A mother & son become closer through roleplay games!

A mother & son become closer through roleplay games!

The crowd parted easily before us, everyone’s eyes on me, appraising me appreciatively, or hungrily. Even those others who were wearing costumes akin to mine were pausing amidst their own posing and posturing to stare wide eyed at me. As scanty and revealing as some of their outfits were, I knew that few could compare to mine or showed as much flesh.

A faint, but pleasurable flush spread over my flesh as I watched lips being licked at the sight of my breasts spilling out over all sides of the raggedy and slight halter of a barbarian slave, offering the slightest teasing glimpse of the edge of my aureoles. I could feel eyes crawling over my bare belly, not fat, but not absolutely fat either and then pausing to appreciate the tiniest of loin cloths, again offering the briefest glimpses at the upper edges of my heavy but trimmed bush before finally sliding down my full and shapely legs to find me barefoot.

We walked down the long corridor, he tugging at the leash around my black, studded dog collar, past the thick crowd of convention goers, many of them young men whose expressions betrayed their appreciation of seeing a mature woman paraded by them barely clothed. Some fit the stereotype of the prototypical gamer nerd or geek — overweight or skinny as a rail, toting backpacks stuffed with gamer stuff and dice bags hanging off their belts, some were older than me, many were younger and whether they were handsome, plain or homely, all of their staring eyes made me wet.

A more forceful tug at my collar made me move a little more quickly now, making the greatly exposed flesh of my large and heavy tits bounce more, emphasizing my near nakedness with each shake and shimmy of my tits — causing eyes to go wider in anticipation of all that mammary flesh spilling out. My nipples already swollen and stiff ached sweetly at the notion.

Past the dealers’ hall I strutted, receiving more than my fair share of good natured catcalls and wolf whistles while more people emerged from game rooms and the dealer’s hall to stare appreciatively at my exposed butt cheeks in my furry g-string thong. We boarded a crowded elevator and as the doors closed, I was pulled by my leash into my master’s arms and we kissed wetly and lewdly amid murmurs of surprise and approval. My stomach fluttered with excitement as the elevator car began to move swiftly upwards while strangers’ hands caressed my nearly naked ass. I moaned happily as my tongue dueled with his, his arms holding me tightly, making my breasts mash against his chest.

I staggered down the hallway to our hotel room, past amused and interested gamers, breasts bouncing, only a nipple hooked on the edge of my halter keeping one cup covering any of my right breast. He deftly unlocked the door to our room, kissing me as his hands ripped my top off so fingers could cup, caress and knead my big knockers…making me squeal with delight as he brutally pinched my swollen, nickel sized nipples.

He walked us into the room, spun me around against the back of an oversized, leather chair and tugged my thong down. Using his right leg, he spread my legs until I was leaning over with my legs far apart. I heard a rustle and then his cock, long, thick and hard was pressing against my wet labia, parting my flesh and then thrusting into me even as he jerked my head back with a quick yank of my leash.

My cunt was a sopping wet mess and he slid deep inside me, making me sob, “YESSSSSSS!” my shrill cry quickly becoming a scream. One scream became many as he fucked me fast and hard, burying himself inside me as I clawed the leather of the chair, fingers digging deep to gain purchase to keep upright as I was fucked so wonderfully and well. His breath came hot on my back and then he was kissing my shoulder and then playfully nipped at my flesh, teeth leaving what I knew would be a tremendous hickey where my neck and shoulder met. The brief pain only added gasoline to the fire that was my building orgasm.

I felt so wet and so full and so loved as he plowed into me again and again. Then I was gasping to breath as spasms of intense ecstasy exploded in my cunt and spread through my body, trying to find escape as my heart seemed to swell along with my nipples. My screams grew louder and then diminished into a husky whimper before becoming shriller as he thrust upwards into me and with a triumphant howl of his own began to cum inside me, filling my quivering cunt with hot semen.

