A man tries to sooth a hassled workmate’s ruffled nerves, only to become fuck-buddies

A man tries to sooth a hassled workmate’s ruffled nerves, only to become fuck-buddies

It started with a message on my voicemail.

“Hi babe. Those damn fuckers. I just got out of the
meeting and I’ve had it. I’m going home. See you

I had some trouble hearing the message because she’d
called from her car and the cell phone wasn’t living up
to its advertised crystal clarity. Her voice was also
low; she sounded very dispirited.

I was late getting back to my office after trying to
wrestle another dose of reality down the throats of the
developers. So, both of us had a trying day, had we.

Marty and I had started with the company about the same
time. She was their new marketing hope, lots of big city
experience and drive. Early 30s, she was just over 6′ in
her heels, black hair cut short, smart dresser, nice
enough to look at, more so when she began moving around.
Then, she was dynamite. She attacked the space around
her and her rapid movement attracted the eye. There
always seemed to be a aura of barely suppressed energy
about her.

As a contract manager, I was hired because I knew the
market, the key clients and a little about delivering
software applications. We made ourselves into a team but
only during work hours. She seemed more interested in
the young, high flyers downtown and that disqualified me
on two out of three counts. Still, there was always


What made the message pique my interest was her use of
“babe”. While we called ourselves all sorts of names,
that hadn’t been one of them. She really sounded down. I
had been to her place only once when I helped her move
an antique bonnet chest from her sister’s. Could I cheer
her up? Should I? “Faint heart, etc. etc.” She only had
to say, “No.”

This should be a little special so I decided to arm
myself with the appropriate weapons designed to at least
gain entrance. Stopping at a shopping mall, I picked up
some red wine that I thought she’d like, assorted finger
foods and three blood red gladiolus stems (the last
north of Texas, probably).

Walking back to the car, I passed one of those shops
that sells soaps, oils and other slithery, scented
liquids. “What she needs is a back rub,” I thought.

Fifteen minutes and several more swipes of the plastic
later, I was ready.

Driving across the city to her apartment, I wasn’t sure
about all I hoped to gain. “See what happens. Don’t push
it.” ran through my mind like some kind of calming

One thing looked good as I turned onto her street.
Someone had messed up and left a parking space. Nope,
didn’t look like there was another movie shoot.
Whispering a thanks to the traffic gods, I started up
the walk towards her building.

Now, this could be a problem. If I rang her number,
she’d just as likely say she was too tired. (I don’t go
for pressing numbers at random until some poor dumb soul
buzzes me through.) But, there was a couple leaving as I
pulled the outer door open. Seeing me all decked out
with appropriate “date” type packages, he winked over
the head of his girl friend, wished me “Bonne chance”
and let me through. The draw bridge was down!


Ringing her door buzzer, I felt the sweat trickling down
my sides. I could sense her looking through the security
peep hole and heard the lock snick back.

“Hi there…how are you?” When all fails, crib a line
from The Eagles.

Marty was wearing a silk shortie robe, tied at the
waist. Her makeup was off, her hair was wet and all I
could see were her big, dark eyes widening as she
realized what she was facing.

“Here, these need water,” handing her the glads. “This
needs opening,” pushing a bottle of wine in her other
hand. “This, I’ll light myself,” flourishing a tall
candle. For some reason, I had remembered that her
favourite scent was Patchouli.

There was a pause that went on and on. The touch of one
of her cats figure eighting around her ankles startled
her. “Come in, you’re here now.” Not the most auspicious
welcome, but it wasn’t, “Hit the road, Jack.”

“Don’t put your coat there; there’s cat hair all over
that chair. Let me take it.” Shrugging out of it, I
handed it over and she took it into her bedroom. I
didn’t know where to go so I stayed right where I was.
The cat came over to investigate.

Coming back out, she said, “Are you just going to stand
there?” Picking up the flowers and the wine, she walked
into the kitchen. “There’re glasses in the cabinet.
Don’t pet Fleur; she bites.” That’s OK. Blue pin striped
suits and cat fur don’t go together.

A little warning, there? I didn’t know but I got the
glasses without suffering any bloodletting.

“So, why are you here?” was Marty’s question as she
popped the cork from the wine bottle.

“Well, you sounded so down in your message that I
decided you needed a soothing back rub.” Holding up my
last bag of scents and oils, “I have these to help out.
They’re guaranteed to make you feel better.” It was a
little lame, but I was winging it.

“You’re kidding, aren’t you?”

“No and we’re going to start right now. No ifs, ands or
buts. Bring the wine with you.”

Now, we had treated each other as equals at work. She
knew her job and I knew mine. We had been able to work
together and do some good stuff. This was a decided
departure from our usual bantering back and forth. I
really thought she needed someone to treat her nicely
tonight and if I had to push a little, I would.

