hahaha!

Chloe: Hahaha! Yes, the garage is a good idea.
Anna: Let’s go Aafi. I’ll help you set up your office. Let’s see what’s available there.
Me: That would be great! Let’s go!

Me and headed to the garage. There’s not much there apart from a table and 2 chairs each on either side of the table. The walls were really empty. The hasn’t been used by anyone for a long time.

Me: It’s going to require some work.
Anna: Are you up for it?
Me: You bet I am!
Anna: You can place some paintings on the walls.

Me: I’ll figure something out.
Anna: I’m sure that when you’re done with it, this place will be great!
Me: Yeah, I’m sure too!
Anna: Should I call you ‘doctor’?

Me: Hahaha! Yes!
Anna: Like doctor Hannibal?
Me: I might be a shrink but I’m not Hannibal!
Anna: Hahaha!

I looked around. The chairs were having a lot of dust.

Me: I’d offer you a seat but.
Anna: I can sit anywhere doctor.
Me: I think it would be safer if you stand.
Anna: Let me get the lights.

She switched on the lights. Oh, it looked better in the lights.

Me: That’s better!
Anna: I’m sure you’re going to do great in this place. You’re people’s person, you’re going to be a hit!
Me: Thank you! I hope so.

Anna: And let’s be honest, this is easy work.
Me: I don’t know about that, I haven’t started yet.
Anna: Let’s give it a try on me!
Me: Hahaha!

Anna: Come on, really! I’ll be your first patient!
Me: Hmmm. Ok, ok! So what’s troubling you?
Anna: Oh doctor. Where do I begin?
Me: From the start.

Anna: The problem is that my boyfriend isn’t giving me enough attention.
Me: Why do you think that is?
Anna: I think he’s seeing someone else.

Me: Tell me more.
Anna: He’s not pleasuring me enough. I mean he’s doing his job but I want more!

Me: Did you tell him that?
Anna: Not really.
Me: Maybe you should let him know that you need more.

Oh, I forgot to tell you what Anna is wearing. Believe me guys, she is looking really hot. She’s wearing a dark grey color tight shirt. The top three buttons were open. I could see her cleavage.

She’s wearing a short great skirt just covering her ass and a dark red lipstick. Gosh! She’s looking great. She came closer to me.

Anna: I’m not sure what he would think about my needs.
Me: What exactly are your needs?
Anna: Well. I’d like it if he’d go down on me more. You know. Lick me down there.

Me: I get it, I understand. Maybe he will surprise you and do what you desire.
Anna: I don’t know about that.

I sat on the chair and pulled Anna in between my legs. I made her stand straight. I grabbed her butts with my hands and started kissing her belly with her shirt still on. She lifted her hands in the air and was enjoying my touches.

Me: Just so I understand better. Down here?
Anna: No, not there. A bit more south.
Me: So not your belly.
Anna: No, not there.

I made her sit on the table. I was kneeling. I pulled her skirt off. My mouth was near her pussy. I started licking her pussy and her clit.

Me: Hmmm. How about here.
Anna: Yeah, right there. That’s the spot.
Me: I told you.

Anna: What?
Me: That he might surprise you and do it.
Anna: You were right doctor.

I started licking her pussy. I was rubbing her clit with my right thumb. I slowly inserted my tongue inside her pussy. She’s getting wet. I was exploring all corners of her vagina and tongue fucking her.

We changed the position after some time. I jumped on the table. I made Anna lie flat on the table. I was on my knees. I lifted her ass with my hands and started sucking her pussy. Her legs were resting on my back.

Me: Is it good?
Anna: Oh yes. Good thing my shrink is my boyfriend.
Me: I know all your needs.

I started sucking her pussy faster. She’s rubbing her clit with her left hand and was moaning continuously. Then we changed to 69 position. I was lying flat on the table. She’s on top of me, with her pussy on my face. She started sucking my dick while I licked her pussy.

Me: Mmmmmmm.
Anna: Oh my.

We blew each other for a long time.

Anna: I want you inside me!

I was still lying flat on the table. I made Anna lie on me with her back crushed on my chest. Then I inserted my dick into her pussy. I lifted her legs and was fucking here. We were fucking for 10 minutes.

She turned herself and now she was facing me. Her legs are on either side of me. She’s pushing her boobs in my face and guided my dick into her pussy. She’s started riding me and I was licking her boobs. I started moving my hips and down and was fucking her pussy deep.

Anna: More! I want to be on top!
Me: Ok. Uhhhhh.

She’s now sitting straight in a cowgirl position and was completely in control of my dick. We kept fucking for some time in this position. We changed again. I was lying on my right side. I made her lie in the same position in front of me. Her back was on my chest.

