A man is obsessed by his sexy Chinese secretary

A man is obsessed by his sexy Chinese secretary

I had to have her. It wasn’t a simple matter of being
attracted to her. It wasn’t a simple matter of wishing I
could have her. I HAD to have her. As the days went on, as
my knowledge of her grew, I had to have her.

Lin was, quite simply, beautiful. Fully Chinese, she
spoke with an accent and seemed lost at many American ways.
I’ve never had a particular lust for Asian women, but she
defined the category.

I had to have her.

My erection was nearly instantaneous when she walked
in every morning. Those tight form-fitting skirts. The silk
blouses. The warm, friendly, gorgeous smile. And she was
tall. Her legs were long and slender, and were magnificent
in pantyhose. I could practically sense her arrival at the
office. Other men turned their heads as she walked by. I
would be already looking in her direction.

I had to have her.

But she was married. She had been married for seven
years to a Chinese American. Their marriage had been
arranged, and she was brought to the United States for
their wedding. And for the past five months, she’s worked
at my side as my secretary. I lusted for her the moment I
saw her. My thoughts lost themselves in the sight of her
tight little ass. My eyes froze upon the glance of her silk-
covered curves. Her innocence, her fragility… her sense
of being lost in an ominous country with no one to protect
her from those who would have her.

I had to have her. I realized I was one of the ones
she needed protection from.

The worst thing about it all, I felt she might want me
as well. Now, she was a typical girl of morals, and never
strayed from her firm upbringing. But her smiles, her
touches, and her giggles were too much for me to discount.
The gentle rests of her hand on my shoulder… the grabbing
of my hand for little reason. But the real killer was her
open blouses.

She had to know the great number of days she worked
beside me with an extra button or two undone. She had to
know my eyes found little difficulty in gazing down her
shirt and catching revealing glimpses of her bras and
slips. I never saw her breasts, but the shiny lace would be
so visible across her dark flesh that it sent me to the
bathroom in a masturbation fit more times than I can count.
She must have known, in fact, she must have purposefully
tantalized me.

But I knew she wouldn’t have sex with me. Her marriage
was her bond to traditions and customs of which I had no

But I had to have her.

But how? The quickest answer was the most unappealing:
Rape. I seriously considering raping her. I knew I could do
it. I knew her daily habits, her address, and her
vulnerabilities. But I knew it would be wrong. I couldn’t
bare to see her in fear or pain. That was the most telling
point of my feelings for her. I truly cared about her, and
even wondered if I was in love with her.

She was so alluring, so magical in every movement and
glance. So how else? Getting her drunk? Drugs? None of
those seemed feasible based on her social habits and rare
moments alone in a party setting. I just needed to make
something happen, and then I was sure she would go along.
Something she couldn’t deny or ignore. If she harbored even
a fraction of the want I had for her in her breast, I knew
we could be together.

The plan came to me so clearly. So perfectly as I
fantasized about her naked body spread across my bed.

I was going to have her.

My palms were sweating the entire afternoon. My heart
raced every time Lin stepped by me. Her perfume caressed
the air. She was dressed with grace and eloquence. She wore
a long black skirt with a red, soft, and satiny blouse.
With a few buttons undone…

Of course I looked down it. My eyes fought to gain
sight of her brown nipples. Her shimmering slip kept my
eyes from their quest. I know she caught me looking. She
was bent over, right in front of me. The blouse hung well
away from her breasts, and I saw the slip all the way down
to her where the shirt tucked into her skirt. Several times
she looked up at me, asking my opinions. I gave them, but
never broke my gaze from the heavenly sight. She never
tried to cover it. Normally, I would have been furiously
jerking my cock just a few moments later. But today, I knew
I would see those nipples. Today, I would see her breasts.
Today, I would have her.

Five O’clock. The time was almost near. Lin and I were
alone in the office. She would normally be leaving soon.
But the man entering the front door would prevent that.