Standing still, Marty looked at me as I took the candles
and bottles of oils out of the bag. On top of her
fridge, at the back, I could see a couple of ash trays
remaining from her ex. They would be good enough for the
larger candles. I had bought some coloured glass holders
for the tea candles.

“Come on, Marty. This will make you feel better,” and I
turned to go out of the kitchen. Fleur was standing in
the doorway. “Look, Puss. Move way or you get drop
kicked into next week.” (Not a chance, the cat would cut
me to ribbons if I even looked sideways at her. Besides,
I like cats.) She moved, though.

I walked into her bedroom and started setting up. One of
the large Patchouli candles went onto her bedside table,
the other on her dresser. Lighting them, I then lit and
placed the little tea candles in their holders around
the room. Finally, I turned out the lights.

“What are you doing?” came from the door way.

“When we finished, you’re going to go right to sleep.
Better here than in the living room. This way, you won’t
have to move.” That was all the rationale I could think

“I don’t think so, G. I really don’t want to do anything

“No, Marty,” I interrupted. “Tonight you need someone to
do something good to you, just for you.”

Marty was quite proud of her wrought iron bed frame and
she had decorated the room in white. (This was the first
time I had been in here.) The bed itself seemed piled
with five feet of comforter, pillows, throws and the
other things that women, now living alone, soothe their
souls with.

“Do you have a big towel?, I asked Marty. “I don’t want
to get anything on your sheets.” I pulled the comforter
and the top sheet down to the foot of the bed. “This is
your own, very private place. I appreciate your even
letting me in the door.”

As I folded the bedclothes neatly, Marty remained
standing in the doorway. As I moved back towards her,
she held up one hand. Taking it in mine, I moved closer
to her.

“Look, we’ve always been les deux etrangers, us against
les autres.

Tonight’s back rub is just between you and me. No one
else will know.”

She didn’t pull her hand away but there was a
questioning look on her face.

“Marty, let me do it.” I was speaking very quietly.
“You’ll have the next 15 or 20 minutes just for
yourself. Indulge yourself a bit. I guarantee it will be
worth it. Back rubs are something I know and I want to
give you this special treat tonight. Maybe it will make
up for the shitty time you had this afternoon.”

The lines began disappearing from her face. “Why a back
rub? My bath relaxed me.”

“Then, this will be the icing on the cake.”

I could see her thinking about the prospect. The set of
her shoulders started to soften and I could see a very
small smile light up in her eyes. Nodding her head once,
Marty whispered, “Okay.”

Moving very close to her, I raised her hand and lightly
kissed the ring on her index finger. Looking her right
in the eyes, I could smell the perfume from her bath.
“This is your place. You set the rules and you control
what happens in here.” I paused to give her time to
accept that. ” Now, about that towel?”

Marty put the wine and glasses down and went into her
bathroom. I took my jacket off and put in on the chest
under the window. Rolling up the sleeves of my shirt, I
walked into the kitchen to wash my hands. This would
make sure that they were clean as well as warming them

Moving back to the bedroom, I saw Marty had got out one
of those big beach towels.

“Perfect,” I said and spread it out on the bed. “Would
you like some wine?” I knew that I was going to need
something soon. “There’s also a couple of things to
munch on. Have you had anything to eat?

I felt there was some sort of momentum going but I
certainly wasn’t going to force anything with her. I had
probably usurped all the control I could. Pouring the
wine wouldn’t break the rhythm too much, I thought.

“We need a toast, or something,” I said as I handed her
a glass. To quote one who knows, “Fuck em; they’re all

We both started to laugh and repeated the toast in
unison. The Aussies make damn fine red wine.

“But, you haven’t told me everything,” Marty queried and
she came further into her bedroom.

“I decided that a back rub was what you needed. It’s
that simple. Have another sip of wine and lie down on
your bed.”

I was looking at the different bottles in the dim candle
light. I hoped this was relaxing oil, not the energizing
one. (The latter was for some other time, I hoped). I
was surprised that Marty was going along with this. If I
had tried ordering her around at work, there would have
been the equivalent of low-yield thermonuclear
explosion. Here, in her own apartment, she was
different. As long as I merely opened a door and left it
up to her, she was prepared to go through it.

I could see that mentioning her bed had brought her
doubts back to the surface. I understood her hesitation.

“Marty, haven’t we always trusted each other at work?
Don’t we work well together?”

“Yes, but…”

“No buts. A minute ago, you decided that you would
accept a back rub from me, didn’t you?”

“Yes, but…”

“Marty, stop that,” I countered a little more firmly.
“Trust me now. This is my gift to you. When it’s over,
you’ll not even know why you wondered.”

I stopped again to let her agree to what was going to
happen. “I want to do this and I think you want me to do
it, too. But, it’s your choice.”

