A shy submissive lesbian who fantasizes about her boss is tempted by a cabaret artiste

A shy submissive lesbian who fantasizes about her boss is tempted by a cabaret artiste

The Scottish spring had not yet yielded any hopeful signs of a break in the cold damp weather that it was famous for. The City of Edinburgh architecture was straining to cope with the rain, and gutter down pipes gushed water into the storm drains. The homeward bound city dwellers huddled under umbrellas, most of which showed some of the scars of the strong winds blowing along Princess Street.

Faith Munroe pulled her long hood over her head as she hurried out of the library staff room in the City centre of Edinburgh. The evening was dreich ( foggy, cold with incessant rain) with slippery pavements. Her flat shoes struggled to keep out the damp, while she scampered for her bus. As usual, there was no unused seat on any public transport during the evening rush hour, so she held on to the hand rail and dreamed of a little hot food and a warm room to rest and relax in. Her feet were tired from the daily toil of walking the length of the library floor stocking and cataloguing the new books, and placing the returned books into their rightful positions. She fervently prayed for a change in her fortune that might include a change of job and even better, some hope of a love life!

As she got to her own corner she called into her local convenience store to get the ingredients of her supper. A helpful store assistant packed up her groceries, and packed a local free paper into the carry bag. Faith hurried to her small 1 bed studio flat, to prepare her food, and settle down for the remainder of the evening.

She admired her lithe 5ft 7inch frame as she began to undress and get into her warm PJs and pink fleecy dressing gown. She smiled absentmindedly as she got out of her wet tights and obligatory size 10 black skirt and blouse, to dry her feet before getting into the ridiculous looking but incredibly cosy slippers. She quickly put her soup into the microwave and toasted her wholemeal roll before placing the enticing result into a bowl on to her TV tray.

She set up her TV to menu mode to select a movie she could get absorbed into for the evening. An American romantic comedy didn’t hold her attention beyond the few minutes it took to eat her supper, so she cuddled up on her sofa to read the free sheet. She idly coasted past all of the local events and car ads to the situations vacant column.

An intriguing advert caught her attention. It sought a single female with no family ties to work in the highlands for a family, to assist in the rearing and home schooling of a six year old boy. The advert required the candidate to have a teaching or academic background, with an interest in art and music. The advert included a web address to download an application form from and a Post Office box to return the completed form to.

She quickly logged on to the internet to view the advert in detail, and review the application form which included the imprint of a major Oil company, owned by the Fergusons. The form itself seemed to be very thorough, quite detailed, and sought a lot of detail on her personal life, some of which she was more than a little uneasy about. However the salary on offer seemed to be very tempting and was a huge increase on her current Edinburgh Council stipend so she downloaded the form on to a memory stick so that she could print it out in work the following morning.

She decided that the time she had spent as a temporary teacher might come in handy, along with her secondary duties in the children’s section of the Municipal Library.

As she got ready for bed, she brushed her shoulder length auburn hair. She cleaned off her make-up and applied a little night cream while her mind focused on whether she should apply. In her usual forthright manner she didn’t hesitate to make her mind up quickly to do so. She then stretched in front of her dressing table as she reviewed her strategy. She decided to make the most of her University qualifications and limited teaching experience, while not revealing too much about herself.

Her hazel eyes appraised her hairstyle in the dressing table mirror, and studied her slim 34b bust and 25inch waist. She happily swayed her tush as she decided that she would not reveal her hobbies which included writing erotic lesbian stories and helping to staff a drop in shelter for the lesbian and gay community. She was sure that her sexual orientation, voluntary work and hobby had no bearing on the job offered and would only hinder any remote chance she had of getting it.

*** Chapter 2. A Stunning location.

The highlands of Aberdeenshire to the east of Aberdeen and south of Aviemore offer a stunning location that offers the recluse a choice of castles, and luxury loch side villas that would rival anywhere in the western world for location. The Queen’s summer residence of Balmoral, and the Highlands Games town of Braemar were just two examples of well known locations in this Shire, which the Fergusons had long called home.

A relatively recent upsurge in the Oil industry in Scotland had lead to a huge uplift in the local economy around Aberdeen. Multinational Companies were basing their European Headquarters along the east coast of Scotland, making the most of the excellent University complexes, and sponsoring major sporting events. Their senior executives were being housed in sumptuous locations around the St Andrews golf course and inland to make the most of the limited skiing season.

In the centre of this Oil industry were the companies that specialized in Oil exploration and Oilrig construction and Maintenance. In this sector, one name stood among the best of its type. The Ferguson name came from a long line of engineers, one of whom was credited with the invention and patenting of the breach loading rifle. The Fergusons headed up an Oil Exploration and Maintenance Company, famous for its quality, admired by its competitors as a model of management. This company was well supported in the European financial markets, and it’s portfolio of investments in worldwide Oil fields had yielded a fantastic return for this influential family and it’s investors.

The family or Clan as they preferred to be called was very united, and supportive of each other. The Clan’s elders had always nurtured its children allowing them to develop and mature. This ensured that their skills were used to their own benefit and ultimately to the benefit of the Clan and its companies. Even the more outlandish parts of the family found that there was room for them in the organization.

However one branch of this family had a very troubled history, including a recent car crash tragedy which left a 6 year old heir alone without his parents in the hands of a loving Aunt. Although this woman, Rhona Ferguson, had a fearsome reputation in business she left this part of her character in the boardroom to undertake the parenting of this introvert boy who was called Finlay.

Because of her boardroom workload it was agreed to advertise for a teacher companion for Finlay, and see if a suitable applicant could be found for this demanding job. The person they were looking for would need to be able to offer as close to 24 hour care as possible, so it was vital to ensure that the chosen candidate have no close emotional ties, to a partner, husband or indeed a demanding family.

On a personal level Rhona needed to feel an empathy with the candidate chosen, to feel that she could trust the judgment of the candidate. So she decided to personally review the applications, draw up a short list of likely candidates and interview each one herself. She would of course have their background checked by a reliable company, who did all of her staff accreditation checks, after all Jim Guthrie had to earn his yearly fee!.

Rhona was a 5ft 9inch statuesque woman, in her mid thirties, with stunning red hair and candid green eyes. Her figure was a sumptuous 36D, with a slim waist and full hips. Her lips were full with a hint of humor, unless she felt thwarted!

Her home was west of Aberdeen in a beautiful remote glen, facing south towards a small river. The house sat on 15 acres of ground and had an unparalleled view of the road in both directions. It was secured by a massive wall with a sturdy gate and an extensive security system. The house itself was a renovated old stately Manor House, which Rhona had modernised sympathetically. Her nephew Finlay, affectionately known as Finn, loved staying with her.

