A story about the occult and a woman who loves the male sexual organs, but hates men

Jennifer was born horny. She was cock crazy ever since
she first saw her little brother nude as a child. After
she got her first job and moved to the big city the
first thing she bought was a lifelike dildo. She got a
model that vibrated and even had a set of testicles she
could fondle while masturbating.

Jennifer was an attrActive 23 year old nurse. This was
the perfect job for her, since this gave her many op-
portunities for viewing nude men. She was, of course,
only interested in their cocks.

Jennifer was promiscuous and had trouble pretending to
be interested in anything but the sex. She didn’t like
talking to the men she dated and enjoyed being in
control. All she really wanted was their cocks.

Jennifer also had another passion, the occult. She had
been inhabiting old bookstores and various “New Age”
shops and eventually had come across an intriguing Ad
in a 50 year old magazine. It was in the “erotic magic”
section of the classifieds. It read:

“Living amputations. Serious inquiries only. 375 Miller
Lane. Interview required.”

It was old and only contained an address but since this
was her day off, Jennifer decided to give it a try. The
ad was intriguing to the young woman, the possibilities
where something that made her wonder.

She finally found the street in a city map. It was in
a bad part of town. Driving to the address, she saw
signs of decay. The neighborhood looked deserted. It
was quiet. Only a few old people could be seen, and
them through broken windows as she parked her car in
front of the house. She felt a deep sense of foreboding
as she knocked on the weather beaten door. No one
answered at first, but finally it opened a crack. An
old face could be seen in the dimly lit room.

“What do you want?” It was a feeble female voice. She
sounded ancient.

“Um… do I have the right address? Is this 375 Miller

“Why did you come here?”

“Well, I saw an Ad in an old magazine. Have you lived
here for a long time?”

The door opened wider. Jennifer saw an old woman,
hunched over. Her fingers were clutched in a painful
arthritic way, but her eyes were alert. Jennifer had
the idea she was being sized up and gave a weak smile,
suddenly regretting her trip. The door opened up all
the way.

“Come in dear.”

Hesitantly, Jennifer entered the decaying structure.
There was old furniture in the front room. She sat when
the old lady motioned to a couch.

“Why don’t you show me the Ad, dear.”

Jennifer was very uncomfortable. She thrust the
magazine at the woman and saw a slow smile spread
across the old face, accentuating all the wrinkles.

“So, what can I do for you?”

“Well, maybe you could tell me about the Ad?”

First the woman asked lots of questions. They were
probing and hypnotic. Jennifer started to trust the
woman against her better judgment and was eventually
telling her life story, including her sexual fantasies.

The old woman found that Jennifer loved cocks but hated
men. Finally Jennifer snapped out of the trance-like
state she had been lulled into with a start. She
remembered everything she had told the old woman. She
had been there several hours, but it had only seemed
like a few minutes. The old woman was smiling again.

“Wha.. what happened?”

“You were being interviewed me dear. And I’m glad to
say that you passed.”

“What does that mean?”

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but your strongest desired
is to play with living penises without the men
attached, isn’t that right?”

Jennifer flushed red. It was just a fantasy, but could
it ever be possible? She replied in a weak voice.

“Yes, I do fantasize about that… all the time.”

“Come with me.”

-=The Arrangement=-

The old woman stood and hobbled down the basement
stairs. The lights were on and Jennifer followed. I
was bigger that she’d thought.

The old woman got a key from its hiding spot and opened
a door. When they were both in the dark room the old
woman switched the lights on. There was a couch and
low table and shelves over a short counter. Jennifer
was amazed at the contents of the room.

There were a number of human parts all over the place.
There were fingers, toes, feet and ears. Not only that,
but they were moving!! The old woman opened a drawer
and pulled out two boxes while Jennifer lifted one of
the fingers. She marveled at how warm it was. It wrig-
gled in her hand.

“Sit beside me dear.” The old woman was sitting on the
couch, placing the two boxes on the floor beside her.
She pushed the living human appendages from the low
table into an empty garbage can. Jennifer sat, in

“What’s going on here. How in God’s name did you do
this?” Jennifer could only speak in hushed tones.

“I’ll explain soon deary, but first look in this box.”

