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Actress Preity Zinta Has Been Raped

Actress Preity Zinta Has Been Raped

Preity zinta, the bollywood actress was in a 5 star one night for for having sex with one of her clients who had paid her. Preity zinta was a big whore, though an expensive one who let anyone with bucks to enter her choot with her milky legs wrapped around him.

She had put on a office suit ending around her navel, revealing her navel and her back as the skirt was way below. The suit was too tight with lots of cleavage. Half of her boobs popped out of the skimpy dress. She always wore push up bra to tease the men around her and also made her boobs bob when she walked. As she was an actress she knew no one could rape her. These men then masturbated every night on her poster imagining to fuck her.

She had gone there, wearing a very short & tight black skirt, (at least 2 sizes too small for her) just covering her gaand, and showing off her entire shaven milky thighs,with high heeled black sandals, giving preity the complete high-class randi look. Whenever she went for a chudai like this, she never wore panties. The skirt was short enough to reveal her shaven pussy and her ass cheeks if she jst bent a little. High heeled black sandals, well manicured white thighs, black nail polish and a very short black skirt just inches from her gaand, made everyone s crotch tighten up as she walked thru the hotel lobby, bobbing her boobs up and down and shaking her big round ass . She was lookng damn hot! And slutty !

Preity zinta had put on a lot of make up. Red lipstick to highlight her juicy lips and kohl-lined eyes for a horny effect during the blow job, when looking with those lusty eyes into her client’s eyes wud drive him sexually mad and he wud give her a good mouth fuck. Preity loved this mouth fuck where the big crotch wud fuck her to her throat as someone caught her hairs and pushed her to suck it off. She normally never wore such revealing and arousing dresses fearing men around her wud go mad with their erect rods and rape her there and then, but this was a big producer and she wanted to fully satisfy him to snatch the role, kareena had taken by taking his lund into her gaand. She noticed a man rubbing his crotch and smiled. Before that too, a man had tried to grab her ass, over her skirt.she was confident she wud blow her client apart tonight. May be he wud recommend her name as a slut to other men who wanted a blow job from her.

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So many men had brushed her (no surprise, they wud fuck her given a chance or gang bang her,masturbating on the whore’s face!),pressing against her breasts and rubbing their rods against her ass trying to shove their rods into preity’s ass crack,feeling her naked thighs that she too was feeling horny now. As she entered the lift, the lift man kept gazing at her bare thighs and her butt for some time. She could see his crotch tighten and making a tent.preity felt horny and gave him a sexy slut like smile, even turning around a bit to show off her butts, teasing the man. He adjusted his pants rubbing his groin area and opening his zip.he could not believe his eyes! Her dream slut thinking of whom he masturbated every night was there. That too in such a short killing dress that he wud rip it off and just bang her gaand.soon the 2 started moving up. Suddenly the lift jerked and stopped. The lights went dim. Preity panicked and started pressing d lift buttons.she was looking even more hot, trying to adjust her thighs in those short skirts , protecting herself from his hungry eyes. To her horror, she felt hands groping her bare thighs from behind and a pole trying as if to push into her gaand forcing over her skirt.her high heeled but bare milky legs were blocked by the attacker.she tried screaming when he gagged her with his palm, pressing his crotch even deeper into her ass .the whore was trapped now !


The man now started feeling her body violently. He was in the heat now and just wanted to fuck preity zinta’s holes. She could hardly breathe and the man had started thrusting against her. Soon he pulled her skirt down to her feet with his free hand and took out his instrument. It was erect to its limit and the veins were about to burst it seemed. The man was completely aroused by preity zinta’s dress and her body. Clearly preity was in trouble.he took his hand off her mouth and pushed her face against the wall, making sure she could not scream. With one hand he guided his penis into her choot from behind & with the other crushed preity’s boobs. The big bollywood actress was gettin bloody raped and she could not do anything. Preity zinta had got raped earlier too by a gang of producers. That time, 6 men had fucked her! The man’s thighs blocked her milky white thighs from behind. She had no panty on. He slapped preity’s butt cheeks hard on seeing this and became even more excited and violent, like a dog sticking his crotch and grinding it against preity zinta’s thighs. He was kneading her breasts so hard, preity felt she wud choke. He was thrusting like a dog, fucking her bitch.suddenly as if a knife penetrated her, the man shoved his hard penis in her choot from behind. She started moaning when he again cupped her lips.he began thrusting in and out, tearing apart her vagina.he was fast and as he struck her preity felt a man’s penis so deep inside her that were till now untouched. He had developed a rhythm and was raping and fucking preity zinta, the slut of his dreams! So many times he had masturbated on her face and he was now fucking herself ! Preity’s skirt lay around her ankles, meshed with her high heels. Her lower body was totally nude and ideally positioned against the man’s body for the standing doggy fuck.

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Now the man made her kneel like a dog.he pushed her suit up with his free hand and pulled her hair. He started biting her back.he wanted to fuck her like a true randi. Pulling her hair, he started fucking her, this time in her ass.though it was split apart as preity was often ass fucked, still it pained a lot. Preity was grimacing as the pain was unbearable but she was paying the price of wearing such a horny dress, making so many men wanting to fuck her there and then. He kept thrusting against her, taking revenge for every man priety zinta left with a erect lund and a desire to fuck her.each time his pole searing thru her. Preity zinta was getting raped in that stranded lift.

With her hairs still in his hand, he made her turn around and quickly filled her mouth with his lund. It ws so long it rubbed agianst preity zinta’s throat. Her juicy,red lipstick-ed lips were giving this man s a blow job as he mouth fucked her. She looked up and her kohl-lined eyes, drove him crazy and made him fuck her mouth doubly hard. She was totally nude except for the heels. Suddenly she felt his lund throbbing and realised he was about to cum. He gave preity’s mouth a last few jerks, took his lund out and started cumming on her face. Hot spurts of his endless cum came on preity zinta’s lips, dripping to her breasts and her suit, on her eyes and cheeks. After he cummed for about half a min, he rubbed his dick against her lips, smearing her lip stick and his cum all over the beautiful actress face.preity zinta had just been raped !

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Actress Preity Zinta Has Been Raped

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