Yashodhara's Descent Part 11

As the final clip ended, a lot of the pieces of the puzzle fell in place for me. From the moment I saw the emails and started watching the clips with Eric’s constant comments for Ramon, I had assumed that Eric had been video-taping everything so he could get back at him. He could show Ramon that he had seduced Yashodhara, the girl he was fucking, and turned her into a slave. While Ramon had to work long and hard to get into Yashodhara’s pants, Eric had done it on the first night and on the second night, abused her like he owned her.

That by itself, I thought was enough to get Ramon riled up. But I was a bit confused at a lot of Eric’s comments, especially the one where he spoke about how well Juanita and my wife were getting along. Now it all made sense. Eric had scored a double whammy. In a night of debauchery, he had banged and abused not only Ramon’s mistress, but also his girlfriend. In the same bed. At the same time. It was the biggest gesture of vengeful emasculation possible.

So when he sent all these clips to Ramon, Ramon obviously got angry at his girlfriend who had clearly been having an affair with Eric even as she gave Ramon a hard time about her suspicions. But he was also upset at Yashodhara, his latest conquest, for getting into the act so willfully. Even worse, she had unwittingly confirmed Juanita’s suspicions about Ramon cheating on her. So as his own minor revenge on Yashodhara, he searched for my email ID. He thought that I was in the dark about what my wife had been up to. So he decided that if his relationship was going to be skewered, so should Yashodhara’s marriage.

And now I also understood why Yashodhara was upset at the two of them for acting like kids. They had both been very petty and stupid. Eric, getting her together with Juanita and video-taping everything without telling her, just to use it as a tool against Ramon. And Ramon, instead of limiting his anger at Eric, forwarding it to me, an unintentionally shattering the charade of my ignorance.

And I suddenly remembered – Yashodhara! She was going to call me after a while. It had been a couple of hours and she had still not called. I immediately reached for my cellphone and dialed her number. It rang for a while and then went to voicemail. I guess she was still thrashing out things with Ramon and Eric. I left a message asking her to call me back as soon as she could, no matter how late it got. I then restarted the clip of Eric banging Juanita and Yashodhara together, and whacked myself off to a nice orgasm.

I turned on the TV and waited for Yashodhara to call back. Half an hour passed, but still not dice. I got a little worried. On the phone, she had sounded angry and was clearly yelling at Eric and Ramon. Two young, well-built guys with huge egos. What if they started fighting each other physically? What if they got upset at her instead and pushed her around or worse? I started imagining the worst scenarios of an argument between them turning violent, and it got me even more worried. So I sent her a text message saying I was worried and asking if she was okay. She texted back right away that she was fine and will call me soon. Assured that she was safe, I started watching the TV and dozed off in a while.

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I woke to the sound of my cellphone ringing. Yashodhara was calling. I checked the clock and it was almost 5 am, which meant that it was almost 7 am for her. I answered the phone,

“Hi Ajit.” she said, sounding sleepy, “Did I wake you up?”

“Yeah.” I said suppressing a yawn, “But it’s fine. I wanted you to call no matter what time it was.”

“What time is your flight back? 8:10 right?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’ll leave for the airport in maybe one and a half hour.” I said.

“Hmm, good. I can’t wait to see you. I’ve missed you so much this weekend.” she said lovingly.

“I missed you too. I especially missed having you here when I watched all those clips. Mindblowing, Yashodhara!” I said.

“Hehehe, I thought you’d enjoy them. Those were just from Friday night though. There are more from Saturday I guess, when Juanita left and I was the only one with Eric all day. I’ll ask him to make a DVD if you want.” she said.

“That sounds great. Anyway, talking of Eric…. how did it go? When we last spoke you were yelling at him and Ramon for being kids.”

“Yeah, it went well I think. You must have guessed what happened with the clips and everything right? Eric made the videos to humiliate Ramon. Ramon got angry at me and send them to you as a revenge?” she asked.

“Yeah, that much was obvious.”

“So anyway, here’s what happened after what you saw in the clips. I got dressed and waited for Eric to come home. When he did, Juanita came out of the room, said she needed to go, and just left. I was about to leave too, but Eric asked me if I wanted to stick around and spend the day with him. I said it was already morning and I needed to get some sleep. He said I could sleep there. And maybe after waking up, put on my slave uniform again so he could give me undivided attention.”