Jennifer slowly opened the box. She smiled widely
after looking inside and lifted it with two hands. It
was a real living perfectly formed penis, complete with
testicles, and it was so hot. She just held it and
looked. The warm flesh felt wonderful in the palm of
her hands. She couldn’t believe it.

“Wow! It’s beautiful!”

The old woman smiled as Jennifer raised it to her nose
and took a long sniff. It smelled like a cock alright,
and was starting to grow erect in her hand.

“It’s my last one. I allowed you to see this so that
we could make an arrangement.”

“What kind of ‘arrangement’?”

“Well, I’m too old to get out much. It’s still good to
have some young cock now and then, however.”

“Ha ha, I know what you mean.” Jennifer replied.

The old lady was grinning at the sight of Jennifer
manipulating the cock, stimulating it to full erection.

“Here’s the deal. Just bring me a young cock twice a
year –they tend to wear out, y’know.. and you can have

The old lady dropped the other box on the table and
started removing the contents. First was an old knife
with strange runic symbols on the handle and blade.
Then an aerosol spray can filled with some kind of
liquid. That was it.

“What are they for?”

“Well, the spray bottle contains a special formula.
When inhaled, the victim loses all memory of the last
24 hours and becomes unconscious for an hour. That’s
when you take your sample.”


“Take your shoes off.”

Jennifer was confused, but complied.

“Now let me give you a demonstration, put your foot on
the table.”

Jennifer did it and was surprised at the old woman’s
strength as she grasped one of her toes and quickly
sliced her little toe off with the knife. It didn’t
even hurt. As a matter of fact she could still feel it.
Jennifer could feel the old lady’s fingers around her
toe as she picked it up.

“What the hell have you done! You evil bitch!”

“Don’t worry dear, this was just a demonstration, be-
sides, I need this for insurance. Whenever you feel
this.” (The old woman squeezed the toe HARD) “you will
come here right away.”

Jennifer gasped at the pain. She couldn’t believe it!

“A small price to pay, don’t you agree?”

Jennifer still held the erect penis next to her eyes,
sniffing its’ shaft and smiled.

“Damn right!” she said with anticipation.

-=The Hunt=-

It was early Saturday evening. Jennifer still couldn’t
believe the afternoon. Her feet were bare with the
little toe still missing. She had the magic knife and
spray bottle on the kitchen table and was drinking some
wine. Dusk was upon her and she was getting horny just
thinking about having her own live cock toy.

It was time to hunt. She thought.

She dressed sexy, a short
mini skirt and a halter-top that hid nothing. Jennifer
knew that she looked hot, and was excited at the
prospect of her first hunt. To Jennifer ‘first times’
were always best.

She went to the other side of town and parked on a
quiet street next to a bar. She left the car and stuck
out her thumb. Within 2 minutes a car stopped, the
door was open by the time she reached it. The man was
stocky, balding and undressing her with his eyes. She
got inside and closed the door.

“Where to honey?”

“Just down the street about a mile or so.”

“Well, let’s go.” He leered at her.

While they were driving, he tried to make small talk.
Jennifer flirted like crazy and found he lived nearby,
alone, and had just moved to town. Eventually they
ended up in his apartment. The man put on some music
and dimmed the lights. Jennifer excused herself and
went to the bathroom.

She stripped completely then stepped into the living
room and slipped onto the couch while he was preparing
drinks in the kitchen. She was covered up with a
blanket and had the spray bottle in her lap when he got
back with the drinks.

The man looked puzzled, but then Jennifer dropped
the blanket, revealing her nude body and grinning

“Well, aren’t you going to take you clothes off?” she
said in a husky voice.

The man grinned like he’d hit the jackpot and stripped
in a hurry. Jennifer smiled in approval when she saw
his erect cock. It was a good 7 inches and with large
balls too.

She got up off the couch and slowly walked towards him
and knelt, cupping his large balls in her hands. She
planted a huge sloppy kiss on the head of his penis and
then stood slowly, holding her new cock by the base.

The middle-aged was whimpering by this time and allowed
her to lead him by his erect cock, back to the couch.
She laid him on his back and stroked his penis for a
minute. His eyes were closed so he didn’t see Jennifer
reaching for the bottle to spray him in the face. He
opened his eyes suddenly, and stiffened. The effect was
immediate, he went unconscious but his cock stayed at
attention in Jennifer’s caress.

