A Daughter’s Challenge – Sex Stories

A Daughter’s Challenge – Sex Stories

Subha yarned, shifted in the couch and looked at the time in the dim light the T V provided. It was 10.50 P M and still her father has not come home. She sighed and tried to loose herself in the T V before her. She could not watch the serial, it was the same recurrent story of a woman avenging another woman. It seemed the T V channels could not think up any new ideas for the serials. Frustrated she switched off the T V and sat in the darkness, her hands covering her face. She tried to stifle the tears that threatened to flow and with an effort steadied herself.

Less than three months ago when her mother passed away suddenly due to brain fever the responsibility of running the home and looking after her father fell heavily on her. After finishing school she could not attend college because their financial situation would not permit it. Her parents had the responsibility of saving money for her marriage and with the small income from the fancy store her father ran, it was hard. After a lot of convincing she had finally taken up her present job in a ready made garment show room as a sales girl. Most of the other employees also were girls there and so her parents reluctantly agreed. Her pay helped their savings and they let her work.

After her mother’s untimely death, she had to do the house work also and it was tiring her. But her father was neglecting his shop and had started drinking and her salary had become a must now. She could not understand why her father was drinking when her mother had not been a good wife so to speak when she was alive and he had no reason to miss her. She nagged and bitched a lot and her father never got along well with her. Still here he is neglecting his business and drinking every evening, not even thinking of his adult daughter.

Subha was worried and did not know what to do. She had tried talking to him, reasoned with him, even fought with him to no avail. Every night he came home late, fully drunk and went to bed with his cloths on. At first Subha did not know how to handle it but now she undressed him every night and made him comfortable in his bed. It was hard for her since being a virgin at nineteen and having never seen a naked man before, seeing her own father naked was embarrassing to say the least. But she did it and never regretted it for she loved him. He had been a good father all along, loving her and being there for her always. In fact she was more closer to her dad than her mother from the start.

She came out of her reverie when she heard noise outside. She switched on the lights and opened the door. Her father staggered in and she helped him and led him to his bedroom. He fell on the bed babbling incoherently. Swiftly she undressed him and made him comfortable and with an aching heart she went to her bed. Some thing must be done to get her father back in gear and she had no clue as to how she could do it. Just what would give her father the motive not to drink and be normal she needed to find out. With this thought and pain in her heart she faded into sleep at last.


Sleep gives us the peace we never seem able to feel when wide awake. Sleep also refreshes us physically and emotionally. Often we go to sleep with problems in our mind and wake up with the solution falling into place from no where. That is just what happened in this case or at least a possible solution starred at her when she woke up in the morning. Suddenly she remembered the gossip of older women when she had visited her village in her early teens. Village folks liked to bathe in the river and when they did they talked about their personal affairs. Most of the talk would be about sex, either bragging or complaining. She now vividly remembered a discussion that suggested this possible solution to her.

“My husband comes home late every day and invariably he is too tired to wait for me in bed. By the time I come to bed he would be snoring,” A young woman was saying.

“The idea my dear girl, is to interest him when he comes home late or early and that would make him wait for you,” a much older woman responded.

“What do you mean, ma?” the young woman said interest showing in her wide open eyes.

“Give him a hint of what is in store for him as soon as he enters the house and then keep him interested,”

“How ma?”

“You stupid girl,” the older woman winked at the others, “God has given you enough charms and why can’t you flaunt them for him to see? After all it is there for him anyway,”

The younger woman had blushed furiously and had been silent. But the older woman was not finished yet.

“No man who gets good fun in bed would sleep without sex even if he is dead tired,” She laughed loud.

“You women are too proud or shy and won’t show your husbands what they want to see,” the whole gang of women had guffawed at that and the young woman had ran away embarrassed and shy.

She had not understood this talk at that time and had thought of it many times. But now when the conversation flooded back, she understood what the older woman had meant. But there was one snag and that was a damn big snag. Her father was not her husband to flaunt her charms and keep him interested. Her daughterly love has failed to keep him home or from drinking, so this is no solution at all. So thought Subha and all during the day the same thoughts recurred and by the time she was back home and was busy with her chores, she was still not clear how this solution will help her.

When she had finished her dinner, she came and sat in the hall, resigned to wait for her father. Absently she switched on the T V but switched it off almost immediately as her mind was in turmoil. She closed her eyes and tried to think of a way out. As though helping her a scene played out in her mind. it happened almost two years ago and she had forgotten it till this day. But suddenly she remembered.

