A single woman has a mid week night of fun at a swinger’s club

Hump day was going better than planned Melissa thought as she found a parking spot directly in front of the sex club. She had been member for five years now and regularly attended the mid week day of operation. Curious people attended the weekend openings, but serious swingers came on Wednesday to play with like minds.

Melissa exited her German luxury sedan in her white gown that she purchased from a store specializing in exotic dance wear. The white garment clung to her well toned body, thanks to her collegiate training as a 200 and 400 meter hurdler. The chill of the night made her nipples stand at attention as the one size fits all outfit did a poor job of shielding her body from onlookers. She walked in the club where she paid the entrance fee and signed in.

Once inside the club, she proceeded to the bar. She could feel the doorman staring at her perfectly shaped ass. She gave her bottle of wine to the robust female barmaid as she surveyed the scene. There were a five single men at the bar that all sat at attention once she entered. A single female at this sort of club was rare. Thus they were named unicorns. Mythical figures as they were spoken of but rarely scene. However, they knew this unicorn was real as she was a club regular and had a reputation for having an insatiable sex appetite. A few of the men left the large dance floor area and relocated to the Lounge area where the glory holes was located so they could be first in line if the unicorn decided to make that her first destination.

Melissa opted to go in the opposite direction to see if she could find some Action in the other rooms before settling for the lounge. She walked past the masseuse table and voyeur room quickly as they were deserted. She then rounded the corner where the room that featured a large mirror on the wall was occupied. The door was closed and she could hear some sexy noises coming from I side. She moved on. The next two rooms were empty so she rounded the corner to find a man standing outside of a door stroking himself. He wasn’t exposed, but Melissa knew he was masturbating. She approached the open door that had a chain stretched across it, meaning the occupants were fine with being watched, but didn’t want any visitors. Melissa looked in where she saw a familiar plus sized woman giving her husband a blowjob. Once he noticed Melissa as part of their audience, he stopped his wife and motioned to the door. She turned and saw Melissa and smiled. She walked over to the door and allowed Melissa to enter. “Sorry,” she said to the solo man, “but this just became a private party.”

“I’ve been thinking about that dick all day,” Melissa said as she dropped to her knees. She took the throbbing eight inch piece of steel I to her mouth. She allowed it to naturally jerk in her mouth. She had played with this couple many times before. The husband was new to the lifestyle. He was often insecure in the club, but the chemistry he and his wife had with Melissa soothed his fears.

“Take that dick,” the wife encouraged as she was the more experienced and experimental of the two. She had gained a substantial amount of weight after giving birth to their three children. She once had a killer body like Melissa but that was long gone. She loved having her husband being able to have interactions with a woman of Melissa’s caliber now that she no longer could be that. Her husband could care less about her weight, but his wife nearly demanded he enjoy the beauty of the younger woman they met at the club. Secretly the wife had always been bi curious and loved the sexual contact from Melissa probably more than her husband.

Melissa released the reddened dick from her mouth and began to lick the mushroomed head. She could see it expanding and decreasing. She gently grabbed his balls and allowed her manicured nails to tickle the pubic hairs on his scrotum sack. It sent his nerve endings wild and he trembled with excitement.

” God you’re good at that,” the wife commented as she saw how her husband reacted to the touch of the other woman. Melissa giggled and then took him into her mouth hole. She made sure to gather as much saliva in her mouth as she could as she began bobbing and sucking on the man that began to moan out loud. Melissa knew it wouldn’t be long before he released his load so she decided to I valve his wife. Melissa spit on his dick and began to use her to get to guide the fluids down his shaft. The wife knew what Melissa was doing so she dropped to her knees and began licking the left side of the dick as Melissa licked the right side.

Sharing his dick like a popsicle, one went up while the other went down until Melissa broke the pattern. She waited for the wife to meet her at the top where she awaited with her mouth open and tongue out. Melissa and the wife began flicking their tongues at each other, occasionally hitting each other as the hard rod of the husband was in the middle of them connecting. He could feel the tongues fighting to get at each other so he opened his eyes and adjusted his head so he could see the woman attempting to kiss at his crotch. He was new to the scene, but he knew he loved watching his wife share a passionate kiss with another woman. He moved his manhood out of the way and the two woman locked in on each other. “Yes! Make it wet. Sloppy and wet,” he instructed.

