A new neighbor asks me to let her be my bitch

A new neighbor asks me to let her be my bitch

I’m a married lady who likes a little pussy on the side
now and then, something my husband knows nothing about
and I’ve had a few subs through the years. I like the
subservient cunts, they are easy to manipulate and
always take good care of my pussy.

A new family moved in down the street from us, Helen,
she’s a blue eyed blond with great legs and a lousy
attitude who thinks the world owes her something but
her husband, Doug is real nice. My husband, much to my
chagrin, offered to show them around the city as they
were new here and I was stuck having to be with the
bitch the whole day.

Well I have never been known to keep my temper in check
and after a few hours in her company and listening to
her whining, I blew up at her and told her if she kept
her mouth shut, I was going to put her over my knee and
spank her little ass. She shut up, her husband never
said a word and she was quiet the rest of the day.

That was on Sunday, Monday morning right after my
husband left for work, there’s a knock at the door and
I was just getting dressed, so all I had on was my bra.
I grabbed my robe, never put it on until I could see
who was there and it was the blond bitch. I was still
pissed at her and really didn’t give a fuck if she
liked seeing my almost naked body or not and opened the

The surprise was, she checked me out like I was for
sale, I asked her what the hell she wanted and she
asked to come in and talk to me, so I let her in. She
was staring at my bush, which is plentiful; my husband
likes a hairy cunt and told me she wanted to be my

I was fucking floored to say the least and I asked her
what the fuck she was talking about. She slowly looked
up at my face, smiled and said, When I was in college
my roommate made me her bitch and now I would like to
be yours. I thought I had to hearing things, I
screamed at her yesterday and today she wants to be my
bitch so I asked her if she meant a bitch like the
women convicts talk about.

She shook her head yes while smiling at me so I asked
her why me and she told me it was because I was a
strong lady who would take good care of her. My poor
little head was swimming; I’m thinking that this can’t
be for real, so I asked her what she was going to do
for me. She got right down on her knees in front of me,
grabbed my ass and started licking my pussy, which of
course made my pussy bring forth a gusher and now she
was really going to town on my cunt.

My legs got so shaky I was going down to the floor and
she helped me down. As soon as my ass hit the floor,
she had my legs spread and her tongue buried in my
steaming pussy. Her fucking tongue had to be the most
talented tongue that had ever been in my cunt.

She had my ass pumping, I was moaning like one of those
whore porn starts and that fast I was in never-never
land, coming like a hot little whore and she didn’t let
up. This was the first time in my life that I was taken
on a floor and by a woman with the greatest tongue in
the world no less. My brain was on fire and this cunt
lapper had me so fucking hot, she owned my pussy and I
just let her take me. She made my little pussy explode
so may times, I couldn’t count them.

All I know was that I was laying there with my ass
pumping like a steam engine telling this sweet tongued
bitch to eat my fucking cunt and make me come in her
mouth. She drained my pussy dry, I don’t think there
was a drop of come left in it when she came up for air
and she sat up and asked if she was going to be my
bitch now. I shook my head yes and wanted to see just
how far this was going to go, so I told her to take her
clothes off and model for me.

She took her clothes right off, did a great modeling
job, especially her pussy, she made sure I got a good
view of her nice pink cunt and when I told her she did
a good job, she smiled and said she had been very well
trained. Now I was curious as to how well trained and
who trained her, so I sent her to get a hot wash cloth
and towel and when she came back, I made her clean my
pussy and ass real good.

She was a real blond with almost no pussy hair and she
said that was all the pussy hair she ever had, which to
me was a bit disappointing as I’m like my husband, I
like cunt hair. I made her take my bra off me and
massage my tits and she suggested we go upstairs so she
could give me a full body massage and I didn’t need to
be told twice.

She started the massage on my ass, she liked my ass,
she kissed it, licked it and bit it before she started
on my back and shoulders. I asked her who trained her
and her story floored me. When she got inducted into
her sorority in college, they put her in a room with a
female jock who had a big reputation as an athlete, but
was not real bright and they figured she could help
keep the jock playing sports.

She moved in the same time as the jock and as soon as
the door closed, the jock told her to take her clothes
off, to which she said no and the jock threw her on her
bed and ripped her clothes right off her back and when
she started to scream, the jock slapped her silly. She
said the jock took her clothes off, told Helen that her
job was to take care of her, straddled Helen’s head and
told Helen to eat her pussy or she was going to beat
the shit out of her.

Helen said she still balked; the dyke rolled her over
and spanked her ass until she had welts on it and it
hurt so bad she couldn’t sit down for a few days. This
time when the jock sat on her face, she ate the jock’s
pussy like a good little girl and the jock kissed her
telling her what a good girl she was for eating her
pussy. Then the jock made her put all of the jock’s
clothes away, make the jocks bed and dress the jock so
she could meet her friends.

Helen said that when the jock came back later that
night, she woke Helen up and made Helen lick and kiss
every inch of her body and then eat her pussy while she
made Helen play with herself. The next morning the jock
marched Helen to the showers and made Helen gave her a
shower with a bunch of girls watching and for the grand
finale; she made Helen kiss her pussy.