Lin screamed when he pulled out the gun. I did my best
to act scared. My friend was barely recognizable through
his disguise. He tore through our safe, and packed away the
belongings of my wallet and Lin’s purse.

Now for the main part of the plan. The part I had
brilliantly conceived.

My friend leered at Lin, noticing her beauty for the
first time. He looked at me.

“You humpin’ this bitch?”

I pretended. I went along. “No. We just work

“Fuck, man, she’s hot as hell.” He looked at Lin. “Do
you know what a hot little fucking slut you are?”

Lin looked to the floor, unanswering.

“You want to hump her, don’t ya? You want to fuck that
tight Asian pussy, don’t ya?”

I wanted to scream out YES! I wanted to proclaim the
depth of my lust and feeling. Instead, I remained quiet.

“Answer me, you fuck! If you don’t, I just might have
to hurt her!” he tugged at her hair. Lin screamed at his
words, her tears flowing down her cheeks.

“Ok! Ok! I would like to have sex with her.”

“No, man, that won’t do! Tell her what you really want
to do!”

He pulled Lin in front of me, he forced her into the
chair in front of my desk.

“Tell her. Tell her what you want to do to her. And
DON’T sugarcoat it!”

“I… I…” I forced the words out slowly. I didn’t
want to seem too eager. Lin watched me. Her eyes locked on

“I want to fuck her.” I looked at my friend.

“Don’t tell me, asshole, tell her! Look at her!”

My friend followed the rehearsal perfectly.

I looked again into Lin’s beautiful, dark eyes.

“I want to fuck you.”

Lin didn’t flinch.

“Go on. Tell her everything you want to do.”

Here goes…

“I want to kiss your lips, and slowly unbutton your
blouse. I want to feel the smoothness of your breasts in my

My cock was growing hard.

“I want to kiss your neck as I move my mouth down to
your breasts. I want to bite your nipples and hear you moan
with pleasure.”

I looked at my friend. He motioned to continue. Lin
appeared to be in a trance.

“I want to rip your skirt off and kiss your panties. I
want to finger your cunt, tasting and smelling the juices
that flow. I want to ram my hard cock into your tight
pussy, breaking it open the way your husband’s penis can’t.
I want to see your breasts and body bobbing beneath my
humping hips. I want to cum in you, on you… in your
pussy… in your mouth… on your breasts and into your

“Yeah, oh yeah.” my friend answered with enthusiasm.
“I’d like to see her fucked like that!”

I had tried to look like I was struggling for words at
first. But as I continued, the truth of my desires came out
as clear and visible as the bulge in my pants. Lin never
flinched as she listened to my wants. The entire time, she
looked as if she knew and expected every word.

“Do it.”

The instruction came, just as I told him. This was the
point. This was when I would either abort my plan or
happily proceed. A refusal, and my friend would say
something in disgust and be out the door. An acceptance,
and he would watch as I began to make love to Lin.

Lin’s eyes remained locked on mine as I slid my chair
towards her. My heart was absolutely pounding. My body was
alive with heat that exited through my breath. In a split
second I glimpsed those wonderful Asian assets. Her
stunning face, her full lips. Her breasts. They weren’t
huge, but definitely pronounced themselves from that
previously slim torso. I looked the length of her exposed
knees and up to her thighs and into the eventual darkness
under her skirt. In moments, she would be naked. In
moments, I would have her.

Lin didn’t move as I approached her, but tightened
severely as I placed my hand on her left thigh. Her eyes
looked down and away as a maddening jolt of energy spiked
through my fingers and across my body. I was touching a
part of her that I never thought I would. I rubbed my hand
slightly against the exposed skin. So smooth…. She was
frozen stiff. I moved my left hand to her cheek, and turned
her towards me. Her face was radiant at this distance. Her
long hair fell to her shoulders as her head turned.

