Anal Queen – Sex Stories

Anal Queen – Sex Stories

Last summer, my gorgeous mother Nahid and I went to the resort-town of Cox’sbazar to spend our vacation. In the morning, mom and I went to the beach where we remained for the afternoon. I swam in the sea, enjoying the heat of the sun and the salty wind of the sea. My voluptuous, big doodh-wali mother remained lying in a two-piece bikini on the beach on a towel, wearing her sunglasses and reading a book.

Coming up the beach were two brothers, Khaled and Raj. They were tall and handsome and wore just swimming shorts, eyeing up every sexy lady they found on the beach.

Khaled was aged 22 and studying at a local university. His younger brother, 18-year old Raj, was still in High School.. Both the brothers were feeling very horny.

“Bhai! Look at that gorgeous big doodh-gaand-wali raandh! Do you like her?” Khaled said to his kid brother.
Raj looked to where his brother had pointed, to a young lady in her mid-30s lying on a towel. Her big, juicy doodhs were almost jumping out of her skimpy bikini-bra, the gigantic choochies were huge and heavy and glistening with the sun-cream and sweat.

“She is gorgeous!” said Raj, feeling his lund stir as he and his brother slowed their pace and looked at the sunbathing bomb-shell, “Some very rich guy must be enjoying her choot.”

“What do you think then?”

“About that sexy chick?”

“Yeah, let’s check her out. She’s alone.”

“But she must have someone with her. Maybe her husband.”

“Arrey, go check her out anyway yaar! See what happens.”

Raj took a deep breath and strolled up to the big-breasted lady, his brother Khaled hanging around nearby.

“Hi!” my mother said, taking off her sunglasses when the young boy approached. She had heard every word they had said.

“Hello,” Khaled said, squatting down, “How are you?”

“Fine,” Nahid smiled, “Just enjoying my vacation!”

“Very good. I am also enjoying my trip. Listen, are you er..with someone?”

“I am,” mom replied, “My son. He is swimming in the sea over there.”

“So,” Raj continued, “You’re not married?”

“No. I’m divorced. And also available. Therefore, you handsome young man, you can flirt with me.” She flashed a nice smile, which Raj returned.

“I’m Raj,” he said.

“Nahid,” my big-doodhwali mother responded, and they shook hands, “Is that your brother?” she asked, nodding to Khaled. She suspected they were of course, having listened in on their conversation.

“Yeah,” confirmed Raj, “That’s my brother Khaled.”

“Why is he standing over there? Is he afraid of me?”

Raj smiled. The gorgeous mother lying on the beach before him, whose deep cleavage he couldn’t stop staring at, was very sweet in her tone of voice, sounding almost maternal but in a very charmingly flirtatious way. He loved her aristocratic accent too.

“Shall I give him some money to go away and leave us alone?” he asked.

“NAAAA! Get him to join us,” said Nahid, lowering her voice so as not to be heard by other sunbathers around her, “I know what you want from me, Raj. You want a good, hard fuck! You want a nice aunty with big doodhs and a nice round gaand to fuck all night long! Luckily I too want a handsome young man like you to give me such a servicing, and the only thing better than a handsome boy to fuck me would be two handsome boys to fuck me! So, shall we go back to your hotel room Raj?”

“Yess!” the teenager replied, astonished by the woman’s courage, but very excited about it! “Yes,” he repeated, “I’ll get my brother.”

He turned and nodded to Khaled to come over, which he did. Nahid meanwhile gave a wave to me, at that moment I was splashing about in the sea about 50 feet away. I waved back, seeing my mom about to go off with two unknown boys and knowing exactly what the horny woman was up to!

“Let’s go,” Nahid said, picking up her towel and walking off, flanked by her two new lovers.

Raj and Khaled were staying at a hotel not far from ours. Their twin room was large. The two brothers led my mother into their room and shut the door behind them, grinning to each other as they anticipated fucking the hell out of this whore. My mom wasted no time in just slipping off her bikini panty, bending over to do so and flashing her plump, beautiful white gaand. Then she turned and took off her bikini bra, standing naked with her heavy doodhs jiggling.

“You look fantastic, Nahid!” gasped Raj, his cock throbbing erect in his shorts, as was his brother’s.

“Thank you,” the gorgeous mother replied, “Now, let’s get straight down to business.”

She walked to one of the beds and sat down on the edge.

“You don’t waste any time,” commented Khaled.