“All right. It would feel good, wouldn’t it?”

“Marty, let’s be sure between the two of us. You do want
me to give you a back rub, don’t you?

“Yes, I do.”

The robe was going to be a problem. For the first time,
I really looked at Marty. Even in the low light, it was
obvious she wasn’t wearing anything under it.

“I’m going to see if you’ve any CDs to play. While I’m
gone, open the robe up, slip your arms out and fold it
down to your waist. It’s warm enough in here so you
won’t get cold. Then, lie down on the bed.” I left the
bedroom thinking that might prompt her to follow my

I picked out the “You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To”
volume from The Mercury Songbook collection. Setting the
CD on repeat, I returned to the bedroom.

Marty was lying on her front with her face towards the
door. Her back was bare with the robe draped over her
butt. There was a question in her eyes but the vertical
lines between her eyebrows had disappeared. The scent of
the Patchouli was much stronger now and Marty was no
longer displaying any discomfort at my being in her

Rubbing my hands together, I sat down on the edge of her
bed. Opening the bottle of oil, I poured a little onto
my left hand. Holding it down near her nose, I asked,
“Smell okay?”

Marty nodded her head so I poured some more onto my
hand. I put the bottle on the table and transferred oil
to my right hand. Starting just at the top of her spine,
I began gently to rub the oil into her skin. As I moved
the oil out onto her shoulder blades, I realized that
this was going to take some time.

When I had spread the oil out, I started to increase the
pressure on Marty’s back with the heels of my hands. I
could feel the bumps along her spine as I increased the
size of the circles. I ran the sides of my thumbs up and
down the troughs next to her spinal column. As her skin
warmed up, I could feel little shifts in her body as she
settled into her bed.

There was still enough oil so I moved my hands out to
her upper arms and around the outer edges of her
shoulders. (She was really a lot thinner than I had
imagined back in the office.) Marty had tucked her
forearms under her body but now she lifted her torso up
a little and laid her arms down by her sides.

Once I felt that the upper portion of her back was
covered, I poured some more oil onto my hands and
started on her arms. As I reached between her left arm
and her side, I happened to scrape a finger against her
ribs. With a jerk, she looked over her shoulder at me.

“Ticklish?” I asked.

“A little.”

“I’ll try to be careful.” But I flicked her rib cage

Working my thumbs into the flesh of her arm, I worked
down to her hand. With the back of her hand lying on the
towel, I gently stroked the palm of her hand with my
fingernails and was rewarded with another twitch.

“I said I’d be careful. I didn’t say I wouldn’t tickle
you.” Marty responded with a short chuckle.

I moved to the other side of the bed to work on her
right side. More oil and more soothing pressure, I
hoped. While there, I returned to her back and began
moving the oil, spreading it in circles lower down her
back. Again, I was taken by how fragile her ribs seemed
to be. Here, there was very little in the way of muscle
sheathing and I tried to find just the right pressure
without being too light or too heavy.

I had now done all of her back above the bunched up
fabric of her robe. Wiping my hands on the bottom corner
of the towel, I gently picked up what I thought was the
top fold to move it down some more. I saw that instead
of just slipping out of the top part of her robe, Marty
has undone the tie. I lifted the entire robe from her
and placed it over the pillows next to her head.

I now had just under six feet of warm, ivory coloured
woman lying on her bed. The candles cast a yellow,
softly flickering light over Marty’s back, buttocks and
legs. Despite her slender build, there wasn’t a sharp
curve to her body. Not wanting her to get chilled, I
returned to the back rub.

With more oil in the palms of my hands, I started to rub
it into the base of her spine and the flare of her hips.
Again, there were some small shifts in her body as the
oil on my hands warmed her. The crease between the
halves of her buttocks was in deep shadow as my thumbs
started to massage them. I started to dig deeper with my
fingers, pulling the flesh on her buttocks up and

“That’s not my back,” came a muffled comment from Marty.

I leaned down and dropped a soft kiss on the dimples
above her crack.

Her skin twitched again from the bristles of my beard
and moustache. This close, I could see the fine dark
hair radiating out across the shelf of her buttocks.

Turning around, I poured some oil onto the back of her
right thigh. With both hands, I started running down her
legs, easing up on the tender skin of the backs of her
knees. The fingers of my right hand were between her
legs and I could feel a slight tremor in the long
muscles of her thigh. Reaching, I massaged her calf but
that was as far as I could go from my sitting position.

I stepped to the end of the bed and lifted her foot. I
started in on the ball and arch of her foot with my two
thumbs while I just grazed the delicate skin on the top
of her foot with my fingertips.

I looked up the length of Marty’s body and returned my
gaze to the junction of her legs. The shadow was too
deep to see anything but I knew that I wanted to more
than massage that part of her.

