A Family Betrayal Chapter 23 by Hawkrider

A Family Betrayal Chapter 23
by Hawkrider

Writers Notes:

Hey all due to a hand injury my writing will be a little slowed down. I am not going to stop writing just going to take my time. Also working on a second story which there is no connection to this or my other two stories. I am also sorry for a few things in the last chapter and the start of this one, but it ties into the healing to a point. To those that are into the story all I can say is keep reading as it will just get better. Sorry this one is only over 8,000 words, but the next will be longer. Have a good day and enjoy.

Now for Chapter 23 :

Mom had Jacqueline go with her to help give her a enema. Jacqueline confessed she wanted one too. It seems this night was going to be a first for them as well as Faye. Except Faye wanted something at that moment. Momma Faye wanted to confess something to me. As I laid their watching my Latina mom slowly ride me. I have my hands on her breast fondling her nipples. Her eyes are glazed over with love as she holds my hands to her breast. I looked up with a smile when she smiles down to speak.

“ You feel so good in my pussy baby. Oh god I want this to never end.” She tells me with a moan

“ You feel so tight momma Faye, but what….made you change your mind?” I ask as she lets go of my hands to only lay down on me while still going back and forth on my cock

“ Oh yess….please call me Faye baby while we make love. As for your question it’s because I have been thinking….oh fuck….about you and the way Jasmine and the girls tell me your so loving. I want you the same baby, but in every way tonight…mmmm yess.” Faye tells me with love as she moans

She has a sweet, warm, wet, pussy that reminds me of Jasmine’s. I hear a moan from the bathroom in which makes Faye and I laugh.

“ Sounds like mom is getting loved.” I say as Faye nods smiling

“ Yes baby, but please focus on me….oh right there….your so rubbing my spot….baby can I ask you a question?” She says with a moan as I nod

“ Sure…oh shit.” I answer with a groan

“ You cumming already?” She asks as I shake my head no as she continues “ Good as I want another orgasm….mmmm yes this feels so right….but baby…if you were into….older women….would you of…..taken me and Jasmine…..when I came east?” She asks raising up to place her hands on my chest

I look up in her eyes to see a loving, protective woman that seeked a truth, but also looked at me with love. I place my hands on her hips as I feel her pussy clamp against my shaft as she came again gritting her teeth. I smile as I was the one to make her feel good. After her orgasm lets up I answer her question.

“ Yes beautiful I would of….as your just as beautiful as your daughter.”I say thrusting up into her long and slow

“ OH GOD YESSS BABY….” She moans loudly as mom and Jacqueline come back out

“ Mmmm that looks so beautiful. Has our son cum yet my love.” Mom asks Faye who is shaking her head

“ No darling….but I have 5 times already….oh fuck…..PLEASE FUCK ME!” Faye says as I roll us over

“ Well she’s in for it now.” Mom says with a giggle

“ Why do you say that?” I hear Jacqueline ask as I spread Faye’s legs wider as I pound into her

“ That’s why Jackie baby. My son knows how to love a woman. It still feels like he is in my cunt.” mom says as Faye moans

“ Oh wow I think I need to get more lubed up. I haven’t had a nice cock in years.” Jacqueline says as Faye pulls me down to kiss her before breaking it

“ YES BABY POUND MY PUSSY……MAKE IT YOURS TOO…..FUCK I’M CUMMMINGGGGG!” She says arching her back with her head tilted back

“ Damn baby you cumming in her?” Mom asks as I nod

“ Yes mom….shit she is tight…and clamping my shaft.” I say groaning as I thrust one more time before holding it

As my love erupted into Faye, mom and Jacqueline came over on each side of me and started giving me kisses all over my chest. I felt Faye milk my shaft for all I could give her. I looked down to see a peaceful look in her eyes as she looked up into mine. Our breathes were heavy as she moved making my cock come out of her. She got on all fours crawling taking my dick into her mouth cleaning it as my other two moms were loving up on me.

“ Baby think you can go 4 more times? If not I have something that will help.” My mother asks concerned

“ Maybe one…more, and if your suggesting viagra…then ok, but only one pill because of my heart mom.” I state as she nods

“ I know baby sorry for asking it’s just well we want to give our bodies to you tonight and that means our anal virginities as well.” Mom says as I feel Faye nod and see Jacqueline nod as well

“ Ok mom I can deal with that. So.” I said as I turned to Jacqueline who was on her knees on my left as I continued “ So Jacqueline how do you want to be loved tonight? How do you want this man to love you?”

She looked up into my eyes with tears as I got a worried look.

