An Asian Wife’s First New Sperm

An Asian Wife’s First New Sperm

Four years ago, I married Diana, a beautiful Vietnamese woman. She stands a sweet 5’1″, has a gorgeous face, and a lovely body. Her hair is mid-back length and black with highlights, and her makeup is always perfect. She takes great care in her looks, and she visits the salon once a week for a hair touch-up and a manicure and pedicure. It’s a rare time that I don’t catch guys looking her over, and it seemed like she never even realized it or cared. She came to the States as a young girl, but like so many of her countrymen, she retained her innocent cultural attitudes about sex. Because she lived in a mostly Vietnamese community in San Francisco, her exposure to American ideas on sex and love were limited?that is, until she met me.

Diana’s best friend Mary introduced us at a party given by Mary’s parents. When I first saw Diana, I could feel my body heat increasing. There was something about her that was throwing my hormones into high gear. As she stood in a small group of guys and gals, I could sense the other guys were jockeying to get better position in order to make a move on her. It was plain to see that she was nervous, though. I put my game face on and went over to introduce myself and perhaps throw a little cock block into the situation.

I ended up the winner that night. Diana decided to hang with me and I was a very happy guy! We began to date, and eventually settled into that rhythm that couples create once they have been side by side for a length of time. When the time came for me to ask her to become my wife, she gladly accepted. We then became man and wife and began our life together.

As I mentioned before, Diana was very limited in her experience regarding sex. She had made love with a few boyfriends in the past, but it was pretty unsatisfying for her. The guys were unimaginative, and typically ended up just throwing her on her back and pumping until they came. I was different. For one thing, I think oral sex is great, and there’s nothing like eating a beautiful pussy! No taste can match a clean, sweet pussy. Also, it’s so much fun to suck on nice breasts and nipples. I can make a woman come just by nibbling on her nipples, and I’ve been doing it a long time, with very few complaints.

As we settled into married life, I was busy introducing Diana to the many methods of pleasure. For one thing, she was shy about having a man eat her pussy. I guess it’s an Asian thing, and the women there are uncomfortable about having a guy eat them. Slowly I convinced Diana that it was OK, and she got into it. Then, of course I had to convince her to go down on me. Actually, that was pretty easy to do, and she began to enjoy sucking my cock, licking my balls, and swallowing every drop I could make for her. Soon, she would voluntarily unzip me while we were watching TV and suck me off. It was cool because I knew most of my friends were stuck with wives who wouldn’t do it, but my Diana was becoming very adept at oral sex.

Because of my business, I have to travel a lot. I’m away from home for about 10 days per month. Diana and I miss each other terribly during these trips, but thanks to emails and cell phones, we are in close contact throughout the trip. During a trip a year ago, my flight was laid over at a small airport due to a technical malfunction. The passengers were given hotel rooms and food tickets so that we could eat at the hotel bar. While there, I was observing two passengers from my flight. They were giggling over drinks at the bar. The woman looked to be Chinese, but her accent was American. The guy giggling with her was a very handsome white man. He was about 6’1″ with blonde hair and blue eyes. His body was muscular, and he obviously stayed in shape. Because they both wore wedding rings, I assumed they were together. However, that idea went away as I heard her on the phone with the man who must be her husband. She was telling him she missed him and that she was going to sleep. Once she got off the phone, however, she rejoined the blonde guy at the bar and they got very close. It was obvious that they were going to do something together! I watched as their hands ended up on each other’s legs, and I could see her left hand with the diamond engagement ring and wedding band moving into his crotch so she could massage his cock and balls through his slacks. It didn’t take long before they both got up and went upstairs to a room. I guess he was going to pound her sweet pussy!

Watching this gave me mixed feelings. On one hand, I was feeling bad for the husband of the woman who was at home. His wife was now upstairs with her new friend’s cock deep in her mouth or pussy, preparing to receive a load of his sperm. On the other hand it excited me. As I lay in my hotel room that night, I was imagining Diana in place of the Chinese woman. Like most Asian women, she has a fantasy about blonde haired, blue eyed men, and I figured a guy like this would be the sort of man Diana would fantasize about. But knowing Diana, she would never admit a fantasy like that. The more I thought about it, the harder my cock got. I pulled out a picture of Diana, and began to stroke my cock using the mental image of that blonde stud fucking my Asian wife. It was soon too much and I ended up exploding more come than I had in years. I was confused and worried about feeling like that, but it was so hot!

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For the rest of my trip, I was hard. During meetings I was only half there. I kept imagining Diana sucking that blonde guy’s cock, and then lying on her back as he slid his cock in and out of her pussy. Of course the best part was her reaction when he would shoot his sperm, and in my mind, I could see her twisting her hips upward to catch every drop in her cervix. She would leave his back covered in scratches from her perfectly manicured nails, and the feeling of her nails would make her lover hard again. It seemed that this dream lover could fill my wife with 3 or 4 loads of sperm per session, but I know that’s pretty much impossible in real life. In any case, it was turning me on!