“Warm enough?” I asked. I could see her short black hair
nod an ascent. I ran my oily fingers between her toes
and deposited a kiss on the pad of each one of them.

Picking up her left foot, I repeated the ministrations
and left another five kisses. With more oil again, I
began her left leg. At some point, I had dragged my tie
on the surface of her skin and I could see a little
glint of candlelight on the end. This was much too
enjoyable to worry about a $60 tie.

As I moved up her calf, I saw that Marty had spread her
legs a little and I could see some tendrils of hair at
the top of her thighs. I repeated running my hands up
her thighs but, this time, I was facing her. I
deliberately ran my hand deeper up her leg until just
below where I thought the hair between her legs would

I brought my fingertips up in a arc, tracing the join of
her thigh and buttock. At this point, I noticed that
Marty’s breathing had quickened. So had mine as I
realized that that was an honest erection in my pants.

Holding her upper thigh in my hands, I rotated my right
hand down between her leg until my palm was almost
underneath. My index finger brushed against her on the
downstroke and I pressed against her mound as I withdrew
my hand. I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy
on the back of my hand.

Bending over, I kissed the tops of her buttocks and gave
a little lick to the crease between them. I don’t know
whether the oil had any taste but I could smell the
faint aroma of her feminine arousal. It was still
getting warmer in her bedroom and the mixture of her
closeness and the scents in the room were giving me a

“Would you like some more wine?” I asked as I came up to
her head. Marty’s eyes opened and she just looked at me.
I wiped my hands on the towel and poured wine into both

“Why don’t you turn over? You can drink your wine and I
can do your front.” I know there was a tremble in my
voice when I said it.

Looking up at me and said, “You want to, don’t you?”

“What does this bulge in my pants tell you,” I
responded. “But, it’s your choice. I can go now, or any
time you say.”

“I’d like some more wine.” With that, she turned over
and held out her hand. God, she was beautiful. No fancy
power clothes, no high priced make up, nothing other
than what she was.

Her breasts were capped with dark brown areolae, their
nipples barely visible. As I looked down her body, I
could see a very faint sheen of sweat captured in the
light of the large candle at the head of the bed.
Leaning up on her elbow, Marty took a sip, then a

“Come here,” she said. I bent down and she lifted her
left arm up to grasp my neck. I could faintly taste the
wine on her lips, a taste that became stronger as she
pushed her tongue between my lips. I slipped my arms
around her body and pulled her into my chest as our kiss

“You’re going to get oil on everything. Take your
clothes off.”

“It’s still your say, Marty. All you have to say…”

“My say is yes. Is that clear enough?”

I slipped off my braces, undoing my tie (which got a
little complicated at one point). Undoing the buttons of
my shirt, I continued by unzipping my pants. The shirt
hit the floor and I stepped out of my pants and shorts.
Shoes and socks followed. I didn’t have the advantage of
an after-work shower so she was going to have to take me
the way I was.

I sat down on the bed and reached for the bottle of oil.
This time, I poured a little onto the upper slopes of
her breasts. As I reached to begin rubbing it into her
skin, Marty wrapped her hand around my erect penis in
the hitchhiker grip. She started to rub her thumb around
the glans as I rubbed circles of the oil into both her

Under my thumbs, I could feel her nipples begin to
stiffen so I increased the pressure, scooping them up in
the V between my thumbs and index fingers. Lifting her
breasts away from her chest, I brought my lips down to
her left breast and drew the nipple into my mouth. I
flicked my tongue across the nipple and ran my tongue
around it, pressing down into the mass of her breast.

I took this nipple between my teeth, rolling it back and
forth. Marty’s left hand was back behind my neck holding
me down to her. I could feel her finger nails running up
through my hair, digging into my scalp, sending shivers
down my spine and goose bumps across my back.

Replacing my lips with my hand, I switched to her other
breast and gave it the same adoring attention. My hand
had continued its milking motion on her right breast.
Marty’s right hand was not content merely to hold my
penis as she started to move the loose skin up and down,
very slowly jacking me off. At the top of the stroke,
her thumb stroked across the sensitive tip, smearing my
pre-cum around the head.

As I worshiped at her breast, I could feel the light
tracings on her nails on my chest. She skimmed her
fingers through my chest hair until she could feel my
nipple. Grasping it between her thumb and middle finger,
she flicked it with the nail on her index finger.

As I started to move down her body, Marty lifted both
hands above her head. I looked up in alarm, fearing that
some limit had been reached. Instead, I saw that she had
grabbed the bars of the headboard and was tensing the
muscles in her arms and upper body. As she relaxed, I
kissed her armpit, licking up the traces of sweat that
had gathered there.

