A woman uses a voodoo doll to turn her jilted best friend

A woman uses a voodoo doll to turn her jilted best friend

“We’re going out tomorrow,” Krystal announced over the phone with no room for argument.

Janice cleared some room anyway. “I’m not in the mood,” she refused, having just finished crying for the umpteenth time today.

“I wasn’t asking,” Krystal insisted, “I’m telling you that we’re going.” Janice was a natural follower rather than a leader but she often didn’t know she was, so she resisted. But today Krystal wasn’t in the mood for pussyfooting; if ever Janice needed someone to take charge, now was the time!

“Where?” Janice asked, knowing that she never won these confrontations with her dominant best friend unless she really dug in her heels and threw a somewhat childish tantrum. Today I just don’t have the will or the energy to fight her, she thought.

“A club,” Krystal said, not revealing it was an exclusive lesbian club called Le Chateau.

“I’m not ready to get hit on by a bunch of men looking for a one night stand,” Janice said, having been dumped by her boyfriend of just over six months three days before Halloween. That had been two days ago. At thirty-three the pool of available quality men was shrinking fast, and she’d just wasted six months on the latest disappointment.

Krystal gave a slight hint of her wicked intentions as she promised, “Oh, I can guarantee you’ll be safe from that.”

“Fine!” Janice sighed. If I say no, Krystal will just show up at my house tomorrow and drag me into her car. And anyway, she’s the only person I know who has a shot at cheering me up and getting me out of this goddamn funk.

“Be at my house at eight. I have the perfect costume for you,” Krystal ordered, a wicked idea forming in her head.

“You’re going to skank me up again, aren’t you?” Janice said. Krystal always pushed her boundaries, cajoling her into doing things she would never otherwise do.

“I’m certainly not going to dress you up like Mother Theresa,” Krystal teased back.

“Fine, whatever,” Janice reluctantly agreed, as she almost always did.

“Good girl,” Krystal approved, encouraging Janice with rewarding approval like she did all her lesbian pets… her best friend the one she most wanted to add to her growing harem.

Krystal didn’t hide the fact she was a lesbian and had joked on many occasions how she was going to turn Janice and show her what real pleasure was. But she hadn’t made a real concerted effort to turn her best friend because Janice was in love, although Krystal didn’t think it would last. She’d been right. Yet another man in a long line had wounded her friend and to paraphrase the movie, she was mad as hell and she wasn’t going to take it anymore! So there! But she wasn’t mad at Janice and she wasn’t going act as if she were, she was just going to step in and perform a rescue. It was time to use her secret weapon.

“Do you want to rub my tummy too?” Janice joked, responding to the good girl comment.

Krystal thought Oh I’m going to rub you all right but laughed, “Will you also roll over and beg for a treat?” A pussy treat, Krystal thought to herself… determined to push Janice to the point of no return.

“If it’s a 2L of Jerry’s ice cream I’ll do anything,” Janice said, having quit ice cream while dating Mark because according to him she was already a bit chubby.

“Anything, you say?” Krystal queried playfully.

“Anything but that,” Janice laughed, knowing exactly what her flirty, aggressive, lesbian friend’s tone was implying. Janice wasn’t a lesbian… and if she were she wouldn’t go for Krystal anyway because Krystal was a player… although she was easily one of the prettiest girls Janice had ever met in real life… plus she wasn’t willing to do anything that could compromise their friendship.

“Never say never,” Krystal said all sing-song, like she often did to Janice.

“Just because Sean Connery did one more James Bond after saying he never would,” Janice said, something Krystal had used on her before.

“Daniel Craig also said he’d never do another Bond movie and he’s now doing one,” Krystal pointed out.

“Fine,” Janice said. “I’ll ninety-nine point seven percent never do it.”

“See, I’m wearing you down,” Krystal joked. “There’s a zero point three percent crack in your armour. How can you possibly fight those odds?”

“Yes, I can already see myself in plaid,” she joked.

“Oh, you would definitely be the submissive, my pet,” Krystal slyly foreshadowed as she reached for a doll.

“So I get to keep dressing pretty?” Janice asked, playing along for some reason, something she hadn’t ever done before.

“Definitely, you need to look hot for your Mistress,” Krystal continued, as she examined the perfect replica of Janice she’d made a few months ago in anticipation of today.

“So you’re the Mistress in this hypothetical situation?” Janice asked, even though she should have known better than to encourage her determined, aggressive best friend. Krystal often preached that underneath her conservative exterior, every straight woman was only one temptation away from being a lesbian.