“You like this nasty shit,” Melissa said as she slightly turned her head while still kissing the wife. Slob oozed out of her mouth and down her chin as the wife continued to dart her tongue in and out of her mouth. Melissa began to focus back on the wife. She began greedily devouring the woman’s mouth. Kissing, licking and sucking the outer part of her mouth, including her lips and cheeks, Melissa turned the wife’s face into a sloppy mess. She knew the husband loved it. He had a thing for body fluids. He would often turn on the heat in the room to get the three of them to sweat. The glistening bodies aroused his sight. The heat intensified the smells. The mixture of perfumes and deodorants and bodily odors were an aphrodisiac. He began to stroke himself as the two women once again found their rhythm and locked mouth’s. Moments later he bust his nut in the middle of the two women. His load missed it’s intended target, but some had landed on each woman. Melissa licked the portion she saw off of his wife and then took his softening manhood in her mouth to savor the remnant of cum that escaped the pleased member of the couple that would now leave as an encounter with Melissa was always their grand finale.

“That was phenomenal,” the wife cooed. She then gave Melissa a big hug and kiss on the lips. Melissa didn’t allow the woman to pull away as she planned and brought her back in for another taste of her mouth “So damn sexy,” the husband commented.
“Just wait until you let me give you that golden shower. You re going to love that,” Melissa encouraged the husband as she stood up. He had mentioned that as one of his fantasies to Melissa when his wife had went to the restroom on a previous encounter. It was news to his wife. She then stood and cupped the impressive rack that was on full display with the tight outfit Melissa wore.

“Maybe we can do that when we bring on another male to this party,” the wife commented as she shared a bit of info with her husband for the first time that she had previously mentioned to Melissa.

“You just get us to open up about anything,” the husband joked. They all shared a laugh as Melissa kissed them both on the lips before leaving the room. She went directly to the restroom and freshened up before going to the lounge. The door to the glory hole was open so she stepped inside. She closed the door and sat as she awaited a surprise. It only took seconds before a rather thick dick appeared. It curved to the north slightly and was fairly hairy as some of the blonde strings of hair entered the hole as well. It wasn’t long, but it could easily please a woman by extending the pussy lips to their limits. Regardless, it was a dick in her presence, so it was going to get pleasured. It’s what Melissa loved to do.

She took her tongue and began to circle his dick. As she did that, she became surprised at just how much girth there was to it. She began to wonder if she could fit it into her mouth with it being so wide. Curiosity got the best of her so she abandoned teasing it and went right for some action. She easily got her mouth around it and the man began stroking her mouth. He began to pound away with his body banging against the wall the separated them.

“Bite on it,” Melissa heard him whisper through the thin piece of plywood. She began to nibble at the base as it was no problem getting all of him inside. Surprised with how easily she was taking him and how much room she left over, she was upset that she hadn’t brought a drink in the glory hole with her. She would have loved to use some of the crushed ice to aide in the dick sucking g job she was providing. That thought had temporarily distracted her so she missed the signs that her thick friend was about to release. She had just pulled away to reposition herself when the man allowed himself to let his joy juices go. ! Melissa nearly sobbed as she say the thick substance land on the floor. As soon as the man pulled out, another penis took it’s place. This one was the exact opposite of the previous one. It was thin, but long. Melissa knew it was going g to reach the back of her throat. She hoped it would make her gag. It had been so long since she had been with a man with a dick that made her eyes water and cough. She looked forward to it as she reminisced about the first time she surprisingly enjoyed her partner making her feel like she was going to throw up.

“Your hands are so soft,” the man commented as Melissa stroked the dick that extended into the air despite being partially erect. She hoped the man could produce blood downstairs to get the dick completely hard. As she stroked him, she thought of what it would be like to fuck a dick with the length of the one she had in her hands and the width of the one she just pleased. It made her wet and it had her masterfully stroking the man unintentionally. She could tell the guy was going to release in seconds and decided not to punish him. She then took her free hand and used both hands to grind on his meats like an expensive salt dispenser. Seeing the precum instantly turned her in, so she took just the head of his penis in her mouth. Moments later he erupted and sent a nice amount of semen into her mouth. She swallowed it and sat back. She could feel how moist she had become. She wanted a dick inside of her right away. Before she got up, another dick came through the hole.

