A sissy’s wife gives him a big surprise

A sissy’s wife gives him a big surprise

Yesterday my wife called on my cell phone and told me to get home because she needed me. Having an inkling that there might be some fun in it I rushed home. When I got there the bedroom door was closed and there was a note stuck to it telling me to have a shower and make sure I was shaved clean – face and pubes. I obeyed as fast as I could. Then I went into the bedroom naked – I am never sure whether my wife will get turned on or off by my panty wearing.

She greeted my in a sexy babydoll and handed me a slinky short nighty, some white stay-up stockings and a pair of white stilettos that we had bought together a while ago. “On,” she demanded. I rushed to comply. Then she had me kneel at the foot of the bed while she brought her pussy to my face and ordered me to start pleasuring her. I did, with gusto.

She started talking about a common fantasy we have, of having a young muscular, well hung stud come into the room and start playing with my ass. How he would come around to my face and I would lubricate his cock with my mouth and help it into her pussy. I was getting so turned on I almost couldn’t stand it. We had always agreed that it would only ever be a fantasy so I didn’t think anything more of it until the door opened. I tried to turn and look but she held my head tight to her pussy. Then I felt a stroking on my ass. I just about came right then. It continued for a few minutes while I got more and more turned on. Then it stopped and again I tried to turn but again was not permitted.

Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was a flat hard stomach and my eyes went down and I saw a huge erect cock. Then my wife let my head go and said, “You know what to do. Do it now!” I turned and looked at the huge cock with its thick bush of black hair and heavy balls below, then up, scanning the gorgeous body towering over me. The flat stomach with sharply defined abs, the muscular, hairy chest, then up to the hard-edged face with the deep blue eyes and smirking mouth.

“Now!” my wife demanded, again. So I put my tongue out and tentatively touched the tip of his cock. It was just starting to leak precum. Salty with just a touch of sweet. “Well sissy, its what you always wanted. How is it? You love it don’t you. Stop pretending and put your mouth right on it, just like we always talked about.” she said, with a hard edge to her voice. I hesitated still, putting my half-closed mouth over just the tip but my wife scowled and, and growling, “don’t you dare scratch it,” pushed my my head forward. Hard and deep! I felt it hit the back of my throat and almost gagged. I was amazed at how far I had to open up to fit it and how far I still was from the base.

Then my wife demanded, “Come on, show him how much you like it. Run your tongue around the head. Push it in and out. Just like I always told you.” I did. I got totally into it. Licking, sucking, pushing it in and out. I felt completely helpless. Like a plaything, and loving it. They kissed, tongues entwining, first in her mouth,then his. Her feeling his chest. Him stroking her breast gently at first, then harder, until they turned red and bruised. Her nipples were hard and protruding.

I reveled in the sensations of servicing his cock. Feeling the hardness. Pulling the foreskin back all the way and licking the prominent ridge of the huge head. Massaging with my hand and squeezing out the precum so I could lick it up and savor it. But finally, my wife took notice of me again just as I was pushing his cock as deeply as I could in the back of my throat.

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She scowled a bit and said, “Sweetie, that just isn’t good enough! You have to take a real man’s cock all the way in. Remember how you always said you wanted to do it right? How you wanted to take a cock right down your throat? Well, here’s your chance.” With that, she started to gently push on the back of my head, saying, “Relax, baby, let it in. Just relax your throat and let it go in.” I tried but couldn’t seem to make any progress and finally she looked at him and commanded, “Push!” He did, and for a few seconds I though I would throw up, then, amazingly, it was in. I couldn’t breath. I panicked and pulled back, hard.

He was out and I looked nervously up at my wife, expecting her to be furious, but she was looking at me with something like pride. She purred, “Oh, baby, I knew you could do it. That was so sexy. I love you so much, my sweet, sissy hubby.” Then, harshly, “Now, take it all the way. Practice a bit if you need to but I want to see it go all the way in. I want to see you suck a real man’s cock the way it should be done. I want to be proud of my cocksucking sissy hubby.”