Finn had been through an awful lot, trying to grieve for the Mother that he so loved and a Father who had meant so much to him. His broken hearted sobbing left a gut wrenching feeling in the pit of Rhona’s stomach every time he cried in his sleep.

She growled every time she thought of the driver who caused her brother and sister –in-law’s death on that lonely hill road, and heartlessly drove off. It was just as well that she never found out who it was, because nothing would save them from the anger and wrath she felt towards them.

Rhona didn’t love many people, but those she loved, she loved deeply.

She spent an entire evening reviewing all of the applicants and her heart jumped for joy when she saw one which she recognised. She had noticed this girl who gave some of her time to a cause dear to Rhona’s heart. She began to formulate a plan to get this girl hired, and once she had done that, she would move to phase two of her plan.

She would begin a seduction offensive.
She recalled an episode of Tales of the Unexpected in which a beautiful girl succumbed to the charms of a wily recluse who spent a week pretending that she didn’t attract him. She decided that she would try the same tactics, using all of the underhand tricks she could think of!Faith was surprised to get a response to her application within ten days inviting her to an interview in a well known 5 star hotel close to Edinburgh Castle. She replied confirming that she would attend, and immediately hit the internet to delve into the Company who would be interviewing her. A browse of the company showed one lady who had tremendous presence in the company hierarchy photo. She also had a reputation in business as someone not to be messed with!

It quickly became apparent that the family who had placed the advert were very well known, rich, and influential. Faith was shocked to see all of the gory details about a husband and wife who died in a horrific car crash. The picture of the little boy who had suffered the loss of his Mum and Dad was very poignant. She viewed Internet pictures of Corporate headquarters, the family business crest, and history that were matched by impressive pictures of Oil platforms in the North Sea. There was no doubt about the calibre of this family.

Undaunted by the power and influence of this family, she headed up the hill to the interview. An interview board of three people that included the company’s HR Manager Gordon Mc Lennon, a company consultant called Jim Guthrie, and most imposing of the three, Rhona Ferguson, who surprisingly put her immediately at ease.

Although she felt that her life was being held under the microscope, Faith held her head up, and answered all of the questions posed clearly, and succinctly. Her personal details were gone into in great detail, including her religion, health, marital status, independence from her London based family, and her current employment.

When asked how much notice she would need to give her employer, she replied “ Three weeks is the normal notice required”
“We will see about that, should you be selected” replied the enigmatic Ms Ferguson.

Later that evening she headed to the Drop-in Shelter in Broughton St. to do her three hour stint. Her friend Morag, a brash tattooed butch lesbian, immediately pounced on her asking how she got on with the interview.
“I really don’t know, I assume I am in with as much of a chance as anybody else who applied as they seemed to be only interviewing women”

“Well, how did the interview go? Who asked all of the questions?”
Faith replied:-

“Initially, the questions about my education, employment and current address were asked by the HR guy, with the management consultant taking notes. Then, Rhona Ferguson, who was very overpowering and observant, began to ask me about my family details. She paid a lot of attention to my personal life, who was paying rent on my flat, particularly probing my love life, or lack of it! My willingness to travel at short notice to the boy’s location appeared to get a very positive response, so…. I am hopeful, but probably not very optimistic. It would be good if I got it as I am coming to the end of my rent year so will have to have a chat with the landlord if I am going to stay!”

When her stint was finished her and Morag went for a drink in the local watering hole. After she entered a single girl slipped quietly in to the bar, to observe and take notes for her boss, Jim Guthrie. When she approached Faith offering to buy her a drink, Faith was too shy to introduce herself. She felt abashed and uncomfortable chatting to a stranger she hadn’t been introduced to by friends so she declined the offer, stating that she was “with someone”.

The girl quietly left the bar soon after this while Faith stayed on for a while, enjoying the atmosphere of the sisterhood, who appeared to be in a constant flux of break-ups and recriminations, followed by stolen kisses in the darker confines at the rear of the bar with a mixture of new acquaintances and exes. It bemused Faith to see one girl who had propositioned her last week, hitting on a girl who she had broken up with three times already!

Faith eventually headed home on foot, slightly merry, in the company of Morag, who offered to make her a hot cocoa, much to Faith’s amusement. She had heard from a mutual friend how demonstrative Morag got once inside a friend’s apartment, so she firmly declined the offer and headed for her own humble flat, to continue with a story she had begun to write.

A week went by uneventfully, until a letter inviting her to a further interview arrived in her letterbox, signed personally by none other than Rhona Ferguson.

*** Chapter 4. The Second Meeting.

Faith was surprised when she read the venue of the second meeting as she had always assumed the Hotel in question was not really a business venue. In fact it was among the very few that welcomed and entertained the gay community. She immediately sent of a letter accepting the invitation, noting the dress code which was a little unorthodox, and it didn’t specify an exact time, but an instruction to “wait in the bar until met”!

Having struggled to find anything suitable from her rather staid wardrobe, Faith decided to purchase an outfit that wouldn’t look out of place, hoping that at some future date she might get the chance to wear the somewhat risqué short tartan skirted outfit again.

Having taken a taxi to the Hotel, Faith looked in vain for the well dressed, carefully coiffed Rhona Ferguson. Having failed to find her she ruefully awaited her arrival. She decided on a non alcoholic spritzer and sat down on a bar stool. The bar area soon filled up for what appeared to be a pre-arranged cabaret night.

Faith became intrigued when a cabaret artiste took the stage. She proceeded to give an over the top performance of some very raunchy songs specifically tailored to suit the mainly lesbian audience. The thundering applause of her audience who appeared to know all of her signature moves showed that this event was a regular occurrence for this crowd. Her chorus lines were echoed by the audience whom she egged on mercilessly, as she crooned in her own unique style. One particularly risqué song with gestures aimed straight at her by the artist had Faith blushing to her toes.

As the set drew to its finale The artiste “MS Behavin” lips heavily glossed in an outrageous lipstick and thick eyelashes strutted among the crowd swaying intimately among her favourites. She rubbed her body in an unabashed and very brazen fashion against all of the females she appeared to fancy. When she got as far as Faith, she effortlessly pulled her off the stool, tilted her back, grabbed her hair and kissed her until Faith couldn’t help but give gave a strangled moan of encouragement. She suddenly pulled away from this “finale” to tremendous applause.

Before Faith could draw breath the artiste vanished. Faith was left to pull her skirt down to a more modest pose, and hastily grab her clutch bag.

Faith had to make a quick dash to the ladies restroom to attend to her own very badly smudged lipstick and make an attempt to calm down. As she viewed herself in the mirror she could still feel the power of that kiss that had so successfully drawn out her repressed but passionate nature.
“Wow, who was THAT?” is all she could think.