“Sorry,” she said as she exited. Melissa was now interested in getting herself off. As she took the tour around the portion of the club where the sex rooms were located, the rooms were occupied, but the doors were closed, except the room set up like an office. Melissa positioned herself outside of the door and was planning on fucking the next person lucky enough to pass her at that moment. It didn’t take long before a couple turned the corner. Melissa recognized them and fingered for them to join her. They did.

“It’s gotten a little crowded for it to be a Wednesday,” the African American female commented. Melissa didn’t want any part of the small talk and began to unbuckle the Italian man belt to get at his manhood. He had an average sized dick, but from experience, Melissa knew he knew how to fuck. They knew how to fuck. The three always had a great time.

“Baby. Looks like Melissa just wants to fuck tonight.” Melissa confined his assumption with a giggle as she began stroking his hardening manhood. She pulled up her dress and turned around placing her palms on the desk. The man inserted himself into Melissa as his woman undressed.

“Let me see that dick go in and out,” the woman said as she approached the two having sexual intercourse. The Italian then slowed the pace of his strokes and held his sweater under his chin so the woman could see his dick go in and out of the woman. “Wow. She wet your dick up already,” the woman noticed as Sher man had a creamy substance plastered all over his midsection. ” I hope I get to see her squirt!”. Melissa was one of the rare woman that discharged her sexual fluids like a man. She would leave a bed soaked after having an orgasm. At first, it embarrassed her. Later, she realized it was a gift and cherished the ability her body had that many others didn’t.

“Taste my creamy goods,” Melissa spoke to the woman. The African
American woman followed instructions, but first took in a sample of the ample ass Melissa possessed.

“You got an ass like a sista,” The woman joked as she began kissing her buttocks. She then spread the ass cheeks of Melissa and began inserting her tongue in her butt. Spreading her buttocks in the fashion allowed for her man to get even deeper into Melissa’s clean snatch.
“Fuck yes,” was how Melissa responded to the treatment she was receiving from the couple. The woman would occasionally lick the upper portion of her man as he pulled out, but she focused her attention on the other hole. “Make him taste my pussy,” Melissa instructed as she turned to get a glimpse of the two. The woman then pulled her mouth away from Melissa’s ass to kiss her man in the mouth. As she did that, she inserted her fingers into Melissa’s butt.

“New position,” the man said after several more moments. ” I want ya’ll two in the 69 position. I want Melissa on the top.” The two women did the best the could getting g comfortable on the tiny couch in the room as there was no bed. As the two men performed felatio on each other, the Italian watched to regain some of his stamina. After looking on and feeling he could sustain, he maneuvered his body behind Melissa so he could penetrate her ass without breaking the stride of the two women. With his dick size, it was perfect for anal fucking. He filled Melissa’s ass just right and perfectly pleasured the many nerve endings in her rectum.

“Shit! I m going to cum” was all it took to escape from the mouth of Melissa to send the man over the edge. He wanted to pull out and paint Melissa’s back with his nut, but he couldn’t help himself. He released inside of her with a loud groan. His woman’s face was near the eruption and soon she experienced the outcome of his explosions his load dripped out of Melissa and found its way to her face as she continued to eat away at Melissa’s vagina. She then had a tiny orgasm. Melissa felt it and knew the woman was capable of having multiple ones so she kept at it. She sucked her clit harder and stroked her tongue across pimple sized pleasure spot.

What she did next was what she only did when she was ready to give the woman the big one. She began to lick her actual pussy hole. The entire opening from top to bottom with occasional licks in her anal cavity. Sloppily licking and even biting as she smacked the ass of the African-American woman sent sounds the echoed across the room. The woman began to lose it. Her moans turned to screams as her man began couching her to that ultimate orgasm. The woman let her body go and for seconds she had an out of body experience. That gave Melissa the motivation to allow herself to finally release. She exploded, nearly drowning the woman in her fluids.

” I can’t believe you don’t have a man,” the woman said cleaning the fluids from her eyes, nose, and mouth first. She was going g to need a bath!

“I second that,” the Italian added. Melissa laughed. She was single and would be until she found a man that could keep up with her. As for now, she was a unicorn that would be back at the club on Friday and Saturday to pleasure anyone wanting to experience her brand of love making.

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A single woman has a mid week night of fun at a swinger’s club

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