I poured a small amount of oil into her navel. Using my
thumbs, I moved it over her stomach, reaching up to the
arch of her rib cage. Marty was still doing her version
of horizontal sit-ups and I could feel her abs
contracting under my hands. As she would tense, I would
move my hands out to her sides, gradually moving lower
until I met the rising slope of her softly furred mons.

It wasn’t only her arms that were moving now. Marty’s
hips were starting a little dance of their own. I looked
up to see a little frown appear on her face. This seemed
to deepen each time Marty rotated her pelvis upwards in
time with her upper body contractions.

Moving up to the head of the bed, I asked, “Okay?”

“It’s been a long time,” she murmured. “I’m just getting

I ran my tongue between her lips and Marty brought her
arms down to wrap me closer to her. I darted my tongue
into her mouth, pushing at her teeth and the inside of
her lips. Her tongue met mine and drove back into my

The panting was becoming louder as we broke apart.

Marty brought her left leg up and tapped my shoulder
with her knee. I put my hand behind her knee and pushed
the heel of my hand into the underside of her thigh. I
ran it down the length of her thigh and cupped her
buttock allowing my thumb to begin exploring the
junction of her thigh and labia.

Kissing the inside of her thigh, I moved down. As I did,
Marty’s other leg opened up, too. From the shifting of
the bed, I thought she had returned to her hold on the
iron bars of the head board.

Holding both cheeks of her butt in the palms of my
hands, I opened her labia with my thumbs, drawing them
up and down through slickness of her lubrication. Marty
lifted her mound up to my waiting lips. The light level
was too low to see so this would be oral love making by
the Braille method (and I had a seeing eye tongue).

The point of my tongue spilt her inner labia and I could
hear the hiss of her indrawn breath. Feeling for her
clitoris, I moved its hood just a bit, pushing it away
until her clitoris seemed to reach out for me. Circling
it with my lips, I sucked on it, keeping my teeth and
tongue away from its tender surface. As I continued, her
vaginal juices were mixing with my saliva and I could
sense the change in the taste of her to a stronger musk.
It was intoxicating.

Keeping my upper lip pressed against her clit, I opened
and closed my mouth so I could stimulate the lower end
of her vulva with my lip and chin. My teeth dragged
along her lips as well. Marty continued to rock her
pelvis up and down so I moved a little lower sticking my
tongue as far as I could into the entrance of her
vagina. Wiggling it, I started fucking her with my
tongue, jabbing it and out in time with her pelvis
movements. Every now and then, Marty would keep her
pelvis elevated, jerking it through tiny motions.

Catching on to her signal, I returned to sucking her
clitoris. I could hear small grunts coming from deep
within her chest. Every time I passed my tongue over the
end of her clitoris, the grunts would change to a moan
and her thighs would press into the sides of my head. My
beard was now as soaked as her pussy hair and I sucked
in as much of her liquid as I could.

Concentrating my lips on her clitoris, I inserted first
one thumb and then the second into her vagina, slowly
finger fucking her with each alternate digit. My fingers
were splayed over her bottom, holding her up to me.

The pelvic rocking had almost stopped now and the moans
moved up a notch to higher pitched keening. Marty’s
thighs were clamped on my head with her feet flat on my
back, pushing my face into her.

I wrapped one arm over her hip bones to pull her closer
and she came. Her entire body became rigid and I could
feel the clenching of her vagina on my still inserted
thumb. Even her anus throbbed against my fingers. By
this time, I had very little air to breath and my own
heart was beating a mile a minute in my excitement.

With a great exhalation of air, her thighs relaxed and
Marty dragged great gulps of air into her lungs. I
continued to keep the circle of my lips around her
clitoris, gently sucking on the tissue around it.

As soon as her breathing calmed down a bit, Marty
started the whole process over again, quickly building
in intensity. By now, I could follow her lead more
easily and she quickly came again. She must have let go
of her grip on the head board as I felt her arms slap
down on the bed.

“Hey babe…up here,” came the ragged request.

“Feel better, Marty? I asked.

“Come here. I need to hold you.”

Giving one last, very soft tickle to her clitoris, I
lapped up what juices I could and moved up to her. “I
hope you know how you good you taste.”

She moved me away from her to look at me, her juices in
my beard and the shine on my nose and cheek bones.

“You really like that, don’t you?”

“Yup. Thar ain’t nothing finer,” I grinned, trying and
failing to wiggle an eyebrow.

“Kiss me!” I did and Marty kept moving around to lick
her juices on my face.

“Hey! What’s this?” as she grabbed my limp penis.

“Well, I was so taken up with you that I forgot all
about it,” I replied. “I can only do one thing at a
time, you know.” I joined Marty’s laughter as she
regained that same stroking hold on my penis.

“Uh-huh. Let’s see what…oh…ooohhh. Man, you’re not
as wet as I am but you’re getting a lot harder.”

