A story about how best friends turned to lesbian lovers!

A story about how best friends turned to lesbian lovers!

Hello everyone. This is the first time I’m writing here. I’ve been a frequent reader and enjoyed many good stories here. I have no experience in writing stories. So please bear with me if there are a few rookie mistakes.

A small introduction about myself – I am Nikita, born and brought up in Mumbai, recently turned 21. I’ve been straight most of my life but recently discovered I’m bi. You could say I’m a typical SoBo girl. I love wearing tempting dresses and turn a lot of heads as I move along.

I’ve had quite a few experiences already when it comes to sex. The one good thing I’d say about me is that I don’t have the attitude of a typical SoBo girl. I love to be down to earth and help others whenever possible.

I might as well let you know about my measurements as many of you must be eagerly waiting to draw a mental image of me. I measure around 36-24-36. My boobs usually grab a lot of attention. I’m a fitness freak, so I maintain my body perfectly. Anyway, that’s a lot of self-praise.

Moving onto the incident. We all have atleast one BFF with whom we share everything. For me, it was Sayli. We’ve known each other for 12 years, right from our primary school days. We went to the same junior college and got into the same engineering college as well.

We spend most of our time together, and people often call us a lesbian couple to tease us. We’ve known all about each other’s relationships, hookups, breakups, literally everything. She was like my soul sister. Obviously, I didn’t have any feelings for her as I have been straight until about a year or so back.

My taste in guys has always been amazing, something I definitely brag about a lot. Unfortunately, Sayli has the worst taste. She’s already been through a couple of rough breakups but still ends up with the wrong guys!

So the incident dates back to a few months back at Sayli’s 21st birthday party. It was a blast. We went shopping, movie, clubbing, hooked up with a couple of guys, and had a great time. Her then-boyfriend was a typical fuckboy/ playboy whatever you’d like to call him.

Even after advising her not to get with him, she did. On her birthday, after the fun and amazing day we had, we got back to her place. Her parents were out of town, so she invited me over to stay the night. We reached her place. We were pretty tired. So we changed and poured a couple of drinks and were chilling.

It was almost 1 AM when we heard the doorbell. It was her boyfriend. Apparently, he’d come to surprise her! He joined us, we had a few drinks. I took off, giving them some personal space. I was pretty tired. So I was lying on the bed and didn’t realize when I fell asleep.

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I woke up to soft sobs coming from the hall. I got up and went out to see Sayli sitting on the couch, crying. I went and sat next to her and asked her what happened. She said her boyfriend dumped her because she wouldn’t have sex with him tonight.

I was shocked, but then I saw this coming. So I tried to calm her down. Sayli is a really amazing person. She’s kind and caring as well as damn hot and beautiful. She is the total package. It’s not that she couldn’t find guys. In fact, they were lining up for her because of her beautiful face and smoking hot body.

We almost look like body twins if that’s a thing. Although I’d say she’s the sexier one of the two of us. Anyway, she was kind of inconsolable at the moment, and I was trying my best. She wasn’t a virgin, but after her last breakup, she decided to put off sex for a while.

She asked me as to how I go about my dating life without any serious relationships and these random hookups. (I haven’t been in a serious relationship in a while and prefer to have random hookups. I have a strangely high sex drive for a woman).

I told her she’s perfect, and any guy would be lucky to have her. She just needs to find the right one. She had her head on my shoulder. I was patting her back while my other hand was massaging her milky thighs in an attempt to console her. It was at this moment that I looked at her with lust for the first time.

I had discovered my feelings towards women around a couple of months before this incident. Since then, I hadn’t hooked up with any guys. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find any girls as well. So basically, I had all those feelings suppressed. As I said, Sayli was really sexy, a bombshell!

And all those suppressed feelings were coming up. I felt a strange tinkle in my vagina when I was moving my hand over her thighs. She hugged me tightly and stopped crying after a while. I hugged her passionately and moved my hands over her back. I was lost in the moment.