As she made her way back to her seat the crowd had settled again in their own seats before the next act was due to perform. She then spotted Rhona entering in a totally feline looking ensemble, comprising a one piece skin tight black catwoman suit and 4 inch thigh high leather boots and faux fur jacket. A very nonplussed Faith could only gaze open mouthed as Rhona sat beside her.

Rhona gave a sexy chuckle as she saw the effect her outfit had on her guest. She ushered them to a quieter part of the hotel where they could talk in peace.

“Let’s get straight down to the nub of the matter, Faith. You have got the job, if you want it. All of the details are in this envelope. You will be required to live-in at the address with us. When you have settled in and met Finlay we will discuss and agree how to tutor him. I love him so much and want to be a part of his education. I want you to feel that he is your family too, like …. a little brother, to be loved and cherished. There will be the three of us in my home plus the staff. You will have your own suite, with limited time off, as and when Finlay goes to visit other members of the clan”.

She candidly looked into Faith’s eyes, holding her mesmerised in this gaze as she said:-
“I am sorry we had to ask so many personal questions, but I needed to know that you would have the time to commit to us. By the way, I myself am also single.”

Faith wordlessly nodded her understanding of this oblique statement, which clearly mirrored her own status.
“Well Faith, do you accept the job?”

Faith recovered just in time from the influence of the Scottish accent which was so captivating.
“Yes, of course. Thank you very much”

“Good, I am glad to hear it, as you are quite well qualified, and most importantly have the right personal attributes that match the requirements of the job. You see I really do need a girl who can become a big sister figure in Finn’s life, and devote herself to him and his education, full time. He needs a lot of love right now, to help him get over the loss of his parents who I also miss very much.

Our family including myself are well known to the Lord Mayor’s office. I have taken the liberty of requesting that the lady Lord Mayor agree to a shorter notice, so you will finish up in your current job this Friday at lunchtime. You will be collected at your flat at 1 p.m. on Saturday and driven to my home above Ballater. Here is an introductory pack to the company, with my home email address and phone number for your parents. I have included a cheque by way of an inducement to take the job. It will help to settle your affairs, and cover your removal expenses. You can arrange with our company removal company to move your things into an annexe I have on my property”.

Rhona departed with a suggestive friendly wave, as a stunned Faith watched her leave. Faith always was an easy target for a woman who could walk that walk, and was mesmerized by the performance. The sexy sway of those hips was the most tempting thing she had seen for a long time. Her careful perusal didn’t reveal a VPL, which caused faith’s eyebrow to arch up in fascination!

She felt that her decision to accept the job had been manipulated by the sheer power of Rhona’s strong personality, which didn’t brook any kind of refusal. Although she felt that she had been mesmerised by Rhona she wasn’t sorry that she had accepted this job. Her interest in teaching would mean she would be more fulfilled. Her mind wandered to practical matters, such as how to wind up her apartment quickly, and whether she may be able to get any of her initial deposit back from the landlord.

She headed home by taxi, quite pleased with herself. She was still feeling the power of that mysterious kiss, which left her feeling like putty. Once home she read the contents of the envelope, staggered by the generosity of Rhona’s cheque which would allow her to pay for the removal of all of her belongings to her new address, and address any outstanding bills, with enough left over for a weekend flight back down south.

She spent the next week packing away all of her personal items from her work desk, giving notice to the Shelter that she would not be returning, and saying farewell to all of her friends. By the time Saturday morning arrived she had the removal company in early to pack and transport her things. With her tenancy refund she had upgraded her PC and wardrobe (to include two sturdy outdoor outfits, including walking boots, and some new sleepwear and underwear). Just in case she got to go out socialising, she also packed her new dressy outfit, not sure if she would ever wear it again.

She bid farewell to the black work skirts and two work blouses which she gleefully tossed in the charity sack, and left at the front door!

Right on time, a limousine arrived to pick her up, driven by a very distinguished chauffeur, who politely put her bags into the boot, and provided her with a flask of hot chocolate in the back seat. The chauffeur’s name was Jock, and he briefly gave her details of the route and how long it would take to get to Ms Ferguson’s house.

The back of the car, a gleaming Bentley, was very plush, and had an in car entertainment system, which was playing a continuous series of musical chart hits.
That didn’t stop her gazing out at the wonderful scenery as the car effortlessly dealt with any bumps in the road.

*** Chapter 5. The Highlands

The River Dee flows from the Highlands through the Cairngorms eastwards into the lowlands towards Aberdeen. The town of Ballater which was close to the route of the river was quickly left behind as the limousine headed up a picturesque valley to a stunning property. As the gates opened to admit Faith, she saw for the first time the size and style of the property that was to become her new home. As the car pulled up at the door of the imposing mansion, Rhona Ferguson (looking like a stern headmistress) was on hand to greet her. A fleeting erotic image of her with a school cane ghosted through Faith’s mind as she shook hands with Rhona. A very shy boy had to be coaxed out from behind his Aunt’s legs to shake Faith’s hand.

“My name is Finn, and you are very welcome to aur keep” said the boy in a rehearsed speech.
Faith immediately saw the trust wavering in his eyes as he held out his hand to take her inside.
“I am Faith, and I am so glad to finally meet you”.

She firmly grasped his hand as he guided her into a large lounge with a roaring log fire. She smiled as Finn held on to her hand as she sat down.
“So, Finn, you must tell me what you like to do, and what your favourite movies are”

The boy launched into a description of all of his favourite characters, including Kung Fu Panda, Woody, Thomas the Tank engine, and Fireman Sam. He then smiled as he begun to show her around the mansion.

They passed through a large formal dining room into a somewhat more relaxed kitchen with its own impressively large range cooker. This well designed room featured a large Belfast sink, held an old well used kitchen table and carved wooden chairs. In the centre of the table was a tray of piping hot pancakes, scones, cream and homemade jam. The enticing smell of scones had Faith’s mouth watering.

Rhona indulgently buttered the pancakes & scones and they all sat down to their first meal together. Faith could see that Finn had a good appetite and was very alert when spoken to by his Aunt Rhona. It was obvious that although she loved him very much, she was firm with him.

As a result he was perfectly able to put a napkin on his lap as he climbed into his own specially made chair. Rhona pushed his chair to the table as she bid Faith to sit beside her. An unexpected jolt hit Faith’s thigh as Rhona placed a napkin on her lap and smiled sweetly at her. They enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea together, as Finn asked Faith if she knew how to play any of his favourite board games. She nodded, happy to confirm that she knew all of his favourites.

