An Unexpected Adventure with Robin and Olivia – The Complete Story by Glassman2020

An Unexpected Adventure with Robin and Olivia – The Complete Story
by Glassman2020

An Unexpected Adventure with Robin and Olivia

Chapter One: Prelude

I was getting ready to move overseas for my job and since I had a month before leaving I asked my sister if I could stay with them for a month. While it was not ideal it allowed me to ship my things which needed the month for transit to South Korea so when I arrived I would be able to move straight into the company apartment I was assigned. I did not need furniture but there was my personal property that I would want with me. I work for a multinational IT firm and my four-year assignment was to oversee the manufacture of a key computer component designed especially for our industrial applications.

I was only 23 at the time and had worked for the company for just over a year. I had always wanted to see the world. Anyway, I was asked about traveling for the company and my positive answer got me the job.

Two months prior…

“Mark, would you come into my office at 10:00 for a meeting with the VP of Personnel.”

“Sure. What’s it about?” I asked Wyatt.

“It is about an opportunity. You’ve been doing a good job and we had an unexpected personnel change. So, you have been nominated for a new opportunity. See you at ten.” I wondered about it. I had not heard anything about a job opening. I went back to work and waited for the meeting.

At the appropriate time I walked over to the administrative building. Wyatt was waiting for me and the VP of Personnel, Ms. Grainger, was coming down the hall. She was a nice lady. You could not miss her more pleasant attributes, 5’8” with a nice slim frame supporting evenly balanced 34C breasts. She seemed to like nicely conservative tops that showed enough without letting you see too much. Her pretty auburn hair and green eyes made it difficult to concentrate around her. She wore a white top with frilly lace and a skirt that was below her knees but not too much. Very professional, very sexy, too.

I arrived at the office door and saw Ms. Grainger heading toward me. I stayed there waiting for her and took the time to admire her walking down the hall giving me the chance to stare without appearing to stare. When she arrived at the office I held the door for her.

“Good morning, Ms. Grainger,” I stated. She replied, “Good morning, Mark.”

We entered my boss’s office and Wyatt stood up to greet Ms. Grainger. “Good morning, Heather.”

“Good morning, Wyatt. I believe you have already mentioned the opportunity to Mark.”

“Yes, just in passing; nothing specific so I am sure he is interested in the details.”

“I am a bit curious about all of this,” Mark stated.

“So, let me explain.” Ms. Grainger replied. “Our South Korean factory representative became ill recently and has had to take a leave of absence. We need a person over there to help make sure the parts are correctly manufactured. You don’t need to speak Korean but will likely learn it as you work and live there.”

“Hold on. Are you talking about me going to Korea?”


“Why me?”

Wyatt spoke up, “You have demonstrated an exceptional work ethic which is needed since you will be the only one there. We need someone we can trust. We also need someone that is not married. This is a solo job and you are ideal.”

“Oh.” My mind was racing. I had been working up the courage to ask Susan from accounting out for a date. We had been chatting during lunch breaks and she seemed very nice. This would really mess that up. At 23 I was ready to get married and have a family of my own. Susan was a pretty and petite girl. She had blonde hair and the cutest freckles. I think she was interested in me as well, although that was hard to tell. Maybe it was only my desire telling me that. This job would keep me away, but for how long?

They were both quietly waiting for me to think. “So, how long is this job?”

Ms. Grainger responded, “about four years.” “Oh, and it pays a 25 percent premium with a continuing 10 percent salary increase after four years. And, that is besides the normal annual pay increases.”

There was nothing to decide. I replied, “I will take it.” Then thinking about my apartment, I asked, “what about my lease, it still has four months to go.” Ms. Grainger assured me the company would pay out any time left.

That definitely changed things. Maybe a four-year adventure would be good. It included a company apartment with all utilities paid by the company.

My Sister’s House

I arrived at my sister’s place Thursday afternoon. The Uber ride worked out well and I did not have much with me, just clothes for a week and my computer gear. The house was an old Victorian style that had been upgraded with some modern features like air conditioning. It had high ceilings and somewhere along the way a previous owner had built an addition on the back that was a nice bedroom and bath suite. That was going to be my room for the month.

I was greeted by my sister, Robin. Robin was the older of us and had been married for 15 years. She married at 18 and was ten years older. She was more a babysitter than a sister and we tended to get along fine. Robin always had a nice figure but I really did not notice until I was about 14 and she was married. It just never occurred to me. Robin is 5’3” when she stretches and is a nice build but has maybe small breasts, just perfect for her size and perky. I had my dad’s build being solid and a full 5’10” on my good days. At least if I did not slouch.

“Hey Mark. How was your trip? I would have picked you up if you told me when your flight was arriving.” “No need. It was fine getting an Uber and I knew you would be busy,” I replied. “Let me show you your room. We have cleaned it up and put in a desk for you to use.” I followed Robin through the house to the addition and my room. One of the benefits was it had its own bathroom.

We had just gotten everything settled when Olivia came bouncing in. Olivia is Robin’s 14-year-old daughter. She is the spitting image of Robin. The same slender build, the same brown hair and the same dimples. She is definitely a cute kid.

“Hi Uncle Mark. When did you arrive? Did you bring me a present? Are you really going to Korea? Where is Korea? Do they have McDonalds? I’d go crazy if they did not have a McDonalds.” She just kept asking questions without leaving me time to answer.

“Olivia, you have to give him time to answer. He can tell you about it later. You need to go change and do your homework.” “But mom, I want to find out about Korea. Do they have pretty girls? What do they wear?” “Olivia, go. Now!” Her mom stressed. Olivia went bounding out of the room and up the stairs to her room.

Over the next week I spent a lot of time explaining South Korea and what I would be doing. Since it was so far away I was not planning to come back to the States more than once or twice. I would be given one-month vacation during each year to travel home but I think touring other countries might be fun.

Since I was leaving there was no point making any female connections so when I felt the urge I would look at my favorite porn sites and stroke my cock. I would take time to really enjoy it. I definitely had to lock the door because Olivia had a bad habit of popping through the door unannounced. In the first week I had a close call. I had just finished showering when Olivia popped through the door and I quickly grabbed a towel to cover up. I think I had been fast enough. But, she may have seen my cock for an instant. She did not say anything, but quickly retreated. That did not stop other intrusions but I made sure to lock the door if I was going to be naked in the room. At 5’10” I have an athletic build and work to stay in shape. I was never a weight lifter but having fun activities kept me in good shape. My hair is kept short, just enough to have a part. Like my sister and niece, my hair is a natural brown. My eyes are hazel. While I would never rate as a movie star, I am not bad looking. The girls seemed to like my appearance.

It was getting close to my departure date. I was both nervous and excited. The trip was a long one. I had gotten ready for bed and was horny. I don’t know why I was so horny that night but it could have been because we had gone swimming that afternoon. The whole family, including my brother-in-law, Robert. Robert is a decent guy with a bit of a gut. His office work limited his activities. Over the month he traveled some and worked a lot so I only saw him at dinner and over the weekends when he wasn’t playing golf. He tried to teach me the first Saturday but after losing 7 balls he thought I should try other sports. I had to agree. It just was not going to get better.

So, I was horny and I knew I better lock the door before taking up my usual practice. With the door locked I turned on my computer and started pursuing my favorite sites. I like one that has a variety of movie clips. Some are as long as an hour. I opened one that looked interesting. Supposedly the brother and sister were staying home with the parents gone for the day. The brother sees his sister in a skimpy bikini and starts getting a hard-on. As his sister is laying out getting some rays the brother keeps spying on her hoping to get a nice view. As she is laying there she starts to massage her breasts through her top until she absently moves it down releasing her two beautiful and perfectly shaped breasts. He is now drooling and stroking his cock. Of course, it doesn’t take long before she is rubbing her pussy. She moves her bottoms aside showing a clean shaven perfectly shaped pussy. One any guy would appreciate. She rubs her finger up and down her slit until she finally pushes a finger into her vagina. He hears her moaning. He moans as his dick is hard and reacting to his sister’s moans.

I am stroking my cock, all six and a half inches. Not too big and not too small. I am really enjoying the sight. Then her brother walks over and watches his sister with her eyes closed. She hears a sound and quickly opens her eyes to see her brother watching her and his hard dick in his hand. Her surprise turns into a smirk and she reached up and wrapped her hand around his dick. She starts stroking him and he starts shaking. He tells her he is going to cum and then his dick shoots three or four times with cum falling on her stomach.

I keep stroking and thinking that her pussy would be nice to lick and then fuck. She was really cute. She reminded me of my sister. I tried to not think that way. I kept stroking and was about to cum when I heard a noise above me. I looked up and did not see anything. Maybe it was a squirrel in the attic. I went back to masturbating and enjoying the young couple fucking. It had not taken long for him to recover from the hand job and he ended up fucking his sister in all kinds of positions. I was in rhythm with their fucking getting closer and then I shot a long rope of cum up with it falling on the floor.

I got up and cleaned up the mess. When I looked up after spraying my cum all over the floor I saw a red light that went out. I did not see it again and forgot about it. I went to bed and slept well.

It was time to leave for South Korea. Robin, Robert and Olivia took me to the airport. My departure was on time and off I went.

Chapter Two: The Return

I spent my four years in South Korea having a blast. I toured just about every place in the region. One of the best things was the availability of young girls, all legal age. My sex life soared. I had the best medical care and made sure I avoided suspect play mates. I left South Korea with a lot more experience in most things sexual. I developed skills at lasting for very long times so I could fuck two or three girls for hours before cumming. With the money I was making I had no shortage of girls wanting to marry me. My time was up and I headed home. Well, I headed back to my sister’s house for another short stay so I could look for a new place to live.

The return was not quite the same as my departure. Robin had divorced Robert a couple of years ago. That was tough on her and Olivia. I could not be there physically but I spoke to her as much as possible. Olivia seemed to take it okay. She still kept good grades and had a bunch of friends. She had a number of friends with divorced parents. So, her support network was helpful.

Robin and Olivia came to get me at the airport. She told me that I could not stay there unless I let them pick me up. So, what was I to do? It was so nice to see them both. While I meant well to come back on my vacation time I spent the time traveling to new places and fucking a bunch of lovely girls.

We returned to her house; she got it in the divorce settlement. She again gave me the back room. I settled into it and we started to get in a routine. Robin looked like Robin. Same slender figure and perky breasts. Her brown hair was changed to a lighter shade, more of a sandy blondish color. It was different but kind of nice. Now Olivia was different. She was maturing and had turned into a slightly smaller version of her mom. Her brown hair flowed over her shoulders and her breasts had really grown. Maybe a bit bigger than her mom’s. But she really had filled out with hips a bit wider and that cuteness was bordering on beautiful. Definitely the prettiest girl in the family.

Olivia was smart and quite capable in information technology.

“Olivia, tell me about your IT club. Your mom mentioned that you were the president.”

“Oh, mom always makes a big deal out of it. They voted me in because no one else wanted it. They all wanted to make robots and have battles. Someone needed to help manage the club. We have gotten some sponsors to help pay for materials and competitions. Your company also sponsored us. A Ms. Grainger has been very supportive of our club.”

“Ms. Grainger was the person that talked me into the job in South Korea. I am glad she helped your club. What have you made in the club?”

“We have been combat robot champions for the last two years.”

“That is so cool.”

Robin came in from the kitchen telling us dinner was ready. “Hey you two, dinner is ready and we need to eat while it is hot. Mark, this will not be the erotic, no exotic foods you have had the last four years. So, don’t expect it.”

“Sis, I am happy to have regular food. And it smells so good.”

“Mom always worries. She is such a good cook. But you already know that.”

“Well, I always enjoyed her cooking,” I replied to Olivia while pushing her to the table. She felt so nice. Her arms were soft but strong. It was probably from her athletic activities. She also had time for sports, more specifically softball.

