A story snatched up, and told unwaveringly by her Vagina

A story snatched up, and told unwaveringly by her Vagina

All human beings are born “A” Sensual, and innocent. Hi! I’m Dirty Slut’s Vagina, or as some would say her Pussy, and others more vulgarly; her Cunt, Twat, Bearded Clam, Snatch or what ever else they can come up with to humiliate, or minimize a body part’s importance for such as myself. I mean, that unless you are the original Adam, and Eve, then you likely came out of one such as myself, and that makes me a very important body part. True, women pass urine through one such as me, but if they didn’t they’d become very sick, and even die as would all of humanity once we were gone. And don’t get me started on the blood thing, it’s just a natural part of womanhood that we go through that makes us Sexual beings, for which all mankind should be down on their knees thanking God for the pleasures, and rewards we procure, and stop complaining about the cramps, smell, and other particulars that you may personally be squeamish about. It’s not like I asked you to clean me up with your tongue during these periods after all. But would it hurt you to just once fuck me while I am in the highest heat of the month, Just Once? And why oh why do they use blue coloring in feminine products commercials? But I digress.

Like most vaginas I became sexually aware when Dirty Slut had her first period. Though she did develop earlier than her peers in this respect it took the rest of her body a lot longer to catch up. So I basically was just washed, pampered, powdered, perfumed, and petted with her fingers until she was already a freshman in collage at around 18 years old, and built like a brick shit house. By then most of the pricks around had already seen, and even used a pussy or two, and were now into screwing Tits, and Ass so I was totally ignored for the next four years while they had all of the fun, and I just seethed in perpetual slimy heat with nothing more than a finger or three rubbing my clit to make me boil over the top.

So it should probably be no surprise to anyone with a real brain to figure out that Dirty Slut (Not her real name.) was still a virgin, or rather that I was still as yet carrying a stupid hymen on the day that she got married. Okay, granted, that depending on your perception of beauty I’m probably either as ugly to look at as a local mud hole with healthy green algae growing in it, or I look like a molded gold pathway to heaven. But to have ignored me for this long was just more than a ripe, firm, extremely tight, well lubricating, normal pussy should have to stand for. Right?

I won’t go into fumbling detail about the groom’s capabilities in the Honey Moon Suite. Suffice it to say that he came adequately equipped to get rid of the hymen baggage that I’d been carrying around then for some 21 years, and had opened my, well, shall we say MIND(My Indigenous Nuclear Detonator) on many other sexual possibilities as well. For instance, if something that size was good for such fantastic orgasms then how much better would something twice as big be, and would the orgasm be twice the experience, and last twice as long, or longer? And did it have to be made of flesh, or even human at all? Such is the nature of the MIND of a Pussy that while inherently selfish sexually, we are always of a giving, and forgiving nature otherwise. I mean if you lived right next to a real asshole all of the time you’d have to learn to be kind, and understanding, or go totally suicidal otherwise, wouldn’t you? And so it was that I quickly became connected to all of Dirty Slut’s six senses. However as her husband’s cock hadn’t touched the cervix I still couldn’t reach, or influence her thoughts.

The sixth being Sense-uality, and the one that actually connected me to the other five. So that whatever they felt, saw, tasted, smelled, or heard I also enjoyed feeling, seeing, tasting, smelling, and hearing which made me tingle and lubricate all over the place from then on. And I like to tingle, and lubricate more than anything, other than orgasm, of course, but the former usually brings on the later so that works too. In any case I quickly became a perpetual cauldron of volcanic sexual energy.

It wasn’t until the day after the wedding, that I learned how good her husband’s tongue could be. And Damn! That guy could eat pussy like nobody she’d ever been with before ever could. I mean the guy wasn’t all that much in the meat packing department, but he sure knew how to use that tongue of his for more than talking. He made me cum four mind-blowing times. I mean this guy was actually worshiping me. So that by the time his dick entered me I was so slipper that I hardly felt him inside of me even as tight as I am. But I didn’t mind the small mess he left inside of me as I was in such a wonderful state of euphoria after those orgasms, and none of it got to my womb anyway.

