A true telling of my life of sex

Ever since I was a young boy I always enjoyed the
feeling of being completely, unabashedly, naked. There
is something so erotic about being totally, deliciously
naked. It even feels more naughty and exciting when I
have a raging hard on and can walk around stroking it,
or admiring it in the mirror. Of course there is the
added excitement of the possibility of being caught not
only naked, but with a hard on just about to burst forth
a load of boy juice.

This is one of the main reasons I worked so hard on my
wife for several years to get her to consent to visiting
a nudist resort nearby.

To regress just briefly, let me say, I have read many,
many stories on erotic story sites. The largest
percentage of which, by far, are purely, utter fantasy.
Some are fairly good, some are exceptionally good, but
by far the most of them are so ridiculously made up that
it is hard to get lost in the story and fantasize along
with the author.

This story is absolutely true, as will be all the others
if there is interest in follow up stories.

I am 69 years old and my wife Charlie is 66. This story
is not about our present sex life, although it is still
quite exciting and fulfilling, but about our sex life
when we were young and adventurous.

I met Charlie when I was in the service and stationed on
the west coast. I was home on Christmas leave and
decided to go to the local roller rink for a Saturday
night. There she was, 5′ 1″ tall, 95 pounds, long blond
hair and slim legs with a tight sweater that showed off
her teacup sized breasts to perfection. She was 16 years
old and I was 20. Too old for her, but I couldn’t help
but ask her to skate. By the end of the evening, I had
her phone number and the game was on.

Charlie, it turns out, was a virgin. I know, by today’s
standards she was almost an old maid at 16, but it’s
true. Truth be known, I didn’t have all that much
experience myself. Both of us being brought up in a
strict religious household, there wasn’t all that much
opportunity for sexual experimentation. My first sexual
experience with a female was Actually my younger sister,
but that’s another story. Masturbation, and lots of it,
along with sexual experimentation with boyhood friends,
was pretty much the extent of my knowledge of sex.

By the time I got into high school I had two or three
“serious” girlfriends and had gotten to “third base”
with each of them, playing with bare breasts and getting
“stinkfinger”, but never the home run. I had been
masturbating, pretty much nonstop, since I was about 8
years old. I think my first actual entrance into a pussy
was when I was about 11 and my sister was about 9. That
was pretty intense and it continued for several years,
but I was still quite na�ve about the desires and needs
and the capacity of the female sexual drive.

To put this thought into perspective, I had no idea that
girls orgasmed until after I was married. I know, pretty

Flash forward about 5 years from when I met Charlie. She
was 17 and I was just 21 when we married. We literally
learned about sex from each other. I think we had a
fairly typical experience for a newly married couple.
For the first three or four years we had sex every
night. I indulged my desire to be naked as much as
possible during those three years. Charlie was still
hesitant for quite awhile to open nudity just for the
sake of nudity. She went from having to sleep in pj’s or
a sexy nightie to finally sleeping in the nude with me.
But it was a start.

During that time frame, my uncle had purchased an
operating nudist resort and was in the process of fixing
it up and modernizing it. I was an unemployed carpenter
at the time and he asked me if I would help him
construct some buildings on the grounds. He offered me
free membership into the club for my work along with
nearly minimum wage, and that obviously fed right into
my fantasies about being naked all the time. Of course
there was also the added incentive of seeing a bunch of
naked people as a bonus.

I took the offer but I couldn’t get Charlie to come with
me right away. It took another two years of coaxing and
letting her know she didn’t have to get naked if she
didn’t want to. That was the club rule. Women did not
have to get naked if they didn’t want to, but the men
were required to unless the weather didn’t cooperate.
She finally agreed, reluctantly, to come up for a
weekend after I had finished the club house with the
dorm rooms and stay with me and meet some people. I had
met some really attractive couples and had told her
about them and she agreed to meet them.

Our sex life had tapered off a little because I was at
the club all week working while she was at home working
her job, so we were reduced to catching up on the

I guess I already described Charlie earlier and
physically, she hadn’t changed much. I loved her
breasts. Like I said, teacup sized, firm, with nipples
that stood at attention and begged to be sucked. I’m not
sure about physiology, but somehow her nipples were in
direct contact with her pussy. Licking or sucking her
nipples or lightly tweaking them with my finger tips,
started her dripping from her pussy. Later in our sexual
life, she could have orgasms from just playing with her
tits. But I get ahead of myself.

