Aestu and Sharizon – Sex Stories

Aestu and Sharizon – Sex Stories

The paladin Sharizon grumpily trode past the droll grey domiciles of the mountain city of Ironforge. His hard, weathered face was rigid with a forced, overtaxed patience. His unibrow was furrowed; his lips remained pursed in silent fury. His heavily nicked saronite and titansteel armor clicked and clanked as he made his way towards the armor shop. Sharizon grumpily blinked as he ran a finger through his rust-brown cowlicks, throwing a slick of viscous zombie ichor to the wall. He marched forward in silence, ignoring the spectacle following behind him.

“…don’t know why you socket agility, personally I prefer expertise, it prevents burst and improves threat, and it’s not as though threat is a non-issue, by the light, it’s every half minute we hear some mage or warlock or warrior pulling aggro, and all you can say is “what is eggroll, what is eggroll”, I don’t even know what the hell is that supposed to mean – what is an eggroll, anyway?”

Behind him strode another paladin – a rambling, disheveled draenei. Even and perhaps especially when ranting furiously, Aestu exerted a strange charm and magnetism. Her opalescent blue eyes blazed with fury; her long, goat-like horns and white-gold pigtails bobbed up down as she gesticulated, pointing and hammering fist into palm. She had not bothered to brush off the remains of the vile spirits and abominations that had splattered their guts onto her all night. For some reason, they always tasked Aestu with tanking the undead things that had a habit of exploding their rotten guts onto whomever they were looking at. Bits of mucus and bile dripped down onto the cobblestones with each click-clack of her hooves. Beneath the ichor and filthy rime splattered all over her holy armor, she was actually kind of cute – toned but curvy in all the right places, with amazingly smooth, glowing blue-silver skin.

Sharizon stepped into the armor shop and began to unsnap his armor, piece by piece, passing it to the stolid, expressionless dwarf armorer, who took each piece in turn, nodding with an “…Aye…Aye…Aye…”, also completely ignoring the loquacious, argumentative draenei standing behind him. Finally he turned to her querously. “Lad-ee Aee-tsu?” he said in heavily accented Common. Aestu glared, acknowledged him with a glance, and began unsnapping her armor piece by piece as well. The armorer mutely nodded as he took each piece. Sharizon meanwhile had handed over all his armor. Nonplussed, he stood immovable, taking in Aestu’s ramblings, which continued unabated as she removed her armor.

“…but really there’s a lot of things you can do, and all you ever say to me, all my suggestions, all my really great ideas, having done this for years, before you were even born, I’m a draenei and we’re way older than we look, you know, all that wisdom and knowledge and all you can ever say is…”


Sharizon’s patience snapped. Aestu stopped mid-sentence, turned her attentions from undoing the strap connecting her Lightbringer blue-orange breastplate to her marbled blue forearm, stopped and stared at the swarthy, red-faced human. “Just shut the fuck up, Aestu, Shut, the, fuck, up! Seriously… Fucking shut up! All we ever hear, night after night, is your inane rambling. We get it. You’re a draenei, you’re smarter than us, better than us. We have to listen to you about every thought that passes between your horns. Sargeras chose your people to rule the universe but you’re just here slaying dragons with us because you’re so nice… Seriously. Fucking take your mace and suck on it.”

The dwarf armorer had discreetly exited the room, burdened with a pile of armor from the two paladins heaped high above his head, leaving the belligerent duo in the dressing room, stripped down to their underwear, Sharizon in his rough brown linen shirt and boxers and Aestu in her blue bra and thong, her frilly purple undershirt still held to body by her breastplate and the right elbow strap that had become stuck after the six-hour running battle through the halls of Icecrown.

“Don’t you tell me to shut up, Sharizon.”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up – Hey recognize that? – Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up – ‘Hey, I’m Aestu’ – shut up, shut up, shut up.”

“You shut up!”

“No, really, why don’t you, fucking following me around rambling about eggrolls. Take your own advice for once and really, shut up.”

Aestu stared at Sharizon for a minute. She smiled, mildly amused. No axe of steel nor sharp words of man could strike down her ineffable ego. Having no valid response, she very typically settled on a self-serving non sequitor: her immediate concern. “Can you help me undo this strap, please?”

“Suck it, Aestu. Suck my cock.”

The draenei continued to glare at Sharizon…then smiled, revealing her small, cute fangs. The human could not have seen it coming. He certainly didn’t see it coming, and it took him a moment to register his boxers around his ankles and the voracious goat-chick noisily complying.

