A Grandfathers Lust (An Overture) by gunner77

A Grandfathers Lust (An Overture)
by gunner77

This is a fictional tale and preview of ongoing sexual relations between a granddaughter her Pee Paw. Any inference of underage sexual activity is on the reader.

Like every night, he finished watching the news at 11:30, turned off the TV, and walked through the house to ensure the doors were locked and no windows were left open. He peaked into the quest room. There she lay, his granddaughter. She had come to live with him while her parents were figuring things out. Their home was hostile and Cynthia was internalizing it all. She had been struggling in school. A senior now, she was striving to get scholarships at U, 25 miles away from Pee Paws house. The change in atmosphere and Pee Paws strict approach of homework done before anything else, had helped transform her back into the 4.0 student, she was. Being the new kid in school, she was slow to develop substantial friendships. She had a few friends, but no BFF types. He peered at her half-naked body. The street light shone from outside as it glistened her fair skin. It was evident the caterpillar was morphing into a beautiful butterfly. She lay on her side. Her nightshirt bunched above her waist. The comforter was bunched in her lap and covered her goods, it was evident she was not wearing panties. Also evident, was her butt. She no longer had a girl’s butt. Until that moment he never thought of her sexually. So he had not noticed the life changes she had been going through the last few years. She was a pint sized girl. Well, technically she was young woman, but she weighed only 90 lbs and was less than 5 feet tall. He felt a stir in his loins. He couldn’t remember the last time he had an erection. It had been 2 years since his wife had passed. Part curiosity and part perversion, he walked into the room. As he approached the bed he felt the final stage of his mast unfold into a rigid shaft. His right hand was cupping and caressing his hard-on. He lifted the covers, influencing them and spreading them out in one motion. He gazed at her auburn mound before letting the covers surround her youthful and sensual body. He bent down and kissed her forehead, whispering “love you, baby girl.”

As he walked down the hall he couldn’t get the image of the patch above her pussy out of his head. He settled into bed and started searching porn. He found a site that had a lot of petite teenagers. He rubbed his cock thinking about his own granddaughter sucking his cock. He was lost in his fantasy, and did not hear Cynthia creep into the room. She had been awake the entire time he was in her room. All week long she had been flashing him signals. She had walked through the living room to the kitchen draped in only towel. She had sat on the couch in only a long t-shirt and no panties. He ignored it. She had flashed him side boob. Who knew he was a muff man? She thought. Subtlety was not working. Was she literally going to have to sit on this man’s face before he realizes she needs to be fucked, she thought. She gazed as he stroked his cock. Quietly she closed the door. He watched the little redhead on his screen lay back and part her moist lips. With the forefingers of both hands she pulled her lips wide open as she looked into the camera, she said, “C’mon gramps you know you want it, come and get it!” The juices in Cynthia’s twat were stirring. Though the room was dark, the light from the moon and the tablet screen allowed Cynthia to see Pee paws cock. It was much larger than she had imagined. Almost nightly she would fantasize about him fucking her as she would rub out three or four orgasms. One night it almost ten. She inserted a finger then two to the second knuckle. She visualized pee paw on his back, and her hand stroking his cock while she sat on his face. She worked her tiny fingers inside her pussy, while the other hand rubbed her clit. Pee paws cock head glistened in the pale moonlight.

Mesmerized, she stood there in shadows watching him jerk off. She couldn’t take it any longer. “Can I help?” she blurted out in a soft sensual voice. Pee paw jumped! His ass came up off the mattress. The tablet leapt from his hand landing on the bed next to him, just out of reach and right side up. Cynthia could now see what her pee paw was watching. The girl was young-looking and had red hair just like hers. He frantically looked for the covers in attempt to cover himself up. Partly embarrassed, but mostly he stunned, he stammered for an explanation. Before he could do anything Cynthia approached the bed and took his hard cylinder into her small girlish hand. “Mmmmm” she moaned. Instinctively he tried to escape but her grip tightened. “Don’t just lay back and relax let me play with it. Please!” she begged. She felt him relax a little. She tried to stroke it like she saw him doing, but it was awkward. Pre-cum slowly oozed from the tip. Determined, she kept rubbing it, using her fingers to move the clear liquid seeping from his cock head. She was mesmerized by how hard it was. She had read that men don’t get as hard when they get old. Pee paw was in his sixties, so she concluded either that article was full of shit or it didn’t apply to her pee paw. She glanced at the screen and saw that old guy fucking that petite redhead. His cock was hard too. Maybe it was young girls turned on old men. Maybe the article was written by an old ugly woman. It made no difference pee paw was plenty thick and was long enough to scratch the itch she had. An itch that had been bothering her since her arrival.

