A little story about sex at dawn

It was nearing dawn. The sunlight was beginning to creep
across the sky, blazing it with pink and orange.

He looked over at her in the tangle of bed sheets. She
was beautiful. One arm stretched over her head, her face
turned to the side. Her dark tangle of hAir lay across
the pillow, her mouth parted slightly. The top of the
sheet pulled over her breasts and the bottom revealing
her smooth legs.

Lightly he brushed his fingertips over her shoulder; she
moved a little, her leg brushing against his. He smiled
and pressed his mouth to her neck.

A small sigh escaped her, and she turned her face toward
his. He inched the sheet down moving his mouth to the
exposed flesh.

She giggled.

“You faker,” he accused, continuing to nibble along her

“I wasn’t faking anything, you never asked me if I was
awake.” She ran her fingers through his hair,
occasionally smoothing one fingertip over the top of his
ear down to the fleshy part of his lobe.

“A mere technicality.” He heard her moan slightly as her
took her mouth.

She closed her eyes enjoying his weight pressed against
her, almost on top of her. His arms were around her, his
hands stroking her cheek and her upper thigh. She felt
his erection pressing against her. She shifted slightly
so it was touching her slit.

He moaned and rolled so she was on top of him. Her
breasts flattened against his chest. He pushed her legs
apart with one of his, his cock brushing against her
moist pussy. She moved back slightly, so it touched her
clit. She was going to sit up so she could slide his
cock into her.

“You’re impatient this morning.” He grabbed her wrists
above his head, pulling her down onto his chest again.

She wasn’t deterred, she pressed kisses onto the base of
his throat and chest. She brushed his chin with her
tongue, not quite able to reach his mouth, unless he
were to lower his chin to his chest. She ground her hips
against his.

“Not yet,” he pinched her lightly.

“Oww, that wasn’t very nice.” Her whisper sounded more
like a purr than a protest.

He laughed from deep inside, she could feel it rumbling
from his chest.

“Poor baby,” he moved his thumb over the slight red mark
he’d left.

“Hush now,” she batted his thumb away. “You’re usually
not this slow in the morning.”

“You’re usually not this impatient,” he replaced his
hand firmly on her hip.

“Only because I want you to fuck me.” She resumed
kissing him where she could reach.

“Say that again,” he demanded huskily.

“Only because I want you to fuck me,” she whispered her
need below his ear.

With a swift sudden motion she found herself on her
back. He had her hips cradled in his hands, her legs
spread open resting on his shoulders. Her hands were
free, but he still bound her to him. He kneeled moving
her hips closer to her face, her knees were around his
shoulders now.

She felt his tongue slide around her inner thigh. She
closed her eyes, imagining where he would go next. Next
he would push her back down again, to bite that
sensitive spot behind her knee. That always made her
nipples tighten, whether in Anticipation or just because
it gave her tiny shivers she couldn’t tell. But she
liked it.

His tongue dove into the tightness of her pussy, up and
down. He took his teeth and moved over her clit. She
moaned. He took her hands and put them on her breasts,
guiding her to squeeze them.

She was drowning. He was pulling her under a wave of
need and desire and her own wantonness. She could feel
herself about to come.

“Now,” she hadn’t realized she’d spoken aloud. Her plea
was a broken cry of need.

He continued his beautiful torture, sliding his tongue
in and out of her, over her pouty lips and clit, sucking
on her clit while he pushed his finger into her. Her
hips bucked rhythmically against his hand and face.

Just watching her was making him harder. He could feel
his groin tightening, a sure sign.

“Now,” she said again. “Please… now… I need you
inside of me.”

She was begging. He always reduced her to begging.

Easily he lifted her into a sitting position, facing
him. His cock pointed like the arrow on the compass,
straight to her, always straight to her.

She scooted closer into the V of his legs. He helped her
onto the top of thighs, she guided his cock into her,
wrApping her legs around his back.

His mouth found hers. He took it as his own, their
tongues brushing and mingling, sliding against each

Her hips rocked back and forth with his.

He took possession of her soul with his gentle but
demanding kiss. He felt her stiffen before her tight
pussy started spasming and squeezing his cock. Tiny
tremors racked her body, he could feel it in his own.

The pressure from her intense orgasm gave way to his

She could feel his warm come shooting into her.
Instinctively she squeezed her legs tighter around him,
bringing him closer. There was more coming. She felt it
run down to her inner thighs. She felt one last burst
from him, before he was still beneath her.

His mouth was pressed into her shoulder as he slowly
caught his breath.

She laid her head against his hair, stroking his

His eyes were heavy, he wanted to lie down with her in
his arms and sleep again. As if she’d sensed what he
wanted, she slowly slid off of him and pressed a gentle
kiss to his mouth. He lay down and she crawled into his
arms, pulling the sheet back over them.

Her steady breathing was the last thing he heard before
he drifted into his own slumber.

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A little story about sex at dawn

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