After losing her innocence she lost her pride and dignity – Innocence Girl Part 1

After losing her innocence she lost her pride and dignity – Innocence Girl Part 1

Next morning was not usual as we were not having anything to prepare ourselves for, so we woke up late as I was yawning and stretching myself after a long peaceful sleep I saw Aliya was coming towards me in a hurried pace as if she was being followed by someone, before I asked her anything she directly asked me to come aside so that we could talk, I was not so surprised as earlier I was teasing her about the incident at store, so I guessed she would enquired about the extent of my information on the events of the night before or may request me not to reveal the secret to anyone else, but instead she asked me if I liked what I saw last night.

I was perplexed over the enquiry and stared at her for asking this unusual question as I was about to cross question her she said she know that I was watching her and it was all intended. This time I was shocked by her boldness and revelation, and out of no where I exclaimed what! I mean you know I was watching you still you did all those things just to put up a show before me? I mean why? Didn’t you scared if I go and told anyone about it? She said, that was her worry but after dinner we understood that I would not told the event to anyone, wait a minute we what did you mean by ‘we’?

Another moment of surprise did Zuhair also know? I asked out of curiosity, She moved her head in affirmation, now I was really curious and surprised both at once to know the reason why they did it while knowing that they were being watched was it some kind of bet or dare or anything or they were under some kind of exertion I really wanted to know, I asked Aliya to told me everything about it only then I would conceal the fact from becoming the family scandal.

It was not my idea to exhibit our love making to anyone particularly to you or anyone else particularly to any of the family member but Zuhair had other plans only he knows the real reason but he said it would add thrill and excite him to the core if someone was watching while he had his sexual onslaught. I also not really love him but forced to act according to his will as he had my numerous photos and videos in a very compromising postures and state.

Now the fact really shocked me and I instantly asked her if he blackmailed you to do what you did? She started crying instead of replying me and said please listen I would not like to involve you in to any of this but as you are aware of my state now I had been asked to enquire about your opinion about what you had witnessed last night.

Now it is my time to get surprised as not only Zuhair knows but also asked my opinion about it. I replied puzzled what! He wants to know whether I like the show you two had put before me yesterday or not, but why? didn’t he think I might go to the elders and told them whatever I saw and make him guilty before everyone. She said he was aware of the possibility also very much scared about your reaction but when Nashra told him about what she saw you two were doing inside the trunk he was confident you would not tell that to anyone but instead he want you to join him in his games of pleasure else you would consider the consequences of the fact if he revealed what we did in the trunk to which he present Nashra as witness and later if I told everyone about them no one would believe me as I didn’t have any proof instead everyone would think that in order to deny the fact revealed by him about me and Sufian, I am putting a false blame on him.

I was shocked and literally hold my head with both of my hands in sheer disbelief that he was smart more then I expected, not only he would defame me with Nashra as a witness but also prove himself innocent if it was true what I just heard from Aliya.

As I was lost in my thoughts and the consequences I had to face after the possible revelation I was brought back by Aliya’s hand caressing my shoulder in a sympathetic manner, she said she could understand what I was going through with, as she had faced this before when she was first forced and blackmailed by Zuhair against the photos he had taken last year while she was bathing and advised me not to be alone anytime as now he would do the same to me what he had done to her, with that she left with a face of resentment and pity she had on me.

The morning brought a real surprise which not only would shatter my freedom but also left me on the mercy of a boy who was sex starved and would surely use me for his pleasure in the upcoming future if I had not find a permanent solution to this creepiest problem of my life.

Whole day was spent while assessing the facts and reasoning for the amount of destruction it would caused if I let Zuhair told everyone what had happened instead of accepting his terms while following the advice of Aliya not to be alone, after a long assessment finally, I conclude it was better to talk to him and tried to manipulate him to my side and left the whole issue without any further discussion. With a firm determination in mind I asked him to meet me at the store after lunch when everyone else were in their room for taking a short nap, which was a usual habit of the people here in India, to which he instantly agreed and said he would look forward to it.

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You look stressed what’s the matter Bushra asked while eating lunch besides me at the dining table to which I simply looked in her direction and move my head in negation to shut up her further quarry while thinking over the meeting with Zuhair I was worried about how was I going to make him understand about leaving all this shit and forgot what happened at the store what was I going to say to him I was lost in my thoughts.

Suddenly someone tap my shoulder from behind when I turned around it was Amir who wanted to know if I would like to play Ludo with them after lunch or not, I said no I want to take rest as I hadn’t slept well last night. He said okay as you wish and left to count for others.