Slurckk…slurkkk….sssluurrkkk.. Her grey tongue was short, but serrated with long, fleshy cillia that teased and coaxed his engorged manliness; her warm mouth salivated as if devouring a succulent mouthful of beef. Slurckk…

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“Mmmm…is there a problem, Sharizon? You asked…”

Sharizon stared down and the luminous-eyed goat chick stared back up at him with a dirty grin. His brain spun in his skull, reeling at the possibilities. One and a half seconds later he manned up and snapped,

“Yeah, bitch. Yeah, I asked. Go on, suck that cock.”

The blue girl giggled, lowered her horns and and again licked and sucked his manliness, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. For all her energetic throating, the exciting action of her glottal cilia, Sharizon’s deep-lunged moaning, she wasn’t getting any tangible results. This is going to take a while…

“There’s an abandoned flat next door. Come on,” she urged him huskily. Sharizon glanced at the door leading out into the busy street. When is that armorer coming back…? God dammit, of all the times to be between a rock and a hard place, when I’m hard with a horny devil next to me… “No, no, this way!” She grabbed him around his dick and tugged him up the stairs. It was an exciting sensation; her long fingers tightening and untightening, pumping his penis full of warm blood like a tourniquet. She led the way, her warm, fleshy tail waggling in excitement. He lunged forward and nipped at it; she let loose a squeal and faltered forward; her generous, shimmery blue breasts undulated as she corrected her posture. Her tail wagged hard to one side, exposing her wide, curvy butt to a loud, hard, resounding slap. She squealed again, and Sharizon rewarded the squeal with yet another slap on her right buttock, then put his mouth to the broadest curve and sucked the warm, inviting flesh hard. Aestu gripped his penis even harder, then let go, sending a wave of passion through his body. She ran ahead of him up the stairs, out onto the balcony.

The stone-wrought balcony had waist-high banisters across its length. The human and draenei made a crouching run across it, barred from the prying views of the crowd (heaven knows what they would have thought), and leapt onto the neighboring balcony of the abandoned hovel, Sharizon first, then Aestu. Aestu fumbled, landing flat on her tummy with her long legs and tail trailing off the edge. She shrieked and held onto the banister. Sharizon turned and guffawed, “Hey, Aestu fails at jumping again, what else is new?”

“Shut up and help me!”

“Oh hey, didn’t we just go over this?”

Aestu suddenly became very aware she was naked and her lower body, although hidden by the profile of the row of hovels, was in view of any passerby that might have gazed down the alleyways. Someone might feel tempted to pull that hoof or take a swing at that curvy buttock… Her eyes went wide with worry and her voice became desperate. “Honey! Pull me up!”


“Pull me up before someone sees me like this!”

“Someone has seen you already.” Aestu’s blue face blushed a hot silver. “Me!” Sharizon laughed again; Aestu glared in indignation. “Ahahahahahhahahah…”

“Fucking pull me up, human!” Aestu skwaked, her Draenei accent rising in intensity as she spat the human curse. “Pewl me ze faawk up!”

“Man, you realize how cute you are when you get angry?” Sharizon gripped her round the thigh and back as he pulled her up, and as she placed one hoof then the other on the balcony, Sharizon shifted his grip to her round breasts. “You have pepperoni nipples? I’d never have guessed. Blue goat pepperoni! …How old did you say you are? Have you ever had anyone do this to you?” He squeezed her breasts and buried his face in them and blew hard, eliciting another surprised squeal from Aestu. Could put so much meat in there.



“No.” She sat up on both her knees. I’m always very busy slaying things. And I’m typically not approachable.”

“You seem pretty approachable today.” He cozied up to her, shoved the door of the abandoned hovel open with one hand, and in a mass they walked in.

“I’m tense. Tired of you getting on me all the time.”

“You better like it this time.” With both hands he rolled the goatchick over onto all fours, stood astride her and pushed her tail aside. The abandoned flat was dark, but the dull glow of the gas lamps of the main avenue shone through the balcony and he could dimly see the broad, silky silver-blue contours of her labia and between them, glistening, fleshy ridges, the color of steel with a suggestion of lavender. As Sharizon propped himself up on his knees and pulled down his boxers, droplets of sweat rolled down the smooth buttocks and rough ridges; a sweet, musky scent exuded from between them. His forced restraint gave way and his hips lunged forward onto her buttocks. He stabbed with his manliness into the warmth he knew was between the shadows of the rough, fleshy ridges.