And although Janice definitely wasn’t a lesbian, this latest break-up had driven yet another wedge between her and any optimism she used to have about the male gender… if she didn’t like cock so much, she knew by this time she’d be very drawn to the other side.

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And as much as she didn’t want to admit it, maybe Krystal was right about the submission thing. It hadn’t been that difficult for Mark to persuade her to give him her ass. It had hurt like hell the first time and made her feel like a cheap slut, but next time she’d let him do it again! Over time she came to enjoy it, but she wasn’t at all certain what she enjoyed about it, his vigorous ass reaming or just his approval. Then just last week he’d pushed the envelope yet again by fucking her ass for a while, then jamming his cock straight into her mouth for a blowjob. She objected for a moment but with nothing stronger than, “Huh?” before she sucked his cock and swallowed his load. Although Janice looked sweet and demure, she was very submissive and wild in the bedroom. But she never initiated any of the kinky things she did or allowed to be done to her… it was just that she’d do anything to keep her man. Yet it seemed that anything still wasn’t enough. Dumped again!

“I don’t know Krystal, maybe I do need to think about this other side thing.”

“I’ll lead you to the other side,” Krystal promised, planning to do just that tomorrow.

“If I get dumped too many more times I just may follow,” Janice joked, her faith in men fading faster than Trump’s approval ratings.

“Women can be just as exhausting, but the sex is way better,” Krystal responded, looking at the doll and wishing she could use it today.

“Maybe I’ll just stay single until I die and take up a hobby of toy collecting,” Janice said, saying it like it was a joke, but beginning to worry that at thirty-three she might indeed end up alone…. disappointing her mother, who’d begun pestering her about grandchildren three years ago.

They chatted for a couple more minutes before hanging up. Janice’s sister had arrived to visit and Krystal had to finish the voodoo spell that would assist her in making Janice so horny she would leap across the line.

Krystal texted her newest submissive, an eighteen year old cheerleader who lived across the street, the newest submissive before that having been her older sister… neither yet knowing the other was also a submissive cunt licker to her. Get over here now!

As required, Amber responded instantly: At mall Mistress, will take fifteen minutes to get home.

That will be fine, Krystal texted back, as she went and got the ingredients she needed. She’d just finished mixing the spell when Amber arrived in her cheerleader outfit, plus the crotchless pantyhose Krystal always expected. Krystal loved both nylons and easy access, so she made all her pets wear something silky and crotchless anytime they were expected to serve her.

“I got here as fast as I could, Mistress,” Amber said, taking her shoes off at the door, dropping onto all fours like a puppy and crawling to her Mistress… shaking her head at the idea she’d just left her college boyfriend at the mall while shopping for Halloween costumes to race over here and eat cunt… she hadn’t even considered having sex with her own gender before last month… now she couldn’t get enough pussy. Last Friday she’d even left a football game on Friday she was cheering in, saying she had cramps so she could go down to the bathroom and eat out the seductress.

“Good girl,” Krystal approved, always encouraging complete obedience.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Amber replied, crawling to her Mistress’s feet, still not sure how she’d ended up going from straight and in control of her life to becoming a completely submissive cunt lapper.

Krystal smiled as she slyly tapped the cunt on Amber’s voodoo doll, which made her pet’s entire body tremble. This was something Amber couldn’t for the life of her understand… how just being near Mistress Krystal was enough to get her pussy burning and make her entire body tremble.

Krystal had learned the fine art of voodoo while visiting West Africa. She’d then taken some extra courses at the Voodoo Society in Louisiana, then took a trip to Haiti and was now a master of the art. Errr… Mistress.

If she licked the doll’s pussy, the girl would instantly feel that pleasure.

If she sucked on her breasts, she would feel that.

If she poked her finger inside the doll’s vagina (which had been meticulously carved out and of necessity was larger than scale… far less painful than whittling down your own finger) and touched the g-spot, the girl would instantly reach orgasm.

If she poked her finger inside the asshole of the doll the girl (or guy… she’d tried it on her asshole brother-in-law one day… fingering the asshole’s asshole… scale considerations again… for minutes while she was at the kitchen table with him and the rest of her sister’s family. Fuck, that was funny), anyway, doing that to the doll made them feel they were being sodomized.

If she put her fingers on both temples she could speak directly into the subconscious of the target, making her think whatever Krystal wanted her to. That was how a week ago the very straight blonde bombshell cheerleader had become a submissive eager pussy pleaser… and it was how tomorrow she would instill almost overwhelming lesbian lust in her best friend, the woman she secretly loved and not so secretly lusted after.

