A wife awakens to her sexual needs

A wife awakens to her sexual needs

After finishing the household chores Pooja entered her bedroom where she found her husband Ravi busy with his laptop.

“Must be watching porn,” Pooja thought and she was correct too as Ravi quickly closed the web page he was browsing. Pooja saw him closing the web page but she ignored it and climbed on the bed beside him.

“So how was the day,” Ravi asked.

“Just Ok,” she replied in a tired voice then suddenly she remembered something, “you know about my colleague Manoj.” Pooja worked as a kindergarten teacher in prep school and Manoj was also a teacher in the same school. Ravi had once met him in some school function and knew he was drooling over his wife.

“What about him,” he had a mischievous smile on his face.

“Why you have this shitty smile on you,” she frowned.

“Nothing… nothing at all… you were telling something about Manoj.”

“Yeah… he is getting way out of control, today he asked me out for a coffee.”

The smile on Ravi’s face broadened, “and what did you say.”

“What would I say, I refused of course,” she replied, “what do you think I would go out flirting with this man.”

“Ohh… too bad… poor Manoj,” he spoke in fake sympathy while Pooja looked annoyingly at his smiling face.

“Then what happened,” he enquired.

“Nothing I came back home.”

“Ohh,” he looked disappointed.

“What did you expect,” she looked at her husband.

“Nothing I thought maybe you had some fun.”

“Shut up!” She hit him on the shoulder, “you have a perverted mind and all because of the porn you are watching.” She turned her back towards him and prepared to sleep.

“Common… I was just kidding.”

Later Ravi closed his laptop and prepared for the bed. He turned on the night lamp and snugged close to her.

Pooja felt her husband’s hand wander over her shoulder and slipping towards her waist. She brushed his hand away.

“Hey sweety… don’t be mad…” he slipped his hand over her smooth buttocks covered in the nighty.

“I know he is lusting after you and why not any men would be,” he squeezed her round ass cheeks, “you have such a sexy and hot body” he spoke in a hoarse voice. This time she did not push him away.

He quickly slipped his hand inside her night dress and started fondling the soft ass and with his other hand he grabbed the perfect orbs standing tall on her chest. Pooja breathed heavily and her pussy started to get moist.

“I bet that Manoj must be masturbating right now imagining these beautiful tits,” he pinched the nipples.

“Ahhh… just shut up,” she squirmed, “how can you talk like that.”

Ravi continued the dirty talk while playing with her body. Pooja although asked him to shut up several time but she too enjoyed it and at one point Manoj’s face flashed before her eyes and she groaned loudly.

Ravi lifted her legs and spread them wide, “take your lover’s big cock,” he was still into the role play, “I bet your poor hubby can never spread your pussy so wide.”

“Ahhhh… She moaned loudly and scratched his back with her nails, “fuck me hard,” she spoke bucking her hips.

Ravi started to bang her in earnest and her eyeballs rolled back into her sockets in ecstasy. She bucked her hips to match his strokes and urged him to go harder. Suddenly she felt his cock swell and started to fill her pussy with his cum. She clutched hard at his shoulders and her mind screamed more but he started to slow down and soon rested on top of her.

Ravi rolled over to his side while she was still burning and wanting more but she knew it was the end of the fun for tonight. Ravi quickly fell asleep while Pooja moved her hand lower and started rubbing her clit. She pinched her nipples with one hand and with other she rubbed herself. She had a massive orgasm with Manoj’s face looming over her.


Morning was as usual hectic, as she prepared for the school while Ravi was rushing for his office. Ravi worked as an accounts manager with a multinational company in Delhi. They got married three years back when Pooja was 23 and Ravi was 25. The marriage was arranged by their parents as Pooja was a virgin at the time of her marriage and never even had a boyfriend.

Pooja wore a tight white leggings and a knee length blue kurta. The kurta top was tightly hugging her hot body and accentuating her round 38 inches’ ass. She knew what affect her perfect 36 C tits and bulging ass have on the men around her. She had enjoyed the attention since a very young age when her boobs started to shown, but she never thought of any other men in a sexual manner, well at least till now. Now at the age of 26 she was fully developed physically but she was still a novice when it comes to sexual matters.