I’m not sure how long we stood there reveling in our mutual pleasure before he slowly removed his monster from inside me, making me groan with lusty bliss as I felt him slowly escape my grasp. He kissed me again on the shoulder and then I leaned my head back and he kissed me lovingly on the lips, his tongue dancing with mine as he continued to hold me close, his hands cupped around my large breasts.

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When our kiss finally ended, he whispered into my ear, “I think the barbarian costume was a hit, Mom. What say we try out the Vampira costume tomorrow?”


By now, I’m sure everyone is wondering what the hell a mature woman was doing prancing around practically naked at a gaming convention and fucking her son? Well, it’s a long, but interesting story and although it could be said that it began three winters ago during a blizzard, the truth is, it really began a long time before that.

My son, John and I have been on our own for a long time. His father divorced me when our son was four and dropped out of sight. It was a struggle, but I raised John on my own, working as a secretary until I was able to turn some part time seamstress work into a full blown business as the owner of a local women’s dress store. I didn’t date much, preferring to dote on my son — the absolute light of my life. Maybe I sheltered him too much — maybe he inherited more than his fair share of my family’s genes — becoming a shy and gentle lover of books and games as had his grandfather.

My father had been an early gamer — loving military and strategic games and then pursuing his love of fantasy and strategy when that whole D&D role playing craze began. I grew up in the early eighties watching with amusement and wonder as my mother and father played role playing games with their friends — even dabbling in them myself when I reached my teenage years before I lost interest and moved on to more “adult” interests.

Before he passed away, my father had taught John the joys of role playing games and a love of literature. John became a younger version of my father, more interested in gaming and Tolkien and Star Trek and Star Wars than in baseball and football. I didn’t mind that my son was as he himself described it, a gamer nerd. He was and is a loving soul and that he reminded me of my father — one of the finest men I’ve ever known, was just an additional bonus.

By the time he reached his teens, John had formed a gaming group with a few classmates and many Friday and Saturday nights were spent in our kitchen role playing adventurers exploring Elvish woods, Dwarvish mines and dark, forbidding dungeons. I didn’t mind. It made my son happy and I knew he was safe and not doing some damn fool thing like getting drunk and driving his car off a bridge.

Yes, my son was a nerd and his friends were nerds, but it didn’t mean they weren’t interested in girls — in truth, they were madly obsessed with girls, but were — John especially — very shy around the opposite sex…his few dates being just short of disasters. Still, I knew he was interested in the female form because all through his teenage years, my son spied on me constantly.

I tried to never let on that I knew, but I would constantly catch him checking me out whether I was decently clothed or in some state of undress or in the shower. I think a mother develops a sixth sense for these things, although unlike most mothers who would grow angry and take steps to stop it cold, I instead found myself pleased by the attention and did nothing to prevent or end it. In fact, by the time my son was eighteen, I found myself growing excited and aroused by his attentions.

I didn’t date much, but not because of my looks. I’m not a movie star, but since my own adolescence, I’ve been blessed with a very womanly figure. Standing five foot eight inches tall and with a weight that seems to hover between one hundred sixty and one hundred seventy pounds, I am blessed with large and prominent breasts, barely contained by a 42DD bra, an excellent ass kept toned and trim with miles on a treadmill and full and curvaceous legs. Add big brown eyes, a sweet smile and long black hair to the mix and you have an understandable attraction for a teenage boy.

I will confess that I probably primed the pump for what happened later by not only allowing him to peek at me, but in time, increasing my…visibility by rarely closing my bedroom and bathroom doors. In fact, just after John turned eighteen before the beginning of his senior year of high school, I replaced the opaque glass door of my shower with a clear glass door, not quite admitting to my self that it was for my son’s benefit. My being in bras and panties were a common sight as was walking from my shower to my bedroom wrapped in a small towel. Many a sunbathing episode was done in skimpy bikinis knowing that somewhere inside our house, my John was peeking out at his mother. In short, I delighted in teasing my teenage son.

I also confess that many nights I masturbated myself to sleep, aroused by the knowledge that across the hall, my son was also likely masturbating. I would get incredibly wet between my legs just seeing his eyes gazing hungrily, lustily at me — far more intense than from any man on the few occasions over the years that I took a man into my bed. Just to see the bulge in John’s jeans or pajamas was such a thrill. Part of me knew it was immoral…at least by the standards of society, but it felt so sinfully delicious and aroused me so much I could not bring myself to stop.

