A man’s wife and her sister trick him into making the sister his mistress

A man’s wife and her sister trick him into making the sister his mistress

Before we were married, my wife June and I never
discussed things like how many children we would have,
where we would like to be financially in a few years and
other mundane things like that.

We lived in an apartment for a couple of years, then
decided to buy a house. We had different ideas about
where we wanted to buy, she wanted to be near downtown,
and I wanted to be near my work. We finally compromised
and bought a house half way in between. It was a quiet
neighborhood, but neither of us really liked it. She
wanted the hustle and bustle of the city, and I wanted
the piece and quiet of the countryside.

After a year or so, I finally convinced her that out in
the countryside would be a better place to live. We
spent almost a year looking for just the right place. We
found a house that had 5 bedrooms and two baths. After
we moved in, she said she thought it would be great for
entertaining, and I of course thought it should be a
great place to raise our family. She replied, “What
family? I don’t want to have any kids.”

I didn’t think that she really meant it, but found out
later that she was adamant about it.

One day I asked her to stop taking the pill, so we could
start our family. She refused. It became a sore point
between us. She slowly started discouraging my attempts
to fuck her. We went from having sex 4 times a week, to
3, then 2 and then only on Fridays.

Then six months later, she stopped fucking me all
together. She became frigid. I said something to her one
night and she told me that if I wanted to fuck someone
to get a mistress, as she was done with sex, for good.
Thinking that she was joking, I said, “Can I bring her
here to live with us?”

I almost lost it when she said, “Sure, you two can use
one of the other bedrooms.”

This completely shocked me. I then asked, “Do you want a

She said NO. That she just didn’t want to fuck me
anymore. “If you get a mistress, then your needs can be
taken care of, and I’ll know that you are safe. But make
sure the mistress you choose is willing to have your
children. I will even help take care of them now and
then, but I don’t want to be tied down with them.”

“And just where do you think I am going to find a woman
who would live under those conditions?” I asked.

“We will find you one,” she said.

“Oh?” I said. “Now you’re going to pick out my lover?” I

“No,” she answered, “we will pick her out together. She
also has to be someone I can live with.”

I still didn’t think she was serious, so I let the
subject drop for the moment, and went to sleep.


On Friday night, I got home from work, and June told me
to get cleaned up, that we were going out for supper. I
asked what the occasion was, and she said, “We are going
to find you a mistress.”

Again I thought she was just continuing the joke, but I
was hungry so I got ready to do out.

At the restaurant, she kept pointing out waitresses and
patrons that appeared single, and kept suggesting that I
talk to them to see if they were free. I asked why, and
she said, “So you can date them to see if they are fit
to be your mistress.”

I shook my head in disbelief.

A young woman came in and was seated at the table next
to us. June started a conversation with her. After
talking to her for a bit, June asked her if she would be
interested in being her husband’s mistress.

The girl almost choked on her glass of water, shook her
head no, then got up and left the restaurant. I was
beginning to believe she was serious now.

When we left the restaurant, June said, “Let’s go to the
Twilight Bar. A lot of young ladies go there on Friday
nights.” So that’s where we went. We took a small table
near the bar where we could see most of the ladies going
to get their drinks. June told me to go sit at the bar
and see if I could get to know some of them.

At the bar, I asked a couple of girls to join me, but
they were with friends. A little later, another well
built young lady came and sat beside me. I struck up a
conversation with her. She was really stacked. We talked
for about 10 minutes, and I asked if she wanted to go
someplace with me. She pointed to my wedding ring and
said, “What would your wife say?”

I pointed to June and said, “That is my wife, and she
wants me to get a mistress.”

She replied, “Either you’re kidding, or your wife is

I said, “Probably both.” She laughed at that.

The two of us joined June at the table and they started
talking. She told June that if we were really looking
for a mistress, that I probably shouldn’t wear my
wedding ring. She reached into her purse and pulled out
a wedding ring and said, “I am looking for someone to
fuck me tonight, that�s why my ring is in my purse.” She
got up and stepped to the bar.