I wanted to apologize to her. I wanted to her to be
unafraid. I wanted her to want this as much as I did. But I
knew I could say nothing to change the moment’s thought. So
I kissed her. She hadn’t bothered to close her mouth, and
my upper lip slid against her tongue. The kiss was a moment
of shock to her. But it quickly disappeared.

Her lips closed on mine, and we quickly found
ourselves in a heated embrace. My arms were around her
before I realized it. Our mouths kissed with a fever. My
tongue curled against hers as her hands moved against my
cheeks. The moment of truth had passed > Lin and I were
going to have sexual intercourse.

I was uncertain of what to do. There were so many
parts of her I wanted to touch, so many parts of her I
wanted to see. Should I feel her breasts first? Should I go
for her cunt? I moved off my chair and onto her. She
remained sitting between my legs as I moved my kisses down
her neck. Her head arched back and I heard her gasp. It was
a precious, quiet Chinese gasp that hardened my cock like
steel. My hand moved to her left breast, and felt the
tender, firm flesh move beneath the satin. I was leaning
against her now. undoubtedly she could feel my erection
against her leg. My hips instinctively humped her thigh as
my hands went for the first button. They trembled as they
approached, on fire from the sexual energy that jittered
every nerve.

I fidgeted with the button with my free hand as I
heard the slapping sounds of my friend on his cock. I
didn’t expect this. He was supposed to make a quiet exit —
a getaway while our lusts distracted us. But he was
masturbating as I was having her. But, Lin was all that
mattered to me.

The process of unbuttoning was too difficult, so I
broke our continual kisses to pull back. A strand of saliva
broke from our mouths as I sat back on her knees. She
watched my hands undo her blouse and expose the upper
portion of her chest. A powerful throb tightened on my cock
as the white, shiny slip became uncovered. It caught the
light and bent it around the shape of each breast. The
stitching brought the cups tightly against her dark flesh.
I wanted to moan, and tell her of her dizzying beauty, but
I didn’t want her to know how much I was enjoying this.

I had her shirt half-undone when a frenzy set in. I
had to see her breasts. I had to suckle. I had to see and
touch those nipples. I had to feel those poking nubs
against my tongue, teeth, and mouth.

I slid my hands inside her slip, trying to open the
exposure. The tight undergarment gave little ground. My
hands felt her chest as it heaved under me while trying to
pull the straps away. The touch was like cream. The
smoothness made me push my cock against her harder.

I didn’t think my intent could change, but as her
thighs closed around me and my eyes moved between her legs,
I became intent on her cunt. My own body had hiked her
skirt way up, and I could see the slip and white panties
beneath. I started to move my hand to it, but instead
cupped her right thigh, my finger barely pressing against
her panties. Again, I wasn’t sure how much she would
appreciate me enjoying this. I rubbed my hand between her
legs, pressing against her thigh but letting the slightest
pressure push against her cunt. She undid the remaining
buttons and completely removed her blouse. I heard my
friend moan loudly as his slapping hand increased its

Chinese. Lin moaned softly, then said something in
Chinese. The sound of it heightened the fire, and I quickly
undid the fasten on her belt and slid off the skirt. She
lifted her body to accommodate the action. She was mostly
out of the chair when I finished. I pushed Lin, dressed now
in only her slip and panties, over to the desk. She wanted
it. The look in her eye confirmed what I had always
suspected. She could never give herself to me by her own
free will. I could never force her against her will. The
plan was working perfectly…

She squirmed deliciously as she sat on the edge, and
captured my embrace with a long kiss and a tight wrapping
of her legs. Oh Lin… Oh Lin.. I said her name to myself
as the smacks of my lips against all reachable parts of her
body drowned out my masturbating friend. I was so desperate
to love her, so desperate to fuck her. I wished she was
naked instantly. Those beautiful breasts still remained

My hands worked to the back of the slip, reaching for
whatever device would loosen it. I found a zipper, and slid
it down. I moved my hands to the straps. Lin was smiling as
I was about to bare her breasts.