It was warmer, tighter, more satisfying than he could have imagined. Slick, humid, tense yet facile, tough as leather but smooth as silk. Her wide buttocks and thighs were full of powerful muscles flexing, coaxing, pulling at his penis. His manhood flushed and throbbed with vigor as it explored her depths. He gripped her wide, toned hips with both hands and shoved himself in and out. Something else began to flow down the back of her broad thighs besides sweat. She moaned softly, sonorously as her butt pounded against his groin and their thighs thrummed in response. He groaned and growled and bellowed, slapping the sides of her buttocks, feeling the moisture rolling down. Her breasts swung back and forth, the wide, heavy nipples drooping deeply from her chest, resounding against each other with a fleshy thud, thud, thud each time their hips thrust back and forth. Her pigtails bobbed up and down; she felt her mouth go dry and her forehead and legs wetten with perspiration. In a paroxysm of passion, Aestu reached around her back and felt her man’s scrotum, bending and unbending her fingers around it, admiring its hairy, fleshy texture, the throbbing of the balls within. He in turn let go of her hips and instead gripped his palms around her long crest-like horns, gripped them firmly and used them as leverage to pump her in and out.

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Finally she felt a single hard lurch; the balls throbbed sharply back and forth for a moment, and she felt her man pull out and the cool night air on her wide-parted orifice, then a warm, coarse fluid drop in viscous abundance onto her butt. Sharizon looked down and admired his manly work – white manhood on glistening blue skin. He growled a laugh, grabbed his own still-engorged penis and thudded it against her labia a few times. Aestu’s labia throbbed each time and he revelled. She was still slowly winding her fingers around his scrotum.

Aestu remained prone with Sharizon kneeling over her for a few moments, gasping. Finally, she cooed, “Now let me drive…”

She rose to her full height and playfully knocked him onto his back. She threw one double-kneed leg over him and straddled him for a moment, looking down at him. For a moment, Sharizon took in the view of her parted labia and broad, round breasts perking down from her chest, then Aestu grinned, her white fangs reflecting the dim gas light. Her tail swung rapidly from side to side, a swift glint of fleshy blue tones. With a single sharp gesture, she reached under her, grabbed her fist around his penis, and pushing down with both hooves and hips thrust it deep within her. She adjusted her posture slightly, laying her buttocks flat on his hips, and began to thrust up and down, gasping and grunting, bumping up and down, her curvy butt resounding against his built thighs.

“Urgh…urgh…urgh..urgh…” Sharizon made out through gritted teeth. Aestu responded to his grunts of overwhelming pleasure by laying her hands on his pecs and pushing up and down harder. He thrust his arms across hers, onto her hips, and began to force her hips up and down onto his penis even as she pushed up and down, balancing on his chest. She then let go and moved her hands to the ground behind, pushing her chest forward. Sharizon watched as her wide, blue, pepperoni-nippled breasts bounced and heaved up and down, like meaty balloons. He gripped one and was awed by its firm, ripe texture.

“Uhhhh! Uhn..uhn…uhnn…” They both looked down as a font of white viscousness formed around their union and dripped out and down from Aestu’s orifice. She picked herself up and reached down, running her fingers along its meaty ridges…delicately scooped up a bit of the manly goo between middle and ring finger..brought it up to her sensuous blue lips…and tasted it. It wasn’t what she expected…but it wasn’t bad either. She took another taste, then slowly rolled off Sharizon.

He watched her as she sat, bowed to one side, still breathing hard. “Draenei aren’t such bad drivers after all, huh?”

“Heh….” she laughed throatily.

My turn. He pushed her back down so this time, Aestu was on her back. This time he was all business. He drew her legs apart wide; her hooves were high in the air, suspended at an obtuse angle by her double knees. He gripped his penis with one hand and her butt with the other and thrust himself in hard, elicting a sharp grunt from the goatchick. Back and forth he went, driving himself in and out, as Aestu lay on her back, eyes half closed, feeling the warm mass throb in and out of her. Finally she heard a loud growl and propped herself up to watch the show. A fountain of whiteness poured onto her; droplets landed on her breasts and shoulders. A few struck her cheeks, and one her forehand. She dabbed it off and laughed slightly.

