A husband makes his wife’s submissive sex fantasy come true

A husband makes his wife’s submissive sex fantasy come true

Craig was at home working on a budget proposal on his computer when it crashed. He cursed, but was happy that he had recently saved his work to his USB. As he wondered how he would finish this without going to work he saw his wife’s laptop. He grabbed it and flipped it open. A website was already up called literotica and it was in a search engine under loving wives group sex. As he investigated further, he found his wives’ computer had many stories all about wives being in gangbangs with a willing husband. Craig smiled. They had often talked about adding a guy or a girl or a couple guys to their sex games, but it had always been just that, talk. As Craig read the stories, many of them had the wife being forced to submit to the men, and he instantly knew what he was going to do.

That night, with his wife, Amanda, handcuffed to her bed, he fucked her hard and hinted subtly at his plan. As he thrust his cock in her wet pussy he whispered in her ear, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a second cock in your tight ass as I fucked you baby?”

She moaned, “Yes,” as he hammered her harder.

“Would you have fun eating Lisa’s pussy as you took two hard cocks in your pussy and ass.”

She moaned, “Hmmmmmm,” as he stopped, his cock completely inside her.

“Tell me baby, would you eat Lisa’s pussy for me?”

She looked back at her husband and said, “Yes, I would do anything for you.”

“Anything,” he asked coyly.

“Yes, anything,” she responded before pleading, “Now please fuck me.”

Craig obliged fucking her fast as he contemplated his plan. Within minutes, he exploded with his cum filling his wife’s eager pussy.

They well asleep, Amanda unaware of her fantasy coming true tomorrow.

NEXT DAY So Craig set a plan in motion by sending his lovely wife a text message:

My little toy, Do the following when you get home: -take a nice bubble bath -Shave your pussy -Have your hair in pigtails -Put on the outfit that is laid out for you on the bed: front lace low cup corset, matching side tie thong, and matching garter and stockings

At 7PM, I expect you on your knees at the front door waiting for me. Craig

Amanda was driving home from work when her phone vibrated. She checked the message and smiled. She loved role playing and could tell that today was going to be the school girl fantasy, one of her favorites. Amanda, when in pigtails, looked 19 and innocent. This was, of course, ironic considering she was far from innocent and her fantasies were even further from such purity. She often fantasized about being gangbanged by her husband’s buddies and being seduced and dominated by her good friend Lisa. Amanda sped home and obeyed her husband’s commands completely.

As she sat by the door, dressed as instructed, she pondered what her husband had in store for her. The last time such a plan was made she ended up taking his cum up her ass for the first time and loved it. As she was considering this, Craig opened the door, walked over to her, dropped his pants and shoved his cock in Amanda’s mouth. Amanda instantly started pleasing her husband and was not surprised when he grabbed her pigtails and started to face fuck her. After only a few minutes of fast paced assault in her mouth, Craig sprayed his cum down her throat.

Craig then instructed his hot wife to kneel in the middle of the living room where he put on her ankle and writs cuffs then attached her wrists and ankles to the I-shaped double spreader bar. Now on all fours and unable to move, he kissed her passionately and told her how beautiful she was. He then asked her, “Are you ready to make one of your fantasies come true?”

Amanda smiled teasingly, “Yes,” completely unaware of what her handsome husband had planned.

Craig then put the blindfold on her and kissed her passionately one more time before strapping the ball gag on her. Once in place he reached under her and untied her corset to remove it and then her thong, leaving her there completely vulnerable in only her garter and stockings.

Amanda sat there waiting for some sort of assault to begin. After a few minutes she began to wonder what exactly he had planned. What fantasy was he preparing to make come true? What was taking so long? She was horny as hell already. The seconds, became minutes and she began to wonder. She could here him in the kitchen apparently getting something ready; was he microwaving popcorn? Why would he be microwaving popcorn? As she reflected what the heck was going on the doorbell rang. Panic quickly overwhelmed her; was this just a coincidence or was this part of the plan? Was he serious last night?

She heard Craig say “Come on in.”

She then heard a man she did not recognize say “So where is this hot piece of ass?” He walked over to the bound woman and said, “Nice, very, very nice.”

Craig said, “Want a beer?”

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“Sure,” the 6 foot 4 stud said.

There was another knock on the door. Craig answered it as he said with a laugh, “Hey Ryan, ready to tune your instrument.”