“Robin, I really appreciate you letting me stay for a while. I will have to find a place to live and get used to the area again. I am happy to be able to work virtually. My boss told me that I will have to travel some but most of it will be done teleworking. So, I can stay home and do my job.”

“That will be good. Maybe you can help me keep an eye on Olivia when I have to travel or work late.”

“That…” I tried to finish but was rudely interrupted. “Mom! I don’t need a babysitter. I am 17. All of my friends don’t have babysitters.”

“Well, maybe I will just stay out of it.”

“Olivia, dear, I just am not comfortable with you being alone. But, maybe Mark needs to be watched. He has been gone for four years. You can keep him company.”

Olivia perked up and said, “Now that is more like it.”

“Okay you two. I do not need to be watched,” I asserted.

“We will work it out.” Olivia opined.

Robin had made her gourmet meatloaf and fresh mashed potatoes. Both are wonderful and my favorites. She uses ground lamb, sausage and roast beef with a mix of herbs and spices that really make a good base. But, her secret ingredient is cream cheese and sour cream that gives it a rich texture. Since I am a fairly good cook I learned some secrets, too. And her mashed potatoes are rich with cream and butter.

“Robin, dinner is delicious. I have not had a good meatloaf for a long time. South Koreans don’t make anything like it.”

“I am glad you like it.” Olivia asked about the food I ate in South Korea. I told her about the normal diet but also mentioned some of the more ethnic foods. She was not very interested in the more unique foods.

With dinner over, Olivia and I cleaned up letting Robin settled in the living room to relax. Olivia kept bumping into me. Nothing too obvious but she seemed to make sure I noticed her. And, she seemed to be pushing out her breasts. It was probably my imagination.

We settled in a routine much like the last time I stayed with them. I went looking for an apartment each day. Nothing really caught my eye. They were too expensive or in a less than good location. I wanted to be close to Robin but not too close. When I found a girl I did not want my sister dropping over especially interrupting a good fuck session.

I was getting discouraged. It was Saturday and I told Robin I was going to look in a different area for an apartment. Robin told me she had to work and asked if I could watch over Olivia. Olivia was not too happy about it.

“Mom, I will be fine here watching TV.”

But, Robin countered, “Mark needs to be watched. We don’t want him to make a bad apartment decision. You can help him pick a good location. You can get to know him better.” Apparently, Olivia changed her mind and stopped arguing. In fact, she seemed to warm to the idea of looking with me.

We got up the next morning and had a nice simple breakfast. Olivia dressed in a nice pair of shorts and a frilly top. The shorts accented her butt, not that I paid a lot of attention but it looked enticing. You could just touch and squeeze her butt. Her breasts filled the frilly top. It was a nice peach color that highlighted her hazel eyes. She was definitely becoming a looker.

When we got in the car I told her we would head to the north side of town. I was hoping to find a reasonably nice place that was affordable in a safe neighborhood. I wanted to have a place to also find girls.

“So, Uncle Mark, how are you going to find a girl to marry.”

She was sounding like Robin. “Well, that is the challenge. Working from home means I won’t see the women at work which will make it harder. I hear that the grocery store is the new meeting location. I like cooking so that may help.”

“So, what do you want in a girl?”

“Someone like your mom. Someone nice, well built, pretty, capable of cooking, things like that.”

“You think mom is pretty.” I replied, “yes.”

“Do you think I am pretty?”

“Olivia, you are definitely pretty, and you will likely be considered beautiful when you are fully grown.”


“Yes, really. I would think the boys in your club would be all over you.”

“The boys in the club are only interested in technical stuff. I have never heard them talking about girls. I don’t think they even know what a girl is.”

“I am sure they know. So, they never talk about girls when you are around?”


The time went by fast and we were already at the first apartment. It was advertised to have good exercise facilities and excellent Wi-Fi connectivity. All of the utilities were included except telephone. My cellphone would work especially with the unlimited data and voice plan paid by the company.

“We are at the first apartment complex. Let’s roam around before going to the office.”

“Okay,” Olivia agreed.

The apartment complex seemed nice. It had a nice pool and a reasonably nice exercise room. At least I would be able to break up the monotony of virtual office work. Maybe there would be girls around to get to know. It showed promise. So, off we went to the office.

The office personnel were nice. They showed us around and we looked in the model apartment. The lease was a bit much but I could afford it. From the places I looked at previously this was possibly the best one so far. I still was not sure so we went looking at a couple more apartment complexes. All were nice. However, the Fountain Active Living apartment complex was the best. The exercise room was more current and the pool was well suited for laps. We went back there and signed the lease.

I was given two keys and Olivia and I went to my new apartment. It had two bedrooms that would allow Olivia to spend the night when her mom was out of town. “Olivia, what do you think about having a second bed so you can stay with me.” Olivia rolled her eyes. Then she surprised me. “I could just sleep in your bed with you.”

I don’t think I really understood. I told her that would not work because I liked to spread my legs across the bed and she would get in the way. She rolled her eyes and then shrugged her shoulders.

We returned to her house. Robin was not home yet so we picked out a movie to watch. Olivia went to change. She came in wearing exercise shorts that were fairly loose and a t-shirt top that was cut short. I did a double take because it looked like she was not wearing a bra.

Olivia said, “can we watch a romantic comedy?” I told her, “sure.” I really wanted an action picture, but, well, she was so damn cute I could not say no. And, she helped me find the apartment. She picked the movie from the Netflix listing. After the movie started Olivia snuggled up to me. I put my arm around her.

I noticed her breasts were perky. Her nipples were hard and poking her shirt confirming no bra. Was she getting aroused? It had to be my imagination. She shifted a little and I looked down to see her titties under her shirt. Oh my, they were beautiful. Such a pretty pink with deep rose aureolas. From my perspective they were so luscious. I was so mesmerized by the sight I did not think of the reaction it caused. My cock started to grow, pushing on my pants. She did not need to catch me looking especially with a hard-on.

I told her I was going to get something to drink and asked her if she wanted something. “Mark, I would like a bottle of water.”

I went to the kitchen and got a glass of tea for me and water for Olivia. I walked back into the den and saw Olivia laying on the couch watching the movie. But what I saw stopped me in my tracks. Olivia had her right leg propped up in such a way that her loose shorts were open. There staring back at me was a very beautiful pussy. She shaved. Who knew? Her slit was perfect, just exactly what I like. And, I have seen a lot of pussies. I think I stopped breathing. Olivia saw me and asked if I was okay.

“Ah…yeah…I…just…here’s your water.”

I sat down and we finished watching the movie. I did not see any of it from that point on. I could not get those titties and pussy out of my mind. Robin finally came home and we all went to bed.

I thought back over the day and imagined sucking on my niece’s titties and licking her sweet pussy. I began stroking my dick. Before long I came hard. I cleaned up and tried to sleep.

Chapter Three: Robin’s Need

Robin had been busy working so we had not spent a lot of time together other than for dinner. I was worried about her since she seemed to be over worked.

“Robin, I am worried that you are working too much. What’s up?”

“Mark, you don’t need to worry. We have a major project that is just about to be completed. It has taken a lot more time than I anticipated. But, it will be over in another couple of weeks. So, stop worrying.”

“Well, I would like to have you and Olivia over for dinner, together.”

“Okay. We can have dinner next Saturday.”

“Good. It is a date.”

I was eagerly looking forward to dinner with Robin and Olivia. While in South Korea I also learned how to cook many family dishes. I would need to find the right ingredients. I had noticed an Asian market near my new apartment. It might have the right spices and vegetables. One of the things I had looked for in an apartment was one with a gas stove. Gas is the best way to cook.

The day finally came and I had everything just right. They were going to be here in another hour. Then my phone rang, “hello.” “Mark, hey, I am sorry but Olivia forgot about a birthday party. She won’t be coming. We can postpone it.”

“That really sucks. Come anyway. We can spend time together.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” I was disappointed but it would be nice to have dinner with my sister.

“I will be over right on time. Do you want me to bring anything?”

“How about a nice wine. That would go well with some kimchi”


Dinner was nice and the red wine went well with the meal. “Robin, how about watching a movie?”

“Not tonight. I would really like to talk to you. You have been a blessing to Olivia and me.”

“I think you have that mixed up. I really appreciate your letting me stay with you.”

“Olivia adores you. With Robert out of the picture she has no close male role models. She needs that.”

“I am glad I can help. She is such a cute girl.”

“I really wanted to share with you my own challenge. It has been a while since I have dated. A long while. I don’t even know how to start.”

“You won’t have a problem. You are pretty and fit. Any guy would love to be with you.”

“What do guys expect today?”

“What do you mean?”

I looked at her and realized she was blushing. Now that was unusual.

“I mean, on a first date, how far.” Now she turned beet red. Oh, now I think I know what she wants to know. “How many bases?”

“You are so funny. You know you are beet red.” I had to laugh. My sister never used to say anything about personal stuff.

“Sis, guys are always looking to get into a girl’s pants or panties. That never changes. But, a gentleman never goes beyond the girl’s limits.”

“Oh, that is a relief. I was worried about that.”

“Hey, sis, if you were not my sister I would be trying to get into your pants.”

She blushed again. Then I noticed she was squirming a bit. I wonder. Is she getting aroused. Maybe I am just over thinking it.

“Mark, maybe if you were not my brother I would let you.”

“Ha, ha, very funny.” I threw a pillow at her. We used to play when we were young but she always beat me. The age difference and size difference then gave her the advantage. Of course, I tried to lift her shirt to counter her advantage but that never worked.

“So, what are you doing about your love life?” She asked.

“Nothing at the moment.”

“Have you been to that store over on the east side that has sexy stuff?” She asked.

“No.” What was she asking? I had been by there looking for my apartment but it was not one of the better areas of town. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, I was interested in maybe getting something to help with my stress.” I was not born yesterday. The light bulb went on and I smiled.

“Are you asking if they have dildos?” Then she turned beet red again. “Sis, how long were you married? You should know about vibrators and what their purpose is. Why ask me? Go see for yourself.”

“I have never been to that kind of place. I don’t want to go by myself.”

“You want me to go with you?” Hold on a minute. My sister wants me to go to a sex store with her to look for a vibrator so she can fuck herself. I am having a bit of a time wrapping my head around that thought. She wants help looking for the right penis looking vibrator in a sex store with her brother.

“Would you?” She asked tentatively. “It would make me feel safer.”


“How about now?” I echoed her in disbelief, “now?”

“Yes.” She told me that since Olivia was not with us it was a good opportunity. I could not deny it. So, we hopped in my truck and headed over to the east side. It only took 25 minutes to get over there. The neon lights really showed up at night. But, it did not even compare to the lights in the Seoul sex district. Now that place had the lights.

I parked and we walked in. There were only a few people in there. Looked like couples for the most part. It was not a bad place. They had a wide selection of products from videos, to lingerie, to sex toys for men and women. They had some video booths in the back. I let Robin go her way and I went to see what movies might be interesting. There is nothing like the Asian girls with their smooth slits looking all pretty. I found a couple of movies but the prices were just too much. Free internet movies were better. I got tired of looking and went over to where Robin was checking out the myriad of vibrators.

I came up to her and asked what size she wanted. She jumped and turned beet red. And then stammered. Then just shut up. So, I took advantage of the opportunity.

“So, do you want a white, black or brightly colored one? How about a real looking one? What size? Ten inch? Big around as your wrist?” She did not respond but did hit me. So, I went to look at the other sex products. Robin bought something but would not let me see it.

We headed back to my apartment. I asked her, “did you get batteries?” She looked at me, and simply shook her head. I told her it was probably triple A batteries. We got back to my apartment. I went to the kitchen and brought her three of them. From my experience they always seemed to need three batteries. She said thanks and put them in the bag.

She thanked me for taking her and told me the dinner was nice. She headed home and I suspected the vibrator was going to get a trial run. Oh, to be the vibrator for just one night. That would be splendid.

