An erotic fantasy with my friend’s dog Louie

An erotic fantasy with my friend’s dog Louie

I turned onto my back, stirred by movement under the
sheets. In my sleepy haze I felt a soft, tentative
tongue on my hand as if to assure me that all was well.
I drifted back into sleep comforted by Louie’s furry
warmth snuggled beside me.

I stretched full length and stroked Louie’s head
thinking what a good boy to keep me company in this
strange bed. It was as if he knew that I needed
reassurance that friends were near. I continued to
drift in and out of slumber with each waking moment
finding my companion right by my side.

What’s that sensation? A delectable warmth was
spreading across me. I stirred and reached down to find
Louie between my legs, .what was happening here? I
stroked his head and felt his long, soft tongue licking
my inner thighs, just skirting my crotch.

I spread my legs further part and his licking
intensified. I felt my nipples harden until they hurt,
peaking as if to burst through my thin nightie. and
here was that familiar wetness churning from within me.
I stroked his head as he licked my thighs, encouraging
him to continue. His tongue touched my crotch through
my panties and I began to moan softly. I played with my
hardened nipples and hooked one finger onto my panty
leg pulling it aside.

Louie’s persistent tongue did not miss a beat and I
felt it long and soft on my inner folds. I shuddered
and stretched and was swept away with my first orgasm.
I had never felt this kind of pleasure before. I spread
my legs to their fullest now and held my lips apart,
writhing and pressing my hips up towards Louie. I felt
him moving forward as if to accept my challenge and he
buried his head even further into me. It felt as if his
muzzle was working it’s way into my opening.

I could feel another orgasm welling inside me and my
hips were now bucking against that hot tongue. How was
this happening? I had never been licked by a dog before
but instead of recoiling I welcomed the feelings it
gave me. I raised my hips off the bed and parted me ass
cheeks. Louie needed no telling. His tongue snaked it’s
way to my anus and licked it.

I could feel it’s tip entering me and tasting my inner
rim. I came again, this time more powerful than the
first. I could feel Louie stirring as he lifted his
head away from my sex. I wanted to cry out ‘NO! Please
don’t stop!’

My body had been wracked with such intense pleasure
that I didn’t want it to stop. I reached down with one
hand splaying my hot, sodden, pussy lips and dipping my
middle fingers into my hole. Louie licked my fingers as
they dipped in and out of my pussy, cleaning away my

I pulled away the sheets and patted him about the head
and body. As I paid him this attention me began to get
frisky and posture the way I’d seen him posture once
before when he was put to cover a bitch in heat. Could
he possibly be thinking of mating with me? Oh my God.
Surely this is taboo… but wasn’t it also taboo to get
such pleasure from letting a dog lick me out?

I closed my legs and began pushing him away all the
while telling him that he had been a good boy, but now
it was time to sleep. He seemed to understand my
apprehension and flopped his long body back down onto
the sheets. Was I mistaken or was there a look of
defiance on his face? He licked my hand as I patted his
head and I rolled over to lay on my side.

My body was still reeling from the sensations that it
had just experienced and I wanted to fall asleep and
continue dreaming of the good times that we had just
had. As I drifted back off again, I felt Louie stir and
settle himself against my back. Good boy, I thought,
what a good boy Louie.

Try as I may, I could not fall back to sleep. My mind
kept filling with the sensuous feeling of Louie�s soft
tongue on my sex. I wanted more. I needed more. I
turned over onto my side and felt his furry back
against my belly and hardening nipples. I spooned him
as I�d done to countless lovers before. Louie lifted
his head and looked back at me licking the tip of my
nose. I soothed him with my voice and my hand stroked
the length of his body.

I found myself gently rocking against his fur, tickling
my nipples to full attention and I felt the desire
quickly building inside of me. I lowered my hand to
spread my lips and dipped my fingers into my pussy
savouring its wetness. Louie�s gaze followed my fingers
and he licked his lips. He stirred to get up but I held
him down onto the bed and raised my hand to his nose to
let him smell my arousal.