Watching porn was something she liked to do. She had heard that the porn industry exploited women. That didn’t make sense. Female performers made more per scene than men. Not only that in one day a woman can perform unlimited scenes. The way she saw it, it was men being exploited. Just about any woman with the right trainer and makeup artist can do porn. A man on the other hand has to have a significant sized wiener. Pee paw could do porn. She thought.

Pee paw laid there as his beautiful granddaughter played with his virile member. Cynthia’s cunt needed attention. Playing with Gramp’s cock had her wet. Holding onto his cock, suddenly she stopped stroking. “Hey I got an idea how about we watch porn together? I can play with your cock and you can rub my pussy. I bet you would like that! My punani is wet its oozing more than your dick pee paw. What do you say? Do you wanna teach your granddaughter a thing or two?

Up until that point he was just laying back enjoying the feel of her soft delicate hand on his cock. He had been fantasizing how tight her fuck hole would be. He had already determined he was going to fuck her. “Yes, I would love to do that. I am just wondering, I mean, I am curious…I…I”

She cut him off. “You wondering if I have ever fooled around before, you know been fucked before?” He nodded. “Of course I have. Only a couple times, well three. Once the guy came in his condom just as he slid inside me. He didn’t last eight seconds so it doesn’t count as a legitimate ride. Hell, he was off before getting out of the chute.” She chuckled. “Well, in this case into the chute.” She snickered louder. They weren’t men! Real men know how to make a woman cum! I want to be fucked by a man. Not wham bam! Long, intense, slow and hard. I want to cum around a thick hard cock, like yours.” She said indelicately.

“Wow” he responded as he attempted to digest all the information. “Listen, I have to be honest with you. I haven’t been with anyone but your grandmother in the last 50 years. I ordered some Sildenafil…you know generic Viagra…boner pills. You know in case I ever needed them.”

Cindy grabbed and shook his hard cock. “Hello! Gramps I don’t think getting a boner is going to be a problem. Look at this guy. He is hard. I don’t think you need boner pills.” She respondent laughed.

“I will if you want to fuck more than once. That brings me to another worry. I want to fuck you, like you can never imagine. You are beautiful, sexy, and you got your hand around my pecker. No one can ever know! EVER! Not when your out with friends drinking. Not because you’re mad at me for some dumb reason. No one can ever know. It has to be our secret. It has to be our special time. Someday you will look back on your life I don’t want to be accused of screwing you up. I want to make sure this is something you want to do. I know it’s something I want. I can show you things that you’re future sex partners should then me for but won’t because you will never tell them where you learned it from. You can’t tell your mother! Your father can never even speculate that we have even seen each other naked. Can you promise me? Pinky swear?” He said as he held his right hand up with his pinky out.

She released his cock and with his pre-ejaculate still on her hand wrapped her pinky around his. “Pinky swear! Shall we seal it with a kiss? She responded. Before he could answer, Cindy advance her face towards his. Their lips met. Her mouth opened slightly at first. Her tongue parted his lips. Their tongues met. Sensually they kissed for nearly 30 seconds. They separated briefly, but simultaneously they reunited. This time Pee Paw clenched Cindy’s tiny buttocks in his hands. He fondled them sensually. She writhed against him. Her wet slit opened against his thigh. They broke their kiss. “Not a soul baby girl” He reminded.

“Not a soul! No one ever! Our secret! Our special time!” She reiterated. “ Now where are those boner pills? We are going to fuck until neither of us can walk right!”

“In the dresser drawer. The pill bottle in there.” He answered. “Give me three..No make it four.” He jokingly responded.