“Indeed, bro, you sure about this?” the long haired guitarist and best friend asked.

“Deadly,” he said as they entered the living room to see Amanda bound, blindfolded and gagged.

Ryan said, “Hey Amanda, you look good.”

Amanda was freaking out inside, yet her pussy was already wet; ‘Is he setting up a gangbang?’ she thought to herself. Immediately Amanda was excited and yet slightly scared.

Suddenly the door opened again as Amanda heard the voice of her good friend Lisa. “Knock, knock, anyone home.”

Craig called, “Come on in Lisa.”

Lisa entered the living room and smiled. She walked to Amanda and whispered in Amanda’s ear, “I can’t wait to have you taste my pussy Amanda. Are you ready to taste your first pussy?” She then slid a finger down her back and then headed to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Craig, Ryan, Wally (Craig’s new boss) and Lisa were getting ready to play poker.

Craig explained the rules: “The winner of each hand gets to draw from the prize bucket. Whatever they draw they get to do with my wife. As for the game, the small blind is five bucks, the large ten bucks.”

The first hand was an interesting little piece of poker. Nobody folded early, as each person, hoped to get the first go at the bound woman. Wally ended up winning with kings over eights, just beating Ryan’s jacks over tens. He pulled out a piece of paper and read: “ONE MINUTE OF FINGERING HER DELICIOUS PUSSY.”

Wally looked at Craig, waiting for any last minute change of heart, and then went to claim his prize. He rubbed Amanda’s pussy before inserting his thick finger inside her, pumping her wet pussy. He said “Wow, her cunt is soaked already.” He fingered her hard. Amanda’s moans were muffled by the ball gag in her mouth. She had no idea who was fingering her, but it felt amazing. Any fears of the situation quickly washed away as soon as the finger entered her pussy.

Then suddenly she heard her husband say, “Time’s up. Next hand.”

The finger left her pussy and she thought, ‘Time’s up, what the hell. What is going on…are they playing poker?’ She sat there bound, helpless, horny, waiting to be used and pleased.

In the kitchen, the second hand was dealt and won again by Wally, this time with two pair. He went to the bucket and pulled out “TWO MINUTES WITH THE TOYS.” Wally went to the living room and saw an array of toys. He grabbed the small butt plug and inserted it in Amanda’s pussy to lubricate it and then slipped it into the wife’s tight pale white ass. He then grabbed a 6 inch vibrator and turned it on high and slid it in her pussy, sliding it in and out slowly. Amanda started to move her ass back on the toy, attempting to get the toy in deeper. Wally smiled and said, “Aren’t you a horny little thing. Don’t worry, you will get my thick, long cock soon.” He then slapped her ass, leaving both toys in her as he returned to the card table.

Amanda sat there alone again desperate to cum, but helpless to make it happen. The toy in her pussy gave her constant teasing sensations that had her willing to do anything to get off.

The third hand was entertaining as the drawn cards included a king, queen and ten of hearts. The potential for a big hand was huge. Wally folded, but the pot still was over 100 bucks. Ryan showed his two kings, followed by Craig showing his nine and eight of hearts, Lisa then flipped her cards and she had the ace and jack of hearts. She smiled and walked over to bucket marked Lisa. She pulled out the paper that read, “TWO MINUTES OF KISSING.”

Lisa smiled and went to her friend. She whispered in her friend’s ear in a sexy but stern tone, “Don’t say a word.” She then removed the ball and kissed her friend. The kiss started soft and sweet, but then got hot and passionate. Craig said “time’s up”, but the kiss was not immediately broken. Lisa eventually broke the kiss and said, “I will keep the gag off for now slave, but I don’t want to hear a word from you unless spoken to, understood?”

The blindfolded slave shook her head yes. Amanda sat there bound, a vibration still thrilling her cunt, a plastic toy in her ass. Her best friend had just made out with her. Amanda wanted to cum so bad, but obviously had no control over the scenario.

Lisa returned to the table. The fourth hand was won by Wally with simply King high if you can believe it. The paper this time said, “A TWO MINUTE BLOW JOB.”

“Nice,” he said, as he walked over to the bound sexy slave. “He dropped his pants and placed his 9 inch thick cock at the lips of the bound woman. He said, “Suck my cock baby” as he pushed his cock in the pretty wife’s eager lips.

