Adult book store cocksucker – Sex Stories

Adult book store cocksucker – Sex Stories

One of my usual trips to the Adult book store, they had hired a new woman to run the place, she was about 40 yrs old, just a little chubby, but there was something about her. She slipped in a few free movie rentals for me, not noticing till I got home, they were about submissive males,

Some were forced to cross dress, some were forced to suck cock, some were just house boys. I must admit watching these movies really got me off. When I returned the movies she asked me did I like those , I said yes, as not to say anything bad. She asked me about different parts in the movies, I would agree, she was telling me how men wearing panties were great, and most men love the feel of it.

Being somewhat embarrassed, I just agreed. I got some more movies, she slipped in a few more of these movies, and she reached up grabbed a couple of panties and said, what? About a 32” waist? I said yes, she put them in my bag, and off I went.

Watching these movies, I discovered that sexual humiliation was a huge turn on for me. And yes I wore the panties, and they did feel great against my dick. It was a Saturday evening when I returned, and there she was, but there was another woman with her, there were a few guys in the stool just looking around, when I walked in she said “there he is” that’s the one I was telling you about! I said hello, as the two women kind of chuckled!

I went to the counter, to return the movies , she held to movies up to show the other woman and said, see. Look at this, I told you. Then she said, how did you like the panties? I just mumbled San said. I bet your wearing them right now! I told her I was, they both laughed.

She asked me, did I like the part in the movie where the guy had to suck 3 different cocks for his wife? About then one of the customers came up to rent his movies, I just stood there as the women helped him, and as he looked at me and gave me one of those looks, while she was helping him, she turned to me and asked, if I was wearing the pink or red panties. All 3 of them stopped what they were doing and looked right at me waiting for an answer.

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I said in a proud voice, the pink ones! The girls laughed, the guy just looked me up and down. Then he gathered his items and left. At this point I had a Bonner that was painful, God I was hard. And it was hard to hide. The girls told me to go ahead and browse around for more movies, she said the sissy cocksucking movies are n that isle. Pointing to the back, she said but you already know that!

The other two men that were there got there items, paid, then left. It was just me and the girls. They called me to the counter then told me they wanted to see me, in my panties, after a few please’es, and an order or two, I pulled my pants down and showed them.

The girls talked me into removing my pants so that they could put stockings on me. As she handed me the stockings she took my folded up pants, I put them on and they started making wooo woo calls, they were telling me how much I loved it, and that I looked very good in them. Of corse they noticed my rock hard cock. Saying ohhh yes. Look, he loves them! Laughing, pointing, saying he makes a good bitch!

About then the bells on the door started going off, an older man walked in saying hello. We all turned to look, the lady said ohh hello Mr. Smith. Then she told me to go help Mr. Smith. I was humiliated to the max. I did as told. I walked up to him saying may I help you Mr. Smith? He said hummm yea I think you can, looking me up and down.

Mr. Smith said, is number 3 open? She said YES. He reached in his wallet , pulled out a credit card, she took it rang up something, then he walked to the side door, that said employees only. Opened it and disappeared! The woman told the new lady to take care of the front. I’ll be back in 15.

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She walked from behind the counter, took my hand, guided me through this door. Down a long hallway with many doors, she took me to the 4th door, opened it up. And lead me in. The room was dark with nothing in it. Absolutely nothing!

There was a very dim light, she reached down grabbed by hard cock gave it a fre hard tugs, then she said get on your knees. She released my cock and I did as told. She then pushed my head guiding me to the side wall, right there was a hole in the wall, about 1 foot wide, by 1 foot high, I pretty much knew what was about to happen!

And yes, here it came, there was an older man’s cock that appeared, it was small, pushing as far as it could get, through the opening. As I remain there on my knees, dressed in panties and stockings. I here’d her say, well suck it bitch, and you better do a good job!!

I took this small dick in my mouth started playing with it, reaching up to fondle his very saggy balls, pulling on them moving then back and forth. Pumping on his cock as much as I could , it took a while but it Finley rose to attention, even hard, it wasn’t that big. But it was easier to suck.

The room light up from the door being opened. The new girl came in, she brought a chair. Then the room really lit up.
They turned on the larger light to watch. They started sayings to each other, saying I told you he was a cocksucker. He’s a good one too. A pantie wearing cocksucker. He’s a real bitch. They would tell me go deeper bitch, suck harder, play with those balls you cocksucker

They caught me trying to jack my own rock hard throbbing dick, my hand was pulled away, and I was told NO! Pay attention to what your doing bitch!
I sucked on his cock for what seemed like 10 minutes, he Finley shot his load, it went right in my mouth, I was not at all ready for that, or even thought about it. I pulled back as the girls forced me back on it to catch the entire load. I couldn’t hold it in my mouth, it dripped down my chin, on to the floor. Then just like the cock disappeared.
It was over and I let the rest of his cum out onto the floor.

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We herd the bells on the front door, I assumed he left. The ladies got up, and told me they would be right back, and for me not to jack off.

I sat in this room waiting for them to return, when I herd a door shut, then a cock appeared through the hole. I couldn’t help myself. At this point I was so horned up. I would have done anything. I took this cock like a champ. I waisted NO TIME. It was quite a bit larger and already hard. I started sucking it like a crazy person. I grabbed his balls tugging. It took no time at all for this cock to bust a load all over my face, and in my mouth. It was all on my chest. Dripping down on my stockings, then it was gone. I thought about jacking off. But there no telling what the women would do.

I sat in the room wiping cum off myself with no place to put it. I was a mess. About 3 of 4 minutes later the door opened up. The lady brought a man in the room. With the room still fully lit. I must have been a sight. There were very few words spoken, she just said, here she is. Best cocksucker in town. The man slipped his shoes off. Dropped his slacks, lifted his foot, putting it on the seat of the chair I was sitting on. And pulled my head right in.

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Adult book store cocksucker – Sex Stories

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