“I liked the idea, to be honest.” she continued. “I had never thought about BDSM seriously, but I enjoyed the night thoroughly and was looking forward to more. So when I agreed, Eric took me by my hand to the bedroom. He said I should get comfortable and started taking my clothes off. I let him, and took his clothes off too. We lied down on the bed spooning each other, when he started getting hard again. I reached back and felt his dick and asked him to fuck me one more time before we slept.”

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“Did he?” I asked.

“Yes, he did. And in a very different way, gently while we were still spooning. He kissed me on the lips and neck all the while. That one fuck was more like love-making and he was very romantic through it all, saying sweet things instead of using curse words. Since I had just showered, I did not want him to cum in my cunt, so when he was about to, I took it in my mouth and swallowed it all.”

“After that we slept naked in each others arms. When we woke up, it was evening. We went out for some food, and I ate like a pig, famished after the previous night’s exercise, hehe. And then when we went back to his place, Eric put the collar on me. Which meant I was his slave. I changed into the red teddy, and from then on until the wee hours of the morning, it was more BDSM play.”

“What all did you do?” I asked.

“A lot of the stuff from the previous night, actually. Bondage, spanking, paddling etc. Except that it was just me. When you called up during that day, I was either asleep or then literally tied up so could not answer. I’ll ask Eric to send you the tapes. You can see for yourself.” she said.

“Alright, I’ll wait.” I said. I was already quite content watching the videos of Friday night so I was in no hurry for the next night. I was more interested to know about the drama that happened on Sunday.

“Anyway, Sunday morning, after he uncollared me, I drove home. Took a nice long bath, made myself breakfast, sent you some text messages and then went to bed. When I woke up in the afternoon, it was because of someone banging on the door angrily. I went and opened the door and it was Ramon. He was in a furious mood. He told me that he knew that I had been having sex with Eric as his slave because Eric sent him an email with a lot of videoclips. He then said that Juanita had just left town the previous day leaving him just a single text message that she was breaking up with him. He did not understand why and called her up but she did not respond. It was only after he saw the clips that he realized why.”

“And he blamed me for being a part of it. I tried to calm him down but he was so angry that I was afraid he would hit me. Finally, once he got done venting, he stormed off. I then called up Eric but it went to voicemail. I left him an angry email saying I knew he had been secretly videotaping what we did, and unless he wanted me to go to the cops, he should either call me back or come by the house. I sat there, fuming at Eric when Ramon called. He told me triumphantly that he had found your email ID and had forwarded all the clips to you. Now you would leave me and I would understand the pain of Juanita leaving him.”

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“That really ticked me off. I started yelling back at him, telling him that you already knew everything. That there were no secrets between us which is why our marriage was so strong. And if he had been even half the man that you are, he would have been honest with Juanita. Hearing me yell back quietened him down a little bit. That’s when I heard the beep of call waiting and it was Eric. So I put Ramon on hold and took Eric’s call. Eric was scared about my threat of going to the police. It turns out he already had a rapsheet about sexual offences and was under probation. If I ratted him out, it would mean jail. So he was begging me to not do it. I told him to come over to the house at once.”

“I then went back on Ramon’s line and told him to come over too. I said I was sick of all this childish drama, and I did not want to become a pawn in their mindgames. So I wanted to talk to both of them and straighten their heads out. I then called up Carlos and left him a voicemail saying he should come over to the house too.”

“Haha, so you organized a big yelling session for all of them?” I asked.

“Pretty much. Honestly, Ajit, the sex has been great, but all this drama has been frustrating. Especially since I am not the one with insecurities or grudges. I am sick of all this. By the way, I sort of “broke up” with all of them. No more sex with any of them. They’re too childish for my liking.” she said.

“Really? Broke up completely?” I asked.

“As of this morning, yes. No more of these young idiots.” she said.

“But what about your newfound inner slut?” I asked.

“We’ll see about that in a few days. As of now I just need a break from all the kinky sex for a while and want to enjoy lovemaking with my husband.

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