It was during her school final exams. Every night she would study and revise all through the night with one or two hours sleep and then rush through her morning toilet before going to school. One day she was in such a hurry that she did not take change of clothes with her when she went to the bathroom for her shower. After the shower cursing herself she had wrapped the flimsy cotton towel around her and had come out of the bath room. The towel covered her breasts and came only to the middle of her thigh. Her shoulders and legs were bare. The flimsy fabric could not hide her breasts or her naked skin properly and it was almost a see through. As she ran to her room she had seen her father gapping at her with a look in his eyes that was haunting. She had only blushed then and did not really understand the meaning of her father’s look. But then when she breakfasted and then was leaving for school she felt her fathers eyes following her and it had surprised and shocked her. She had felt or thought his look was lustful.

Now thinking back of that event, suddenly Subha felt elated. Her father was interested and aroused by her looks. She now tried to think back and many things came back to her mind that shouted her father admired her looks when ever he got a chance and it was never fatherly. She still remembered the only time she wore a Jean and tight T shirt at home out of curiosity and showed off to her parents. Her mother had scolded her but her father had admired her and had said she looked beautiful. She tried to remember where his eyes had been when he had said that and remembered, he had been staring at her straining breasts.

“Go inside and get those things off you Subha, do you want to look like a whore?” her mother’s words had stung then and stung even now. With tears she had retreated to her room and changed.

She wondered now if she could flaunt her charms to her father so he would stay home and not drink. But then she can’t follow it up by giving him what he would want after and that disappointed her. She can’t do this or could she? Suddenly she sat up right. If she left her father to his drinking ways sooner or later he will ruin his health and his business as well. He would either become a sick man or die on her. She shivered at the thought. If her father fell sick or died she had no one to go to for help. Family she knew would shy away if she approached them for help. Her own income would not be enough to take care of her. These thoughts new and yet so true glared at her. Further she loved him and did not want him to die or get sick.

The gloom depressed her and she began to cry. When her father came home that night she did her duty and then retired to her bed afraid and confused. Their family being conservative, the task before her seemed monumental. She tried to close her mind to these thoughts and tried to sleep. But sleep would not come and after tossing about for a while, she sat up in the bed and tried to sort out her thoughts.

Her father was her sole problem and she had no one to go to for help; whatever is to be done must be done by her and soon. This much was clear to her. But how and what to do was her dilemma. Talking and even fighting did not help and now a solution has come to her mind but its taboo nature confused her. She now concentrated on this seemingly only solution presently available to her. It meant that she should use her charms to hold her father in check. Using her charm was easy enough but she must also face the consequences and can she do it, was the question she has to answer.

The consequences meant she go against the traditions and norms of being a good daughter. She has to elevate/degrade herself from daughter to the role of a wife which automatically would mean that she have sex with her own father. This to her conservative up bringing was the impossible task. Even if she prepared herself to take up this task how will her father react, will he accept her new role as a wife meekly? Can she be good enough to revive her father and make him as he was before? What if her father misunderstood her intentions and should hate her?

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Questions, questions, exasperated she began to cry. Why is she in this predicament? Why can’t her father be responsible? The society is always ready to find fault with anything abnormal or against the set traditions and yet will this same society help her if she took her problems to them? Even while crying, these questions came to her mind and she was getting more and more upset. Finally with no decisions made she fell asleep exhausted.

The next morning she was in a nasty mood and when her father came for break fast, contrary to her usual calm she was abrupt in her replies to him and he on his part left the table half way through the breakfast. When her father had gone out she quickly dressed and went out to a phone booth called her shop and told them she is unwell and can’t come to work that day. That settled she came home and busied herself preparing lunch. Her situation irked her and she was hating herself. She had treated her father badly today, granted he deserved it and still she could not forgive herself for being so nasty.

After preparing lunch she started with washing cloths just to keep herself busy and not think. But after lunch, she felt tired and went to bed but could not sleep. Once again the same questions came back to her and tears began to flow on their own. How long she cried she had no idea but then she steadied herself with an effort. Tears would not answer her question but thinking may. So she started once again to think of her situation but this time in a more realistic way.