“When you do that to me, Marty, it’s not going to take
too long.”

“In your package of treats, you didn’t forget to bring
any condoms, did you?”

“Shit. It never crossed my mind.”

I figured that was it. I knew she was a firm believer in
the �No Glove, No Love’ school. These days, who wouldn’t
be? Maybe sub-consciously, I didn’t think things would
go this far.

“You old guys. Who takes care of you?” Marty was
stroking my fully erect penis.

“I’m not old. There’s only twenty years between us. But
I guess I am little out of practice.” I reached over for
our wine and handed her a glass.

Over the rim of her glass, Marty certainly looked
serious. “You’d leave now, without fucking me? she

“Marty, we can’t. I don’t have anything.” I put down my
glass and started to get up.

“You would leave, wouldn’t you?”

“I might want to take this towel home, though.” I
thought of a couple of good uses for it. “Do you mind if
I have a shower?”

“Yeah…I guess you can’t go home like that, can you?”

“Sure I can. There’s no one there.”

Sitting up, Marty grabbed my shoulder. “What do you
mean? What about…?”

“Gone. That trip? She came back but the love didn’t.”

“Shit, G. You never told me.”

“Marty, it’s not the end of the world. Although, it did
feel like that, for awhile. Still, I wouldn’t be here
tonight if she and I were still together.”

Marty cocked an eyebrow at me.

“Well, it would have stopped with the back rub…I
think.” That brought me back into her arms.

Marty reached between us and said, “We still have a
problem here and it doesn’t seem to want to go away.”

“True enough, my lady. But them’s the breaks. I think
I’m negative but I can’t prove it even to myself.”

“You were very good to me tonight, G. I’m going to do
what I can.”

“Tell you what, Marty. Let’s take a break and have
something to eat. Some food, I mean.” With that, we both
started to get up. “No, you stay here. If I can’t find
what I need, I’ll ask Fleur.”

I was really glad I had brought the food. Marty didn’t
keep much of a supply of high energy food in her
apartment. A lot of lettuce, though. Of course, that’s
why she had the figure she did. Arranging my little
tidbits on a serving platter, I decided that another
bottle of wine was also necessary. And, I was getting
tired of the CD I had selected an hour ago.

I didn’t exactly waltz back into her bedroom. Naked men
and swinging dicks can’t dance (among other things). The
scents of Marty’s orgasms and the candles had permeated
the entire apartment. (At least, the candles had; I wore
enough of Marty’s to smell it wherever I went.

Hungrier than we both realized, the food on the platter
didn’t last long. The quiet in the apartment closed in
around us. Even the street noises were far off.

“The one thing I’m a little low is an adequate selection
of fruit. We’ll have to make do with the grapes and the
pears.” Sitting facing her, I realized again how truly
beautiful she was in her natural state.

“This is treat I learned from my friend, the ex-
restaurant owner,” as I smeared some Gorgonzola cheese
onto a grape. Offering it to her, a small piece of
cheese dropped off to land on her belly. Grinning and
saying, “I’ll get it,” I bent down to lick it off her
pale olive skin. Once there, I could see no reason to
leave and I widened the strokes of my tongue until I
approached her mons.

“If we can’t fuck,” I said as I looked up her torso to
her face, “there is one thing I’d like.”

“Name it and it’s…we’ll see,” was Marty’s two part

“No,” I replied as I rubbed my beard into her
equivalent. “No, you will like it. Do we have a deal?”

Once again, I saw Marty pause and think over what had
happened tonight.

She had two glorious orgasms just because she had agreed
to a back rub.

Nodding her head in agreement, Marty looked directly at

Scooting up beside her, now, I leaned over and said, “I
want you to sit on my face. I don’t know any other way
of saying it. At least then,” and I smiled, ” I get to
hold onto the bed.”

Trying not to laugh at my comment on her hand holds,
Marty asked me, “Why?”

“It’s great for both of us. You control where your body
is; I get to be where I want for as long as you want.
Besides, tongues don’t get tired and soft quickly. They
get sore, but they don’t get tired. And I can cheat.
I’ve got lips, beard and, as a final option, my teeth.”

“Ooh…I don’t know about the last.”

“No biting, I promise.”

“Uh…how do we work this?”

Gathering up the remains of our bedside picnic, I
motioned her away from the head of the bed. Crawling
into the warm, and slightly damp, place in the middle of
the bed, I plumped two of her pillows under my head.

“That saves wear and tear on my neck.”

“You’ve done this before, haven’t you?” said Marty as I
arranged myself.

“Not with you I haven’t,” and I reached out to bring her
down for a kiss on the end of her nose.

“What about our small friend here?” Marty ruffled my
penis through my pubic hair.

