A Family or Sex Slaves Part 2 by hms

A Family or Sex Slaves Part 2
by hms

As Kim Jacobs and her sister Candy kneel before their captures and promise to do whatever they want , they realize the seriousness of the situation. Kim had been beaten and anally and orally raped, she was tired and worn down…her body ached terribly and the pain was almost unbearable. Trickles of dried blood permeated her ass and legs. And she knew that if she didn’t submit fully to these two maniacs, her family would suffer badly. Her sister Candy could still taste the cum, blood, and shit dried down the back of her throat…she longed for a drink of water to remove the horrible tastes she was forced to endure. She too knew that her lives, as well as the lives of her sisters’ family were in jeopardy. These guys had beaten her sister senseless, fucked her up the ass in front of her daughters and husband, and forced her to clean their cocks off….with a smile. Thoughts of what they would do to her poor nephews, who, by now were in shock from the sites they had seen, were certainly at the forefront of her mind…as well as her sister’s. Kim and Candy both knew just how dangerous the situation at hand had become. Just as they kneeled and told the two twisted redneck brothers they would do anything they wanted, a door opened in the distance, and footsteps could be heard dredging their way towards the dungeon chamber.

A tall, solid looking, younger man…much more handsome and in shape than the two older men before them walked in. He was about 6 ft. or so tall, clad in jeans, boots, and a red flannel shirt. He had deep black hair and brown eyes. He was most likely in his mid thirties, and carried with him a serious demeanor. He addressed the men in the basement with a deep, frightening tone…. “Caught you some company pa?”…. Jeb responded with a smile, “Yeppers…me and yer uncle seem to be enjoyin these two little whores. They say they want to do whatever we wants em ta do in order to make us happy…what you thinking about that boy?” …”Sounds like fun to me!” he quickly retorted. Jeb quickly introduced his son to his newfound slaves and their bound and chained family members as his son Dan. Dan wasted no time addressing them as he began taking his boots off, and undressing. “Well, what do we have here now? Looks like this blonde took a good old fashioned whipping. Boy I remember when dad got pissed at me when I was a kid and whooped me a few good ones! I bet you two wouldn’t want to see those two pretty little things over their on the wall go through that now would you?

His cold demeanor and cruel comments brought tears to the eyes of all the family members…especially Kim Jacobs. How could anyone be so insane as to do what they had done to her and her family? Its seemed to her as the large man before her took off her clothes entirely to expose his large penis within inches of her face…most likely in an intentional manner…that the situation was about to get much worse for her and her sister. The thought of satisfying another man sickened her deep inside her stomach as the man spoke once more. “Boy these two little girlies here look like they would be a whole shitload of fun uncle Jess!.” He calmly walked over to the two girls struggling and crying, murmuring incoherently under the duct tape over their mouths with fear in their eyes as he approached them. “Please don’t hurt them…PLEEEAAASE!” begged Candy and Kim… we will do anything….please. “SHUT THE FUCK UP WHORES!” He bellowed with a deep commanding voice as he kneeled in front Alicia, the older of the two girls. He kneeled down and took a deep sniff of her cunt as a deep smile arose from his face he stated, “Girlie, that pussy smells so fresh and clean…I bet your momma taught you how to take good care of it, didn’t she?” He ran his tongue over it and kissed it a few times as the girl increased her struggling against her chains and moaned at a high pitch. The taste of sweet salty young pussy began to arise the man…it was obvious his cock had grown at least 6 inches or so in the last minute or two. He then got up and moved over to the youngest of the family…Daniel, who had tear-stained face and was frightened of the large man beyond words she could fathom at the moment. His very presence in the room terrified her, and even more so as he knelt before her and began sniffing and licking her pussy. “Oh yes pa…this one has a sweet tasting pussy too! I bet you from the looks of her, she hasn’t been fucked yet! I bet she would bleed real good wouldn’t she?” His words and the following laughter from the two older men were obviously meant to instill even more fear in the family…a warning to them of what was to come if any of them disobeyed. Kim and Candy Jacobs sniffled and cried as they witnessed his vile words and deeds. They both hated to see the state of horror the girls were in, and knew that things were about to become worse as they witnessed his arousal. His cock looked like a baseball bat! Candy Jacobs pondered as he stood up, smiled at the girls then turned around exposing his manhood to her and her sister as he spoke to them and began stroking it steadily.