Up until that moment Jennifer wasn’t sure that it would
work. She lifted his foot to her nude lap and pulled
out her magic knife, slicing the unconscious man’s
little toe. There was no blood, just a faint glow as
the magic worked. It wasn’t really like cutting. The
magic knife easily slid through bone and skin. It was
warm when she lifted it and put it on the table.

Jennifer giggled as she spread his legs and knelt
between them. It was great, an erect cock and balls to
play with and no boring chatter going on. She grasped
it by the shaft, under the heavy furry sack, lifting
so it was pointing up. She ran the fingers of her other
hand between his thighs and up his ass crack down the
perineum until she found the perfect spot. God he felt
good to her.

The knife slowly sliced under the balls and the man’s
erect penis and Over-sized balls were removed. Jennifer
lifted her new treasure, still erect, and felt the
blood still pumping to maintain a hard erection. She
couldn’t help herself and gave the taught head and slow
suck, sliding her tongue through the tiny slit. She
could hardly wait to get it home.

Jennifer got dressed and stuffed the knife and spray
can into her purse. The erect penis went into her
panties. It felt delicious against her crotch and
wasn’t too noticeable outside her skirt.

As an after thought, before leaving, she took his phone
number and wallet. She arranged the man’s unconscious
body on the couch and covered it with the blanket.

It was an interesting walk back with the cock and balls
rubbing against her slit.

When she finally got back to her car an hour had passed
and she knew that he would be awake. She went to a
nearby phone booth, noted the number, and called his

The man woke to the incessant ringing of his phone. He
was nude, lying in the couch and couldn’t remember how
he’d got there. His cock felt like it had been in
tight pants all day. Unconsciously, he reached to
straighten it and almost SHIT when he couldn’t even
find it! Befuddled, he picked up the phone and heard a
sexy voice.

-=The Rules=-

“Hi Tom, did you notice anything missing?” Jennifer had
found his name on his driver’s license.

“Who are you? What do you mean?”

Jennifer smiled and reached between her legs, pulling
out the still erect penis in the dark phone booth. She
held it by the shaft with the heavy balls dangling
downwards and shook it back and forth. Tom gasped as
he felt his testicles swinging back and forth.

“You have a gorgeous penis Tom.”

“What! Who the hell are you! What happened to my cock?”

“Don’t worry silly. I’ll take good care of it.” She
swung the testicles hard against the side of the phone
booth. Tom doubled over in pain. Jennifer smiled
feeling the cock deflate immediately, in her hand.


“Oh To-mmmmmm-eee, are you there?”

“Ughhhh. Yeah. What happened? It felt like someone
kicked me in the balls.”

“Oops, sorry about that. Let me kiss it better.” Jen-
nifer switched her grip and put the flaccid head of
the cock into her mouth. She began to suck on it,
running her tongue around and under its head. It
rapidly thickened and there was a low moan from the
other end of the line as she swirled her tongue around
and around.

“Mmmmm, yummy. Tom, I took your penis and intend to
keep it. Do you understand?”


She switched grips again, pointing the cock towards the
corner of the booth.

“Do you feel this Tom?” She tapped the cut end of the
cock with her index finger. She was tapping the area
that had been cut, it was unlike anything he had ever
felt before but not painful.


Following the instruction of the old woman, Jennifer
Instructed Tom, “Whenever you feel this, you will pee.
That is the only time I will allow it to pee, is that
understood Tom? Well, go ahead!”

She felt the cock stiffen a bit and soon a thick stream
of piss was flowing to the floor of the phone booth.
Smiled at her new power and reached into her purse,
pulling the toe from it. She resumed talking while Tom

“One more thing Tom…” She put the little toe in her
mouth and bit it.

“Owwwww.. Please stop.”

“Whenever you feel that you will get to a phone booth.
I will call you one hour from the time I give the
signal. If you don’t answer I will punish your balls.
Is that understood?”

“Yes I will, please don’t hurt me anymore, please!”

“Ha ha… we’ll see. The next time I bite, be at the
phone booth beside the bar at Kent and Longside. One
other thing… This will be our little secret Tom, or
I’ll feed your balls and cock to my dog you understand

“Yes, Please, oh God!”

Jennifer smiled to herself, shook the cock off and hung
up. She put Tom’s cock in her purse and strolled to her
parked car, chewing the little toe like it was a hard
candy. It was a pleasant drive home. She would have fun
tonight, she thought.