Faith told him about the story time in the library, and the children’s art classes that she ran. Finn’s eyes lit up when she told him about all of the stories she knew about King Arthur’s knights, Robin Hood, Sinbad, dragons, and hobbits.
“Faith, it is going to take a week or so to prepare the annexe so I hope you don’t mind sleeping close to me and Finn while we get the heating for that area finalized”

“No, not at all, once I have a comfortable bed I am easy to please. Could I have a little time to get unpacked?”
“Of course, follow us and we will show you to your room. Come down to the kitchen when you are ready”

They climbed an impressive staircase to the first floor and turned left to a large landing with a series of bedrooms off it. Rhona showed Faith to the guest suite, (which was much larger and warmer than her flat) just across the way from Finn’s room. Her suitcases were all present and Rhona explained that the rest of her belongings and furniture had been delivered to the annex at the back of the mansion.

Rhona and Finn left her in peace to get unpacked, and set up her PC and mobile phone charger. She placed a single photo of her Mum and Dad by her bedside as she placed her PJs on the bed. She sent an email to her Mum to let her know that she had arrived at her new address. She smiled contentedly as she saw the large dressing table set up with a welcoming gift basket of Chanel products, which was uncanny, as that was her favourite brand of cosmetics!

She quickly skipped her way down the landing and stairs to the kitchen to thank Finn and Rhona for their thoughtful present. She brought a gift of a Lego set for Finn, which they set about making on the table. Faith got the thumbs up from Rhona who confided that Finn’s room was more like a Lego town than a bedroom!The late afternoon gave way to a quick dusk. Finn spent time showing Faith all of his board games, as they got to know each other a little better. Faith discovered his stash of DVDs and they went through them to see which ones were his favourites. Faith was impressed with his vocabulary and his ability to form his words into sentences. He also appeared to have a good grounding in his numbers, but had yet to learn the time on the clock in the kitchen. Faith decided that she would check on the 6-7 year old curriculum to see where she thought Finn was in his development, but her instinct was that he was a long way ahead of other 6 year olds.

The evening dark seemed to envelop the glen and the hill fog surrounded the mansion. Rhona finally called a halt to the fun in the kitchen explaining to Finn that it was time for his evening bath. A brief contretemps followed as Finn wanted to play for a while longer while Rhone stood her ground. Finn finally agreed to be bathed once Faith agreed to bring him to his bedroom and read him a new story.

The evening proceeded as Faith remained in Finn’s room until he was in a heavy sleep. Being unsure of her surroundings she hesitated before going down to the kitchen once more. The cook set out a meal for her, a delicious chicken chasseur, with an accompaniment of a chilled glass of Chardonnay, which she enjoyed immensely.

The Cook, Bessie, welcomed her to the mansion, and Faith gave her an abridged version of her life, and move north from her home in London. Bessie told her about Rhona’s troubled relationship with her Father due to her unconventional lifestyle. When Faith asked her about a man in Rhona’s life, Bessie howled with laughter and said:- “Not likely, who’d have her!”. Bessie went on to outline Rhona’s insistence that she wouldn’t marry at her father’s bidding and this had meant a long time strain in family relationships.

She also told Faith about Rhona’s withering temper, and her offhand way with people she didn’t like. She warned faith not to go down the back stairs to the basement, as this was Rhona’s domain, and only invited guests were brought there.

Having tidied up her dishes she made her way to the lounge where she found a good array of expensive ladies magazines to engross her. Before long, Rhona joined her in a long silk dressing gown, having had time for a leisurely soak in her own suite. As Faith looked up from her armchair, she immediately spotted that under her transparent negligee Rhona was wearing no panties. Rhona’s lithe body set off tingles in Faith’s core as she leaned down to kiss Faith on her cheek. Faith was aware of a very long nipple slipping out from beneath a loose fitting short negligee as Rhona quickly moved her dressing gown to cover her breast.

“Thank you so much for spending time with Finn this afternoon, You really are a hit with the boy. He is normally shy but is already so at ease with you. That is the first Saturday evening bath time I have had to myself in a while”
Rhona proceeded to sit directly opposite her with a towel on the couch while she teasingly painted her toenails. Faith couldn’t help peeking between Rhona’s legs as she spied a well shaved pussy. This immediately left Faith feeling shy, and very ill at ease.

She hastily excused herself, complaining of a little fatigue, and expressing a wish to have a relaxing shower and an early night. A knowing smile by Rhona was missed in Faith’s haste to get out of the lounge. She quickly stripped out of her clothes and decided to try the new body wash from her gift basket. The sensual aroma of the body wash set her thoughts to erotic images of her favourite Sinn Sage dominatrix DVD doing all the things she could only imagine, but never dared to do with any girl.

As she climbed into the plush multi headed shower tempting thoughts of Rhona’s well trimmed pussy led her to soap up her breasts. Shooting sensations immediately ignited in her pussy as she recalled the kiss by the mysterious entertainer. Her fingers opened up her lips to give access to her pussy which was begging for some attention and relief.

She felt her own nipple harden with the ministrations of one hand, as two fingers of her other hand started a rhythmic one finger movement around her pussy. A swift escalation, and more frantic touching of her pussy casting aside her usual control in favour of her urgent desire for the mistress she had never found, soon set her body off. As she felt her orgasm building she turned up the water tap controlling the hip high shower jet and placed her pussy close to it. As she moved her pussy up to the shower head, the water pressure built on her clit as she pinched her nipple.

She firmly rubbed her pussy on the shower head paying close attention to her clit as images of Rhona’s pussy took over. Her longing to be forced to place her lips to pleasure a woman’s pussy finally pushed her to the edge. The sensation of brief pain as she pinched her nipple hard again was followed by a mind blowing orgasm that left her speechless and shaking. Her legs felt so weak that she slid down the tiled wall until she was sitting in the shower tray. She finally got enough energy back to switch off the water and climbed out of the shower cubicle.

She dried herself off as she pondered whether she would ever be able to become the submissive she so longed to be. She had spent all of her adult life waiting for that special woman, who she would gladly call her Mistress. This was her dilemma since she found out exactly what type of lesbian she was, how to locate such a woman, and how to trust enough to reveal herself to that woman.

Faith climbed into bed knowing that she would sleep soundly. She mused about the enigma that was Rhona Ferguson, she of the fabulous body and very bossy demeanour. In Faith’s mind she was one very sexy woman, totally at ease with her body, and so unaware of the effect she had on Faith!

*** Chapter 7. Faith’s enlightenment.

Faith woke up early to an unfamiliar sound. As she came to, she zoned in on the sound and realized that it was a child crying. She quickly put on her dressing gown and slippers and went to investigate.

