Amisha Patel fucked in the Meeting

Amisha Patel fucked in the Meeting

It was a time when Amisha Patel was not getting any film; producer didn’t want to hire her as their film’s actress. Some said that she doesn’t have a appealing figure. So Amisha got fed up with this all and decided to go under knife. Then she went for her breast surgery and got some great stuff. Now she had an appealing look and a sexy figure, because she already had a beautiful face what needed was perfect boobs and so perfect figure.[/font]& after that within few months she got many offers from many producers. Major of the film producers wanted her in their film because she was a sex bombshell then and her hot sexy expressions and looks only can run the movie in theaters for weeks. She accepted many offers.

One day she got a phone call from two producers who wanted to sign her for their next film. They told her that their project is big and they want to launch the movie on worldwide level and it would be a Hollywood style movie and they are framing her in the main lead role of the film. After listening this, she was in seventh sky that she is going to have film-centralized role “the main lead role”…just wow!! So those Producers asked her to fix up a meeting some suitable day with her for storytelling, and of course she replied a YES! to them.Amisha was in seventh sky and was very excited about it. She decided that she won’t miss this chance and will do anything to impress the producers. On, the day of meeting, she did the phone call to hotel where those decided to meet. She asked the reception to connect her with those producers over phone. One of them was not in his room because he went outside for an urgent meeting so receptionist connected her with the other one.

Here at the Hotel where Producers arrived and accompanied to their respective rooms by the Manager-in-charge of that floor. He showed them their rooms and after some time came back to ask them for some refreshments. One of them preferred it after a bath and other one got a urgent call for a urgent meeting and had to left in between.
Then, Phone started ringing in the room. A room-keeper (hotel-staff) was there and the producer was in bathroom. So the producer who was inside bathroom asked waiter to pick up the call and to see who is on the call. The guy picked up the phone and told him that some lady is asking for him and he connected the call to bathroom’s phone. Amisha was talking with the producer and to impress him she talked little dirty with him. By listening this producer, who was in bath tub smiled then took his hand to grab his dick inside the water and he started masturbating while talking to amisha over phone. Then the producer asked her to meet soon as they had a very tight schedule and they decided a time for the meeting.

(Scene3) Amisha was thinking about; how to impress those producers, so that she may don’t lose the golden chance of doing their movie. And at last she took the help of her beautiful porn star figure to impress them. She dressed up in black top and slim tight jeans. In that top her curvature was beautifully shaped out. She looked herself in mirror and thought how sexy she is. Amisha Patel Fucked In The Meeting

With both hands she grabbed her big boobs and pressed them softly. She talked to herself; “now those producers going to hire her for their film at any cost”. And she winked.

She reached the hotel and directly went to the room where those producers decided to meet. When she reached that room, at the door she found a tag of “do not disturb” hanging on the door handle. She understood they want an uninterrupted meeting, that’s mean they are highly professional film makers.

She entered the room and found two gentlemen were talking to each other sitting on couch. As they saw Amisha they stood up and greeted her with a smile and did shake hand. One of them saw her big curvature of her boobs and can’t control himself and came forward to hug her. He hugged her tight and as he hugged her tight he felt the big size of her boobs pressing his chest. Oh! He felt something inside his underwear.
They sat on couch and one of them told her that they became her big fans after looking at her beauty. After a few chit chat they started to tell her their film’s story. While talking about the film’s story they told amisha that for heroine role they want to do a “look test” on her and by giving her a dress set they asked her that “would she like to give them a look test with that dress because it’s important for the role”. Amisha had already decided to impress them and as she wanted the role desperately so she said yeas for the look test. She picked up the dress and went towards the changing room to change.

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She changed the dress and looked herself in the mirror. She was looking damn sexy. It was a purple colored velvet full gown with a purple color bikini inside like a sexy night dress. When she came out, the producers looked at her with amazed eyes. Their eyes were wide open in surprise because they had never imagined that How damn sexy this bitch is in reality.

Amisha Patel Fucked In The Meeting

Both of them felt their dick is raised inside their pants. They felt like go and fuck this damn sexy bitch. They got almost hypnotized by her beauty. When she came near to them and sat down on the sofa with crossed legs, her beautiful fair legs was like amazing and her big boobs were popping out from those bikini like she have big balls on her chest.
After looking at this all it was impossible for those producers to sit and talk with her. Their dicks were getting out of their control and at last they both stood up at same time and by seeing this Amisha also stood up. Then they both came closer to amisha and kept their one hand behind her back and other one on her soft belly. In reaction amisha kept her hands on the shoulder of both producers because she also wanted to seduce them with her beauty and just get the film.