“There’s no point in wasting time before sex,” Mom said, “Hurry, take off your shorts, I want to see those nice big laudas that are soon going to fuck me.”

“Do you want us to fuck you one at a time?” asked Khaled.

“Or both at once,” his younger brother added.

“Both at once,” confirmed my mother. She licked her lips as the two young men removed their shorts, their pricks – both a healthy 7 inches and rock hard – nodding in the air, “I love double-fucking! One in my choot and the other in my gaand! Now come here, boys, let your aunty suck your nice big lunds!”

Raj and Khaled did so, standing side by side in front of the horny mother who sucked their laudas in turn, jacking them both off in her soft hands and alternately sucking on the swollen brown heads.
With both lunds nice and glistening with saliva, mom felt ready to take these hard young men in her holes.

“Who wants to take my choot and who wants to be on gaand duty?” she asked.

“I will take your gaand,” Raj said quickly, “I’ve never fucked a woman in the gaand!”

Khaled obligingly laid down, holding his hard cock up upright. Mom mounted the young boy, lowering her hairy swollen choot down and swallowing up Khaled’s erect lund into her moist lips. With the lund stuffed up her pussy to the balls, my mother leaned forwards and reached around, clapping her hands to her big round asscheeks and spreading them wide so that her hairless little brown anus winked at Raj.

The 18 year-old boy jumped up onto the bed and got behind mom. He mounted my mother’s gaand, pushed the tip of his fat lund into her tightly-puckered little sphincter and beginning to squeeze in. An expert at taking lunds up her gaand-hole, my mother relaxed her anus and felt the hard penis glide up into her anal passage.

This was fantastic, thought Raj. Nahid’s gaand was lovely and tight and he began to thrust up into the young mother’s bowels. Meanwhile, Khaled was stroking Nahid’s big wobbly breasts as she rode his lund, pumping his lauda up into the horny mother’s tight choot while her gaand was drilled by his brother’s lauda.

My mother was more very excited to take unknown boy’s dicks. These two guys were satisfying her perfectly, and she was satisfying them too! Both the brothers felt very excited to be fucking this gorgeous mother within twenty-minutes after meeting her.

The two brothers fucked my horny mother energetically. Raj was pumping his lauda into my mother’s tight gaand-hole, grunting as he plowed inch after inch of his lund into her hot, rubbery hole. Mom moaned and whimpered, grinding her choot down onto Khaled’s lauda. Raj’s fat lund was buried deep in her asshole now.

Mom couldn’t believe it was actually happening… she was taking two big, fat lunds at the same time! Their cocks felt so huge… so long… so GOOD!. Only a thin membrane separated the lund in her choot from the lauda in her asshole, and now that membrane felt stretched to bursting by the size and thickness of their hard lunds. Her choot was sucking Khaled’s lauda, and her puckered little brown asshole swallowing Raj’s lund.

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Mom started humping furiously on the two deeply buried lunds, grinding her bhoda (pussy) down onto Khaled’s lund with one stroke, then thrusting her itchy-asshole back onto Raj’s lauda the next.

“Uhhhhhhh, yeahhhh! Fuck my asshole, Raj!” she screamed. “Yes, yes, fuck it in deep, baby! Ooohhhh, fuck it all the
way up my gaand! Come on, Khaled, keep fucking my choot!”

My mother moaned in intense pleasure as Raj fucked her asshole brutally, slamming his fat lauda into her gaand so hard that Khaled’s lund was almost forced out of her choot.

“Oooooii maaa! Fuck my choot, fuck my gaand!” Mom’s face was contorted with passion, her gorgeous, naked body shaking with lust. “Yesssss! Both of you, fuck me… fuck meeee! OHHH! Please bang my gaand harder…”

Raj was brutally banging my mother’s big gaand, panting loudly as he pumped his huge lauda in and out of Nahid’s big gaand. He was extremely excited…. fucking this gorgeous mother in her gaand such a turn-on, and double-fucking her with his own brother was totally wild! It was actually a bit painful at first, because Nahid’s tight clinging asshole was dry. However the harder he pushed the more excited he got and soon, the pre-cum oozing from the tip of his lund lubricated mom’s asshole with cum, making it easy for him to fuck his huge lauda in and out of her tightly-clasping anus.

“Oh, fucking is so good!” Khaled panted. He was fucking her brutally too, matching Raj’s rhythm, stuffing Nahid’s choot every time Raj rammed into her gaand.