A sharp blow struck the side of my head.

“That’s enough.” a strong arm jerked me backwards,
away from Lin’s clutching arms. “It’s my turn now…”

Lin and I looked at my friend with shock.

“But! But…!” I tried to argue, but realized I could
say little without giving away my involvement. His knowing
eyes returned my stare.

“Sorry, I’ve got to fuck that pussy.” He moved closer
to Lin. “Look at that fucking snatch, man.” Lin looked at
me with terror and covered the area of the attacker’s gaze
with her hands.

“No! NO!” she squeezed her legs together tightly.

“Aw, come on, baby.”

“Please, don’t!” I was panicking as the my friend
touched her hands.

“Man, I’m sorry. I’m gonna hump this pretty ass, and
YOU’RE going to watch!”

In a blinding motion his hands shot to her slip and
ripped it open. His strength tore down the fabric about 3
inches. Lin’s head jerked violently and she screamed with
the motion.

“You see, baby, he WANTS to fuck you. He was all happy
to stick his little dick in you. But your cunt is MINE!” He
tore again, Lin’s left breast flapped into view. She cried
as he suckled her beauty like a nourishing fruit.

“No… no…” she whimpered as tears streamed own her

This wasn’t right. I was having her… I was supposed
to have her.

I took a step towards them, and like magic my friend
had his gun pointing at me. “Careful now, soldier. You
should never interrupt a man while fucking.”

His left hand grabbed the elastic of her panties and
tore downward. Lin’s pussy emerged completely, then half-
disappeared as the elastic rebounded against the effort.
They bunched at her thighs as he manually pulled them down.
He tipped Lin’s body slightly as I saw his glistening
tongue salivate her nipple. Then he pulled back, and slid
her tiny underwear down those long, succulent, dark-skinned

I couldn’t help but move my eyes to her pink. It
showed nicely through her pubic hair and against her dark
skin. I was ashamed at remaining hard, ashamed at letting
the situation come to this. Lin was being raped. The very
thing I couldn’t do. I would have called it off if she had
freaked out. I knew I would have…

“Here.” the tossed panties landed across my face. They
were a little wet.

“Ohh, look at that fucking cunt! Look at that cunt!”
He held her legs aloft and wide. Lin’s cries were louder.
Her eyes looked at me, terrified and pleading. The attacker
turned her over on the desk. Her ass rose into the air and
the attacker moved up the slip. Her bare ass and pussy
awaited him. Awaited his dick.

He positioned himself behind her, humping her ass
slightly as he slid his hands to her breasts.

“No! Oh No!” she screamed again loudly from what I
imagined was a tight nipple pinching. He shifted his hips
slightly, preparing to pound into her. I felt my own tears
as I watched my beautiful Lin being ravaged by this fucking

“Uhhh!” I heard as with his thrust. His hard, full
cock tore into her fragile cunt.

But I was insane. I couldn’t watch him fuck her, I
couldn’t let him hurt her. I couldn’t let him have her. I
was on him in a second, hitting his back and trying to
throw him off her. My lust was as great as his, but I cared
for her. I loved her.

I should have gone for the gun, but my rage instructed
me to pound him into a pulp. I landed several punches,
breaking his grasp on Lin’s hips and wresting his spiteful
cock from her ravaged pussy. Unfortunately, the gun fell
right to his side. I reached for it, and soon we were
locked in a struggle for its control. His larger body
pushed me into Lin. I felt my elbow mash against her breast

Lin screamed as a shot fired. I couldn’t see anything
but this despicable mans eyes. I turned, a swarming fear
inside of me that the bullet had tore into Lin’s breast.
She had moved against the back wall, and was OK. The
attacker’s face grew red with strain, as I’m sure mine had
as well. I fell back further, directly between Lin’s legs
and into her lap. I saw the sheen of her long, smooth legs
on either side of me. I tried to hold the gun, but my
friend was the stronger. It moved closer, tilted lower. The
barrel moved past my face. A wave of fear rushed over me as
it pushed against Lin’s left breast, indenting the soft

