An Indian wife, meets a stranger at a bar and cheats on her husband

An Indian wife, meets a stranger at a bar and cheats on her husband

Me and my husband have been married for a few years. We have a decent sex life but was not a extremely hot one. He was good in bed but I always felt it lacked heat. He was a business man.. decent built and good last long in bed but was soft and loving. People have had a notion about indian women that they are a little conservative, but once you get them going they can rock your world. I was going to do something like that myself.

We moved to a new city a few months back. We bought a luxury apartment and had a posh lifestyle. My husband had a habit of living large, and that habit had got into me. He would travel a lot and some of the time we would go together and sometimes we wouldn’t. To describe myself, I am 5’8 slim waist, 32C bust size, nice shaped ass and a cute face. I would get the stares a lot and I would love it but I never knew one day it would go this far.

It was a Monday and my husband was going to be out of town for a week. So I decided will take a night out with a few friends. We decided to go to the local bar to get some drinks and then dinner. I put on maroon one piece with showing off my cleavage and my tight ass. The dress just covered my ass and a little below. Put on a thong and did my hair and walked out. On the way to the bar, I got a call from one of my friends saying they will be running a little late. I got to the bar and ordered a drink to myself. Just sitting on the lounge area I noticed a guy across the bar drinking a beer and looking at me. I didn’t bother making any eye contact.

But for some reason i was fixated to his looks, so I looked back and he stood up and walked up to me. He was well built 6 feet and very good looking and a charming voice. He started a conversation by saying, “lovely dress”, “thanks”, i replied a little astonished by his pick up line, it was new, “well where did you get it from?”, “its Versace, why do you ask”, he smiled and sat next to me, “well if I had a silly pick up line you would definitely not bother talking to me, but you replied”, I just laughed and said, “well this is silly as well”, he smirked and said, “you didn’t brush me off and I have made myself comfortable next to you, its not that bad”.

He was right I didn’t realize when I was comfortable, “the name is Sam, and you are?”, I thought for a second what should I say and suddenly I blurted out, “Naina”, he had his eyes wide open, “oh you’re Indian?”, “Yep”, he just smiled and said, “I love India and Indians”, “Really, have you been to India”, “No not really but I have heard a lot about it”, and I realized what the guy was doing, he had made me so comfortable with him there was no awkwardness. I never spoke to guys in the bar and generally the ones with a cheesy pick up lines, but this guy could hold a conversation. “I need a drink”, I said, “Sure what do you want?” and he just snapped his fingers, “I own the place”, “wow you have a nice place here, oh you should see the top floor”, “really, can I see it”, he jerked and said, “its a private place with a private pool for my special guests”.

“Do you mind if I see it”, he stood up and gave me his hand, the waiter stood by”, vodka with lemonade” and he asked the guy to send it upstairs. I realized I was walking to a strange place with a strange guy, but for some reason I was liking the feeling. I walked up to the hall way and it took us to a door, he scanned his card and it just slided through and we walked into an open terrace. It was absolutely stunning, it quite high up with a Jacuzzi, a bar and a lovely sitting with a round couch, “wonder what you’re guests do here?” I smiled and he replied by saying, “you have no idea”, and we just laughed, I got myself comfortable at the bar and the bar tender brought us our drinks.

We sat and spoke about each other and stuff, I didn’t realize I had a lot of drinks down me and the cool breeze was making my nipples perky and I am sure he noticed as I wasn’t wearing any bra. He took off his jacket and threw it on the couch and he had a lean body, well tucked in. He walked to edge of the Jacuzzi and turned it on, “care for a swim?”, I had kind lost myself but was not sure what to do, he walked up the edge and took off his top and jeans and I noticed a six pack guy in skimpy boxer shorts walking into the Jacuzzi. It was the first time I would ever show my body to another guy and it really wasn’t me but something inside me kept pushing me along, I walked up to the edge and unzipped my dress from the back and let it drop on the floor, bared my chest he was looking right at my erect nipples and I covered them with one hand and walked into the warm water.

The bar tender walked to the Jacuzzi and asked, “would that be all?”, Sam looked at him and said, “leave us a bottle of vodka here and then you can leave”, he did so and left. “you live well”, I said and he looked at half tits in water, “you have kept you’re self well maintained”, “you noticed”, I smiled and he replied, “well, that body cannot go unnoticed”, he poured me a few drinks and I was getting high and horny. I started to realized that I might end up cheating on my husband today, but was trying to stop myself. He came across the tub and sat next to me and before I could do anything, he pulled me close to him and started to kiss me, it was the first time I kissed another man..

I was so lost in his kiss and suddenly he moved his hands on my tits and started to fondle them, “mmmm, feels good”, I broke the kiss and said, I wanted to see what he had in store, I moved my hands and I felt a hard monster standing right up, “is that for real” I said, “100% baby”, and he started to kiss my neck and my head was turning with pleasure, he moved his hands to my thong and pulled it right off, I was butt naked in a tub with a stranger who I had just met, talk about being a slutty wife, wonder what my husband would say, would die of a heart attack if he saw me like this.

He started to rub my clean shaven pussy and pushed one finger and was biting my boobs, I was moving in ecstasy. He was controlling me and I obviously was not bothered about it. “baby don’t stop, I am gonna cumm… oooo baby… yea…” and was stopped and pulled me up and put me on the edge and started to lick my pussy, “you taste nice”, “aaaaaa fuck baby lick it.. lick that pussy” and he was going at it like an animal, his tongue was licking my pussy and I was nearing to an orgasm, I pushed his head into my pussy, “make me cum… I wana cum baby… please aaaaaa yea baby I wanna cum soo hard..”, he was fingering me even faster and I suddenly reached my orgasm and I was soo shaken, “aaaaaaa fuck me… I have never cum so hard…”.