She felt ashamed and guilty in the morning, remembering last night’s activities even though it was just an imagination but having someone else in mind while having sex with her hubby was something she never thought of. She glanced at Ravi, he looked perfectly normal and was getting ready for his office. She shrugged her shoulders and rushed out of the flat.

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They lived in Noida a metro city near Delhi, in two-bedroom flat in a nice apartment building which was provided by Ravi’s office. They were saving for down payment of their own flat and therefore decided not to have a baby till they buy their own apartment. For almost two and a half years of their marriage they were using condoms as a birth control measure but recently her friend suggested her to use pills and she now freely enjoy the sex with her hubby.

She doesn’t have many friends in the city as both of them come from other parts of the country, she from Moradabad and Ravi from Meerut. Her best friend is Ratna, a housewife who lives with her family in the apartment right above their own. Ratna was almost ten years older than her but they were still good friends. She uses to fill her up with all the gossips of the building, what’s happening with whom and also she uses to guide her on many girly matters including sex.

Couple of nights later the similar episode was repeated where Ravi brought out the subject of Manoj’s flirting and end up fucking her hard. Pooja was confused as she finds him hard and horny at the mention of other men.

“You seems to like it when other men flirt with me,” she asked.

“Yesss,” he pumped harder.

The bedroom dirty talks started to get explicit each night and Pooja also found it arousing. She found out that while having sex with her hubby she had some other men in her mind.

Then another man occupied space in the bedroom talks and he was no other but Ravi’s boss, Mr Arvind Kumar. He gained space when Ravi told about his philandering nature and the rumors in the office that he had fucked many female employee’s and also the wives of some of the employees. Pooja found out that he was more excited talking about his boss fucking her. Initially she felt uncomfortable but once she met him in an office function and Kumar actually flirted with her, that she started to feel excited about it too.

“You know one of these days your boss will get between my legs and will fuck me with his BIG cock,” she spoke spreading her legs wide.

“Ughh…” Ravi groaned and lowered his underwear revealing a very erect 5 inches’ cock, “here is the big cock for you,” he positioned himself between her legs.

She was amused looking at the prick which he was stroking, “I mean a real big cock.” Ravi had a puzzled look.

“Come and fuck me… this is BIG for me.”

Ravi entered her quickly.

“Yeah… fuck me hard,” she groaned, “while my husband is stroking his miserable cock in the other room.”

Ravi was excited beyond control and he started to hit jism after jism deep inside her cunt. Once he rolled over Pooja started to stimulate herself.

She had one hand on her pussy and with other she stroked Ravi’s chest.

“This boss of yours is really a nasty fellow… what if he really tries to get into my pants… last time at the function he was running around me.”

“Humm…” Ravi was drifting into sleep, “he will run around anything that is covered with female clothes.”

Pooja had her hand buried between her legs, “mmmm… if he wants to fuck me,” she was picturing Kumar on top of her.

“Agg.. mmm…” he murmured something.

“What if he fucks me in this bedroom… What will you do?” she scratched his chest while feeling her own orgasm approaching.

“I will sleep in the spare bedroom,” Ravi spoke and dozed off while Pooja had a big orgasm picturing all of this.


This kind of role play was having its effect on Pooja and even during the day time she gets wet thinking about it. She knew all this is just a fantasy for arousing each other but whenever she talked to Ravi about it he gets all excited and he encouraged her to be more vulgar and explicit about what she did with her lovers. She was confused if he really wants all this to happen and what if he really wants her to fuck someone else, will she do it. This sends shivers down her spine as she realized that she too wanted it to happen. She never had any other man in her life except Ravi and now she felt as if she is missing something, she wanted to try this forbidden fruit. She went online and started reading about cuckold stuff. The more she read more she was convinced that this is what her husband wanted.

Ravi was unaware of whatever was happening with Pooja, he was enjoying his fantasy, never giving it a real thought. He enjoyed picturing his wife with other men and especially his boss, who he knew was a philanderer and has actually cuckolded few of his subordinates. The more it gets real the more he wanted it, but as soon as he cums he never thinks about it until he was horny again.

