A wife and husband used well by blacks – A Wife And Hubby Are Made Slaves

A wife and husband used well by blacks – A Wife And Hubby Are Made Slaves

Valerie and Steve were married just over 2 years ago. Val was a stunner sex on legs so to speak and Steve knew this. Steve often thought about seeing another man or men fucking Val. Never white always black.

At times Steve would lie on the bed get his cock out jerking to images in his mind, of his wife being black fucked. Black cocks in her, her pussy getting stretched!

At times more than one would fill her pussy and mouth at the same time and If he was really horny the numbers would increase sometimes to unimaginable numbers. Using her, fucking her pussy, ass and mouth, over and over being cock slapped pussy and tits being beaten sometimes whips being used on her you name it the harder the better. Till he came and came

At the beginning things went well for both Val and Steve but then Steve had some devastating news he was being made redundant. He was about to lose his job.

For the next two months Steve looked around for another job, but things were looking tough on the job market.

Yes there were jobs but much lower paid and each month that passed his saving went down

Steve and Val often talked about the problems they were facing. Things were getting desperate as they still had to pay the mortgage.

In the end Val offered to get a job to help pay the mortgage she was a hairdresser by trade, But felt a career move would pay more. She had seen a vacancy at this high class restaurant, as a waitress doing silver service

The problem was they had a two year old child to consider this meant Steve working in the day and Val working at night. Both wages were needed to pay the mortgage

Of courses sex suffered badly. Steve worked long hours and Val left one hour after Steve came home. Arguments started over small stupid things. Val worked until 11.30 pm and was tired when she came home from work.

But then things then seemed to pick up. Val was enjoying her job. The dress code for this restaurant were white button blouse and black skirt no tights or stockings.

One day Val came home and said

“Do you know a guy called Randy Smith he works there. He says he was at school with you”?

“Yes we were at school together,” I replied.

“Is that his real name,?” Val asked.

“Think its David,” I said. “He was a bit of a naughty boy always after white girls hence the name” I laughed.

Things gradually started to improve through less money problems.

But at the same time Steve noticed Val’s skirts were getting shorter, and she often came home with buttons undone on her blouse now and again. Over the next 3 months Val’s skirts kept getting shorter and shorter.

Steve asked “Why the short skirts Val?”

“Better ask the restaurant,” Val replied.

Steve thought what the hell was going on at this rate it would soon be just a belt.

He sat down was his wife cheating on him? it did make him wonder.

Each night when Val come home, Steve started checking her panties for cum stains a few times some were very suspect.

He tried to wipe it from his mind but he still kept checking.

Then after 2 more months of Val working in ever decreasing skirt lengths. Steve noticed no more panties could be found?.

He had to ask Val about this

“Hun” Steve said “yep came the reply.”

“I think we need to talk.”

“What about” Val queried?.

“Look are you cheating on me” I said.

“You what!” Val said she looking surprised what gives you that idea?

“The short skirts and lack of wearing panties now that’s what gives me the fucking idea.”

Val blushed!.

“Well” I said.

“My god you been checking if I’m wearing panties how could you,” came her reply.

I said “now tell the truth.”

Val’s head dropped!.

“I did wonder when you would find out it always happens.”

“What always happens Val,” I said

Val still blushing said. “Well you know err Dave, well after work we have been fucking!”

Grabbing her neck, “You fucking slut,” I said.

“How the hell could you with an old school friend.”

Val Struggling, “Sorry Hun, it just happened.”

“Like fuck it did” I said, “he was always randy at school.”

“Yes! I found that out,” Val croaked.

“Look Steve if you want a divorce I understand. David say’s I can stay with him. You will have all rights to our daughter, I don’t think Dave’s place would be the best for her to grow up in.”

“What her seeing you get fucked by black cock neither do I.”

Thoughts of his wife getting filled with black cock once again flooded Steve’s mind.

“Look I need to talk with him,” I said .

“OK. If you think it will do any good” Val replied. “Just don’t get into any fights. I’ll ask Dave to come over”.