“Ohhhhhhhh, yesss!” Mom groaned. She felt helpless now as the two virile young boys fucked her voluptuous body, writhing with pleasure as her choot and asshole swallowed their twin lunds. “Fuck me harder! Oooooooooooh come on, both of you, fuck me as hard as you can!”

Khaled picked up the speed first, ramming his huge lund furiously in and out of Nahid’s bouncing choot. Raj soon caught up with his brother’s rhythm, grunting as he hammered his fat lauda into the gorgeous single-mother’s tightly-stretched little asshole. Mom squealed in pleasure, whipping her asscheeks up and down… back and forth… fucking the boys as hard as she could.

“Fuck my choot, fuck my horny choot!” she cried. “Fuck aunty’s asshole, Raj! Harder, I need it! Fuck me! Ouuuuuuuuhhhhh, fuck me!”

Soon mom reached climax. For over a minute her naked body shook, causing her choot to contract tightly around Khaled’s deeply plowing lund. Her asshole squeezed Raj’s lauda like a fist, trying to suck him dry as the horny boy kept on fucking my mom’s big gaand like a beast.

Mom slumped on top of Khaled, feeling his hard lund still fucking inside her cunt as Raj started to shoot his thick cum deep in her gaand. The next moment Khaled also began to empty his balls inside mom’s choot, now both horny young boys dumping their baby-making juices in my mother. Mom lay still, sandwiched by the two horny, ejaculating boys, accepting their sperm in her womb and gaand.

A few minutes later both brothers sat at opposite ends of the bed. In between them knelt Nahid, sweaty and smiling, each boy’s semi-hard cock in her hand.

“That was a great fuck Nahid aunty,” Raj said, stroking her hair. Like his brother his lund was beginning to re-harden in Nahid’s pumping fist.

“Yes,” agreed Khaled, “Damn, you are more hotter than most girls our age.”

“I’m honored,” mom smiled, jacking off her young fuckers, “You will both be ready to fuck me again soon, naa?”

“Sure,” replied Raj.

“Damn sure,” added his older brother, “I’m almost fully hard already! Can I fuck your gaand this time Nahid aunty?”

“Aarrey, I wanted to,” Raj insisted.

“You fucked her gaand last time!”

“Both of you can fuck my gaand,” laughed mom, “I want both your nice big lunds in my gaand! I have never taken double-anal before. Now, you two boys are nice and hard again, so come on, let’s fuck!”

Raj lay on his back this time, watching as the horny mother Nahid mounted him, reaching behind her to hold Raj’s erect lund upright and rub it against her loosened anus. Then she lowered herself, sinking her ass down onto the laud until she was fully penetrated with the brown lund-head squelching up into the depths of her gaand passage.

Now, Khaled got up behind my mother and placed his lauda against the base of his brother’s where it was being swallowed up by Nahid’s butt. He pushed upwards, Nahid’s already tight anal sphincter stretching wider to allow the second lauda.

Finally, mom was double-speared. Both fat cocks were wedged right up her anus and soon the slight pain went away, turning into pure ecstasy.

“Aaaah yessss!” she gasped, “You bastards! Oh fuck me! Fuck my asshole with your two big lunds, nnnng!”

The brothers did so, happily drilling Nahid’s shit-hole with their lauda’s squashed together, pumping the hot mother hard in the ass and sending her over the edge within a few minutes, Nahid scrunching up the duvet in her fists as
she was struck by a thunderous orgasm.

“You really love getting gaand-fucked, don’t you Nahid aunty?” Raj asked from below as he squeezed the big doodhs of his horny lover above him.

“Yes!” mom confirmed, “It’s fantastic! OOOOH! Fuck my ass, both of you, fuck my motherfucking ass! Uh! Uh!”

“Hey, I have an idea! We can get you some more guys for anal gang-bang!” Raj asked, “We know a few people
here, a few friends we have made on holiday.”

“Yeah,” added Khaled from behind mom, pumping his fat lauda inside her gaand, “Let’s we get them together? I mean, they’re our age, horny… they will jump at the chance for a gang-bang of a big-doodh-gaand-wali chick like you?”

“Sounds fantastic,” mom gasped, the feeling another orgasm in her stretched anal ring, “Oh yes, do it! Yes, get those guys together, bring them to me and have them line up to sodomize my motherfucking gaand! Ooh…uuuuh!”