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Nearly as scandalous was knowing that his friends admired me in much the same way — eyes always feasting on my voluptuous figure as I fixed them snacks during their games or came in to kiss my son goodnight while wearing a semi-opaque nightgown, often with a plunging neckline that advertised how blessed I was. All behaved around me, but I knew they too had their fantasies and that made me so fucking horny.

Other than my less than innocent teasing, we continued to be a very normal mother and son. I’d ground him if he did something bad, loved him always and knew that he loved me and that he’d do anything to make me happy.

Early in his senior year of high school, his friend Lewis got a part-time job that prevented him from making many gaming sessions. I volunteered to run a character to take Lewis’s place when he was absent. John, who was the group’s dungeon master was a bit dubious, but when I pointed out that I had been playing role playing games before he was born, he relented and allowed me to sit at his table. Thus, Catalina was born, a female Ranger/Barbarian from the Northern Wastes who would wreak havoc with her +2 Greatsword and her mighty +1 Longbow.

Over the next several months, I spent many enjoyable nights gaming with my son and his friends fighting orcs and dragons and the occasional undead thing. The boys became comfortable gaming with me and soon were just themselves with the usual fart jokes and testosterone fueled imaginary violence being dealt on the kitchen table. Of course, I usually wore loose fitting shirts and in warmer weather, shorts and knowing that several young men were constantly ogling my tits and legs, usually had my pussy dripping wet by the time the game ended. I brought myself to many a tremendous orgasm while imagining that in my son’s room and in several other bedrooms across town, my sexy gamer geeks were one and all stroking their cocks to images of little ol’ naughty me!

Maybe things would have worked out the way they did or maybe not, but there came a night in late February of my son’s senior year, that with the coming of an arctic blizzard out of Canada, in twelve hours managed to drop seventeen inches of snow on all of Wisconsin. It began snowing on a Friday morning and by early afternoon, my son took phone call after phone call from his gaming buddies, all informing him that they couldn’t make the usual Friday night game.

I was curled up on the couch, watching the weather report, dressed warmly in a pair of gray sweat pants and one of John’s older flannel shirts. John sighed as he set the phone receiver back on the hook and shrugged. “Well, that was Mark…he’s the last one. Guess there’s no gaming tonight.”

“Sorry sweetie…I know how much you were looking forward to gaming this weekend. You’ve been working on it so much!” I shrugged my shoulders in commiseration and wondering how such an inconsequential thing could make my heart ache when I saw his disappointed face.

“Hey, how about you run Catalina through some solo adventures tonight? I’ve got a pot of chili simmering and we could eat and game…just you and me!”

My son smiled weakly at me and said, “I don’t know…I had this cool dungeon crawl through the drow caverns planned.”

I stood up and crossed over to John, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and said, “Oh, c’mon, it’ll be fun. I — Catalina is still a couple of levels lower than everyone else anyway, it would be a chance for me to get caught up a little. I tightened my embrace on my son a little and leaned more forcefully into him and said playfully, “Please?” as my unfettered breasts under the soft flannel flattened against his chest.

I wasn’t sure if it was my semi-lewd feminine charms that worked on him or his desire to game, but John slowly grinned and nodded and said, “Okay, you’re on. Give me a hour or so to get things pulled together and we’ll get rocking.” He bashfully wriggled out of my embrace and headed to his room, spurred on by a playful swat on the butt by me, blushing as he glanced back at me. I’d swear on a stack of bibles that at that moment I wasn’t planning what was to happen, but rather, I was just pleased to have made my son happy.

As the snow fell and the wind blew and the lights flickered once or twice, amidst bowls of chili and cans of soda, John ran my character Catalina through a solo adventure where she tracked down and slew a Yeti-like creature in the Northern Realms that had been terrorizing several mountain villages. Along the way, she fought a small band of Snow Claw orcs and a couple of human bandits. We had great fun, laughing and talking smack to each other amidst opposing dice rolls.

