A neighbor seduces his friend’s wife with help of her husband

A neighbor seduces his friend’s wife with help of her husband

I am Vivek. I was 34 years and my wife Bina was aged 30 at that time. I worked in a Multi National Company in marketing division. Bina (my wife) was definitely worth a second look. She looked sexy and desirable to any adult male. Her face, figure, smile, gestures and walk were purely feminine.

Although she was not village girl, she was conservative in matters relating to sex and exposure. I had to cajole, persuade, argue and finally shout at her to make her undress before sex. Gradually she relented and agreed to wear Punjabi dresses, which highlighted her features a bit more than in saree.

Her most attractive features were her breasts, hips, waist and navel. Contours of these assets stood out. Her hips naturally swung temptingly as she walked. She had round face, lissom figure, long hair, kissable lips, innocent inviting smile, long shapely legs, artistic fingers, handful of breasts, long and curvaceous waist line, and guitar shaped back with shapely curved ass; all added to a sum total of a acutely desirable female. She was a sexy looking fit but conservative Indian house wife.

She did not like other men touching her even casually or unknowingly. She picked up a fight, if by chance in a crowded bus some man touched or brushed her. Due to this reason it was nightmarish, if we had to travel in crowded bus or Metro with her.

Although Bina was conservative, she had good sex drive. Her natural instincts got uncovered as I spent time educating her on nuances of enjoying sex. She was a good learner. Though her approach to outsiders remained the same, Bina and I had ravishing sex life for the first three years of our marriage.

After we had our son, she seemed to have lost her sexual appetite. She avoided my overtures and when I was horny and pleaded with her, she would relent by spreading her legs and letting me fuck her. That was so boring and repulsive that I avoided reaching that stage as much as possible.

Once, Bina and I went to a nearby shopping centre. There were some people in the shop, but I noticed a smart tall and strongly built man standing close to us, asking for some items from the counter sales woman. I noticed the man particularly because I saw him checking out my wife closely. He was subtly scrutinizing her vital stats. I could see his eyes were stuck at her bosom, ass and navel. All husbands know when someone looks at their wives with that look. My wife saw it but did not pay any attention. Admittedly I was excited at him looking at my wife lustfully. I did not understand my own reaction at that time.

After purchase, my wife Bina forgot to pick up her money bag and moved out of the shop. When we went to the next shop some distance away, she realized that her bag was missing. She was panicky. There was good amount of money in her purse. As we were contemplating to run back to the previous shop, the same gentleman appeared with my wife’s bag in his hands.

He smiled and asked us, “Is this what you are looking for?”

Bina collected her purse and we thanked him profusely. He was Sam and lived close to the entrance in our colony, whereas we lived almost at the end of the colony.

My wife insisted that he should come to our house on our way back. After a bit of persuasion, he came to our house. Bina served him tea and snacks. He belonged to the same town as my wife. He knew her family and had met her brother once. Bina was thrilled to hear this. When we asked him about his wife, he informed us that his wife had deserted him six months ago. He said that his wife was in love with someone, before marriage. She had concealed this fact from him. Her parents compelled her to marry Sam. They stayed and slept together for only a week. He stated these embarrassing facts with simple innocence. We were touched. I insisted that whenever he had time, he was welcome. Bina also supported me.

As I knew more about him, I learned that Sam was inherently romantic but simple by nature. He admitted that he loved his wife and missed her. He did not blame her for leaving him. He had a small physio-therapy clinic near our colony. His clinic enjoyed good reputation in the area.

Sam was lovable with an innocent personality. Sometimes, he said the weirdest things with simple innocence. It was no wonder that he was a hit with my wife Bina. He broke through my conservative wife Bina’s wall of isolation with males and became her favourite in a short time. He had a knack of taking liberties with her in such an innocent way that she was flattered rather than offended.