Amanda was surprised, his cock was substantially thicker than her husband’s; he was also longer she would soon realize. Amanda moved up and down on the cock as best she could considering her bound condition. The owner of the cock said, “That’s it slave. Suck my cock. Later it is going in your other two holes.” Amanda kept sucking, desperate to cum, she would have fucked a homeless guy right then. She then heard the words she was beginning to despise, “Time’s up.” The hard stiff pleasure stick left her mouth and again she was left alone, still with a toy teasing her pussy and another lodged in her ass.

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In the kitchen, another hand was under way. Craig had two aces and probably could have won this hand, but he folded and watched as Ryan finally won a hand with a flush. He went to the basket and pulled out “ONE MINUTE OF PUSSY EATING.” Ryan then went to his best friend’s bound wife and pulled the toy out of her pussy and crawled underneath, awkwardly with bars in the way, and uncomfortably began licking her soaking wet cunt. She moaned and kept trying impossibly to lower her cunt on Ryan’s face. Amanda desperately wanted to cum and a tongue was one way that could happen for her. But as was the case all evening so far, the pleasure was short lived as the mystery tongue left her. Thankfully for her, the toy was not put back in and she was able to calm herself down slightly while she waited the next tease. She wanted to speak, beg to be pleased, but she knew from her past with Craig that disobedience was unacceptable.

Back in the kitchen, Lisa and Wally were the last two remaining in an interesting hand. The cards on the table were a King of clubs, a five of diamonds, a two of spades, a two of hearts and an ace of clubs. Both kept raising their bet, confident they were going to win. Wally flipped his cards over, he had a full house kings over fives. Lisa smiled seemingly defeated before flipping over a pair of twos. She had four of a kind. Craig laughed and said, “Well for that you get two draws.” Lisa did a little curtsy as she stood and pulled out a piece of paper. “HAVE YOUR PUSSY LICKED FOR TWO MINUTES.”

Lisa walked over to her friend and said, “I have wanted you to do this to me for a long time. Amanda my dear, my best friend, now my little sex slave, lick my pussy.” Lisa standing placed her pussy right in front of her friend’s face and a still blindfolded Amanda began licking her friend’s pussy. It was awkward; it was sexy. Amanda thought to herself, ‘It’s happening, I am pleasing Lisa.’ She desperately wanted to make her feel good and lapped the best she could under her bound restraints.

Just as she began to get into a comfortable motion she heard her husband say “Lisa, come and draw your second slip.”

Lisa’s delicious pussy left Amanda’s eager submissive tongue and Lisa pulled out a second piece of paper. Lisa read it out loud for her friend to hear, “FUCK HER ASS WITH A STRAP-ON FOR TWO MINUTES.”

Amanda let out a shocked gasp, but did not speak. ‘Was my best friend going to fuck my ass?’, she thought. The contemplation did not last more than a minute, as she felt the butt plug escape her tight ass and felt soft, warm hands, on her hips.

Lisa said, “Tell me Amanda, do you want your friend to fuck your ass?”

“Yes, please, Lisa, please fuck my ass,” she begged, desperately wanting her friend to do just that.

Craig lubed the toy for Lisa and then Lisa slowly pushed the thin strap-on in her friend’s ass. Amanda let out a delicious moan as the plastic cock slowly filled her ass. It was thinner than her husband’s that had become a regular in her ass the past couple months, so it did not hurt at all. Amanda, as horny as she had ever been before moved back on the cock taking the whole 6 inches in her ass. Lisa chuckled and said, “That’s it slave, fuck my cock, fuck it hard.”

Amanda quickly obeyed, bouncing back as hard as she could, desperate to obey.

Craig then said, “Sorry, girls, that was hot, but your time is up.”

Lisa pulled out and Amanda let an accidental “Nooo,” escape her lips. Immediately, the ball gag was back in her mouth.

Craig then said, “Well since our little toy disobeyed an order of silence, we should take a break. Let’s go and check the hockey game.”

Amanda heard the disappearing of steps as they all went downstairs, she was so close to cumming and now she had to sit bound and wait. Amanda sat alone; frustrated; desperate; humiliated; yet, most of all horny. She waited what seemed like hours, but was really only twenty minutes.

Amanda heard the footsteps of them returning and then they disappeared into the kitchen. The game resumed. The hand was won by Wally. He grabbed another slip. It read, ‘TWO MINUTES IN HER PUSSY.’

