1st Feb 2020 – A Date To Remember

1st Feb 2020 – A Date To Remember

This is a true story. I can’t even believe I lost my virginity. It was a Friday evening. My parents were out of town and I was reading some stories on XIS. I was horny but didn’t want to fap as I was tired. I made a promise to myself, ‘The next time I would release my load would be inside a girl’s or a woman’s pussy.’

So I downloaded a few apps and updated all my profile in most of the apps. I sent a few messages and right-swiped a few people and went to bed.

Before we jump into the story let me introduce myself. I’m Rahul, 22 years of age, a 6 footer, pretty fair with an ok build. I am working in an MNC in Bangalore.

I woke up at 6 in the morning, did some exercise and started going through all the apps. In one of them, I had a reply from a couple asking about myself. We had a bit of a chat and they gave me their number. It was the guy’s number.

We had a healthy conversation on WhatsApp, exchanging our personal information. He was always saying I was young for them. But I kept convincing them that “Let’s try once,” on telling them. He said let’s have a video call just for confirmation. I called him at 9:30 and he received the call.

He had put my call on mute and I was just kept waving my hand at him. Due to connectivity issues, the call was cut several times. Finally, when he called it was fine this time. I was just staring at him for a minute or so. Then his wife came in and joined the call.

I was like she is too good and started imagining humping her in different styles. We both exchanged smiles and waves and he cut the call. He said, “Come over to our place today evening. We can have a cup of coffee and we can decide.” I got ready.

I went to their location at 5:00 in the evening when his kids had gone out to play. I rang the doorbell and he opened the door. He is Nagraj, quite handsome, in neurology and was 38 years of age. She is Rekha, fair and beautiful, curly hairs and a good base and was 35 years old. I don’t know her figure. Sorry.

They offered me coffee and some snacks. But I just had a glass of water. We spoke for 20-25 minutes watching some movie on TV. They went inside and asked me to go to the bedroom and both of us went inside. He locked the windows and I sat on the bed. My 6-inch tool was ready for some action.

Then she came in and sat on my lap. My cock was rock hard and was leaking pre-cum. She started kissing my neck region. She fell on the bed and I immediately pounced on her and lip locked her and kissing and smooching went on for quite some time.

He left us alone and went to the hall. We were all by ourselves. Now I started pressing her boobs over her dress while still exploring her face and neck. It was the first time I was kissing and smooching a woman and it was crazy. I could not believe that I was pressing someone’s boobs. I was on cloud 9.

I started to undress her chudidar. I was in a hurry to see her pussy. While she continued to remove her top I untangled her pant nadi and removed it. She was not wearing any panties. Her shaved pussy looked like a hole of pleasure. I placed one of my hands on her pussy and it sent chills throughout my body.

She got up to remove her bra. I told her I would do it and did the same. I got goosebumps throughout my body. Omg! It was amazing. I explored every inch of her body above her knees and her ass was amazing. Wide and fair and was a delight to lick it. I fell on her and licked and bit her boobs until it was red.

She did not agree to give me a blowjob as I had a bush grown all around my dick. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy and started shaking it. She was moaning a little. I slid in my ring finger as well and now she was pleasured even more. She took out a condom and rolled it over my stiff dick.

I got down and licked her pussy and it was so good. I don’t remember the taste as I was out of my mind at that moment. She gave light jerks and this went on for very little time. I was in a hurry to stuff my dick inside her pussy and lose my virginity.

I pulled her towards me and placed my cock at the vaginal entrance rubbing over her clit. She said, “Be gentle as I have not taken a thick cock like that.” I slowly started penetrating and it was like… can’t explain that feeling. I was completely inside her and turned at her. She had closed her eyes.

I kissed her on the lips and started the movement. I was out of control. Humping her like a beast and she was moaning like my cock was a BBC. She then told me to try the doggy style and came to the position. I inserted it from the back and it was good.

I spanked her ass pretty hard and her husband opened the door to ask if everything was fine. I was romping her and was in no mood to answer him. I could see her chain moving back and forth with her juicy boobs. I then slept on the bed and told her to ride me.

She took my cock in and started grinding it and this was the best part of the complete encounter. She started to jump on my dick and I was feeling my cum ready to squirt out. So I told her to stop and she fell on me started licking my nipples. After a while, she told let’s try some other style.

She lifted and spread my legs wide apart. She took my dick and inserted it in her pussy and started riding me. This position made me cum much faster and came while she was still riding me. I came a lot. She removed my dick out and freed it from the condom.

I was exhausted and slept on the bed. She came back from the bathroom and cleaned my dick with a towel. I put back her bra and her top. but while I was making her wear her pant I felt my dick getting hard again. She saw it and said, “Looks like someone is not satisfied yet.”

She lifted her top and welcomed my raw dick once again. I inserted it while we were standing. I put through 10-20 strokes. Her hubby came in and said, “You will have to leave. The kids might be back anytime now.” On my way back all three of us hugged and I kissed her and left.

So, this was my first experience. How did you feel the story? Please mail me your feedback to [email protected] or hangouts is also fine

Girls, women or couples (bi-curious/bisexual) from Bangalore can contact me for a threesome and discreet fun. Mine and your identity are of prime importance.

See you until my next encounter.

1st Feb 2020 – A Date To Remember