Within the first three months, Sam was like our good family friend. Occasionally Sam made appreciative though mildly sexist comments on my wife Bina’s appearance. For example, “Bhabhi (sister in law), you are very beautiful. Your figure in the front matches your perfect figure at the back.” Although she was edgy at first; as time passed, she began to accept such comments with a smile. She thought that at least there was someone who really appreciated her plus points and gave her importance. I was lacking in that and that was her grouse against me. However, Bina still, expressed her obvious discomfort if Sam touched her.

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I had read somewhere that if husband and wife have a tacit understanding; a third person flirting with the wife might be able to inject an element of thrill in the couple’s life. In other words wife sharing boosts up sex life for married couples. Suddenly I had an idea. It was obvious that Sam was trying to get intimate with my wife. Was he trying to seduce her? Was she giving him some space, much against her nature? I was turned on with the idea of Sam making out with Bina.

I was excited with the idea. How about my encouraging them to flirt in my presence? I had suspected Sam trying to woo my wife on several occasions. Sam kept praising her beauty, grace, intelligence etc. in the sly. Most of the times, she blushed and lapped it up. Sometimes, she rebuked him, albeit mildly. That perhaps confirmed that she had begun to like Sam and liked his flirty praises.

I teased my wife. When she described how Sam praised her, I asked her, “He seems to be a flirt. I have seen him ogle at your boobs.” She did not seem to like my comments.

When I made that comment once too often, Bina replied, “I know that. All men do it.” She was right.

I asked Bina, “What about Sam? You seem to like him. I think he has a crush on you. I feel that if you give him a little rope, he might grab you by your waist and given half a chance he may not spare you.” I then added gingerly, “Should I tell you something? I won’t mind seeing you make out with him.”

Bina looked at me with disdain. She asked, “What do you mean? He is a nice guy. He likes me. He may be looking for a chance to get intimate with me. You all men do the same. But how can you think of my physical relation with him? I will never think of cheating you. I am quite happy with you. I don’t like any other man touching me.”

I was getting obsessed with the idea of getting Sam to share my wife Bina with me. I loved hearing anything from my wife that gave a hint that Sam had a chance with my wife Bina. I told her, “Where is the question of cheating me? If you make out with him, it would be because of me that you would let him get closer to you.”

Bina said dismissively, “That may be your idea. For me it is out of question. I am married to you and will always be loyal to you. Take it from me; I will not let Sam touch me.” She pulled down the curtain on my hopes. However, I was fairly optimistic knowing that Sam had the capability to charm my wife, even though she might resist him initially. I hoped he might just be able to pull it off.

Some months passed. Sam visited us regularly in the evening. When he got late I could see that Bina got edgy. To me, Sam was a good company for occasional drinks in the evening. Sam didn’t drink; he would sit with me for a few minutes and have juice. He would then go to Bina and spend a good deal of his time and attention on my wife Bina; which spared me the trouble of hearing her daily complaints about servants, society’s sweepers, high vegetable prices etc. As time passed, I saw Sam casually touching Bina, holding her hands or patting her back and getting away with it. Sam was making good progress.


Sam writes:

At the grocery shop, near our colony, I met this couple. I was completely swept off my feet by a sexy rather young woman, who was accompanied by her husband. She had that figure, which would drive any man to insanity. Those lovely perfectly shaped spherical melons that were almost popping out of her bra and blouse. A tiny curled strand of her hair falling right down in front of her left eye, her chubby cheeks, bright mischievous eyes, ‘x’ curved exposed stomach flaring off to lovely ass curves, her saree tied right below that delicious navel and finally those well hidden shapely thighs and legs were enough to make me go bonkers.

My first thought was to have an opportunity to be introduced to her. And how! I got the most favourable chance one could hope to get. She left her money bag behind, right in front of my nose and walked out. It almost looked as if she wanted me to take the bag and hand it to her. I couldn’t have hoped to get a better chance. Naturally I ran after her and handed over her bag to her great relief. They invited me to their house and that started our reciprocal visits.

Luck seemed to favour me all the way. She belonged to the same town as mine and I happened to meet her brother several times. I was able to gain Bina’s acceptance. Her strong resistance turned into reluctance and then into hesitation. She soft paddled my small advances. She pretended to protest in front of her husband. However, she did not seem to mind my overtures and vague hints too much. Surprisingly, her husband did not mind my attempts to get closer to her at all. This was a great relief.