Wally gave a smirk and then and without any warning at all, penetrated their bound slut. The whole nine inches were immediately engulfed by Amanda’s pussy as a scream of surprise tried to escape her gagged mouth. She had never felt such a big cock in her and was immediately in love with it. The intruder did not make love to her, he fucked her. Pounding her hard, making each thrust go deeper than the one before. Amanda was again close when she felt him pull out. Her ass tried going back to retrieve the erect pleasure stick, but she was unsuccessful.

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Alone and desperate once again, she waited as in the kitchen another hand was dealt. This time Lisa won again, and she walked over and drew a slip. As she read it, her eyes went wide. She looked a Craig and said, “Are you serious?”

“What does it say?” Craig asked innocently, knowing full well what it said. He was sure that although Lisa was a confident, outgoing, feminist on the outside, she was an eager, submissive, slut underneath, who desperately needed to be dominated. So he decided to test his theory.


“So who do you choose?” Craig asked showing his dominant side to Lisa.

Lisa paused as she realized this turn of events, before she asked, showing her submissive side, “So who do you choose for me Craig?”

Craig smiled and said, “Ryan’s.”

Lisa smirked at Craig; she could play the game too, as she disobeyed the order and instead walked over to Wally’s 9 inch rod. Lisa dropped to her knees and took it in her mouth in front of the other two men.

Craig smiled, Ryan looked on surprised. Craig said, “Oh Ryan, most girls will do anything you want, if you set the opportunity right; although Lisa is a bit of a tougher nut to crack.”

Ryan chuckled, “So it seems.”

Wally moaned, “Suck it baby. How does my meat taste?”

Lisa moaned as she tried to take as much of his thick rod as she could. Lisa’s pussy was wet by being controlled in such a dirty way; when time was up, Lisa stood up and said, “I want that cock in me later.”

“No problem baby,” Wally said confidently.

Another hand was played and another win for Lisa. Lisa looked at Craig and said, “Any other surprises for me?”

Craig shook his head and said, “No, just the one.” There was a pause before he said, “Unless you want more surprises.”

Lisa, who could play the game too, walked over to Craig, put her hand on his cock, through his shorts, and said, “I like surprises.” She rubbed his cock through the shorts and then walked back to the basket. She pulled out her last slip. It read, “FACE FUCK FOR YOU, TILL YOU CUM.”

Lisa looked at Craig confused and he said, “Follow me.”

Craig then took a strap-on cock, placed it on his wife’s head, and strapped it on tight. He then removed the blindfold from his wife. He smiled at his wife and said, “Hope you are enjoying your surprise.”

Her eyes tried to thank him as she saw her friends’ ass and shaved pussy backing up on her. Soon the boys were getting an amazing show. The bound woman, dressed in a garter and stockings, was fucking her best friend with her face. She tried to move back and forth, trying to please her friend in a way she had never even imagined possible. The scene lasted over ten minutes until Lisa came from the strange fucking.

Lisa took a well earned rest as the boys went and played a hand without her. As Lisa recovered, Craig finally won a hand, and pulled out a slip that read ’30 SECONDS IN EACH HOLE’.

Craig went to his wife and first slid his rock hard cock in her mouth; he then went behind her and slid his cock in her pussy, fucking her ever so slowly; finally, he filled her final hole, the pace still tender and slow. He then returned to the table and said, “Lisa, get over here and suck Ryan’s cock.’ This was a bit of a gamble for Craig, but as he expected, it paid off.

Lisa began to walk over to Ryan when Craig demanded in a stern voice said, “No. Crawl.” She stopped, considered this, but dropped to her knees and crawled under the table. She got between Ryan’s legs and took his cock in her mouth. The two guys gave Craig a look of ‘wow that is impressive’. Craig said, “Last hand, winner gets first choice of which hole in our triple penetration gangbang.”

Wally won the hand and immediately said, “Think your wife can take my cock up her shithole?”

Craig smiled and said, “You won the hand. It’s your call.” Craig pulled Lisa up and said, “I am calling a rain check for Ryan now. But you will be taking his load later, understood?”

“Yes,” Lisa said submissively, again grabbing Ryan’s cock, stroking it softly, “Are you sure you can handle me?”

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A husband makes his wife’s submissive sex fantasy come true

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