“ Just love me baby as you have loved my loves. Love me as a man does his woman. Just tonight let me think of you as my true son and the man I could love for all my life.” She tells me with tears as I pull her to me

“ I will love you as a woman and my mother. Momma Jacqueline after tonight I am your son just as I am with my own mother and Faye. I love you my beautiful African mother. Now how do you want me your son to make love to you?” I exclaim as she cries

“ Spoon with me as you hold me. Take me from behind as we kiss and you place a love mark on me. Make me yours tonight as I take you in my womb. Give me love that no man has given me.” Jacqueline tells me as I smile leaning down to kiss her lips

I feel Faye take me out of her mouth stroking me to life. I feel mom squeeze my ass as Jacqueline pulls me down with her making Faye release my dick. Jacqueline and I lay facing each other openly kissing as I feel her wrap her hand around my cock. She breaks the kiss looking in my eyes.

“ Baby I am already wet for you, and your getting hard for me. Take me as your woman for the night and your new mother who will love you until my last breath.” She tells me turning around placing her back against me lifting up her left leg

I reach down as mom crawls over to help. She guides me to Jacqueline’s entrance then gives me a smile as well as a nod. It’s at that moment I place my left arm around Jacqueline placing my hand on her left breast. I lean kissing her neck before speaking.

“ I love you my beautiful momma Jacqueline.” As I say those words I thrust into her as she speaks

“ I LOVE YOU MY LOVING SON…OH YES BABY!” Jacqueline says as I make love to her with slow long thrust letting her warm, wet canal accept my love for her

“ Mmmm that looks so hot. I think I want the same next time.” Faye says with a giggle

“ Me too darling, but for now lets go clean that ass for our love and son.” Mom says as they leave Jacqueline and I alone in our loving moment

That moment was so loving as Jacqueline moaned as we kissed. She brought her left hand back to keep our lips together as she met my thrust moving her pussy back and forth on my cock. She broke the kiss to look up in my eyes with a seductive smile.

“ I love you…Heath my….son.” She tells me as we make love slow and sweetly

“ I love you too momma Jacqueline.” I say as she smiles going back on me

Jacqueline moves grabbing the side of the bed tight as I increase my pace. I place my left hand on her left ass cheek as I start pounding into her.

“ Oh yesss….right there….mmm yes baby….fuck me baby….fuck your momma….make me your lover….take me….OH FUCKKKK!” She says clamping down on my cock with her pussy walls

“ OH SHIT MOMMA!” I say as she lets her leg down making her pussy tighter

“ YES BABY CUM….CUM DEEP IN MY PUSSY…..FUCK ME BABY….CUM WITH ME.” She screams with moans as I pull her to me as I thrust a few more times as I hold erupting into her she looks into my eyes showing only love

“ Mmm he really can make a woman feel the love course through her body. I still feel our son pounding me.” Faye says crawling on the bed followed by mom

“ That he does my love. You both ok baby?” Mom asks as I roll Jacqueline and I having her lay on top of me with her back against me

“ Yes Maggie my darling. Just loving our son and yes he sure lets the woman he loves feel beautiful. If I could have a baby I sure would have Heath’s, but I can’t and what a shame as she or he would have a wonderful father.” Jacqueline says as she turns her head to look at my smile

“ I know the feeling Jacqueline. I would carry Heath’s baby if I could, but we have our grandkids to spoil and think as of our own.” Mom says as Faye nods

“ Well Heath honey you are so loving that any woman would carry your baby, and you have four beautiful ladies that do that as they love you.” Faye says as I nod with a smile

“ Jacqueline you ok sweetie?” Mom asks as Jacqueline shakes her head

“ No because OUR son about to come out of my pussy and I want him to stay in.” She says getting laughs

“ Well honey he will be back in you soon, but in your ass. And what a sexy ass you have baby.” Mom says as we all whistle at Jacqueline who smiles

As we all lay in the bed holding and kissing for a bit around 11 p.m. they all get each other ready for me as I watch as they lick the others back door. The rest of the night is all about love as I am given something no other man was given. After all three are fulfilled and loved. We end the night with kisses as Mom covers us all up as she lays on top of me. Her breast against my chest and arms around her. Each give me their love with kisses as we fall asleep spent and sore mainly me.

I woke up the next morning to a empty bed. I sat up looking at my watch to see it was 9 a.m. I turned to see a note on the pillow. I picked it up and started reading the words.

“ To our dearest son,

We thank you for last night it was so wonderful and loving. You are the most amazing man we have ever loved. We love you son so much. Now get that sexy ass down stairs for breakfast.

Love your mom’s Maggie, Faye, and Jacqueline”

At the bottom of the note was three sets of lips with each ones names under the lips. I smiled as I made my way to the bathroom to use it then to get dressed. After I dressed I pulled my wallet out to put the note in a side pocket so I could have a memory myself of the night before with three beautiful ladies that were my moms. I smiled leaving the room making my way down to the lobby. Once down I noticed all of them waiting. I made my way behind my ladies scaring them until they smiled. Each one gave me a kiss as the kids came to give me a hug each. We made our way to the cars. Only this time I drove one with only my financees in the car with me. Each gave me a look in which I had to find out why.