-=Home and Horny=-

When Jennifer got home, she poured herself a glass of
red wine and sat on the couch. She put the little toe
on the table and pulled her new penis out of her purse.
It had shrunk to 31/2 inches and could easily be held
in the palm of her hand.

She had never seen anything so erotic. Jennifer cradled
the balls and cock in one hand and stroked it with the
other. It was beautiful. She held it close to her face
and inhaled the cock aroma. She loved it. She gave the
head a lingering kiss before laying it on the glass
table top beside the couch. She went to her bedroom and
slipped into a sexy, crotchless negligee she had bought
but never had an occasion to wear.

Meanwhile Tom was beside himself. All he could do was
sit in his dark apartment and rub his smooth crotch
where his penis and testicles had been. There was no
pain and yet he could still feel sensations around his
penis and balls. His little toe had been subjected to
an amazing sensation when Jennifer manipulated it
around her mouth. He had never felt anything like that
in his life. Imagine that, getting turned on by having
your toe sucked!

His cock though. Wow! It was an incredible sensation,
when her assertive tongue massaged its hard head back
and forth. He felt the cool air on his toe when Jen-
nifer placed it on the glass table.

Soon he felt her warm hands on his cock as it was re-
moved from her purse. Something soft and wet pressed
the cock head while it was stroked and kissed by
Jennifer. Then it too was placed on a hard surface.
Just thinking about what was happening slowly gave him
an erection.

He was dying to stroke his cock, and bring it to an
orgasm but was frustrated because he couldn’t. He
vainly rubbed the numb spot between his legs.

Jennifer returned to the living room and smiled when
she saw the erect penis on the table. It was circum-
cised, seven inches long, and the perfect shape for a
living dildo.

“Well, Tom, you horny little bugger!” She smiled and
got into position on the couch.

Lifting the penis by the shaft, she gave it a close
inspection. Running her fingers along the blue veins
and around the throbbing head, just under the sensitive
ridge. She could feel the organ pulse in her hands and
loved the silky texture of it.

The thumb and forefinger of her other hand encircled
the base of the hard shaft. The hot testicles were
cupped in the palm of her hand. She felt herself get-
ting wet as she placed her eager tongue on the head,
enjoying the smooth texture and flavor of the clear
fluid dripping from the tiny slit.

Tom was in a helpless, delicious agony as his penis was
manipulated from afar. He was in a sweat waiting to be
brought off. Something warm, soft and wet stroked the
top of his cock head. It felt fantastic!

“My aren’t you the delicious little toy.” Jennifer

Jennifer pushed the head inside her warm mouth and
swirled her tongue around the head enjoying the salty
taste of the pre-come from the swollen cock. She felt
it enlarging, about to come and stopped stimulating it,
enjoying the throbbing in her mouth. When it died down
a bit she removed it with a slurpy kiss.

She squeezed the shaft until droplets of clear fluid
forced its way through the cock slit. Holding it by the
base, she massaged one of her erect nipples with the
swollen head, smearing it with the hot fluid.

The fingers of her other hand slid up and down the slit
of her pussy. Slowly she dragged the cock head past her
tummy to her slit and rubbed it along her slit, enjoy-
ing the feeling of the hot cock head against her clit.
Jennifer slowly forced the cock into her vagina at just
the right speed. The hot cock meat felt wonderful
against the pussy lips. This was the best dildo she’d
ever had.

After pumping it in and out a few times, Jennifer felt
the penis heat up and enlarge a bit more. She recog-
nized the impending ejaculation and squeezed the base.
She stuffed it deep into her cunt and diddled her clit,
enjoying her first orgasm of the evening. The balls
felt tight and hot. Jennifer laid them over her satis-
fied clit and picked up the little toe. She smiled
sucked it for a few minutes, enjoying her afterglow
and the pulsating cock in her hole, and bit hard.


It was about eleven PM when Tom felt his missing penis
being manipulated. He squirmed in frustration and
desire as the thief played mercilessly with his cock.
At the verge of orgasm, the stimulation stopped. It was

Suddenly his little toe exploded in pain. He yelled and
knew he had better get to the phone booth fast. He was
there within 15 minutes and paced back and forth beside
the booth, waiting for it to ring.