Chapter Four: Olivia’s Request

The week went by fast. Telework can be very busy especially when you are answering questions for the new guy in South Korea. Bob was the new lucky guy selected to replace me. I remember the calls I made when I was the new replacement. We were also developing a new wireless security system that needed a lot of document and technical reviews. I did not get a lot of time to spend with Robin or Olivia. To make matters worse, I had not had time to find my own female companionship. Five fingered willie was the best I could do.

It was Thursday evening when Olivia called me. She wanted me to have dinner with her since her mom was going to be out of town Friday night because she had an early Saturday meeting and did not want to leave at 2:00 AM and drive four hours. I told her I would be over at 6:00 and would bring pizza for dinner. Robin was at work and when Olivia called her about the arrangement Robin sent me a text thanking me.

Work was finally done on Friday. I showered. Working at home means I don’t have to shower each morning. So, this morning I did not shower since I was not planning to go out during the day. It was nice being shaved and clean with a light touch of aftershave. I headed over to get pizza and then on to Robin’s house. I did not bother knocking but walked into the house. Olivia had left the door unlocked. With the pizza and drinks, it was easier for me than using my house key.

Olivia bounced to the door, hugging me and almost making me drop the pizza. “Hey. Give me a chance to put things down. The pizza almost dropped.”

“Sorry. I was just so excited to see you. I have missed seeing you every day. How was work?”

“Settle down. Work is fine. I just wish Bob would lay off on the questions. And, Mr. Johnson is after me to finish up a plan for wireless security protocols. Just the normal stuff called work. Some day you will find out about it.”

“So, mom left for her meeting. She is going with her boss, Charles. Mom says it like ‘Chawrels’ with some kind of accent.”

“I hope they have fun.”

“I think mom likes him, really likes him.”

“Has she said so?”

“No. But from the way she talks about him she sounds like my friend Julie. Julie talks about Branden the same gooey eyed way.”

“What do you think about it? Do you mind if your mom dates?”

Olivia thought about it for a bit. I don’t think she had really thought about her mom dating.

“Well, I suppose she should. She is still young. I guess it is alright.”

“Hey, you can double date.” I joked.

“Ewe.” Olivia hit me.

“I guess not. We need to eat the pizza while it is hot. Did you want to watch a movie?”

Olivia hesitated a little, then she said, “Well, I found a movie I want to watch with you but you might not want to watch it with me.”

“What is the title?” Olivia hesitated and then whispered, “Two Virgins Lost.”

I had not heard that title before. So, I said, “I have not heard that title before but if you want to watch it that is fine.”

She put the movie In the DVD player and sat by me. She hit the play button and it started with the usual don’t pirate the movie or the FBI will come after you. Then the title started and it looked like two teenagers were in love. I figured it was another Romeo and Juliet type movie. Just what a girl wants to watch. I would play along.

We ate our pizza and the two teens were out on a picnic in a field somewhere. The scenery was nice. It looked like a good place to have a picnic. They were doing what most people and particularly lovers would do, hold hands, stare into each other’s eyes and enjoy the scenery. Then the unexpected occurred. The girl reached over and pulled the boys shorts down allowing his penis to flop out.

I had a heart attack. “Olivia, close your eyes. We can’t watch this.” I grab the remote and stopped the movie.

“But you said you would watch it with me,” She implored.

“I did not know it had sex in it. Your mom would kill me if I let you watch it.”

“I have had sex education! I know how it works!”

“I still can’t watch this with you.”

“I know you have seen naked people. I know you masturbate to porn.”

“What?” I am just not comprehending. Olivia has never said anything like that before. “Okay, let’s talk this over.”

Olivia looked at me with sorrowful eyes. “I wanted to learn more about sex so I would know how to handle boys. I thought this would be a good way to learn and you could help teach me about what happens.”

“I thought you took sex education.”

“I did, but they don’t really teach anything useful.”

“Why don’t you ask your mom?”

“She is always busy and with dad gone I did not want to bother her.”

“So, what do you want to know?”

“I will ask as we watch the movie.”

“I am not sure this is a good idea, but I will help. But, don’t tell your mom, she’d have a fit.”

I restarted the video. I was not sure what was going to happen but maybe I could help Olivia with understanding.

The girl wrapped her hands around the boy’s dick and started stroking it up and down getting it harder. The guy was uncircumcised. As the girl’s hands went up and down on his shaft the foreskin would cover the glans and then uncover it. She was doing a good job and the boy was moaning with pleasure. I looked at Olivia and she was in a trance, just staring at the guy’s hard cock. Then the girl moved so she was close to his cock and started to lick the top of his dick. She moved her tongue in circular motions around his glans and he was really moaning. He started jerking a little and lifting his butt up in rhythm with her stroking. I knew he was going to cum. I watched Olivia as the guy started squirting cum. It went several inches and landed on his shirt and pants. When that happened Olivia said, “Oh my.” She looked at me and asked, “Does that happen every time?” I replied, “Most of the time.”

We went back to watching the movie. The boy helped the girl remove her shorts and panties. She had a nicely groomed pussy. Her pubic hair was close cropped and neatly trimmed. She had nice meaty lips. I liked what I saw. The boy asked the girl to sit over his face and he ate her pussy. She was moaning quickly and started to shake as he continued to lick her pussy and clit. Her eyes rolled back and she started breathing heavily. Her orgasm was just about there. She said, “don’t stop. Keep licking my pussy. Keep licking. Fuck, I’m cumming.” The girl’s juices were all over the boy’s face.

Olivia looked at me and asked, “Does that happen every time?”

I replied. “No, girls don’t always cum. It depends on a lot of things.”

“Like what?”

“Well, like how much she likes the guy, how well he helps excite her, and a bunch of mental things.”

Thankfully the rest of the movie was more of the same but in different places. They never had intercourse. But we had our own problem.

I realized that I had gotten aroused. I tried to hide it but my hard cock was not cooperating and Olivia noticed it. “It looks like you enjoyed the movie, Uncle Mark.” I hate being embarrassed. But I could not deny the obvious. “I guess I am.” “Are you going to take care of it?” “No.” I was not about to tell my niece that I was going to masturbate. But, I was horny and needed to release the stress. Then she said, “Do you want me to do it for you?”

My heart stopped. What did she say? Did she really say that? I would love to have her delicate hands wrapped around my cock. I would love to see her breasts and pussy up close and lick her pussy, tasting her juices. I would love to fuck her pussy. I would love to enjoy her young body showing her how to fuck for hours. I would, but she is my niece. And my sister would kill me.

Breath. Breath and calmly reply. Hell yes, you can do it for me. No. Not that reply. “Olivia, no, you can’t help me. Your mom would kill both of us.”

“I was just asking.”

I had all of the excitement I could stand. I told Olivia to go to bed and we could talk more tomorrow. I headed to the usual spare room to spend the night. Robin had previously mentioned that she wanted me to watch Olivia but did not want Olivia to complain about the babysitter. I went in the room and opened my computer. I stripped out of my clothes and made sure the door was locked. Then I found my favorite cam girl’s site and looked through the models stopping on ones that were interesting. I spent time with a red head model that was playing with her pussy. She was nicely brazilianed…no hair whatsoever. That pink slit was beautiful. I was absentmindedly stroking my dick. I watched for a while and then moved on in search of more pretty girls. I think some of the stranger girls are cute. Purple hair, interesting makeup. It would be interesting to fuck such a girl. I got tired of that and opened a movie for serious fucking. I like watching girls being fucked especially seeing their pussy filled with a cock. I imagine my cock in their pussy sliding in and out of a warm and moist oven perfectly fitted to my dick. The feeling is magical. I was really getting into it and was so horny watching the movie with Olivia that I wanted to cum so badly. I could feel my dick tighten up and the cum was boiling. Then I had the first pre-cum leakage that gave me more lubrication and that set me off with a massive ejaculation that squirted onto my keyboard and the floor. That felt so good. I heard a noise and looked up and saw a red dot for an instant. Then it was gone.

Chapter Five: The Swim Party

Olivia was turning eighteen on Tuesday. When your birthday falls in June you can have a lot of fun. Olivia wanted a pool party and of course I was invited as well as a dozen teen girls and boys. Robin said I was to be a chaperone. Having seen Olivia in various clothing ensembles, I knew this was going to be interesting with girls in various swim wear. I was not disappointed.

I took off on Tuesday so I could help with the final arrangements. Robin was running around going crazy. “Hey, Sis, let me help. I took the birthday banner and helped tack it to the wall. I then put up the various frilly decorations. I helped make punch and put tables up. Finally, we finished decorating and setting up. The guests would be arriving soon.

Olivia was so excited. She came down to welcome her guests. She had on a yellow bikini with matching flip flops. The bikini was reasonably modest in that the top covered her breasts mostly. And the bottom covered the bottom from both vantage points. The color fit well with her brown hair. And she had put her hair up for swimming.

“Olivia, you look very nice. I am sure the boys will appreciate the outfit.”

“Probably not, these are mostly from the robot club.”

“Oh. If they don’t then they need to be committed.”

It was nice that Robin had a pool. It was a nice size for fun activities like parties. The first of the guests arrived. The boys all looked a bit out of place. Their swim trunks may never have been used. And from the lack of tans, they probably did not spend time outdoors. So, I suspected they were the club boys. On the other hand, the girls were all wearing nice outfits. Most had a cover up on over their swim attire. Some of the girls appeared to be maturing with nice hips and curvy butts. Others were less so with slim hips and flat tops and butts. But, they were all cute. I figured it would not be so bad after all.

The afternoon party was a hit and many of the guests went home. However, three of Olivia’s friends stayed late to have a more private swim party. I had settled in the spare room since the boys were gone so I did not need to chaperone. Robin was cleaning up the kitchen and planning to relax. She said the girls get together often during the summer to swim. So, I was relaxing a bit.

I heard some laughter and whooping and hollering so thought I would peek out the curtains. It was dark out now that the sun had set but with the pool lights and the patio lights it made the area viewable even if a bit dim. I was caught off guard by what I saw. Four young teens running around naked. They were skinny dipping and generally having fun. I watched intently. It looked like Vickie had the biggest breasts. I could tell that only by the way they bounced. Maddie had small breasts. The other girl besides Olivia was about Olivia’s size but she was a few shades darker. Too bad the light was not better. As I looked I realized my dick was growing. Am I really horny for a bunch of teen girls? They were nice to see. This went on for about 45 minutes before they put back on their swim clothes and prepared to be picked up.

Shortly after the girls left Olivia knocked on my door. She was learning. I told her to come in. She bounced in and plopped down on the bed. “I wanted to thank you for helping today. I also wanted to thank you for my gift. The necklace was really nice and the money, too. I know you are tired and want to rest; I just wanted to thank you.”

“Olivia, I am glad your birthday turned out well. It looked like you and your friends had fun.”

“We did.”

“In the morning I am helping your mother and then will go home.”

“Maybe we can have breakfast together. Then Julie and I are going to shop for some summer outfits.”

“Okay, good night.” I was not wanting her to go but also needed her to go. Once she was safely gone I turned on my computer and started surfing my favorite porn sites. As I was surfing I stroked my cock and spent plenty of time enjoying the feeling. I imagined what it would feel like to have those teen girls stroking my dick and licking it. And then spending time licking their pussies until I fucked each one. I wondered what it would be like to fuck four virgins. It did not take long to spurt out four or five ropes. I absently looked up and saw a red dot that quickly vanished. I had not really thought about it but I need to ask Robin about it tomorrow. I cleaned up and went to bed thinking about those four naked girls running around.

Chapter Six: The Red Light

Breakfast was just what I needed. Toast, bacon, and eggs. All made with just the right seasonings. Bacon that is crisp and with a hint of brown sugar is delicious. It is easy to coat and put in the oven for a rich taste. The toast was made using a French bread cut on the bias. It was toasted lightly on both sides and then butter is smeared across one side and melted. Eggs must be slow cooked and fluffy. And with a hint of cheese adds nice flavor. Of course, I could eat plenty.

