A couple like to play rough

A couple like to play rough

She was tough, alright, just as advertised. Tall,
blonde, blue-eyed and fiery, and loved her bondage
sessions. She had a very high tolerance for pain too,
maybe that was what I really admired about her; that
she could take anything I could dish out, and then
some, and that she truly loved every minute of it!

I think the best time we had was when she came to me
begging, pleading for me to really torture her breasts,
now, how could I possibly refuse a request like that?
Well, I couldn’t, and it was one of the most erotic
times we had together.

We went into my playroom and I immediately slapped the
leather cuffs on her wrists, then attached them to the
overhead pulley and pulled her up till her toes were
just barely touching the ground. I quickly stuffed in a
ball gag just in case she wanted to complain, but she
never did, never would, then I put on the hood, sealing
her off from the world quite effectively.

Then I strapped in a couple of vibrators just to let
her get warmed up to the task at hand, then strapped
her ankles to poles on either side of her. She was
squirming around pretty good by this time, and she was
so pretty like that, I had to snap some pictures, she
heard the camera and started shaking her head as if to
say “no” but it didn’t matter, I wanted the pictures
and she knew it, besides, she liked looking at them

I got some very thin clothesline and began wrapping her
breasts with it as tightly as I could, they got so red
and swollen, and I know they had to hurt her some, but
she kept moaning from behind the gag like it was the
greatest feeling she had ever known, then I picked up
my ‘cat’ and started working them over good, every time
the whip landed on her breasts she jumped and pulled
away, but she kept getting wetter and wetter as I
whipped her. I know, because I kept checking, after a
few minutes of striping her tits.

I got some adjustable clamps for her nipples, put them
on nice and tight, didn’t want them to slip, after all,
now she was a bitch in heat, thrusting her hips back
and forth in the air as the nipple clamps went on. I
reached down behind the strap between her legs to rub
her clit and she almost went into orbit on me, I told
her she wasn’t allowed to cum yet, so she’d better be
cool or suffer some serious whipping, she tried to calm
herself down some, but she wasn’t very good at it,
guess she was just too damn hot.

I attached a chain to each of the clamps on her nipples
and then pulled it forward and up as much as I could,
then attached it to a swivel hook on the beam in front
of her, the chains were drawn as tightly as they could
be, and every time she moved an inch, the chains pulled
hard on her stretched, swollen nipples,

by this time, I figured what the hell, might as well
whip her anyway, so I grabbed the ‘cat’ again and
really started in on her ass and legs, I paid close
attention to the inside of her thighs, too, I know
that’s where she’s most sensitive, and every lash of
the whip made her jerk and shudder, and each movement
she made pulled on the chains attached to her nipples.

She was screaming in agony, but I’d those screams
before too, they just meant that she was solving every
second of it, and I wasn’t about to let her out of it
that easy. By the time I finished with the whip, she
had some beautiful marks on her ass and thighs, almost
a work of art, she was breathing heavily, and needed
sexual release, but it wouldn’t be offered to her yet.

I unchained her wrists from the ceiling, and put the
chains from the nipple clamps around her wrists in
front of her, her hands were at her waist and if she
pulled hard on her nipples she could just barely reach
her clit with her fingertips. I told her that I was
going to use the crop on her ass and legs until she
would cum, but she would have to play with her clit to
do it.

She could feel the clamps pulling on her nipples as she
stretched her hands down toward her pussy, I got the
riding crop and started whacking her ass as she began
to finger herself. I let it come down hard, and she
kept jumping and writhing with each blow, trying like
mad to get herself off like she wanted and needed.

Every time I thought she was too close to an orgasm, I
brought the crop down hard, it distracted her just
enough that she had to work harder and harder to
achieve her release, this went on for about 30 minutes,
and by the time she climaxed, her ass and thighs were
striped and welted from the crop.

When she finally did cum, she almost blacked-out with
ecstasy. She was shaking and cumming for several
minutes, and when she finally relaxed, I pulled out the
ball gag and kissed her.

She thanked me for the best orgasm she’d ever had and
the next time I saw her, wouldn’t you know it? She’d
had her nipples pierced, just for me!

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A couple like to play rough