“ Um have I done something wrong?” I ask with worry and fear

“ No baby you didn’t you made three moms very happy instead of one.” Jasmine says with a smile

“ Oh I…I am sorry for.” I get out until she places her hand on my right thigh

“ No baby don’t say your sorry. Look we are not mad one bit, but tonight your ours as we missed you so very much.” She says as the other three nodded

“ She is right baby as I wanted you so much last night. I still want you baby.” Hannah says as Diamond nods

I look at each of them to see them show love in their eyes.

“ Each of you need me bad?” I ask as they all answer

“ Yes baby we do.” They say in unison as I look around for a private place

“ Baby what are you looking for?” Diamond asks from the back seat

“ Some place to make up for last night.” I tell them as I get giggles from all four of my fiancees

“ Um baby we don’t have time, and besides I am not going to show my ass to strangers.” Diamond says as I see the other three nod

“ Ok so breakfast then Disney, and then a evening of romance and love.” I say as they all give me smiles

“ Yep and some anal loving as well.” Hannah says as her and Tiffany high five each other

I just chuckle as my two African beauties had turned to anal love slut’s in the bedroom. We made it to the restaurant that Mike chose today. After parking and turning the car off I helped my four sexy ladies out of the car. I escort them in as the rest of the family follow us inside. We are led to a table in which gets joined by 3 more as my family is big. Once seated a few waitresses come over to start taking drink and food orders. After they get everyone’s orders the family start making plans for the day. I look over to notice Michelle has her eyes on mine.

“ What Shellie?” I ask as she looks at mom and Travis before looking back at me

“ Well I was wondering if you, mom, Travis, and I could have a family day? Dad wanted to bring us here at one time, but he never got too.” She tells me as I see mom and Travis staring at me waiting for a answer

“ Well I have to say no.” I answer as their eyes go wide

“ But why not honey?” Mom asks as they all three look hurt

“ Because what about those that we are going to marry? Shouldn’t they also be with us today?” I ask as they look at those sitting by them

“ Your right bro as we are going to be a family.” Travis says as I nod to him

After our drinks and food finally got to us we all started in. It was a very nice breakfast with my family. Even though the first part of our vacation started out bad it was starting to turn out better. Adam still would hardly talk to me as he was still a bit upset with me. I understood his reason, but hoped in the end we could be the brothers we started out being. Once breakfast is over we all leave with Mike leaving a nice tip.

The day at Disney is nice as the family split in three ways. The godparents all went to spend the day as couples. Chris, Selena, Jack, Sierra, and Mandy did the same. As the rest of us went to enjoy the day as a family. We started off by getting everyone a drink for the day. The kids wanted cotton candy in which it was fun to watch my two youngest eat the soft candy on the paper cone shape stick. They would plant their whole face against the candy until Karen showed them how to eat it. I looked to see Michelle showing a few tears.

“ You ok Shellie?” Asking my sister in which she nods with a smile

“ Yes baby brother. It’s just the way Karen helped her brothers reminds me of when we were little.” She says answering me as Travis and I nod

We go walking around looking at the attractions. Once we come up to a Snow White booth Karen starts to go into excitement mode.

“ Daddy daddy it’s Snow White.” Karen says being all smiles

“ Yes it is sweetie, but I thought you already had the barbie and plush dolls?” I ask as my daughter shakes her head

“ I do daddy, but not her outfit. Can I get her outfit daddy?” Karen looks up at me with those beautiful bright blue eyes

I look at my loves, moms, brothers, and sisters who all shrug before I look back down at my beautiful daughter.

“ Sure why not just don’t get it dirty honey.” I respond seeing my daughter smile big as I take her hand

We walk over to get her a outfit just for my own little princess. Once Tiffany helps to pick the right size I feel a tug on my jeans to only look down to see Dakota and Lil Greg.

“ Yeah sons?” I ask as I see them pointing at a pirate stand before I continue “ So you two want to be pirates?”

“ Yeah daddy.” Lil Greg says answering as I see Lil Heath nodding as Dakota smiles big with his shades on

I think for a moment before a idea comes to me about my youngest Dakota. After paying for the Snow White outfit Tiffany comes over giving me a odd look.

“ What’s up baby? You have a concerned look on your face.” She asks with her own concern

“ Well I think I figured out how to help our Dakota. We get him a pirate outfit with a eye patch.” I say as my ladies all smile looking at Dakota

We make our way to the Pirates of the Carribean booth. I ask them to pick out what outfits they want. Lil Heath picks out the one that Orlando wore in the movie. Lil Greg and Dakota pick out the same as to be Jack Sparrow. I bought a eye patch also as I squatted down to look at my youngest boy.

