An experience I had with a couple responding to my ad in on a swinger’s website

An experience I had with a couple responding to my ad in on a swinger’s website

Since I am new to this forum, I thought I ought to
make a contribution. In addition, I would hope that
there are some people out there who would enjoy
playing these kinds of games with a 50’ish-tear-old
man. I’ve changed names to protect us all, but “Jane”
was really someone special!

Several years ago, I ran an ad on a swinger’s website
that started “Voyeur’s delight. I’ll please your lady
as you would like to see her please.” I made several
contacts that way, but the best, by far, was Jane. She
wrote to me first, and I responding by giving her my
phone number.

At that time, I could go to my apartment for lunch so
she would call and we would talk. I would tell her
what I would like to do to and with her. It really
helped me to picture what I wanted to do with her when
she sent me two photos which had been specially posed
for me. The thought that her husband had taken the
photos specifically for me only added to my pleasure.
Finally, after several weeks of getting acquainted, we
set up a meeting.

I always get butterflies in the stomach when I am to
meet a new partner, so I had lots of them as I drove
up 101. Got to their house and was invited in. We had
planned to go to dinner after we had had a couple of
drinks. My lustful thoughts were uncontrollable when I
saw that she was wearing a blouse with no bra under it
and that the skirt was a split, wrap-around which
ended about 2-inches above her knees.

After a couple of sips on my drink, I asked her to
come to where I was sitting. She stood before me, and
I looked into her eyes for a very long minute. Then,
she reached to the edges of the skirt and opened it
back. There was nothing to interfere with the sight of
her pussy peeking from the bush that surrounded it. I
leaned forward with my hands on the insides of her
thighs, and put the tip of my tongue at the top of
that luscious slit.

There wasn’t really enough room to get any further so
I dropped my hand to behind her right knee. I lifted
until she was forced to balance for a moment on one
leg as I set her foot beside me on the chair. Then the
eating began in earnest. I could feel her trembling as
she began to get close to her climax, and finally she
was forced to put her hands on my head and steady
herself to keep from falling as she came.

As she began to come down, I once again became aware
that her husband had been watching, approvingly. By
that time, any interest we might have had in drinks
was gone.

We got into their car with all three of us squeezed
into the front seat. We talked about all sorts of
things besides sex, but my hand was on her thigh
through the slit in the skirt the whole time. Every
time that we turned a corner, I could feel her warmth
pressed against me. The softness of her breasts
pressed against my chest raised more than my spirits.

The restaurant, where we went, was configured like the
old Victoria Stations with high backed booths, so
there was a sense of intimacy yet the feeling of being
in a public room. Even before the waiter had come to
take our order, I had pulled her blouse open wide
enough to bring one of her nipples to my lips and had
sucked on it enough to make it hard. I wanted to be
able to see them poking through the fabric as we ate.

Once I had gotten Jane’s nipples hard, I put her tits
back into her blouse just far enough that the tips of
her nipples were covered. The dark circles that
surrounded her nipples showed in the V that her partly
buttoned blouse made. Even while the waiter was taking
our order, I had my hand inside her skirt playing with
her pussy.

Once he had left, I had her slide down in her seat.
Before I beginning to really play with her clit, I
gave her a napkin to muffle her sounds. Her husband
sat across the table from us enjoying the scene as I
made her cum.

At just about the same time as the food began to
arrive, I let her stop to catch her breath back again.

As we sat finishing dinner, we could see that the wind
had come up outside. As we walked across the parking
lot, the wind would catch her skirt and blow it back
leaving her entire front exposed. The wind had turned
her into an unwitting, although willing, flasher.

We had walked only about 30 feet when two couples came
around the end of a row of cars. Once again the wind
caught her skirt, but she walked on talking to the two
of us as if she were totally unaware of the fact that
she was completely exposed.

Once we got to the car, Jane and I crawled into the
back seat while her husband got behind the wheel. I
had often read about this kind of scene happening, but
it was my first experience putting on a show in the
back seat of a car for a husband. I was enjoying
myself, and it didn’t take long before I had all her
buttons undone and her whole body open to my tongue,
fingers and cock.

Our route took us down a freeway, but I was only
vaguely aware that we were driving rather slowly and
that cars and trucks were passing us. But I did
realize that it wouldn’t be hard for any of them to
look over and see what was happening in that back
seat. Before we pulled into their driveway, my cock
was buried deeply in her luscious cunt.

When we stopped in front of their house, I buttoned
one skirt button so that it wouldn’t fall off, and we
walked through the dusk into the house. She led me
directly into the bedroom with her husband following.
Although he also got undressed, he contented himself
with playing with himself as he sat on the foot of the

Jane and I resumed where we had left off. First, I
discovered that she had a gigantic vibrating dildo in
a drawer beside the bed. I was almost intimidated that
she could take so it so big, but I figured what better
way to open her enough that she could easily take me.

It was interesting to be inside her and feel her pussy
gradually shrinking to fit my size. We ended the
evening with me and a somewhat smaller sized vibrator
sharing her pussy at the same time. It had me cumming
until I was completely drained, and until she was
totally limp from her repeated orgasms.

My last sight of her was Jane lying spread on the bed
three-quarters asleep with my white moisture drying on
her hair as I placed a final kiss on her lips and a
final caress on her pussy.

The evening left me with one of those beautiful
memories that I can enjoy reliving again and again.

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An experience I had with a couple responding to my ad in on a swinger’s website