Sharizon was satisfied, and knew better to stay longer than he needed to. He rolled to one side and grabbed his boxers off the ground. He smirked at his erstwhile lover, “Peace!”, made an obscene gesture and strutted down the stairs and out the door. It was now early morning in Ironforge.

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Aestu was left alone, naked, in the cold abandoned room. Her yearning, too, had been satisfied – but perhaps also excited. She rolled onto her back, still dreamy, and rubbed her still-moist orifice a few times, before standing up and putting on her thong and bra. Looking around the abandoned domicile she caught sight of a dresser, and was relieved to find rough brown linen shirts and pants – sized for a dwarf. On her frame they covered nothing below her breasts or upper thigh – like short shorts – but it was still early morning, and she felt rather…pleased with her body. She walked out, enjoying the cool air as she strolled at a leisurely pace back to the inn. Once there, she washed herself down with hot, soapy lather, carefully sponged off the dried manhood and the musky smells of man-sweat and sex, and went to bed.

Aestu preferred to sleep au naturale. She chucked the dwarf linens into the refuse, stripped off her bra and thong and threw them into the laundry – let the maid worry about that, wonder who was the lucky man – and settled herself under the heavy Dwarven quilt, cupping her left breast lightly as she fell into a deep, satisfied slumber, wearing only a cute smile.

The next day it was business as usual: the two paladins argued with each other about every detail of strategy, execution, and whose turn it was to unpack feasts. Their arguments were as fierce and uncivil as ever, but there was always that glint of recognition when they turned their gaze on each other, and remembered each other’s bodies so well…

“…over there.” Aestu’s hooves clicked and clacked as she paced back and forth upon the marble tiles of the great hall of the ruined Titan city, demonstrating through pantomime and pedantic lecture her battle plan to the motley crew she had assembled, in the most ad hoc manner possible.

Her surprisingly delicate blue hands snapped open the clasp of her toolbox, withdrawing a dusty, egg-sized capsule sealed with duck tape. She rotated top against bottom and pitched the explosive device overhand. The capsule ignited in mid-air, leaving behind a smoky purple trail, coming to rest a good thirty meters into the room. Somehow, the flare’s brilliant plume, sparkling and hissing went unnoticed by the three massive Titan constructs loitering in the rear of the hall.

“…where that flare is. You’ll position the tall one there. Focus your attacks on him first. Now, as to the short guy – Ooooch!”

A sharp tug on her tail elicited a squawk from the squidgoat paladin. As quickly as this heinous coup was perpetrated was the hand withdrawn, but the clammy sensation remained. Aestu spun on her hoof to face the nearest suspect – that is to say, the nearest rogue – an olive, raven-haired human female whose sharp dark eyes were concealed behind a pair of goggles. Her mischievous smile, unfortunately, wasn’t.

“You…you! That’s a form of abuse! S-stop!”

“Wasn’t me, Aestu.”

Aestu’s thin blue lips and round cheeks formed into a miffed frown and she turned away, back to her pedantry. “So, you, warrior, when I say to taunt, you – Eeek!”

Again – a lusty tug to the fleshy blue tail that lay atop the broad curves of her posterior. Again the beguiled squidgoat whipped around and found herself once more face-to-face with the human female. The one that could backstab a ten-ton brain without batting an eye, but was now struggling to maintain a straight face, quivering with nervous laughter, helpless amusement tempered by pity.

“No more! Leave be! The tail is not for you!” When Aestu’s temper flared, her heavily accented Common broke down further into the lyric staccato of Draenic.

“Aestu…it’s not me…I’m sorry…I’m really sorry…” The human female’s midsection quivered with laughter and anxiety. Really, the rogue would’ve been less anxious if she actually did commit the heinous violation.

Aestu studied the human for a moment. Controlled her anger and made a decision to let it go. Her impetuousness was…not characteristic of her people, but there’s some deviation in every race, after all. She turned back again, the clammy sensation remaining on her tail, which now warily, involuntarily, twitched back and forth.

Reaching into her billowy tabard, Aestu withdrew a small gold, red and green enameled box. The “secret” of another paladin she had met here. She discretely withdrew a single leaf and placed it in her mouth, pressing it between her small grey tongue and one of her molars. Of course now that the blood of the sindorei no longer flowed through her veins, it had no narcotic effect – but the habit was somehow cathartic. Hastily, the squidgoat swallowed the thistle, guiding it into her rumen.

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Aestu and Sharizon – Sex Stories

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