“I want you bitches to understand how much I like watching young girls bleed after I fuck them. If either of you don’t do exactly what I tell you to do, without hesitation… You’re precious little girlies here are going to wish they were never born. Get me whores?” They responded with tears and whimpers, reluctantly shaking their heads up and down in shame. The man then held his cock out in front of the two and ordered them to begin sucking it as he grabbed Candy by her hair and let her get to work first. She could barely fit her mouth around it all. It was so thick, long, and hard. It stretched her mouth to the limits as she struggled to force as much of his cock into her orifice as she possibly could. At the same time, Kim Jacobs began licking his balls softly in the hopes that she could convince him to do whatever he had in mind to her and her sister, and leave the girls alone! “That’s it bitches, show your baby girls how it’s done. “ They both took turns sucking his cock and licking his balls for several minutes…each receiving the mouth-stretching experience of a lifetime and the humiliation of being forced to admit aloud in front of their girls that they loved his cock. He then ordered Candy on her hands and knees within a foot or two of the girls intentionally. He instructed Kim to kneel behind her and begin licking her sister’s asshole in front of her two babies. “Lick it good bitch and spit in their too, it’s the only lube this whore is about to get!” He chuckled as he stroked his now fully erect, 14 inch cock. The two older men chuckled and grinned as they began stroking their cocks as well in anticipation of what was about to happen. For years they had let their boy Danny have his way with the women they abducted, raped, and tortured…and they knew the depths of his cruelty knew no ends. He was a child prodigy in their eyes. ..Twisted and depraved, and he amused them and aroused them as he continued to instill fear and revulsion into their captives’ hearts.

Kim Jacobs despised them men for what they were doing to her family; she wanted to watch them die in the worst way for this. However, she was helpless against their demands, and she had to display an eagerness to please the vile man or in her mind, her girls would be next to be humiliated and suffer. So she began to eagerly lick and tongue her sister’s asshole as she held her cheeks apart just a foot or two in front of her girls. Candy felt humiliated, and reviled the thought of the show she and her sister were putting on for the sick minded men. However it did feel good to feel her sister prodding and tonguing her ass deeply and she responded with low pitch moans while reaching between her legs and rubbing her clit gently. She wanted the men to enjoy the show, and get whatever they had in mind over quickly. “MMMM, ahhhh….yeh Kim, lick my asshole bitch!” she exclaimed to the three men’s surprise.

The burly man behind the two witnessing the show had had enough of the site after just a minute or so… he grabbed Kim Jacobs by her hair and ordered her to the side as he spit on his cock and lined it up with her anal orifice. “Now hold still you fucking bitch!” He began mercilessly forcing his large penis into her rectum…and she responded with a blood-curdling round of screams as she felt it penetrate deeper and deeper. “Oh GODDDD!!! NO!!! EHHH!!!” She struggled against him uselessly as he forced his cock deeper into her virgin asshole. Kim was forced to rest her face on the top of her sisters’ ass and witness close up, the anal tearing she had just experienced earlier. She felt deep pity for her sister, but was disgusted by now only the spectacle of blood beginning to run out of her sister’s asshole and coat the man’s large cock in front of her eyes…but the vile taste of her sister’s obviously unclean asshole in her mouth that she could not remove!

As he gripped both of Candy’s ass cheeks, he forcefully shoved all of his cock deeply into her ass, all the way down to the point where his balls were hitting the opening of her ass. He would cruelly hold it there for seconds before pulling back and pounding her again, and again. She was screaming and begging him to stop, tears streaming from her eyes and slobber pouring from her mouth…it felt as if her eyes were going to pop out from her head and he was gutting her like a fish from within. She could feel her bowels release the shit from inside her body as he bottomed out and kept pounding her relentlessly. She had never felt such pain in her life. She began to piss herself and lose control of her bodily functions it was so bad. The burly man was at times slower, and then faster with his pumps. He enjoyed the site of shit and blood all over his cock. He felt her piss streaming on part of his legs as he brutally forced his large piece of man meat inside her again and again. He then abruptly pulled out, making Candy wince in pain and scream again out loud as he grabbed a handful of Kim’s hair and forced her towards his dick. “Clean it off good bitch, show your daughters how it’s done!” He applied pressure to the back of her head as she opened her mouth and forced his blood and shit stained member into her mouth. She gagged and struggled with the taste of her sister’s ass as he forced her to clean it up and down. She wretched and gagged as he shoved as much of his cock as he could down her throat. “Fucking little whore, suck that shit clean or you will be watching your baby girls do it to each other!”

