A husband talks his wife into sleeping with his black co-worker

A husband talks his wife into sleeping with his black co-worker

My story starts at my place of employment. Corri, my
wife, showed up while I was training Jeremy on a new
piece of machinery. Jeremy and I had worked together
for quite awhile, and got along great. He was a good
looking black man 30 years young. I didn’t see my wife
walking up, but Jeremy saw her, and started commenting
on how fine she was, and how he’d like to fuck her. I
should tell you he hadn’t met my wife and didn’t know
this was her. Well, when she walked up to me and gave
me a kiss, Jeremy looked like he could of crawled in a
hole and died. I introduced the two of them, and as my
wife and he chatted, I noticed my wife kept checking
him out. Even to the point of losing her train of
thought. I whispered to her “Go ahead and stare and
get it out of your system, she smiled and said she was
“sorry”. After she left, Jeremy couldn’t be more
apologetic. I said it was alright, I didn’t mind his
looking, or his comments for that matter.

As the day went on, our conversation continued along
these lines, of sex, sex with a married women,
swinging, blacks & whites, husbands watching, etc.
Jeremy asked me if I ever considered that? I asked
“what,watching my wife having sex with with a black
man?” I said “nah”, which was somewhat of a lie, my
wife and I talked about our fantasies, and one of them
was having a threesome, but not specifically with a
black man. It was kind of exciting, the forbidden
fruit and all. Jeremy told me he’s done it before, had
sex with a white woman while her husband watches. I
said “really?”, he said “yeah, several times! It’s
quite a common fantasy!” He told me about couple of
times, and to be honest I was getting quite worked up,
picturing my wife in the situations he was describing.

After a short lull, he added “Sound interesting?”
I said, “I would be lying, if I said it didn’t!” I
wondered out loud if Corri would even consider it.
“How would I ever approach her about it?” Jeremy
suggested the direct approach; “Just tell her about
our conversation.” I told him “I should at least be
able to tell her what he had to offer.” He said “Oh,
how long it is, you mean?” “Yeah” I replied. He said
“he hasn’t measured it since he was a teenager”, but
assured me it was much bigger than average. I insisted
he show it to me, “Let me see it!” “OK George, if you
insist. Then he whipped it out and I thought “OH MY
GOD!”, it looked half again longer soft than mine is
when it’s hard.

That evening, I asked my wife what she thought of
Jeremy. She said “Well, he is a very good looking
black man.” I told her of the comment he made before
they were introduced. She didn’t believe me and after
I assured her he had, she said “What did you say?” “I
told him it didn’t upset me.” “Another man says he
want to fuck me and it didn’t upset you?” she said in
a lowered voice. I told her he didn’t know she was my
wife when he said it. “So now that he knows, did he
take back what he said”, she asked?I replied “No he
would still like to fuck you!” I thought I heard a
slight moan when I said that! “Does the thought of
that excite you?” I asked her. “I could never do
that!” “That’s not what I asked.” “Well even if I
wanted to, you would never let it happen!” I came up
behind her wrapped my arms around her and whispered in
her ear, “Answer the question, does the thought of it
excite you?” Without any hesitation this time she
murmured “Yes, it excites me! A lot! There I said it
are you happy now?” I was. I didn’t admit it but I
was! “So would you consider it?” was my next question.
“I don’t know” she replied “maybe, we’ll see.”

I said “Jeremy has a huge cock!” “How do you know”
she asked. I told her that he showed it to me, so I
could tell her about it. I began playing with her
pussy and suddenly she was totally out of control “I’m
cummming, I’m cumming!” she kept saying. Afterwards
she admitted, it did look like something she would
like to do; but only if it was something that I too
wanted her to do. “Yes,! It is!” I shouted. Well then,
if I do this for you then you’ll owe me one.
Understand? I said I did and told her I’d start making
arrangements tomorrow.

She said, with a smile, that maybe she better go and
by some nice outfits, I agreed, but demande, “no
panties”! We decided that the upcoming weekend worked
as good as any. With that settled I licked and fucked
her pussy all night long! At work, when I suggested
this weekend, Jeremy agreed and admitted he’d hoped we
wouldn’t wait to long, and that fucking Corri was
about all he could think about. We decided on what
motel we would stay at, mainly on the strength of the
night club it offered, which is where we decided to
meet. The night came, and Corri looked stunning in the
outfit she bought, a simple little dress, with
stockings with the lacy elastic at the top and nice
heels. I asked Corri if she wanted to back out and she
said “No!” I asked “Are you excited?” she grabbed my
hand and shoved it against her bare pussy and asked
“What do you think?” Corri and I went into the club,
it was pretty busy, but we still found a table. We
ordered drinks, and waited.