“ Dakota what eye do you want this on.” I say showing him the eye patch while everyone stood waiting

“ Right one that way everyone can see my pretty blue eye daddy.” He tells me as I see him smile big time

Diamond comes over and takes his shades off as I place the eyepatch on him. He looks around to look at everyone.

“ How does it feel baby boy.” Diamond asks with concern as he giggles

“ Feels weird mommy, but I like it. Can I keep it on daddy?” He answers only to ask afterward

“ Sure why not.” I say as he we watch him take the shades from Diamond making his way to a trash can

“ Help me daddy.” My pirate boy says as I go to him

I pick him up as he throws the shades away. I turn him to face me as I look in his bright blue eye.

“ You sure about this son?” I ask as he nods his head as I hold him on my right hip

“ Yes daddy I am. I am your son and am proud to have my left eye.” He says as I turn to see Diamond smiling with tears

“ You ok with this Diamond?” I ask as she nods to me

“ Yes I am as I love his bright blue eye. I hope yours comes back one day baby just as bright.” She tells me as I turn back to Dakota to see him smile

“ Ok slugger you can keep the patch on as long as you want.” I tell him as he smiles

After getting their outfits we start to make our way to a few attractions when Karen stops us.

“ Daddy can my brothers and I change into our outfits?” My daughter asks as I look at my loves

“ I don’t see any problems baby. Besides it’s Disney a place for any kids dream.” Jasmine says as I look at Dakota who is on my right hip as well down at the others

“ Ok but make it quick.” I say as I hand Dakota to Diamond

“ We will daddy.” Karen says as I watch my four loves take the kids to the closest bathroom

As my family stood there with me waiting my mother came up to me placing hands on my right arm. I look down to see her eyes looking up at me.

“ You ok baby?” She asks as I smile and nod

“ Yes why do you ask?” I answer as she smiles

“ Just wondering baby after last night.” She tells me in a soft whisper

“ I am all good mom as I enjoyed it just as much.” I say after leaning down whispering in her ear before placing my lips on her left cheek

“ As did I my loving son.” She whispers as I look over to Faye and Jacqueline who are glowing with smiles

It’s not long that my kids, nephew and loves come back to join us.

“ How do I look daddy?” Karen asks showing off her outfit as I kneel down and look in her bright blue eyes

“ You look more beautiful then Snow White herself.” I say as she goes wide eyed

“ Oh daddy that is sweet.” She says as she places her arms around my neck as she places a kiss on my right cheek

After the hug I stand up as my daughter takes my hand. Tiffany takes my left hand as we continue our day. We break to get something to eat around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Karen gets a bunch of napkins saying she ‘doesn’t want to get her outfit dirty’. The family laughs as the boys look at each other asking for napkins. The moms help the kids as my loves, Travis, Kaye, Adam, and Michelle all order. They order for us all since they know what we like. The kids are so happy as Dakota looks more like my little pirate with the patch over his right eye.

“ Kota can you see ok honey?” His grandma Faye asks as he smiles nodding

“ Yes Grammy Faye I feel like a pirate.” He says as we all laugh

“ Well don’t try to rob me honey as Grammy Faye only has her love for you.” She says as he gets up and goes to her

She helps him up into her lap as he hugs her after.

“ That’s all I want Grammy Faye.” He says as I can see tears forming in her eyes

“ I’m glad baby as that is all I want is for my babies to be happy.” She says as mom and Jacqueline hugs them both

“ Grammy Faye you ok?” Lil Greg asks getting Karen and Lil Heath’s attention

“ Yes honey just so happy honey. This family makes my heart come alive.” She says as they all smile

It’s not long that everyone returns with food and drinks. Karen is sitting on my right as Hannah sits on my left with my other loves on the other side of her. Hannah hands me a ice tea and a double quarter cheese burger. Tiffany places chicken nuggets in front of Karen with tatter tots with a small ice tea as well before she sits. All the kids get the same as it’s become their favorites. I make a mental note to get them chicken nuggets and tatter tots for the house. As I sit here with those I look around I can’t help, but think life couldn’t get better then this. We talk about what to do next as I watch my daughter keeping her dress clean. I smile as she is taking perfect care of her outfit as are my sons and nephew. It’s a very enjoyable afternoon as I hear them all talk with laughter. I smile as I bite into my burger that I find myself enjoying.


Jack’s POV: Elsewhere at that same moment

Sierra, Mandy , and I were on were on the Mark Twain Adventure. They were pulling me along to the top. I was really enjoying the day with them as always, but once we reached the top they surprised me. I noticed them looking around before both smiled with a nod stepping up to me. I looked down at them to see their eyes sparkling with love and lust.