After biting the delicious little toe, Jennifer looked
at her watch, marking the time. The cock was still
fully inserted in her cunt. It was so warm and hard.
The hairy balls were draped over her clit. Jennifer
squeezed the loose skin above the balls, pressing them
tight against the erect clit. It felt delicious. Half
an hour had passed and she made the call. The phone was
picked up before the first ring finished.

“Hello,… hello.”

“Hi Tommy.”

“Yes, yes it’s me!”

She pushed the balls hard against her clit and rubbed.


“He-he just checking lover boy. So! Would you like to
cum tonight?”

“Oh please, yes! Let me come.”


She held it like a mitt, with her hands. The healthy
balls rested on the horizontal shaft, comfortably
covered by the palm of Jennifer’s hand. The hand was
gripping her fingers around the rest of the shaft. She
tightened up on the balls a bit, but gently, forcing
the erect head to go down through her nicely trimmed
hair down the top of her moist slit. It felt heavenly,
for both of them.

“Mmmmm… how’s that honey?” She moaned into the phone.

“Uhhhh GOD! What are YOU doing. Oh, please… uh…
uh… don’t stop!”

She slowly inserted the cock into her slit and smiled
at the slow moan on the other end of the phone. Jen-
nifer pushed it in a few inches until she felt the
blood coursing through the erect penis. She even felt
the faint movements of his hips thrusting at her. This
gave her a great idea.

“Slap your ass Tommy!”

“Aaaaa… Huh?” He felt balls slowly being squeezed
and started to panic. He reached behind swatting one
of his cheeks.

She felt it jerk deliciously inside her and smiled.
This was great. “Harder!” He slapped as hard as he
could causing his cock to jerk in her horny vagina.
He felt Jennifer’s tight hole gripping his cock and
the vibration on his balls as she rubbed her clit to
another orgasm.

“Mmmmmm.. that nice, lover. Do you know where your
cock is now?”

Still spanking his ass he felt the hot walls of her
pussy squeezing his cock. The spanking he gave himself
was the only control he had of his own stimulation.

“Uh I UH think it’s UH in your pus UH sey. UH.”

She was enjoying her control and knew the poor guy was
on the verge of an orgasm.

“Ahhhh. That’s right Tommy, are you sure you want to
come?” She was being naughty and knew it, a small pay
back (to her way of thinking) for all the men that were
interested in only their pleasure.

“Uh oh God please yes, please let me

Still diddling she force the entire cock into her
pussy. In and out until she came again. This time her
orgasming pussy contracted like mad and the cock grew
even larger. She quickly pulled it out of her pussy and
up to her face. The effort on Tom was instantaneous.
She put the cock head inside her mouth and squeezed the
shaft, while still rubbing her clit.

“Oh G-god, I’m coming!” Tom spewed and pumped load
after load into Jennifer’s eager mouth. The eroticism
of the situation made her come again as she swallowed
each spurt of hot semen. She had always loved the taste
but this was the best ever. As it was spurting she used
her grip on the shaft to point the head around to her
mouth, enjoying the sensation of it against her cheeks
and tongue.

“Ahhh ohhh mggggg… ahhhhhh, thank-you.” Tom fell
against the side of the phone booth in orgasmic bliss.
It was easily the best orgasm he ever had. He heard
Jennifer noisily slurping at his cock over the phone
and could related every sensation to each slurp sound.

“Mmmmmm… delicious.. ..” She
pushed it to the back of her throat and nibble the
shaft with her front teeth as she finally remove the
slick cock from her satisfied mouth. It was quite a
sight for her, holding it upright, semi-flaccid, slick
with ejaculate and saliva. It was purplish, tilted
slightly to one side and glistening in the subdued
light of her living room. Jennifer was in heaven as
she lowered it and rolled it like a tiny hot log over
her breasts. Her nipples felt the heat. Tom felt it
too, but wasn’t sure he could take much more.

“How was that Tommy?”

“It was great, but what do I call you.”

“Ha ha, no names for now Tommy, but remember the phone
booth.” Tom stood there sweating and stunned
when he heard the dial tone, know this session was
over. He could only hope she’d take good care of her
knew toy. Somehow, he decided… he wasn’t so hor-
rified at losing his cock to this woman.

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A story about the occult and a woman who loves the male sexual organs, but hates men

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