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Amber drugs her step-sister and her boyfriend

Amber drugs her step-sister and her boyfriend

Madison turned to the side, straightened her back, pushed her chest out a little… He’ll like this, she thought to herself, he’ll have to… It wasn’t the skimpiest bikini in the world, but it showed off far more skin than she typically allowed. Not that she wasn’t good looking. Not even that she was modest. She knew she was pretty. Her boyfriend Tyler knew it too. Sure, she was no model, and yeah, she was much more conservative in her dress and attitude than most other college-bound girls… But not every good-looking female had to skimp around in next-to-nothing in a desperate plea for attention.

She put a white t-shirt over herself; it was flimsy enough that you could still see the faint blue outline of her top through it. Got to leave *something* to the imagination. Tyler would be over soon and she was excited to be ready for him. More nervous excitement than she was comfortable with, though. The problem was that she usually liked to go over to his place. He lived a normal life. But her boyfriend was dying to swim with her on this beautiful sunny day. And Madison was the one with the pool at her house.

Or mansion, as it would typically be called.

It wasn’t something she bragged about. In fact, it was something she preferred ignored. She didn’t grow up rich. Her mom raised her alone and worked relentlessly to provide a decent home for her. It wasn’t until Madison was in high school that her mother remarried. And she remarried big, as the neighbors would say. Her new stepfather was eminently successful and had no qualms about enjoying the luxuries in life.

Madison, however, was uncomfortable with any opulent display of wealth. She hadn’t grown up with it. Hadn’t ever really admired it. A daughter always admires her mother, and her mother worked for a living. Saved her money. So that’s where that ethic came from. In short, Madison was a reserved, quiet, normal girl who by happenstance came into money that she didn’t really care for. Sure, it may be hard to believe, but not everyone is spoiled.

She trotted downstairs to go to the kitchen and get some drinks ready. Her parents were out of town (on business together, that’s how they met) and so she had the place to herself. Mostly. Her shoulders tensed and her mouth screwed into a little frown when she saw the refrigerator door already open.

As if sensing her arrival, it carelessly swung shut to reveal her… co-habitant… Amber.

“Hey sis,” she said dismissively, turning away with a carton of yogurt.

Madison hated it when she said that. They were step-sisters. Completely different. There was no way she could be related to her.

“Hi,” she replied. “What are you doing here?”

Amber tilted back and rolled her eyes. “Oh I don’t know, getting food maybe?” She was about to continue on her way when she noticed something. “Why, what’s the problem… Wait a minute…” and suddenly there was that devilish little grin. That mocking smirk that Madison fucking hated. “What are you wearing there, young lady? Is that a bikini? Am I high?”

Madison crossed her arms over her stomach. Jesus, don’t screw with me. Not today. “Yeah, so what?”

“What’s the occasion? Oh- wait- please let me guess. Could it be, hmm… your booooyfriend?” She said it in this sing-song voice, as condescending as humanly possible.

Amber was only twenty-one, just a few years Madison’s senior. But ever since they moved in together, she would relentlessly patronize her little sister. They were, after all, in many ways polar opposites. Amber was just a little bit taller, a little bit leaner. She had long, straight dark hair that flowed down across her naturally slender shoulders. Madison kept her blond hair shorter, just curling to her neck.

Amber loved money. Loved shopping. Loved looking good. She was raised that way and she enjoyed it. If a shirt didn’t show at least a little midriff, a little cleavage… Then what the fuck were you? A nun? So whenever Madison wore something remotely sexy, she would have a field day teasing her about it. Not that she wouldn’t tease her about dressing boring either. Damned if you do

“Shut up,” Madison retorted flatly and moved to the fridge, trying to brush off her irritation.

“Aw, don’t be mean. I think it’s cute.” Amber didn’t need to be seen to know the sarcastic smile she wore. “I’m sure he’ll like it. Boys like it when girls dress sexy for them. He’s probably tired of only seeing me half-naked.”

Madison’s face boiled red. “Yeah, he probably is tired of seeing you. But it’s hard not to notice when you parade around like a…” she cut herself short.

Amber’s eyes narrowed, her lips parted as she took in a slow breath. “Like a what.” It was a statement more than a question.

“Ugh, never-mind. Just leave us alone.”

She rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Have fun working on your tan, Barbie.” It was a common stab at Madison that she used. Amber was fair-skinned. Not pale by any stretch, but she could never attain that natural golden hue that was stereotypically popular. As a result, she lashed out at Madison’s darker skin, always condemning her as looking like ‘every other girl’.

“At least I can get one,” she reflexively muttered back.

Amber stopped in her tracks.

