50-Year-Old Uncle Takes Teen Girl’s Virginity

50-Year-Old Uncle Takes Teen Girl’s Virginity

Hello friends, as you know a lot of girls in India are used to being taken advantage of. I am currently 30 and single. I like to enjoy life to the fullest with no regrets. But this virgin sex story happened a long time ago when I was just 19 years old.

During summer vacations, I usually spent all day playing badminton. At that time, I had a figure of 34-32-36 with cup size C. Once, all my friends had left but I was waiting for my mother to come since I had forgotten to take my keys.

Hussein uncle was well-respected in the society. He was 50 years old. Everyone called him ‘dada’. He saw me waiting outside and fighting mosquitoes. That’s when he called me into his house. I was wearing a white sports t-shirt and black short skirt that day. I was happy to get help from him.

Uncle offered me water and asked me to be comfortable.

I was still uncomfortable with the mosquito bites and he noticed that my arm had red blobs. He said I should just wash my arm and legs and then he will give me a cream to apply.

It was 6:30 pm and still quite hot. So, I agreed. I used uncle’s restroom to pee and wash my arms and legs to get rid of the mosquito bites.

When I came out, uncle gave me a hand towel and asked me to be comfortable. The AC in his house was at 18 degrees and I was feeling cold. My nipples began to tighten.

50-Year-Old Uncle Takes Teen Girl’s Virginity

Uncle said that his family was out of town so he could keep the AC as low as he liked. I just smiled. But he could see my erect nipples and goosebumps on my body.

Uncle then got the cream and started checking my hand and legs for mosquito bites. In reality, he was checking me out! He said he will put the cream on the blobs.

He started on my knees and then went up a little. I was turning red, getting aroused and did not know what to do. I tried to leave but he said it was okay and it was just for a few minutes.

Uncle then massaged my thighs. I started getting wet now. Then he reached for my arms. He could clearly see my nipple area.

Uncle started rubbing cream on my arm and caressed my shoulders. I was getting turned on more but I didn’t know what to expect or say or what was this feeling like. But I was liking it.

Then he brushed his fingertips across my nipple and said that I should tell him if I was feeling cold. I swear a current ran through my body at that moment. I wanted uncle to touch me again.

Uncle then gave me a shawl. He was playing hide and seek instead of a direct approach. While wrapping the shawl, he touched my nipples and arms and thighs. He touched my legs and said that I was freezing. He then started to rub my feet, calves, and thighs.

His hands went up towards my hips and near my pussy very slowly. Here, I was enjoying but was also feeling guilt. I said, “Hussein uncle, I feel weird, I haven’t felt like this ever”.

He said, “It’s okay darling, you will know more about this eventually. You are growing up and becoming a beautiful woman. I admire your body every day!”

This made me feel good because which girl wouldn’t like appreciation?!

This rubbing was making me feel better and really warm. I was trying to remove the shawl and suddenly, uncle touched my virgin pussy! His hand reached that point. My panty was wet and he could feel it.

His finger was touching my precum and pussy. He started rubbing my clit with his thumb. I was getting turned on and moaning now.

“Munmun beta, you are so attractive”, he said. I really was loving that sensation and guilty pleasure. Uncle went in between my legs and started to lick there gently.

His tongue was so long. He licked my clit and pushed his finger inside my wet pussy all of a sudden. There was sudden sharp pain and a thin stream of blood started flowing out. I realized that I had lost my virginity to Hussein uncle.

He kissed me and asked me to wash the blood and come back. I wasn’t sure how to feel. But it was nice. I did what he said. I came back and he started to lick again.

He lifted my t-shirt and opened my bra. My boobs jumped out. Uncle sucked my boobs. Nibbling on my nipples for a few minutes, he started biting them slowly. I was in heaven.

His dick was in my hands. 4-inches of pleasure seemed great at that time. He rubbed it on my pussy and made it wet. I loved it when he rubbed. I was wet and cumming continuously.

Then he pushed his thick tool in my pussy. I can never forget that feeling. Uncle held me tightly and kept pushing. Then he started stroking and I was enjoying it. He kept stroking for the next 5-7 minutes. However, even his small dick was not going fully inside me

Uncle then made me sit on his lap and sucked my boobs like a child. Then he started pushing his tool inside me again. It was tight, my hole was tight. But uncle tried again and again until he managed to put his dick fully inside. I liked that.

He made me jump on his dick. I was jumping on it continuously and was soon cumming. He asked me not to stop. Till I was tired, we did that.

Uncle then made me lie down and was standing in between my legs and pushing his tool in me. After fucking me in missionary style for 4-5 times, uncle lifted my legs and turned me into doggie style. He pounced on my ass and grabbed it very hard.

Uncle squeezed, spanked and kissed my ass. His dick was all the way inside me. I could feel that he was enjoying my tight pussy.

After 5-7 minutes of doggie fuck, he cummed on my butt-crack.

I was so tired and was all red. Later I got to know that his stamina was amazing and above average. After he came, we cleaned up and he kissed me. We decided that we will enjoy again when possible.

50-Year-Old Uncle Takes Teen Girl’s Virginity