Pooja, a girl from an orthodox family where even thinking about strange men was forbidden, was now seriously contemplating adultery. Although she didn’t have enough courage to do it on her own.

Pooja waited week after week for her husband to take things further than just dirty talks in bedroom, but it never happened and she realized that she cannot go on just imagining the things, she has to do something about it on her own, but… but she was nervous.

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In the state of confusion Pooja turned towards her most trusted friend Ratna. One afternoon after the school she was spending time with her when she brought up the subject.


“Very Kinky huh!!” she giggled mischievously after listening to the whole story.

“Why you laughing… That is why I didn’t want to tell you anything,” Pooja was annoyed.

“I am not laughing, don’t get mad, I am just wondering how naïve you are.”


“Don’t think that any of these things are for real, it’s just a fodder for some healthy excitement in bed… tell me had he ever mentioned that he want any other man for you to fuck during day time or when he is not horny.”


“There you are… It means he is not serious and does not want it in reality… It’s just a fantasy… And if you both enjoy it then there is no harm but if any one of you want to take in forward then I must warn you the repercussions would be bad,” she looked seriously towards her.

“No.. no… I don’t want that,” she spoke hiding her true feelings.

“Then no problem, just enjoy,” she wicked, “but if he tells you to do in real then just kick his ass.”

Pooja nodded in agreement but she was disappointed, her fantasies were having no limits and she thought she might give her some advice on how to take it forward… but.


Pooja choose the best set of bra and panty, the one which Ravi ordered online few weeks back. The bra was a half cup which pushes up her supple boobs and the matching pink panties were just two triangular fabrics, barely able to cover her ample ass. She wore a pathani salwar kurta, the kurta was short one barely reaching below her thighs and the salwar was fluffy as per the latest fashion. She looked in the mirror and found that the tight kurta was producing an enticing cleavage. After applying red lipstick and little bit of makeup she stepped out of the bedroom.

“Wow…” Ravi whistled as he saw her all dressed up sexy. He came closer and hugged her tightly.

“Hey…no…no… don’t spoil my makeup… as is it this is not for you.”

“Really then for whom you have dress up so hot.”

“Manoj off course,” she spoke.

“Mmm… Don’t make me horny early in the morning, I will fuck you right now.”

“Have patient and wait till evening, who know what might happen today,” she teased and walked out.

“I will wait for you,” he shouted back.

She had teased Ravi but actually she had no plans and she was not sure if she could take things further with Manoj. She walked seductively towards the lift as she was wearing a two inch heal which made her hips sway. Although she did not need a heal as she was 5’6 tall but with the heals she looked even taller and sexy. As she pushed the button for the lift, her neighbor Mr Sexena joined him.

“Hello Bhabhi ji,” he grinned and looked top to bottom admiring her.

Pooja despised him as he was always drooling over her and calls her Bhabhi Ji (sister in law) although he was at least ten years older than her. He was in construction business, a building contractor or something. He was the bully of the area and was involved all kinds of illegal activities related to construction in Noida, like land grabbing, illegal construction etc and had many police cases pending against him. He was a widower and rumors had it that he had affairs with many women. Few women of the society that Pooja know have talked to her of his flirtatious behavior with them but no one wants to mess with him, even Ratna had warned her about him. So Pooja always tried to avoid him.

“You are looking very beautiful today,” he spoke, “any special occasion.”

“No… no special occasion,” she blushed. He again looked at her animatedly and admired with a hand gesture, but today she didn’t felt irritated by his flirting behavior and smiled. She was rather happy that she was having such an effect over this man.

Emboldened by her smile he continued praising her, “Ravi is a lucky fellow,” he kind of moaned which made her laugh.

“You are the most beautiful lady I have ever seen,” he continued while waiting for the lift.

“Common, this is the biggest lie I have ever heard.”

“No it’s true, I am really jealous that it is Ravi who gets you and not me,” he spoke slowly and emphasized the words ‘gets you.’ Pooja understood the double meaning and her cheeks reddened, she couldn’t speak and looked away coyly.

Saxena was thrilled at the way Pooja was blushing, he was a dog who could smell a bitch in heat and he knew this bitch just needs a little encouragement to open her legs for him.