He eagerly lapped at my hand. Again he tried to rise,
but I continued to hold him in place and feed him my
fingers as I dipped them again and again into my
soaking pussy. My hunger for his tongue was
overwhelming and I could feel my orgasm rising through

I rose to my knees and holding Louie in place, managed
to straddle his head. His tongue flicked out,
searching. I spread my pussy lips and felt his tongue
long and insistent on me. I threw my head back and
shuddered to an orgasm that left me panting. God how I
wish I had known of this type of pleasure before. I had
many dogs throughout my lifetime and this insanity and
never dawned on me.

I was determined to make up for all that wasted time
with this willing partner. Louie�s tongue sank deep
into my hole and licked me out, cleaning away my juices
as quickly as they were forming. I tilted my hips
forward and felt his nose so cool and wet on my anus.
Then he began licking me from my ass to my clit in one

He seemed to instinctively know how to pleasure me. As
he once again buried his tongue deep into me I rubbed
my aching clit until I rose to another orgasm. My skin
was damp with perspiration and my breathing heavy but I
just could not get enough. This was by far the most
satisfying sexual experience that I�d had in such a
long time. Very few of my past lovers had been able to
bring me to such heights of ecstasy.

My hand reached back and stroked Louie�s chest and down
to his belly. I let my hand gently caress his sheath.
His licking slowed now to just a few darts of the
tongue as he raised his head to look down at his belly.
I stroked him again and this time held his penis
through the sheath and squeezed it in pulses.

Louie raised himself into a semi sitting position now
and licked my hand as it caressed him. I could feel
something strange happening. A firm swelling was
appearing on his cock, about the size of a golf ball
and growing. “Oh God! I�m hurting him,” I thought and
let him go. He leaned over and licked himself and for
the first time I saw the pink tip of his penis peeping
out of the sheath. I�d never seen a dog�s willy so
closely before.

I let my finger softly touch the pointed tip and
noticed the swelling had gone down. I gently pushed
back his sheath to show more of his length and noticed
the firmness of the penis. This must be where the bone
is. I�d heard about that. I leaned in more closely to
look at his cock and as I started stroking him again,
Louie began to hump in my hand. He leapt onto his feet,
humping the air above the bed, and pushed his muzzle
into my side.

I rose into a sitting position and Louie began wagging
and nuzzling me. He licked my face and tits then
pressed his body against me as if asking for more. I
squeezed his cock again through the sheath and felt
that swelling rising again, getting larger and larger,
and again he began humping the air. I giggled as I
watched this, but also felt strangely turned on by it.
I had felt so much pleasure from Louie�s tongue, could
it be possible?

I raised myself onto all fours. Louie immediately went
behind me and began to lick my pussy and ass. I could
hear him panting now. He came over to my side again and
pressed into me. I stroked his belly and his cock until
his bulb formed and he began humping. This time as he
humped, he jumped onto my back from the side and I
could feel the hard tip of his penis hitting my belly
and tit. He jumped off and went around to lick my pussy
again. I was hot with anticipation now. I yearned to be
filled with a large pulsing cock.

I could feel the excitement building in Louie as well.
His panting was heavier and his movement much more
frenzied. Again he left my hungry pussy to let me
stroke him, and again he tried to hump me from the
side. I was ready. I needed to be fucked now. As he
went to lick me again, I reached back and patted my
ass. He looked up and knew what to do. I felt his
weight heavy on my back as his front legs gripped my
waist and his haunches began thrusting against my legs.

I could feel the tip of his cock banging onto me,
touching my lips and the area around my ass. Louie
jumped off me and I wanted to cry out in
disappointment. “Please don�t leave me like this.”

His tongue once again dived into my pussy, licking me
hungrily. This time he needed no help. He mounted me,
gripped my waist and began pumping. How sensuous to
feel that power banging against me. I felt like his
true bitch and I loved it. I could feel his cock
searching again, hitting my lips, hitting my ass
cheeks, searching for its target. I reached down to try
to help but there was no need. Louie�s cock found my
pussy and he banged into me for all he was worth. I
couldn�t breath.

I had never felt anything so intense in my life. I
screamed as he continued to thrust quicker and harder
and it was all I could do to stay on all fours. I was
jolted by another orgasm, this time more intense than
any of my previous ones. Louie�s humping slowed now and
he panted heavily into my ear. I could feel his length
before, but now I felt him swelling, filling up my
pussy with his thickening cock. God it felt good.

