Amber drugs her step-sister and her boyfriend Chapter 1

Amber drugs her step-sister and her boyfriend Chapter 1

Becca stood up straight and turned her back to her. Madison looked on impatiently, trying not to stare at her ass, barely hidden in the little skirt. She couldn’t help wondering if she could pull off that look, and she thought she could… Focus, focus!

“Okay, I have a… tiny confession…” she turned on the computer monitor sitting on the desk and tilted her body back to Madison. “There might have been a- um… little something extra in your drink…”

Oh crap… Madison leaned her head forward, her hands pulling against the back of the chair again. “What…?”

“Don’t spaz out or anything.” Becca sat down on her knees, her hands resting on her thighs. “It won’t hurt you. It just, like, chills you out- you know?” She looked up at Madison in the chair, trying to be cheerful and innocent.

What is she gonna do to me? Where’s Tyler? “Why?” sighed.

Becca almost blushed. “Come on Madison. You’re too cute. I mean… When Amber suggested this little plan…”

What plan?” Madison managed to interject.

“Well… I get to spend some time with you. I couldn’t resist… I always see you when I come over, and, well, your sister knows I notice. You know how, uh- sexually tuned she is… I mean,” she bit her lip and rolled her eyes to the side, “God, I can’t believe I’m stuttering around you…”

Jesus, what the fuck. She has a crush on me? I’m fucking straight! Get me out of this mess! “Ummm… So where’s my… boyfriend again?” she tried to sound serious with the emphasis and hoped not to tick Becca off.

“Okay, okay… Soooo… You want to see him? I mean, I guess I have to show you… It was part of the deal,” she drummed her fingers on her skin as she rose back up to her feet. “Just… Try not to freak out, okay? I mean… Maybe you can’t anyway!”

*What* deal…

Becca moved to the keyboard and started running some program. Suddenly a window popped up… Madison tried to look around Becca to see what it was, but she intentionally kept in the way. “So, this might seem kinda twisted… So I’m sorry for that part, but… Um…”

She finally moved out of her view. Madison’s jaw dropped. It was some kind of video feed from a web cam. It wasn’t perfect picture quality, but it was pretty damn good. She vaguely recognized the room as her step-sister’s. The enormous bed with the hot violet silk sheets was the dead giveaway. The rest of the picture didn’t dawn on her right away. It was too ludicrous to believe. She went into instant denial.

Tyler was on the bed, wearing just his shorts. His arms were stretched above him, slung to the bars of the headboard with pink fuzzy handcuffs. He was blinking hard and rolling his head back and forth. Amber briefly walked across the view of the camera, still just wearing her black panties and halter top.

“See?” Becca chimed in, “He’s totally fine!”

Madison just stared for… she didn’t know how long. Finally, “What… What is he doing there… With her…?”

Becca was next to her now, trailing the tips of her fingers along her shoulders, down her arms. Madison tried to ignore it, but for some reason the ticklish touch sent electricity through her body. She felt her head buzzing again.

“I know… It’s kind of mean, isn’t it? At first I thought… No way would I do this! Your sister can be really… sadistic sometimes. But…” she sighed, “She knows what I like. You have no idea what she can do, Madison… And once she agreed to let me have some fun with you if I played along Well, how could I resist?”

Her hands were sliding down Madison’s sides now as she stood directly behind her. She squirmed in her seat. “B-Becca… Just- can you let me go? I mean… I’m not, um- that way… Okay? I just want to get Tyler and, umm… That’ll be it,” she was grasping for a solution, “Like it- like it never happened, okay?”

Becca’s fingers gingerly squeezed into Madion’s skin. “Umm… Sorry but- I don’t think so. I think that you’ll… um, warm up to me pretty soon…” The way she said it left Madison with the eerie feeling that she had something else up her sleeve, something she wasn’t fully telling her about.

“P-Please Becca…” she stammered.

“Shhh…” Suddenly Madison felt warm breath on her neck. She closed her eyes at the sensation, which sent way more tingles through her than it ever normally would… Then shot them back open when she felt a soft pair of lips press against her skin.

“I- I… I’ll scream…” she tried to warn, to reason… to anything…

Becca kissed her again, further up this time, along her jaw. “No you won’t… You can’t…”

Madison took a deep breath. Fuck this, if being nice won’t work… She let it all out to shriek as loud as possible. It only came out as a sappy sigh. A little hummm… escaped her lips. Oh shit… Why can’t I…

“Mmm- I told you… Just relax, it will feel good. You won’t be able to help feeling good…”

It can’t feel good. What the fuck is going on! She ignored the butterflies swirling in her stomach. It’s just nerves… I’m freaking out… That’s all… I just need to concentrate… She tried to tilt her head away from Becca and think. Her eyes narrowed on the computer screen.