His words struck home in Kim’s mind even as she felt the need to vomit terribly. She sucked with all the will she could muster and she violently struggled for air at the same time. Dan Jacobs had never witnessed such a thing in his life as he helplessly and hopelessly stared in silence as his wife slurping and sucking blood and shit off the man’s baseball bat sized cock. He wanted with all his being to figure a way to set himself free and painfully slaughter the men. Yet at the same time, the spectacle of his bitch sister in law screaming and crying, and his wife cleaning and licking her ass, was so very hot. Deep down inside he had enjoying watching his sister in law suck his cock and swallow his cum earlier. And seeing his wife and her together was his personal fantasy. He was aroused once again fully, just like the other two older men were in the room. They took notice as well…

“Well, looks like daddy here is enjoying’ the show Jess!”, Jeb stated. “Indeed! He’s as hard as a rock” Jess replied as he stared with sarcastic humor in his voice. The two men smiled at each other then walked over to Kim Jacobs who was struggling to clean Dan’s cock off and pulled her by the hair away from it suddenly while giggling aloud. “Get over there and suck your man’s cock now bitch! He needs a bit of a release! Make him cum with your mouth now!” She never thought she would be happy to oblige the idea of sucking her husband dry, but right about now, the taste of shit and blood, and the horrible pain of her mouth and throat being stretched to the limits made the idea very appealing. She rushed over before him and eagerly began sucking his little 5 inch cock with a fury she had never shown him before.

The burly redneck smiled and shrugged his shoulders as he plunged his cock back into Candy’s asshole with one deep, hard thrust. She began screaming out loud again as she once more felt her eyes bulge out from their sockets. “AHHH!!!! AHHH!!! OH GOD NOOOO!!!! AHHHH!!!!” She screamed again and again as he held a handful of her hair in his right hand and thrust while pulling her back against him. With every thrust he screamed a new profanity at her, “You fucking stupid cunt, you fucking love it don’t you?!” “Fucking whore” “Fucking bitch!” “Your asshole feels so good cunt!”. Again, Candy Jacobs had never experienced such pain in her life. She could do nothing but cry and scream as the man forced himself deeper into her rectum and pulled hard at her hair. The girls were crying and sniffling at the site of their aunt’s asshole being destroyed and the screams in front of them.

Dan Jacobs however, was enjoying his wife’s warm mouth working its way up and down on his cock. He had wished she would do this kind of thing all the time at home, but she rarely did. As she sucked him furiously, Jeb, the older man knelt down behind her stroking his hard cock and lined it up with her pussy. He instructed her by whispering in her ear as he began to thrust his large, thick cock into her warm, wet pussy. “Suck his cock until he cums down your throat whore, and don’t take your mouth off it until he is dry or else your gonna watch while my boy over there fucks your baby girls up her ass!” His words reverberated in her mind with fear as she felt him begin to pound her cunt. She felt his hand shoving the back of her head up and down on her husband’s cock as he began fucking her pussy violently. She could feel her cunt lips spreading apart widely, tightly adhering to his cock. She had never been fucked with a cock so big before and it was tearing her apart inside as she gasped for air, struggling and screeching with a high pitched tone.

At the same time, Dan, the burly redneck was pounding his slave’s ass and enjoying her screams, Jess the other older man, knelt down in front of Candy and grabbed her by her head forcefully shoving her onto his cock once again. “Suck my cock while you take his dick up your ass you worthless fucking whore!” Candy was helpless against the two…she felt humiliated performing the vile acts in front of her two nieces…tears escaped her eyes as her mouth worked the large piece of manhood forcing its way down her throat and gagging her. The large man behind her intentionally pulled back his cock and thrust it into her anus harder and harder in order to get her to yelp and open her mouth further. When she did, the older man forced his cock down her throat gagging her with more force every time. He could feel the excitement welling up inside his balls. Treating a good for nothing snotty little bitch like this as the whore she was just excited him too much….too quickly. He exploded inside her mouth deep into her throat choking her and gagging her with a massive load. As she was continuously and relentlessly being pounded up her ass, she sucked down the sperm with haste…as it slid down her throat and into her stomach…she wretched and almost vomited several times. “God yes! What a fucking whore! “ he exclaimed as he pulled his cock from her mouth and fell back onto his behind on the floor in a huff trying to catch his breath.