We all sat down and enjoyed the breakfast Robin made. Olivia was heading out to shop with Julie later and I was heading back to my apartment. I had some work to do and general clean up of the apartment. Then I was probably going to swim for a bit.

“Robin, everything is delicious. You have definitely perfected breakfast.”

“Mark, thank you. I am sure you could do better.”

“No, that was really well done. I think I try cooking things too fast for breakfast most of the time.”

“I am glad you liked it.” Robin said.

“Olivia, what are you and Julie going to look for today?” I asked.

“I wanted some sandals and a newer bikini. Julie was talking about getting a cover up for her swim suit and may be some hair ties. But we may find other things as well.”

“I thought your swim suit was new.”

“I got it last year and think a new one would fit better.”

“Don’t spend too much,” Robin interjected. “You need to save some of your money for the July trip.”

“I have it put aside. Besides, Uncle Mark gave me a nice present.”

“Oh, really?”

I had given Olivia only 50 dollars in addition to the necklace. Then I thought about the red light. “I wanted to ask you, Robin, about this red light I have seen in the spare room. Do you know what is causing it?”

“I am not aware of a light. Where is it located?

“It was up near the return air vent. I have seen it a couple of times but only for a second, then it disappears.”

Robin asked Olivia, “Have ever seen a red light in the spare room?”

Olivia hesitated and then said, “No.” She had a puzzled look on her face that seemed to change to concern. But then she followed up saying, “I don’t remember seeing any lights by the vent.”

“Well, I guess it will be a mystery. I may try to solve it next time I am over.”

After breakfast Olivia and I cleaned up the kitchen and then headed out to our respective activities. Julie’s mom picked up Olivia right at 10:00 and then I said good bye to Robin so she could go to work. At the apartment I took care of my cleaning. There is no need to run the dish washer more than once a week. Clothes needed to be washed. Thankfully the apartment included a small washer and dryer. In South Korea I got spoiled by having a cleaning service, again paid by the company. An added benefit was some of the cleaners enjoyed a little extra money on the side. They would do a few extra chores when I was home. It can be rather fun to watch a nude girl cleaning the house. Bending over to pick up things from the floor with the right angle made it all the more enjoyable. A couple of them would give me special attention cleaning me in the shower with a hand job or a blow job added in. They never fucked me as that was not their role but being nude and doing a hand job was considered okay by the company.

The next two weeks were busy. With work most of the time my free time was limited. We were working on a new manufacturing process that I had to explain to the South Korea contingent. I only called Robin and Olivia to check up on them. Robin had been asked out by a guy she had been flirting with and they went on their first date. I asked if Olivia needed watching but she was going over to Julie’s for a sleep over so there was no need.

I finally slowed down and due to the extra work was given an extra couple of days off allowing me to have a four-day weekend. It was getting towards the end of July and I thought it would be nice to visit my sister. While we lived fairly close, it still was nice to stay there. So, I packed for a long weekend.

Robin welcomed me as usual. We spent a while getting caught up and then she had to go do a little shopping. I offered to go with her but she said she would be fine. She told me to relax. Olivia was out with friends shopping so the house was quiet.

I thought about that red light. So, I decided to do a little investigating. I went to the spare room and looked around the vent. I did not see anything. I got Robin’s step ladder and climbed up to get a closer look. Still nothing that looked like a light. So, I went upstairs and measured off where the vent was located. I did not see the vent because there was a closet at that location. I started to head back down stairs but then thought maybe I should look in the closet.

The closet had a light so I turned it on and moved the things hanging up out of the way and noticed the grid of the vent. I got on my knee and looked through the vent and you could clearly see the desk in the spare room. Then I noticed that a couple of the louvers were a little further apart. Nothing that should be noticeable from the spare room. I snooped around a little more and found a pillow leaning against the side wall.

I was still puzzling over it all when I heard someone walking up the steps. I crawled out of the closet as Olivia was reaching the top of the stairs. I started to say something but then I saw the panic on her face. I put the clothes back in order. Then I turned to her, frozen and staring at me. I spoke to her, “Olivia, what do you know about the red light?”

She stammered and stopped. She started crying, “I am sorry. I just could not help myself. I will delete the files. Please don’t tell mom.”

I still was not exactly sure what was going on. I think I was being dense. “Olivia, what files?”

“The video I made watching you.”

“Bring them here.” She went to her room and returned with a video camera. “When dad left he gave me his video camera. The files are on the camera.”

I told her to come to the spare room with me. I had the cables to connect it to my monitor. She reluctantly followed. When I got there, I hooked up the video output to my monitor and found the files to play. I picked the latest one to play. What I saw shocked me, not by what was seen, but the fact my niece had filmed me. The vent louvers blocked some of the view but that little space allowed the lens to zoom in and capture me masturbating at the desk where I put my computer. She had watched me masturbate three times. Olivia sat on the bed with her head down. I was stunned.

“Olivia, why?” She was barely able to speak. In a soft, fearful voice she said, “I am sorry. I was just curious about boys and one night I heard you making noise. I knew you could look into the room from the closet and I went up there and when I looked through I saw you, um, masturbating. I just could not stop watching and stayed there until you went to bed. Then the next time you were here I thought about the camera and when you went to bed I took it with me. I was surprised and excited to see you playing with your, your thing. I just about could not sleep that night thinking about it.” She stopped. She looked at me and dropped her head.

“Well, tell me the rest.”

“There’s not much more to tell. I did the same thing two more times so the video would be better. But the light was never good enough to see well.”

“What did you do with the video?”

“I watched it on the view screen.” She looked up and pleaded, “please don’t tell mom. I will do anything to make this up to you. Please?”

“I don’t know what to do. You should not have made videos.”

“I know. I just…I was curious.”

“I am going to think about this and will let you know my decision. And, I am keeping the camera.”

Olivia went to her room and stayed there until her mom called her down to dinner. Dinner was very subdued. Olivia just about cried every time I said something. Her mom asked her what was wrong and she said it was that time of month. I knew better.

At least now I knew what caused those little red lights. And, I had the camera. And Olivia was willing to do anything to keep her mother in the dark. I had a lot to ponder. And ponder I did.

What should I do about Olivia’s film escapades? It had to be something that would stop further intrusions. Something that was equal or worse than what she had done. The more I thought the more my thoughts turned to those naked girls running around playing by the pool. Olivia did not know I had watched her and the other girls skinny dipping.

A plan started forming; a plan that would be fun for me. I could implement it the next time I went over to swim in the pool. The next time would be soon.

Chapter Seven: The Payment

It was Thursday and I took the day off. I knew that Robin had to work late and she had mentioned that Olivia would be home. Now that Olivia was fifteen years old Robin thought Olivia needed more freedom and let her stay by herself for longer periods of time. This was the perfect day for the payment.

I arrived at 2:00 pm and was welcomed by Olivia. She was a little quiet but not too much so. “Hi, Uncle Mark. Mom told me you wanted to swim.”

“Yeah. I thought it would be nice to go swimming with you and then get some pizza.”

We both went to change and met at the pool. We dove in and started swimming short laps. It was refreshing with the August heat. The good thing was the house blocked the late afternoon sun so we could swim without worry of sun burning. Also, the pool area was very private. After swimming for about 30 minutes, I swam up beside Olivia. She had hopped out and was dangling her feet in the water. So I sprung the trap.

“Olivia, remember the camera and video you took?”

“She looked at me with expectant and worried eyes and softly said, “yes.”

I replied, “Well, it is time for payment.”

“What do you mean payment?”

I told her, “Well, to be fair about the situation, you saw me masturbate at least four times and more times watching the videos. You have seen my hard cock and me ejaculate. So, I think it is only fair if I get to watch you masturbate.”

“No. That is not fair. I can’t do that.”

“Olivia, do you really want your mom to find out?”

“No. But don’t make me do that. Please.” She pleaded.

I simply said, “Robin will be home at 10:00 tonight. I hope you understand the consequences of your actions.”

“Okay. I’ll do it. When?”


“Not now.”

“Now, or never. You decide.”

She looked at me, then down; then at me hoping to get a reprieve. But I gave her none. “Okay.”

I told her to remove her top. She reached back and untied the bow letting the top slide down but she covered her breasts with her hands. “No covering.” She dropped the top. Then she started wriggling her bottoms down, stopped, saw my face and continued until they were off. She had her legs together. “Olivia, you saw my cock. I want to see your pussy. Spread your legs. She did so. She had a beautiful pussy. So pink. And she was shaved. I could feel my cock growing.

“Okay. Lay back and start masturbating. She laid back using pillows from the lounge chair and started touching her pussy. She rubbed up and down her slit. After a short while she started rocking her hips and she slid a finger in her pussy. I so wanted to taste that finger. I could smell her sex and it was a pleasant odor. It only took about 10 minutes before her moaning grew and her legs started shaking. Then she moaned through clenched teeth “I’m cumming.” I could tell that from her actions. Her orgasm was over in about a minute. She just lay there. I kept admiring her pussy and so much wanted to lick her. My dick was pressing against my swim trunks. I wanted to pull it out and stroke it right there. But I fought the urge.

Olivia recovered and sat up. She asked, “Is the payment complete?” I replied, “Nope. You owe me two more times.”

She looked at me. Then she said, “Okay. When?”

“We will have to see.” I needed to take care of my situation. I was so temped to pull my cock out right then and there. I started to get out of the pool and Olivia saw my tent. “It looks like you need help.”

“No, I will be fine.”

Then she surprised me. “I really am sorry about the videos, but I never really got to see your cock very well and it was at a long distance. Can I see your cock up close?” I stopped. That was a mistake. I was so horny. My mind was playing tennis with the idea. Back and forth. My dick was still hard. And it won.

I sat down be the pool and slide my swim trunks down. She had already seen my dick. So, that was not new. Why not let her see it up close? When my dick sprang out it was standing at full attention, about six and a half inches. Olivia’s eyes got big. She said, “It is so big. I did not know it would be so big. Oh, my. Can I touch it? Will it hurt?”

I must have lost my mind, “yes, you can touch it. It doesn’t hurt.” Then she wrapped her hand around my cock and I almost shot my load right then. She started stroking me up and down. I moaned. She asked, “Does it hurt?” I said, “No. That feels really good.” I had not been touched much since I had been back from South Korea. It felt wonderful having her soft hands playing with my dick. I told her how to use the pre-cum to lubricate the head and she rubbed it around making me feel fantastic. I so much wanted to fuck her pussy. But, that was not going to happen.

Olivia got into a good rhythm and added her second hand to rub my cock’s head. She kept at it until I told her I was going to cum. She had already seen that from a distance so she knew what was going to happen but she was not really prepared for the actual thing. She jumped when I spurted the first time. It went up and fell on my leg. The next three spurts went up and back down covering her hands and my pubic area.

“That was awesome. I did not know it would go so high. Does it do that every time.” I was still settling down and quietly said, “yes.”

We both swam naked and cleaned up in the pool. We got out and headed into the house to dress and prepare dinner. We made homemade pizzas.

About 10:00 Robin came home and asked, “How was the day?” Olivia looked at me and I simply replied, “Fantastic. I hope to have a day like this again soon.” Olivia gave me a knowing smile.

Chapter Eight: The Next Question

Life went back to normal with work and home. I had more time to visit Robin and Olivia. Babysitting duties had ended when Olivia turned eighteen. Olivia proved she could be trusted and so she stayed home by herself or told her mom when she went out with friends. And Robin said Olivia always was home by a reasonable hour. We had not had time or the opportunity for another payment. But, the next step started to form.

Olivia opened the door when I arrived. She was working on dinner since Robin was due home around 6:00 pm. Summer was almost over and then she’d be back in school, that is college. “How’s my favorite niece?”

Olivia replied, “Good, except I am having trouble with the bread.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It is not rising properly. I thought I mixed it correctly.”