The next day Dave came over.

Offered me his hand, Dave said, “Look I’m sorry about all this bud. Just when I saw your gorgeous wife I just had to have her. I didn’t know she was married to you bud, well not until later sorry. Steve your wife is a natural submissive I even banned her panties”.

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“This at work” I said

“Yes” Dave Replied.

Fuck my wife was bare arsed serving people, how many people had he made her show her ass hole and pussy to, I couldn’t believe it.

Now about this divorce “No”! I said.

“Look bud she has been black fucked and she will want more. You see I have plans for your wife she has agreed to be my slave.”

OK what about this I said. “you want her to be your slave right” “correct!” he said.

“Well I want her to bring our daughter up as she should be doing. So I am willing to let Val be your slave on one condition.”

“Which is”? Dave queered.

“I want to see her being black fucked” I replied!

“Well, well,well, interesting you want to see your wife being black fucked do you.” Dave said.

“Yes” I said with head dropped.

“Let me think for a moment Steve interesting idea. How far are you prepared to go to see it happen.” Dave said.

“As far as you want me to” I replied.

“As far as that hmmm ok” Dave seemed to snigger.

“Right Steve strip naked hold you cock and confess to Val your dirty thoughts. Never did like you at school, thought you were better than me my color maybe and now look at me fucking your wife.” he said laughing again

OMG Steve thought, he was being told to strip naked and confess to his wife.

What would he do If I didn’t. What would happen then? Would he still fuck her with me not watching. Would he ever see her again. Steve knew he was about to be humiliated.

Slowly… Steve began to remove all his clothes he had no choice. When naked he grasped his now very hard cock. He was going to watch his wife being black fucked it was all he thought of.

Dave looked at me. “What we got there boy, a good six inch maybe. Think Val needs a bit more than that now” he laughed.

“Bitch,” Dave shouted “here”

Val approached looking at me.

“Face your hubby my bitch. He has something to tell you. Of you go Steve he said laughing and hold your head up when you tell her.”

“Val,” I said “Dave and I have come to an agreement he wants you as his personal slave. I have agreed to this on condition that I see you getting black fucked it is something that I have hoped to see for a long time…”

“What do you think of that Val.” Dave said

“Wow,” Val replied

“Steve go in that corner face us start to jerk of but don’t dare cum, we need to talk and from now when addressing me I am Sir got it”.

“Yes sir” I replied and started to jerk off.

Dave and Val talked for a long time during that time I did hear faggot, fluff, cock cage, humiliation, his wife and other women. Yes it did hurt doing this with my wife watching but what choice did I have.

“Steve,” Dave shouted

“Yes Sir,” I replied

“Condition time agree to this and you may watch us fuck your wife all you want” he laughed.

“Seeing I have Val as my slave, you will be hers. My little present for her.”

“Your duties will include you being mine and her faggot, fluffing black cock and having your white ass black fucked when required. She will make you wear a cock cage when she wants.” Laughing he said “some have little spikes inside to stop part erections great when your ass is being black fucked!.”

“If she wants to humiliate or degrade you you in front of other women so be it. Whatever she wants you to do you will do it. Plus on mine or her orders you will lick all cum from her, inside and out no matter which hole. At all times she and you will be filmed. Her with her rings clearly visible this will be shown on the net”

OMG Steve thought.

“Five minutes Steve” Dave said.

Steve thought my god he wants to own us both, but he did want to see Val black fucked it had been in his mind for so long. But god he never thought it would be filmed and shown on the net. Him having his ass fucked and sucking black cock my god, grasping his ever hardening cock he said “OK”

“Look at Me and Val Steve hold that head up and say it again.”

“Yes Sir” I agree.

“Good white faggot” he said “Be a good Cuck for your wife”.

Dave then picked up his phone I heard him say Lee get as many blacks as you can bring them here and a video camera as well. We got a new bitch to fuck and a faggot as well, her hubby in fact he laughed he then gave our address.