Her only solution at present was to seduce her father and get him back on foot. If she could motivate him by giving herself to him, then her problem would be solved. Once again the big question of whether she could give herself to her father and how he would react came to her mind. First she started with herself. With no other alternative in sight she decided she will seduce him and give herself to him. Giving herself would not be difficult she thought. For one thing she loved her father and he, at 44 looked far younger and though not a handsome man was good looking and healthy apart from his drinking. She knew he would not be aversive to her physically anyway. These thoughts excited her and she realized thoughts of sex with her father aroused her.

The next was his reaction. It is tricky and not predictable. He may or may not accept her but she must take the risk anyway. After all he is a man and her feminine charms are sure to arouse him if she could present them right. . That settled, she went to the final and biggest question of all; how to seduce him. She did not have the courage to seduce him when he was sober and she accepted it. His drunken state may in fact be a great help for her and it would be much easier for her to seduce him. But it will be temporary and not lasting for her purpose. She needed to give herself to him in such a way that he would want her and need her forever.

How to go about the seduction was her present problem and she thought for a long time on that. Nothing she could think of sounded good or right. Finally deciding to act according to the situation required, she relaxed and turned to sleep. To her horror she found her legs sticky and realized she is wet between her legs. The thought of seducing her father had turned her on and she did not know whether to be pleased or ashamed. However it helped her to justify her decision and with that calming her mind she went to sleep peacefully.


When she woke up dusk had already fallen and the room was almost dark. Quickly she got up switched on the lights and then went to the bathroom to have a bath. Now that she has made up her mind, she did not want to delay. Any delay on her part could chicken her out and she was not ready for that. She stripped herself naked and stood before the bathroom mirror. It was not full size and showed only her upper body. She was proud of her round cheerful face and the long black hair. Her eyes seemed to twinkle and her firm young breasts stood out proudly with the nipples erect. She felt the ache in them and gently massaged them. She backed away a little to see below her waist and what she saw satisfied her. Her legs were shapely though not long. Her thighs silken smooth and between her legs her pubic hair was thick and black, almost hiding her feminine opening.

As she looked, she felt moisture begin between her legs and quickly opened the shower and allowed the cold water to drip down her. She closed her eyes and shut out the erotic thoughts that suddenly seemed to envelop her. She wanted to be fresh and cheerful for the task in hand. She had no idea if she would enjoy the seduction and the love making after but she wanted to make it as pleasant as possible for her father. She tried to convince herself that she is forced into this situation and is doing this only because she had no other way out. Yet she could not hide her excitement or crush it out. She finished her bath quickly and came out of the room with the towel wrapped around her.

In the bedroom she could not help looking at herself in the full sized mirror. With only the towel to hide her nakedness and that too only partially, she looked sexy and pretty she thought. But she could not wait this way until late for her father and with that thought in mind she put on a night gown and dried her hair and combed it. She left the hair loose and put on her usual facial cream and powder. She smelled good with the scented soap still lingering on her and the facial cream and powder adding to the fragrance. She went to the kitchen and prepared dinner quickly. As her father never had dinner at home these days it was easy and quick.

Returning to the bedroom, she rummaged among her dresses to find one that would be sexy and revealing. The dress must be revealing her charms she thought and smiled. One by one she discarded the dresses until she came to a midi she had worn only once before, that too two years ago when she visited a friend in the city. It stopped above her knees and showed off her legs from knee down. It was tight fitting and would highlight her thighs. She then looked for the blouse she had worn along with it. It was a loose silk blouse, reached only down to her naval and would cling to her breasts and show them off. If she unbuttoned the top button her cleavage would be revealed and that, she felt would be revealing enough. When she lifts her hands the blouse will go up and show her flat abdomen and if she is not careful part of her breasts too. The thought was exciting. She can’t go too far with her dress but must reveal just enough to interest her father.

Taking off her night gown she put on the Midi and the blouse without any undergarments and looked in the mirror to make sure it fit her perfectly after the two years. It did and even without a bra her breasts stood out against the clinging silk fabric and the midi was too tight against her legs and came a little higher than when she had worn it two years ago. There was also sufficient gap between the hem of her blouse and the Midi showing off her young flat abdomen. The midi was a little uncomfortable but she decided to manage with it. No other dress she had would be appropriate for this special occasion. Satisfied with her preparation, she went out to the hall and sat down on the couch. She switched on the T V and tried to enjoy the serial.