“ Um ladies what are you two thinking?” I ask as they both giggle

“ Oh nothing much except maybe having some fun while we’re alone.” Sierra tells me as Mandy places her hands on my stomach sliding them down

“ Sierra, Mandy you know I love you, but isn’t what I think your both thinking risky?” I ask as they giggle again

“ Baby everything is a risk, but we love you and want to take a risk right now. Look we want to make this vacation that our bro brought us on memorable. So what do you say about taking us right here and right now.” Sierra asks as Mandy works on my jeans unzipping them

“ Yes baby take both your biker bitches. Take our pussies up here where no one can see us. How about it tiger?” Mandy asks as my jeans fall and my cock springs out

I watch as Mandy get’s down on her knees as Sierra pulls up her skirt and lowers her panties to her ankles as she let’s one side slip off . I go wide eyed as she spreads her legs a bit to show me her bare pussy. I feel Mandy start licking my dick up and down as Sierra let’s out a moan while rubbing her clit while giving me seductive eyes.

“ Well baby you want this pussy on that big hunk of cock? You want your Sierra to ride her baby’s beautiful dick until you cum in her womb?” She asks as Mandy takes me into her warm, wet mouth

“ Oh God you both, yes darlin I want you both.” I say as Mandy starts stroking me as she sucks my cock

“ Good baby now finger fuck me.” Sierra says stepping over to me hiking up her left leg on me as I reach between her legs

I find her entrance finding she is very wet. I work two fingers on my left hand inside her as she places a hand on the back of her sister’s head. Sierra is riding my fingers as she moans on my chest.

“ That’s it sissy suck our man. Make that fat cock ready for me to ride while Jacky poo eats your cunt.” Sierra says as I let out a moan

Sierra rides my fingers as slide them in and out of her. I feel her right arm wrap around my left arm. She is so getting into our love making as she let’s out a loud moan. Mandy was working me to hardness as she eased off while still stroking me.

“ Our man is ready sissy. Here keep him hard baby.” Mandy says as Sierra takes over stroking me

“ Ok baby get down on the floor as I want you in my cunny.” Sierra says getting off my fingers placing her leg down as Mandy takes her panties off

I step out of my jeans and get down on the hard floor as we are behind a crate. Sierra straddles my head at first letting me get a nice view of her swollen labia lips. I smile as she backs up to my hips. She looks down as I stroke my cock that waits for her.

“ Jack baby I love you so much. The day you came in my life was the first day I started to love you all those years ago. Now I want you to do something for me.” She says as I watch her squat down placing her entrance at the head of my dick

“ What’s that honey?” I ask as she smiles down at me

“ Give me a baby. I want our child Jack I can’t wait until we are married.” Sierra says sliding down onto my manhood making us both moan before continuing “ Oh shit……baby you feel….so fucking good.”

I watch as Mandy goes to Sierra to only lean over to kiss her sisters lips. Since they have been with me both Sierra and Mandy have become more then sisters. They both have become lovers and girlfriends. They share everything together while loving me. When one rides me the other makes out with me. They have shared their pussies with each other. They have tribbed, 69, and even laid on top of each other while I moved between the two making love to both. I have enjoyed every moment with them. Mandy stepped over to me after breaking the kiss in which Sierra moaned while grinding her clit against me taking me all the way into her. Mandy straddled my head smiling down at me.

“ Baby you want your ginger pussy to eat on?” Mandy asks as I smile up nodding

She turns around to face Sierra then squats down placing her cunt lips to my mouth. I stick my tongue out and start licking at her swollen labia. She lets out a moan as does Sierra. It’s a erotic moment between the three of us. I feel Sierra place her hands on my chest while moving her hips in circles making my cock rub all around her vaginal walls. Sierra was a firecracker while Mandy was submissive at times, but together they were a force of wild passionate love making. Sierra was flexible as was Mandy. I reached to place my arms around Mandy finding her ass cheeks. I spread the soft firm cheeks to find her puckered hole. I started to massage it as I slid my tongue up into her love canal as she started to ride my tongue. I eased a finger that I had in Sierra into Mandy’s back door.

“ Oh god….Jack baby….yesss….finger fuck my ass.” Mandy says moaning as I obliged her

“ OH FUCK….I’M CUMMINGGG!” Sierra says as she rides my cock faster

“ Yes….yes baby cum on our man’s cock…..fuck him hard….sissy.” Mandy says as I feel my cock get splashed with Sierra’s love

I feel her hand’s move to my legs as she keeps riding me. I feel her kegal muscles squeeze my dick. She wants my cum bad as she slides her tight, warm, sweet, pussy up and down on me. I feel Mandy lean forward to only feel her tongue on my dick that Sierra doesn’t have inside her. Mandy is licking Sierra’s cum off my exposed dick as Sierra keeps the head in her love tunnel.
“ Mandy please make him cum. He hasn’t yet and I want it.” I hear My wild African princess say

“ Ok baby….oh shit.” Mandy says as I feel her squirt on my face

“ What baby sister?’ Sierra asks concerned with a moan

“ I came squirting on his face….shit I can’t take….anymore.” Mandy says as she shiver as I keep her locked down against my face she struggles getting out of my grasp

“ Damn you did baby.” Sierra says as I start licking my lips

Mandy moves down my body and reaches behind Sierra for my balls to start massaging them. Mandy leans and starts kissing Sierra who takes my dick all back into her. I watch as they kiss which turns me on more and more as I reach placing my hands on Sierra’s hips. She breaks the kiss to look down at me. I smile up at her with a smile as I wink at her.