She quietly opened the bedroom door, and crept towards Finn’s bed. A broken hearted sobbing tugged at her heart strings as she climbed in beside him and placed him in her arms. She quietly spoke words of comfort as she rocked him back to sleep. She pulled the covers over them both and went back into a relaxed sleep until they woke up to the sound of Auntie Rhona bouncing on the bed calling them awake.

Faith’s first image was of a ludicrously short negligee and a tiny bright peach thong, as she focused on the source of the calls. Her own shy nature instinctively led her to hide for a moment under the cover while she tried to divert her attention to Finn. His hug and chuckle was some reassurance as her mind stored another erotic image in her already tortured brain.

They all went down to the kitchen, a happy bunch, to taste what delights the cook had prepared for them. A delicious small savoury omelette and daintily trimmed toasted bread was a sheer delight to Faith, who felt totally spoiled by such well prepared food. A lively discussion took place of things to do and Auntie Rhona offered to bring Faith and Finn to see the Royal Yacht Britannia in Leith, as it was such a nice day. Finn’s family engineering background kicked in immediately and he asked to see the Royal yacht’s engine room, and the bridge. So it was agreed that they would take one of the cars out of the garage and give it a run into Edinburgh.

Faith was amazed that Rhona agreed to her driving the large 7 series BMW saloon, having already placed her on the company insurance policy for all of the cars in the garage.

Faith recalled driving her dad’s Rolls Royce Ghost, but only when in his company! Faith was delighted in the trust shown in her now, and effortlessly reversed the luxurious car out of the four car garage having reminded Finn to climb into the child’s seat in the back of the car. Rhona had thoughtfully brought one of his favourite books, Thomas the Tank Engine annual, which he got very engrossed in. This left Rhona time to help with the navigation of the unfamiliar roads from Ballater down to Edinburgh.

Faith could feel the immense power of the engine and the quality of the car as it effortlessly drew into the Docks at Leith. As they purchased their tickets, Rhona briefly begged to be excused as she had to call in to see a friend nearby.

Faith and Finn were so engrossed with the tour around the Royal Yacht that they didn’t miss Rhona. Finn really enjoyed all of the Royal Navy uniforms on show in the cabinets, and the guide’s lecture about the engines. He declared it the “the best day out ever”, and was delighted when his Aunt reappeared in time to buy him a souvenir from the shop. A very happy little chap followed them back to the car and climbed contentedly into his seat for the journey home.

When they arrived home there was a delicious meal waiting for them of salmon and potato gratin. Having adjourned to the lounge where Finn was allowed to watch an episode of Star Wars, Rhona and Finn sat down to discuss Finn’s academic needs.

Finn soon showed signs of tiredness so Faith brought him to bed and settled him down for the night. Rhona invited her back to the lounge for a glass of wine while they continued their discussion. Rhona was familiar with the level Finn was at so Faith promised to work on a curriculum that would take him from Easter up to the Summer break once she got time to see for herself how far he had progressed. They decided to allow for a week of evaluation by Faith before a break for the Easter weekend, which was sure to feature a day out with his cousins for an Easter egg hunt. As they sat close to one another Faith felt her body flutter in response to Rhona’s perfume.

Rhona outlined her hopes for Finn and informed her that every two weeks she would have a Saturday off. This would give her some scope to do some personal shopping, and have a night out with friends. As she was leaving she casually passed a parcel of documents to Faith, “from a person I know very well, who was asking for you”.

Faith bid her goodnight and left for her room, where she found a new entertainment system placed in her room. The cryptic note on the envelope to “Lock your door before opening the parcel or playing the DVDs” had Faith intrigued.
She quickly did as instructed and nervously opened the parcel.

A Picture of “MS Behavin” dressed in provocative gown, thigh high leather boots and silk mask was the first thing that caught Faith’s eye signed “to my darling Faith”. Copies of erotic stories by “MS Behavin” which had been carefully bound into a lockable folder were her next shock. Her heart hammered as she tried to imagine if the mysterious lady had found out about Faith’s steamy stories. She wondered if this lady was someone who knew her from the Drop-in Shelter, where they did hold some steamier literature well outside the scope of the library! The other items were a boxed set of DVDs without a title, and a set of vaginal eggs including lubricant and remote control unit. She immediately blushed at the thought of the eggs, and locked them away!

She placed the folder out on her bed as she got in to her silk cami and shorts set.

Having found out how to set the DVD player to play she inserted the first DVD into the machine, on low volume. This automatically set the TV to DVD play mode, and the first scene started. It soon became apparent that the DVD was a lesbian one as a sexy mature woman playing the role of a domineering parent slowly dominated and seduced a teacher in a class room.

This DVD got very adventurous as the actresses simulated a mixture of sexy love positions with lots of false sounding moans, culminating in a very staged looking vaginal squirt by the teacher. The scene then shifted to a chair where the mature actress was caning the squealing teacher who was reduced to a garter belt, stockings, and four inch high heels. The resulting action saw a further ejaculation by which time Faith was so worked up that she reached for her suitcase and removed her vibrator. She quickly moved the crotch of the shorts to one side to tease her pussy lips, which were already swollen.

She could feel that she was already sopping wet as she slipped the vibrator into to her favourite position. As the action of the DVD moved to a BDSM sequence, Faith opened her legs apart to allow the vibrator better access to the sensitive nerves at the base of her clit. She watched as the mature actress proceeded to taunt and tempt. A mixture of kisses and light flicks of a light leather flyswatter like implement, reduced the other actress to a whimpering and obedient slave kneeling to service her.

Observing a woman willingly licking another woman’s pussy while having her breasts lightly tortured, sent Faith’s vulva straight over the cliff to a shuddering climax. Her pussy juice started to stream out so she hastily dashed to her en-suite to clean up with some Femfresh before running back in to eject and hide the DVD collection into her security encoded lockable suitcase.

Having finally settled down after her amorous play, she got into bed and reduced the lighting in the room to the single reading light at her bedside. She wondered about whether to open the folder and read one of the stories.

She did and the first story proved to be an engrossingly long one dating back to Edwardian times of a young lady, taken in by her maiden Aunt. Having been caught attempting to kiss one of the young female servants, she was led into the pantry and under the gaze of the head housekeeper who held her down on the kitchen table she was caned, until wealds had formed on her fleshy backside. Before Faith could finish the story, she drifted off to sleep.

During the night her dream revolved around a leather clad masked dominatrix who was schooling her in the arts of submission, tempting and teasing her until she was crying with a mixture of pain, humiliation, and longing for relief.

A somewhat disoriented Faith woke once again when she heard the crying from Finn’s room. As she unlocked her door she saw Rhona approaching her door. She grabbed Faith’s hand as they crept into his room to take turns in consoling him. They lay down on either side of Finn to ensure that he resumed his sleep. Drowsiness soon overtook Faith as she gazed over Finn’s curly hair to see her boss, peacefully asleep.