Every Friday and Saturday night for the next month, we
went out “looking for a mistress.” Each night I ended up
talking to several girls, but none that wanted to become
a mistress. June however, was not worried, she just kept
saying that we would meet the right girl sooner or

A few days later, I came home from work and June met me
at the door. She was nude, and dancing around like it
was a May Day dance off. She was beaming, and said, “I
found the perfect mistress for you. Even mom and dad
like her.”

I said, shocked. “You let you parents know what you’re
trying to do?”

“Yes,” she said, “and they offered no objection,
especially when I told them who your new mistress was.”

“Now wait a minute,” I said. “I think I should be the
one to select my own mistress.”

June said, “You’ll love her, you already do.”

I replied, “I think you have gone off the deep end this

“Just wait until we get to mom’s house,” she said. Now
let’s go.”

I looked at her and said, “The way you are, naked and

It was surprising to see her nude, as she would always
put something on even with just the two of us in the
house. Now she wanted me to drive her to her parent’s
totally nude? She must have had a stroke or she finally
lost all of her marbles, I thought.

The phone rang, and I answered. It was her mom, she
asked how soon we would be there. I said, your daughter
insists that she is going, but she is nude and will not
get dressed. I think she has lost all of her marbles.”

June’s mom said, “Bring her like she is, then.”

I replied, “All right, be there in about 20 minutes.”

June said, “Let’s take the convertible.”

I looked at her and my mouth dropped open, as she got
into it. I said, “The sedan will be more comfortable.
And maight stop us from being arrested.”

She shook her head no, and sat up on the back of the
back seat. I muttered to myself, “I hope no cops see
us.” We had to go right through down town, and she sat
there waving at people, like she was home coming queen.

At her parent’s house, we had to park several doors down
from their home, as the area was full of parked
vehicles. She got out of the car and walked to their
house, again waving at anyone she saw. I usually knock
when I get there, but this time I just opened the door
and got her inside as fast as possible.

Inside, June went up to talk to her sister Cassie. I
started to explain to her father what was going on.

He said, “I think this is all my fault.”

“How so?” I asked.

“This morning June and Cassie were upstairs talking, and
when they came down, June explained what she wanted. It
seems she has cut you off sexually, and wants Cassie to
be your mistress, to have your children. When she asked
if we would approve the plan… I said, ‘when you get
your husband to drive you all the way here and back with
you totally nude, then I will give you my blessing.

“Knowing how she used to get upset if a guy glanced at
her tits, I figured that there was no way that she would
do that. I guess I was wrong.”

As we talked June ran up the stairs and by the time her
father had gotten out the stores the girls were coming
down the stairs, and Cassie was carrying her suitcase. I
said, “Cassie, are you going along with this crazy
proposal that your sister came up with?”

She looked at me all flirty and said, “For you, I would
do anything.”

“Daddy,” June said, “you promised that you would go
along with things if I came here nude. Are you going to
keep your word?”

He said, “June, did you really think that I meant what I

“Yes, and I meant what I said and I am going to hold you
to that promise.”

“Cassie,” their dad asked, “did you believe I meant it?”

“No,” she replied, “but when June did it, I figured that
you had no choice but to approve it. Also, we’re both
adults and we can do it anyway without your consent, but
we preferred to have it.”

Their mom said, “I guess they’ve got us. Either way it
seems like they both want to do this John. How does this
sound to you?”

I said, “I think that both of them have lost all their
marbles. However if you two give your approval, I guess
I’ll can go along with it, at least for a while to see
how it works out.”

He dad then said, “I will approve it only if both of you
girls go home nude. That means that you Cassie will also
have to be nude to leave this house. John will have to
call us once you get home and confirm that both of you
rode all the way nude. Also you both have to make sure
that people along the way can see that you are nude.”

Both girls went over and kissed their dad, and then
Cassie stripped in front of all of us. Her dad said.
“That’s the first time I’ve seen Cassie nude in 20
years, and when she walked in tonight is the first time
I’d seen June nude since she was 3 years old.”