Meanwhile the lift arrived and both entered the crowded lift. Somehow they manage to slip to the back. Pooja realized that Saxena was right behind her and her back was pressing against him. She squirmed and tried to get as far away from him as possible but due to the crowd she could not move. The lift descended and stopped on the next floor where more people squeezed in, forcing her to press even harder at him.

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“Sorry… sorry,” she tried to squeeze forward as much as possible.

Suddenly she felt his hand on her waist, “Its ok, stand here,” he pulled her even tightly against him. She shivered at his touch, what if he tried to take advantage of the situation, but she didn’t say anything just wished that the lift reaches the ground floor quickly.

Her heart skipped a beat as she felt the unmistakable touch of his hard cock on her bums. Both his hands were on her waist and it felt thick to be a finger. It poked right between her ass cheeks and she held her breath as she felt it twitch. He was having a hard on.

Her heart was beating fast and she felt her temples burning. She glanced around and found everybody oblivious to what was happening. A man was poking his hard on right into her ass. She tried to move forward but he pulled her back tightly against his cock. She knew this is intentional, he was deliberately pushing his cock. The lift felt agonizingly slow and yet it stopped at another floor and people were trying to enter, causing the lift’s overload alarm to ring.

She felt his one hand slowly slipping behind onto her ass cheeks. He grabbed the cheeks spreading them wide and pushed his hard dick further up right onto her ass hole.

“Ahm… ah,” she panicked and tried to get away but he held her tightly.

“It’s alright,” he whispered slowly into her ears and held her. She was dazed, not knowing what to do, she stood still, praying no one notices her in such a state. Saxena took full advantage of the situation and looked at the petite women who stood still while he mauled her ass. The lift suddenly stopped mid-way and the lights went off.

Pooja screamed in panic but so do many men and women in the lift. It was pitch dark in the lift.

“Electricity failed,” Saxena spoke, “It will be ok in few minutes.”

Pooja tried to look around but could not even see her own hands, only she felt the hands of Saxena grew bolder. She tried to hold his hand which was now between her legs but she was slow as it was already over her pussy.

“Don’t struggle Pooja,” Saxena whispered and she felt hot breath on her neck, “don’t want anyone to find out.”

Pooja froze and gasped for air. Saxena forced her legs to spread and freely accessed her pussy, he smiled as he heard her groan. People were making noises while Saxena thanked his stars. He was able to trace the pussy lips from over the salwar and rubbed between them while humping his cock into her ass. Pooja found herself unable to do anything, her arms were lying limp beside her. She was unable to understand when his hand crawled inside her kurta and grabbed her boob.

She felt a tingling sensation ran through her body as if several ants were running amok inside her and was strangely aroused. He gripped a nipple between his thumb and finger and squeezed it hard. He moved his hand to the other boob and this time he mauled the nipple harder and a moan escaped her mouth which was heard by no one due to the noise in the lift.

Saxena alternated between the nipples and crushed the soft orbs on her chest. It seemed like eternity after which the light was restored and Saxena pulled back her hands. Pooja was still panting and felt his cock burred deep between her ass.

The lift stopped at ground floor and people started to exit like ants exiting from ant hole. Pooja walked out of the lift and almost ran towards the exit of the building compound. She was shocked and could not believe what just happened.

She was halfway to the main door when she saw a car stopped beside her. Saxena was on the wheels,

“Get in I will drop you to the school.”

“No.” she walked away but Saxena followed.

“Common I will drop you.”

“No,” she didn’t look towards him as she was too ashamed and tried to get past him, but Saxena was adamant he moved the car in front of her.

She looked around and saw few people from the building were looking towards them in a strange manner, so to avoid any scene she hopped on the front seat.

Both of them were silent as the car picked speed. Pooja was still shocked and looked down, she shivered at what just happened. Never in her life was she molested like this. She had heard stories from her friends that boys use to take advantage of crowded places like buses, trains and try to fondle the boobs or ass, but she never experienced anything like that. She can still feel his rough hands exploring her pussy. She was also annoyed why didn’t she do anything when he was taking advantage of her and now she is riding with her.

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A wife awakens to her sexual needs

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