She thought Rhona looked stunning, so beautiful, as she was once again overcome by the comfort of the bed and the heat from another human body. At one stage she thought her and Rhona were side by side in Finn’s bed. She thought that she had somehow wrapped her arm around Rhona and placed her hand on a beautiful breast but when she awoke, Rhona had left the room, to shower and get ready for work.

Rhona was showering, still recalling the smell of Faith’s sex, which was having a very powerful effect on her. Her usual dominant personality took over as she quickly dealt with her needs, before climbing out of the shower smiling at how her seduction of Faith was progressing. She grinned as she began to plan her Saturday night out.

The next few nights proved to be similar night time torture for Faith as she read through the series of stories she had received and viewed the DVDs. She could not recall a time in her life when she was so aroused so often, and wondered if it was all due to MS Behavin’s kiss. She didn’t dare try the toy she had received, and hid it far from young Finn’s inquisitive gaze.

The days were taken up with providing Finn with an enjoyable time while she skillfully assessed his current learning level. She used her laptop to set out a Powerpoint slideshow, showing her assessment as well as a plan for the next “term”. Pleased with her work she waited patiently for Rhona to speak to her about Finn, but Rhona appeared to be in a bad mood, muttering about how difficult one of her projects was to bring to a successful conclusion.

Thursday brought a flurry of activity to the mansion as a firm of heating engineers took over the first floor of the house. This appeared to interest Finn who was engrossed watching the men use their tools and scratch their heads at some water pressure problem which appeared to be perplexing them.

On Thursday night, having had heating engineers in to work on the annex, a fault developed in the heating system in Faith’s room, which was at the end of the landing. The radiator was freezing and the room itself had become chilly as though her window had been left open while the engineers worked on the plumbing outlet on the outside wall.

When Faith mentioned it to Rhona, she was sympathetic, and thought of what solution to offer. With what Faith thought was a flash of intent in Rhona’s eyes she said;- “Sure aren’t we just girls so there is no harm in you sharing my room until they get the problem fixed. You don’t mind do you?”

Having seen some of the temperament that Rhona was famous for, Faith meekly agreed to this, even though Rhona was so much a part of her fantasy life, and she wasn’t sure she could handle being so close to one of the women of her dreams. She knew that Rhona was not interested in men, but was aware of a peculiar tension between them when Rhona looked her in the eye.

Nonetheless Faith did aquiesse and move into Rhona’s room that evening not knowing what to expect. As they got ready for bed, Faith slipped into a new cami and shorts set while Rhona disappeared into her luxurious en-suite. Having attended to her make-up removal she slowly left the en-suite dressed in an alarmingly provocative negligee that was even more stunning than the one she wore earlier in the week. Faith bit her lip to hide the moan that nearly escaped her as Rhona spooned into her holding her close just below her bust as they cuddled.She could feel the heat from Rhona as well as the firmness of her breasts, and particularly the feel of two nipples prodding insistently into her back. As Rhona quickly got to sleep and begun to gently snore, Faith quickly moved away to her own side of the bed to finally relax enough to sleep. Once again the woman of her dreams had not made a move for her. Rhona turned away in her sleep as she continued to haunt Faith’s night’s sleep again. Faith dreamed that she demanded total submission and satisfaction from Faith’s lips and tongue.

When Faith woke up she could hear Rhona singing happily in the shower, and smiled to herself about the woman who had taken over her dream world. Faith could only watch in fascination as an unabashed Rhona dressed in a bustier, sexy panties, a garter belt and stockings, before putting on a very sexy slip and dress. When she had her matching heels on she turned away from the full length mirror with a glint in her eye and said:-
“Ta dha! How do I look? Will I get the board to see my point of view do you think?”

For once the meek Faith spoke up for herself:-
“If they could see beneath that dress they would be too speechless to do anything else!”
“Correct Answer, my girl” Rhona chortled.

Rhona left for Aberdeen in high spirits leaving a note about a planned weekend outing for Finn, as Finn and Faith settled on to the day’s lessons. Finn informed Faith that he was going off to his favourite uncle’s house straight after his lessons so he would need a hand to pack up his PJs and some clothes to play with his cousins in Aviemore. He said that his uncle had a sled and they would have great fun playing in the last of the mountain snow.

So Faith let him finish his lessons early and brought him to his room to pack his overnight bag. She got cook to prepare his favourite burger and chips meal so that he would be well fed before leaving the mansion.
Eventually his Uncle James came for him, and as he shook hands with Faith he effortlessly lifted up his nephew in a bear hug, before showing him the Land Rover jeep that would whisk him away for his weekend adventures with his two cousins.

Finn bashfully kissed Faith goodbye, before hooping for joy as he leaped into the jeep, and waved goodbye. Faith ran into the kitchen and grabbed a tea towel as tears welled up at the unexpected show of affection.

Faith got a call from Rhona soon afterwards saying that she was delayed so she gave cook the word that she would be eating alone, and enjoyed a simple dish of grilled pork chops and rice, washed down with a bottle of her favourite lager beer. She giggled at the thought of her mother scolding her for such a menu on this holy day.

Finally later that Good Friday evening they sat down together to view the Powerpoint presentation that Faith had worked so hard on. She had come up with a tailored educational program, using Finn’s love of Lego to teach him his numbers. She proposed using short stories from a book of his comics to get him to write words and phrases, that would lead him to be able to form longer sentences and in the process improve his writing skills.

Rhona pronounced herself happy with the direction that Faith was taking his education, and pronounced that she was tired and worn out from the weeks work.
With a conspiratorial look in her eye she said:-

“I am going to bring you back to that hotel we met in tomorrow night to watch that revue show, and let our hair down. I have reserved a room for you in the hotel so that you can have a few drinks and relax. Think of it as a reward for all of your hard work with Finn which I really do appreciate”

They decided to watch a rerun of Notting Hill for the night, and they both got into their sleepwear and snuggled under a warm fleecy blanket on the couch in the lounge. The heat from Rhona’s thigh as they barely touched was driving Faith into a state of nervous frustration she had never before encountered. She decided to make a game of spotting all of the weak parts of the film. They opened a bottle of wine and micro waved some popcorn as they jokingly tore the picture to shreds, especially Hugh Grant’s acting.

By the time the movie was over it was close to midnight. Rhona gave a stifled yawn before grabbing Faith’s hand and saying:-
“I sleep so well when you are beside me, so you have got to come with me, right now!”
This time there was no denying the demand in Rhona’s voice.