She broke the hug, and I came back to my senses. We both looked at each other for a second. I kissed her in an instant without thinking about it. She was shocked. It was a short kiss, and I was kind of embarrassed. I tried to tell her I was sorry. But before I could finish, she kissed me.

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This time we both were equally passionate. I just lost myself in that very moment, enjoying her soft lips on mine, exploring her mouth. At the same time, our tongues played with each other. It was a long steamy kiss. We both had our hands all over each other’s bodies.

I slowly moved my hand up her t-shirt and pressed her boobs over her bra. She enjoyed it and quickly unhooked my bra under the t-shirt. I pulled it out of the sleeve, and she started caressing my boobs over my shirt. We were running our fingers in each other’s hair. Then I moved down to her neck and sucked on it.

She let out a few moans that made me really horny. While I was sucking on her neck, she pulled up my shirt and threw it away. I was completely naked in front of her at the top. My nipples were erect, and she wasted no time and sucked on them. Oh, what a heavenly feeling it was.

I pulled off her t-shirt, undid her bra, and now we were both caressing and sucking on each other’s boobs. I slowly moved my hand into her shorts and started rubbing her pussy over her thong. It was getting wet. I got down to the edge of the couch and pulled down her shorts with her black thong.

There it was, her shaved pink pussy, wet and mesmerizing with the smell of her juices. I wasted no time and started licking her. She was enjoying it as she was biting her lips, letting out moans, and caressing her boobs wildly. Her moans had filled up the flat. Luckily she had no neighbors, or else we’d be in trouble.

After some time, she held me by my shoulders, pulled me up, kissed me, and asked to go to the bedroom. We both got up, and as soon as we got in, she pushed me on the bed and pulled down my shorts. I wasn’t wearing any underwear, so she was happy.

She was a little hesitant at first because she had never been with a girl. She was straight. But she looked into my eyes and then buried her head in my pussy. She started licking, and God was it amazing! I’ve had a lot of guys lick my pussy, and some were really good.

But there’s just something about it when girls do it. It’s as if we know exactly which spot to hit. I’m sure most girls will agree with me. I was so excited I couldn’t control myself. Within minutes, I was about to cum. She increased her pace.

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With a shiver running down my body and a huge moan, I came all over her face. She enjoyed it dearly and came on top of me and slept next to me. We were partly exhausted but not done yet. After a few minutes, she went to her closet and got a huge dildo. It must’ve been around 9 inches.

I was amazed by how naughty she was. I took the dildo from her and pushed it in her pussy while I kissed her. It was really big, and after taking in 3/4th of it, she was moaning like crazy. I fucked her with the dildo for a while, and then she removed it and threw it on the side.

She then pulled me closer. Our boobs were pressed against each other, and we couldn’t stop kissing. She then placed her pussy close to mine, and we started scissoring. This was the first time for both of us, and we’d only seen it in porn. Now we could understand how much fun and satisfying it was.

After a while, she said she was about to cum. I quickly got my mouth to her pussy and started licking it with one finger inside. In a matter of seconds, she let out her load. We both then lay there exhausted. She hugged me and kissed me on the cheeks and said, thank you.

I returned the favor and did the same. After a while, we got up, took a shower together, and cleaned ourselves. We had some shower fun. Over the next couple of days, we’d roam around naked in the house and randomly squeeze each other’s boobs or finger each other’s pussies. Then we’d have a really hot and steamy session at night like lovers.

So that’s it from my side, guys. I hope you enjoyed this experience, and it made you a little horny. Coz, trust me, I’m completely wet remembering these events while narrating. Leave your feedback at [email protected] or text me on hangouts.

A sincere request, guys, please don’t ask me for pics or sexting coz I’m not interested in guys at the moment. On the other hand, all girls are welcome to share their experiences or any tips for this new journey of lesbianism that I’m about to embark on.

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A story about how best friends turned to lesbian lovers!

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