“Did you put yeast in it?”

“Yes. I put everything in it but it just seems to be blah.”

“Was the yeast old?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, I am sure it will taste fine. They will just be flats.”

“Hey, don’t make fun of my cooking.”

“No fun, just happy you can cook.”

“Since your mom is not here, when did you want to make another payment?”

“I have been thinking about it. I also said something to Julie about her experience with boys.”

My heart skipped. “You did not say anything about the payment?”

“No. Absolutely not. I was just curious about her knowledge.”


“I really wanted to make the payment as good as possible. I have not stopped thinking about it. My pussy stays wet. But, we have to wait for mom to work late. She has not been cooperative lately.”

“Okay. Let me know.”

Olivia was quiet for a while. I looked at her and she was obviously arguing with herself. So, I interjected, “What are you trying to decide?”

She glanced at me with a puzzled look. “How did you know?”

“Your face gave you away. What were you thinking?”

“After talking with Julie, I found out she hasn’t actually seen a guy’s penis. She has watched porn and knows what happens but that was not the same. She said the boys try to get into her pants but they are all the same. They want to use girls and then go to the next girl. And, she did not want the wrong reputation so she always says no.”

“I can understand that.”

“So, I was thinking if I could invite Julie to our payment time.”

“What do you mean? Will she participate? Watch? What?”

“I was thinking she could also masturbate for you. And you could let her see your cock up close.”

“Are you serious? How are you going to convince her?”

“I am still working on that. I may just ask her if she’d like to see a real cock and that she would have to masturbate for the guy.”

“Do you really think she’d go for it?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

“When are you going to bring it up?”

“Soon, I wanted to make sure you would be okay with it.”

“What is not to like. Two girls masturbating for me. And then a hand job in return.”

“So, you are okay with it?”


We had just finished discussing the plan when Robin pulled into the garage. We had a nice dinner even if the bread was flat. Then Olivia went to her room, leaving Robin and I to talk.

“Robin, it seems that you are doing well with Olivia, now that she is getting older.”

“Yeah, she is a good kid. I am thankful for the way she turned out, even with the situation with her dad. It has been nice having you near. Olivia has really been saying nice things about you.”

“That is nice. I think she is a nice young lady. I always look forward to spending time with her. I don’t know why she wants to spend time with me.”

“I am glad ya’ll are getting along well. I need to ask a big favor.”

“What do you need?”

“You know that project I have been working on for the last eight months.” “Yeah,” I replied. She continued, “I need to be gone for two weeks. And, it will occur with the start of college so I need you to ensure Olivia gets settled into her classes.”

“That should be fine. My work is now routine so there should be no issue. And, I can adapt my schedule as needed. Working from home is more flexible than an office.”

“And, I would like you to stay here with Olivia during that time.”

I was thinking how perfect this was going to be. It set up the perfect time to get the second payment from Olivia and with Robin gone she could plan a sleep over with Julie. That was more than I could ask for. “Robin, I think that will work fine. I hope your trip goes well.”

“Mark, I am so thankful to have you near.” No, I thought, it is me that is thankful. But I said, “I am always happy to help.”

She seemed relieved. Now I knew what to plan. Before leaving I went to say good bye to Olivia. I knocked on her door. She answered, “come in.”

“Hey, kiddo. Your mom asked me to stay over while she is out of town for two weeks. I think you could have a sleep over with Julie during that time.”

“That would be perfect. Now I know what to do to convince her.”

I left and headed back to the apartment. I was horny. Two girls to watch masturbate. This reminded me of South Korea. But there I would also fuck both. As much as I would love to fuck Olivia that was not going to happen. When I got home I put in one of my SK videos and enjoyed reminiscing about some of the girls I fucked. And, I shot my load thinking about two young pussies.

Chapter Nine: The Sleep Over

Olivia went over to Julie’s house the week before the planned sleep over. She was so excited. “Julie, how would you like to have a sleep over next weekend. My mom is going to be out of town and my uncle will be the chaperone.”

Julie was not very enthusiastic. “Why don’t we wait until your mom is back. Your uncle is nice but he just does not seem to be that much fun.”

“Oh, he is a lot of fun. And, I wanted to have the sleep over when mom was out of town.”

“So, what am I missing?”

“Well, I don’t really know how to explain it.”

“Then just say it.”

“Okay. I did something that would get me in a lot of trouble with mom. Uncle Mark and I worked out a fair payment or punishment so that mom would not know. My next payment is due next weekend. And, I know you would like to participate.”

“Hold on. You want me to participate in your punishment?”

“Well, yes and no.”

Julie was puzzled. “So, which is it?”

Olivia decided to change tactics. “I know you have only seen a penis looking at porn.”

“What does that have to do with the sleep over or your punishment?”

“Would you like to see a guy’s dick for real, especially one that is erect.”

“Of course. I have always been curious. But, I am still confused.”

Olivia blurted it out. “I filmed my uncle masturbating without his knowledge and he found out. I had to masturbate while he watched. Then he was horny and he let me see his cock up close and I gave him a hand job. It was fantastic.”

The look on Julie’s face changed from shock to disbelief to excitement to puzzled. “What? You watched your uncle and filmed it, then he found out. And now you have masturbated in front of him and gave him a hand job. Really?”


“That is a lot to take in. So, what is the punishment?”

“I filmed him three times so I have to masturbate for him three times. One is done. Two more times left. It was so hot. I came more than ever before.”

“So, what about the sleep over?”

“You are invited with one condition.”

“What condition?”

“You have to masturbate in front of him. And then you will be able to see and touch him. You could give him a hand job.”

“Are you serious?”


“When do you want to know?”

“Before the weekend. And you can’t tell anyone.”

The next four days went by slowly. Olivia did not bring the subject up but acted like nothing had happened. She was excited but needed to keep her mind off of it. When she did think about it she felt tingly and her pussy became very wet. She changed panties twice a day to keep from having wet spots on her pants. Finally, Julie pulled her aside. “Okay. I will join you.”

“Are you sure?”


So, the plan was set in motion. Now, I called Mark.

“Uncle Mark, Julie agreed to the sleep over.”

“How did you convince her?”

“I told her the truth.”

“What? How much?”

“It is fine. I told her what I did and the punishment. She wants to see a guy’s cock for real. So, she is in.”

“Okay. We will need to finish the planning.”

The next couple of days were busy with school since Olivia was back to regular attendance. Summer was over. Everything was going fine until the sleep over leaked out. Now Vickie and Jenny were coming to the sleep over. That was not expected and Olivia could not say no. We will have to postpone the payment.

Friday afternoon came and the girls all arrived. They were having snacks and talking about the fun for the night. I was cooling myself. Just thinking about the planned fun made my cock press against my pants. It is a good thing I wore jeans. But, the tightness hid my erection while making it uncomfortable. Now I will have to suffer until I can go take care of it after going to bed. Not exactly what I planned. I was in the kitchen but could hear the girls talking. They just ignored me.

The girls started playing truth or dare. They used a bottle and spun it. It appeared they had played this game before. They spun the bottle and it landed on one of the girls. Olivia asked, “what would you like to do with a boy Truth or dare.” One of them, I think was Jenny, said she wanted to see his dick. They all giggled. Then they spun the bottle again and it landed on Olivia. I was interested in her answer. Julie asked the question, “Have you ever touched a real dick?” Now this answer would be interesting. Or, would she choose the dare.

Olivia hesitated. She was thinking. What was she going to do? Then she said, “Truth, yes.”

That raised a ruckus. None of them believed her; except one knew the truth. They spun the bottle again. It landed on Julie. This time Vickie asked the question. “Have you ever showed your privates to a boy?” Julie answered quickly, “No.” So, she was going to masturbate in front of me and that was going to be her first time showing her pussy to a boy. Now that was interesting. And my dick got harder.

They kept playing and got silly. I don’t know why they stopped the more interesting questions. Maybe they realized I was able to hear.

They changed into their pajamas. They settled down for a bit and then in a loud voice I heard, we are ready. All of them said it together. I was watching tv and did not move. Then I heard them shout, “We Are Ready!”

That got my attention. I got up and went to see what they were doing. When I walked in the sight I saw shocked me. I was speechless. I could not even think. Then, Olivia said, “sit over there” and pointed to a chair set up for me. I sat as directed. All four girls were naked from the waist down. And they all lay with their knees up showing me their pussies. Four 18-year-old pussies. I had already seen Olivia’s pussy and it was still shaved smooth. And it was beautiful. Julie was neatly trimmed and her tan lines were obvious. She had meaty lips that were so tempting. I could spend hours nibbling on her pussy. Vickie had the largest breasts of all the girls. She wasn’t overly big but definitely nice. Too bad they were still covered up. Her pussy was nice. She was shaved but had a little landing pad. Her pussy was tightly closed but when she spread her legs her vagina opened up like it was winking. So nice. My dick was not going to stay in my pants long. And then there was Jenny. As much as I thought Olivia had a beautiful pussy, Jenny was gorgeous. Her red pubic hair was fine, barely hiding her pussy. The flame red pussy was so nice. I wanted to go down on her.

I sat in the chair and all four girls started rubbing their pussy. I watched them. I moved the chair closer to get a really good view. The moaning led to more moaning. I watched Julie, Jenny, and Vickie. Vickie slid her middle finger inside her pussy. She was very wet. I could hear the juices. Jenny was starting to shake. She was nearing her orgasm. I watched. I could smell the musk of their pussies. I was so horny. I could fuck all of them. Jenny started to whimper. She was so sexy. “Oh, oh, fuck. I’m cumming.” She lost all control and cried out in pleasure. She was still settling down when Julie came. Olivia was next and she was shaking as a second orgasm was building. I think she was turned on by the other girls cumming. Then Vickie started cumming. Then Olivia came again. Wow. That was amazing.

The girls laid there for a while and then Olivia said they would call me a little later. I was so hard. I hoped to have relief. The girls recovered and got some snacks and drinks. Then they called me again. I went in and Olivia escorted me to the chair again and told me to stand up. I did what I was told. Then Olivia told Jenny to remove my belt. She came over and looked at me. I slightly nodded my head giving her permission. She unbuckled my belt and pulled it out of the loops. Then Olivia told Vickie to unzip my pants and pull them down. Vickie came over and undid the button, unzipped the pants. She let her hand linger touching my hard cock. Then she reached up and slid my pants over my hips and down to the floor. I stepped out of each leg. Vickie tossed the pants on the floor. I was wearing boxer briefs that allowed my hard cock to push out. The girls were purring seeing my cock outlined in my underwear. Olivia told Julie, “You get the best part. Pull his underwear down slowly. Take your time.” Julie put a hand on each side while she was on her knees looking right at my cock outlined in my briefs. The other girls were getting closer to seeing it for the first time. Julie slowly slid the briefs down until they could see my pubic hair that I had trimmed. Then she pulled them down revealing my shaft. And finally, she pulled then down enough to release by cock. It popped out and hit Julie on the chin. The girls laughed. But their eyes stared at my hard cock.

“Okay. Sit in the chair.” I did as Olivia requested. Then she said, “Everyone gets to stroke his cock. You can look closely. Make sure you look at his pre-cum, it will leak out as a lubricant.” The girls were still reluctant to touch me. Then Olivia broke the ice. She started stroking my cock. It felt so good. I knew I would have to use my best skills to hold out for a long time so they all could stroke me. Olivia said, “You want to pay attention to keep him from cumming too soon. We all want to enjoy this. “That feels so good.” I was enjoying the attention.

Olivia told Jenny to touch me. She reached over and when she brushed my dick it jumped. She jumped. And the girls laughed. I told her it was okay. So, Jenny wrapped her hand around my shaft and started going up and down. She was grabbing a bit too hard. “Jenny, take it easy. Loosen your grip a bit. Let your hand loosely hold my cock.” She did what I said. “Like that.” She was doing a good job. Then Olivia told Vickie to take over. She was observant and followed the direction. They had been stroking me for about 15 minutes. I was really enjoying this. Olivia told Julie it was her turn. Julie was a natural. She was working my cock with both hands and started rolling her hand over my cock head. I moaned. And she kept going.