A sharp pull on her hand turned the demand into a command so Faith finally worked up the courage that it had taken all of her life to whisper:-
“Yes…. Mistress”

The answering squeeze her hand was shocking but reassuring. Rhona then grabbed her other hand, pulling her up off the couch and forcing her to run up the stairs to Rhona’s room.
The heat in the room and the effect of the wine soon had them both under the comfy duvet. Once again Faith couldn’t escape the Rhona’s fierce hug as she settled down for the night. Rhona’s lips gently rubbing on her neck had Faith in the throw of frustrated need and alarming want as Rhona quickly went asleep. Faith on the other hand took a long time to settle down, and even in her first attempt at sleep she was tortured with the accumulated images of Rhona that she had built up over the course of the week.

Lacy negligees, a thong barely covering a luscious pussy, suspender and stockings sitting provocatively under a gossamer fine slip all swirled around in Faith’s head, leaving her body with an aching longing that she had never felt before. She whimpered in agony until sleep finally steered her tortured mind into morpheus’s domain.

Rhona woke first, and rolled over to within an inch of the lips she had longed to kiss all week. The title of Mistress that had been bestowed was the signal she had been waiting for and showed her that her girl was finally prepared to be who she was always meant to be, Rhona’s submissive partner. Rhona had always been a dominant lesbian, who had spent her life asserting her right to be herself, even to those in her own family who didn’t want that side of her character to be so blatantly obvious. She had spent the last week being very provocative and it had worked.

Rhona had watched Faith for a long time from the offices of the Broughton St LGBT centre which she was one of the founding silent partners of. She had seen this shy girl work hard, and very seldom yield to her lesbian needs, preferring to look after others who came into the reception area or Cafe.

She had witnessed the care Faith had shown if any girl was in need of hospital treatment or just support, and found she had begun to fall for this beautiful girl from afar.

She knew all about Faith’s writing hobby. Having read her stories posted on the internet under the psudenom of Bookbabe, she understood what held Faith back. She knew she could provide what Faith needed, a dominant woman who would command her to love and obey. Now that she was successfully under Rhona’s roof, there was no going back, She was going to be seduced until her body begged for relief.

Rhona mischievously tweaked Faith’s nipple which quickly responded to her touch. Her hand on Faith’s stomach could feel the tensing of stomach muscles before Faith groaned her way to wakefulness.
Rhona playfully pulled the covers down off her to get her attention before loudly calling:-

“Wake up sleepy head; it’s time for breakfast before cook leaves for her day off. Race you to the showers”

Of course, before Faith could finally come to, Rhona’s tush was making its sexy way across the floor before the en-suite door banged closed. Faith ran into her own room to have her shower and change into her “going out to town” gear. Rhona had promised a day of pampering in an upmarket Spa in the 5 star hotels in Edinburgh that she was a valued customer in. Faith decided to pack her tartan skirt ensemble and some sexy thongs. She had shaved her legs, underarms as well as down there in the shower, and just as she was feeling a little frisky the water turned cold so she leapt out of the shower to the waiting warmth of a large fluffy towel.

She never got the chance to relieve all of the frustrations. Nor did she guess that the plumbing could be controlled in whatever way Rhona wished!

They both ate a hearty breakfast, as Faith daydreamed about the coming evening. Jock the nephew of the cook and chauffeur called for them at 11 a.m. and brought them and a lot of luggage as far as the Spa Door of the Hotel. He left to bring cook off to their family farm outside St Andrews, where he would park the car until they called for him to pick them up.

Rhona whispered something that Faith didn’t hear to the manageress of the Spa, and Faith found herself whisked off to a treatment room, where they advised her they were going to give her “The Works”. As Faith hadn’t received this pampering before she nodded in appreciation even though she was unsure about what the works actually entailed.

As she stretched out on a treatment table, hot stones were placed on her back while a very soothing massage of her arms begun, which almost put her asleep.

Soon however a more aggressive massage of her calves and thighs including some stretching of her leg muscles had her yelping in surprise, before her legs were eased back on to the massage table. Her shoulders were then placed into a type of upper body clamp that led to a neck twist which cracked her bones into a more relaxed configuration. Faith wondered what she had done to deserve such a severe handling, but felt invigorated after it. The next phase of the treatment was a soak in a hot tub, followed by a face mask that smelt delicious!

She could see Rhona being moved into the room that she had vacated and hoped she wasn’t going to get the same treatment. Faith couldn’t help but wonder about the amount of packing that Rhona had done, which judging from the bags going into the car boot seemed to be excessive for one night away from home.

Eventually both of them were presented back at the reception area to be moved into the hair and nail salon, to begin the primping phase. Two hours later with shiny lips and sparkling nail varnish Rhona declared the preparation complete so they headed out by taxi to an ethnic African restaurant, that didn’t look much to look at from the outside but Rhona promised Faith that the food was “out of this world”.

The delicious starter was followed by a spicy beef tajine which was mouth-wateringly tender, with an accompaniment of a traditional rice dish with scallions and peas. Faith was surprised with her own appetite which she put down to the change of air and the Spa treatments. She noticed that Rhona had also enjoyed her meal and the attention of the waiters as they ensured that all of the dishes were served with due care and attention. She was sure that Rhona was such a good tipper, that the staff would fawn over her to ensure she was happy with the service.

They left by taxi for their evening out, with Rhona happy with the ease with which she could manipulate Faith. She was glad that Faith hadn’t seen through her intentions, yet.

*** Chapter 8. The seduction.

As they reached the reception area of the Hotel, the taxi man lifted out all of their luggage, and carried it to the check-in desk. The receptionist informed Faith that the Hotel was fully booked and that there was an issue with one of the wardrobe rails in her room so it was locked. A porter arrived to carry their luggage but Rhona headed off in a different direction so Faith followed the porter to her room, which was very comfortable with an old fashioned 4 poster king sized bed with lots of metal hoops and cleverly placed swathes of material in the bed head.

She quickly unpacked and got out her only risqué outfit, the tartan skirt with accompanying tailored short wine leather jacket, lacy bustier and burgundy coloured boots.

She checked her pull up thigh high stockings to make sure they were snug on her thighs, and not showing at the seam of her skirt. Her black lacy thong felt good against her shaved pussy, and a spray of perfume was all she needed to complete her preparation for the evening. She checked her purse for her essentials before ringing Rhona’s mobile number to let her know she was heading down. Rhona told her to go ahead (as she was stuck in her room attending to some business) and be sure to enjoy the show.

Faith headed off to the Caberet Lounge, and was pleased when the cocktail waiter informed her that her boss had ordered her a cocktail, which was potent but tasty. She declined the advances of a well dressed lady, deciding to sit by herself at the corner of the Bar, which gave her a great view of the stage.