I lifted her left leg in the air and inserted my dick in her pussy. I was holding her right boob while I fucked her hard with big pushes. We both had an orgasm at the same time. I shot my cum inside her pussy. Some of the cum was leaking out.

Anna: Uhhhhhh. You. Wow!.
Me: Mmmmm. Did that do it?
Anna: Mmmmm. It did it. All the way!
Me: Wheeew! That took a lot out of me!

Anna: Tell me about it. I know! But it was amazing. Don’t do that with your other clients!
Me: Hahaha! I’ll try not to!

Anna: Hahaha! I know you can’t resist it. We will see how long you will control.
Me: I will do my best!

Anna: I know. You’ve been great every moment. Ever since that Tuesday. Not one regret!
Me: You’ve been great even before that Tuesday, waiting for me.
Anna: How could I not wait for you? The heart wants what the heart wants.

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next. Please send me your feedback through email or hangout at [email protected]

Prabasree Teacher Sorgam – Indian Sex Stories

Hello friends, indru Tamil kama kathaiyil ungalidam enaku paadam eduka vantha teacherai eppadi usar seithu avalai sex seithen enbathai ungalidam pagirugiren. En peyar chandran vayathu 22 aagugirathu, ippozhuthu kalluriyil kadaisi aandu padithu varugiren. Ithu naal varai naan entha pennaiyum oothathu kidaiyaathu.

Niraiya pengalai sight adithu irukiren, enaku pengaludan pesi athigam mun anubavam illai.

Eppozhuthu matra pengal aangaludan pesuvathai paarthu kondu irupen, naan oru pennai manathaara virumbinen, enaku pengal udan pesa appozhuthu varatho enavo aval ennai kathal seiya villai endru solli vital. Naan manam udainthu ponen, aval parka azhagaga irupaal.

Naan parka nandraaga irupen, enathu aadaigal anaithum pengal athigam paarthu rasipaargal.

En mugathil siripu eppozhuthum irukaathu, muraithu kondu geth kanbithu kondu irupen. Athanaale pengal enidam pesa bayap paduvaargal, en sunni eppozhuthum pudaithu kondu thaan irukum. Niraiya pengal nadanthu selum pozhuthu ennai paarpaargal.

Naan yaraiyum athigam kandu kola maten, kathal virathiyil iruntha naan oru naal sexiyaaga pennai kalluriyil paarthen.

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Kathaiyai sollum pozhuthe en manathil inbamaaga irukirathu, antha naatkalai ninaithaale pothum manathil santhosham vanthu vidum. Intha kama kathaiyil ungalin kalluri natkalil nadantha sila inbamaana vishayam niyabagathirku varum.

Aval oru vaaram matum paadam eduka vanthu irunthaal, examku eppadi ellam pathil thara vendum enbathai eduthaal.

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Naangu naatkal ippadiye sendru vitathu, aval en vagupirku vanthu paadam eduka villai. Avaludan vanthu irukum oru teacher udan pesi pazhagi antha teacher number kidaikuma endru keten. Aanal than vaathiyar avargalin number en idam illai aanal nee neril sendru avargalin number vaangu endru sollinaar.

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Teacheri paduka vaithu iru mulaiyai urinthu sappi vittu pundaiyil naaku poda aarambithen. Aval pundai shave seithu suthamaaga irunthathu, naakai ootaikul vittu naki vittu sunniyai kuthiyil irakinen. Muthal murai irakum pozhuthu sunni porumaiyaaga irangiyathu, pinbu sunni muzhumaiyaaga kuthiyil iragi ooka aarambithen.

Teacher ookum pozhuthu enidam vinthai pundaiyil iraki vidathe endru sollinaal, naan ennai nambu nan kanjai kuthiyil iraka maten endru sollinen.

Iruvarum nandraaga matter adithom, oru tharunathil teacher en meethu eeri sunniyai kuthiyil vitu guthithu othu aval pundaiyil vinthu vara vaithaal.

Piragu sunniyai kaiyil pidithu adithu vittu sunniyil kanju vara vaithaal. Iruvarum andru mundru murai nirvaanamaaga oothu vitu vidiya vidiya sambavam seithu vitu kalaiyil avalai appartmentil iraki vitu viten.

Aanal avalai aduthu ennal thodarbu kola mudiya villai, avaluku thiurmanam nichayathu irupaargal endru ninaithu konden. Enathu tamil kama kathaiyai parthu rasithu irupeergal endra nambikai udan vidai perugiren, nandri vanakam.

Two Drunk Girls And My First Threesome

I am aged 24, working in an IT firm in Bengaluru. I had been having sex with my girlfriend’s roommate from the past 2 years. It all started when I was having sleepovers in my gf’s flat.

