A Long Awaited Time – Sex Stories

A Long Awaited Time – Sex Stories

Hi, I’m xyz. Born and bought up in Bangalore. I am a simple fun loving guy, finished school in one of the best schools in town, and pursuing degree in one of the reputed colleges. I never had the desperate lust for any girl throughout my life. I do watch porn regularly and do stuff just like anyone else.

This incident happened a few months back, which changed the idea of what i had on sex. Hugs and kisses was very common from where i studied, i was totally into adventurous trips and road trips with friends which did not give me an idea i could do all those with girls on my group.

During my college first year i had a huge crush on this girl called Neha. She was very bold in character, average height, fair complexion and she caught my eye every time she passes me. I did not approach her fearing it would break my friendship with her. I did tell to few of my close friends.

Few days passed, i was still drooling over and singing songs in my head seeing her when suddenly my friend dropped a bomb saying she got committed and her guy ravished her like king kong doing a beautiful girl. I slowly became friends with her guy just to clarify turned out he did it not just once but a couple of of times. I was heart broken and got into few bad habits just then one of a girl in my class had eyes and me. I was not in the state to realize all that, but she tried hard and dropped hints which was in vein.

It was my intra-college fest, i was taking care of few responsibilities , i was Neha making out right in front of my eyes with her guy, he was just literally eating inside her. I could not handle that situation and i cracked.

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The girl who had eyes on me, Kavya, saw all this happening and took me out side college. I did not want to enter college again so she suggested that we took off. We randomly went on a ride, it was almost around 9pm, went on a highway. I failed to realize why she was with me, she was holding me tight from behind and consoling me, i was just lost.

We stopped near shop, i bought a cig and water bottle. just when i was about to lite she pulled it n threw it off somewhere in the dark and immediately threw a kiss over my lips. I was shocked and it took me almost a min to push her away and ask what it was.

I dint speak nothing, we left there, took a U-turn going back to drop her. I dint know where she stayed, just to break the silence i asked, then she told who she stays with, where is she from, she just kept talking, on and on. I stopped the bike, said sshh, enough! What was that kiss about? Then she said how she had eyes on me, but i was too focused on Neha so she just happened to be there when they were making out and i saw. She took the situation in her favor.

I dropped her near her place, said thanks, she said not so soon, i did not understand, i left. Met her in college, i was normal, still dint have her phone number, i acted like nothing happened. We spoke for hours, days and just talk, no kisses or hugs.

Then sometimes we went for dinner, movies and hugs..then kisses smileys over messages. Once i got real drunk for a friend’s birthday party, i had to drop kavya to her house, i was so high i could not ride, turned out she had to drop me home in a cab.

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Next day she dressed up all pretty and looked stunning, but i was shabby, no shave, hangover she said i told her something and she blushed, all was so confusing. I stopped her and said, not a good time, do you need a coffee? explain everything over a coffee.

Came to know that i kissed her in the cab, bite her on the lips(come on, i dint even know it happen) and gave her love bites all over her neck. my eyes Literally popped out, and apologized. After that It was very much fun, she used to kiss me during breaks, near the hallway, sudden unexpected hugs from behind, i was actually living it.

Now here is were it goes to the next stage, my friends planned for a sleepover, that means you know..booze. suddenly all their girls joined in. Few tasted drinks, and slept off for little buzz. Kavya dropped in later, she thought i was all gone like usual, but i was little steady. She took me to terrace , she started i like when you are high, you are so naughty….which gave me a idea(bulb). i pulled her close, held her near me, and slowly sucked her upper lip. then i pushed my tongue against hers and explored her whole mouth.

Unknowingly my hand was inside her dress from the back. i could feel her lingerie but i just passionately kissed her for couple of minutes. then i kissed her all over her face, went down to her chin and sucked it like blackberry plums. It was already dark and cold, and little drizzle poured, we still carried on not bothering even if the world came to an end.

We went inside the house, found few on the floor, one couple making themselves comfy on the couch, i carried her inside a room and dropped her on the bed. i unbuttoned her shirt one by one, her dashing white skin made me get a strong boner. i opened her bra, and there it was, my god! those fair melons hanging free, with eyes like nipples looking at me. i immediately kissed her on the lip pushed on the bed, and fondled with her breast for long. then she removed my shirt and kissed me all over, i thought i should have a look inside her jean too, then i unbuttoned her jean, she stopped me, i planted another kiss and continued, i slowly pulled her pants down, exposing her thundering thighs.

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So clean and neat, no tan fresh skin. i tried to pull her panty and she stopped me from doing. I took her over me and kissed her and rolled over her, removed my shorts, and showed her my tool for the first time. she held it, wondering what to do, she kissed it and placed it on her cheek. “so warm” she said, i wanted to put it inside her mouth, she pushed me away after a min, i slowly rubbed her vagina over her panties, she moaned and few strokes later she was ready to get her orgasm, i pulled out my tool and slide her underwear to the side and push me tool inside, she was shocked and i felt two wet fleshy walls. i pushed it in and out, stroke her for 4-5 times n and i came. i fell over her and kissed her, then went back and licked her vagina till she got a second orgasm.

Went on the bed and slept with her, spooned her all night, kissed her, grabbed her melons and had the best night of my life.

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A Long Awaited Time – Sex Stories

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