Time dragged on slowly, painfully. The tight Midi and the silk blouse were exciting her soft skin. She was becoming more and more conscious of her dress and her purpose. The very nature of the adventure she has undertaken and the wrongness of it was telling on her. Her feminine needs were coming to the fore and the anticipation of the event was arousing her. Her eyes were fixed on the T V but her thoughts wandered. Finally when she heard her father arrive she switched on the hall lights before going to the door.

She took a deep breathe to brace herself then opened the door with a smile on her face. As usual her father staggered into the house and stopped dead in his tracks. Subha, ignoring his shocked surprise and stare, closed the door and had to lift her hands up to bolt it. As she did her blouse also rose up exposing her naked midriff. Her father had one hand on her shoulder and stood rooted to the spot his eyes fixed on her.

“You been to some place?” He asked harshly.

“No Dad,”

“But yer dressed up,”

She blushed and replied,” I just wore it for the fun of it Dad, don’t you like it?”

His hand on her shoulder tightened and he lurched pulling her with him. She lost balance and fell on him and both struggled in an effort not to fall. In the process their bodies met and his hands went around her protectively. He still lurched and Subha felt her breasts press against his chest and gently she pushed him a little away from her and then pulled his right hand around her shoulder circling his waist with her left supporting him and led him to his bedroom. As they staggered his right hand slipped down and his palm touched her right breast. She said nothing and walked on. His palm slowly cupped her breast and still she said nothing nor looked at him and walked on.

Once inside the bedroom she stopped deliberately and with her right hand closed the bedroom door, shutting out the hall light. In the darkness her father’s left hand also came to rest on her left breast and when she did not move or object, his hands began to gently knead her breasts. The excitement was too much for her and she felt her knees weaken and leaned closer to him laying her head on his shoulder. Afraid she may scare him away she stifled her moan and buried her face on his shoulder. Reeling as he stood, he kneaded her breasts and mumbled some thing she could not make out. For a while they stood transfixed there he cherishing the feel of her and she entranced by his action.

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Subha felt her whole body warming and heat seemed to course through her. Their position was awkward and was uncomfortable but she did not dare break the spell. Her father has either forgotten who she is or knowingly was kneading her breasts filled with pure lust. The bed still a few feet away, she had no idea how long her father could stand reeling there with his hands busy and she was too weak to walk further. Again she took a deep breath and steadying herself, led him to the bed and pushed him down. He would not let her go and she fell on top of him. He rolled her over on to his side and began to grope all over her body with his right hand feeling her naked midriff. His hand then moved up under her blouse and he cupped and squeezed her left breast. Unable to hold back any longer she moaned and his left hand holding her, tightened and he bent his face down towards her face, his hot alcohol breathe rushing on her. She turned her face away to escape the smell and his lips touched her sensitive neck.

Hungrily he kissed and licked her sensitive neck and she was sweating part in the heat of the occasion and part in fear. It was one thing to plan this seduction but now that his passions are aroused and he was really taking over, fear of the unknown took hold of her. He took his right hand off her breast and pulled her blouse roughly. Thankfully the buttons split and the blouse opened wide exposing her naked breasts. His mouth moved to her left breast and he began to suck her nipple greedily. His right hand took her other nipple and was pinching it. She moaned in pain and pleasure and her fear began to subside. Seeing he is fully engrossed on her breasts, she slowly unbuttoned his shirt and then loosened his pants and pushed the zipper down.

Pinned down as she was, she had no way of removing his shirt and she pushed his pants and the underpants down. Instinctively he lifted his ass and the pants and underpants slipped past to his knees. She now unzipped her own Midi and let it slide down her legs and struggled out of it. As she struggled her naked thighs touched his hardened cock and he rolled on top of her. She opened her legs wide and pulled them up making it easy for him to access her. For a minute he lay on top of her still sucking and playing with her breasts and she could not bear his weight. With both her hands she tried to push his waist up and as if understanding the situation, he lifted his ass and eased his weight off her. She took his cock in her hand and guided it to her cunt and braced herself for his thrust.

For some time he did not move and then slowly pushed his cock head into her. Then with a sudden hard thrust he entered her, breaking her membrane protecting her virginity and buried his cock deep inside her. She gasped but stifled her scream of pain. He must have heard her muffled scream, for he stayed immobile above her for a while, his hands tightening around her pulling her upper body tightly to him. Slowly the pain subsided and she breathed easy. Mean while he began to kiss her naked skin above her breasts and moved his mouth to her face. The alcohol smell was repelling but she did not turn away this time letting him find her quivering lips.