Once my gf (she is my ex-gf now) had some urgent thing to do so she left me in her room. I was watching a movie at that time and her roommate came and asked me for my help with her coding (let us call her Kavya). And I playfully asked her what will I get in return if I helped her and she said, whatever you want.

That night I received a text on WhatsApp from her saying, “Thanks for helping me, now tell me what you want”. I texted her back, “you know what I want”. She told me okay and that week, I got one of the best blowjobs of my life! Within a month, we were having sex without the knowledge of my gf and in return, I was helping her in academics.

Kavya then got a job in Bengaluru. It was good for me as I also got a job in Bengaluru. She had taken a flat for rent, which she was sharing with a colleague of hers, who had become her best friend (let us call her Apoorva).

I used to go to her place and have sex many times. Apoorva usually stayed with her another friend’s place whenever I used to visit Kavya. But, one day all of this changed.

Like always, we had planned to have fun at Kavya’s place. Unfortunately, I had a lot of work on that day so I reached her place late at night. I had already informed her that I will be late so that she doesn’t have to worry about me.

When I reached her flat, I was surprised to see Apoorva sitting on the sofa and watching TV. Kavya gave me a towel and told me to freshen up. At that time, I asked what Apoorva was doing there. And Kavya told me that Apoorva’s friends were out of station and she could not find any other friend’s place to sleep that night.

I told her that she could have told me about this before. Seeing me getting angry, Kavya kissed me and said, it is ok, don’t worry.

I was horny since I have not had sex for the past couple of months or so. Even though the incident vented my anger, it was too late and nothing could be done. I thought that at night when Apoorva sleeps, I can fuck Kavya on the sofa in the sitting room.

After some casual talk, Kavya bought Vodka along with cold drinks. We started to drink while watching TV and chatting. Soon the Vodka got over. My girlfriend’s friend Kavya was drunk as fuck by then. She went to the kitchen and brought some beers for each one of us.

Later We had our dinner and then I told Kavya that I will be sleeping on the sofa and Kavya and Apoorva can sleep in the bedroom. But Kavya said, “No, let’s sleep together”. To which I replied, “Have you lost your mind?”

Kavya then asked Apoorva to convince me. I knew both of them were drunk and there was no way I would win any argument with people who were drunk. So I went to the bedroom with them.

Kavya slept in the middle and I slept on her left and Apoorva on her right side. After 15–20 minutes, Kavya started rubbing my dick. I responded by pressing her boob. I whispered, “Let’s go to the living room.” And to my surprise, she asked me to fuck her on the bed. “Have you forgotten that Apoorva is sleeping next to you”, I asked.

“Don’t worry about her. And if you want to fuck me, then you have to fuck me on this bed itself”, Kavya said.

I was so horny at that time that I took my condom out, quickly wore it on my erect dick and started penetrating my girlfriend’s friend’s pussy. I had given 4–5 strokes when I noticed Kavya was pressing Apoorva’s boobs and Apoorva was licking Kavya’s finger! Seeing this, I got more aroused and began to fuck Kavya harder.

Within 10 minutes, I was done and came inside Kavya. But Apoorva and Kavya were in no mood to stop. I gently took my dick out of Kavya’s pussy and went to get clean in the bathroom.

When I returned, I was in shock. I saw the drunk girls kissing and fingering each other!

I went to the kitchen to have some more drinks and started to think about what I had just witnessed. I had just finished my beer and was laying down on the sofa when Kavya came covering herself with a bedsheet.

She came near me and gently kissed my lips. She asked me why I came to the living room. I replied that I was not feeling comfortable so I came outside to which she said, “No, you have to sleep in the bedroom.”

She kept on forcing me to sleep in the bedroom. The previous sight of them having fun was again making me horny. So I agreed and we went inside.

But this time it was different as Kavya made me sleep in the middle. I nodded my head and slept.

I noticed that Apoorva was sleeping with a blanket on. Suddenly, I noticed that Kavya was getting down. She pulled my shorts down and took my dick in her mouth and began to suck it. I was getting aroused again.

Kavya held one of my hands and placed it on Apoorva’s boob. I started to press Apoorva’s boob and she started moaning slowly. Apoorva came close to me and we started kissing each other.

After some time, Kavya came up and asked Apoorva to give me a blowjob. Kavya sat on my mouth and asked me to lick her pussy. I and Apoorva were just obeying Kavya’s orders.

After a while, Kavya told me to enter inside Apoorva. I took out my condom and began to fuck Apoorva in doggy position while Apoorva was licking Kavya’s pussy. After 15 minutes or so, I came. Then I kissed Apoorva on her lips and seeing this, Kavya joined and we three were kissing each other.

After a while, I laid down and I had no idea when I fell asleep.


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Indore Ki Hawas Bhari Kahani

Hello guys. I am Rihan Rai aur I am currently in indore. Aur this is my real story.

