After joining my parents aunt and cousin and his wife sexually on Thanksgiving, we seek others to join us

After joining my parents aunt and cousin and his wife sexually on Thanksgiving, we seek others to join us

After my incredible discovery; finding out at
Thanksgiving that my parents were having sex with my
aunt and dad’s cousin and his wife and them including me
– after my horrible divorce – in their fun times, life
couldn’t be any better.

My parents Bob and Sharon 71 and 68 my aunt Doris 66, my
cousin Frank 67 and his wife Sue 64 have been getting
naked and having all kinds of wonderful sex about 3
nights a week in all different combos and since our
first encounter on Thanksgiving. We were all at Frank
and Sue’s house about a week before Christmas naked as
usual. I just got finish fucking my Aunt Doris in her
ass and was relaxing on the couch as my mom licked her
ass clean of my cum. Dad was fucking Sue’s ass on the
couch next to me and I was playfully reaching and
pulling on Sue’s nipples and dad pumped her ass with his

Frank was on his laptop computer and he came over to me
with his cam on and on the other end was a lady named
Pattie he was chatting with totally nude. Pattie was in
her 50ties very chubby and cute had huge tits and from
what I could see an ass very similar to my moms, big
juicy, kissable and fuckable. Frank had been chatting
with her for a while and had been trying to get her to
join our group.

You could hear Pattie’s voice from the computer. She
tells me that Frank told her that I just fucked my aunts
ass and I told her yes. Meanwhile Frank’s cock is hard
as a rock next to me and I couldn’t help but notice it.
Frank then asked Pattie if she wanted to see me suck his
cock. Pattie said that she would love to. So I leaned
over and started sucking Frank’s nice 6 1/2 inch cut
cock on the cam for Pattie. My mom hears what’s going on
and comes over and joins me on Franks cock. Pattie is
cheering us on from the cam as she was fingering her

Frank’s cock is now throbbing and mom asks him to fuck
her ass. Pattie yells from the cam that she loves ass
fucking so Frank’s mounts my mom’s ass from behind in
clear view for Pattie to see and starts to fuck her ass
slowly. On the other side of the room my dad has
unloaded in Sue’s ass and my Aunt is licking her
brothers cum from her ass and the cum dripping down her
leg also.

I duck under the front of mom and start to lick her
pussy and Franks balls and he fucks her ass. Within
about 3 minutes Frank explodes his cum into moms ass
with some of it falling onto my face from underneath,
with Pattie cheering and cumming herself on the cam
watching all of this. As we cuddled on the couch Frank
tells us that Pattie will be joining us for Christmas.

We all are happy she will be joining us. Also joining us
for the first time will be a couple that Aunt Doris met
from her bowling league, She has had several 3somes with
them and they are both in their early 60ties. And lastly
a guy from work, a retired widower who works part time,
Paul who is 69, will be coming to. Paul and I have been
working about 4 years together and about a year after we
met while I was still married, we would meet
occasionally and jerk and suck each other cock while
watching porn. When I told him about what me and my
family have been doing he was more than willing to join

So the Christmas weekend was all set, there would be 10
of us total at our house. 5 cocks and 5 pussies ready
and raring to go when we meet on Christmas Eve.

The night before Christmas Eve Frank and Sue slept over
at our house. Mom declared that there would be no
playing before tomorrow. W e all laughed at her. That
night I slept with mom and Frank with mom in the middle
and dad slept in the middle on the other bed with Sue
and Aunt Doris on the sides of him. Our guests should be
arriving about 10 am the next morning. The 6 of us get
up the next morning and shower and get all clean for our

Mom comes out of the room with a big chart with all 10
names on it. On the top of the chart it say “CUM
SCORES”. and there are boxes next to our names. I see
that the couple Aunt Doris has invited are named George
and Nancy. I asked mom what are the boxes next to our
names for. She tells me it’s to write where you came and
who made you cum. She’s so creative.

The first to arrive is Paul, he lives the closest to.
Everyone welcomes him and makes him feel at home. I tell
everyone about Paul’s uncut cock as we chat which I
could see how everyone was excited over that. Then the
doorbell rings and its Pattie with George and Nancy.

Now we all saw Pattie on the cam, but in person she was
incredible. A body similar to my mom’s with bigger tits
and a smaller ass. You could see she had no bra on as
her nipples perked through her shirt. George was tall
like Frank about 6ft 2 salt and pepper hair and his wife
Nancy reminded me off a younger version of my cousin Sue
with wider hips and smaller tits.

So my mom gets in the middle of the room and welcomes
our new guest and then proceeds to explain how the cum
chart works. Aunt Doris is between her couple George and
Nancy, I’m standing with Paul and Sue, Pattie is next to
my dad and Frank. So after mom has explained the cum
chart, Aunt Doris asks out loud, “Who wants to be the
first to cum?”

An outburst of laughter fills the room. Sue, being so
anxious to see and uncut cock, breaks the ice by pulling
Paul’s pant down in front of everyone and starts sucking
on it.

I take my cock out as Paul sits on the couch to let Sue
blow him and feed my cock to Paul. I look over and see
Aunt Doris sucking on George’s cock, which was about 7
inches, and Nancy starts eating Aunt Doris’ pussy. Dad
comes over and helps Sue out on Paul’s uncut cock, and
on the other side of the room Frank is fucking his “cam
pal” Pattie in the ass as my mom is feeding her her
hairy pussy.

So who will be the first to cum? The several times I was
with Paul I discovered what a great cocksucker he was so
guess who was first? Me! As I came I pulled my cock from
Paul’s mouth and shot a huge load onto my dad and Sue’s
faces and Paul’s cock as they were still sucking him
together. Paul lets out a huge moan as he see my cum on
his cock and he explodes a smaller load onto dad and Sue
and the two of them just gobble up all the jism they

I go over to the cum chart mark in under my name that
Paul made me cum and that it landed on dad, Sue and
Paul. I also fill in the box on Paul’s name that his cum
landed on dad and Sue and they made him cum. God this is
going to be a fun Christmas weekend. On the other sides
of the room George came on Aunt Doris and Aunt Doris
pussy exploded onto Nancy’s face. Frank unloaded into
Patties ass as mom, which she loves more than anything
in the world, cleans up the cum out of Pattie’s ass.

Needless to say it was a 2 and a half days of lust and
pleasure and cumming. Just glancing at the cum chart
there were many hot scenes of cum that were mind
blowing. Here are the hottest cums recorded my name.

Under George’s name he wrote “came on my wife Nancy’s
face after pulling my cock out of Paul’s ass. Under
Nancy’s name she wrote “came as Bob Jr. (me) and his mom
ate Bob’s Sr’s cum out of me… Under Pattie she wrote
“came on Doris face watching Bob Jr. fuck his moms
ass… Under Paul’s name he wrote “came in Franks mouth
and every drop was swallowed as I was eating out Nancy’s

Frank wrote “came on George’s chest as my wife and
Sharon (my mom) sucked and jerked my cock”. Sue wrote
“came on Bob Jr’s face as he ate me out while I ate
Patties pussy out” Aunt Doris wrote “came on my sister
in laws face as she ate her sons cum out of me”

My dad wrote “came in Georges ass as I reached and
finger fucked his wife” One of mom’s cum said “came on
Sue’s face as Paul fucked my ass with his uncut cock”. .
and finally one of the hotter ones I wrote on the chart
was “came in Patties ass as sucked dad’s cock and jerked
Franks at the same time, with the help of mom and Sue
keeping my cock in her ass”…

Needless to say we had a very MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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After joining my parents aunt and cousin and his wife sexually on Thanksgiving, we seek others to join us