We didn’t wait long before Jeremy showed up, looking
quite handsome. I reintroduced them, and then the band
started playing a slow song that my wife really liked.
I insisted she dance with Jeremy. I watched as they
held each other close and tight. The song ended and
they stayed out on the floor to dance another,
Jeremy’s hands were all over my wife. The song ended
and my wife headed back to our table and Jeremy headed
toward the men’s room, I asked her where Jeremy was
off to, she said “he had to adjust himself, I think he
really enjoyed our dance!” I asked her if she was
wanting to go forward with our plans, and without any
hesitation she said “YES!!” When Jeremy returned they
started making out passionately. He grabbing her tits,
and she was rubbing his cock as they kissed. I
insisted that we get started.

Our room was on the 3rd floor, and as soon as we get
on the elevator, Jeremy and Corri were oblivious to
me, The elevator slowed and stopped at our floor. As
soon as the door opened and I grabbed Corri’s blouse
and Jeremy’s shirt to pull them off of the elevator. I
unlocked our door, turned on some lights, closed the
curtains, and looked at the soon to be lovers, they
were making out again. I walked behind my wife as
Jeremy stepped back and started to unbutton his shirt,
I reached around Corri, grabbed the bottom of her
dress and lifted it over her head. Corri asked me if I
was going to undo her bra, I said no I’ll leave that
for Jeremy to explore. Jeremy sat on the bed, my wife
knelt down between his legs, and gently pushed him
back on the bed, she then proceeded to undo his belt
undo his slacks and pull down his zipper. She reached
inside his trousers and grabbed his cock and pulled it
out, it was hugh and jet black. If it wasn’t a foot
long it didn’t miss it by much, Corri was so amazed by
the size! Corri stroked and played with it for several
seconds then brought her mouth to it and started
licking and sucking it, she sucked it with a kind of
intensity that she never did with me!

After several minutes of this she stopped climbed up
on the bed and said “I need to feel you inside me.”
With that she positioned herself over his cock,
grabbed it in her right hand, and introduced the head
of his cock to her pussy, she lowered on to it an inch
or 2, then back up, and down a little further and up
to get it wet, it was working,the part of his cock
that was in her pussy was gleaming, she rocked back
and forth 3 or 4 times til she had all of him in her.

She was moaning and groaning almost uncontrollably
now, she just sat there and rotated her hips around,
Jeremy reached up and unsnapped her bra and pulled it
free. She lay her heaving breasts across his powerful
chest and uttered, “Oh god this feels soooooooooo
good!” She was riding his cock up and down now as he
met her thrusts with thrust of his own.

I sat next to her on the bed and held her hand. I
asked her how she liked it, she said “I love it, OH
GOD, how I love it!” With that said she exploded into
the most intense orgasm I’ve ever seen her have.
Jeremy asked, Do you like my cock better than your
husbands?” Oh baby Yes! Yes! Your fat cock is sooooooo
much better than his!!! I love your cock. I love it.

My heart just exploded. I felt so useless and wanted
to make her feel good. I asked her what she wanted me
to do? She said “I want you to lick my pussy while he
fucks me!” I told her I’d do it but didn’t know how.
She told me to lay on my back. As I did, she through
her legs over my face and assumed a doggy style
position. Jeremy wasted no time in getting behind her!
I licked her pussy a couple of times, but stopped so I
could get a good look at his magnificent cock entering
my wife’s gorgeous pussy, I wasn’t disappointed!! I
went back to licking her pussy, Corri was in heaven!

This went on for about 15 or 20 more minutes, and
Jeremy asked Janie “Where do you want me to cum?” she
just moaned at the thought of him shooting his load.
“In your pussy, on your ass?” “I don’t care.” she
said, “On your tits, or in your mouth?” he added. “Oh
baby just fuck me! Please fuck me! He said, “How about
if I pull out and cum in your George’s mouth?” She let
out a huge moan, I knew immediately that the thought
of that appealed to her. “Is that what you want? You
want me to come in your husbands mouth? My wife again
just moaned. He pulled his cock almost all the way
out, and braced against her hips with his hands so she
couldn’t ease back on him, “I’m going to stop fucking
you till you answer me!” he said. “Oh please fuck me!”
she said. He said “No, not till you answer my
question, Do you want me to cum in his mouth?” “YES!
Oh yes! Cum in his mouth but please fuck me first!!
Then I want to “watch” you as you cum in his mouth!
Jeremy pounded his thick tool in and out of her as she
shivered and shook all over it. Oh baby I’m cumming,
oh my god, it’s so good! You’re fat cock is soooooo
good. I love you fucking me! Corri was secreting
juices like a river; so much that it was dripping onto
my face. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever and then
suddenly her movements slowed, she smiled, and I
watched as she began a gentle rock back and forth on
his cock. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” she exclaimed. I
knew she was floating in a cloud of pleasure as the
last contractions of lust quivered between her loins.