He kissed her passionately his tongue rudely parting her lips and invading into her wet cavity. She did not know how to respond at first but when his tongue met hers she flicked her tongue over his and he took her tongue between his lips and sucked hard. Once he broke the kiss he pulled his cock almost out of her cunt and then thrust hard into her. He was so rough that she cried out in pain and it only seemed to add to his lust as he began to pump in and out of her hard. She whimpered as his cock rammed into her with brutal force and slowly the pain began to subside and a strange feeling of pleasure began to build deep down in her stomach.

Unconsciously she wrapped her legs around him and her hands circled his neck holding him close to her. As he kept up his hard fucking, she began to lift her ass up to meet his thrusts so that she could feel his cock deep inside her. They fell in to an awkward rhythm and now she moaned and cried aloud shamelessly as the pleasure in her stomach began to course through her reaching her cunt. Suddenly as she was beginning to enjoy his deep thrusts, he spurted his sperm into her and then his thrusts slowed down and at last he stopped and rolled off her exhausted and lay by her side breathing hard. The pleasure sensations she was just beginning to enjoy stopped so abruptly that she was annoyed and frustrated. But she kept quiet and tried to calm herself. How long it had taken she had no idea but suddenly she realized she could get pregnant with his seed inside her.

With an effort she got out of bed and almost ran to the bathroom. Locking herself inside, she extracted his sperm from her as much as she could and then cleaned herself. In future she would go on pill she decided. She felt pain in her cunt and was afraid for a minute when she saw blood. Then she remembered it is natural for a virgin and relaxed. When she returned to her father’s bedroom he was fast asleep and snoring. She brought a wash cloth and cleaned him and then made him comfortable in the bed and retired to her own bedroom.


Lying in her bed she reviewed the events of the night and felt she had done the ground work for interesting her father in her and to motivate him. She will know his reaction only tomorrow when he is sober. She wondered if he would remember the night and realize it is real and not a dream. The experience was partly exciting and partly frustrating to her. Exciting because, this is her first experience making love and frustrating because it did not end in her feeling satisfied. She wondered if it will be the same always and hoped not. If it always frustrated her as it did tonight she would lose interest herself and that will not help. She hoped her father would know how to please her and she determined she would do whatever he wants to please him as well.

Some thing stirred deeply inside her and her previous decision of taking pills the next time seemed silly. If she wanted him to be hers forever then she would bear his children for him and make him her own. She had liked his hands on her and had felt wonderful with his cock buried deep inside her. She realized with a pleasant surprise she wanted him desperately with his lust working itself on her and inside her. Pleased with herself and with a happy smile, she faded into a blissful sleep.

In the morning when her father came to the kitchen for his coffee, she was busy in the kitchen. She gave him a pleasant smile as she handed him his coffee. He looked at her strangely with something like half fear and wonderment. She pretended not to notice and busied herself with the morning chores. Her side glances told her he was watching her every move and she smiled to herself. During breakfast again he was watching her with a curious expression in his face. She was pleasant and did not talk more than was necessary. But when his plate was empty, she refilled it, deliberately standing behind him so her breasts pressed against his head.

Later when she was leaving for work he was also ready to go out which was not normal in the recent days. But she suppressed her surprise and said her good bye and added, “Try to come home early daddy, it is lonely to wait alone,” With that she walked out without waiting for his answer. The day went slowly and she was becoming more and more apprehensive of the evening. She was not sure if her dad would come home early and she could not think up some way of approaching him, if he did. Of course it would be easy for her if he came late and fully drunk. Then she could easily submit to him and he would also be vulnerable.

But that is not what she wanted any more. Now that he has already had her, she wanted him to be sober and know he is having his own daughter and that she is submitting on her own accord and because she loved him. She wanted him to know what he is doing and she wanted him do it with love in his heart and lust in his loins. Several times during the day she replayed him entering her and every time she almost felt as if his cock was really invading her wet juicy cunt. Of course the thought always made her wet and she was horny and aching the whole day. If it was not for her anxiety she would have cum several times right in her panties.