Half an hour later when everyone was either in the room for taking nap or in hall to play Ludo I silently walked towards the store, the door of the store was closed but not locked I went in and closed the door leaving a space ajar it was dimly lit through the light coming from the exhaust window at the top suddenly I recalled the incidence it was the same place where they started doing all those things where I was standing then.

I felt a chilling sensation just by remembering what was happened and if it is possible to look inside the trunk from this place I tried but it was vein as the hole was too short and the brightness is also not sufficient, it was then I heard the rumbling of the knob at the door and as I turned back he was there with a grin on his face.

He quickly came in and closed the door completely as he did on a previous night. I was trembling with fear and excitement first he was much elder then me second I had this problem of nervousness in such critical situations for a moment I thought I would have taken some assistance with me while dealing with this but what would I do then I had already made my decision and standing before him to negotiate on the matter.

I was searching for words to express my concern and was about to say something when he came forward and caught my arm and said it was a wise decision to come and enjoy with me as I had a lust for you since I saw you at the Amir’s birthday party last year, I was surprised and before I react he hugged me and started caressing my back I was completely taken aback by his quick move and in a reflex push him away.

He was faster than my assessment before I got carried away, I replied boldly, listen I came here to talk not for this okay I am not Aliya and I would not submit before you so easily, what was I talking I didn’t know the way he was staring at me I got really afraid.

To gain some control back I said, I would shout and told everyone what you did now and the previous night and for that Aliya would be my witness, with all my strength to show my boldness I step forward towards him with a pointed finger to dominate over him so that he would back off instead he came forward and caught my hand and twisted my wrist to my back all of a sudden I pushed forward towards him as he hold my wrist at my back with his right hand and with his left hand he caught my cheeks and forcefully pressed his lips on mine.

I was shocked by his move and my eyes went wide as I was not prepared for his move and the pain caused by his tight grip on my wrist. I struggled to retrieve my freedom but he sensed it and pushed me back towards almirah and within a moment I was leaning at the almirah while my right hand was twisted around my back and my lips were locked with his in a forceful kiss I was struggling to get free and with my right leg I hit him right in the middle of his leg he groaned and left my hand immediately to hold his groin and back off.

While wincing in pain he said “Sali Randi maarti hai tujhe to main nahi chodonga” (you hit me whore, I would not leave you) I startled and ran towards the door he said don’t you dare to go away like this otherwise I promise your reputation would be destroyed for sure, I halted at the door with one plank open and one closed I was wondering what should I do if I leave he would go and tell about everything and if I stayed I would not be able to keep him away longer first he was way stronger then me second I might got carried away from the way he would touched me as he had touched Aliya.

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As I was assessing my situation he got recovered and came behind me caught my shoulders and drag me in the store I resigned and let him dragged me to the corner he once again closed the door and stand before me with a devilish grin I asked him in a very serious tone what did he want, he said just a small favor to which I replied I am not that type of girl you understand I would not do what Aliya did. He said I would not asked you anything yet, I just wanted to have a feel of your body as I had a huge fantasy for you as I had told you earlier so either you agreed on my terms or you could walk away but don’t forgot what I said about the consequences. Now the choice is yours.

I was really having a very hard time and regretting over my decision of coming here for a talk, now I had to choose before someone came while searching for any of us after considering his threat and consequences of the discovery of our little secret I resigned to my fate and hung my head down he sensed my judgement and came forward to hold me from my waist.

I was wearing knee length skirt with top having zipper at front, he raised my chin and this time kissed me slowly I didn’t respond to it while he was caressing my naval over my top I was standing leaning against the wall with hands aside like a statue his hands moved to my waist and he caught the zipper of my skirt at the side and started sliding it down with in a moment it got loose enough to fall on its own and pooled around my ankles he brought his left hand over my mound and caught my pussy over the fabric of the panty and started massaging it, with his right hand he caught the zipper of my top and started sliding it down revealing my boobs covered in shameez (a cotton vest wore by Indian girls under the top or t-shirt or shirt) as I didn’t wear bra at home my nipples were poking out of my shameez which immediately caught his attention and in a moment my top was undone and he slide it down from my shoulders to be joined with my skirt at my feet.

He was holding my right boob in his hand while massaging my pussy over my panty I was lost and had a strong guilt swept over me and started crying silently while he was having his time with me he has removed my shameez by now and mauling my breast one at time while licking my nipples which was erect and hard like eraser my nipples are not long as Aliya and my boobs are also smaller then her but I have more perky boobs then her she has a little sag due to the heaviness in her breast while I was having a small perky boobs which stands straight without any support for which I immediately got compliment from my invader.