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However, I knew that I must work cautiously. I decided go slow and steady. I drank with the husband and spent time with the wife. I heard all her daily issues patiently and took deep interest in them. I even went and bought groceries and vegetables for her, when I went to buy my own. Occasionally, when their son missed his school bus, I dropped him off in my car. I knew that these were sure ways to reach her heart and someday get at what her heart is under. She began to accept me with less resistance as the time passed.

I could detect a trace of sexual isolation between Bina and her husband. Bina’s husband Vivek, perhaps wanted me to inject an element of excitement in their sex life. I envisaged my role there and I guessed that her husband also did. I hoped I had a good chance to get what I craved for. Here again my luck seemed to favour me.

One evening, Vivek (her husband), Bina and I were chatting casually on nothing in particular. All of a sudden Bina started crying out of pain in the neck and back. Her pain was unbearable. Vivek told me that Bina had frequent and chronic problem of neck pain, chest muscle pull (just below her breasts) and back pain. Vivek said that she took pain killers and got temporary relief. However, the pain kept resurfacing regularly.

I said, “Regular use of pain killers is not good for health. Relief is temporary and it has a lot of side effects. Let me examine her. Perhaps, Bina needs a therapeutic massage and some exercises. I have good experience in physio-therapy and can help her if you like.” Bina’s husband asked me to go ahead.

I asked Bina to lie down on floor with her face and chest resting on the floor (there was no need really to do that. I was just having a good time). In spite of her pain, Bina was not ready to be examined by me. She said, “Let my hubby do whatever needs to be done.”

Suddenly I heard her husband Vivek thundering at her in a slightly rough tone, “Lie down on the floor, will you? Keep quiet. Don’t make any fuss. It is for your health. If I squeeze wrong muscle in your body, I might create more problems for you. He has to do the job. He is your physician now, ok? Let him examine you properly.” Bina sulked but quietly nodded her head in acceptance. I signalled her to lie down on the carpet with her face down. She did that obediently.

I went and stood over her, then got down on my knees and straddled her between my folded legs with my body over her ass area, resting all my weight on my knees. Bina’s bums stood out, almost touching my crotch. It was such an erotic sight for me that I was leaking in my pants. If she had no clothing on her, it would look as if I was getting ready to fuck her ass. Frankly speaking, I did not have to carry out all those examinations. It was obvious that she had spondylitis and muscle pull in the chest region. However, I could not resist the temptation of seeing her exposed and feeling her body.

I poked Bina’s shoulder blades and neck with my thumbs and kept asking Bina how she felt. Bina cried out in pain as I poked several crevices in Bina’s shoulder blades, arm pits, vertebra etc. Her replies were far from aggressive. She answered with her oomph and ouch appropriately. After the examination, I moved way and let Bina sit upright. I checked her pulse, her pupils etc.

Finally I concluded, “Bina is suffering from spondylitis and muscle stress. I can give her quick relief now. I can cure her completely with massage and some exercises in a few days, if you will allow me.”

Vivek looked at Bina. Bina knew bad effects of taking pain killers. She nodded her head. She had no choice as she was undergoing severe pain at that time. I asked her to move into their bed room. Bina was too much in pain to object. She looked at her husband. Her husband Vivek asked her to go ahead.

Vivek almost carried his crying wife in his arms and led me into their bed room. I made her sit on the carpeted floor. I asked Bina to remove her blouse (was not really necessary) and made her sit with her back to me. I sat behind her. Bina looked back at me doubtfully. I patted her back to calm her. When I hesitated to open her blouse buttons, her husband moved forward and undid her blouse buttons. He removed her choli (blouse). Bina was then in her bra, with a strap locked behind her back. Oh! What a sight it was! However, Bina started grumbling why her blouse had to be removed. I remained quiet and got to work.