I pretty much went through the rest of the day sleep walking, or laying around on the beach day dreaming about bigger cocks until suddenly there was one right in front of her face. The guy attached to it held a tray with their drinks on it, and was as black as Dirty was white. I immediately began to drool all over her bikini panty’s crotch lining.

Now if you’ve seen any of the pictures that DS has posted of herself you know two things: One that she is drop dead gorgeous, and two that she is somewhat shy about showing both her body, and face together at the same time to strangers. And yet here we were stretched out in the tiniest string bikini ever made for her new husband’s sake, with every guy in site of her growing a woody, drooling, and bug eyed. She tends to have that effect on men, and not a few women as well I have noticed. Especially Tall, Dark, and Bald with a cock stretching half way down his left leg as he served us fresh drinks.

“Did you see that?” Her husband Jim inquired.

“What?” She replied between sips of her Manhattan Iced Tea.

“That guy just got a hard on looking at you. Didn’t you see it?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Now don’t tell me that didn’t excite you,” Jim chuckled. “The crotch of your bikini is soaking wet.”

“And aren’t you the lucky bastard that it is,” we cooed back in reply.

“True, but it made me wonder. I mean you said you’ve had other men, just not vaginally, and I know now that was true. But did you ever make it with a black man?”

Suddenly I was very interested. The conversation was obviously about me, but I could only hope where it would lead. After all Jim had shown his open mindedness by the way he had brought me to four explosive orgasms, so I knew he was at least interested in kink.

“No, I never got the chance, and now I’m married.” She said with conviction, and it was like a slap in my face, as if she was dismissing the conversation entirely. So in response I began to throb, and swell making us itch with wanton torture.

“You don’t really think that a marriage license is a contract of ownership, do you?”

“No, but it is a contract of fealty to each other, Jim. I’ve pledged my life, body, and soul to you, as you have to cherish me.”

“Exactly! So no matter what we do sexually should make no difference what so ever. Wouldn’t you agree?”

I could hardly believe DS’s ears. Could her husband really be suggesting what I thought he was suggesting? Already throbbing I made her heart beat even faster causing her ass to squirm uncomfortably in the lounge chair there on the beach.

“What exactly are you implying here, Jim?” Her voice trembling either from me, or her own imaginings, I couldn’t tell as yet, no dick had ever penetrated me far enough to make the connection with her brain.

“I’m not implying, I’m saying; that it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see you getting it on with that cabana boy in our suite.”

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. To think that the slupt that she’d married was so far thinking in scope. No wonder she loved the guy, I knew I certainly did now.

“What do you think I am Jim?” She jumped up in anger, outrage, or possibly interest. “Some dirty slut, or a filthy whore sent here just for your amusement?”

“I think you are my wife,” he replied steadily. “So if you become a slut, or a whore by any means, that makes you my slut, doesn’t it?”

“I can’t believe that you want to watch me fucking some stranger, Jim. Especially that black guy! Don’t you love me?”

“It’s because I love you so much that I want to make this happen, babe. Don’t you understand that?”

“And I suppose that means that you want to be able to go fuck other women.”

“Why would I?” He replied. “I already have the hottest babe on the planet.”

“You mean you actually want me to fuck around, Jim?”

“What I want is for my wife to have all the sex that she desires, as long as she doesn’t fall in love with any other guys. I’m only talking sex here darling, not ritual suicide, or divorce proceedings, just s-e-x.” And he spelled out the last word.

I could have kissed the son of a bitch. But more importantly I had to make her see things his way, and pronto. So I did the only thing that I could, I got her tits, and asshole to side with me, and her husband, and they began to throb, and tingle wantonly, and uncontrollably as well. And then I squirted out a little pee just to make my point real clear to her. That made her scissor her legs fanning my flames to volcanic proportions.