“ Baby please fuck me give me that baby seed.” Sierra says as I motion her down upon me

Sierra leans forward as I put my arms around her. I hold her as I kiss the right side of her neck. She lets out a moan as I start thrusting fast and hard in and out of her.

“ Yes baby fuck that chocolate pussy. Give her that fucking beautiful cock.” Mandy says encouraging me

I do just that as I don’t let up. I look over Sierra’s ass to see Mandy leaned down. I feel a tongue on my balls licking away. I let out a moan as Sierra starts kissing my neck now.

“ Please baby….cum in my womb.” Sierra says letting out moans before returning to my neck sucking away

I feel my balls turn as Mandy sucks on the right one.

“ OH FUCKKK…..SIERRAAA….MANDYYYY!” I scream out loudly

“ OH YESSS BABY…..CUM IN MEEEEE!” Sierra screams as well loudly as I feel her cum

I thrust one more time before keeping myself deep into her loving warm place. Rope after rope erupt deep into her womb. She bares down on my cock milking all my cum. I notice Mandy crawl up to us giving us a kiss each before sitting on her feet smiling. Sierra lays on top of me catching her breath as I catch mine. After a few minutes Sierra sits up after my dick softened. She now sits upon it as her labia lips cradle it. She massages my chest as Mandy scoots over to run her fingers through my chest hair. I look up at Sierra with one thing on my mind.

“ Sierra honey you sure your ready for a baby?” I ask her as she smiles with a nod

“ Yes baby I am. Don’t get me wrong I love Karen, Lil Greg, Dakota, and Lil Heath, but I want our baby. I want to have your first my love.” She tells me as I turn to see Mandy smiling with tears

“ Mandy what’s wrong honey?” I ask as she looks into my eyes

“ I want the same baby. I want to get pregnant with my sister. Jack we are your women and want this one thing besides your love. We want to experience everything with you.” She tells me as I look at them both

I think of what to say when I just let out a sigh before sitting up placing my hands on Sierra’s ass cheeks. Mandy scooted up behind me placing her arms around me.

“ Ladies I think it will be wonderful, but that means Mandy gets my next load. Look Heath went through the same thing with Jazzy and Diamond. That is why we call Lil Greg and Dakota twins.” I explain as I see Sierras eye go wide

“ You mean they had their baby’s the same day and time?” Sierra asks as I nod to her

“ That is so beautiful baby.” Mandy says as Sierra nods

“ So I guess in a way I get to experience what my bro did. I love you both so much and you both having our baby’s just shows how much you love me. So with that said I think it’s baby making time.” I exclaim as they hold me as I reach behind me to hold Mandy as I held Sierra

We all made out for a few minutes before getting up off the floor. I then saw them both look around before squatting down.

“ What are you both doing?” I asked as their faces contorted

“ Got to pee baby I can’t hold it. I came close to peeing on you while I rode you.” Sierra tells me as I chuckle

“ Same here as I rode your tongue. And besides it’s ventilated up here so it shouldn’t matter.” Mandy says as I see them pee as I felt myself getting turned on

“ Um baby your getting hard honey.” Sierra says as I look down to see I am

“ Baby is watching us pee making you horny again?” Mandy asks as I shrug

“ Come here baby let me suck that cock while I piss.” Sierra says as I step over to her

She takes my cock into her mouth as I hear them pee on the floor. I let out a moan as Mandy finishes standing up making her way to me. She starts kissing my chest as Sierra works me back to being rock hard. Mandy stops kissing my chest only to turn bending over grabbing her ankles.

“ No baby stick it in me. No more wasting that wonderful cum.” Mandy says as Sierra takes me out of her mouth

I turn to Mandy stepping to her. I take a hold of her right hip as Sierra comes over while peeing and guides me in still squatting. I thrust into Mandy who lets out a moan as I started fucking her pussy. She let’s out moans as Sierra finishes peeing. Sierra stands by me placing her right hand on my balls and massages them while I make love to Mandy. I lean over placing a kiss on my goth lover. She moans again as she goes back and forth on my cock. She is going wild meeting my thrust. She is so wet that it’s not a problem. I reach around and play with her covered breast that are confided in a tight top. It’s not long that she is clamping down on my cock with her pussy walls. I feel myself again get close as I erupt deep into her holding myself in place as my cum hits it’s spot. After a few minutes Mandy grunts as I she moves forward only to turn squatting down to clean my cock. I turn to see Sierra getting my jeans and handing them to me. She then pulls her panties back on as to keeping her pussy lips together. Mandy does the same after I am clean as I get dressed myself. I take their hands only to pull them to me. I kiss them both deep with passion as they return the same. As we leave the attraction a security guard stops us.

