A man witnesses the liberation of his wife’s libido when she is forced into sex with three well-hung blacks

A man witnesses the liberation of his wife’s libido when she is forced into sex with three well-hung blacks

When I awoke, I shook my head to clear it and realized
that I couldn’t move. My arms and legs were bound to a
straight-back chair. I tried to speak, but my voice was
muffled, my lips held fast. They had put duct tape over
my mouth. I raised my head and my vision cleared, my
hearing returned, and I saw them. The three black men who
had forced their way into our house.

We had encountered them earlier at the bar at the
restaurant. They’d tried to flirt with my wife and wound
up making rude comments to her when she rebuffed them. I
stepped in when I saw them start to get aggressive and
push almost came to shove right there. Fortunately, our
table was called and we hastened to our dinner cue. They
must’ve followed our car back from the restaurant.

My wife, my gorgeous raven-haired wife of twelve years,
the wife that I’m sure had never been unfaithful to me,
was lying naked across the bed. Her smooth hips were even
with the edge of the bed and her long lovely legs were
spread to either side. Her fresh pale white skin stood in
stark contrast to the ebony-muscled legs of the huge
black man that was standing between her legs, just
stepping out of his boxers.

My wife was quietly sobbing, her hands pressed over her
face as if to block out the scene. There was a bruise on
her cheek that instantly explained to me why she wasn’t
struggling, why she wasn’t fighting back. She’d given up.
She was resigned to her fate at the hands of these
terrible men.

The two other men were standing on the far side of the
bed, naked and jeering at my wife’s predicament. They
were making obscene comments about the soft sexiness of
the well-defined curves of her voluptuous but trim
figure. The body that had willing and lovingly given me
such pleasure over the years was about to be debased and
abused in brutal rape. And there was nothing I could do
about it.

The first big black man spoke up, “Let’s show this lovely
lady what she almost passed up!” He reached down between
his legs and grabbed a semi-flaccid dick that was almost
twice the size of mine! I knew men came in different
sizes, but I thought that kind of monster was some kind
of anomaly only found in porn films! He waved it towards
my wife’s unprotected slit as he spoke and it already
started to throb to erection.

The other men laughed, looked towards me (one of them
even winked!) and climbed onto the bed to either side of
my wife’s shoulders. Almost gently, reverently, they
pried my wife’s hands from her face and pulled them out
straight in a “T” formation and straddled her arms. She
closed her eyes tightly and pursed her lips and a small
frustrated wail escaped her as she realized what was
going to begin, against her wishes.

Each of the big black men grabbed a breast between their
hands, one on the right, one on the left, and lowered
their thick lips to encircle the luscious pink nipples of
my wife’s large firm breasts. I could hear the slurping
and sucking noises as they mouthed, licked, and otherwise
teased her reddening nipples.

The huge man between her legs had moved forward and was
now wiping the purple tip of his swelling cock through
her sparse dark pubic hair and then up and down against
her vaginal lips, forcing the pink folds to pout
outwards. He chuckled as a dab of precum from his
erection stuck to her clit and made a string-bond between
them. He grabbed each of my wife’s knees and raised her
legs effortlessly so that her feet were perched upon the
bed’s edge. She was as lifeless as a rag-doll, resigned
to the events she couldn’t change.

“Good girl!” I thought, “They can take you, but they
can’t have you! They’ll never know what a loving girl you
can be.”

The two on the bed were still busily enjoying my wife’s
mounds of flesh and I could see her outstretched hands on
the sheets, resting lifeless between the kneeling black
man’s legs while his lengthening cock and large dangling
balls swayed to his movements. The first man, between her
legs, was now using his hand again to guide his monster
prick into my wife’s exposed vagina. He was teasing her
with it! Rubbing it in small circles and moving in
between her labial folds with little short stabs.

He was grunting and sighing with pleasure as his swollen
glistening cock-head moistened her opening with his
precum. He then slowly but firmly pressed his cock to her
pink lips and pushed. Pushed ever so slowly as his rigid
member parted the tight folds of my lover’s sex. Without
pausing he continued to ease his cock into my wife. The
veins along its side stood out and pulsed as he worked
its entire length into her pussy.

Finally, as he buried the root of his cock so that his
kinky black pubic hair was entwined with her silky wisps,
he let out a long satisfied sigh as though he’d at long
last scratched an elusive itch. I almost thought I heard
the same come from my wife, but I’m sure it was one of
the men suckling at her tits.

Then he began the journey out again and slowly pulled a
wet shiny pole from her pussy that looked bigger than
when it went in! As soon as the enormous purple head
popped out, he lined it up and thrust it back in – – slow
and steady but smoother than the first time. He continued
his actions and each time went a little faster, a little
smoother, setting up a comfortable rhythm.

I noticed a small movement of white on the bed. It was my
wife’s hand between the black man’s legs. It twitched and
the fingers began to rise uncertainly from the bed. I
looked at her face and saw that she was no longer
grimacing. Her eyes were still shut but her face looked
more relaxed and I watched in disbelief as the pink tip
of her tongue popped out to moisten her lips!