Then Jenny asked what my cock tasted like. Olivia said she did not know. Before I knew what was happening Jenny wrapped her lips over my cock while Julie stroked me. That was unexpected and I just about came. I backed off my urges and let her suck my cock while Julie continued her rhythm. Then Vickie replaced Julie. Jenny stopped sucking me. Vickie was doing a good job. I was getting closer. Then Olivia moved closer and I was thinking she wanted to see me cum close up. But, I was wrong. She wrapped her lips over my cock. I was shocked, but it felt so damn nice. Watching her suck my cock was just the best. I told her I was going to cum so she stopped and all the girls got close. Both Jenny and Julie started stroking me together. Two young girls wrapping their hands around my cock was just too much. I spurted at least 18 inches high hitting Vickie and then squirted four more ropes. The girls were all excited to see it. Jenny wiped a little on her finger and tasted it. She said it was a little salty but not bad. The other girls copied her.

That was so sexy. Julie said she was still horny. All of the girls were horny. They started masturbating again rubbing their clits. I started stroking my cock and it again grew. I was hard again in no time. We were all masturbating watching each other. Then Julie stood up and sat down on my cock with her pussy all the way down on my cock. Her pussy felt wonderful. She lifted up and then slid down. She got into a regular rhythm fucking me. I was happily surprised. Olivia and the other girls stopped their own masturbation to watch Julie fucking my dick. Their eyes were glued to my shaft being covered in Julie’s juices as she fucked. They were spellbound. Then Jenny told Julie, “My turn.”

Julie lifts off and plays with her clit. Jenny lines my dick up with her pussy. She pushes down but stopped. I could feel pressure. Then I feel her lift up a bit and forcefully push down. It went in a little and Jenny cried out in pain. I was concerned and started to ask her if she was okay. But she beat me to it. She lifted up a little and started pushing more until I was completely in her. She felt really wet. My cock was not going to last with such a warm slick pussy. And, I have always had the hots for red headed girls. She made my night. It did not take long and she started shaking until she moaned loudly. Her orgasm lasted about a minute. She squeezed my dick with her pussy.

Jenny got off and I saw the blood. I realized, she was a virgin. She had fucked me. I was the first dick in her pussy. Wow. Then, Olivia got a wash cloth and cleaned me up. Vickie was next; she sucked me and then placed her pussy on my cock. She had no issue taking my cock in her vagina. She got into a regular rhythm and it felt great. Having cum once gave me more staying power. I was getting into it when she stood up and motioned to Olivia. Olivia looked at me and I nodded. She came over and rubbed her pussy on my cock. Then she sat on my dick. All the way and just sat there. Then she leaned in close and kissed me. She said, “This is the best punishment ever.” I had to laugh. Then Olivia went to town fucking me. She was fucking hard and I was getting close. I told her “I am going to cum.” She said, “Go ahead.” Now my head is spinning. What did she mean? Is she on the pill? She kept on fucking. “Olivia, I am going to cum. Not pregnant.” She said, “Cum in me.” But we had not planned that. I was so ready to cum in her pussy. Then my nuts tightened and my dick started to swell. I spewed sperm in her pussy. It was so hot. I hugged her and kept her pushed down on my dick. We clung together. Julie, Jenny, and Vickie all came with me.

Once the euphoria wore off my panic increased. I had just seeded my niece’s pussy. What if she gets pregnant? Thankfully, Olivia told me that she was on the pill. She had done that to avoid getting pregnant. The girls cleaned up and went to sleep. I cleaned up and contemplated the events of the night. I had fucked all four girls.

The next morning, they all went home. Olivia sat down and told me what I did not know.

“Did you enjoy last night?” Olivia asked.

“Of course. It was fantastic. But, how about you?”

“I really liked watching my friends and you having sex.”

“You have to explain it to me. How did it happen? And, did you know Jenny was a virgin?”

“Yes. I knew it. Also, the rest of us were virgins, too.” Olivia explained.

“What? I did not know.”

“You were not supposed to know.”

“Only Jenny had her hymen.”

“Jenny is not into sports. Julie, Vickie, and I play sports and lost our hymen a while ago. But, we had not had sex until last night.”

“How did you set it up? You only told me about Julie.”

“It was Julie who did it. They were all at her house after I initially asked her and she was debating about the proposition. She posed the question to them. She told me she asked them what they would do if they were given an opportunity to see a guy’s dick up close if they would masturbate for him. And, there would be no obligation or other requirement afterwards.” I was listening intently. I did not know how girls really thought. Olivia continued, “So, they asked about the possibility of fucking the guy. Julie told them they could if they chose to.”

“So, she said that.”

“Yes. I think she figured a boy would not turn down the chance to fuck a girl.”

“She was probably right.”

“Julie then asked them if they’d like to join us in masturbating and getting to see a hard cock up close. They agreed.”

“Why did you not tell me?”

“I did not know. While you were away she quickly told me and then we planned to use the truth or dare game to get you hooked. We already knew the answers.”

“You, Olivia, are sneaky.”

“I am glad it worked out. I was worried you would back out.”

“I was shocked you fucked me. I expected you to avoid it since we are related.”

“I wanted to fuck you the first time I saw your cock. I just did not have a way to ask.”

“I understand.” I did understand. I had wanted to fuck Olivia too but there was no way to do it without her equal desire. I guess we both got what we wanted.

Olivia then added a new bit of information. “The girls asked if we could do it again soon. They all enjoyed it.”

“Well, we will need to wait until your mom is away on a trip.”

Olivia said, “That would work. The girls will be waiting for the invite. And this time we can get to the fun sooner.”

“Olivia, make sure they are all on the pill. We don’t want a mishap to occur.”

“Julie was already on the pill. Her mom wanted to avoid some problems if Julie did have sex. And, we told Jenny and Vickie to get an appointment with their doctor. They need to be on the pill. None of us want to get pregnant.”

“Were they at the right time last night?”

I was not too worried but did want to avoid a problem. “All of us were at the month where it was unlikely.”

“Your mother will be home in a few days. This has to be kept quiet. Otherwise, there will be major problems.”

“No one will say anything.”

“I really hope so.”

Chapter Ten: Robin’s Choice

Robin finally returned. Her trip went well. I headed home and let Robin and Olivia get back to their routine. And school was now fully in session.

Work was getting busy again so my days were filled with little time to relax. I did enjoy the pool at the apartment when I could get a spare moment. The exercise room was used as well. I had been so busy my exercise routine had been interrupted and I needed to tone up my muscles.

I also spent time daily enjoying the sights of some favorite porn sites. But, that also gets old. My attempts to get to know some of the ladies at the apartment complex had not really made head way. I did not know what was going on, but I kept working on it.

I was getting frustrated by a lot of things. Robin’s and Olivia’s schedules with my own just did not line up. The last time I was over at their house was when Robin came home from her two-week trip. I had good intentions but time just flew by and now it was October. With the cooler days the outdoor pool season was winding down. I really needed to take some time off.

I had not taken much time off since returning from South Korea so I thought it would be nice to enjoy a two-week vacation. I had about 10 weeks of vacation time accrued so that would be easy. I called Ms. Grainger. The secretary answered and passed me to Ms. Grainger’s voice mail. I left a message explaining what I wanted. It was about an hour later I received a text telling me it was approved and well deserved.

Now what was I going to do? I called Robin. “How’s my favorite sister?” Robin replied, “Fine. And, you know I am your only sister, right?”

I retorted, “Really.”

She just stayed silent. So, I continued, “I just asked for two weeks off and it was approved.” Robin interrupted, “so what are you going to do?” “I am still trying to figure that out. I might take a trip to the mountains. There are some cabins they rent by the week. I might find one to rent.”

Robin said, “That sounds nice. I’d love to have time away. Work has been busy but we are getting to a slow period.” I interrupted, “Why don’t you take off and go with me?”

“That sounds tempting but I would need to ask off and find someone to watch Olivia. It is just too hard.”

“I am sure she could stay with Julie or one of her other friends. And, you should at least ask off.”

“No, it is just…” “Too easy to not try,” I finished her statement.

“Let me ask Olivia.”


We finished talking about our work situation and the lack of romantic entanglements for both of us. We hung up and I started looking for a cabin. It was not hard to find them. It was hard to find one available. I had not thought about the time of year and the changing of colors of leaves. But, luck was with me. I called the last place and they had just gotten off the phone with a last-minute cancellation. The cabin was available starting on Thursday night for one week. I took it. From the pictures it looked like a nice place. It was near trails for hiking. There were nearby lakes at hiking distance. And, the cabin included a fireplace with firewood as part of the price. And, it had two bedrooms and a loft space.

The next day I called Robin and told her about the cabin. She told me she spoke to Olivia and her boss; both told her to take the time off and enjoy it. Olivia had called Julie and she was going to stay there for the week. There would be no problems. So, we started planning the food and activities. Thursday was right around the corner.

I was up early on Thursday and packed the things I would be taking. Plenty of cold weather clothes, hiking boots, and my computer. I did not know if there would be WI-FI but wanted to be ready. I also packed a few videos. I stopped over to pick up Robin. Olivia had already gone to school. They had taken her suit case to Julie’s house on Wednesday night.

Off to the mountains we headed. The trip was uneventful. We arrived, got the key, and drove to the cabin. It was in a secluded area. The trees were beautiful with a myriad of color. Looking around I did not see any other cabins but did see smoke showing me that they were not too far away. The cabin had a hot tub as well on the back deck. There was a wood bin next to the cabin with enough firewood to last a month. One of the best features was the picture window wall that let us see out across the mountain valley. It was a great location. I sure was lucky to get this one. Oh, and down the valley was a nice stream where fishing was good.

As we looked around I asked Robin, “Which room do you want?” She replied, “I don’t care.” So I picked the right one leaving the left one for Robin. The living space had a tall pitched ceiling matching the pitch of the roof. At the back was the kitchen and dining area. The fireplace was in the middle of the picture windows. We could watch the fire and see outside. It really was a nice view. The loft was above the kitchen area. The floor to ceiling was not conducive for a 5’10” man. Olivia would have liked it.

We got the groceries put away and I started a fire. Robin chose to fix dinner. Nothing fancy but some soup. It was a good choice. And with the bread we picked up, it made a nice meal. We were both tired and decided to go to bed. The cabin had one bathroom so we took turns using it before retiring.

I usually sleep in my underwear or sometimes naked depending on how hot it was in the apartment. While the cabin was warm, I chose to wear some shorts. Robin put on some pajamas. They were a thin silky type fabric. It draped over her breasts giving a slight outline. Robin was very attractive. I wondered why she had not found another guy. Off to bed we went and slept well.

I woke early. It was a bit chilly in the cabin so I went to get the fire going again. With embers still there from the fire last night I was able to get it going in no time. Robin was stirring and came into the kitchen as I was making coffee and breakfast. The cold had an effect on her. Her nipples were clearly pushing at the fabric of her pajamas. I gave her a cup of coffee and continued working on breakfast. Eggs, bacon, toast, and orange juice for today. I glanced over at Robin standing in front of the fire. The light from the fire was dancing on her. She looked really pretty. As I looked I noticed her pajama bottoms were thin enough for the light to show the outline of her pussy. The curve of her pussy was clear telling me she was not wearing panties and her pussy was shaved. Without thinking I started rubbing my dick. It was growing, then the toaster buzzer went off and I pulled out the toast and finished getting everything on the table. Breakfast was over quickly and the dishes cleaned.

“I am going to get cleaned up.” Robin headed to get her clothes and take a shower. She went to the bathroom and closed the door. She was busy getting her shower when I heard the water stop. Then Robin said, “Hey, Mark.” I got up and went to the door, “What do you need?” “Where are the towels?” She asked.