Both the Producers when touched her soft belly and her purple colored velvet dress, they got sexually heated up. When they looked at her boobs at so close their hearts started beating fast. Her boobs were so big and so round. In that bikini bra they got their perfect shape. After looking this all those producers couldn’t resist them self from grabbing her big boobs and they grabbed her boobs with their palms. Amisha also felt the feel of their warm palms and she gave a sexy ah! expression. When producer saw her ah! expression, then they thought the bitch needs a fuck. They thought it’s a golden chance to fuck her and they should not lose it at any cost.

Both of the Producers then opened the tied knot of her dress by looking this Amisha felt they are getting sexually aroused and she resisted but it was too late for her. They forcibly removed her purple colored velvet dress and she left with those two pieces of that small bikini. Producers saw her big boobs perfectly in that bikini. Her big boobs were like big soft balls. They grabbed again her boobs with their hands one on each and started pressing it. It was a amazing experience for them, they were so soft and big. Then one of them took his other hand started touching her bikini bottom (panty) and he felt her vagina was also so soft. This all was making amisha sexually aroused, yet she was resisting and she kept saying them “Please No….Please leave me”. But both of them was not going to leave her and how could they?.

Amisha Patel Fucked In The Meeting

Then one of them unhooked her bra and they removed that too from her body forcibly. Both of them saw her big boobs bare and started sucking her nipples and licking her boobs. Her nipples were very soft and so they kept sucking it and amisha kept praying them for some mercy.

After sucking her nipples and licking her boobs like a mango it was impossible for those producers to stand straight with their super tight dicks inside their pants who wants to come out and taste amisha. It was impossible for them to control their dick anymore and they decide to give their dick, the vagina and mouth of amisha, where their dicks can feel some peace. One of them sat down on his knees and pulled down her bikini-panty (underwear) quickly and started licking her pussy. Amisha was still opposing with one hand to guy who was licking her boobs and with other hand to the guy who was licking her pussy.After that the guy who pulled down her underwear stood up and with other help of other man threw the amisha on the bed and them he pulled and removed out her bikini from her legs.Amisha started crying after looking this because she knew now it’s impossible to stop them. Both the producers saw naked amisha on bed; she was looking like a pornstar on bed who wants a fuck immediately. so, their dick was also waiting to fuck amisha’s pussy. So they removed their cloths and became fully naked and got ready to fuck her. One of them touched his dick and it was so hot, he thought he needed quick cooling and he jumped over bed to cool his dick in amisha’s mouth. Other one when touched his dick he felt so itchy that he got desperate to give his dick a quick relieve and he pulled the amisha close to her and separated her crossed legs. He took some saliva from his mouth and applied on his dick and then he inserted his dick into amisha’s vagina in one stroke. Amisha who was crying, stopped crying with a sudden pain in her vagina. She felt that big thick pole inside her and with tip of one hand she started pressing her upper part of pussy, so that her pain may become less. She was in recovering from that sudden pain in meantime suddenly the other man came close to amisha and pulled his head with his both hands towards his dick and he put his dick inside her mouth to get a blow job from her. Amisha resisted and removed his dick with one hand from her mouth. The other guy also felt like her pussy is so tight and it’s not easy to fuck her without her will and it wouldn’t be a fun. So they both told amisha that they had already signed her for their film and will pay her a amount of Rs. 30 Crore as her acting fees which will be the highest acting fees ever paid to any actress till yet and will sign for their another mega project also, if only she will cooperate with them. After listening this amisha crying face got smiles and she smiled and if you will give me that much of money then I will cooperate and she winked. She wiped her tears and suddenly turned into a sex goddess she herself started giving blow job to the one producer the other one got happy with her this avatar but amazed and stood still for a minute. Amisha Patel Fucked In The Meeting Then amisha turned toward him, by removing the dick of one producer from inside of her mouth and said to the man: “what are you watching? Sir! Fuck me Hard like a Pornstar” and then turned toward other guy whose dick she was sucking and said to him: “taste of your dick is so good, I am goona give you a super blowjob…mmmm”. Both of them saw this and got so happy and both started fucking her one in his pussy and other one in his mouth. Amsiha was also making sound of “mmmm” and “ah! ah! aa…aa”.