She was pleasantly surprised to find her father already home, when she reached home in the evening. She smiled pleasantly as he opened the door for her and then quickly had her shower and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. She had already planned her dress during the day and so she wore a blue denim midi and a cream cutaway silk blouse that was tight fitting and showed off her breasts more prominently. This way she knew, every time she lifted her hands the blouse will raise up showing her midriff and when she bent down, it will show off her cleavage. She wore nothing under to make it more erotic.

When dinner was ready she called her dad to join her and he came in and sat down still watching her with that curious look in his eyes. She was still not sure if it was wonder or admiration. She stood opposite as she served him deliberately bending to give him a clear view of her cleavage and part of her breasts. Her nipples were already erect and poked against the tight blouse, so even when she stood straight, he could feast his eyes on her proud breasts, sticking out, straining the fabric.

She studiously look away from him all the time, giving him ample opportunity to goggle at her, without feeling embarrassed. She was slow as she served herself still standing, giving him enough time to see her beautiful body and then sank down onto the chair to have dinner. She knew he was still goggling at her as he ate and had to control her smile with an effort. By the time the dinner was over, she was sure her father came home early because of what happened the previous night and also he was feasting on her as much as he could. Now it remained for her to break the ice and that made her nervous as hell.

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She was thoughtful as she washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Not having any previous experience and because the man she wanted being her father, it was a real challenge for her and she was determined to have her way. Meanwhile she could hear the TV running as he watched the news and then some movie songs. She was both tensed up and aroused by the time she finished her kitchen work and then she sat in the kitchen steadying herself. She still had no plans but feminine instinct told her she would find a way. When she realized she is calm enough, she poured a full glass of warm milk, added cardamom for flavour and took it to her father.


He reclined in the couch watching TV and when he heard her steps looked up. She came close before him and bending offered the glass of milk, knowing he could see right into her blouse. She saw his eyes going there and then dart back to her face. She smiled sweetly and as he took the glass from her hand, kissed him lightly on his cheek making sure her breasts brushed his face. Calmly she turned away and walked to her bedroom and prepared for bed. Once ready she sat down on the bed and waited for the TV to be switched off. Soon enough the TV was turned off and then she heard her father’s foot steps retreating towards his bedroom.

She waited another ten minutes giving him time to prepare for bed and then quietly walked into his bedroom. She found him lying in his bed with his hands under his head staring up at the sealing. She closed the door behind her and then walked to his bed and sat down by his side. He looked at her breasts first and then stared into her eyes with love glowing bright. She bend down pressing her breasts on his chest and taking his head in her hands, kissed both his cheeks and said, “Dad thank you for not drinking and coming home early,”

He did not reply but his hands went around her waist and pulled her to him. He just held her close, his eyes closed and breathing hard. She still had his head in her hands and slowly pressed her cheeks against his and then sensually traced her lips over his face and pressed her lips to his kissing him passionately. His hands tightened around her waist but he did not respond and she pulled her face away from him. For a minute there she thought she has gone too far, but then he rolled over pulled her with him on to the bed and to his side. His right leg came on top of her pinning her down and then he looked into her eyes searchingly.

“You know what you are doing, don’t you Subha?” he asked calmly.

“Yes,” she whispered sensually.

“But why?” He was bending over her his chest pressed to her breasts. She looked into his searching eyes and saw no reproach in them but only curiosity.

“Because, I love you dad and I want you, need you to be with me always” She whispered again as tears began to flow.

“But, my dear, you are my daughter and some day will belong to some other man,” he stated the obvious and brushed her tears away gently with his fingers.

“I know dad, but I do not want to belong to some other man, I want to belong only to you,”

“That is wrong my dear, the society will never accept it and you know that,” he was calm as he said this but his hand slipped down to her neck gently, lovingly caressing the soft skin.

“Is it wrong to love you dad?”

“But this is not a father daughter love my dear,”

“I know dad, but don’t you love me? Don’t you want me, like…. This?”

“Lord girl, I have wanted you like this for a long time, ever since you grew up to be a woman and you don’t know the trouble I had to hold myself back,”

“But Dad, after mom died you started drinking and really neglected me leaving me all alone till late at night,”

“My dear girl, don’t you understand? I was scared I would rape you and had to stay away from you and to kill my feelings, drinking was the only way,”

“You mean you wanted me that bad?” Subha was shocked and surprised at his words.

“Wanted you? I needed you darling, even with your mom, I would be fantasizing it was you, I am with,”

“Then why did not you take me, now that we are alone or at least give me a hint you wanted me?”