I could feel it pulsing in me and felt his cum dripping
out of me. There was this feeling of being stretched
near my opening. It was painful and stimulating at the
same time. I realised that his swollen bulb was inside
me and I couldn�t believe my pussy could fit something
so huge. It pressed on my G-spot and brought me to the
edge of another orgasm. I reached down and stroked my
clit hard and cried out again with the pleasure.

I felt spent and needed to lie down but Louie hadn�t
finished. He was still mounted on me with his swollen
dick buried deep inside my pussy. I remained still and
allowed him to rest. The sheets must have been soaked
through from all the fluids I felt dripping out of me.
How was I going to explain that to my friend when she
returned tomorrow morning? I guess I could just say
that I thought fucking the dog was a perk of house

Louie was becoming restless and attempting to move away
from me but his swelling was stuck inside me. He
quieted again and we waited for a while longer. He
moved again and this time I could feel the bulb being
pulled out of me, stretching my lips so far apart
before it came out with a pop and a gush of cum.

I flopped onto the bed and Louie jumped off and licked
himself clean. I glanced down at his cock and couldn�t
believe the size of it. Had I really taken ALL of that?
His bulb was tangerine sized and that was after
deflating a bit, and his cock was as long and thick as
any man�s I�d ever seen. My pussy throbbed and leaked
cum and I was satiated. I couldn�t even summon the
energy to move to a dry area on the bed and drifted off
into a deep sleep.

The next morning I woke to the smell of frying bacon.
Kelly was back? She wasn�t due until 10.30. I hustled
out of bed and threw on my dressing gown while throwing
the blanket over the rumpled, damp sheets. I was going
to have to work out a way to get those into the washer
without Kelly noticing the evidence. As I entered the
kitchen to greet Kelly, Louie ran up to me to say

He immediately thrust his nose into my crotch. I
quickly move him away and blushed as I hugged my
friend. What would she think of me if she knew our
secret? What time did you get in I asked her. She had
driven all night to reach home at 4.30 in the morning,
because she just wanted to get into her own bed, and
had missed her dog so much. Was that a glint I saw in
her eye? I said that I could understand missing him
since he was such a great companion.

Kelly giggled. Why was she looking so smug?

As we chatted, Kelly said that when she got home she
had heard a few noises coming from my room, and thought
that I might be groaning or talking in my sleep. I felt
the colour rise in my cheeks. I muttered that I have
been known to talk a bit while sleeping. She patted
Louie�s head and told me that when Louie had finally
come out of my room to greet her that he seemed to be
really tired, and had we gone for a long walk that

I took a sip of my OJ and tried to keep it together,
telling her that I�d taken him for a good 3 mile
session. Kelly looked me in the eye and I could see her
eyes twinkling. I shifted uncomfortably and as I did my
gown fell open a bit. Louie was up like a flash and had
his nose buried in my crotch licking me before I could
push him away.

I was mortified. I began to tell him off but Kelly
stopped me. She just laughed and patted his head and
asked me if he wasn�t just the best companion a girl
could ask for. He was loving and faithful and strong.

Kelly said that she had hurried home because she had
really missed Louie and had needed to see him. She
winked at me and whispered that I may have tired him
out, but he still had some left for her. I looked at
her and we both buckled with laughter. I hugged my
friend as she thanked me for looking after her home and
her beloved Louie to which I replied that it was My

We broke down into fits of laughter again. She said
that I was welcome to visit them both at anytime, and
that was one invitation that I was going to accept
whole heartedly. As we chatted and giggled Louie came
over to us and licked our hands.

I bent down to hug him and as I did so, my gown opened
again. Louie kissed my face and then bent his head down
and drew his tongue over my pussy. I blushed and looked
up at Kelly. She smiled at me and lowered her head to
mine kissing me gently and full on the lips. She patted
Louie on the head while he tongued me, and as I moaned
she whispered, “Good boy Louie, what a good boy!”

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An erotic fantasy with my friend’s dog Louie