Both girls walked out the front door, nude, and over to
the car. I carried Cassie’s suitcase, and put it in the
trunk. Both girls were sitting on the top of the back
seat like beauty queens in a parade. Thinking that I
might persuade them to sit down on the back seat, I told
them that there were several cop cars coming our way.
They both just sat there and said I hope they like the

I took a very long way home, going through down town,
the city park and any place I thought there might be a
lot of people to see them. They just smiled and waved.

I had never seen my wife so intent on having people see
her nude. She was usually very reserved, and complained
about Cassie showing to much of her body. Now here was
both of them showing themselves like a couple of whores
advertising. The only problem was that they were behind
me and I couldn’t see spectacle other than in the
rearview mirror.

When we got home, both of girls got lawn chairs and sat
in the front yard, spread out, still nude. When it got
too dark for people to see them, they came inside.

I asked what all this nudity was about. They didn’t have
to sit in the yard nude, that hadn’t been part of their
dad’s deal. June said, “That was because Cassie only
agreed to all this if I would loosen up and start
showing myself off, and I had to continue to do it. As
it turns out on the way to mom and dad’s house, I got a
big charge out of being naked in public and I will be
showing off more from now on. I know that should please

Needless to say, I was flabbergasted.

Cassie asked about sleeping arrangements. June said, “I
sleep in this room, the two of you can decide which
bedroom you want, that’s where John will fuck you

“Whoa!” I said. “I fuck in the bed I sleep in, so I
guess our bed just got crowded. Cassie can sleep next to
me on one side, and you on the other side.”

This started a discussion as to why it should be that
way. I ended the debate by saying, “We can get a bigger
bed, but for tonight, we’ll just have to be a little
crowded. You came up with this plan of yours, now you
are going to have to modify it to suite my wants as

June said, “You two should be alone when you fuck.”

I replied, “No, you want me to have a mistress, all
right, but you’re going to have to lay there and watch
and hear us every time we fuck. Otherwise, this will not
happen. I hope that doesn’t upset Cassie, but that is
the only way I’ll do this crazy thing.

Cassie said, “I’ll do whatever my lover wants and I’m
happy to any place you want, and I don’t care if June
sees us or not. I just want that stiff dick filling me

I stood there wide-eyed.

June finally said, “Oh, all right, as long as you don’t
try to get me involved.”

I said, “Since you are my wife, I’ll still try to play
with you and since you seem to like nudity, from now on
both of you are to remain nude at all times that you are
on our property. That means inside and outside, and no

“What do you mean by playing with me?” June asked.

I answered, “I will still kiss you, play with your tits
and suck your nipples, whenever I feel like it. I’ll
respect your wish not to be fucked, but everything else
is fare game, that includes giving me blowjobs.” I
turned to Cassie and said, “That goes for you too.
Anything I want to do to you will be open and available
to me at all times. I’ll not use condoms, and you’re
forbidden to use any type of birth control. Is that
acceptable to you?”

Cassie got down on her knees in front of me and pulled
my cock out of my pants and started licking it and
sucking. “Well, I guess your answer is yes,” I smiled.
She bobbed her head up and down to indicate that yes was
her answer, and continued to give me a great blowjob.

After a bit I picked up Cassie and laid her on the bed
beside June. Then with hesitation I climbed on top of
Cassie, and started playing with her. June rolled over
on her side facing away from us. I slid between them and
was sucking Cassie’s nipples and had one hand between
her legs, playing with her clit.

I slipped a finger into her pussy and started to
fingerfuck her, when I felt an obstruction. I could feel
Cassie flinch when I hit the obstruction. I looked into
her eyes and touched it again, with the same reaction. I
sat up on the bed and asked, “Cassie are you a virgin?”

Her face got red and she shook her head yes.

I looked at June and said; “You want me to take your
sisters cherry?”

June just replied, “Asked Cassie about it. It’s her

“Cassie, what is going on? I want the truth this time,
and no games, just the truth, else you are going home
right now!”

“June and I were talking a few weeks ago, and I was
telling her how lucky she was to have a hunk like you.
The only guys I ended up dating were ones I did not
like, and the ones I did like were already taken, and I
was already in love with you.

“We came up with this idea to get you to take my cherry
and give me a baby, (so that I could have a part of you
always) then June would revert to letting you fuck her
too and then she could have the children that you want.