Ye kahani hai jab IFP chal raha tha. Maine ek group ke sath 48 hours film festival mein participate kiya tha. Ussi time lagbhag 20 logo ka group bana tha aur sab alag alag jagah se the. Raat mein 8 baje topic release hua aur 48 hours start hue.

To hum sab ek cafe mein mile kisi ek topic par story decide karne ke liye. Just 1 hour pehle maine daru pee thi to main to bhand tha. Hamara Tinku’s par milne ka plan bana. Sab mujhse pehle hi pohoch gaye the aur already story par discuss kar rahe the.

Main pohcha to sabne fir se genres bataye ki kis topic par story likhni hai. Tabhi maine ek idea diya ki ispar likhte hai. To uspar baat start hone lagi aur story decide ho gayi. Fir next day subah shoot hone ka decide hua. Hum log college mein hi milne wale the.

Main time par pohoch gaya. Jaise hi main pohcha to maine waha ek naya chera dekha. Ek cute si ladki thi. Saare group mein woh alag si hi dikh rahi thi. Mujhe crush at 1st sight ho gaya. Obviously I don’t believe in love isiliye main crush bol raha. Par hum log shoot mein busy the aur main light handle kar raha tha.

Light handle karte karte sath sath mein main usko bhi dekh raha tha. Woh bhi kabhi kabhi mujhe dekh rahi thi. Uss din to usse kuch bhi baat nahi hui. Par next day ek unknown number se WhatsApp aaya. ‘Hi’ Maine pehle uski dp dekhi to woh wahi thi. Mujhe laga ye itni jaldi to nahi ho sakta. Ye pakka sapna hai.

Par woh WhatsApp hakikat tha. Mere number par uska message aaya tha. Woh bhi pehle usne kiya tha. Maine bhi usko hi bheja. Fir usne mujhe message kiya ki, ‘Tum mujhe ghoor kyu rahe the?’

Maine bola, ‘Kyunki apne 20 logo ke group ki bheed mein tum mujhe pehli hi nazar mein bohut cute lagi. Aur crush at 1st sight ho gaya. I don’t believe in love isliye crush bola.’ Usne bhi bola, ‘Even I don’t believe in love.’ Maine poocha, ‘To kisme believe hai?’ Usne bola, ‘You will know it later.’

Fir hamari baat hoti rahi aur hum milte rahe. Par fir ek din usne bola ki uske boyfriend ne usko mujhse baat karte hue dekh liya hai. To ab baat nahi kar sakti. Maine bhi bol diya theek hai.

Fir 5 mahine baad uska Instagram par message aya. ‘Hi. Kaise ho?’ Maine bola, ‘Tumhe meri yaad kaise aa gayi?’ Usne bola ki ‘Main tumse milna chahti hu.’ Main samajh gaya uske irade. Maine bola, ‘Theek hai mere room par aa jao.’ Usne bola, ‘Ok. Aaj sham mein milte hai.’ Maine bola ok.

Maine usko location bhej di meri. Woh apne scooty se aayi. Hum dono mere room mein aaye. Mera room thoda bikhra hua tha. Usne bola room to thoda manage kar lete hai. Ek khoobsurat si ladki aayi hai. Maine bola, “Ab to tum aa gayi. Chhodo ab.” Usne bhi bola ok.

Usne fir apne bag se old monk nikali. Maine bola, “Sham mein hi peena hai kya?” Usne bola,”Haan yar 10 baje tak ghar jaana hota hai.” Fir maine bhi chankhna plate mein nikaala. Aur usme nimbu namak mila ke rakh diya. Ab maine glass mein peg banaya chota sa to usne bola thoda large banao.

Maine bhi ekdum large bana diya uska bhi aur mera bhi. Main dheere dheere pee raha tha. Room mein thodi khamoshi si thi. Main bas uski ankho mein dekh raha tha aur woh meri ankho mein. I was waiting ki pehle woh kiss kare aur she was waiting for me to take initiative. Shayad.

Pehla peg khatam hua. Aur ek hi peg mein hum dono bhand. Fir mujhse control nahi hua aur maine bola, “Aaj achanak se meri yaad kyu aa gayi?” Woh mere paas aayi aur mere lips par kiss kiya aur boli, “Isliye.” Maine poocha, “Aur tumhara boyfriend?”

“Usko nahi pata. Main usko jhooth bol ke aayi hu ki friend ke yaha ja rahi hu.”

Main bola, “Jhooth kaha bola. Sach to bola ki friend ke yaha hi aayi ho.”

Usne kaha, “You are more than a friend. You are my lust.”