“One, two, three, four. Let me get you some water.” She said, as she scurried out of the bedroom and down the hall to the bathroom.

Even in the dimness of the room, her silhouette was beautiful. What the fuck is happening? What the fuck have I done? I am going to Hell” She will tell someone! My ass is grass! Oh well! It is what it is! He thought. She returned to the room with the water. She walked slowly so she didn’t spill. “Stop!” He exclaimed!

She stopped. “What? We pinky swore. Don’t change your mind. Please don’t change your mind!” She responded.

“No! No! No! I am not changing my mind. We are going dance, you and I. All night long baby girl. I just want to take a long look at your beautiful body.”

She stood there in the moonlight and began to pirouette slowly. Knowing that he was turned on by her muff, with her empty hand she ran her hand through her reddish-brown pubes. She danced like a stripper. “Do you like? You wanna fuck me don’t you? You wanna teach this naughty girl a lesson don’t you? You better take those boner pills old man because I am going to wear that man-sized cock of yours down to a nub.” She said, shocked by the words that exited her lips. Whenever spoke like that. It seemed to turn Gramps on though.

“Come here naughty girl.” He responded. “Get your horny little ass over here. This old man is going to wear that sweet pussy of yours out. This is a man sized cock!” He was enjoying the little game they were playing. He knew he was larger than most men. At his prime, he has nine inches and then some. No, he would be lucky to hit eight inches. Still larger than most. Who knows maybe with the boner pills he might hit nine again.

She sauntered over to the bed. Pee paw was sitting on the edge now. Here’s your glass of water. “I have been a naughty naughty girl.” After he took his pills and drank his water, she took the cup away and tossed it in the trash beside the bed. The can have several tissues in it. “Are you going to spank my bottom?” She lay across his lap and squirmed. Her furry bush rubbed against his thigh. SMACK! He swatted her little ass cheek. The swat was harsh enough to sting. It hurt, but at the same time, it felt good. His half flaccid cock stirred.

“Ow,” Cindy playfully whimpered. The swat made her juices flow. That persistent itch was back. “I don’t think I learned my lesson, Gramps.” She teased.

“Oh yeah?” SMACK! He swatted the ass cheek. “How about now?” She wriggled against his thigh. Before she could answer or utter a sound. SMACK! “Maybe now?”

“Owie Gramps!” She playfully bantered. She was using his thigh to stimulate her clit. She dry-humped it. Her pussy was excited beyond compare. She was enjoying having her bottom spanked. Gramps seemed to be enjoying it too. “I am so horny, please rub my pussy, Gramps.” She lifted herself off his lap. When she did, the one-eyed snake sprung straight up! “Those pills are already working?” She asked.

“Not yet! That’s all you! Those pills take about 45 minutes to an hour. You like it when I spank you huh?” He teased.

“I like it when you touch me.” She grabbed on of his large strong hands and placed it on her soft mound of hair. His hand moved down. His middle finger grazed over her love bud. He played with it, arousing it more. “There he is. There’s the “little man in the boat” can you see him? Look!”

Curious, she leaned over to see. “What are you talking about?” She asked.

With his thumb and middle finger, he pulled back the folds protecting her clit. “See the man?” he said, lightly strumming the little nub with his forefinger. “See him standing in the boat?”

She had never seen it like that, but it did look like a boat.

He strummed it again arousing it more. “He’s yelling something! He is crying out, MAKE ME CUM! MAKE ME CUM! MAKE ME CUM! Can you hear him?”

“OH GOD YES! I hear him. I feel it. Please Gramps listen to that little guy! Make him cum! MAKE ME CUM!” She pleaded.

“Lay on the bed and spread your legs, my raunchy little redhead,” he commanded. She did as she was told, promptly getting in the supine position. Though she was laying still she was churning on the inside. Her pussy was swirling with anticipation. Gramps laid face down his head between her legs. When he touched her slender thighs, she flinched and her toes curled.

Was he going to eat her pussy? What was going to do? It was all new to her. She thought. No one had ever done this before. Her mind drifted. She had fantasized about this moment and had numerous orgasms to this very scenario. What would it feel like? God I hope my doesn’t smell funky. I hope he likes how I taste! She speculated.