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That said, the urges and sensations imposed by a doll were rather akin to hypnosis, in that a woman couldn’t be forced to do something she felt to be morally wrong. But it could go as far as instilling ideas (such as wow, what an appetising pussy!) to be considered, and perhaps considered very seriously.

“Hungry?” Krystal asked.

“Starving,” the pretty blonde answered, her pussy on fire with anticipation at licking the pussy that inexplicably tasted like chocolate mousse (her favourite food), something else she didn’t understand.

Krystal had the ability to manipulate the mind through the voodoo doll so her cunt would taste like whatever the slut’s favourite food was. It was easy manipulation, again through using her fingers on the doll’s temple. “Well, have your dessert,” the voodoo mistress offered, spreading her legs and watching the once straight girl dive in with undeniable lust.

Amber began licking slowly, savouring the exquisite taste… never wanting these special moments of submissive snacking to end.

Every time it was over, Amber felt sad.

Every time her phone buzzed, Amber hoped it was Krystal.

Krystal loved Amber’s lengthy lapping… slow tender licks that would stimulate her for over half an hour and always build inexorably to an intense orgasm. She closed her eyes and relaxed, imagining tomorrow’s planned seduction of her best friend.

Thirty minutes later Krystal was close to coming. So she slyly slid her finger inside the cheerleader’s voodoo doll and tapped the g-spot.

Amber knew her Mistress was close… in only a month she’d learned the signs. The breathing increased, the legs would stiffen and forceful hands would draw her face deeper inside the sweet pussy. Also, even though she couldn’t explain it, her body felt physically connected with her Mistress and she often felt what Mistress Krystal felt, or sometimes she would feel something else. For instance she would sometimes feel an invisible finger slide inside her excessively wet pussy. She would then feel the finger find her g-spot, something no guy had even attempted to discover. Then with each lick she gave her Mistress’s cunt, there was a tap on her g-spot.

Krystal loved coming simultaneously… she loved being a complete puppet master of pleasure. She loved watching a pet writhe on the floor, see her body shake and her utter confusion at the invisible implements touching her, stroking her, kissing her, tonguing her, sometimes even fucking her pussy or her ass. As Krystal’s orgasm hit, she rapidly tapped the g-spot inside the doll and watched today’s pet come from the magic.

Amber’s orgasms from licking cunt were like tectonic plates colliding… her entire body seemed to be crashing together into a Himalayan peak of euphoria. Her head went light, her body quaked and her pussy gushed.

Once both women had recovered from their orgasms, Krystal sent Amber on her way, Amber thanking her divine mysterious Mistress profusely for the privilege of being allowed to serve her, knowing that her orgasms with her boyfriend (the rare times he actually got her off) were nowhere near the intensity of the ones she somehow achieved here without even having her pussy touched.


Krystal went to her closet and tried to choose the right costumes for herself and Janice. She had over forty costumes she had collected over the years for both Halloween and role play time. She spent over an hour looking at costumes, three times picking what she thought were the right ones, then changing her mind. In the end she chose a Playboy Bunny outfit for Janice… the sluttiest one she could find that would really showcase her friend’s big tits, great ass and long legs. It came with a modified black bodysuit that barely covered her tits and cunt, long black gloves, a tail, a headband with bunny ears, neck collar with bow. She planned to add black thigh highs (the tops completely visible to highlight a sexy expanse of bare thigh above them), to finish off the outfit. For herself she considered going for something screaming dominant Mistress, but didn’t want to be that overt. Instead, she decided to wear something as sexy and slutty as she was making Janice wear. . So in the end Krystal chose for herself a Red Riding Hood outfit that would make any wolf’s temperature rise. It had a red brocade waist clincher with a white peasant top with off the shoulder sleeves, red brocade mini skirt and a red brocade cape with hood. Similar to Janice’s outfit, she would finish her sexy costume with red thigh high stockings. Of course it goes without saying they would both be in five inch heels.

Janice walked up her friend’s walkway, still in her work attire. She was still rather downcast at being single again, as the pool of eligible men continued to diminish… as did the quality of the remaining men.

Krystal was already in her outfit except for her heels when the doorbell rang… she picked up the Janice voodoo doll (which was now activated) and lightly blew on its pussy.

Janice felt a shiver run through her body and a strange warm breath on her pussy right through her wool skirt… which was weird, but pleasant.