“I was scared you would hate me,”

“Hate you? Never dad, not for loving me so much,”

“But the society will never accept this, darling, we will be outcasts”

“We will go to some place far away from here Dad, and begin a new life together,”

For the first time since she came into the room he smiled and asked,” You sure about this and won’t regret later on, after all I am already 44, getting to be old real quick,”

She pulled his face down and pressing her cheeks against his, whispered in his ear,” I am very sure of this dad and I will never regret it, may be you are 44 but look a lot younger and no one seeing us together will realize, we are father and daughter unless they already know or we tell them,”

His hand now brushed past her breast to caress her naked midriff and he said, “Subha, my sweetheart, I love you baby,”

“Then show me Dad, show me in the only way I will understand,” She smiled at him happily and then kissed him passionately. This time he responded with equal passion and as they kissed, his hand slipped under her blouse to cup her breast, kneading it softly. The kiss lasted so long that they were gasping for breathe when they broke away at last and both looked at the other smiling happily. He pulled her blouse up and over her head and gazed at her naked breasts with lust and admiration. He then pushed her skirt down her legs stripping her fully naked and caressed her inner thigh. She moaned at his touch and quickly unbuttoned and pulled away his shirt and then undid his lungi as well, stripping him naked.

Almost simultaneously they rolled over closing the gap between them and hugged each other tightly savouring the sensual feel of their naked bodies melding in love and lust for the first time. He was kissing her cheeks and moved down to kiss and lick her sensuous neck and then moved further down to lick the warm flesh of her breasts deliberately avoiding her sensitive aching nipples. She pressed her body tightly against him feeling his rock hard cock against her stomach and whimpered at his lustful licking. When he flicked his tongue at her nipples, she almost cried out in pleasure.

His right hand caressing her inner thigh moved up to her swollen cunt lips and then traced its shape, making her squirm and giggle with pleasure. He sucked her nipple hungrily and pushed his middle finger inside her already wet cunt. Crooking his finger he traced her inner walls and she writhed under him and raised her hips up as the first spasm of pleasure coursed through her whole. She was crying with pleasure when he took her clit between two fingers and pinched it hard to make her pleasure unbearable.

She was crying and biting his shoulder as the pleasure whirled and swirled within her. He did not relax until her spasm ended and then pulled her close to him and held her as she gasped for breathe. His hard throbbing cock was pressing against her stomach and for a long time they were just lying there both cherishing the feel of the other.

He was controlling his aching cock wanting to burst and she was cherishing the immense pleasure she has experienced for the first time in her life. When at last she became normal he climbed on top of her, positioning himself between her legs. She took his cock lovingly in her hands, stroked it slowly and touched the tip of his head at her entrance, giggling at the novel and yet pleasant feeling. He let her enjoy the feel for a while and then when she held his cock head at her opening and raised her waist to swallow him, thrust hard into her and buried his throbbing cock deep inside her. She gasped at the invasion but wrapped her legs around him to keep him deeply buried inside her.

With his cock safely buried inside her he looked at her glowing eyes and said softly, “I love you darling, I have always wanted to fuck you and baby, you don’t know how happy you have made me today,”

“You feel so soft and lovely my love,” he added.

“I love you too dad and feel wonderful with you buried deep inside me,”

“Fuck me daddy, fuck your love, hard and with all your heart and soul, I want to feel you ramming into me,”

“Yes my love, I will fuck you hard make you my woman for ever,” He said this vehemently and began to ram into her as hard as he could. She was so thrilled that she could not answer him. Every time he pulled his cock out and thrust it in hard, she raised her hips to meet his thrust and slowly they fell into a rhythm. She was moaning and whimpering and he was groining as he fucked her hard and fast. Twice as he was fucking her hard, she went over board cumming hard and stifled her screams of pleasure biting his shoulder. He tried to hold back as long as he could and then spurted his seed into her almost crying out aloud. When their spasm ended they lay there side by side breathing hard.

Finally when their breathing became normal they hugged and kissed each other with all the love they possessed inside them and then he kneaded her breasts and caressed her naked skin, making her giggle and writhe. Finally they drifted into a peaceful and satisfied sleep in each others arms. Both knew this is the beginning of a new life that held too many promises for them.

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A Daughter’s Challenge – Sex Stories

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