A stranger awakens desires she never knew she had

It started like any other Friday night. I was out with my girlfriends, going from bar to bar, chatting with people, flirting with a lot of guys, having a great time. I was feeling really good. I’d been out shopping the week before and I’d bought a new outfit that I was wearing now. I wore a short black skirt and a lacy black bra that showed off ample cleavage – all natural at 36D. Over the bra I wore a transparent black buttonless shirt that I tied in a knot, showing off my milky white skin and flat stomach. I wore knee high black leather boots with 4 inch heels, adding impressive height to my 5’6″. My long blonde hair was tied back with a black ribbon, with a few loose strands for effect. I wore heavy makeup to accentuate my blue eyes. I felt good and the looks of the men in the bars and clubs we passed made me feel sexy.

At the end of the night we called a taxi to come and pick us up, but it was a busy night and the operator said it’d be at least 45 minutes. We went into a bar that we’d never been to before, in a side alley by the railway station. It was not the type of bar that we were used to. Instead of the young and upwardly mobile professional crowd that frequented the same places that we usually went to were rough types. Guys with long hair and dressed in leather sat around the smoke filled room. We hesitated, but it was cold outside and we’d asked the taxi to pick us up in this street. We went up to the bar and ordered drinks.

I saw him as I turned around and started sipping my Irish whiskey. He looked a few years older than me. He wore a leather jacket, leather pants and boots. His hair wasn’t long, but the messy inches of blonde hair told me that it had been quite a few months since he’d last had it cut. I didn’t know if he was sporting a short beard or if he just hadn’t bothered to shave for a week or so. Either way, his green eyes were lapping me up and I couldn’t stop myself from looking at him. He was nothing like the men I’d dated, nothing like the men I was attracted to. And I’d never been as drawn to a man as I was to this one. I’d long stopped listening to my friends’ chatter when he finished his beer, got up and walked up to me. He placed an arm around my waist, pulled me away from my friends and leaned in to whisper in my ear.

“I want to fuck you tonight,” he whispered, and I could smell the beer on his breath. “And I have the feeling that you want to fuck me too.”

I’d never been approached that directly before. The men we usually met would butter us up with meaningless platitudes before asking us home for a cup of coffee, or more commonly ask us out for a meal, before starting to kiss us and eventually ending up in bed. That was how most of my dating experiences had worked. Never before had a man walked up to me and said what was on his mind. I looked into his eyes and there was a raw sexual hunger in his gaze.

“So,” he continued as I hadn’t replied yet, “what will it be? I’m leaving now. You can come with me and we’ll spend the night fucking each other’s brains out, or not.”

He walked towards the door and I knew that if I didn’t do something that very moment I’d probably never see him again and I’d always wonder “what if?”. With a quick word of goodbye to my friends I emptied my glass and ran after him. He was already on his bike when I got outside. I jumped up behind him and he handed me a helmet without a word. My phone started ringing and I could see that it was one of the friends I’d left inside. I switched it off, put the helmet on and wrapped my arms around his waist as he drove off.

He drove towards a part of town where I’d never been before. When I’d moved there it had been pointed out to me as a place that wasn’t particularly desirable and I’d learnt to avoid it. After 10 minutes he pulled into an overgrown driveway in front of a shabby house. He parked the motorbike and went before me inside. No false chivalry. We both knew what we were going to do. He placed his helmet on a chair by the front door and I put mine next to it.

“Bedroom’s upstairs on the right,” he said. “Bathroom’s next door if you need to use it. I’ll only be a sec.”

I went upstairs as I heard him moving around in the kitchen and then the unmistakable sounds of a dog being fed. I opened the door into the bedroom and it was quite neat and very clean. It was obvious that it was one of the few rooms in the house that was actually lived in and taken care of. I sat down on the bed and I soon heard him walking up the stairs. He came into the room and smiled at me.

“You still dressed? I like my women naked in bed.”

With a few short strides he reached the bed and pulled me up by my hand. He quickly discarded my shirt and then he wrapped his arms around me to unhook my bra. His smile widened as my firm tits were exposed to the night air, tightening up my pink nipples like cherries on top of an ice cream sundae.

“I knew those tits had to be real,” he said and kneaded them, pinching my nipples.

He then pulled my skirt off and grabbed my ass cheeks before pulling off my black thongs. He ran a finger through my narrow blonde bush and looked at me. All I had on were my leather boots. He kept smiling as he slowly undressed. It wasn’t long before he was standing before me with nothing but a raging hard-on. My eyes were focused on the thick 8 inches of meat that stood out from his hips.

“I’d love for you to taste it,” he smiled at me.

I needed no further encouragement. I kneeled before him and wrapped my red lips around the thick mushroom head and tasted his precum on my tongue. He was delicious. I wrapped one hand around his shaft as I started sucking him inside my hungry mouth. His cock soon hit the back of my mouth and I started letting him slip outside again. I ran my hand through the lipstick and saliva to lubricate his entire cock. Then I sucked him back inside my mouth, playing with him with my tongue.

