A Dating App Sexperience

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A Dating App Sexperience

Hi all, Rahul again here with a story. I’m currently staying in Bangalore. So about me, I have an athletic body with a decent looking face and height measuring 6 feet with a 7 inch thick cock. This incident happened a month back.

As I don’t know a lot of people from Bangalore, I normally frequent these dating apps and try my luck there. I have had a fair amount of success on these apps by meeting a few for a few dates and going ahead with whatever lay in store ahead.

This story is about how I met a girl using these apps and one thing led to another. I was casually browsing through Tinder and was swiping right on profiles when I matched with a girl named Shreya. She was a Bengali with a decent figure, at least in pictures.

I got to know that she lived close by and she had recently moved to Bangalore. We connected on our mutual hate for the Bangalore traffic and the fAct that we didn’t know a lot of people in Bangalore. Gradually, we grew comfortable and then exchanged numbers.

After chatting for a couple of days, I asked if she wanted to meet and she said yes to it and we fixed time and a place. It was a weekday. I had kept the place midway but it was closer to my place. When we met, her body was a bit different from the pics but she had become voluptuous in the right areas.

She had a nice curvy body and I wanted her at that instant but I controlled myself. We hugged initially and took a seat in the hotel. We ordered a few drinks and both became a bit tipsy and had a free-flowing conversation. I thought I should take it to the next level.

I asked if she wanted to come back to my place to drink wine and watch some movies. She said yes but mentioned that she would have to leave early as she had an office the next day. Once back at my place we were already quite tipsy and she lied down on my bed and I laid down next to her.

I don’t know what happened. But she came and rested her head on my arm and the next moment we started kissing. It was a long hard kiss and then we were facing each other. I started caressing her ass over her pants and slowly started going up to her back.

I held her neck from one hand and then went on top of her. I was lying on top of her now with my crotch on hers. I was sure she could feel my hard-on. We were continuing kissing and I was feeling her breast on top of her clothes. At the same time, I was grinding her and purposely making her feel my hard-on.

Suddenly, she got a call and she picked it up.  I could feel a man speaking. She got perplexed and cut the call. She told me she had to go since her roommate was in trouble. I said, “Sure, let’s meet again soon,” and she left. It was almost a week, and I hadn’t received any text.

I didn’t text her back since I myself was busy. I was free one Saturday night and texted her. She said she was sorry for not texting me. I said it’s fine and invited her over. She said she will come over if I get her some wine as she really wanted to drink. I said that wont is an issue.

When she came over, she looked a bit depressed and sad. I was wondering what happened. I poured her a glass of wine and tried to probe her with some questions but she kept deflecting. On her third glass of wine, I asked her again. She finally said that she has been having problems with her ex-boyfriend.

He was the one who had called the other day. They had broken up cause he had cheated on her. He just wanted a company that day from me but his call brought back memories and wanted to leave. I told her its fine and I understand. Then came over and hugged her.

She held me tight and suddenly started to come up to my face. I didn’t want to take Advantage of her. So I just asked her if she really wants this and she said that this is what she wants. That was all that I wanted to hear and started to kiss her. We were sitting on the floor at that point.

I got up and took her by the hand and took her to the bed. There I went on top of her and started to kiss her and caress her hair. This time she was unbuttoning my shirt. I knew that this was gonna go all the way. I removed her top and started massaging her beautiful breasts on top of her bra.

She whispered in my ears to remove it and I tore it off. I then started to bite and lick her nipples and Shreya started to moan. This turned me on more and I started to lick and bite her neck while massaging her breasts. With one of my hands, I started to rub her pussy over her pants.

She whispered in my ears to put my fingers inside. I remove her pant and panty in one instant and started massaging her pussy. Shreya was moaning loud now and was rubbing my cock over my pants. I removed my pants and underwear to provide her more access. Now she had started to give my cock a handjob.

I was in heaven but I asked her to wait. I then went down on her and started to lick her wet pussy. Her pussy gave a wondrous smell and I kept on licking it. I also put two fingers in her vagina, and it was so damn tight. She had started to moan loud and hard. I’m sure my roommate would’ve heard her.

She held my head and cummed hard. I could taste her juices in my mouth. I went up to her and kissed her and made her taste all her cum. Shreya had a mischievous smile on her face and now asked me to lie down. I knew what was going to come and she took my cock in her mouth.

She was no expert but it felt great. My cock became hard in her mouth and she started to lick it all over. She came up to me, near my ear and asked if I have a condom and I said yes. She asked me to put it on. I got up and took a condom and put it on. I told Shreya to lie down and positioned myself in front of her.

She was wet but was quite tight. I put it slightly in and allowed her to get adjusted to it. Then in one motion I put it fully in and started to pump her. Shreya started moaning and I could sense she was enjoying it. I was trying to pace myself since I wanted to enjoy her in different positions.

After some time, I told her to get on top as I love the woman on top position. She adjusted my cock in her pussy and started bouncing up and down. I love seeing women bouncing on top. I can see their breasts going up and down and their hair falling on top.

I was massaging her breasts and I could sense that she was enjoying it too. I really wanted to smack her huge ass so I asked her to get on her knees. She knew what I had in mind and got on her knees in a doggy position. Since Shreya was now used to my cock and she was wet.

I entered her easily and started pumping her. During this time I was spanking her ass and pulling her head with her hair. It was turning her on more and she started to moan hard. While spanking her, she said to increase the pace as she was cumming.

I started pounding her and with one huge moan she let it all out. I told her I was gonna cum too. So she removed the cock from her pussy and removed the condom from my cock. I started licking and mouthing my cock. I couldn’t hold back any longer and cummed inside her mouth and she drank it all up.

We were both tired due to the sex and wine and dozed off. In the morning, we had one more round and then she left. I haven’t talked to her again, as we both knew that this might just be a one-time thing.

I hope you all enjoyed the story. Feedback is highly appreciated. I am currently living in Bangalore and if any females of any age want to get in touch please feel free to do so at [email protected], id be happy to have a chat and see where it goes. Gents please refrain from asking details of any females.

A Dating App Sexperience

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