As I worked at getting him deeper and deeper, learning to time my breathing and suppress my gag reflex, she encouraged me, “I’ll be bringing more home for you. I want you, my little sissy, to give them the best blowjobs they have ever had. You’ll make me proud.” Then, “Just a bit further, baby. You’re almost there!” Finally, I felt his pubic bone hard against my lips. I felt his cock deep inside me, like I was a piece of meat impaled on a steel spit. She squealed, “You did it, my sweet cocksucking hubby! I’m so excited for you.”

Then, “Hold it right there!” she demanded. Before I could even think, she grabbed the digital camera from the table beside the bed and snapped a series of pictures, continuing even while I pulled my mouth off his cock to object. I felt a string of precum hanging from my mouth to his cock while she continued to snap the pictures in rapid succession. Before I could say anything, though, she yelled at me, “Stop! Now open your mouth and lick the head gently and show us how much you love sucking cock. Do it now!”

I considered saying no but realized that I was really loving this and I could trust her to take care of me so I decided to put on the best show I possibly could. I smiled and licked the precum up from his head. I then proceeded to make love to the head of his cock. Caressing it with my tongue, kissing it and taking it into my mouth and sucking on it. She continued to snap away with the camera, capturing my ecstasy from every possible angle. Finally, she moaned, “Oh, Sweetheart, you are just the sissy husband I need. Wait until the boys see these. They’ll be begging to come home with me and, together, we’ll give them the experience of a lifetime.”

I felt him stiffen up, then. His balls started to bunch up and my wife yelled, “Stop! Now! Don’t move. I want that in me. I want all of his cum inside me.” I stopped, then, as his breathing slowed, reluctantly pulled away, slowly and carefully.

My wife told me to come up on the bed and lie down face-up with my feet at the top and my head at the middle. I did, with some nervousness, wondering what she had in mind. She came up and placed her pussy over my mouth and told me to start licking, to get her good and wet. I licked her clit and her opening as well as her ass when she would arch up and force it to my mouth. She came about three times.

Finally, she lay down on top of me, pushing my rock-hard cock out of the way and told the young stud to come up behind her. She demanded that I help him in. “Give him a good suck to get him ready first,”she moaned, as she moved forward a bit. Then, “Help him in now. I want him so bad!” as she pushed her pussy back over my mouth.

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I held his cock to her opening. Rubbing it around a bit, watching how it spread her lips wide. Then she pushed back. Hard! Pushing her clit down on my open mouth and pushing the head of his cock into her. Moaning, “Look how it fills me up. It feels so good!” She proceeded to rub back and forth over my mouth, pushing herself further and further onto his cock. Every time she moved forward his cock slid onto my tongue. “Lick his balls. Take them in your mouth. Help him come. I want you to lick it out of me!” she yelled as she slid forward and him with her. I sucked his balls into my mouth and massaged them with my tongue. I licked toward his ass and back to his balls.

Suddenly I felt his balls pull away from my chin. He moaned and my wife pushed back so my tongue was on his cock again. He started pumping harder, then in little jerks, and I felt a pulsing in the passage of his dick. I almost came.

My wife jerked and squirmed, then screamed as she came hard again. Cum seeped out around his cock. She pushed back and forth until finally his cock softened and dropped out of her pussy bringing a huge dollop of his creamy cum with it into my mouth. I closed my mouth around his head and spread the cum throughout my mouth so I could enjoy every bit of it even while my wife whispered, “Eat it, Sissy. This is what you always wanted. Lick it all up.” She moaned deeply as he pulled away and I licked and sucked every drop of his cum out of her and from her lips. Her clit was hard like a little cock and she shuddered over and over.

Finally she pulled up off my face and said, “Lick him clean now, my sissy hubby.” I crawled over to the young stud, finally getting to take in his whole, gorgeous, hairy body. He was firm but not all bulging. His cock was limp but still huge and hairy. He had a hard face but with beautiful blue eyes. I was, however, far more interested in his cock.