“Oh… I guess I forgot the volume,” Becca mused. She walked back in front of Madison and reached over to the speakers, clicking them on. “This is gonna be like, a crazy show. I mean, you don’t have to pay attention to it… I’ll be perfectly happy if you, um- focus on other things…” Her smile showed a trace of devious confidence. She let her hands run along her legs to the hem of her skirt and playfully teased the cotton around her fingernails.

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Oh my god, oh my god, what the fuck… Becca took another step closer, and Madison couldn’t take her eyes off her. What is she gonna do to me… She felt lightheaded again, unable to concentrate. And then she heard Tyler’s voice through the computer. It was a little muffled, like the mic wasn’t close to him, but he was clearly audible…

“Come on Amber, just let me get up…”

And she heard the unmistakable sound of her step-sister’s cocky giggle.

“Oh don’t worry about that,” Amber grinned broadly. “I’m sure you’ll be up in no time!” She walked up close to the bed and began to run her fingers along the sheets, tracing them close to Tyler’s side, and down along near his leg, but not quite touching him.

“This isn’t… funny,” he tried to sound serious, but it came out a little drowsy and lazy.

“Oh it’s a little funny,” she purred back.

“No… Where’s Madison anyway?”

She was on the other side of the bed now, still dragging her figures around the outline of his body. “Who cares? She’s not here, obviously.”

“Uh- I care… She’s my girlfriend.”

“Don’t be such a worry. She’s perfectly fine… In fact, she’s probably still asleep in her room!” she rolled her eyes. “I know those drinks were a little strong, but at least you’re man enough to come out of it after a little while…”

“Well how about you uncuff me so I can go see for myself?”

“Mm… So feisty. You know that just makes it more fun, right?” Her fingers moved along his neck, and then she gently brought her index finger to his throat. She pulled along him up to his chin, causing him to tilt his head up from her touch.

Tyler tried to turn his head away, but she applied gentle pressure with her hand to force his gaze back into hers. “Besides,” she reasoned, “Don’t you know how many guys dream of something like this? You should feel honored…”

He attempted a scoff, but it just came out as a sigh. How the fuck did I get into this mess… The air against his skin was giving him little goosebumps, and the chills he felt run through his body felt like a tingling massage. He couldn’t figure out why his body felt so… sensitive.

“Well…” his tongue swirled in his mouth on the Ls, “I’m not really interested…”

Her mouth dropped open and she furrowed her brow, “Ah!” She let go of his chin and slapped his chest. “What a mean thing to say!”

The sudden jolt made his body jump against the bed. He immediately grimaced at being toyed with and pulled against the headboard again.

“Are you really trying to tell me… Out of all these pretty girls in the house, you’ve never thought about any of us besides Maaaadison?”

The corner of his lips curled up, “Is that so hard to believe?”

She narrowed her eyes, and for a minute he felt a small wave of triumph. But then in a flurry, she hopped onto the bed, wrapped her legs around him and straddled his stomach. Holy shi… He couldn’t even complete the thought; he was so startled by her movement and, even worse, the enormous rush of tingling shooting through his body from all the stimulation.

“You bad boy. You’re lying.” Her hands slid all the way up his chest, and he couldn’t help but raise his body up to meet the touch. His face began to flush hot by the time she rested her hands back on the sheets, above his shoulders. She leaned over him, her eyes inches from his. Her lips were slightly parted. He widened his eyes reflexively. Oh god…

“Admit it.”

He swallowed. “Admit… what…?”

She brought one hand behind his head and slid it underneath, digging her fingers into his hair. “Don’t play dumb. You think I didn’t notice how you were staring in the kitchen? It’s like you forgot my sister was even in the room.”

He stifled a sigh and tried to remain still. “Dunno what you’re talking about…”

She yanked his hair a little bit. “Liaaaaar,” she whispered. “I saw you drooling over Becca. I know she looks good in that skirt. Who do you think picked it out for her?”

Tyler flinched at the tug, but it felt weirdly good. How is that even possible… He tried not to picture Becca’s long, tone legs. Was I that obvious…?

“Hmmmm- you’re not denying it, Ty-ler,” she snaked her face up to the side of his head, pressing her lips right against his ear. “You don’t have to keep secrets from me. I won’t tell anyone… So tell me… Do you want to fuck her?”