Now, I want to watch you cum on George’s face!” At
that Jeremy drove his still rock hard cock all the way
into Corri’s pussy! She started to cum and cum again
immediately! He then told Corri if she wanted to see
him cum then “you better get back here”!

With that Jeremy pulled his cock out and Corri
turned around and to my surprise, grabbed it and
started to stroke it, she aimed it right at my face.
She shouted at me to open my mouth. I opened as Corri
had instructed and “POW” a hot shot of cum blasted
against the back in my throat. Then another shot and
another. I lost track of how many more times I was
hit. I can only say there was a lot more, and it went
everywhere; in my mouth and all over my face!! Corri
laughed and said “That’s just what you needed. Lots of
thick black cum. Did you like it my husband? Did it
taste good?” Ironically, I was swallowing just as she
asked that. She laughed some more. I didn’t know what
to say. We all slowed down to rest a little, I got up
to get a drink and a towel.

When I came back, Corri asked me “Are you alright?”
I said “Yeah.” she said “I mean with what happened?” I
said “Yeah, I’m fine!” We laid on the bed for awhile.
Corri lay next to Jeremy and fondled his dick. Once it
swelled, she told Jeremy to stand in the middle of the
room. I watched as he stood naked and hard, his
impressive cock swaying in the air.

Corri said to me, “Honey, I want you to suck his
cock off! I did what you wanted me to do. Now do this
for me.” Corri was right. I had encouraged he to fuck
this black man. I really did owe her a returned favor.
I stared at Jeremy. He was stroking his cock now. I
walked before him and fell to my knees. He pumped his
meat right in front of my face, unable to move I just
knelt there and watched in amazement at the size of
his cock, and wondering if I could do a good job on

“Come on get on with it, we don’t have all day, I’d
like to get fucked some more, that is after YOU suck
that cock!” she said with a grin. “COME ON WILL YOU?”
she added.

“I will, I will!” I said, and with that I placed my
hands on Jeremy’s ass and moved my mouth towards his
waiting cock. As it slid in I couldn’t help but hum a
sound of satisfaction and pleasure as I felt it throb
and pulse in response to my lips and tongue. Jeremy
grabbed my head and shoved his cock deep into my
throat. My wife complimented him on the move.

“Fuck his face! Shoot your juicy black cum down his
throat! I want to see him take it all!” I got a
glimpse of Corri and saw that she was lost in her own
passion, she had 4 fingers shoved in her pussy now! By
the moans and groans coming from Jeremy I knew he was
going to cum anytime now, he was fucking my throat
like a man possessed, in and out again and again, how
much longer could he last. With my hands I felt the
cheeks of his ass tighten, then with a loud “Arghhhh!”
he started to cum and cum and cum, it seemed like slow
motion, ever detail seemed to be amplified, only
slowed down, stream after stream of cum shot into my
mouth. I had no choice but to swallow and swallow
until his balls were emptied into my throat. There was
so much cum. I couldn’t swallow it fast enough and
some began leaking out of the corners of my mouth and
down my chin.

I heard Jeremy laugh and felt him ease his death
grip he had on the back of my head. It was over, it
was finally over. Even so I was quite content to
continue to kneel in front of him for a long time and
nurse on his big black softening cock. When I finally
remove my mouth from his meat, I watched as it fell
heavy toward the ground and I noticed a small stream
of cum dribbling out of the end of it; quickly, I
moved my face forward and licked it off!

Still kneeling, I licked my lips and turned towards
Corri. She watched as I wiped the cum off of my chin
with my finger and licked it clean.

“You really enjoyed that didn’t you!”

I said nothing.

“Tell me George! she demanded. You liked it didn’t

Yes Corri.

Yes what?

Yes! I liked sucking his cock.

That’s good. Because from now on, I’m going to start
bringing men home for you. They’ll stand naked before
you; You’re to get on your knees, hold on to their
ass, and suck them off! Do you understand?

Yes, Corri! I understand.

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A husband talks his wife into sleeping with his black co-worker