Until that moment I’d only ever sucked cocks as a means to an end. I’d done a little because my boyfriends had enjoyed it, but I’d counted the seconds until it was over. This time was different. His throbbing cock tasted so good in my mouth. I even managed to swallow once, letting him into my throat and the gasp from him told me that what I was doing was absolutely the right thing. I kept sucking him harder and harder. I never wanted his cock to leave my mouth again. More and move saliva escaped and helped my hand that was working the part of his cock that wasn’t in my mouth.

I don’t know what I was expecting next, but all of a sudden I felt his hands on the back of my head and he forced himself deeper inside me again. There was a twitch in his shaft and with a loud moan my mouth was filled with salty goo. He’d cum in my mouth. I tried to swallow as much as I could, resulting in more moans from him. When he finally stopped cumming he slowly withdrew from my mouth. I could feel how swollen my lips were as I looked up into his satisfied face. I felt a few drops of cum escaping my mouth and trickling down my chin, but I didn’t do anything about it. It felt dirty and right for this situation. There was no pretence of so called love making here. We were together because we wanted to fuck. It was pure carnal lust that had brought us together.

“Babe,” he smiled, “you can suck my cock any time. Now lie down and let me have a taste of your pussy. The smell is driving me mad!”

I lay on my back on his bed, still wearing my boots, and I parted my legs, showing off my wet folds. He placed his knees between my thighs and lowered himself down. He pressed his lips against mine and let his tongue loose inside my mouth before moving on to my tits, biting my nipples as he played with them. Then finally I felt the hair on his face against my pussy. I’d never been with a man with a beard before and the feeling of his face against my, mainly hairless, pussy was enough to give me a mini-orgasm.

Then he dove in. He parted my pussy lips with his tongue and teased my sensitised clit. He wrapped his lips around it and sucked, while pounding it lightly with his tongue. Then he seemed to get bored with my clit and moved south. My pussy juices were already flowing like a waterfall out of my horny pussy and he started lapping it up. Then I felt his tongue inside my tight hole and I gasped with pleasure as he found my little pleasure spot with it. Soon his tongue was replaced by an ever increasing number of fingers. His lips were back on my clit while he finger fucked me harder and harder. Just as I thought it could get any better my body gave in and I cried out in the night as the orgasm possessed me.

Not until I’d come completely back to earth again did he pull out, trailing back up my body, pinning me down as he placed his pussy wet fingers against my lips. I licked them and he smiled.

“Babe, you tasted much better than I imagined. Can you feel how hard I am again? Get on your hands and knees and let me feel that tight cunt of yours around my cock.”

He rolled off me and I did as he said. Soon I could feel him running his hard meat along my wet slit. I felt his cock head at my cunt opening. His hands grabbed hold of my hips and then he thrust inside me. By the time his balls slammed into my clit I was absolutely filled by his magnificent shaft. I moaned with pleasure as he pulled out and then plunged inside me again. Each powerful stroke ended with a wet slam as skin met skin.

I don’t know how long he fucked me doggie style. It was like time stood still. Each push inside me seemed faster and harder than the previous one. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. His fucking sent my tits bouncing from my chest. Each thrust nearly knocked my chin out as my tits came propelling like huge grapefruits. It was the best fuck I’d ever had. I felt his finger against my clit and he ruthlessly brought me to another orgasm.

This time there was no respite. He pulled out of me and shoved me on the bed. He grabbed hold of my leather boots and placed them across his shoulders. His cock was bright red and shining with the juices from my cunt and he buried himself inside me again. He fucked me like a man possessed. My legs were squashed between him and me as he forced himself even deeper inside my cunt. I could feel my juices running down my crack.

He possessed me. I’d never been taken like this before and never knew how much I loved fucking. I’d always seen sex as something enjoyable, but hardly mind-blowing. This was everything I’d never known I’d been missing. I kept mumbling “fuck me” like a mantra. I never wanted our sweaty union to end. But it did.

Sweat was dripping from his brow as he pounded me as fast and hard as he could. I moved with him, urging him deeper and deeper inside me. Then there was that moment when everything stopped. I looked up at him and he looked down at me. I gave in. My cunt squeezed his cock hard, milking it, as I convulsed underneath him. He cried out as he released his load inside me. When we’d both finished cumming he collapsed on top of me. His cock was still inside me as our tongues explored each other’s mouths.

Too soon he rolled off me and lit a cigarette.

“Babe,” he said with a satisfied smile, “you’re such a good fuck. I’m glad I invited you back tonight.”

“Me too,” I smiled as I let my finger run circles around his nipple.

He grabbed a phone on the night stand and I wondered who he was calling.

“I’d like a taxi please, to 29 George Street. Yeah, just put it on my account.”

He turned to me and kissed me again. “I’m going to have a shower. The taxi will be here in 10 minutes and it’ll take you anywhere you want to go. It’s all paid for.”