I licked around the base first, where the cum had pooled a bit. Savoring the smell of him and the taste of his cum. I held his cock up and licked all around it, feeling his cock get a bit firmer in my hand. I went around between his legs and licked all of he cum from his balls and down to his ass. He moaned, and my wife snapped, “Quiet. You promised to keep quiet.” And he went quiet again but he squirmed as I continued to lick. His cock was getting harder and I was thrilled at the sensation of it as I held it in my hand.

I took it back into my mouth and used my tongue and felt it grow, twitching slightly. My wife whispered in my ear, “Get it hard again, Sissy, and you can have it in your ass while you put yours in me.” I started bobbing my mouth up and down. Doing my best to get it hard and feeling the results as it grew in my mouth.

Suddenly my wife yelled, “Stop! I want it in me again. Sorry, babe, you’ll have to wait.” She climbed on top and moaned, “Help him in. I want him so bad. Look how big he is.” Resigned to losing my toy, I positioned his cock at the opening of her dripping pussy and watched as she pushed down hard, feeling my own cock twitch. I stroked it and realized that it was covered in precum.

I squeezed more precum out and took as much as I could on my finger while giving my cock a few strokes. My wife, seeing what I had done told me to lick it all off and to do it so that the stud could see. She said she wanted him to see exactly how much of a sissy I was. He smiled a bit when he saw me licking my own precum up, especially as my wife said, “He loves to eat his own cum too. Do you believe it?” Just wait we can watch him do it.” Then she told me to get up beside them and stroke myself over his body. Telling me, “I want you to make yourself cum now. You won’t be cuming in me anyway so you might as well show our stud what you do.” She pointed to his chest and said, “I want you to put a nice load right there.”

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I knelt up beside them, with my cock over his chest and started to stroke. I was so turned on that I knew I would cum in seconds. Then, my wife whispered, “Quick, Sweetie, I want to see you cum. I want to see you lick it all off of him and show him what a sissy husband you really are. Do it now!” Well, with that, my cock spasmed and I felt the sensation right through my body as I pumped spurt after spurt onto his chest.

I sank back and tried to look inconspicuous but my wife had other ideas. “Come on, Sissy, she ordered. Use you tongue to spread it out over his nipples. Don’t lick it up quite yet.” I did as ordered, hesitantly. I had lost my interest, as usual, after I cum. But she insisted, “Come on Baby. I want to see it and we want our stud to see what a sissy you really are. How you’ll do anything I tell you to, no matter how humiliating. Come on now.”

I spread my cum to his nipples and then, at her insistence, I started licking and sucking at his nipples. One then the other. He moaned and she slapped the side of his ass telling his to be quiet. Then she ordered me, “Suck his nipples hard now, Sweetie. Show him how much you love to make love to to a good stud.” and I started to suck hard, using my tongue too. Suddenly, he tensed and when he did, she moaned loudly, tensing up as well. “Ahhhh!” she screamed, “It feels so amazing. I can feel his squirting his cum way up inside me. Put your hand around it. Feel him throb.” Again, she continued to ride him until he finally softened and fell out and again she ordered me to clean them both up.

She came a couple more times as I licked her clean and she told me how sexy it was to have her hubby as her cum slave. How I would have to be totally submissive and help her with all of the lovers she planned to bring home from now on.

Finally, she lay back and relaxed. He got up and, without saying anything, winked at me, gathered up his clothes and left the room. I heard the front door close a few minutes later.

My wife told me to come up beside her. She explained how she had decided that she wanted to make our fantasy a reality for both of us. That he was a friend from work who had recently been dumped by his wife. How she was absolutely sure he had only ever done it with his wife and was clean but had him get checked anyway. And that this was not the last time. “He has such a perfect cock, Sweetie. You wouldn’t want me to give that up would you? Besides, I saw how you loved it too. Maybe next time, I’ll let him fuck you too, Baby. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?” My cock twitched with a life of its own.

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A sissy’s wife gives him a big surprise

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