“Let him find his own girl. He can take care of

Gradually, we fell into the same exchange of tongues, in
my mouth and then in Marty’s. I knew that she would like
this and it was one of my all-time favourites. While we
kissed, I ran my hands back and forth across those
wonderful breasts of hers. Marty was of slim build but
that only served to enhance the attractiveness of her

When I could feel her nipples beginning to stiffen under
the tweaking and pulling of my fingers, it was time to
move to centre stage.


“Ummm. Do I have to move?”

“Sit up here with your legs on either side of my head.”

Plopping herself down as directed, Marty wiggled her
bottom and vulva on my upper chest. “Come a little
closer and sit up straighter. I can’t believe you’ve
never done this.”

My first lick was from the bottom of her vulva to her
clitoris. With our previous love making, Marty had
responded to my initiatives. This way, she could guide
me to the spots needing the most attention. True to my
word, I started to reach up and grab onto the iron bars
of the head board.

Marty’s body began to move up and down as my tongue
worked into her vagina. I could taste the new flow of
her arousal as I tongue fucked her. My hands were
happier smoothing the skin on her buttocks and hips.
Every now and then, as I concentrated on the upper
reaches of her vulva, I slid my fingers underneath her
butt and stroked along her labia.

When I felt her hands cover mine, I knew I was in for a
ride worth remembering. But, my hands had better things
to do. Marty’s vagina was completely open to me now. I
ran her labia between my thumbs and index fingers while
I focused my tongue and lips on the tissue around her

Gradually increasing the sucking pressure of my mouth, I
circled her clitoris with my tongue. Marty’s hips were
now moving in an intricate sideways pattern to
complement her up and down motions. With more and more
pressure from her, I started to stroke the length of her
clitoris. I wished my tongue were longer so that I could
press the rougher skin of her “G” spot with the end of

Above me, I could sense Marty’s torso swaying in time
with her hips. She began to fiercely press her genitals
into my face so I added more pleasure for her by lightly
brushing the fingernails of my left hand over her anus.

That was it!

Her thighs slammed against my head and the trunk of her
body jerked to the demands of her orgasm. I was grateful
that my head had sunk into the pillows. Cauliflower ears
may be the honourable sign of a boxer; they don’t do
anything for a lover’s appearance.

With my lips suctioning around the top of her opened
vulva, I flicked the tip of my tongue across her
clitoris just as she relaxed from each contraction of
her orgasm. Each time, it triggered another. I kept a
steady pressure outside her vagina while the middle
finger of my left hand poked at the tight sphincter of
her anus.

I didn’t know whether these were individual climaxes or
merely a series of mini-orgasms. I also had no idea how
many. When your partner is experiencing that much
rapturous pleasure, who counts?

Suddenly, Marty forced her body away from all of my
attending parts. As she fought to regain her breath, I
could see a deep flush across her face and upper
breasts. With her mouth wide open, Marty hurriedly
dragged air into her oxygen starved lungs. I’m sure
there was a pool of her vaginal come on my chest.

“Oh FUCK! That was unbelievable!”

Collapsing down on me, I could feel the pounding of her
heart. Running my hands over her back, I let Marty come
down from her high.

Grabbing my ears in each hand, Marty stared into my
eyes. “Do you have any idea what that felt like?” she

“No, my love but it sure was great being part of it.”
was my honest answer.

“What did you call me?

“My love. Why?”

“Do you?”

“Have for months now. I couldn’t tell you because I
thought it might mess things up at work.”

“So that’s why you went to these lengths when I called
you this afternoon?”

“No…not entirely. it was also because you called me
Babe. That’s very special to me, Marty. Just like you

“Special? Well, I have something special for you! Except
I don’t think I can move.”

Holding her loosely in arms, I started to chuckle. This
magnificent woman, this wondrous female had nothing more
to give me. I’m not entirely altruistic. But if you
can’t fuck, then any man would want his partner to have
the most glorious come possible.

In the wavering light of the candles in Marty’s bedroom,
I knew that, truly, I had not expected all of this to
happen. I was the one who had received the gift. To be
part of the entire evening was more than enough. To have
initiated and to be part of her thundering orgasm, that
was a true lover’s reward.

But Marty was not done yet.

“I’d like to wash my face but I have a better idea. Why
don’t we have a shower?” I asked her.

“You’re on!”

The soothing hot water didn’t have its normal calming
effect. There was a lot of woman to lather, and rinse
and stroke. Marty was equally attentive to making sure
all my body parts were squeaky clean.

Standing in the steamy bath room, I would never again
look at Marty as purely a business woman. Taking turns,
we patted each other dry. Standing behind her, I reached
for her hands. Looking over her shoulder, I watched our
faint reflection in the mirror as I rubbed her hands
against her breasts.

Together, we walked back into her bedroom.