“And just how were you going to convince me and your
parents that she somehow tolerate being fucked when she
could not before?”

“We thought that we could figure out something, later.”

“Since you both have convinced them, they’re going to
stay convinced. I’ll take your cherry, tonight Cassie,
and you’ll get pregnant sooner or later. But June, I’ll
fuck you, but you will not, I say again, you will not
have my baby unless I say so. Otherwise your parents
will be told the whole story.

“June, you will be the woman of the house, and Cassie,
you’ll be available to me at all times and you’ll not
have any men visitors who are not family. The nudity
rule will be in force, as stated earlier. And one other
thing… June, after Cassie has at least 3 kids, I’ll
consider letting you have one, but no more.”

Cassie said, “Oh John, I couldn’t have hoped for a
better way to live with you.”

June said, “Well, we did this to ourselves, so I guess
this is the way we’ll have to live. So take her cherry
stud and then let’s get some sleep.”

I told Cassie, “I am a little angry at how I was
manipulated into this situation. So I am not going to be
very gentle with you. I guess you might feel like it’s

With that, I spread my wife’s sister’s legs, shoved my
hard throbbing cock into her pussy, shoving with all my
strength into her slit. Cassie groaned and I ruptured
her hymen. I didn’t give her even a moment to get used
to me as I plunged roughly into her canal again and
again, not stopping until my balls were slapping her on
the ass.

Then I just fucked her as hard as I could, not caring if
it hurt her or not. I was ramming into her cervix.
After about dozen powerful strokes, she suddenly had an
orgasm, clutching n=me and gasping in surprise. She
shook and trembled like she was experiencing an
earthquake. It was so powerful that her pussy clamped
onto my cock and I couldn’t move it.

As I was help in her velvet vice pushed into her womb on
the down stroke, that is where I finally fired off about
gushes of my thick hot cum.

Cassie grabbed hold of my head and stuck my mouth on one
of her nipples moaning, “Rape me, rape me anytime, I
loved it.” Still holding me tight, she said, “Leave your
cock in me all night, I want this to be our first baby.”

I awoke once during the night, and I was still inside of
her, just barely, and as I realized that I got hard
immediately. I gently stroked in and out of her, trying
not to wake her. I again had a very powerful cum,
filling her insides, grunting with pleasure. Then, after
a while, I slipped back into sleep – still inside of


When my alarm went off in the morning, I was still
laying on top of Cassie, with my dick between her legs,
but not in her. I tried to get up without waking her,
but she awoke anyway. She said she had the nicest dream,
that I had fucked her nice and slow and that I had cum
inside her again. I smiled, and told her that it wasn’t
a dream.

When I arrived home from work that evening, the
animosity that had developed between June and I seemed
to have disappeared. Both June and Cassie met me at the
car, both nude, and they took turns kissing me. As
Cassie was kissing me, June unbuckled my belt and pulled
my pants and underwear down then she knelt down and
started giving me a blowjob… right in the driveway.
She did seem to care that cars going by and honking
their horns.

Cassie, then took off my shirt and the rest of my
clothes. Now I was as naked as theme for the passerby’s
to see. For someone who had been uptight about being
seen nude, June acted like she had been doing it all her
life. What a way to be greeted coming home from work!


Nine months later, Cassie had my baby boyboy. Then 13
months after, our daughter was born. Two years after
that, Cassie had a set of identical twins. After that I
now started working on June to get her pregnant.

When we announced June’s pregnancy to their parents, I
made the girls tell their parents the truth about us0

They took it well and said, “We think you should keep
both of them pregnant, as much as possible. We want lots
of grandchildren, and you seem to be able to provide us
with them.”

I countered by saying that we couldn’t afford to have
any more kids.

They said, “We’ll give the three of you $30,000, the max
allowed by IRS rules for the kids, and when we’re gone,
you three will inherent a lot of money, and will not
have to worry about anything, so long as you keep our
gild pregnant with a few more.”


Now both my wife and my mistress are both pregnant. It
looks like we may have to build an addition onto the
house for some more bedrooms.

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A man’s wife and her sister trick him into making the sister his mistress