“ Sorry to stop you put did you hear any loud noises as if a woman was being raped?” He asks as I look at Sierra and Mandy before looking back at him

“ No sir we been enjoying the attraction. Why was a woman raped?” I say answering only to ask him back

“ Well we don’t know. A few people said they heard a woman scream as if she was.” He says as we shake our heads

He lets us go as my two loves and I made our way out. As we got out they both started to laugh.

“ Wow that was close.” Mandy says as I nod and Sierra giggles

“ Rape as if, more like love being sealed with a scream.” Sierra says as Mandy and I nod with smiles before my biker love continued “ Come on my loves I am hungry.”

Mandy and I nod as we are too. I love these two beautiful wild ladies. They maybe crazy at times in the stuff we do together, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. As we make our way to a concession stand I can only think of one thing….well two things. The first how it was going to be nice to be married to them, and two I couldn’t wait to be in that delivery room to see our children born. I smile as we make our way to the spot they pick. As they order I look around to see Heath and part of the family across the way walking by. I look at my niece and nephews and wonder if they would accept their future cousins as we are a family until the end of time.


Karen’s POV:

Since yesterday was family day Daddy made today time with us kids. It’s mid afternoon as we watch daddy playing a game to win stuff dollies. He is on a roll as he has won prizes for our mommies and grammies. It’s a game where he throws a ball at some tall sticks. I am smiling cheering my daddy on as is my brothers and Heathie. I look around to see if anyone is watching. I spot a girl around my age looking at my daddy. She seems sad as well as tears in her eyes. I make my way over to her which isn’t far. Once to her I look in her eyes.

“ What’s wrong? Why are you sad and crying?” I ask her as she looks at me sadly as if she is on the verge of crying

“ Because I can’t win a froggie or teddy bear.” She tells me as I look in her eyes

I hear my brothers cheer as I look over at my daddy as he won again. He looks around for me and spots me. I turn and take her hand.

“ Come with me my daddy will get you one.” I say as she follows me

We get to my daddy as I tug on his pants. He looks down at me and then at her.

“ What is it princess?” He asks as I look up at him

“ Can you get my new friend a stuff dollie daddy?” I ask as he shows me a bright smile

“ One more for the little lady….coming right up.” He says as he turns picking up a ball

He rears his arm back and throws the ball. We look up to see the sticks fall. Us kids cheer as daddy did it again.

“ Ok honey pick what you want.” Daddy says as my new friend looks at all the cute stuff dollies

“ That one if it’s ok?” She points asking as daddy nods smiling

He tells the man which one as he steps over to get the stuff kitty. The man hands it to daddy in which he hands to the little girl.

“ Thank you sir it means so much to me.” She says as she cries on the kitty

“ LINDSEY BABY WHERE ARE YOU!” I hear a woman yell as the little girls eyes go wide

“ HERE MOMMY!” The little girl yells as I turn to see a woman come over

“ Lindsey Cathy Keller what have I told you about strangers.” The woman says taking my new friend by her little arm

“ Sorry mommy.” Lindsey says with tears

“ Ma’am don’t be mad at her my daughter brought her over.” Daddy says as the woman looks at him with narrow eyes


“ Don’t tell me how to treat my daughter. How do I know your not a pedophile?” She asks me as I wave her off

“ Look I was just trying to be nice ma’am as my daughter asked me to win a stuffed doll for her new friend.” I say to her as she see her daughter holding the kitty

I look at her face and feel I know her from somewhere, but I can’t place my finger on it. She is about early 20’s, 5’6, 115 lbs, long black hair with brown eyes. She takes her daughter’s hand then turns to look at me.

“ Sorry for my remark it’s just Lindsey is all I have, and I don’t what anything to happen to her.” She tells me and I nod as I can relate

“ It’s totally understandable. Look how about we talk and get to know each other. It seems our daughters have become friends.” I say asking as she looks at me and my kids

“ I don’t know. I mean I don’t want to stop your time with the kids.” She states as I shake my head

“ No it’s ok as they need to eat anyway. My youngest has a growling belly.” I say as the kids giggle

“ Daddy no I don’t.” Dakota says as his belly growls before he continues “ Ok daddy you right.”