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As I was gleefully adding the treasure I’d found in the Yeti’s lair to my character sheet, John leaned back and said, “So, what are Catalina’s plans now?”

I looked and grinned and said, “She’s going back down into the valley country and find herself a good tavern.”

I stood up and walked over to the refrigerator and was reaching for a beer when my son said, “Is Catalina planning to get drunk?”

I reached back in and got another beer, suddenly feeling naughty and strode slowly back to the table and set a beer in front of my son, leaning in as to let my shirt gape open to offer him a clear view of my unfettered breasts. I winked slyly at him and replied, “Hell no, I…um, Catalina wants to get laid.”

I’m not sure what surprised John more, my comment or that I was letting him have a beer which despite having turned eighteen back in July, was still illegal for him to have. In retrospect, I’m sure it was my teasing comment. My son’s face quickly reddened and he sputtered, “Haw, haw…very funny, Mom.”

I returned to my seat and grinned over the table at John and said, “I’m totally serious. Catalina hasn’t been with a man or a woman for that matter, in like forever. She’s been fighting monsters and bad guys and she needs to get fucked in the worse possible way!” I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth. My skin was tingling from the top of my head to the tips of my toes with excitement, both suddenly scared to death and incredibly aroused.

“You want me to role play you getting um…screwed?” My son’s voice was suddenly full of uncertainty.

I licked my lips slowly and still grinning, said a bit huskily, “What’s wrong, sweetie — is this too tough for the mighty dungeon master?”

John’s face reddened. He picked up a handful of dice and his eyes went vacant for a moment as they often did when he was creating a response to something unexpected that his players threw at him. Then, still blushing, he said, “Five days after slaying the Mountain Yeti, Catalina will find herself walking into the small city of Hallz and will quickly make for the Drunken Eagle Tavern.” He looked at me with an uncertain smile and added, “What do you do?”

I squelched a delicious shiver and said breathily, “I…Catalina strides purposely into the tavern and walk up to the bar and demand ale. Once I have it, I’ll slurp it down greedily and check out the room. What do I see?”

John rolled some dice and said slowly, “You are in the main room. It’s early evening and there are maybe twenty people in here. Mostly humans…locals, a few dwarves and Halflings, two elves sitting away from everyone else — all minding their own business. The mood is subdued, but um…jovial. It’s a quiet tavern with locals going about their business.”

“Okay, among the humans, are there any good looking males…somebody that looks like they’d like to have a merry romp with a sexy barbarian lass?” I sat up and worked my shoulders, making my breasts roll about under my flannel shirt.

My son rolled more dice and said, “Several human men are scattered here and there — most are elderly and seem to be having an intense discussion about…goats.” John took a deep breath and continued. “But…at the other end of the bar from you is a younger man…younger than Catalina. He’s wearing the tunic of the City Watch and he’s nursing a mug of ale. He’s handsome in a rugged way — stocky and rather muscular with a shock of black hair.”

Another thrill of pleasure coursed through me. My son had just described himself. Standing six foot, he had my father’s stocky build and he had built up his physique using Dad’s old weights that had been passed down to him after his grandfather had died. I could feel my heart racing as I said, “Does he notice me…um, I mean Catalina?”

John rolled a twenty-sider and nodded. “He glances at you now and again.”

I giggled and said, “I try advertising my um…assets by subtly undoing the top laces of my bodice.” As I fingered open a button on my shirt and spread the flannel cloth a bit to offer up a better glimpse of my cleavage, I said, “We’ve never discussed it, but how large are Catalina’s breasts?”

John’s face turned a deeper shade of red, but he recovered quickly and said, “Roll a four-sider and an eight-sider.”

I followed his instructions and came up with a ‘3’ on the four-sided dice and an ‘8’ on the eight-sided one. Looking up at him, John grinned and said, “You…ah, Catalina have size 38 breasts.” He tossed another die and laughed and said, “Double-D.”

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A mother & son become closer through roleplay games!

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