Argh, why didn’t I keep my mouth shut!

Without turning around, Amber pulled the spoon of yogurt out of her mouth. “Your boyfriend doesn’t seem to think it’s a problem. Guess he likes a little variety, huh?”

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Madison’s skin started to burn. She despised the insinuation that Tyler was interested in her step-sister. It was an insecurity she would never admit to anybody. “Uh huh- keep dreaming.”

Amber flipped around, “I’m not blind, sis. I see how he looks at me.”

“Everyone looks at you because you’re a freak.”

She answered with a sharp laugh. “Now who’s dreaming!” she took another slow spoonful, as if contemplating. “Well maaaaybe you’re right. Maybe I’ll lay out at the pool today too. Try to get pretty like my little sister.”

A lump quickly materialized in Madison’s throat. Shit. Shit shit shit.

“What, no comment now?” Amber teased.

“Do whatever you want,” she tried to be as nonchalant as possible. Of course she didn’t believe her own voice, but hopefully Amber would…

“Well, I’ll think about it,” she smiled. “I’m sure it’d be sooo fun… But Becca is comin’ over to go out with me,” she paused for a moment. “Pity… I wouldn’t mind saying hello to Tyler…”

Madison inwardly boiled. “Oh well. Have fun with your lez,” she sneered, slamming the fridge shut. Becca was Amber’s best friend, and it wasn’t any secret that she wasn’t into guys. She knew it was a feeble attempt at an insult, but it was the best she could come up with.

Amber rolled her eyes. “If you’re jealous, I’m sure you could ask her nicely. You know, she probably even thinks you’re cute… in that, I dunno, innocent sort of way? Whatever.”

“Ugh!” The very insinuation offended Madison.


Finally Amber left and returned to her “room”; the small guest house attached to the property. It was positioned off to the side of the yard, overlooking a small hill down to the pool. Madison couldn’t help but seethe, picturing her step-sister peeking down at her and Tyler. Laughing. Scheming. Mocking. At least she’s going out with her dumb friend. Probably shopping for the third time this week.

She tried to push it out of her mind. The last thing she needed was to be in a bad mood when Tyler arrived. This was going to be a fun day. Nice relaxation in the pool… She would definitely flirt with him, get him going today. A little smile played across her face. She knew where they would end up. After all, no parents were around. They got surprisingly little alone time between the two of them. It would be easier once the summer ended and they left for college together… But until then…

She’d managed to sneak some wine coolers for the weekend and put them in a bucket of ice to be by the water. Still feeling uncomfortably tense, she decided to crack one open early to try and take the edge off. He doesn’t care that I have money. He’s a genuine nice guy. He doesn’t care about Amber… The echoing chime of the doorbell shook her out of her thoughts. Showtime!

She trotted over to the entryway and opened the door. There was Tyler, smile on his face, light blue board shorts and a white t-shirt. His eyes immediately roamed down her body and rested on the bikini bottoms. “We match,” he greeted.

Madison giggled reflexively, “We are! Guess we were just meant for each other.” She moved out of the way to let him in.

“So how’s it goin’? I see you, uh, started without me,” he smirked, gesturing toward the drink in her hand.

“Oh ha ha. Yours is in the kitchen. And there’s plenty more we can take out with us.”

“Hmm, trying to get me wasted already?”

She playfully stuck her tongue out. “Don’t get any naughty ideas, mister!” and her little body spun around to lead him to the next room. Her ass wiggled in that way that inevitably draws a boy’s attention to it… She stifled her own smile, knowing Tyler was oblivious of her conscious act.

Before long, the two were sitting together on the edge of the pool, legs dangling in the water as they chatted with each other, drinks in hand. Madison giggled and splashed with her feet, teasing out the time before they actually jumped in. She knew her boyfriend was anxious to find an excuse and get their shirts off… but she liked to make him work for it a little bit.

Soon enough, he just came out and asked, “So, shall we swim?”

“Mmm… maybe,” she said sweetly. “I don’t wanna get burnt though. We’ll need sunscreen.”

“No prob. Where is it?”

“I think I left it in the kitchen… I’ll go get it,” she got up from the pool and tousled her boyfriend’s hair. “Don’t go anywhere!”

Trotting into the kitchen, she looked all over the counters but couldn’t find it. Could’a sworn I left everything out here. Hmm… She made her way to the nearest bathroom to check for it there, but to no avail. What the hell. Did I forget to even bring it down? Next, she rushed up the stairs to the main bathroom connected to her bedroom. But she searched all over and couldn’t find it.