Uska ye word bolte hi main uske paas gaya aur apne lips uske lips se sata diye. Aur dhiree dhire smooch karne laga. Hum dono hi hosh mein nahi the aur hum dono hi hawas se bhare hue the. Shayad woh bhi control nahi kar pa rahi thi aur main bhi nahi. Usne apna hath mere pant mein daal diya.

Fir mere lund ko sehlane lagi. Maine bhi uski tshirt utar di. Usne dark purple colour ki bra pehni thi. Bohut suit kar rahi thi uspe. Maine fir uski bra kholne ki koshish ki. Par nakaam raha. Maine kaha usse ki apni bra kholo mujhse nahi khul rahi. Usne fir apni bra kholi aur sath hi sath mere shorts bhi utar diye.

Mera lund to full tight tha. Usne mera lund pehle to sehlaya. Aur fir directly muh mein le liya. Main usko enjoy karne laga. Uska muh mere lund par feel ho raha tha. Uske lips. Uske muh ki garmi. Mujhe bohut maza aa raha tha. 2-3 minutes hue.

I told her ki mera aane wala hai. Usne bola come into my mouth. I was like are you sure. Usne fir lund muh se baha nikal kar bola nahi. Aur fir usne apne kapde khud se hi nikal diye aur mere samne nangi ho ke baith gayi. Usne bola, “Let’s try 69 position.”

Maine usko letaya aur uski choot chatne laga. Usne bhi mera lund wapis se muh mein le liya. Main jaise jaise uski choot chat raha tha woh waise waise hi mera lund utne acche se hi choos rahi thi. Main already high tha aur maine uski choot ekdum tej tej chatni start kar di.

Usne bhi mera lund aur acche se choosna start kar diya. Maine bola, “I am gonna cum.” Usne kuch bhi nahi bola aur choosne lagi. Main bhi ab uski choot ekdum acche se chatne laga. Mera nikal gaya. Aur usne usko poora pee liya aur fir bhi mera lund choosti rahi.

Maine bola, “Bas kar ab mujhe teri choot acche se chatne de.” Main fir seedha ho gaya aur uski choot ke paas neeche aaya aur chatne laga. Kabhi main apni tongue uske choot ke ander daalne ki koshish karta to bas uski clit lick kar raha hota. Woh apni body ko rest karke ekdum enjoy kar rahi thi.

Usne bola, “Ab control nahi ho raha hai, Rihan, please apna lund meri choot mein daal do.” Maine bola, “Pehle isko choos ke khada karo.” Woh mere lund ko choosne lagi aur thodi hi der mein khada ho gaya. Fir maine condom pehna. Apna lund uske choot ke ched ke paas laake ekdum se daal diya.

Aur fir woh khud hi aage ho ho ke chudne lagi aur maine bhi uski choot faadni start kar di. Main jitni tej karta woh bolti rehti, “Rihan aaj iss choot ko faad dena. Aur tej karo, madarchod, warna tere se nahi chudungi.” Maine apni speed aur tej kar di. Maine fir usko doggy style par laya aur fir usko chodne laga.

Ab use aur maza aa raha tha aur mujhe bhi. Maine usse ekdum tej tej chhodne laga. Uska figure itna sexy tha uski choochiya itni badi badi thi. Usko dekh ke mujhe kar josh chadh raha tha. Main use aur tej tej chhod raha tha. Ab thodi der ho gayi thi chhodte chodte aur meri back dukhne lagi thi.

Maine bola, “Ab tu upar aaja meri kamar dukh rahi hai.” Main fir let gaya aur woh mere upar aake koodne lagi. Woh apni gaand aage kar kar ke chudne lagi. Mujhe bhi bohut maza aa raha tha. Woh apne baalo ko pakad ke aage peeche ho rahi thi. Aur main bhi ab uske uchalte hue boobs ko daba raha tha.

Fir kuch der baad mera fir se aana wala tha. Aur maine bhi usko bola mera aane wala hai. Aur maine usko fir se kutiya banaya aur usko aur jor jor se chodne laga. Mera aa gaya par main fir bhi usko chodta raha. Fir uske baad hum dono agal bagal let gaye.

So guys. agar story acchi lagi ho to feedback jarur dena. Aur girls from Indore, if you want to meet me just mail me at [email protected]. Don’t worry about your privacy. You can trust me.

Waiting For My Sonny Ajay To Cum!

My name is Arpita 45 years old living with my son Ajay 24 years old. It all started when my hubby was transferred to a different city. I started inviting my son Ajay to sleep with me during the nights. I reasoned to him that I was afraid to sleep alone.

Although my son was an adult, we shared the same blanket. Both of us under one blanket caused a lot of chaos as we both were attracted to each other’s bodies. And my son being a virgin killed him inside.