“Here cunt Dave shouted,” Val approached “get some oil for your black god apply it with your naked body let him see me in all my glory and who owns you now. But no cock sucking now we have a faggot, your tits will be more than enough”

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Val immediately stripped naked.

“Cuck, you may jerk and cum this time whilst watching but keep it in you hand for later! we gonna make a porn star of your wife” he laughed.

FOR the next 30 or so minutes, I watched as Val first spread a little oil over Dave, then some over her tits stomach and legs then started to rub herself all over Dave. The movements just made my cock harder moving so sensually over him watching as his body took on this godlike black sheen. When she stroked his cock between her tits he smiled. Not to hard bitch, both him and my wife laughed. During this time looking at him using my wife I came more than once but did as requested and caught it in my hand

Whilst rubbing herself all over Dave was showing me who owned her now. A knock came on the door.

“Faggot, the door get it and lick that cum from your hand, let them see you doing it plenty more to come” he giggled.

“Yes sir,” I replied. I opened the door and started to lick the cum from my hand.

I opened the door and was confronted by a lot of black faces. I counted them in. In total I counted eleven. God almighty my wildest dreams. All looked at me licking cum from my hand, then down to my wife and Dave.

“Hi Lee.” Dave said. “You bro’s meet my bitch and faggot.” He then went over to talk to him. Lee then left.

“Over here bro’s,” Dave said “we got a show to watch. You two whiteys over there and face us, both Val and myself did as he asked.”

“Introductions I think,” said Dave “The girl you see is Val my new bitch so far only fucked by me and a few others of my choosing. The other is her hubby now our faggot. To be used by all blacks whatever is their pleasure. Which will soon be clear to him.”

“He thought it would be good to see his wife taking black cock like most white men. Well I think different whats good for one is good for the other so both are open for fucking.”

The others laughed really loud “Nice one Dave,” one said.

“Now a lesson for faggot Steve I think,” Dave said. “Faggot turn our whore round and bend her over we all want to see her white fuck holes. Val dutifully did as she was told, She bent over with my help with her pussy and ass on display. “Wider cunt much wider.” Val spread her legs wide making her holes stand out “much better my cunt, push it all out let all see what we gonna fuck” Dave said.

All the time Val posed like this all the blacks were taking pictures, flash flash over and over soon to be put on the net for anyone to see.

Dave looked at me “Now Steve what do you see.”

“Well I see my wife standing bent over legs wide apart Sir”. Yes he said “but what the fuck is between her legs.”

“My wife’s pussy” I replied.

“Wrong faggot a pussy is black and is for making love to. What you see there is a White fuck hole that is called a Cunt. Cunts are just for fucking.”

“Yes Sir” I Replied

“Now say what you see again.”

“My wife’s Cunt Sir her fuck holes.” I replied.

“Good faggot your learning.”

He then approached Val and hit her cunt so hard it could be heard outside. He then grabbed it tight and squeezed hard causing Val to cry out in pain…. and this is all its fit for he laughed

“Now my cunt Val spread those ass cheeks let all see your nasty white fuck holes. Show all here you belong to me.” Val dutifully obliged spreading her ass cheeks wide.

“Now bitch I’m gonna ask you some questions,” “yes Sir,” Val replied.

“Tell all here your full name and what you are.”

“Sir my name is Valerie Clair Burrows and I am a nasty married black cock whore. I desire black cock and need black cock from the first time you fucked me. It is you who owns me now, no other. You have banned any undergarments from my person at all times.”

“And what is your use to blacks cunt .” Dave asked.

“My use to blacks Sir is at your command. Any black may use these fuck holes as they wish, however demeaning. Anything can be done to me as I am your slave. All my nasty fuck holes are yours.”

“Good girl bitch,” Dave said “and what of your faggot hubby.”

“The same my Lord he is yours as well.”

Just then Lee returned carrying a bag. Dave went to him.

“My cunt come lay on the bed hubby is next.” Dave ordered.