“Damn it!” she huffed to herself. Glancing in the mirror, she pulled a few strands of loose hair back behind her ears and tried to straighten up a smile. Oh well. I’ll look outside again, and then just forget about it.

As she returned downstairs, she recognized the faint sound of talking. For a half second, her mind tricked her into thinking that it was one of the TVs on in the background. Shit! Her heart sank. It was coming from outside. Goddamn Amber! Madison hurried to the backdoor, trying to remain composed.

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“Yeah… I’d love to stay and hang out, but Becca and I have plans, you know?” She was wearing a ridiculously short jean miniskirt and a black halter top… showing off her legs, stomach, tits…

“Have fun,” Tyler replied amicably, “Madison’ll be out any minute.”

Some twisted, suspicious part of Madison kept her stuck at the door… watching them. Good, he isn’t flirting with her. He’s behaving… Then she realized he had his shirt off, and her face grew hot. What the* hell* is he doing?!

“Yeah, what’s taking her so long anyway? I feel bad leaving you all alone. I mean, the sunscreen is here after all…”

That bitch! How did she have it? She realized Tyler had the tube in his hand now and was rubbing the cream into his stomach and side.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to do your back real quick?” she cooed sweetly.


“Uh- that’s okay. Thanks…”

Amber then suddenly reached out and put the palm of her hand on his chest, rubbing it up to his left shoulder. “You had a big glob still… and you missed a spot,” she giggled. “Sorry, it was annoying me…” She didn’t take her hand off. And Tyler didn’t move.

Madison swung the door open and finally strode back out to the pool. “Oh! You found it,” she announced loudly, trying to sound casual and not pissed as hell.

Tyler jumped and took an awkward step back from Amber, holding up the tube. “Yeah, your sister- uh, saw it somewhere…”

Amber’s hand languidly pulled away from Tyler’s skin as if she hadn’t done a thing wrong. “There you are! I was wondering how long I’d have to keep him company!” Her sweet smile brimmed with mocking derision.

“Uh huh,” Madison answered with the same condescension. “Thanks for being such a sweetheart. Now I guess you can go. Don’t keep your girlfriend waiting.” She looked around, but couldn’t find Becca anywhere. Probably already in the car.

“You’re right,” Amber ignored the insinuation. “See you two lovebirds later. Maybe we’ll join you in the pool when we get back.” Her eyes trailed away from Madison’s and locked onto Tyler’s. “Would that be fun?” she asked him.

“Suuure…” he tried to sound as friendly but neutral as possible.

Ah!” Amber brought her hand up to her cheek in that flirtatious way. “He’s just so sweet! If only he were just a little more single…” she directed the comment at no one in particular.

Madison couldn’t think up anything witty or clever to respond with. Fuck you! Go away, bitch!

Tyler stifled a smile and took an awkward step back, towards Madison. “Ha, well I guess you’re outta luck.”

Amber clicked her tongue. “Guess so…” she emphasized teasingly and finally began to walk off. “See you two later!”


“So what was that all about?” Madison couldn’t help blurting it out as soon as Amber was out of sight.

“What?” Tyler attempted to shrug the situation off. “She found the sun tan stuff.”

“And you couldn’t wait for me? What, did she beg you to take your shirt off for her?”

He put up his hands in defense. “Madison, stop freaking out. I took it off before I even saw her, I thought you were gonna be, like, thirty seconds.”

She huffed and tried to calm herself down. Maybe he’s right. Amber was probably just trying to make a scene to tick me off…

“Besides,” he continued, “Why would I hit on your sister when I already have you?” He’d taken a step closer and brought his arms up to her shoulders, squeezing affectionately.

Step-sister,” she corrected, feeling him work into her tense muscles. Despite finally starting to relax, she couldn’t let it go, not just yet… “So you would hit on her if you weren’t already dating me, huh?”

Tyler’s eyes narrowed, not sure if his girlfriend was being facetious or not. Suddenly his hands dropped down to her sides and held her tight. “Hey!” she squealed, but it was too late. He was already pulling the both of them to the edge of the pool. “No! Wait!”

“Nope, it’s time for somebody to cool off!” he said in a mock authoritative tone. Next thing they knew, the two had launched off the ground as Tyler lifted themselves into the water. Madison shrieked one last time before they splashed in, and once she resurfaced, she couldn’t help but smile at her boyfriend. He was grinning from ear to ear, shaking the water out of his eyes. It’s hard to stay mad at him…

“You’re gonna pay for that!” she cried, and then started splashing water at him.

“Bring it!”

They played around for a few more minutes, dunking each other under the surface and laughing. Madison waded over to the side of the pool and lifted herself out (it took her three tries; Tyler pulled her back in the other two). She finally admitted, “I’m trying to take my shirt off!”