“What is it dear?” There was real concern in Jim’s voice now.

“I think my body just revolted against me, and took your side.”

“You women, always at odds with yourself. One minute cold as ice, and the next hotter than hell.”

“And don’t you men just love defrosting us,” she retorted, then spun on her heels, and headed straight for their suite. Swishing her ass back and forth in that thong had more than a couple necks bent out of shape as she threw over her shoulder; “Bring him up with you in an hour. I need to get ready if I’m going to be a slut for you two horny bastards.”

The thing that I like best about DS is that she is unpretentious. I mean I’ve seen more than my share of good looking women in the locker rooms that she has used, and seen more than a fair share of two toned blonds, believe me. And not just a few who have shaved away all the evidence either, but with DS what you see is what you get, and that’s saying a lot in our case. Top and bottom we are what use to be known as Strawberry blond. That’s like the color of the sky at sunrise, and sunset. Fiery with a natural glow, or as some would say shimmering with radiant health, and until recently she just let it grow out naturally. The hair on her head had come down past the hair on me until she trimmed us both, even shaving away my beard for the honeymoon leaving me naked below her clit, which while itchy also made me tend to drool more in anticipation.

Anyway, when we reached our suite I was amazed at what she did next. Now I’ve seen her dress up in stockings, and garter belts before for dates, and even under her wedding dress. And while they added to my heat by accentuating my appearance by actually acting as a picture frame to focus the eyes of the intended male on her sexual center I had never seen the kind of fishnet stockings, and leather garter belt that she slipped into this time ever before. Oh sure I rarely care about the bra that she wears, but this one matched the garter belt it was only half there, and only barely cupped her boobs while sort of holding them out prominently for the casual gawker to appreciate how firm, and alluring that they really were, and didn’t cover any of her nipples.

Now, of course, I’ve often seen her use make up as well, but she was usually very conservative about its use, and not so heavy handed as she was being now. Including adding rouge to her nipples, and my outer lips. And she was almost bathing herself in Channel No. 5 after slipping on a pair of high-heeled slippers, and a see through black nylon gown.

I have to admit it; she looked just like one of those scandalous sluts in Jim’s Playboy Magazines that he kept in his bathroom. And knowing men, as I was fast learning, appearance, and packaging seemed to mean everything to them in the beginning. As was even more apparent by the raging hard on of the black man down on the beach a short while ago. Suddenly I was really drooling, which could only mean that DS, and I were both looking forward to what was about to happen, even if she wouldn’t admit it to herself openly I could. And just thinking about wrapping myself around all of that black sausage, and thinking of it stretching me out properly once, and for all gave me an uncontrollable itch making me throb with the blood heat.

A man knows that a women is just begging to be fucked when she comes at him crotch first, and Gus, the black guy from the beach as it turned out, knew the moment that he opened the door to the newlywed’s suite that he was the luckiest damn man on the planet right then. James shit eating grin that followed Gus in, and shut the door behind them showed no sign whatsoever of jealousy. More like delighted lechery if she’d have asked me, but DS never asks me a thing so I know where my opinions stood with her up to this point in time.

“Is it true what your husband say?” Gus inquired after Jim made the introductions.

“I guess that would depend on what my husband said, wouldn’t it?” And she sat down on the edge of the bed, and crossed her legs Sharon Stone fashion.

“He say you looking for to fuck you first black prick while on honeymoon with him.”

“Yes, that is quite true,” she replied, her voice steady as if bored, but I knew that she was hotter than a pig in heat down below. “Think you’re up to it… STUD?”

If she had been a smoker she would have blown a smoke ring his way the way she was playing it so cool up there. In all of her life I’d never seen her act so indifferently outwardly about sex the way she was now. Here she was dressed like a three-dollar whore, and acting as if she were a Jean Harlow. I had only seen her subtler side before this day, and the change was actually refreshing to me. And it had given both of the men erections, and Gus’s huge hard on once again had me drooling in heat.