As I was silently waiting for the end of this torment he got hold of the waistband of my panty and anticipating his move I tightly shut my eyes to avoid self shame as he started sliding it down and within a moment it pass through my knees to pool around my ankles with the rest of my cloths, there I was standing completely naked and a boy who was a cousin of my best friend taking advantage on me violating my pride and playing with my tender body which started replying to his advances despite of the guilt and sorrow my body started responding towards his touches to which I was afraid earlier as I know I would got carried away if he take me to this point of no return.

As he was sucking my nipples alternatively and massaging my bare pussy lips which was by then covered and glistening by my own juices I moaned and my hands went automatically to his back holding him tight against me as if not to let him away from what he was doing I was on a verge of my building orgasm.

Suddenly he separated away and I got frustrated by his sudden leave and open eyes to see what happened it was then I got a shock of my life I saw Aliya standing behind Zuhair with a phone recording us , I stared in disbelief and about to protest but shunned by Zuhair closing my mouth with his hands as he whispered in to ears dear you would be my whore from now on and would do as I asked otherwise you know that now I had a video which would told itself what you had done here was your will and happened with your consent, as it was made from where you accepted my proposal which would show no sign of protest from your side so now my dear Rimsha kneel down and take out my dick and show me how you suck it.

I was started crying severally by then and held my head in sheer disbelief that what had I done to myself why had I came here what was my fault? I was staring at the ground as he came close and opened his zip taken out his dick which was now fully erect and pulsating in his hands he slapped my cheeks with it and ordered me to open my mouth and suck it before he changed his mind I stared at his face and with a pleading look ask him to have mercy at me he sensed that and said you would like it later babe now show me how you suck it.

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I had never sucked dick before in my life but had seen in a movie, I hesitantly opened my mouth and take the head of his dick inside, I felt like puking there and then but I licked it with my tongue and started taking his length inside out observing my lips round around the skin of his dick he caught me by my hairs and forcefully showed his dick deep inside my throat I gagged and coughed but he remained thrusting his dick inside my mouth but little slower this time.

Aliya was recording us and I looked in her direction, she had sad face as if telling me she was doing it unwillingly, I looked back at Zuhair he had a huge grin on his face then on the dick which was wrapped around my soft lips moving in a slow rhythm suddenly he got tensed around his waist and pull out his dick and before I got a chance to realize what was happening he shoot his warm sticky cum on my face and boobs, I was stunned and felt like vomiting then and there, Aliya sensed what I had felt and came to wipe off that sticky liquid with her stole as she was done.

I retorted back at Zuhair for what he had done, he calmly said it was just the beginning dear I had much in store for you later, but for now go before someone came here to see you in your naked glory by the way you have a very firm and perky boobs as I had imagined, later I would enjoy your pussy which was dying for attention as now shining with your juice and inviting me to take a good care of it but no problem I would caressed your bottom lips later, for now move away before someone caught you like this and then don’t blame me if the person take advantage of your vulnerability.

He had gone while zipping up his pants and left me and Aliya consoling each other after what I was been through and she was made to do against her will..

The day had changed my relationship with Aliya and would lead towards further degradation waiting for us in the upcoming days. We had moved to the guest room after arranging my cloths and Aliya stayed besides me for the rest of the day to console me and to show some sympathy and I was wondering what would come next after what happened today and just by considering what possible torture was stored for us I got shivered and caught fever which would prevent me from the upcoming onslaught for some time.

A sacrifice was made but is that enough!

‘You need to go back as early as possible’, suggested Aliya in a consoling manner. It is clear that Zuhair has determined to degrade you further, “Are you even listening?” She said irritatingly. I was lost in my own thoughts and the memories of the recent events, I shake my head in affirmation in response and asked her instead, what do you think he would do, when and where as per the circumstances we are here for another three days, and if I consider your advice what would I say to everyone else why am I leaving early?

She remained silent for a while suddenly came up with a possible solution, she said you could pretend that you are sick and need to go back to concern your family doctor, to which I replied yes and they would let me go are you really that dumb? I mean they would call the local doctor in that case and our lie would have been easily caught. Bad idea think of something else.

While we were assessing our options to get away from the place or from Zuhair I heard a call from Bushra she was shouting my name I excused Aliya to discuss our issue later or she would kept calling me like that and would assemble the whole village here in my search. I went out of the store to answer my best friend but before I could utter a word she fired a series of question at me where were you? What were you doing? Why were you not there with others in the hall? And the one which startled me at once “what the hell was wrong with you? had you not look yourself in mirror for ages?

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After losing her innocence she lost her pride and dignity – Innocence Girl Part 1

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