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I dreamt for days to see her expose herself to me. Here she was almost as I wanted her. She was offering her body to me (though not for pleasure). My boner was rock hard. I had no control over it. I had to control my senses. However, I had to restrain myself. If I faulted, I could lose a life time opportunity to get to her. She might panic and then, even her husband may not be able to control her.

I asked Vivek to heat a handkerchief under electric iron and hand it over to me I applied that under her breasts to warm up muscles there. I touched periphery her boobs, where she complained of pain. I had to squeeze edge of her breasts. I can’t describe how wonderful her smooth and supple breasts felt in my fingers. I almost ejaculated in my trousers. After that I began a gentle massage applying my thumbs and fingers at appropriate spots to ease her tensed muscles. I located the bones in her vertebra, which caused her discomfort.

Until the midway through the massage, Bina kept crying out of pain and complaining to me for exposing her. I noticed that her crying reduced, but her grumbling didn’t. At that very moment with a corner of my eye, I saw her husband’s reactions to my working on his pretty wife. He was trying to adjust his lund (cock) in his pyjama. I noticed a distinct bulge and perhaps a wet spot in his pyjama. He was aroused seeing his wife exposed and fondled.

I finished the work got up trying hard to conceal my bulge and wetness around my crotch. She continued complaining, whilst buttoning up her blouse and tidying up her dress. She said, “I feel so embarrassed. I am not that type of woman. Don’t take advantage of me under the pretext of treating me, ok?”

I felt offended. I told her, “Don’t grumble. I was doing it for a purpose.” Then I asked her, “Do you feel any pain? You are no longer crying of pain. Your pain is gone, you see?” My voice betrayed my hurt.

Suddenly Bina stopped cribbing. She started smiling. She exclaimed, “My god, yes! My pain is gone! I have no pain!” She turned around and twisted her torso to make sure her pain had vanished. She bent down sideways. She was thrilled and ecstatic like a child. She jumped on her husband and kissed him on his cheeks saying, “Vivek dear, I have no pain! I am fine! I can’t believe it!”

Vivek patted her back and told her, “Don’t kiss me. It is Sam who got rid of your pain. Thank him. Kiss him. Definitely apologize to him for all the obscenities you hurled at him.”

Bina was quiet. She was embarrassed, blushing profusely. She looked at me with an apologetic look. Her husband asked her, “When he was treating you, you were complaining and shouting at him. Now you are fine and you don’t even want to thank him?”

Bina walked towards me. She took my hands and said, “Sam, I am sorry for blaming you. I apologize for misunderstanding you. You have magic hands. My pain has gone completely.”

I thought this was the time for me to display my displeasure. I sulked at her and said, “Now please do the exercise, I have asked you to do. I promise you, I shall not touch you again. You can get massage done from anyone else.” I said that and walked out of their house, making it obvious that I had felt grossly offended.

Vivek tried to stop me. He said, “I am sorry Sam, Bina is so stupid. What she said was ridiculous and I agree that she was offensive but, please don’t go. She didn’t mean to offend you.”

I did not stop as I said, “Vivek, I have no complaint. She has a right to feel bad. I should have avoided touching her. If she wants massage or physiotherapy, she should consult another person.” I walked out of their house.

Behind me, I heard Vivek sternly admonishing his wife. I also heard Bina crying and telling her husband that she did not mean to offend my feelings etc. I knew I had hit the nail on the head. I finally heard Vivek asking Bina to follow me and apologize.

I reached my house and changed into my pyjama. I had not had anything to eat that day and I was hungry. There was nothing to eat in the house. I was angry and just wanted to lie down and think. Having seen Bina exposed I was horny. I expected Vivek or Bina to follow me. However, when none came for about half an hour, I decided to switch off lights and go to bed and masturbate.

I undressed completely and lay in bed visualizing half naked Bina. I wondered how she would look completely undressed. I tried to compare her with my ex-wife. I felt that I was too harsh on her. Perhaps my angry reaction was not called for. In all probability, it put paid to all my designs on Bina.

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A neighbor seduces his friend’s wife with help of her husband

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