Oh God. One bullet. One pull of that trigger and
Lin’s beauty would be over. My hand was on the gun. My hand
could kill her. The gun poked her nipple. I was so close to
that brown circle. As close as I had dreamt of being. My
hand was against her chest. I felt her soft breasts beneath
it. Those incredible breasts I had longed to suckle. Her
beauty was right in front of me, yet was about to be

I let my friend gain the gun. In a quick motion I let
go of my grasp, and his hand shot forward with the loss of
opposition. His body fell against mine, ramming my mouth
between Lin’s breast. My tongue left a long, wide slop as I
slid against her. I quickly turned, and with all the
strength I could muster I landed a punch into his nose. The
gun fell to the floor before it could be turned on me. My
friend fell into a slumped heap.

I grabbed the gun and turned it on my friend. I wanted
to shoot him. Even though his penis enjoyed only one thrust
into Lin’s heavenly cunt, he had accomplished what I set
out to do. He had taken the opportunity from me and
attempted to violate her magnificent body.

“Get up!”

My friend shakily rose to his feet.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I looked at Lin.

She slid over to the edge, unconscious of her exposed
breast and pussy. I looked at her. She was so incredible…

I held my gaze as I heard my friend take off through
the door. I had to let him go. He was wrong for what he had
done, but I put him up to it. And I couldn’t fault him for
wanting Lin. What man would not want to fuck her? I dropped
the gun. Lin jumped into my arms, her naked breast pressing
against me.

“Oh, my God!” we turned to see a woman behind us. It
was secretary from next door.

“I heard screaming, and a shot!”

“Please, Carol, get the police…” I barely had the
strength to make the words. Carol ran to the phone.

I looked again at Lin, her chest heaving. Her breast
bobbed against me with each breath. The slip was still
pulled above her waist, her pink pressed against my thigh.

Our eyes met, and I knew we felt the same thing. We
wanted to fuck. Her mostly nude body shot a new wave of
lust threw me. The remembrance of her sweet taste and
smooth feel returned in a heated flash. My cock burst
against my pants as I held Lin, disheveled and beautiful.
We had been given an opportunity, and then had it taken
away. Could we fulfill it now?

The sound of the hung-up phone dashed those hopes.
Carol ran to our side, asking for what happened. Soon
Lin’s luscious nudity was covered beneath a long coat and
the police were all around us.

I had returned home that night, an aching in my crotch
like one I had never experienced. I was almost too sore to
walk by the time I reached the door, but masturbated
furiously to those precious moments where Lin and I were in
sexual embrace.

Her husband had thanked me profusely as he tended to
his ravaged wife. Neither one of us told him what happened
before the my friend’s assault. Neither one of us told him
how our lips met with the purest passion. How our hands
locked with dedicated embrace. How my hard penis moved
against her body. How my hands graced her thighs and nearly
breasts… It was my friend all along. He attacked, we
overcame him. I didn’t speak to him until the next morning.
He apologized with tears, and offered a deal. I wouldn’t
tun him in, he wouldn’t turn me in.

I returned to the office the next day, but wasn’t
surprised Lin took a few days off. I missed her terribly
the second day, and found it impossible to look at the desk
where her bare cunt had pressed against the wood. I was
relieved when she called to check in.

She spoke sweetly, quietly. “Could you meet me for

The next moments were a blur to me. We met in the
parking lot, but didn’t go to a restaurant. We went to a
hotel. She stopped in the parking lot, and looked at me
with the car still running.

“Make love to me…” If my cock wasn’t already rock-
hard, it would have become so now. I moved to kiss her.