I had not thought about that. I assumed they were in the bathroom. I opened the cabinet near the bathroom and found the towels. “They are out here.” “Would you please hand me one?” I got one and opened the door to the bathroom. The tub and shower are against the back wall so I head back there with the towel. The shower curtain is a semi-opaque material. As I am heading that way I realize I can see her shape clearly. I hand her the towel and head out. About five minutes later Robin emerged. I wondered if she knew how transparent the curtain really was especially when wet.

I got ready and we decided to take a hike. We were about half way across the top hiking trail when we saw a waterfall. “Let’s go closer to the falls. I might be able to get a good picture there.” Robin liked photography. So, we picked our way off the trail to find the waterfall. We were climbing over some rocks when Robin lost her balance and fell into me. As I was trying to catch her my hand wrapped around her and I fully grabbed her breast. I up righted her and apologized. She said it was okay and thanked me for keeping her safe.

We finally reached the waterfall. It was a nice spot. We sat down to rest. Robin started to look around for a nice picture taking spot. I watched her. She still had a nice figure. I got to thinking about her breast. It was a nice size without being too big. It felt nice. As she was climbing over some rocks her rear was in clear view. She had a nice ass with nice legs. If she was not my sister I might be tempted to seduce her right here and fuck her. But, I needed to banish that thought before my dick responded too much. It was already twitching.

We headed backwards to the trail and continued. It was so pretty seeing the colored leaves. This was a perfect time to visit the mountains. We found a meadow and decided to eat lunch. Our sandwiches were good. After a hike it is good to refuel. After eating we laid down on the picnic blanket basking in the sun and watching the white clouds float over. I wanted to take a nap and closed my eyes.

I was enjoying my rest when I got the feeling I was in bed. I opened my eyes and realized Robin was also sleeping and my arm was wrapped around her massaging her breast. I froze. What was I doing? What woke me? Then it hit me, Robin had been moaning. I took a risk and started rub her breast again and pinching her nipple. That was what had woken me. She kept moaning and I could hear her whispering, “Don’t stop, keep fucking me.” I was getting turned on and my cock was growing. It was pressing against her back. If she woke with me playing with her breast and my dick hard against her back, I would be dead. So, I slowly stopped and rolled over to hid my erection. Then I got up to relieve myself. I found a spot and peed. Then I went back and made noise that woke her.

I told Robin, “We need to head back before it gets too late.” The trip seemed to take less time and we got back to the cabin. I made dinner and once we finished it I asked Robin if she wanted to watch a movie. The cabin had cable and included a subion service to purchase movies. Robin selected a movie while I was cleaning up. I sat down as the movie was running through the FBI warnings. She had selected Fifty Shades of Grey. I had heard about it while in Seoul but never watched it. From what I heard it was a very racy movie and had a number of sex scenes. I was a bit surprised by the choice.

Not trying to be too obvious I asked, “Why did you pick this movie?” Robin’s response was, “Nothing else looked interesting and I was in the mood for a romantic movie.” Did she not know what this movie was about? Or did she know and had another motive? I did not know. But, I was fine watching people fuck. But, the steamy scenes without showing full on intercourse was a bit lacking. However, watching Robin was very interesting. She was squirming in her seat. She seemed to be watching closely especially the sex scenes. I thought I heard her moan softly at one point but was not sure. She had scooted by me on the couch and was leaning against me.

The movie was ending and I turned toward her starting to ask what was next when she turned to me and kissed me full on the mouth. And, it was not a peck. She fully opened her lips and stuck her tongue in my mouth French kissing me like someone that was absolutely ready for anything. I was taken aback for a moment and then responded with a passionate kiss. She was a good kisser. I had forgotten. When I was about 13 I had asked her about kissing and she had given me a lesson in kissing. At that time, I was still trying to figure out what was pleasurable. It was like kissing your sister. Mechanical but with no passion. This kiss was with passion and hunger.

She stopped. Just stopped. Then looked at me. Then looked away. Her face showed the realization of what just happened. I could tell she was about to freak out when she realized she had kissed her brother. And kissed so passionately. It was not like I did not enjoy it. So, to keep her embarrassment down, I turned her head and kissed her with a passionate kiss. She responded and this time did not stop. We kissed and then I started kissing her neck. And kissing her ear. I reached up with my hand and caressed her breast. Between the kissing and caressing, Robin caught fire. She started removing clothes, hers and mine. Before I knew it, she was sucking my cock. I was rock hard. And I was enjoying a masterful blow job. She knew how to swirl her tongue around my dick and touch all of the sensitive areas and do it over and over. It was really working. Most girls don’t fully understand the physiology of penises so they only focus on one part. I finally had to stop her before I came.

I laid her back on the couch and spread her legs. I had never seen her pussy from that vantage point. Growing up I had seen her naked by accident. She had seen me, too. But my view of her pussy was stupendous. She was neatly trimmed with the edges of her pubic hair shaved. Her pussy lips were shaved on each side obviously for bikini wear. Her inner labia was exposed providing a beautiful cover for her vagina. I used my thumbs and spread her pussy exposing a beautiful sight. Her vagina opened and I admired her fully exposed vulva that was leaking lubricant. I started kissing her inner thighs and around the outside of her crotch avoiding her pussy. She was moaning loudly. Then I licked her outer labia which caused more moaning. When I thought she would just about die, I licked her slit from bottom to top. She was so wet. And, she tasted sweet. She had a really nice pussy.

I continued licking and she kept pushing my head into her pussy. I pulled away for a bit and she said, “Don’t stop. Please, lick my pussy.” I was waiting. I spread her pussy and using my thumbs pushed her clit cover up exposing her clit. I started flicking her clit with my tongue. She went wild, bucking and pushing my head into her pussy. More juices ran out over my tongue and face. She started shaking. Her legs were twitching and the volume of moaning increased. I wondered if the cabin neighbors could hear her. They might think she was dying. Robin arched her back and squeezed my head with her legs as she fully exploded with an orgasm. Thankfully she was done after a minute or two letting my head free from the clasp. She lay on the couch. The couch was wet. I was wet. She was wet.

I let her rest for a bit then grabbed her hips and spun her around with her ass in the air. From this view I could fully see her anus. It was a neat little pucker, nice and rosy. But I was not going to waste a wet pussy. My hard cock easily sank all the way in so my balls were touching her. I slowly pulled out until just the head of my dick was inside her vagina. I started to pick up pace a little and Robin matched my pace. She was so wet that there was no issue with lubrication. I grabbed her hips and started really fucking her hard. She was moaning again and told me, “Fuck my pussy hard.” I replied, “Your pussy is going to be pounded.” I kept fucking her hard for about 15 minutes. My exercise program was showing benefits. I flipped her over and slid my dick in her pussy. I slowly pushed it in. It was so nice seeing my dick in her pussy. When I first learned to masturbate I would imagine fucking my sister. Now it was a reality. Wow.

I stopped and pulled out. Then I went back to licking her pussy. She tasted wonderful. I liked the musky flavor combined with sweet juices. She was moaning and started shaking again. Orgasm number two was on the way. She was pushing my head into her pussy and said, “I am cumming.” And she did. This time it was not as strong. Again, I turned her ass in the air and started fucking her. Now, I was going to cum. I started picking up my speed poking her pussy with all I had. I was moaning with pleasure knowing full well I was going to cum in my sister’s pussy. I was getting closer and then held on to her hips with my dick all the way in. I blasted my cum deep in her pussy and did not let go until my orgasm subsided. We lay on the couch for a while.

We got up and washed up. Tonight, we slept in the same bed. No need to sleep separately. This was not going to be the last time we fucked during the week. And it wasn’t.

Chapter Eleven: Secrets Lost

The week ended and it was time to head home. The trip went well. We chose not to talk about the week or our experience with each other. That had to stay at the cabin. We both needed the release and it was not a romantic episode. We needed to close that experience.

I dropped Robin at home and headed to my apartment. We settled back in the routine but had time to spend weekends together. We kept to ourselves. Olivia was fully invested in school, sports, and friends. The routine was about to be changed. Although I had told Olivia that she owed me three masturbation sessions, the last occurrence was sufficient to cover her payment. Besides, fucking her was more than enough. And then having three other girls to fuck was more than perfect. Thankfully, none of them became pregnant.

I was over visiting Robin and Olivia when Robin told me she had to go pick up a couple of things for dinner. So, after she left Olivia said, “Uncle Mark, mom is going to be gone next weekend. She has not mentioned it yet, has she?” I shook my head. She continued, “Well, I thought we might have another sleep over.”

“I think your payment is covered.”

“Julie and Jenny have both asked to have a sleep over but they wanted to have you there too.”

“We probably should avoid doing that again.”

“But, they really enjoyed it and want to do it again. They have not had sex since then. You really have to do it again.”

“Okay, but we have to use condoms. No pregnancies.”

Olivia was just so excited. “They will be thrilled.”

Robin came home from the corner market shop. “Robin, do you want help?”

She replied, “Sure. How about cutting up the potatoes? Cut them into slices.”

“Got it. Hey, Olivia was mentioning you were going on another weekend trip.”

“Yeah. There is another conference that we are attending.”

“Do you need me to keep an eye on Olivia?”

“No. But, you could stop over just to make sure everything is okay.”

“Isn’t that keeping an eye on her?”

“No, what I mean is you don’t need to stay here. Just drop by.”


We had dinner and all was planned. Olivia had been texting the girls and arranged the sleep over. Robin was satisfied home would not be a problem. I headed home.

The weekend finally came. Robin left for the trip. Olivia had completed the sleep over preparations. She wanted to play a game of truth or dare with me being part of it. Of course, she put together the dares and questions. I think she borrowed them from a website. Anyway, everything was set. And, since we all knew what was going to happen there was no pretense.

The girls arrived and all wore cute outfits. They were so nice to look at. We had pizza and relaxed a bit. Then Olivia got things started. She had gotten a truth or dare spinner to use. “Okay everyone, we have rules. And, we have two timers. One timer is for one minute. The other is for five minutes. We have a spinner to use for selecting a dare or truth. The cards in that pile,” pointing to a neat stack of cards, “have truth statements. The other stack is dares. So, the first person spins the truth or dare spinner. If it lands on truth you pick a truth card. If it lands on dare you pick a dare card, but before turning it over, you roll the dice. An even number equals the one-minute timer. An odd number equals the five-minute timer. Is that clear?” She looked around and everyone seemed to understand.

“We are going to let Mark go first since he is the only guy.” Olivia said that while giving me a wink. I wonder what she had up her sleeve. I spun the spinner and it settled on truth. I picked up a card. I read it and then said, “The card says, ‘Tell about the first time you masturbated.’”

How much truth is needed? “Tell us,” Jenny stated. They all repeated that.

“When I was about 12 years old I was getting to recognize the beauty of girls. I saw a nude girl. That was the first time I saw a nude girl. When I was alone I was thinking about her and masturbated.”

“Who was the girl?” Julie had asked. I responded, “That was not required for the truth.” They gave me grief. But, I did not say who.

Then it was Jenny’s turn. She spun and got Dare. She chose a card and started to turn it over. Olivia stopped her and reminded her to roll the dice. She got a three. That was for a five-minute timer. Then she looked at the card. She blushed. Vickie asked, “What does it say?” Jenny said quietly, “Lick a pussy.” She looked around and obviously it was not going to be me. Julie piped up, “You can lick mine.” And then she pulled off her shorts and panties leaving her pussy fully exposed. Jenny got into position and Olivia set the timer. It was obvious Julie was enjoying the attention. But, Jenny was not really into licking pussy. She was hesitant. Five minutes went by and time was called. I think Jenny was happy to be done. Julie was wanting more. She put her panties and shorts on again.

The next contestant was Olivia. She spun and landed on Truth. She picked a card and read it, “Who do you want to have sex with?” That was an easy one, she said, “Mark.” The girls laughed.