Her hot breath tickled him as she whispered. Electricity shot down his spine as he tried to ignore her… and he couldn’t help but groan when she slipped her tongue along his earlobe. Christ that feels good…

“That almost sounds like a yes…” she brought her head back up and let her hair drag across his face as she moved to the other side. “Unfortunately,” she began to whisper along his other ear, “…you’re not really her type…” And she licked him again. “She doesn’t like… cock.” She clucked the word sharply next to him before she pulled her body back up, bringing her hands back onto his chest for support.

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Tyler was breathing heavier now; he couldn’t even keep his mouth closed. His tongue felt dry as hell, and he was desperately trying not to get hard. So far he had been under control thanks to the awkwardness of the situation and his delirium from waking up… But now he was increasingly aware of the half-naked body on top of him, and how every single physical touch seemed to feel twice as sensitive as normal.

“Which is too bad really,” she reasoned, practically to herself. She was sitting straight up now, and Tyler couldn’t help let his eyes wander along her stomach, up to her cleavage… “I mean, why limit yourself to just one sex?” She scooted her body up his chest, bringing her knees up to his neck. “But at least still get to play with her.” His eyes rest on her panties, and he read the words ‘Please Me’

 written along the thin fabric. He couldn’t help imagining Amber guiding Becca between those legs…

God damnit… There was no stopping his increasing erection now. It was only a matter of time before she noticed. What can I even say? This is so fucked up!

As if reading his mind, she taunted, “You’re not being very vocal anymore. What’s wro-ooong?” She leaned back, stretching her taut stomach, and brought and arm behind her to keep her balance. She gripped his leg and he jumped at the touch, causing her to bounce lightly on top of him. “Oh!” she giggled and slid her hips back down to his stomach.

“A little jumpy, aren’t we? What’s got you so… on edge?” She slowly turned her head to the side, knowingly spying behind her. “You’re not getting… turned on, are you? Ty-ler!” She dismounted off of him and got onto her knees on the bed, right up by his side. She pretended a shocked look, dragging her eyes back and forth between the tent in his shorts and his blushing face. “Are you trying to make me jealous? Getting all excited over my friend? Where are your manners!”

He cringed his eyes shut. I’m never gonna live this down… “Come on Amber… You’ve had your fun. Just let me out of this.”

“Had my fun, huh? I haven’t had any fun yet! But it sounds like…” she paused to think, “according to you… I’m allowed to keep you here until I’ve had my fun…”

“That’s- That’s not what I meant and you…”

She cut him off, “Ah ah ah… By your own admission, you’re stuck until I’ve had my fu-uuun.”

Madison was finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate. She couldn’t help but watch everything transpiring on the monitor. Seeing her boyfriend squirm against the bed. Watching her step-sister get on top of him, wondering what she was whispering into his ear. She was happy that he was trying to resist her, not just giving in… But he’s getting hard. She knows it too… This is no fair…

For a little while, once the video feed started, Becca was quieter as well. She just stood behind Madison, leaning slightly on the chair, her hands resting on Madison’s shoulders. She gently squeezed from time to time, or ran her palms down the sides of her arms and back up. Madison tried to ignore it, to show no reaction whatsoever. What worried her the most was that it felt… heavenly. It was like running the smoothest silk along her skin, and the feelings rippled down into her chest, down to her stomach. It makes no sense. What drug did they make me take… What’s happening to me…?

“You know, if it makes you feel any better… This makes me jealous too,” Becca finally broke the silence.

“Huh…” she replied noncommittally.

“I mean, it’s not like a secret that I’m kinda with Amber. I know it’s not totally exclusive… She says why waste all your time on one person… It’s cool, I guess, but still… I’m not thrilled to watch it or anything.”

What kind of twisted game is this? “Okay… So why don’t you untie me, and we can go stop it?”

Becca squeezed her shoulders again and this time ran her fingers down Madison’s chest, reaching down to her cleavage in the bikini top. “You know that’s not gonna happen… Besides, I told you earlier, we get to have our own fun. Fair is fair!” she suddenly sounded very upbeat.

Madison’s eyes dropped down to watch Becca’s hands move along her body. Part of her wanted to squirm and get away, but her reflexes instinctively pushed forward. Becca made a pleasing ‘Mmm…’ at the encouragement and allowed her palms to slide onto her breasts.

“God!” Madison whispered against her will. She practically shuddered at the touch. It felt like she was being tickled, massaged, and blown on all at the same time. And it felt good. What the hell was *that*!

