A Different Kind Of Game! – Part 2

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A Different Kind Of Game! – Part 2

Previous Part: A Different Kind Of A Game!

An excited whisper went around the classroom about a kind of game. Keerthana’s panties are visible. Keerthana’s panties are visible only if you sit on the first bench of the boy’s rows. So, the first row boys moved to the second row while the second-row boys moved to the first to enjoy the glorious view.

I was one of the tallest and most athletic boys in the class. I was sitting in the last row. By the time my chance came, my anticipation had reached a fever pitch. I had just slid into the first row. Only to have the busty Sri Lankan bitch sitting next to Keerthana let her know what was going on.

Keerthana looked up, and her slim thighs shut together in an instant. The boys coming behind me panicked at this and ran off. I sat frozen, mesmerized at her lovely brown thighs as her old, tight, and faded skirt had ridden up. My eyes slowly went up to see Keerthana looking back at me, and I decided to make her my slut.

She smiled at me and opened her thighs slowly and widely. I could see a pretty light pink panty with flowers pressed tightly against her sweet pussy with dark curly hairs peeking out from the sides. The returning front row boys saw the whole thing and gasped.

I heard someone whisper, “She showed it to him!” I smiled at her, got up, and went back to my place in the last row.

Keerthana had a reputation in our class, the reputation of being the class slut. She used to wear old frocks that were slightly tighter and shorter than the other girls. She used to be friendly with most boys, whereas most of the girls used to steer clear.

There were rumors that her uncle had fucked her (which I later confirmed). However she tried, most guys avoided her like the plague. They valued virginity and wanted to be the first with their girlfriends. I had no such hang-ups, but I was a quiet kid.

Now that I knew Keerthana was interested in me, I knew I had a good chance with her. The first chance of getting close to her was the special language class. This was a stroke of luck for me as only four of us had chosen this class. I was the only boy.

Among the three girls, it included the class beauty, Archana, and the class slut, Keerthana. Usually, Archana and I would sit on the front bench while Keerthana and Ramya (the third girl) would sit behind us. I wanted to start my game with Keerthana immediately.

So, I went and sat on the second bench instead of the usual first bench. Archana entered the class and asked me why I was sitting there. I just shrugged. Archana then came and sat next to me, only for Keerthana to fight with her for this place. After a few minutes, Archana reluctantly went back to her usual place.

Keerthana and I were exchanging glances and smiles. The special language teacher used to be bored teaching just the four of us and frequently left the class. Today, as usual, after 20 minutes, she left asking us to continue reAding.

I was waiting for this moment. I asked Keerthana if she would like to read together. She agreed and moved closer to me. I leaned over and whispered, “I would like to feel what you showed me.” She looked at me with fake innocence and said, “What did I show you?”

I moved my hands boldly under her skirt and touched her wet panties, and whispered, “This.” She stifled her moan as I gently explored her sweet pussy with my large hands. My hands caressed her slim thighs and wet pussy continuously till the bell rang. I left her on a high level of arousal.

We started meeting in deserted corners around the college to steal a few minutes of kissing and touching. But this was not enough for both of us. I was desperate to find a place to fuck. Both our houses were not an option.

My college had bought the neighboring house and knocked down the wall in between. But retained the apartment as it is. As the apartment had smaller dimensions, only the apartment halls were used as classrooms. But the rest of the smaller rooms were kept locked.

The apartment had 2 entrances. The one facing the college was used regularly, while the other entrance was kept locked and rarely monitored. I thought that if I could get the key, this would be an ideal fucking pad. By a stroke of luck, I managed to steal the key in a few days.

I was very excited and informed Keerthana about this in our next special language class. She gave me a slutty look and squeezed my hard-on. The next challenge we had was to figure out when to fuck. Most of the classes and breaks were out of the question.

Finally, we decided to do it in the Physical Training (PT) period later that week. After the first ten minutes, we are usually left unsupervised. Knowing this, I told Keerthana to come around the apartment after a few minutes.