With those words he went into the bathroom and I heard the shower starting. My legs were sore as I got out of bed and I could feel his cum running down my legs as I put my clothes on. I’d only managed to get into my clothes when I heard a knock downstairs, the taxi had arrived. My hair was dishevelled as I snuck out into the waiting taxi. All I could smell was his cum and my juices and I was sure the taxi driver could smell it too. I went straight to bed when I came home, but I couldn’t sleep. For the next week I had problems sleeping. I didn’t even know his name, but he’d been the best fuck of my life and my cunt was dying to feel him again. The following Saturday I drove by his house. There was no sign of his motorbike, but there were two old cars parked in the drive. I parked my car and went up to a man who was busy doing something with the engine on one of them.

“Excuse me,” I said and he looked up at me. “Where’s the guy who lives here?”

“I’m the guy who lives here.”

“Oh, did the previous owner move recently?”

“I’ve lived here for 15 years.”

“Oh, do you have a lodger?”

“No, it’s just me. Now can I help you?”

“No, sorry…”

It’s been over a year and I’ve never seen him again. I’ve picked up more men in the bar where I met him, but even though they’ve fucked me good, it’s not been the same. I wanted him and he awoke feelings that I never knew existed. Now I’m even more hungry for his cock, but I can’t find it. If I saw him right now I’d fall at his feet and beg him to fuck me again.

It’d been 18 months since I fucked the man who had since dominated all my sexual fantasies. I’d given up hope of ever finding him again and I’d stopped picking up look-alikes in seedy bars. I’d been dating Jason, an accountant, for a couple of months and he’d recently proposed to me. I’d Accepted his proposal and I’d just returned home from a shopping trip with my friends. I’d bought a dress to wear for the engagement party that Jason’s parents were throwing for us the following weekend.

It was one of those scorching days in summer when it doesn’t matter what you do, your hair and your clothes still stick to you. I was wearing a white camisole top with built in bra support. I wore a short red skirt with red lace thongs underneath. On my feet I wore the not so very comfortable, but very sexy red 3-inch sandals I’d bought a few weeks earlier. I’d just opened the front door and was about to walk in as I heard steps behind me.

“I hear you’ve been looking for me,” said a voice I never thought I’d hear again.

I turned around and looked into his green eyes. His hair was as messy as I remembered it, but perhaps slightly blonder. He’d not shaved for a day or two, but his stubble wasn’t as long as last time. He wore a white t-shirt and old blue jeans. A cigarette dangled between his lips. Somehow he looked more menacing in daylight than he had at night. My eyes wandered down to his bulge and I remember how he tasted and how he felt inside me.

“So what’ll it be?” he asked casually as he leaned against the wall. “Shall we fuck again?”

“You?” I exclaimed as I got my voice back. I had so many questions. I knew I should tell him to go away, but my pussy had gone into overdrive at the sound of his voice and was now bathing in a pool of juice.

“Yes or no,” he insisted. “Either we fuck or we don’t.”

He walked to the other side of the road, jumped up on his motorbike and turned it around. I knew I only had seconds to decide. I threw my bags through the door and locked it again. I ran up to him and only had time to put the helmet on before he threw away his cigarette and set off at a breakneck speed. I held on for dear life as he drove out of town into some woods. When we’d reached a small cabin by a lake he finally stopped and I got off the bike. He took my helmet and continued straddling the bike.

“Take your clothes off,” he commanded me and I did as I was told, feeling confident that I’d have his cock inside me within ten minutes, finally relieving the sexual tension I’d felt since we last fucked.. I pulled my top off, revealing my tits to him for the second time. There was nowhere to put it so I left it on the ground. Then I slipped out of my skirt and finally I took off my thongs.

“And the shoes,” he said and I stepped out of them.

“Give me everything,” he continued and I bent over to gather it all and hand it to him. He took my thongs and licked the wet spot where my pussy had just been. With a smile he stuffed my things into the helmet that I’d been wearing and he drove off.

I was terrified. I didn’t know exactly where I was. I had no clothes. The ground was covered in stones and I didn’t even have any shoes. I thought I was going to cry. I’d never felt so humiliated in my life. Why did he have such power over me? I’d never let any other man use me, but this guy… He’d used me once and now he was humiliating me. And the worst part was that my nipples were fully erect, my pussy was still dripping and I was happy that I’d had a Brazilian wax the day before.

I don’t know how long I waited but it soon got dark and I got very afraid. I’d tried to open the door to the cabin, but it was locked. I had to relieve myself behind a bush and then I stepped into the lake to wash myself. I promised myself that if I ever saw him again I’d kill him for doing this to me.

Eventually I heard the sound of an engine. It came towards me with its headlights on full beam, blinding me. I thought I could make out two people, and I was pretty sure it was a pickup. The vehicle came to a stop and the two people exited, leaving the headlights on so that I couldn’t see them. I was reasonably confident that one of them was my guy, which was why I hadn’t run off.

“This is my slut,” said the voice I recognised. “What do you think?”

“Niiiiiice tits,” said another male voice appreciatively. “And you reckon her cunt is tight?”

“It was very nice and tight last time I fucked her, but I hear she’s fucked around a lot since then. It tasted great though.”

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A stranger awakens desires she never knew she had

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