“ See told you slugger.” I say as he giggles

“ So care to join us?” I ask her as she looks from me to her daughter who is nodding

“ Ok why not as your the first person to be nice to my daughter.” She tells me as I nod feeling they haven’t been shown kindness

I take what all I have won that are in a bag taking Karen’s hand as the kids grab hands connecting as Dakota takes his sisters free hand. We make our way to two tables that are free. I place the bag down then have the kids sit. I ask her to watch them as I get drinks, but before I ask what her and Lindsey would like. She tells me and I get that feeling again as she likes the same thing as Abs. I shrug the thought out of my head going to get the drinks. After placing orders I turn to see Karen and my kids accepting Lindsey as one of them. Karen does what she does best giving Lindsey a hug. I smile knowing she is my daughter showing her heart with every hug. After the drinks are finished I pick up the two carriers they are put in making my way back to the table. I place one down on the table the woman and I will sit at the place the other down for the kids. I place the boys drinks in front of them as Karen helps get hers and Lindsey’s. I take a seat across from the woman who is smiling looking at her daughter. I take a sip of my tea as she turns to look at me.

“ I want to thank you for being nice to Lindsey as no man has.” She tells me as I shake my head

“ Your welcome. My name is Heath what’s yours?’ I tell her only to ask for her name

“ Allison….Allison Keller nice to meet you Heath.” She says as I nod

“ Like wise so what brings you and Lindsey to Disney?’ I ask as she smiles

“ Well I won this trip, but was glad it was all paid for.” She tells me as I nod

“ I bet that was exciting to win.” I say as she nods with a grin

“ Yes as I always wanted to bring Lindsey here. I know I couldn’t with what I make at my job.” She tells me as I shake my head

“ Oh that bad uh?” I ask as she sadly nods

“ Yes.” She tells me as we look to see the kids all laughing before she continues “ I haven’t heard her laugh like that in a long time. She never asks for anything. I just hope I can be the best mother to her.”

“ Allison I think you are. Look I don’t mean to pry, but where is her father at?’ I state asking her as he gives me a sad look again

“ Well after I told him I was pregnant he kicked me out. He said he didn’t want kids. I was horrified as I had no where to go. I found a shelter in which they helped me get the job I have. The benefits are good, but the pay sucks.” She explains as I just shake my head

It’s not long that Lindsey comes over and gets up in my lap.

“ Daddy thank you for the kitty…and I love you.” Lindsey tells me as my heart melts hearing her words

“ Your welcome honey, so how are you liking Disneyland?” I ask her has Lindsey smiles up at me

“ It’s so cool, but better now that I made friends and a daddy.” She tells me as Allison speaks up

“ Honey Heath isn’t your daddy.” Allison says as Lindsey shakes her head

“ Yes he is mommy as he got me a kitty, and he is the only man to show any love towards me by doing that.” Lindsey says as I feel a warmness in my heart

“ Look I don’t mind being your Daddy sweetie.” I tell her as Allison looks at me with concern before I continue “ Allison see that little boy with brown hair that’s one of my brother’s kids. I took him in as my own son. So it doesn’t bother me to take little Lindsey in as my own.”

“ You sure as I don’t want you to think I am trying to get a hand out?” She asks as I shake my head

“ It’s totally ok as my family would take her in also as she is cute.” I say as she starts to relax

We talk for a little while more until she says her and Lindsey had to go as she wanted to do a little window shopping. I look at my kids and see deep concern in Karen’s eyes for her new friend. I reach for my wallet and take out one of my cards telling her to stay in contact with me as she feels like family. I also pull out 4 one hundred dollar bills out and wrap them around the card. I hand it all to Allison who looks at me oddly. I tell her to think of it as a birthday gift for Lindsey from her new siblings. Allison shows tears as she gives me a hug as Lindsey hugs my left leg. Allison thanks me saying she will keep in touch. She gives the kids hugs as I give Lindsey one. Karen gives Lindsey one with tears saying she hoped to see her again. I know this is going to be rough for my kids as they have hearts like I do. The kind that accepts someone to love as a friend or family. I pick up Karen as she cries on my right shoulder as I see Allison pick Lindsey who does the same.

“ Why daddy….why does she have to go.” Karen says through tears as I rub her back

“ Honey she lives else where. Tell you want when Allison calls I’ll let you talk to Lindsey how’s that honey?” I say asking my little princess

“ Really daddy? I can talk to her?” Karen asks as I nod kissing her forehead

I pick up the bag as the boys grab hands and follow me and Karen. I knew it would be rough for my daughter as she accepted Lindsey. I still can’t get over I have seen Allison before, but where I have no idea. As I shrug it off for now I ask my guardian angel to watch over Allison and Lindsey as for some reason I felt they needed a protector.

To Be Continued…….Who is Allison? Who is this woman that Heath seems to think he seen before?

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