Throwing the beach towel into her hamper, Marty bent
over to straighten the sheets on her bed. I couldn’t
resist cupping the lips of her vulva as they peeked out
between her legs. Marty couldn’t resist moving herself
back against my hand.

“G,” Marty swung around until she was sitting, cross-
legged on the bed.

“How do you want it?”

Looking at the impish look that took years away from
her, I ran my forefinger down her jaw. “We talked about
that, didn’t we?”

“But we never finished and, from the look of your little
head, he hasn’t finished either.”

So, what do we use? Saran Wrap? Doesn’t work, I know,”
as she joined my laughter.

“No, we use these.” Saying this, Marty opened the drawer
to her bed side table. “You might have forgotten them; I
didn’t.” Triumphantly, she held up a box of condoms.

“Hey,” I exclaimed. “My favourite brand!”

“Are they really?”

“Well, no. But they’ll work, won’t they?”

“Yeah…and they taste nice too!”

Trust an expert to cover all the senses. Marty pulled me
over by the most available part and stripped the
wrapping off one of the condoms.

“I’d like you to come in my mouth but that’s for later,
for some other time. Tonight, you can have me any other

“Oh – ho,” I thought. “Later.” That promised more than I
thought likely when that guy downstairs wished me “Good

There’s something awfully sensuous about a lover putting
a condom on you. Much stroking first, little kisses up
and down, fingernails running through your pubic hair to
tickle your scrotum. I saw her mouth open as she bent
her head to my penis, and then close.


“Later,” she agreed. “Come. Lay down on the bed and let
me pleasure you.”

I didn’t need a second invitation.

Marty began leaving a trail of kisses up my left leg. As
she extended her upper body towards my chest, she gently
swung her breast over my legs and groin. It didn’t take
long for this friction to harden her nipples. I looked
up at her face, as she settled her legs down on either
side of me.

Marty’s pelvis ran her labia along my condom covered
penis. Leaning closer, she offered one hard pointed
breast to my lips. I sucked in her nipple. Gently
holding the nipple with my lips and teeth, I milked the
ivory flesh of her breast as if I were really suckling.
Having tenderized that teat, I switched to the other.

Marty’s eyes were closed as she sank down onto me. Her
hip movements were becoming more insistent as her labia
opened up and the friction stimulated her clitoris. A
couple of times, the head of my penis would bump against
her pubic arch. Once, it was about to enter her vagina
but Marty shifted enough so she could continue rubbing
me with the lubrications of her arousal. By then, my
hips were moving back and forth as well.

Marty opened her eyes. “G.”

“Yes, love.”

“It’s time for you to come.”

“Good. Because a few more swipes like that and this
card’s tapped out.”

Marty flexed her pelvis and magically scooped me inside
her. Sitting more erect, Marty placed her hands on my
chest. We both paused, savouring the feeling of our

“This is going to be good, G.”

Kneading her fingers through the hair on my chest, Marty
lifted up and simultaneously squeezed my penis in her
vagina. Relaxing her internal pressure, Marty dropped
back down. Wiggling her hips, she brushed her clitoris
against the root of my penis.

Lifting again, she repeated the same sequence. “Hold
onto me,” she instructed.

I placed my hands where her hips bulged out on the
downstroke. My thumbs mimicked her movement, up her
abdomen when she lifted, down when she descended.

Her pace began to pick up as she fucked my penis deeper
into her. When she bottomed out, Marty began to squirm
around almost as if her clitoris wasn’t getting enough
stimulation. At the top of the next stroke, I moved my
left hand to her buttocks and tried to hold her there. I
was very close.

My right hand moved to the front of her abdomen,
pressing into her and allowing me to stroke her clitoris
with my thumb. I was now pressing her towards me, from
behind while exerting an equal force, away from me, with
my right hand.

Marty began to tremble so I began rubbing around the
base of her clitoris. As my thumb moved faster, I
couldn’t wait any longer. I started to come and let her
slam down onto me, still stimulating her clitoris. This
time, I could watch her come as the orgasm rippled
through her. With a part moan, part groan and part
scream, Marty let her orgasm take over.

The mouth of her vagina was so tight on me that each
pulse of my own ejaculation rebounded, building both of
us higher.

No, I didn’t shoot enough ejaculate to blow up the
condom like a balloon. I do think that I passed out for
a few seconds though.

The sound of our breathing must have made interesting
hearing in the next apartment. It took forever for both
of us to catch our breath and begin to slow our
heartbeats. I really hadn’t expected such a hard come
from Marty. This was going to be one challenging woman
to stay even with.

“God damn, Marty. Do you know how good that felt?” I
echoed her earlier question.

Blinking her eyes open, Marty looked down at the smile
on my face.

“Next time, I give you the back rub.”

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A man tries to sooth a hassled workmate’s ruffled nerves, only to become fuck-buddies