Helen said she knew that she was now the property of
the jock because not one girl said a word while the
jock was humiliating the shit out of her. Helen said
she got spanked a few more times before she was so well
trained that her owner was overjoyed with her and let
Helen sleep in her bed instead of the floor. Helen
told me she did all the jocks school work, washed and
ironed the jocks clothes, give the jock a shower every
day, cut the jocks nails, did her hair, dressed her
every morning and when she went out, maintained their
room and did anything sexual the jock wanted her too.

Helen said one of the things she was required to do was
eat the jock’s friend’s pussies when they wanted her
too and twice the jock took Helen home with her and
gave Helen to her younger sister to use. Helen said the
jocks sister was a real bitch too, she was fifteen and
she made Helen strip naked for all her little friends
and play with herself for the little bastards, besides
making Helen eat her pussy and Helen said the little
bitch pissed on her a few times because it amused her
to do it to Helen.

While Helen was telling me this I got the distinct
impression that this dyke jock did a hellva
brainwashing job on Helen, because when Helen was
telling me how she took care of the jock and her
friends, it was like she was bragging but my pussy was
hot again from her story and her hot hands, so I told
Helen to see how many fingers she could get in my pussy
and she went right to work on my cunt with those soft

She worked my pussy over until she had her whole hand
in my cunt and I was going fucking crazy, that was the
first time I had a whole hand in my cunt and it felt
amazing. She had her hand opened and was feeling all
over the inside of my pussy with her fingers and when
she hit my G spot, I fucking screamed and came. She
kept working that spot and I didn’t know if was agony
or ecstasy I was feeling as she made me fucking crazy
and come poured out of me like a river.

When she finished with me, I was almost unconscious
from so much pleasure and when I came back to the
world, she was sitting there with her hand still in my
pussy with a big smile on her face. She asked if her
mistress was happy with her and did I want her to take
her hand out of my beautiful pussy and I started to
close my legs on her hand but it felt like a truck had
driven up my snatch, so I told her to take her hand
out. When she pulled it out, come came gushing out like
spigot and my new whore licked up every drop. After she
licked my pussy clean, I told her to come beside me and
massage my tits again and I kissed her.

To my surprise she was a killer kisser, I think the
best kiss I ever had, so we kissed while I made her
tell me why after all she had been through with the
jock, why did she want to be any body’s bitch. She told
me that after the first few weeks, she started to enjoy
it, the jock always made sure she ate right, would take
her to places, like the movie and theater, made her
feel really loved and when I asked how the hell she did
that, she said just like we are doing, she said they
would lay naked while she kissed and fondled her and
she would always tell me she loved Helen and was going
to marry Helen.

I thought to myself, I don’t know where the dyke jock
learned the art of brainwashing, but she did an
exceptional job on this little pussy and I wondered
what she would do if I told her I loved her. I knew it
was too soon to say that but I did tell Helen I could
see why the jock loved her as she was very lovable and
she melted into my body.

She kissed me this time and told me she thought she
could love me too and I now knew I had my own personnel
sex slave and I told her to get my strap-on out of the
drawer because for being such a good little girl, I was
going to fuck her pussy senseless. She was out and back
in that bed so fast with the strap-on, she was almost a
blur and she had the strap-on belted to me almost as
fast. I told her to spread her legs so her mistress
could fuck her slave and I had never seen legs spread
that wide before, so fast.

When I fuck another woman with my strap-on, I like to
pin their legs back to their shoulders and pound their
little cunts like my husband pounds me, they always
come buckets for me. Helen was no exception and she
loves to be told she is a no good cunt who only
deserves to be fucked and the only reason I fuck her is
because she is such a good cunt lapper.

That little blond haired piece of fuck meat comes
buckets for me when I slam her pussy with my strap-on
and the part I like, she will do absolutely anything I
tell her. I bought her a dog collar with her name on it
and a leash so I could lead her around the house like
she is my pet and I’ve taken her out in public with her
collar and leash on and I love the looks we get.

She is never allowed to wear clothes in my house when
we are alone and when I take her out, all I allow her
to wear is a micro mini and a blouse cut to her navel.
I have taken her to a few lezzie clubs wearing her
collar and in one, made her dance naked to the delight
of the cunt lovers who were there.

I make her eat my pussy in the changing booths in some
stores and in one store, there were two young girls who
wanted to watch her eat me, so I let them. When they
saw her collar and leash they were really curious and
asked about it, so I educated them on why she was
wearing it. They thought that was the coolest thing
they ever heard, that I had my own fuck slave and I
offered to let Helen eat them both but they just wanted
to watch.

Now you know what out relationship is like, I totally
own her ass and she fucking loves it, neither one of
our husbands have a clue about how I use her for my
pleasure when ever I want, actually every day in one
way or another, except the weekends when she gets to
act normal.

During the week, she takes care of me in every way, she
bathes me, shaves me, powders me, oils my body, gives
me massages, wipes my pussy when I piss, dresses me
when we go out, puts my makeup on when we go out, in
other words I don’t lift a finger when she is with me
other then to fuck and suck her and I love her being my

Oh, when I say dresses me, I mean she puts everything
on for me, my underwear, stockings, shoes and she
always kisses my pussy when she puts my thong on. I
thank that lesbo jock every time Helen walks through my
door, she made Helen the perfect slave and I’m going to
ride this train as long as it lasts.

Right now she is sitting between my legs, licking my
pussy as I write this and it’s not going to be long
before she gets a mouthful of cunt juice. Goodbye

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A new neighbor asks me to let her be my bitch