After 10 minutes of the PT teacher’s supervision, the boys went to one corner of the ground to play cricket. Usually, I would be excited to join, but today I was focused on playing a different kind of game. I gave an excuse that I hurt my foot and inched away from the game.

I then caught Keerthana’s eye and signaled her to come. I rushed to the door, and I was opening it when Keerthana caught up with me. We went inside, and I latched the main door shut. We opened another door and went into a small room.

The room was unused for some time, and there was dust all over the floor. But the walls were relatively clean. I pressed Keerthana against the wall and kissed her. We had almost 30 minutes, and I intended to use the time to my full Advantage.

My thick, soft lips moved leisurely over her thin ones while my big hands caressed her thin, petite frame. After a couple of minutes, Keerthana couldn’t handle this slow tease of a kiss and kissed me passionately. One of her arms wound around my neck while the other hand caught a handful of my hair.

She pulled me deeper into the kiss. I was surprised, but I moved quickly to cup her small but delicious ass. I lifted her up while deepening my kiss. She wound her legs around my waist, and we kissed in that position for a few more minutes.

I then suddenly broke the kiss and stepped back. I knelt in front of her. I lifted her tight frock, all the while caressing her beautiful, slim thighs. Keerthana moaned loudly. I removed her underwear, and the slut gladly helped me. I was suddenly faced to face with her slim, smooth pussy.

When I ran my fingers over it, I could feel the small prickle of hairs. I looked at her and asked if she shaved. She nodded with a shy smile. This made me go crazy, and I started licking her gorgeous vertical lips. Keerthana gave a loud gasp and grabbed my head with both hands.

I gave long vertical licks starting from the base of her pussy and ending at her beautiful button of a clit. Keerthana moaned like a cat and pushed my head deeper into her pussy. I continued to lick her fabulous pussy juice and nibble at her clitoris.

Keerthana’s light body stiffened and convulsed as she had her first orgasm. Her knees buckled, and she almost collapsed. I quickly stood up and supported her with one hand. In contrast, my other hand continued to stroke her pussy generating continuous tremors in her body.

After a couple of minutes, Keerthana looked at me with dreamy eyes and said that this is the first time she had such a strong orgasm. I smiled at her and asked her to return the favor. The sweet slut dropped on her knees without any hesitation and undid my pants.

She admired my cock for a minute and then went to town on it. I could immediately feel how talented and experienced the bitch was. She took her time licking the knob of cock, including the slit. Then she ran her tongue along the vein on the underside of my cock.

Small nibbles followed before she finally took the cock in her mouth and applied her heavenly suction. I could not hold back a groan as I threw my head back to enjoy the delicious sensations running through my body. There was no sense of inhibition for Keerthana.

She shifted gears seamlessly as she went below to suck on my balls. No other girl had done that for me. I could feel the veins in my neck strain due to this oral assault. And Keerthana was still not done. She moved even lower, and her tongue touched my asshole.

I almost lost control, and I grabbed her hair and dragged her up. I knew that even a few more seconds of this, I would have blown my load on her face. But I wanted to fuck her pussy today. I made her lean against the wall and inserted a finger inside her pussy. Her pussy was snug, but there was no resistance.

“You are not a virgin?” I asked and got a no as a reply. I finger fucked her for a couple of minutes to ensure that she is wet and ready. Knowing that this bitch is an experienced fuck, I inserted my cock into her pussy. Even though she is not a virgin, her pussy resisted before it was defeated by my mighty thrust.

Keerthana gasped as I slid fully into her snug cunt. I lifted her, and she wrapped my legs around my waist. I fucked her rapidly for a few minutes in the standing position. I couldn’t hold for long because of her earlier blowjob, and I came inside her pussy.

Keerthana said that this was the most exciting fuck she ever had. I smiled and wore my pants as she made herself presentable. We sneaked out, and I locked the door. By the time I returned to the playground, Keerthana had already joined the girls’ side.

Keerthana and I continued to fuck every week during the PT period. Then the college admin realized that they were missing the key and changed the door’s lock.

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A Different Kind Of Game! – Part 2

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