“Wait. Before we do this. Understand it’s this one
time. This time only.” Her accented English tickled my
lust. “But I have to be with you. I knew it before, and I
truly know it now. You saved me. I have to have you…”

She got out of the car and led me to the room. We
embraced as soon as we entered the door. We kissed deeply,
longly, and with the “Mmms” of a long satisfaction. I
opened her long coat as we stood.

She was wearing the slip.

The tattered undergarment still held its shine as it
hung loosely by her naked breast. She took my hand and
spread my fingers over her beauty.

“Oohh…” she moaned softly. My hand caressed her
erect nipple. The bump beneath my palm shot fire through my
touch. I rubbed softly, then quickly, allowing the nipple
to travel the length of each and every finger to the tip.
It started to look dry, and my long dream returned. I
clamped my mouth onto it, suckling her like a desperate
child. Her nipple pushed against my cheek and the roof of
my mouth. I wedged it between my tongue and teeth, tasting
it as Lin moaned and stroked my hair.

I let her step back from me. I watched intently as she
undid the slip. She carefully pulled the straps down,
revealing her other breast. She rubbed them as they jiggled
free. She pulled the slip down further, exposing a pair of
white, sheer panties

I kissed her pussy. I fell to my knees and kissed her
cunt with a feverish lust. Her panties became wet, mostly
from my own saliva. I slid the panties half-way down her
dark, slender legs. My tongue gushed into her cunt.


Her pitch was so high, like a little girl. I felt her
body tremble as I licked her opening. She rubbed her
breasts as I mouthed her.

Chinese. She moaned again in her native tongue. She
breathed words I didn’t know, but understood.

I lowered her onto the bed. I watched her breasts fall
to the sides of her body. Her head fell back on the
pillows, her eyes closed as she draped her arm across her
forehead. I pulled her panties completely off, then
undressed myself.

I wanted to be naked with her. I climbed on top of
her, touching as much of my body to her as possible. I
wanted to fuck every square inch of her. I glided my hips
over her body, humping her leg… her stomach… her arm…
her breasts.

My cock moved to her face. I was surprised when she
came alive and took it into her mouth. I sat above her as
she tenderly sucked and kissed my cock.

“Uhhh..” I breathed a quiet sigh. Her sweet lips
pressed tightly around it. They moved delicately up and
down my hard shaft. So smooth, so silky I became hypnotized
by the sight of her bobbing head. Her dark hair spreading
down her lovely face and to her hands and my cock. Her
full, precious lips and mouth clenching with each suck. The
`popping’ sounds of my penis entering and re-entering my
mouth and her constant hum of “Hmmm’ lulled me into
magnificent ecstasy. I was going to cum. The sight of her
saliva glistening on the tip of my penis made it expand
with tension.

Her tongue licked underneath the shining tip.

“Ohh.. Ohh, Lin!” My mouth locked open, my arms
tightened. She licked with precision, finding the exact
point of greatest pleasure.

“Ohh! Lin. Ohh, baby…” my sperm shot onto her face
and into her mouth. She rubbed my cock as I ejaculated onto
her. Some landed on her hair, some dripped down her
breasts. I wondered if her traditional values allowed for
this. She ran her fingers into the sperm, and plucked them
into her mouth.

I wondered if my sperm tasted different than her
husband’s. I didn’t ask. This was our moment.

I fell onto her, hoping this orgasm didn’t count as
the fuck. I hadn’t even pounded her cunt yet!

We kissed, and let our hands explore our bodies as I
recharged. It didn’t take long. The sweet taste of her
lips, her heavy beating heart, and he smooth texture of her
naked flesh against me quickly returned me to action.

I mounted her, ready to plunge my cock into her sweet

“Fuck me.” she said.

I planned to! I was ready to!

“Fuck me like that man… like that man was going to
fuck me.”

Lin squirmed from under me. She grabbed the slip. I
got off her, and watched her redress herself in the slip
and panties. She reached in her coat and pulled out a deep
red lipstick. She put on her lips, and offered the sweet,
innocent look of a traditional girl.