Suddenly he was very cooperative.

Once sitting back on the edge of the pool, she really had to work to peel the thin fabric off her wet skin. Tyler gazed at her in silent admiration, watching her slim, firm stomach reveal itself inch by inch. Her whole body really did already have that perfect tan. Such a contrast to her sister… At last she reached her breasts, and they fell free of the fabric and bounced very slightly in that little blue bikini. Nice… Not quite what Amber’s got, but…

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Madison’s shirt was finally off, and she tossed it behind her carelessly. “That feels better,” she remarked casually.

“Looks a lot better too,” her boyfriend smiled, coming closer to her at the edge of the pool. “Now where did I put that sun tan lotion? Wouldn’t want you to burn!” He pulled himself out of the water and got the bottle, then came back to her and sat behind her, wrapping his legs around her waist and putting his feet in the pool with hers.

Mmm, my hero,” she purred as he snuggled into her.

He poured some of the lotion into his hand and began rubbing it into her lower back, working his way around to her sides and then running along her taut stomach. She learned her head back and cradled her neck against his shoulder. He bent down and gave her forehead a kiss as he continued to rub the sunscreen into her skin. That melted the last of the anxiety away from her.

As Tyler finished up, he commented, “We should probably let this dry a little bit before we get back in the water.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right…” She began to stand up and head for a sun chair.

Her boyfriend followed close behind and wrapped his arms around her again, stopping her in her tracks. “I have an idea of how to pass the time,” he murmured into her neck, punctuating with a kiss.

She giggled, “Not yet, silly!”

“Uh huh, and do you have a better idea?”

She spun free and looked at him with a playful face. “Did you forget already? I made sure we had some drinks…”

He smiled a sly grin. Nice. “Oh yeah! Can’t go getting dehydrated!”

The two moved back to a small table in the shade where they put their first coolers and grabbed them. Madison made a show of taking a huge swig and smiled triumphantly. Tyler tried to outshine her by chugging as much at once as he could, and it didn’t take long for liquid to spill out from his lips and stream down his cheeks. She laughed at him, “Settle down!” but kissed along his face to clean him up good-naturedly.

They returned to the sun chairs and basked in the heat for a little while, finishing off the bottles and chatting.

“Okay, I’m getting hot,” Madison finally complained. “Time to get back in. Want another drink first?”

The more the merrier… “Sure!” Tyler agreed, maybe a little too emphatically.

Within a few minutes, a bucket of ice and more wine coolers was brought out to the edge of the pool, and the young couple was back in the water splashing, swimming, flirting and playing. They alternated getting back onto the deck for drinks and then diving back in. After an hour or two, then finally settled on just lying down on the sun chairs with the sun high in the sky.

“I think I’m a liiiiittle sleepy,” Madison hummed to herself.

“Yeah, it is totally warm out…” Tyler was just as buzzed as his girlfriend. “Wanna head inside?”

“Hmmmm…” she mused. “Maybe take a little nap first? It feels nice…” She flattened out her chair completely and turned over onto her stomach. “Gimme some more sunscreen…”

He tossed the bottle over to her.

Hey! Put it on my back!”

Her pout did not go unnoticed. Tyler lazily got out of his chair and kneeled over her, pouring more lotion into her skin, rubbing into her back.

“Mmm… That feels perfect…

He bit the back of his tongue to prevent a sigh. There was no denying he’d been turned on all day, and straddling his girlfriend wasn’t helping. I can’t wait ’till we finally go to her room… His inhibitions were still too loose for him to care about his growing erection at his trailing thoughts. It didn’t go unnoticed.

“I can feel that,” Madison purred.

“Yeah, uh, well…”

“Better relax,” she sighed, her eyes still closed. “You don’t want me while I’m all sleepy, right? You want me to be your energetic little kitten…”

Hell yes… “Uh huh… So take your nap and I’ll play with you later…” Just play it cool. Good things come to those…

So he reluctantly rose away from her and fell back into his own seat. Closing his eyes, he tried to breathe deeply and relax, tried to nap a little and pass the time. But he could still see his girlfriend’s body; still feel the need between his legs. Just gotta chill for a little while… He tried to push his mind to think about anything else. He listened to the breeze, a bird chirping… I hope her sister doesn’t come home and interrupt us…

The tent in his shorts, which had finally subsided a few minutes earlier, suddenly began to stir back to life. The corners of his lips curled into a small smile as he recalled seeing her earlier that day in that little outfit. Suddenly he was picturing her in his girlfriend’s swimsuit…

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Amber drugs her step-sister and her boyfriend

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