“Is it true what they say about black men?” DS continued. And I must admit that I was astonished by her brazenness, she is usually very shy around a new lover, and up until now had never made the first move in any relationship. “That they can fuck all day, and all night long?”

“Only if we nap in between when the ladies passes out.” Gus replied grinning as his eyes devoured us, and he began to get undressed.

Suddenly DS twisted around and crawled up on the bed on all fours presenting her naked backside to the strange black cabana guy that we only knew as Gus. Then she turned her head to look over her shoulder with me at the biggest, blackest, and nastiest looking uncircumcised cock that we’d ever seen. She gasped, and I talked her ass into wagging side to side by promising that its turn would come soon enough after my turn.

In moments Gus had moved in behind DS, and grabbing her hips to steady us up, eased his cock right up to my lips for a moist kiss. And suddenly, seeing that cock up so close, and personal scared the hell out of me. It wasn’t just huge; it was fucking gigantic compared to anything I, or her asshole had seen up to this point. I felt like a mouse hole that was about to get probed, and stretched out to the size of a missile silo. But it was too late to protest, and nothing in the way to stop that battering ram. So I did the only thing I could to stave off being ripped in two, I started lubricating like a spastic idiot drools all over themselves.

“Okay STUD, give it to me!” DS was actually purring. But then she couldn’t see the damn thing the way I could right then.

But suddenly it no longer mattered as that cock was shoved half way into me. The pain of that invasion was like nothing that I had ever experienced, but there was also the most intense sexual satisfaction at having myself stretched out that way for the first time. It was very much like what I hoped being fucked during my period would feel like, if you get my drift. And I only had about six inches of that black cock stuffed into me so far with four or five more inches still hanging outside of me. Beyond where the head of that cock was now was still virgin territory. So when it backed out a bit I sighed in relief thinking that Gus was going to allow me time to get use to what he had put in me already before slowly inching the rest of the way inside of me. However Gus could have cared less how I felt about this, and subsequently shoved every damn inch of that massive slab of meat into me on the next thrust, totally freaking me out, and immediately sending me over the edge of insanity into the valley of multiple orgasms. I was now bloated out to the dimensions usually associated with fat girl pussy so that all I could do was throb around that intruding black cock like some useless fucking cunt sleeve, pardon my vulgarity. In any event, I certainly felt, and probably looked like a fuck sleeve now, and knew that nothing but big black cocks would ever be able to satisfy me from now on, as far as human cocks were concerned that is.

And that’s when it happened. My MIND melded with DS’s mind for the very first time in our lives. Making me clasp, and unclasp around that now thrusting monster meat for the very first time in pleasure as I realized that DS felt like a perfect slut for doing this in front of her new husband, and that she loved that feeling as much as I did. In fact I knew in a blink that I was her favorite body part of all time, and had been all of her life. Who knew? I also found out that she really was shy, and introverted. And for somebody as sexy as she was she paid far less attention to her body than those who stared at it did other than to keep hygienically clean, powdered, perfumed, nails painted, and her hair coiffured. And though it’s true that it is a shame that she isn’t more of an exhibitionist like her sister, I’m comfortable with what she does exhibit, especially in the area of intelligence. I just love her to pieces, as was that big black cock the way it was now hammering steadily back and forth inside of me.

I realized then that my lubricating facilities were stuck on overdrive thanks to Gus’s cock turning on my multiple orgasm functions when he hit the back of my fuck funnel. Oh yeah, I felt battered, and bruised, corrupted as hell, but to me this was heavenly. I loved it, though I knew for sure that I’d never be as tight as I was before Gus’s black cock had used me. And oh boy! Was it using the hell out of me.

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A story snatched up, and told unwaveringly by her Vagina