When I got home, I grabbed my beautiful Diana. We kissed and professed our love for each other over and over again. After we made love, we were lying in bed and chatting. I told her what I saw at the hotel bar. She was shocked, and said that the Chinese woman shouldn’t have done that. She said it wasn’t really the man’s fault because men do those things due to their nature. I asked her if she would ever do something like that and she assured me she wouldn’t ever do that. I admitted that I was a little turned on by the situation. She was curious and seemed a little hurt. I assured her that I loved her and that it was just an exciting fantasy. She asked me if I wanted her to try that also, but I didn’t answer. I didn’t know what to say! It was tempting to say that I was going crazy all trip imagining her sucking and then fucking him until his big balls were empty, but I was afraid she would be offended. I knew that swingers were often the closest couples, but it’s usually tough to convince a wife at first. Once a wife tries it, so I’ve read, they usually enjoy the experience. In any case, I didn’t want to admit to Diana how I felt because she was very sensitive about sexual subjects.

A year after the incident, I took Diana on a trip to Bermuda. Diana was gorgeous! She would walk around the pool in her tiny bathing suit, and the only guys that didn’t pay attention must have been gay! Our room was awesome, and we were lucky to have a Jacuzzi that could seat 6 people. Our days were filled with sightseeing, and our nights were spent partying in the club. One night, we were dancing and some people grabbed our table. The only table available was taken by a great looking American couple. They were both blonde. Jake was 6’2″, muscular, with striking blue eyes. Joan was 5’6″, awesome body, and gray eyes. Because there were no other seats left, we asked if we could sit at their table. They were more than happy to oblige us. It turned out that they were a wonderful couple and great company. We decided to meet the next day for breakfast and we made plans to scuba and sightsee together.

When we go to our room, Diana was very frisky. She was drinking wine, and even though she only had a few glasses, she was wild. I started teasing her about how good looking Jake was, and she denied she liked him, but she fucked me like a horny witch! I knew Jake was her type, and I decided to try and make something happen for my wife with him. I loved her so much, and I was very interested in her experiencing a hot fuck with Jake.

The next day found all of us sitting on a tour bus. The girls shared a seat so that they could chat. Our wives were both dressed in sexy shorts and sandals. Diana’s toes were so cute, and her long fingernails and toenails were polished a bright red. Joan remarked on how pretty they were. Diana explained that she had a favorite manicurist who took special care of her fingernails and toenails each week. She mentioned to Joan that Asian women took a lot of pride in looking good. Joan laughed and agreed. As the day wore on, I noticed that Joan was looking a little sick. As it turned out, she had come down with the flu. Once back at the hotel, Jake excused himself and said he needed to put Joan in bed. We said our goodnights, and Diana and I headed back to our room.

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Once there, we jumped into the Jacuzzi. We cracked open a bottle of wine and had a few glasses. Diana was looking so sexy and she seemed to be really turned on. I teased her about Jake, and she admitted that he was very sexy, and that she would love to get him in bed if she was single. I laughed and told her I would let her be single for a night if she wanted to try him out. We kissed and giggled about it and sat back and enjoyed the hot, bubbly water.

Thirty minutes later, the doorbell rang. I got out of the tub, and it was Jake! Joan had insisted that he come by for a while and that she would go to sleep. Jake asked if he could come in, and I let him in. He saw that we were in the Jacuzzi, and he said he’d leave us alone. I told him that he should join us and have a glass of wine first. Jake got into the Jacuzzi and I watched Diana’s reaction. She was shy, but Jake broke the ice by splashing her. She laughed and soon we were all splashing each other. During the splash fight, Diana stumbled in the water and ended up sitting on Jake’s lap. He wrapped his arms around her, and held her there telling her she was his prisoner. She giggled and fought her way off his lap. I was getting very, very hard watching all of this. We poured another glass of wine, and Diana returned to my side. I held her close and I could feel her heart pounding so fast. Her nipples were also sticking out. There was no doubt in my mind that she was really excited about the contact with Jake.

At this point, Jake was seated in the Jacuzzi to the left of Diana, and I was to the right. She was snuggled against me, and I began to kiss her ear and neck. She was a little embarrassed and she giggled, but didn’t stop me. Jake was watching and I saw him put his hand under the water near his crotch. I assume he was getting hard. Diana seemed to forget that Jake was there and we began to kiss. My darling wife was getting wild, and I could see Jake staring at her with a need in his eyes. I motioned to Jake and he came right next to her. I moved Diana’s hair and he took the signal and began kissing her left ear and throat. Diana jumped when she realized Jake was now involved, but she suddenly threw her head back and sighed. My darling love was enjoying it! Jake held her left hand under water, and moved his free hand to stroke her shoulder. He then tilted her face to his and kissed her mouth. Her mouth opened and I watched for the first time as a man put his tongue into my wife’s beautiful mouth. She responded by sucking his tongue and wrapping her arms around him. Her long nails lightly scratched his chest and back as they kissed deeply. Now it was my turn to watch. As they kissed, I untied Diana’s bathing suit top and her breasts popped out. Jake took her left nipple in his mouth and I sucked the right. Diana was going insane. She had never experienced two men at once and she was bouncing all over the place.