And with him being a virgin and a shy boy I had to act first to commence this beautiful relationship between mother and her son. Somehow I didn’t dare to start the process.

But one day, while I was bathing, my son asked me to open the door.

Ajay: Maa, I gotta pee please open the door quickly.

Arpita: I don’t think so honey, I don’t have clothes on and I’m all wet! Could you please hold it for a few minutes?

Ajay: No maa please open the door. I can’t hold it, you cover your body with a towel or something, please.

Arpita: Okay then son hang-on for a second.

I opened the door and my son entered running holding his boys (balls/nuts) in his hand. I turned to face the wall giving him his privacy. But in doing so I forgot to cover my womanhood. I had covered only my breasts with the towel, displaying my big juicy ass cheeks to him.

I couldn’t help but watched my son peeing. I got so excited when I saw him standing there in front of the toilet bowl with his big cock hanging out. He had pulled his boxers down to his knees. I gazed at his perfectly shaped ass cheeks.

They looked so soft and tempting, I just wanted to caress them while he drains himself of pee! And then he started to pee, it was just magical.

I loved the sight of his cock shooting a thick stream of urine into the bowl. I love the sound it makes when it splashes the water. And I loved the little jerk his hips made when he squeezed the last drops of his precious prick.

As my son was about to wear his boxers back I interrupted him by saying, “Honey, can you help me clean my back as I’m unable to reach there.”

He didn’t know what to say. I saw him getting thrilled by the idea of seeing his mother naked. His lust-filled expression on his face revealed everything. He softly mumbled in a hissing voice, “Yes mamma!”

As I dropped my towel off my body, his cock sprung to its full strength. My son reached for his boxers to cover his manhood. But I stopped him saying, “Honey, the water will make your undies wet, get rid off them and help me quickly.”

Shocked by the events happening, my nervous son took the loofah and stood behind me. He held me by my shoulders with one hand slowly rubbed my back. My son’s touch made me high with lust. My lower body moved towards his manhood involuntarily and unconditionally.

Seeing my son lacking confidence, I moved his hand off my shoulders to my left boob. He immediately pressed it hard and moved very close to me and slid his dick in my wet ass crack. He soon dropped the loofah and grabbed my other boob and started humping my ass crack.

Sensing he would cum immediately, I stopped him by holding his thick cock in my hand. But he continued to hump my hand grip. To control my baby I pushed him against the wall and lip-locked him teaching him the art of kissing. He calmed as I kissed him softly and tasted his minty breath.

Realizing my cunt’s dampness I got ready to get fucked by my own son. I raised my leg and put it on a toilet seat. I pulled my son by holding his cock and rubbed it on my vaginal entrance.

I said to my son, “Honey, pierce your penis in me slowly.” His entrance was perfect as his cock head pierced inside me and he stopped there moaning, “Oh maa, I wanna fuck you forever.”

He was sensing the greatest pleasures of life. Then like a good boy, he grabbed my boobies and pierced his dick completely inside me. I opened my mouth gasping for air. My son had reached those depths of my vagina where no man ever had reached, not even my hubby!

Then I grabbed his ass cheeks as he fucked me mercilessly like a pro licking all over my back showering me with his saliva. As he kept on banging I felt the strong jerks his hips made, my nips got harder feeling his ass cheeks.

Ajay then put his face through my armpit to reach my nipples. He bit it so hard I screamed like a virgin. But soon he stopped licking my nips and buried his face in my armpit and licked my scent trapped skin.

He kept on licking my armpit. His cock moved in and out faster than ever before shooting his cum in my pussy. My son had collapsed on the bathroom floor. His game was certainly over but not mine.

Me being cock-hungry kneeled on the floor and licked my son’s humongous cum drenched cock. I blew him like a slut not caring for my son’s pain. I rolled my tongue on his prick like a snake, tasting every milligram of his cum. Later I laid down with my son, side by him like a lioness taking care of her horny cub.

That bathroom sex changed our lives. Now I desperately await for my son in the evenings to get banged by him every day. Sometimes I just can’t wait, I feel funny between my legs as the time of my son reaching home gets closer. I pull my panties aside and touch my pussy.

Then I hear his car coming up the driveway and that’s it, “My sonny is home!”

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A Foursome Celebration For The House Warming

Hello ISS readers. I am back with the next part of the story. Please do read the previous parts to fully know the context. My quick intro. My name is Aafi. I am from Bangalore but I am working and living in Chennai. I am a 25-year-old Software Engineer. You can email me or hangout me at [email protected]

I was really glad that I could convince all my ladies into a multi relationship. Now I can sleep with all my three ladies – Chloe, Rose, and Anna, anytime I want. I was just wondering about how we are gonna live.

Chloe: I think we should buy a house with the money I get after selling this house.
Rose: That is your money! How can we accept that?

