A Friendly Foursome – Sex Stories

A Friendly Foursome – Sex Stories

Hi everyone. I’m Raj Kiran. I’m a regular reader of S4S. Since I saw many people sharing there stories I’m here to share a story of my own life. I have a small but close batch of friends. My friend Sridhar is my best guy buddy whereas Sakshi and Manisha are my best girl buddies. Sakshi is very fair with a bit of petite figure having 30-22-30. Manisha has bigger assets, a little less fair complexion with 34-26-32 figures. Apart from our separate houses we have a shared flat where we hang out when we bunk college or just casually bored.

So one day after college was over we decided to have a kind of weekend party. So we got everything ready : drinks, beer, snacks, movies etc. But those two girls were gossiping and talking behind our backs as if they had some secret plan of sorts. This bothered us as they never hid something this way with us. We arrived at our flat the next morning. We had fun for some time and then went out to a restaurant for lunch. The manager at restaurant said it was for couples only so Sakshi said Sridhar was his bf whereas Manisha was with me. The manager still didn’t believe until suddenly Manisha pulled my head and kissed me on the lips. I was shocked. Before i could ask her she told the manager we were on a double date so arrange a table for 4. He led us to a table and we sat for eating.

When I asked her she was like I was hungry and didn’t want to go to another and this restaurant is good. So we ate and while eating Sridhar and Sakshi were rubbing each others legs with their toes. It was all weird. We are and then returned to our flat. We put a movie on the tv. They said that it’s too hot we’ll change and come. After a few minutes they came out. Our eyes popped out by what we saw. First Sakshi came wearing a gray sports bra and gym shorts that were a bit loose for her. Her waist and thighs were so milky. My cock started to harden and i could say the same for Sridhar. Then came Manisha. She was too wearing the same but blue color. Her boobs were bigger and begging to be let out. Her cleavage was more prominent and her ass was jumping swaying side to side while she was walking. By now my cock was fully erect. Sakshi had curves while Manisha had assets.

They both came and sat between us Manisha beside me and Sakshi beside Sridhar. They started the movie but we were drooling over them. Sakshi snapped her fingers and said hello movie is on the tv and they giggled. We dimmed the lights and watched the movie. After sometime an erotic scene came. Manisha kept her head on my shoulder giving me a clear top view of her boobs. I couldn’t control myself my elbow touched them without even knowing. I was scared she’d scold but she didn’t say anything. So I pushed my luck and started rubbing her right tit with my elbow. She was quiet and gave a soft moan.

That was all I needed to hear. I grabbed her boobs and pressed and played with them then rubbed her navel. I slowly rubbed her pussy over her shorts. She was wet without wearing panties. I kept my hand inside her shorts and rubbed her clit. It was shaved. I flicked it with my index. She bit her lip. Then I rubbed her pussy furiously, she was shaking. I inserted 2 fingers at once which gave a jerk to her whole body. I fingered her hard and suddenly she shouted and came. We forgot about Sakshi and Sridhar and felt ashamed but when we saw Sakshi had her hand inside Sridhars pants. She was giving him a hand job. She saw us and winked. Both girls giggled looking at each other. Sridhar is a shy guy so he wasn’t doing anything. I signalled him to rub her pussy but he shook his head. I told him atleast to kiss her. I held Manisha’s face and pulled her lips close to mine and kissed her. My tongue explored her mouth while playing with her tongue. They wrestled for domination as I kept rubbing her pussy. He saw us and slowly proceeded and kissed Sakshi as well. He then lifted her up and took her inside a room. But we were so horny we didn’t bother going inside the room.

Manisha pulled my pants down and stroked my fully erect cock. We broke our kiss and she got her first glimpse of my dick. She got her knees, licked the tip and started blowing me. I grabbed her ass with one hand and pulled her shorts down leaving it bare. I pressed it and spanked hard while she was sucking my dick. I rubbed her pussy and asshole. I put spit on my fingers and pushed my middle finger in her ass. She resisted for a while but then relaxed so my finger went fully inside. I fingered her ass hard while she made my dick nice and wet. Then pulled her head up pushed her back and ripped her bra. Her melons dropped out. Her nipples were hard and piercing begging to be sucked so I obliged. I put my mouth on her nipples and sucked them like a baby. She was moaning ufff yess. I played with her titties, put my dick between them and titty fucked her. Then I went to her pussy and licked it and ate her out. By the end she was begging me to fuck her. I positioned my dick and inserted slowly. I reached her hymen so I bent over looked into her eyes kissed her and broke her hymen. She shouted and a stream of blood trickled down her legs. Her eyes teared up. I kept kissing her and waited for her to adjust. After 5 mins or so I started moving my hips slowly. I kept increasing the pace until i was fucking her very hard. Soon her shouts of pain turned into pleasure. She was in ecstasy. I fucked her in all positions missionary, doggy, riding, etc.

Then i pushed her on the ground and asked her to stick her ass out. I fucked her pussy then put my finger in her ass. She understood what i was doing and said no. But i insisted on doing it so she finally agreed. I pulled my dick from her pussy and rammed it straight in her ass. She shouted Idiot not so hard you stupid. I laughed and grabbed her boobs from behind and fucked the shit out of her ass. I lifted her and switched back to her pussy. She wrapped her arms around me and started moving her hips. I matched her rhythm. I was close to cumming. Then the tv was still on and they were having a foursome in the tv. This aroused me so I called Sridhar and Sakshi. They both came out. Sakshi was damn hot with those sexy curves. They saw me fucking Manisha suspended in air so they continued fucking on the sofa. Manisha’s pussy was squeezing the juice out of my balls. I told her I was going to cum. She said do it inside it’s safe. So I unloaded my seed deep inside her. Meanwhile Sridhar was sitting on the sofa and Sakshi was on top of him, his dick going in and out of her pussy. I pulled out of Manisha and my cum was dripping from her hole. Seeing Sakshi my dick got all hard again.

Without telling her I just inserted my dick in her asshole. She screamed very loudly Ahhh what are you doing. I said let’s do dp. She said it’s paining but we didn’t stop. Our dicks were violating both her holes at the same time. I caught both her hands and pinned them from behind and kept fucking her at a steady pace. Manisha was playing with Sakshi’s boobs while Sridhar kept spanking Manisha. Manisha said Naughty Raj you took virginity of both our asses. We pounded Sakshi’s holes and she orgasmed 3 times while this dp so we pulled out of her and then lifted Manisha and this time I took her pussy while Sridhar took her ass. Sakshi was on her knees licking our balls. Manisha was talking all dirty and moaning hard with pleasure. I kept sucking her boobs and kissing her while Sridhar licked her back and neck. We banged her harder than Sakshi so she was shaking and shuddering from all her orgasms.

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A Friendly Foursome – Sex Stories