The large man behind Candy began to lose it as well. It was too much to bear, watching this slut sucking his uncles cum down her throat, retching, begging, whimpering, crying…he just couldn’t take it…he felt a huge load about to release… and he pulled out, grabbed her by the head and whipped her around like a rag doll…and shoved his cock into her mouth while pulling a handful of her dark brown hair down on him. She eagerly opened her mouth and did exactly what he told her to do. Although she could barely fit his cock into her mouth, and it stretched the limits of her lips, mouth and throat widely and painfully, she accepted all she could into her mouth and awaited the inevitable. With a load grunt and moan, he exploded into her throat, gagging her with so much seamen it leaked from the sides of her mouth as she sucked as much of it as she could down in humiliation. The taste of her unclean ass, blood, and seamen permeated her mouth and throat. It was disgusting. She could even taste pieces of her own shit being shoved down her throat flowing into her stomach as she gulped helplessly. She felt so broken, so embarrassed. She just wanted it all to be over with as she slid off his cock and collapsed on the floor in front of him coughing and gasping for air. Her asshole leaked blood onto the floor behind her as she convulsed with the pain and just curled up in the fetal position covering her face with her hands.

Kim Jacobs was fairing no better at the moment. The sucking noises coming from her mouth on her husband’s cock were loud and relentless. She could feel the older man’s cock penetrating her deeply, and her stomach pained from the pounding. Her vagina was wet…so very wet. She felt an orgasm coming that she could not hold back. She moaned loudly as the man behind her grasped her hair and yelled, “Cum you fucking slut! Cum!” . She did not have to wait long to oblige him as the wetness began to soak his cock.. The soaking sloppy noises coming from her cunt as he pounded her were loud and very obvious to all the occupants in the room. She choked back tears as she moaned loudly and came very hard while her husband attempted to shove his small penis in her mouth harder and faster. His chains limited what he could do, but his lower body was able to move at a faster and faster pace….after watching his wife cum hard, he just let it all go…unable to hold back any longer. Spurts of his man seed shot deep into her mouth as she began gulping it down. It was vile, and she hated the idea of swallowing any man’s cum, let alone her husband’s… but in the name of peace, and in the hopes that the men would stop their relentless campaign to humiliate her family and herself further… she did what she was told. “That’s it, swallow that nut bitch!” Jess yelled as he continued to pound her wet pussy. It wasn’t long before he too succumbed to the pressure welling up in his balls and just forced his cock all the way up inside her pussy….and let it all blast into her. He flooded her pussy with seamen. She felt the warmth of it flowing inside her as he moaned and grunted away. She was relieved that it was over and deeply humiliated. Her body ached, her ass and pussy ached….her mouth was stretched and sore from the beating it had taken in recent hours. Her muscles were worn to their maximum. She, as her sister before her, just collapsed in a soaking mess of tears and cum stained shame on the floor…and curled up into the fetal position sobbing.

The men all bellowed and joked about the two and their performance. The sounds of their sobs made them feel good about what they had done. They celebrated their conquest by relieving themselves on the women in front of their husband and daughters, one by one while laughing loudly. For them, it had been a hell of a day… a new start to training their family of slaves. To them, this was just the beginning. They had further plans for all of them. They just needed to catch a breather after breaking the eldest two before they could continue. So they directed them to the shower in the basement… and forced them to clean each other thoroughly before chaining them in a bent over position over a few stainless steel tables in the center of the room they had rolled out. They wanted them clean and helpless. They wanted them exposed for their next group of sinister plans. Their arms bound outwards with chains and their legs bound to the legs of the heavy tables. Their asses and cunts exposed for all to see as they struggled to move…with no avail.
Everyone in the room new, the worst was yet to cum for them all. But what could possibly be next?

To be continued.

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