Me: Yes, that’s right! We need to figure out something else.
Chloe: Shut up! It’s my money and since you are my people, you will do as I say.

Wow! First time I am seeing Chloe in a commanding position. After a small debate, I and Rose gave in. The lawyer sold the house and with his help, we were able to get a fairly big one-story house. It has a pool in the front and we had 4 bedrooms and 1 giant master bedroom.

The house is covered by a compound, which gave us full privacy for the pool. We loved it and decided to move in. We called Anna and told her about everything. She was really happy to hear the good news. She hurried to pack her stuff and was on her way to our new home.

We worked with the lawyer and got all the paperwork done immediately. It took some time. The house was already fully furnished. We only had to bring our luggage. Anna arrived at some time. We all were happy to see her. She was excited. We all had a group hug

Chloe: So, I and Rose will take the upper bedrooms. Anna can take the one in the below.
Rose: And let the 2 room on the ground floor be a Guest room.

Me: Sounds perfect! I will take the master bedroom.
Chloe: Nooo!
Me: Ummm, why not?

Rose: Because you will be sleeping with all of us turn by turn.
Anna: Exactly, we will not let you sleep alone.
Me: Wow! But what about the master bedroom?

Before they could answer, all three girls were whispering something in their ears.

Rose: Looks like Aafi is curious about what happens in the master bedroom.
Anna: Yes, he is!
Chloe: Why not show him what exactly happens.
Rose: Hahaha! Yes, let’s go.

Rose took my hand and escorted me upstairs to the master bedroom. Chloe and Rose followed. I was excited as something hot was about to happen. We reached the master bedroom. The bed was huge. At least 5 people can sleep in there easily. Rose made me sit on a sofa which is on the left side of the room.

Rose: Sit tight! We will show you what’s gonna happen in this bedroom.
Chloe: Just sit back and enjoy the show.

All three girls jumped on the bed. They started stripping facing towards. Wow! A strip show from three hot girls at the same time. I was feeling so lucky. I always wanted to see live lesbian action.

They removed their tops and threw them at me. I caught them. Gosh! They smell so good. They were now in just bra and panty. All three girls jumped out of bed and came towards me. Chloe sat on my legs, Rose was on my left and Anna was on my right.

They were teasing me. Anna and Rose were teasing me with their boobs near my face. Chloe was giving me a lap dance. I was getting hard down there with all this hot action. Chloe noticed my hardon.

Chloe: Somebody is getting super excited!
Rose: Hahaha! He is turned on by this.
Anna: Oh yes! Three hot girls, what can be better than this, right Aafi?
Me: Oh yeah! I am so lucky!

Chloe started unzipping my pants and started removing them. Rose and Anna were unbuttoning my shirt. They stripped me too. I was now fully naked. Chloe turned her back towards me and asked me to remove her bra with my teeth. I brought my mouth near her bra hooks and started to unhook them with my teeth.

My hands were naturally trying to grab them. But Anna and Rose held my hands. Rose guided my left hand towards her bra hook and Anna made me unhook her bra with my right hand. I have never seen this before. A guy unhooking three girls bras at the same time.

It was a new challenge for me and the devil I am, I unhooked all of them in no time. The girls were surprised at how fast my hands work and they pushed their boobs at my face at the same time.

Wow! Six huge balls in my face, what more could I ask for? I started licking at them, but they pulled themselves back immediately.

Anna: Not so soon honey!
Chloe: Exactly! You still have more action to watch.

Saying this all the girls slowly started removing their panty. God! They were working like professional strippers. They took off their panties and placed them on my face. Oh, holy heavens! The smell of three girls vaginas. It was making me high and I was so turned on. I could see that their panties were already wet.

Wow! The girls are also getting turned on by this. I licked their wet panties for some time, while they watched me going mad at their panties. Suddenly all three girls kissed me on my lips at the same time. Whew! Four lips touching each other all at once. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

After a small kiss, the girls went back to the bed. It was time for some lesbian action. The girls started kissing each other. All three lips touching each other. Slowly from lip kiss, it turned into a tongue fight. Wow! They were licking and sucked each other’s tongue, exchanging their hot salivas.

My mouth was wide open and my dick was saluting them in full strength. I was watching live porn. After that intense kiss, Rose and Anna started sucking Chloe’s nipples. Chloe had her eyes closed. She’s enjoying every bit of it. After some time it was Rose’s turn. Chloe and Anna licked her huge nipples.

I wanted to join them so badly but it was their show, so I let them continue. Then Anna got her nipples licked by Chloe and Rose. Soon the bottom action started. Rose pushed 2 fingers inside Chloe’s pussy. Chloe was lying flat on the bed now. Rose started fingering Chloe.