He just smiled and said, “the fun has just began”, I took a few minutes and then got up and slipped back into the water, “time to return the favour”, he stepped up on the edge and removed his shorts and I was gazed at his dick, a 9’’ thick piece of monster, before he could say anything I just started to lick it.

To be honest I love cocks, I love big cocks, my husband was not this big and I wanted to be a bitch tonight, I knew I was gonna fuck this dick and it will rip me apart. I was licking his dick and sucking his balls and he was moaning along, I could hear him ask to suck it hard and he was holding my wet hair and pushing my mouth onto his dick. I was loving his dick and wanted to really suck him dry, “you better cum, cuz I am dying for some hot cum”, “like this I surely won’t last long” and he started to get harder and I knew he was gonna cum, “cum for me baby” and he exploded in my mouth and shot after shot of cum in my mouth.

I could barely swallow it and it went on, I kept licking him, he then suddenly pushed my head back and got a little rough, “gonna give this Indian pussy a hard pounding”, he said and he picked me up and put me on the edge of the Jacuzzi and bent over me and started to suck my boobs and bite me, I noticed he was getting rough with the way he was treating me but I was liking it, he bit me on my boob and left a mark and was turning in pleasure, “don’t leave marks please, don’t think I wana tell my husband”, he didn’t stop he bit my shoulder and said, “” he needs to know what slut of a wife he has”, and stood up and pulled my legs apart and stuck his dick into my pussy, “aaaaaa fuck… its huge… I feel full”, “you’re husband doesn’t satisfy you does he?”, he said.

“no, i need rough and dirty sex, I have never cheated on him and… aaaa fuck I am loving it…aaaa fuck please fuck me pussy… I want it so bad”, he started thrusting me harder, his every thrust was making me reach my next orgasm, I was going crazy, I never had a big dick of this sort in me, he bent forward and started to suck on my boobs and I was feeling so used.. “I am gonna cum.. oooh I am gonna baby fuck me harder.. come on.. fuck me” he then started fuck me harder and said, “say that you will fuck me whenever I want and will be my fuck toy till I demand, or I will stop, “nooo please don’t stop, anything you want… aaa fuck I will be you’re fuck toy.. you can fuck me anytime baby… anything for this dick”.. and he started to push his dick deeper and faster.. “good girl, you watch what am gonna do to you, will turn you into a slut”, he kept pounding me for good 10mins.

I had lost count of the orgasms I had, it was so many and my body was craving for fresh fuck and dirty fuck.. he turned me around and started to fuck me from the back and he just wouldn’t stop.. “he kept calling me a whore”, “you love this whore don’t you”, he pulled my hair and said, “you’re my whore from now and you will forget what you’re husbands dick feels like”, and he bit my neck and was biting my back and leaving body marks all over, after a point i stopped caring.

He kept pounding me, and then he pulled out and turned me over and sat in the Jacuzzi, i just moved back to him and slid his dick back into my pussy and facing him, he was pumping me like anything, and I was churning on his dick, he was sucking on my boobs and said, “you’re husband has not used his slut properly”, i kissed him and said, “he doesn’t fuck me like this”, and he bit my boob and said, “I will use this body tonight for myself” and he was started to fuck me again, he was gonna cum because he was fucking me for good 20mins, “bitch you gonna make me cum, where do you want it? Its gonna be inside you, you like it or not?”.

I looked at him and said, “do you really think I give a fuck what happens to me, I want that cum in my pussy”, and he gave a final thrust and we came together and he shot load after load in my pussy and I could feel hot cum inside me.. I was soo shaken by the orgasm I feel on him and he held me. After a few minutes he took his dick off my pussy and moved me to side, got up and poured me and himself a drink, “you can really fuck”, he said and I just smiled, I asked him where is the shower room, he pointed a door and I got off the Jacuzzi and walked to the door, I pushed it open and it was nice large bedroom. I walked to the wash room and saw myself in the mirror, I looked fucked, i had love bites all over me, I was used like a whore and I was loving it, I realised it was soo easy to cheat on my husband and was gonna do this all the time.

I cleaned up and and walked out and my dress was on the bed, just as I was about to reach the bed, I felt same behind me, rock hard again and was fondling my boobs from the back. “haven’t had enough have you?”, I said, he smiled and said, “nope”, and he pushed me on his bed and got on top of me, I was a little sore not being use to such fucking, “tonight you’re my slut and I am gonna fuck you like anything” and pulled me closer and pushed his dick back into me.. he was pounding me again and fondling my boobs, I was loving it, he kept fucking me for a good 10mins, “” aaaah… you’re fucking someone aaaah … wife, is that ok with you?”, he looked at me and said, “you’re a slut and that’s what I want, you don’t care about you’re husband why should I”.

He was right I didn’t care about what would happen to my marriage, I was fucking a stranger and was not even resisting. He pounded me for another 10mins and then lay on his back and I started to ride him, he kept rubbing his hands on my boobs and body and pushing his dick inside me, I had cum like a million times and was craving for more, he held my hips and said, “I am gonna cum… fuck ride me harder bitch” and he exploded inside me and shot another load inside my pussy. I lay on him and then next to him.

We fell asleep naked and I woke up before he could. Walked to the wash room and took a shower got dressed and walked to him, he was awake. “see you soon”, he said, and I was ready to definitely see him again. I was up for an adventurous week, “I have a friend who would like to meet you” and I just smiled and said, is he as big as you, “bigger” he said and I smiled and said, “how can I say no?”

I knew I had turned into a slut of a wife and was gonna be loose and do it anywhere..
If you liked my story tell me… I will let you know how I turned into Sam’s slut in no time and how he started using me for his and his friends pleasure..

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An Indian wife, meets a stranger at a bar and cheats on her husband