We both approached, Val lay on the bed.

Dave then explained we were to be marked up tonight for filming purposes by pen, but later permanent tattoos would be done

He then drew two black spades over Val’s nipples. Above her now called cunt! he wrote black owned cunt. On her ass he wrote black use only with arrows pointing to her ass. He then fastened a collar round her neck stating she was black owned. Then fastened a leash to it.

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“On the bed faggot your turn.”

“Yes sir,” I replied

I then watched him write Black cock sucking faggot over my cock. On my ass he wrote fuck hole blacks only, again with arrows. The collar stated I was a black cock sucking faggot. He seemed pleased with the result.

The video was set up and all got their phones out to take pics wedding photos could be seen in the background.

“Now then my slaves, faggot on your knees.”

“Cunt move about between us all let them all touch you and feel you up.”

I was then forced to my knees and was presented with Dave’s glistening thick black cock “no hands faggot,” he said. “Make it nice and hard for your wife.”

“Gonna really fuck that virgin mouth”. Taking it in my mouth I felt it grow and grow so huge it nearly split my mouth open. God so much saliva flowed. All the time I watched Val being used like a toy my cock getting harder and harder.

Taking care not to cum in my mouth, that was saved for Val. I did taste something acrid in my mouth, as he had started to piss in it. Withdrawing his cock slapped me and said “faggot!”

Knowing all this was being captured on film made my cock even harder. Why did Dave make me act this way?

“Gonna get that mouth fucked till all are hard faggot, Dave said, your your wife’s cunt and ass are next, and then of course he laughed.”

At the same time I sucked Dave of, I watched as Val was being demeaned she was finger fucked, nipple pinched cock slapped on tits and ass. In fact generally used, god this made my cock hard. My god she seemed to be enjoying it all heard some guys say “what a fucking whore.”

In total I was made to suck off all the cocks there. Some pissed in my mouth some didn’t. But the thought that they could do what they wanted to me at any time was always in the back of my mind and it made my cock even harder.

Most carried on jerking after I had sucked them off to keep hard. All then went to my wife, she was surrounded by black cocks all using her as they saw fit this was far worse than any of my dreams. I was watching her eyes wide open. God her cunt was being fist fucked now. God they stretched her ohhh the look on her face.

Then I heard Dave “Faggot, over here on your knees”. Yes my time had come, I was about to be gang fucked as well as my wife

He pushed me down, held and looked in my face crouching to be the same level he spit in my face, then said. “Your wife deserves better and we gonna give it to her.”

In a way it was true I was as big a slut as Val. To think I used to dream of this and look at me black owned.

I was then kicked over to the sofa Val was made to lie on my back with legs hanging down her ass above mine. We were both in a fucking position.

Dave then said “make a line behind me, use the three holes available to us. Its free time on Val anything goes and I mean anything. If any more want to fuck the faggot feel free.”

I waited not sure what to expect but knowing all would be captured on film. Then I felt Dave climbing up over Val, whispering in my ear he said. “Val’s cunt, Val’s ass, then yours faggot need a bit of lube and cum on that virgin ass don’t you.

Val’s gonna scream in you ear.” he laughed

I tried to nod but he was holding my head tight.

Lee shouted “Come on Dave fuck your whores we all want a turn.” This was met with holler’s and whoops from the others “gang rape time,” one shouted.

Tense I waited then my head was forced into the sofa as Dave thrust his massive black cock into Val her cunt stretched wide, eleven inch all at the same time. Val cried out. FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK……

My god Val was being blacked fucked and I could not see.

Dave fucked her cunt for over ten minutes before he came in her filling her cunt with his cum, she took his Nigger juice. My god the times I had hoped to witness that.

Dave withdrew then started fucking her ass “open them ass cheeks Val,” he said. Val cried “ohhhhh,,, fuckkk me yesss Dave…. fuck me fuck me. Need that Nigger cock in me so bad.”

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A wife and husband used well by blacks – A Wife And Hubby Are Made Slaves

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