Anna went up and started kissing Chloe. Gosh! That was hot! After some time Anna went near Rose and started fingering her. The room was slowly filling with moans. It was time for me to join the action too. Chloe was lying on her back. Rose was kneeling on top of Chloe and was fingering Chloe.

Anna was behind Rose and was fingering her. I went behind Anna and started fingering her. I was excited. I didn’t realize I was fingering Anna fast. That was driving Anna crazy. She also started fingering Rose at full speed. Rose too fingered Chloe at full pace. Within minutes all the girls had their first orgasm.

The sound of their orgasms was so heavenly. They took a break by just lying flat side by side on the bed. I slowly went near Chloe’s pussy and licked her pussy juices. Rose and Anna asked me to lick their pussies too. They all tasted differently but it was sweet nectar. I cannot describe how good it tasted.

After licking all their pussies it was time for my reward. The girls made me lie on the bed. Rose grabbed my dick with her hand and started licking and sucking my dick head like a lollipop. Chloe started licking my dick like ice cream.

Anna joined the action and started licking my ball. She was taking one full testis into her mouth like a bar of chocolate.

Oh my God! Getting my cock blown by three girls at the same time, it was unreal. Rose looked hungry, so she took over the whole cock and started giving me a deep throat blowjob. Chloe came towards me and started kissing me on my lips.

I don’t know what happened to Anna, she came over and started licking my nipples. This was the first time I was getting my nipples licked and it felt great. Chloe got up and sat on my face. I started licking her pussy. Anna sat right next to me and took my right hand and made with finger her.

Rose also changed her position. She was still giving me a blowjob in the doggy position. But now she brought her ass towards me and made me finger her pussy with my left hand.

I can’t believe this. Sucking Chloe’s pussy, fingering Anna with my right hand and Rose with my left hand while Rose gave me a deep throat blowjob. I couldn’t have asked for more. After a few minutes, Rose got up and sat on my dick. To my surprise, it looks very tight.

Soon I realized I wasn’t fucking Rose’s pussy, I was fucking Rose’s ass. Wow! She is riding my cock in cowgirl position and my cock is in her ass. This was getting crazy. I was about to make Chloe cum but she got up and went near Anna.

I don’t know what came into them. They coupled themselves closely with their pussies touching each other. They were now both pussy fucking. Wow! There’s a cowgirl riding my dick anally and there a girl on girl action going on beside me. The girls orgasmed in a couple of minutes.

Rose had a huge orgasm too. Chloe was really tired and fell on the bed beside me. I turned my face towards her and kissed her lips. It was time for Anna to take my dick. I made Anna kneel in the doggy position. I went behind her and started fucking her pussy from behind.

She’s matching my rhythm and pushed her butt closer to my body. My cock was touching her deep inside her pussy. Rose and Chloe were in 69 position. Rose was on top of Chloe’s. They both were licking their pussy juices. I wanted to go a little bit rough.

I slowly started spanking Anna’s butt. Surprisingly she liked it and asked me to keep spanking. After some nice spanking, I bent forward and grabbed Anna’s boobs. This way I was now able to push my cock deeper and also harder. She’s enjoying every bit of it. Anna orgasmed soon.

I was surprised by my ability to control and hold my cum for a long time. Chloe was eagerly waiting for me to fuck her. Rose was no lying next to Chloe. I went to Chloe. I pulled her towards me and made her legs wrap around my butt. Then I fucked her pussy in that position. She held my butt with her legs very firmly.

I was fucking her slow and passionately, which Chloe loves. To my side, Anna was getting obsessed with Rose’s huge boobs. She was continuously sucking and licking Rose’s nipples. She was on top of Rose, with her butt right next to me.

I slowly started fingering her asshole with my middle finger while I made love with Chloe. Anna didn’t expect that. She jerked when she felt my finger up her ass. I slowly kept going deeper up her ass. Anna reacted by biting Rose’s nipples hard. Rose let out a scream but being a nympho, she liked getting a bit hard.

There’s so much more to these girls. After fucking Chloe for 10 minutes, she had a huge orgasm. I made Anna cum by fingering her ass and Rose was exhausted with her nipples being bit by Anna. But they didn’t stop there. All three girls jumped on my dick for one last time.

They sucked my dick, all at once. I could see their lips touching each other while licking my cock. Soon I shot my cum in their mouth and faces. They drank all my cum which was in their mouth. They licked my cock dry. They started licking each other’s faces to eat my cum.

Gosh! These girls like my cum. We were exhausted with this intense foursome which I never imagined would ever happen in my life. I laid on my back on the bed.

Chloe jumped on top of me with her boobs crushed on my chest. Anna was on my right and Rose on my left. They both crushed their boobs on the side of my arm. We fell asleep in no time.

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next.