“Yeah… It’s amazing, isn’t it?” Becca whispered. She let her hands rest still for a few more moments, then began rubbing them in little circles, allowing her thumbs to dip beneath the material of the bikini.

Uhnn…” Madison’s eyes fluttered closed.

“Amber gave me this stuff before too… Oh my god it was incredible. I mean… I wasn’t quite, um- tied up like this, but… I probably should have been. I was just thrashing all over the place. You wouldn’t believe it, Madison… That’s why I knew… Well, once you had it… You’d like this… Despite everything…” she leaned down and kissed the back of her neck.

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Fuck!! “S-s-stop!” she stuttered. “Becca, I- I…”

She opened her lips against her skin and let her tongue drag down the length of her shoulder. Once she reached the strap of her bikini, she gently pushed it away and let it slide down her arm. “Don’t fight it… God I’ve been looking forward to doing this to you…”

Madison wriggled in the seat, not so much to try and escape, but because the new sensations wouldn’t let her sit still. She shook her head, taking in a deep breath, and tried to get a hold of herself. It’s just a drug… I can get over this- just have to concentrate… I know, think about Tyler! She refocused her vision on the monitor. This would definitely get her pissed. If I’m angry, I’m in control.

Her step-sister was clearly lying on the bed next to her boyfriend, one of her legs draped over his, her arm languidly stroking up and down his chest and stomach. She was shocked to see the straining in his shorts. He was grimacing in… discomfort? Arousal? She clenched her jaw every time Amber’s fingers traced near his pelvis; his hips rose off the bed just a little bit each time. “Guhh!” she cried out.

Becca pushed her hand down over her now-exposed breast and lightly raked her nails back up, grazing her nipple. Goosebumps rolled over her skin and she actually tried to squeeze her legs together, like she was… Oh my god, don’t think like that. Don’t think like that…

“So now that you’re finally being honest,” Amber teased coyly, “and we’ve established that you’re into blondes… My next question is… Would you ever go for a brunette?”

Tyler had basically given up trying to reason with her, or try to have any scathing comebacks. It was obvious he was stuck… And it was even more obvious he was getting more and more turned on. The bitch… She just kept teasing and taunting him. He didn’t know where she was planning to take this, and he was starting not to care. His cock was straining uncomfortably in his shorts, his skin was on fire with need every time she touched him… He didn’t even know how to react to this kind of ‘torture’.

“Come on… You know it’s more fun when you answer me. It feels goooood to answer me. And you want me to have my fun, right?”

Why even bother resisting… “Yeah- whatever…”

She pouted. “Just whatever? You know… The way you were looking at me when we were at the pool… I kinda sorta thought it was more than whatever.

God here it fuckin’ comes.

“I mean, is it just ’cause you’re a boy? And boys will drool over any girl showing a little skin?” She made a show of sighing and rested her head on his chest. This allowed her arm to reach past his pelvis and down to his thigh, where she absently scratched him. His leg quivered at the touch and his erection jumped again. He couldn’t see her face and what her expression was, but he figured it was that fucking smirk again. Her nails were pulling up the leg of his shorts and exposing more of his skin.

“I thought you were showing off for me, you know. Lying out in the sun like that, just waiting for me to show up. You had to know I was coming back. And when you went in the pool with my sis? I saw you looking at me. Were you pretending it was me in the water with you?” She tickled the sensitive part inside his thigh and he groaned again. “Cause I was thinkin’ it.”

Jesus mother fucking Christ… “Really…?” he grunted. Oh fuck, did I actually say that!?

Her head instantly shot up and turned to meet his stare. “Tyler! Was that interest I actually heard?” She crawled back up onto her knees and leaned over him, her hands pressed against his chest for balance. “Do you like that I was thinking about you?”

His head was swimming. “Uhh…” How do I get out of this…

“Too late!” she grinned. “You admitted it.” Her body was instantly straddling his again, and she towered over him triumphantly. “But Tyler… I have a little admission to make…” she bent her head down and roamed her eyes around, as if making sure they were alone, “…I already knew the answer.”

His face flushed hot again and he shut his eyes. God. Damn. It.

“The real question is… Who do you like better? Me or my baby sis?” Her hands were running through his hair playfully, and he couldn’t help but feel mocked. Yet his hardness wasn’t going anywhere. “I mean, I’m not blind. I know she’s cute.” The way she said it was so derisive. “But she’s just so boring. Don’t you want a little more spice?” Her ass pushed backwards and began to rub against his erection through the board shorts. He couldn’t swallow the huge sigh of desire in his throat.

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Amber drugs her step-sister and her boyfriend Chapter 1

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