Krystal answered the door. “Ready to reinvent yourself?”

“Judging by what you’re wearing, definitely not,” Janice replied, as she took in the slutty sexiness of her best friend. She looked undeniably hot in a Red Riding Hood costume.

“Oh, your outfit is a lot tamer,” Krystal lied, as Janice walked in.

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“Sure it is,” Janice scoffed, knowing her friend too well.

“Okay, well it’s not any sluttier than this one,” Krystal laughed.

“I hope not,” Janice laughed back, already feeling like she needed this. Krystal had always been the one challenging her boundaries, but was also the friend who always knew what she needed.

They had a glass of wine and then two, Krystal knowing the club didn’t start hopping until after ten. They chatted about work, Janice’s break-up and other generic things until Krystal finally instructed, her dominant personality on display, “I’ll pour you another glass of wine. Meanwhile you can go into my bedroom and put on your outfit.”

“You trying to get me drunk?” Janice asked, three glasses of wine usually her limit.

“Perhaps,” Krystal shrugged with a smile, “Now hurry up and go try it on.”

“Fine,” Janice replied dramatically as she often did, implying she was reluctantly going along with this, but in truth she was curious what her extroverted friend had chosen for her to wear. Krystal was always able to awaken her wild side… one she definitely needed in charge of her after her past few days of self-loathing. She’d been continually asking herself why she wasn’t pretty enough or sexy enough to keep a man. Seriously… if taking it in the ass wasn’t enough to keep a man, what was?

Krystal poured the wine and grabbed the doll to do some more subtle voodoo teasing… teasing that she hoped would escalate into her best friend finally allowing herself to cross the invisible line into Sapphic lust… very confident that Janice would be like many others… a spaghetti lesbian. A girl who is straight until she plunges into the hot turbulent waters of same sex pleasure and becomes all soft and malleable.

Janice walked into her friend’s bedroom and saw two things:

1. A Playboy Bunny outfit all meticulously laid out; from the outfit, to the accessories, to the hosiery (by now Krystal had gotten her into wearing nylons all the time, something that really showcased her legs… she was wearing expensive black pantyhose at the moment), to the five inch heels (Krystal and she having the exact same shoe size). The main feature distinguishing this outfit from the Playboy version was that instead of being closed at the bottom the body suit had a tiny ruffled skirt that almost but not quite covered the essentials. Modesty was served by the inclusion of a thong that could almost have been made from black dental floss.

2. A strap-on harness equipped with a rather large cock sitting on the other end of the bed.

Janice shook her head at both. The outfit would be sexy and slutty. And the strap-on was another reminder of Krystal’s eternally open offer to teach her what lesbian sex was like, promising that once she reached orgasm from Krystal’s experienced tongue she’d never want a man again.

And although Krystal was undeniably pretty and men continued to be disappointments, Janice wasn’t a lesbian. True, she’d be lying if she didn’t admit to being just a little bit curious. That said, in the long run she wanted the modern day family: a husband, two kids and a career. And the clock was ticking.

Krystal waited a couple of minutes before she moved her tongue to the doll’s vagina and gave one soft, just grazing, lick. Hoping at this point her friend was either beginning to get undressed or pondering the meaning of the strap-on harness and cock she’d left on her bed. One that had been used this morning to fuck her mid-forties neighbour after the mother of five had given her a morning orgasm… her usual Tuesday morning routine.Krystal took the voodoo doll and gently tapped the clit three times.

Janice was getting undressed when she suddenly felt pleasure tapping her clit. She moaned as she thought to herself she really needed to get laid if just the breeze in an air conditioned room was tickling her pussy.

Krystal wanted to devour Janice whole right then and there, but knew the slow teasing temptation would make it seem more like her friend’s own idea, which was the approach that would lead not only to convincing her beautiful, insecure friend to have sex with her, but also to convert her, making this turn far more than just a wild, one night stand.

So Krystal waited a bit longer before gently exhaling warm moist air on the two nipples of the voodoo doll.

Janice got dressed, undeniably excited, especially when she felt warmness flowing over her very sensitive nipples, which instantly got erect. God, what was happening to her? She glanced at the strap-on cock, wondering if maybe a lesbian encounter was something worth experiencing at least once to see if she liked it. Krystal was beautiful and her promises were indeed tempting. But if you have sex even once with a person you can’t go back, and she worried it would ruin their friendship. Having Krystal as a trusted friend was way more important than an orgasm. Krystal was her rock.

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A woman uses a voodoo doll to turn her jilted best friend

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