The sweet fragrance of her juices and girl sweat rose from between her legs. Her skin was youthful but this was the scent of a woman. Her breasts were taut not huge but full and firm. Her areolae were the size of half-dollars and her nipples were erect and at attention. One hand made its way up over her thigh and hip, then her belly. Lightly rubbing along the way until resting at it destination, her supple breast.

She was tense. No one had ever touched her like this. She was ticklish but she refrained from flinching. When he turned his head and softly kissed her inner thigh she couldn’t hold back. She trembled as he gently sucked on the soft white underbelly of her inner thigh. His right hand rolled her nipple between his thumb and fingers like a tuning knob on radio. His left hand rested on her right hip. She remained silent as she gripped the mattress with her hands. The old man contemplated his approach. Would he prolong her orgasm or just go in and relieve the little man in the boat straight away? He decided on the latter. Kissing her inner thigh he began a trail of light sucking as he made his way to the captain. At first, she twisted from the intense feeling of his lips. She settled in and remained quiet. She struggled to be still, but she was determined to let her Grandpa have his way. She would follow his lead. When he got to the point where the thigh ends and the pelvis begins, she wiggled and her toes curled. The fragrance from her wet cunt was sweet and intense. He had to taste her honeypot. He squeezed her butt cheek with his left hand. His right hand pinched and teased her erect and sensitive nipple.

The sensations were intense. Her pussy was on fire. The little man stood tall screaming for relief. The itch inside her intensified. The walls of her wet twat shuddered. His left hand released her her petite rump and right hand released her aroused nipple. They met at the sides of her pussy. They parted the wet opening. Though it was dark in the Gramps knew exactly where everything was. He stuck his inside and tongue fucked her before putting his mouth over her tiny opening and sucked while continuing to tongue fuck. Damn! What a tight little crevice! Fucking her and not cumming straight away was going to be nearly impossible. He thought.

She whimpered and moaned. “Oh my God! Oh my GOD! OH MY GOD!!!” she cried. She had no idea what was about to hit her. “Mmmm now that is some impressive pussy right there!” He said after he pulled his mouth away. Before she could catch her breath, the dirty old pervert pushed one finger inside. Her hips churned uncontrollably. “What a tight pussy! It’s going to be fun sliding my cock inside.” He added.

She moaned! The foreshadowing of him fucking her with that huge cock only sped up the upward grinding of her pelvis. He slid a second finger inside. Like digging out coins from a change machine he finger fucked her. He could feel her pussy gripping at his fingers.

“YES!!! Finger my pussy! Finger me Pee Paw. Finger my pussy. Please faster…faster! Yes that’s it! It feels so good.” Her hips were thrusting upwards. Her tiny butt bounced off the bed. It was time.

The old geezer took her clit into his mouth. He latched on sucking it between his lips. His tongue immediately prodded and teased the nub. She writhed uncontrollably beneath him. He had to use his left arm to hold her in place.

“Oh my God! Yessssss! OH! OH! Don’t stop! Don’t stop. ARGGGGHHHH!”She moaned.

His tongue swirled and fluttered across her excited love button, rapidly. Then it hit! Her juices burst through the walls of her wet cunt. Frothy white cream coated his fingers and seeped out her tight little hole. For a moment her body stiffened then she convulsed. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into her pussy.

“I am cumming. Oh my God! YES! YES! YES! FUCK YES!!! I AM CUUUMMMMMMMING!!!” She shrieked. Wave after wave flooded Her pussy. Her grandpa released her. She lay on the bed her legs spread, her body spent. Her head rolled side to side as her orgasms faded.

The feeling of her cumming so heavy had his cock hard. Her laying there helpless, legs spread was an open invitation. He saw the small slit between her legs and he wondered if his cock was going to fit. He would make it fit! He needed her pussy wrapped around his cock. He missed that warm sensation of a woman’s pussy. He thought. He knelt between her legs. He pushed his erect shaft down so the head rested at her wet opening. The heat from her pussy and the wetness caused a stirring in his balls. He needed to fuck this horny slut. He pushed!

The Beginning

A Grandfathers Lust An Overture

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