I knew that I had to move our fun to the bed. We all got out of the Jacuzzi. Jake carried my petite Asian wife in his arms and we moved to the extra bed. Jake laid Diana on her back and we both started licking her legs. Diana was squirming on the bed as Jake and I licked her shins and behind her knees. I motioned to Jake to go for the prize: my wife’s trimmed pussy. Her pussy was soaking wet from her juices, and Jake wasted no time. He licked and sucked Diana’s pussy and clit and she became a wild woman. Poor Jake’s back was covered with scratches, but he loved her pussy. I was busy kissing and sucking her breasts and watching Jake bury his face in my wife’s pussy. She bucked her hips up and down and came like I have never seen! Jake kept licking her until she was calm. Diana then looked at me for permission, but I just smiled and told her I love her. Jake then climbed between her legs and held his cock in his hand. His balls were large and obviously filled with a huge amount of sperm. Diana used her long red nails to spread her pussy lips and Jake guided his cock to her hole. He rubbed the head up and down on her slit until she was pushing her hips up to get him inside her. Finally, Jake shoved his cock all the way into my wife and she threw her head back and sighed. He began to slowly move in and out and she wrapped her legs around his muscular lower back and butt. Her arms were around his upper back, and I felt funny seeing her wedding set on another man’s back. He began to really pump her, and soon she began to have another orgasm. As she came she screamed his name, and dug her nails into his back.

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By this time, I could tell that nature was telling Jake to fill this woman with seed. It was pretty obvious that Jake had built up quite a load for Diana. He asked Diana where she wanted his sperm. She begged him to shoot it into her womb. She laughed and told him to give her a blonde haired, blue eyed baby! I knew that was impossible since she was on the Pill, but Jake didn’t know. He asked her if she was serious and she said yes, and told him to make her a Mommy! When Jake heard that, he went crazy! He placed my wife’s feet on his shoulders and started pushing his cock in as deep as it could go. My beautiful Vietnamese wife was holding his butt with her hands to get him as deep as possible. Jake couldn’t take it any longer and he started shooting his hot sperm right into my wife’s cervix. His balls were pumping out shot after shot of healthy sperm into Diana’s body. Her hips were pumping up and down in an effort to milk him of every drop in his balls. She was so happy at that moment and I actually wondered if she had remembered to take her Pills! For all I knew, Jake was giving my Vietnamese wife a blonde haired, blue eyed baby!

After Jake’s cock became soft again, Diana licked it clean and fell asleep in his arms. She was a little drunk, so I let her lie in the extra bed with Jake. I fell asleep in the main bed, and I ended up masturbating to give myself some relief. Poor Diana was completely asleep, so there was no way she could help me out. Everyone soon fell asleep, and she spent the night snuggling against Jake’s muscular chest. My wife’s womb was filled with Jake’s seed, and it seemed fair to let her sleep in his arms.

When morning came, I looked over at the other bed. Jake and Diana were not there. I listened and then I realized they were on the balcony of our room. I peeked through the curtains and watched as Jake prepared to give my love his morning sperm. She placed a cushion under her butt so he could go deep and he pumped harder and harder. Soon, my wife came and held him close. She again begged him to give her womb his gift of life. Jake stroked his cock deeper and deeper and told her he was ready to come. Diana’s hands again found his back and I watched her caressing his muscles and cheering him on to fill her with his healthy seed. Jake yelled and began squirting Diana’s cervix. Over and over he emptied his strong, fertile balls into her. She was cooing and telling him she hoped she was pregnant. They kissed and held each other awhile. Finally, Jake had to leave. He needed to check on Joan and make sure she was OK. They were to fly back to the States that afternoon. He said goodbye and slipped out of our room.

Diana came back to our bed and crawled into my arms. I opened my eyes and kissed her. She giggled a little, then got serious and asked if I still loved her. I kissed her mouth and held her tighter than ever and told her that my love was even stronger than the day we married. She sighed and agreed. I asked her about her Pills. She smiled and said that she was current with her Pills, but just wanted to turn Jake on by making him think he could fertilize her. She told me that I would be the only man to give her children. We kissed over and over again. She took me into her mouth and sucked me completely until I came because Jake’s cock had made her pussy sore. Plus, she wanted to savor the huge loads of sperm Jake had supplied her body. In fact, I noticed my wife’s hips were swinging more than usual that day when we were sightseeing?I guess she was feeling like a natural woman!

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An Asian Wife’s First New Sperm

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