A very dramatic introduction and a dimming of lights announced the first act of the night, Ms Behavin, to rapturous applause. Her act featured a playful assistant, posing over a chair while the soundtrack of whip cracks was matched by very suggestive moves by this very outré act. MS Behavin then did her signature “Caberet” song from the movie of the same name. Her top hat twirled as her silk highwayman mask was moved to partially reveal her face.

Where had Faith seen this assistant before, maybe in Broughton St?

As the act proceeded she found herself singing along with some of the songs, as the act reached its crescendo. Before she could move away she once again found herself the unwitting recipient of another thunderous kiss, which affected her even more than the first one. This time the kiss went on and on, as her legs were caressed by two gloved hands that were creeping up her leg to the hem of her skirt.

MS Behavin held her hand tightly, insistently pulling her along as she exited the Caberet Lounge and got into the lift with her. A rasping whisper thrilled her, and her heart pounded.
“Tonight you are all mine, my pretty one”

Rhona forcefully led her to Faith’s own room and took out her own key to open it up. As the door closed behind them Faith was unmercifully pushed against the door, as Rhona kissed her into a state of true submission. She took off her highwayman’s mask, and spoke quite forcefully
“Strip off right now and kneel by the bed”

A shock of recognition and a familiar scent of perfume was all she needed to comply.
“Yes….Mistress” Faith replied as her legs turned to jelly.

Her jacket, top, boots, and skirt were quickly removed onto the bedroom chair, leaving a revealing bra, thong, and lace top hold ups on.

“Do you trust me Faith?”
“Yes Mistress”
“That’s my girl, move your hands behind your back. I am going to handcuff you”
“Yes Mistress”
“Now I am going to place my mask over your eyes and place this collar around your neck”

A quick snap followed and the two straps of her bra were cut, as Faith gasped.
She could feel her nipples harden as the cups of her bra were brutally pulled away from her breasts. She could feel a chain from her neck settle between her breasts as her pussy began to moisten.

“You must obey me, to become who you are meant to be, my love”
“I…. will, Mistress”
“Sit on the edge of the bed and open your legs, NOW!”
“You are a bold girl, you didn’t use the present I gave you, so I am going to cut away this thong now and insert it myself.”

Faith could hear a tube being opened and a faint scent of lubricant near her nose. A pleasant jet of air on her pussy was followed by a sudden insertion of a vaginal ball with cold lubricant into her vagina.
As she went to close her legs she felt a sharp slap of leather on her inside thigh. The sting was matched by the force of the ball entering her vagina. She moaned with pleasure, adoring her mistress for the thrill she was getting.

She could hear a zip and clothes hitting the floor as her body was pushed back onto the bed. Her Mistresses lips settled on her nipple. Rhona turned on the remote control on her wrist to it’s lowest setting, setting a hum in Faith’s vagina. Faith moaned once again as a vibration in her pussy lead her to a heightened state of excitement.
“You will not cum until I give you permission to do so”
“Yes Mistress”

With that she could feel her mistress’s body climb above her and her chain was pulled upwards until she could smell the intoxicating aroma of a vagina in a heightened state of arousal. Her lips parted and she licked them in anticipation.
“Lick me, my sweet Faith, and don’t stop until I tell you”

For the first time in her life Faith felt truly powerless to refuse something she had never been able to do before now, and with a whimper of agreement she begun to tentatively move her tongue over the sumptuously large outer lips of her mistress’s juicy pussy. As she surrendered herself to her true calling she felt a surge of power as she licked these beautiful lips. Without any further command she placed her tongue at the open grotto and forced it into the place she had long dreamed about. Her Mistress ground her pussy into Faith’s willing tongue, as she turned up the vibrator in Faith’s core.

Faith knew she had to contain herself until her mistress was satisfied with her so she placed a finger in and searched for that little spongy spot. Once she found it she started to move her finger more daringly around this spot.
“Lick my clit, right now” commanded her mistress.

She eagerly obeyed as once again the vibration level in her own pussy was increased, to torture point. Still she maintained her concentration. She sucked this beautiful clit as her finger was followed by a second one. A shudder escaped her mistress’s body as an orgasm constricted and released her abdomen. A creamy cum settled on Faith’s tongue. On command, she licked up and swallowed every drop until she could see a smooth lubricated juice free pussy. Her Mistress’s taste was now ingrained in her memory, and her scent was an overpowering aphrodisiac.

Lips moved back to her nipples to bite and torture her once again, as the incessant pulse in her pussy had her thrashing on the bed. Lips on her clit were another sweet agony as her mask was removed and she could see her Mistress’s head between her legs.
“Cum for me my love, NOW”

Faith felt herself convulse as her hips rose. She felt herself jump up on the bed as her long held back orgasm burst her open. Her poor tortured frustrated body exploded with the power of her orgasm. Her juices poured out all over the bed as her Mistress continued to tongue her clit mercilessly.

Rhona then moved around 360 degrees finally pulling out the tortuous vibrating egg and settling her tongue back onto Faith’s pussy. Faith greedily licked her mistress’s pussy once again and felt the wanton response as Rhona’s pussy was ground into her face, bringing her to a second series of orgasms. Still Rhona didn’t move away so Faith continued with her assault, moving her tongue around the rim of Rhona’s anal opening.

“Yes please, place your tongue in there, and put your fingers back in my pussy”
A resulting mutual orgasm had them both reeling as they collapsed back on the bed, with Faith gazing in amazement at the open wardrobe full of toys.

“These are just a few of our toys my love. I have more for you at home. I am going to have some much fun training you my sweet love”
“I ….love you Mistress Rhona. I so wanted the cabaret artiste to be you. You are my dream. Please teach me how to be yours. I will do my best to please you”

“O Faith, I have waited so long for you. All week I longed to make you mine, but I waited, certain that you would yield. Once you called me your Mistress I knew our time had come”
Later they headed home, to the mansion of Faith’s dreams.
“It’s your home now just as much as it is mine, Faith”

Faith cried with joy as Rhone held on to her until they got to the bedroom.
Rhona spun her around pushing her into the en suite to strip her and said:-

“And you are mine now, all mine to train. So follow me now down these stairs, I want to show you our special room, where you can become who you want to be, where nobody can see you but me. Remember if you are bold and don’t do something I want, I will discipline you”

Faith’s pussy immediately reacted, and she could feel once again her own arousal building.
“O yes Mistress, please do. I have always wanted to try the ….nipple clamps, that I saw in the hotel room”

“O, you are a bold girl!. O.K., let me see if I can find ones that are not too brutal, to begin your training”
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A shy submissive lesbian who fantasizes about her boss is tempted by a cabaret artiste