I heard a man gasp and looked to see that my wife’s hand
was now softly caressing the kneeling man’s balls!
Fondling them and hefting the lust-swollen testicles
between her slender fingers! I looked over, (as best as I
could see around the man nearest me), and saw that she
was doing the same to the tit-sucking rapist on the other

The huge man fucking her was picking up his pace and she
was starting to grind her hips to meet his thrusts. I
watched in horror as she lifted her shapely legs to tilt
her cunt into a more receptive position and then dug her
heels into his ass to pull him in even deeper! She was
moaning now and shaking her head slowly from side to
side, her brow furrowed, her lips parted.

Suddenly, her eyebrows lifted, her head arched back, and
her mouth opened wide in what I knew to be her orgasm. An
incredibly intense orgasm! Her chest heaved and she
gasped for air as her hands moved to pump the rigid dicks
of the two that were still busy torturing her nipples
with their slavering lips. As she came down from her
high, she opened her very dreamy-looking eyes and looked
to the man on her left. He had a very large dripping dick
and she began to tug on him. What was she doing? What was
my beautiful bride up to?

She was trying to pull him closer and he stopped sucking
her tit to raise himself up so that he could walk on his
knees towards her, guided by her tugging. It suddenly
dawned on me what she wanted! It couldn’t be! This was
the same woman that had refused me oral sex for over
twelve years because she thought it was “disgusting” and
“base”! Just a “power-thing” by men to use women!

But I sat stunned and watched as she willingly guided
this stranger’s cock-head to her warm inviting lips! She
licked her lips again to moisten them and then
tentatively probed his dick with her tongue, in the
process wiping a huge glob of cum from its tip and
tasting it.

Encouraged by the results, she again extended her wet
tongue and swirled it lovingly around the glistening
fleshy mushroom and then pumped his cock with her hand so
that another great glob of milky goo appeared at the tip.
She wasted no time slurping it off and then wrapping her
lips around his bulbous penis-head. She sucked and
slurped powerfully as she moved her tightly pressed lips
up and down the shaft of his cock, her lips pulling from
one end and her hand pumping from the other. Her other
hand was still keeping the closest “kneeling man” very
happy with its vigorous cock-rubbing.

Suddenly, the first man that all the while had been
thrusting into her pussy, began to tense up. He was
grimacing and his forehead was dripping with sweat. “I’m
gonna cum!” he announced, “Do you want me to cum inside
or on your belly?” In answer, my “faithful” wife locked
her ankles around his backside and held him deep inside
her! He came with a barking grunt that accompanied each
spurt of his seed as he pumped his load into my wife’s

His grunts and thrusts became slower but more forceful as
he emptied his balls inside her. She started to cum
again. Her breath was whistling through her nostrils as
she tried to get enough oxygen without having to release
the cock in her mouth. Her face was flushed and her
breasts were rosy with excitement. This action must’ve
put the guy who was getting his cock sucked over the edge
too, for he started to groan and quickly pushed her head
off of him so he could watch as his dick sprayed sticky
globs of cum across her lips and cheeks.

Realizing what he was doing, my wife opened her mouth
wide and tried to catch the milky spurts on her tongue
before he dried up. Fat chance. I don’t think I’ve ever
seen a man cum so much! Not even in porn films. By the
time he was done she’d swallowed several loads and then
wiped the rest off her face with her fingers, only to pop
them back into her mouth as well.

These two men were visibly exhausted, but the third
hadn’t had his satisfaction yet. My wife got up and
rolled him over onto his back and straddled him! She
carefully lined up his dick with her cunt opening and
eased herself all the way down over his massive, (though
not as big as the first guy), rigid member. It slid in
easily with all the dripping ooze that leaked from her
stretched twat when she went upright.

Now, she was doing all the work herself! Riding the guy
with frantic rhythms as he contented himself to play with
her bouncing swollen breasts and taut nipples. She
grabbed the shrinking cock of the first guy as he was
passing the bed to search for his clothes. and pulled him
to her. He hadn’t expected any further favors as she
wrapped her lips around his dick and began to lick and
suck the juices of their coitus from his throbbing and
once again engorging cock.

Their combined activity lasted for a while, probably
because her cunt was slick and the first guy was already
spent. But when they came, it was all together, and it
was powerful! Wracking their bodies with the
uncontrollable spasms of tightly tensed muscle. She was
coated with beads of cum and sweat. and she loved it.

The four of them continued for many hours and I think
that the three men were actually glad when they finally
broke away and left. My wife slept, naked and cum-covered
atop the sheets, her ravaged cunt swollen and dark red. I
just stared at her in disbelief. At some point, I too
fell asleep and the next thing I knew, she was busy
untying me. She was fully dressed and showered and looked
as though nothing had happened! I wanted to call the
cops, but she insisted she had nothing to tell them. I
tried to confront her about what happened, but she
wouldn’t speak of it.

We’re still married, though we never have sex anymore. My
wife goes out every Friday night, back to the restaurant.
To meet the men she favored. and their friends, lots of
their friends. She shows up again sometime during the
remaining weekend, wandering in as though she’d only been
out shopping. But I know what she’s been up to.

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A man witnesses the liberation of his wife’s libido when she is forced into sex with three well-hung blacks