Me, I was pretty average. 6′ tall, 150 pounds, solid
without an inch to pinch. My cock is about 3″ flaccid
and just under 6″ when hard. When I get hard, my cock
stands straight up in the air pointing at my chin with a
slight curve inwards towards my belly. Impressive in its
hardness, but not its size.

When Charlie finally agreed to come with me I was
thrilled, but a little skeptical because I knew she
didn’t have any other experience with other men being
naked and some of the guys I had talked to her about,
were quite endowed. Being somewhat under endowed myself,
I was unsure.

The day finally came and we drove up to the club early
Friday morning because she had a long weekend off and
got there before most of the regulars had woken up or
arrived for the weekend. We went right to one of the
private rooms upstairs from the club house, one of my
“perks”, And prepared for her first day at a nudist
club. I got naked right away and wondered just how she
would react to this experience. She knew she was under
no obligation to go naked right away. She stripped down
naked to her panties and pulled a t shirt over her
braless titties. For her, this was absolutely daring
because I could hardly get her to go braless at home let
alone in public.

The result of that action was me getting a full-fledged
hard on right on the spot. We decided that I really
couldn’t go down stairs and into mixed company in that
condition. I took her in my arms and pulled her to me
and kissed her deeply, my throbbing hard on pressed
against her belly and my hands fondling her nipples
through her t shirt.

It didn’t take long and we were on the bed with her
panties on the floor and my cock buried deep in her warm
juicy pussy. After she came twice and I emptied my balls
into her, we laid there and composed ourselves better.
This time when she put her t shirt back on my cock
behaved and we were able to present ourselves to the
club. I was, honestly, very surprised at her urgency
when it came to sex right away.

In hindsight, I think she was more excited about this
trip than she let on because she had never cum quite
that quickly before. She always came fast, and often,
but not quite that fast. Once we got downstairs and
outdoors, things just became more relaxed. Most of the
people there were veterans and so, were completely nude
and natural.

I introduced her to some of the couples and they behaved
just as if they were fully clothed but of course, they
weren’t. Let me say that most people at a nudist resort
are very average looking people. Older women with saggy
boobs, older men with wrinkles all over, along with
married couples with children who were all absolutely
relaxed with their bodies. Kids especially seem to like
the freedom of being outdoors and doing everything
naked. It really is quite natural.

Being that I liked my women with a smaller body, it was
also extremely rewarding to me to see young, nubile, 12
to 14 year old girls just in the first stages of their
development with just budding breasts and a little peach
fuzz on their pussies, being absolutely at ease with
their nudity.

When Neal and Georgia showed up I was glad because they
were one of the couples around our age that I wanted
Charlie to meet. Georgia is a tall, about 5’4″ redhead
with a really, (really) nice body. She has full, pouty
lips that just say “fuck my mouth”, really nice firm
breasts about 34B, and hips that beg for sex with a thin
line of red hair outlining her pussy, and very nice legs
that ended, well, you know where. Neal was a big guy
too. He was about 6’3″ tall, about 190 pounds with broad
shoulders and a narrow waist.

Neal is one of the guys I was a little hesitant to
introduce to Charlie because of the difference in our
“packages”. Like I said, I am about 3″flaccid and just
under 6″ rock hard. Neal is about 7″ flaccid and I
really wonder how big that thing can get. When I
introduced her to them I noticed Charlie seemed a bit
flustered. She turned quite red in the face and I
noticed that her nipples were pressing hard against the
fabric of her t shirt. That usually means cold, or
horny. It was a little cool that morning.

This is all background information to see if there is
any interest in going further with my life story. I
haven’t even touched on what I really want to tell you
about. The nudist club being taken over by a group of
swingers, Charlie’s first experience with another man.
My first experience with another woman, Charlie’s first
experience with another woman. My first experience with
another man. How we started a very successful swingers
club. How we went from couples sex to group sex to
orgies. To light bondage with Charlie being tied spread
eagled on the bed and forced to cum for hours.

If you want to read about real life sex stories instead
of fantasies, let me know. I have several years of
experiences to share if anyone is interested.

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A true telling of my life of sex

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