The hotel had a desk. Lin moaned as I forced her
against it.

“Hump me! Do me! Ravage me!”

I tore the at the slip, re-exposing her breasts.

“Yes! Tell me how you’re fucking me. Tell me how, like
you did then!”

“I ripping your clothes off!” I yelled, enjoying the

“Ohh yes!!”

She seemed orgasmic. I wondered how strong she

I tore at the panties. “Oh, I’m going to fuck your
sweet cunt! I’m going to ram my cock into your pussy and
tear it open!”

“Ohh! Ohhh!”

She screamed as I spun her around. I bent her over the
desk, and hiked the slip over her bare ass.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long! Oh yeah!” I
gripped her nipples, pinching them hard.

“Uhh!” Lin’s body flinched into mine.

“Oh, you hot, little, fuck! Wearing those skirts…” I
thrust into her.


“… wearing those open blouses.. showing me those
titties! Now I’m fucking you, Lin. Yeah, I’ve got my cock
in your cunt! Ah! Ah!” I grunted as I drove into her. I
could see her breasts flapping wildly in the mirror as I
pounded into her. Her cunt tightened around my cock,
squeezing pleasure from it like a soaked piece of clothing.
I had to savor the moment. My penis was in Lin’s cunt. My
penis was in her cunt!! I backed out slowly, and pushed in
again as gently. It was so smooth, so wonderful. The tight,
moist passage tickled the tip of my cock. “Ohhh..” I
moaned at the slow pressure. She bucked against me, eager
for hard attention. I started fucking madly, insanely. I
pushed into her as hard and deep as I could I wanted her
cunt to envelope my entire body.

“Oh, Lin, I’m going to cum in your pussy! I’m going to
cum in your pussy!”

Lin screamed with pleasure. I knew the thin walls
couldn’t contain our moans.

I felt her bouncing breasts one more time. The I
lowered my hands to her waist, ready to sperm inside her.

“Here it comes. Here comes my sperm! I’m fucking you!
I’m fucking you!” I felt my orgasm about to release. I had
time for one more sentence.

“And I’m going to fuck you again, and again, and

My sperm shot into her with a force that almost hurt.
I pounded into her pussy, making sure all of it went inside

“Oh, baby.. oh, Lin…”

“Uhh… uhh..” she moved backwards, pushing herself
onto my cock. I continued to hump her slowly as I kissed
her neck and rubbed her breasts.

There was no denying my last sentence. Lin said it was
a one shot deal, but we both knew in silence we would fuck

In fact, we fucked every day. We fucked in my chair.
We fucked on my desk. We fucked on the floor. Lin didn’t
even bother to fully dress anymore. She left for work after
her husband, and showed up in that long coat with only sexy
lingerie underneath. I fucked her as she punched in. I
fucked her at lunch. I fucked her as she spoke to her
husband on the phone. She always left early, beating her
husband home and changing into normal attire.

I loved every inch of her, and soon realized my
business would be in trouble. All I cared about was fucking
her. When her tits weren’t in my mouth — I felt thirsty.
When my cock wasn’t in her cunt — it felt pain. We spent
our days inside each other. Her hips slowly moving in
rhythm to my own — both of us savoring the slow
intercourse… the slow motion of my cock sliding in and
out of her wet pussy.

We realized we were in trouble. My business… her
marriage. She quit. We both knew it was the best thing,
well the second best. The best thing was fucking.

I haven’t seen her since. I long for her slim,
gorgeous body every day. I long to feel her breasts
brushing against my face as she rides atop me. I long for
that incredible moment when I first enter her. I long for
those sweet, naked embraces.

But she’s gone. Gone in every way except for one small
note. I should have been mad. A lunatic buried in sexual
loss. But that note prevented it…

“See you on the anniversary.”

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A man is obsessed by his sexy Chinese secretary