Vickie was next. She picked a dare and got the one-minute timer. She read her card. “It said to fondle either a dick or a pussy.” She looked at me and I pulled down my shorts and underwear. She spent a minute fondling my dick and balls. It felt nice. I definitely enjoyed letting all the girls see my dick especially as it hardened. But a minute was not long enough. I redressed.

Now Julie was up. She spun and also got a Dare. She rolled the dice and got five. That meant five minutes. She read her dare. “Let the person to the right finger fuck you or stroke you.” She turned to Vickie. Julie laid back and removed her shorts. The timer was set and Vickie started finger fucking Julie. Julie was obviously wet. You could hear her pussy slurping sounds. She was moaning. She was almost at an orgasm when the time was up. She asked to have Vickie continue but that was not in the rules.

It was my turn again. I hit the dare. The dice ended up on one. So, five minutes. What was it going to be? I read it, “Do a 69 with the person to the left.” That meant Jenny was going to be my partner for five minutes. I laid down sans my bottoms. Jenny removed her bottoms and climbed over me. Her glorious pussy was right there. The timer started and I enjoyed my time sucking on her pussy. I also enjoyed her licking my dick. I was really hard. Within three minutes Jenny tensed up and stopped sucking. Then she said, “I’m cumming.” She tasted so good. She kept playing with my dick while I licked her more giving her several little orgasms. Time was up and she had difficulty getting back together.

It was Jenny’s turn again. She passed. Olivia then told her that if you passed the other players would get to assign a dare later. On to Olivia. Olivia spun and got Dare. She rolled the dice and got three. What was she dared? She read it, “Suck a cock or nipple, but the person to the right picks the person.” Jenny was to the right. She had recovered a bit and said to suck my dick. Olivia came over and pulled down my shorts and underwear. My cock popped out and she sucked me for five minutes. That was nice. She was doing a good job but definitely needed more experience. The time was up.

The next person was Vickie. She picked a card that read, “Tell about the first person you wanted to fuck.” She smiled and said, “Since I knew what fucking meant I had wanted to fuck my dad.” Then she added, “And, I hope to do that soon.” Now that raised a few eyebrows.

Julie was up next. She got a Truth spin. The question was “When did you lose your virginity?” She did not say anything. We all knew she was a virgin until I fucked her or she fucked me at the last sleep over. She said, “My dad was drunk one night and came into my room. He pushed me on my bed and pulled off my bottoms. Then, before I really knew what was happening he put his penis in my pussy. I was shocked but it felt good. I never told anyone what happened. Mom would have been mad. Please don’t tell anyone. I am okay.”

That was definitely unexpected. We stopped for a while and got more drinks and snacks. Everyone was horny and wanted to fuck. The next thing was a repeat of last time. I sat in a chair and the girls came and fucked me until they came. I had a condom on to avoid an accident. The girls were having fun and encouraging each other. It soon became apparent they had a side bet on who would make me cum. That gave me the motivation to let the fucking go on for a long time. It was getting to be midnight and we were fucking over and over. I finally was getting ready to cum. Which girl would win? I think Jenny was going to be the lucky one. She was fucking my dick and I was going to squirt.

Just when it was about at the right point we hear, “What are you doing?” Everyone stopped. My dick spurted in the condom as Jenny stands up. Then we saw Robin standing at the door. Chaos ensued.

Chapter Twelve: No More Secrets

Well, chaos occurred when four girls start finding their clothes and putting them on. I was also pulling on shorts. I don’t really know why since Robin had already seen my dick. Anyway, it was all a blur until Robin yelled very loudly, “STOP!” We all stopped. We froze. We waited for Robin.

In a more normal voice she said, “Sit.” We sat. Then she said, “I saw what you were doing. Now what I want to know is how it got started. Who is going to tell me? I started to speak but Olivia jumped in. “Mom, it is my fault. I caused it. Uncle Mark was trying to teach us about guys and we got carried away.” Robin stood there looking at us in various stages of putting clothes on. If she was not so intense it might have been funny. Robin looked at me. I did not need to be told that she wanted me to tell her the truth. So, I said, “Olivia is only partly correct. I caught her filming me masturbating and originally, I made her pay back the illicit activity by masturbating for me. Because it was three times she owed three times. The first time she told me she was really interested in understanding the male body. So, I let her see me close up. Then the second payment was planned and Olivia’s friends wanted to learn about the male body. They all masturbated letting me watch and then they got to see my dick and me masturbate. One thing led to another and they all fucked me. This was the third session and they all wanted to repeat the same thing again.” I stopped. I waited. The girls were all waiting. They were holding their breath.

Robin took a deep breath. Then looked at us, “That sounded crazy enough to be true. Do you girls agree? Was this at your own choice?” They all nodded. She sat down. “Okay. Have you girls gotten birth control pills?” They nodded again. I was thinking that we did not need to use the condom. Now it was too late.

Robin continued, “Did you girls like fucking Mark?” They nodded. “Do you want to fuck him more?” They nodded, including Olivia. Robin looked at them and said, “Okay. But, you have to be on the pill. We don’t want anyone getting pregnant.” They all said, “We will.” And that was that.

The sleep over continued as just that. Robin told me to come with her. We went to the kitchen. I asked, “why are you home?” She said the conference site had a fire that damaged part of the building so the conference was cancelled.” Then she asked, “What were you thinking, fucking teen girls. If their parents find out you are in trouble, big trouble.”

“It was only supposed to be a punishment for Olivia but she liked it and wanted to learn more and not have the boys at school tell everyone.”

“You need to be careful. And, I want to fuck you, too.”

“What!?” I was not expecting that. We enjoyed ourselves but that was a limited time thing.

“You heard me. I am horny and need to be fucked.”



Whispering, “now?”


We have four girls including Olivia in the house and Robin wants to fuck. What was I going to do?

Robin grabbed my arm and we went to her bedroom. She went straight to removing my shorts. I had not put on underwear and it was still downstairs. She sucked my cock and then I helped her strip. I spread her legs and started licking her pussy. I nibbled on her clit sending her over the edge with her legs clamped on my head. Then I fingered her pussy with two fingers and adding a third. She started bucking against my hand and again held her pillow over her mouth to muffle the moaning. I moved between her legs and rubbed my hard cock on her pussy feeling the softness and warmth. I slide the head of my dick just inside her and held it. Then I slowly pushed it all the way in. Robin was moaning again and covered her head with the pillow. I heard some sounds from the hallway and saw multiple faces glowing in the light by the door. Olivia and Julie were there wide-eyed watching me penetrate Robin. Within minutes all four girls were there watching. I gave them the sign to come in but also to be quiet. They all quietly entered and headed over to where they could watch. I continued to fuck Robin getting into a good rhythm with Robin matching my pace. We fucked for a while then I rolled her over showing her ass. I pulled her rear up so it was staring right at me. The girls got a perfect view of her pussy and anus. I slide down and licked her from pussy to ass. Then I lined my dick up with her pussy and pushed in all the way. We fucked until I was ready to cum. I signaled the girls to come closer. I pulled out and came on Robin’s rear. Some went on her back. Robin laid down. The girls quietly left. I kissed Robin and left her to sleep. I found the girls in the kitchen excitedly talking about what they saw. Olivia asked me, “That was not the first time you fucked mom, right?” I nodded. Before she could ask more, I told her, “We will discuss it tomorrow. It is time to sleep.”

And that was what I did. I slept late waking about noon. I headed to the kitchen to get something to eat. The girls had already left. Robin and Olivia were sitting there. They both looked at me. Then at each other. I asked, “What’s up?” That was a mistake. They both said, “Your dick.”

They had been talking about the night activities. And, Robin knew about the girls watching us fuck. I was a bit reluctant to be overly happy. But, they both enjoyed being fucked. It seemed they had something up their sleeves but would not say it to me. I decided to just bide my time. I ate breakfast for lunch and got cleaned up. When I went to look for them they were on the back patio relaxing.

Olivia spoke, “Uncle Mark, would you please take your clothes off?” “What?” I stammered. That was not expected. Then she said, “I want another lesson in male physiology.” I looked at Robin and she said, “The lessons need to continue.” So, I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. I unclasped my shorts letting them slide down. Then I slide my underwear down kicking off both the shorts and underwear. Now I was standing there with nothing on. Robin told me to come closer. I did. She then said to Olivia, “Guys get excited when a girl looks at his penis. See the gleam at the hole in his penis, that is pre-cum. A guy does that when he is anticipating having sex. See the veins down his shaft, they carry the blood that enlarges the penis giving him the look of hardness. Watch this.” She takes my dick in her hand and starts rubbing her thumb over my glans. She uses the pre-cum to rub with and coats the head of my dick as it continues to grow. I had already been about half way there when taking off my clothes. Now I was hard. Then Robin said, “Feel how hard it is but soft at the same time.” Olivia was feeling my dick. It felt so good. Then Robin told her that guys like to have a girl give a blow job.

“Olivia, when you give a blow job the point is to keep them from orgasming too quickly. You want them to get close but then to have time to fuck you with a super-hot dick. When you start, simply lick his dick like this.” Robin proceeded to lick my dick with her tongue. I was moaning and told them that felt good. She continued for a bit and then asked Olivia if she wanted to try. “Yes, I would like to.” Olivia followed the instructions and was licking me swirling her tongue around my cock. Robin saw me really excited and told Olivia to stop and admire my cock. Then Robin said, “Now, open your mouth and wrap your teeth with your lips.” She demonstrated. Then she wrapped her mouth around my cock and started bobbing up and down while using her hand to stroke my cock. After showing Olivia how to do it she told Olivia to try it. Olivia followed her mom’s example. It was so very wonderful. I was moaning and told them I was going to cum. Robin told me to cum in her hand. Olivia was stroking me and licking my dick when I told her, “I’m cumming!” She kept stroking my cock with Robin’s hand to catch it. I spurted onto her arm and hand. When I was done she licked a little and said it tasted good. Then she offered it to Olivia who tried it as well. Olivia said it was a little salty but not bad. Robin told me to go clean up a little and come back keeping my clothes off. Now I was wondering what was next. I came back out. What I saw was very exciting. Today was going to be very nice, indeed. Yes, very nice.

The day was nicely warm. So, being on the patio naked was pleasant. And, with a private backyard we could do anything without being seen. Robin and Olivia had stripped. Now my job started. Both were on lounge chairs. I started with Olivia and licked her pussy. At the same time, I could reach Robin’s pussy and finger fucked her. I licked and finger fucked Robin for about fifteen minutes while licking Olivia until Olivia came. She tasted so good. I then switched and licked Robin. I tried to finger fuck Olivia but she was a bit sensitive and asked me to let her rest. I enjoyed tasting Robin. I inserted two fingers in her pussy. In about ten minutes she was moaning, tensing up, and then came. I hope the neighbors did not hear her.

We rested a bit and then Olivia was ready for more. Olivia started stroking my cock getting it hard again. Then she climbed over me positioning her pussy above my dick and slowly pushed down encompassing my dick. It felt so nice. She started getting into a rhythm. When she slowed down I started flexing my legs lifting my dick towards her pussy fucking her. We continued until she came again. Then Robin wanted a turn. She licked my cum covered cock before placing her pussy on my dick. She did not put my dick inside but put her pussy lips wrapping around my shaft. She started rubbing back and forth. I had never been fucked like that. It felt really good. I was not going to last. She continued to rub and then I came hard shooting up on my chest. That was hot. Olivia had been watching. They both cleaned me up.

Then we started again. We fucked as much as we could. We stopped long enough to get something to eat and drink. We did not bother dressing.

Our lives were changed. We continued to have family fun. We also invited the girls over for sleep overs. Eventually, the fun ended. We each found other partners and focused our attention on our new lovers. But, we each had enjoyed sharing intimacy. Then the next unexpected activity occurred at Olivia’s wedding, but that is another story.

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