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After sometime the producer who was getting blowjob from amisha came down from the bad and asked the other one to give him a chance and try her blow job. The man then left the fucking and then jumped to bed and then he sat on his knees over her boobs. Amisha then took his dick between her boobs and pressed her boobs and then started fucking his dick with her boobs. The other guy inserted his dick inside her pussy and started fucking her hard in speed. Amisha shouted “Aaaa….fuck” in pain and started fucking the other guy with her boobs fast as like the other man was fucking her fast in her pussy.
She was making sound like a ponstar of
”aaaa…aaaa…aaaa…aaaa…fuck me hard…fuck….aaa….aaa….yes!…yes!…yes!…faster!…faster!…deeper!..deeper!”

Both of them fucked her one by one. They tossed her between each other many times and fucked her pussy, then her ass and then her big boobs upto when they both got tired.

Amisha Patel Fucked In The Meeting

At last when amisha saw they are about to cum, the she said to them please cum on my big boobs sir! you both cum on my boobs, one on eachone. And they started shagging and cumming on her boobs. When they both cummed, amsiha tasted their cum by taking on her finger tips from her boobs and said wow! World’s tastiest cum ever tasted. Well money increase the taste of everything right!?

After that they dressed up and returned that velvet dress to amisha as a gift. Amisha thanked them and she went inside the toilet to clean up herself. In toilet she while she was cleaning with tissue paper, paper finished and when she opened the draw to take out other roll she found a bottle of Viagra was kept there. Firstly she didn’t understand anything but then she realized that they had already planned to fuck her before her arrival. Well it’s not an issue, because they are going to pay her a big sum of money, and the fuck worth it. After all they are like customers and they should feel satisfied. After that she dressed up and greeted them with a kiss and they told they will soon send her the signing amount with all terms and papers. (Scene 5-part2) “The climax of story” On the very next day, once again she got a call from those producers. But they were apologizing her. She got confused that why they are asking for sorry. Then she asked them and they said they are sorry for what happened yesterday, they should have informed her that they had to leave urgently from the hotel for a very urgent meeting without any prior information and they didn’t even inform her over phone about this. They said they will come to meet her personally on next Monday without any change of plan. And they put the phone. Amisha got surprised, shocked and confused that what hell is going on? If these are producers who were not there then who were they fucked her or they doing some kind of joke. So she called right then to that hotel and asked the reception that whether yesterday they were there or not at that time? Receptionist told her that they both left the hotel unnoticed before of her arrival and checked out later in evening. Now Amisha’s head was turning round and all past images of that event was swimming in front of her eyes and a question “Who were they?”… She took her purse and went to the same hotel again to solve the puzzle. When she reached there, she told at the reception that she lost her ear rings there and want to search the room, so the receptionist call the manger-in-charge for that floor and the room-keeper who went to that room. When both of them came, amisha’s got Goosebumps and her eyes became wide in surprise. They asked her to follow that room. When they were in lift alone they both smiled and said: “sorry mam! We were just your normal fans but after that fuck we are your great fans” and then they both told her the hidden truth.

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The day producers came to hotel and they both were there. While manager with room keeper was going to enter the room for asking any refreshment to those gentlemen, he found them talking to each other that: “wish we could fuck that bitch amisha patel. what a sex bomb she is. We will see her today from close. We should definitely sign her for our film” And the manger got to know that they are some producers who are going to meet amisha patel for some film. Then one of them had to leave for some urgent meeting somewhere else and the other one was in his room. When room-keeper guy was there, then she phoned that producer and room-keeper connected the link to bathroom phone but he was also listening the conversation on the parallel phone of that room. And he got to know that she is desperate about the movie and impressing the producer with her dirty talks. Then just after that in next half an hour other producer guy called this one and called him for the meeting and he had to leave urgently. So he left a message for the amisha on table and told the manager to tell amisha about their urgent leaving. Then both of them planned to keep the matter within them and made a plan to fuck her. They panned that they act like they are producers and act as it was going to happen, she will come, they will tell her a story and then will give her a seductive dress and then they will fuck her. And all happened as it was planned.

After listening this amisha got goosebumps and she got really shocked with the truth. Then slapped both of them and said she will inform police about this cheating with her. But then the manager showed her a video camera in which her sex video was recorded. He told that they will leak it publically if she will inform anyone. Then, she begged them to destroy the video and give her the memory card. and they said they will return her the video and destroy everything only and only on one condition….”ONE MORE FUCK”.

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Amisha Patel fucked in the Meeting

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