She lost it then, slumping over Raj crying out in ecstasy. It was a powerful orgasm and she babbled out wild sluttish remarks. Khaled and Raj orgasmed together too, moments later, their thick lunds sloshing forth slimy, salty cum up into Nahid’s bowels. They eventually tugged their lauda’s free. Mom rolled off the bed and fell, her body naked and drenched with sweat, onto the floor. She laughed happily, her ass-hole burning with ecstasy, thinking of all the lauda she would receive a few hours later. Cox’sbazar sure was a great place to visit!

My mother arrived back at our own hotel room at three in the afternoon. I had been waiting for her eagerly in the room. I was delighted to hear my anal-whore mother’s tales of how she’d spent her afternoon!

I was feeling horny, as usual, and I soon had my mother naked
and bent over the bed. I sodomized her well-fucked gaand brutally, feeling the other boy’s sperm in my whore-mommie’s gaand. After I had finally dumped my cum up into mother’s putki (anus), both mom and I showered and dressed then went downstairs for lunch.

Later that night, mom got ready and went out to her gang-bang with her new lovers, Raj and Khaled.

I met the two brother’s who had anal-fucked my mom in the afternoon. It was thrilling to meet and make friends with boys who had banged my loving mother like a dirty anal-whore. Mom ordered beer, and we chatted for a while sipping the ice-cold beer.

After a while, the guys took my mother and left. My slut mom winked at me and blew me a kiss, before she went out with the two brother’s for her gang-bang.My mother arrived back at our own hotel room at three in the afternoon. I had been waiting for her eagerly in the room. I was delighted to hear my anal-whore mother’s tales of how she’d spent her afternoon!

I was feeling horny, as usual, and I soon had my mother naked
and bent over the bed. I sodomized her well-fucked gaand brutally, feeling the other boy’s sperm in my whore-mommie’s gaand. After I had finally dumped my cum up into mother’s putki (anus), both mom and I showered and dressed then went downstairs for lunch.

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Later that night, mom got ready and went out to her gang-bang with her new lovers, Raj and Khaled.

I met the two brother’s who had anal-fucked my mom in the afternoon. It was thrilling to meet and make friends with boys who had banged my loving mother like a dirty anal-whore. Mom ordered beer, and we chatted for a while sipping the ice-cold beer.

After a while, the guys took my mother and left. My slut mom winked at me and blew me a kiss, before she went out with the two brother’s for her gang-bang.

Mom rode up to the 3rd floor of the hotel where her new lovers, Khaled and Raj, were staying in. She had thought for a while what to wear before realising that she wasn’t going to be clothed for very long! So, she just put on a pair of hip-hugging faded blue jeans and a black top with a plunging neckline that showed off her deep cleavage and big doodhs, earning her a few stares from a couple of middle-aged men with their wives (plus a teenage boy with his parents) as she had walked through the lobby.

She stepped out the elevator down the hall to the appropriate room. Within seconds of her knocking the door was opened by a young guy in his early-twenties, wearing just a pair of shorts.

“Good evening sir,” mom smiled, “May I come in?”

“Sure,” the guy smiled, giving a slight bow then stepping aside. Mom walked in with her escorts, the door shut behind her.

It was pure heaven inside! Sitting around the twin beds and on a couple of chairs were the various young men the brothers had rounded up, various pals they’d met on holiday. In addition to Raj and Khaled, there were six other guys,
all sitting their naked, a hard-core blue film showing on the TV screen.

“Hello boys,” mom greeted them all, flashing a grin, the men all looking approvingly at the gorgeous 36 year old chick before them. They all said their hello’s. The six men, like their hosts, Raj and Khaled, were all fairly young, in their late teens and early twenties, the eldest guy being about 26. They all had big lunds. Mom could feel her anus itching already!

“Well,” Raj said, standing up, “Shall we start it?”

“So what are we doing?” asked one of the other guys, “Just fucking our charming auntie in turn or are we going to fuck her in pairs.”

“What do you think Nahid auntie?” asked Khaled, sliding off his shorts, “It’s up to you.”

“As you all know,” mom began, “I love anal-sex – it’s my main passion. So, I don’t want anyone to bother with my choot tonight. I want to get down on the bed and, if you handsome boys would be so kind, I’d like you all to step up
in turn and fuck my gaand. Shoot your cum up my putki. I’ll suck your lauda’s if you want to get you hard again for a second round, and then we might try some double-anal. Does this sound cool to everyone?”

The young men all nodded and agreed with this, looking very horny and excited.

Mom felt wonderful in her role as a complete whore, as if she was hired and brought here to purely satisfy the desires of these young men, whilst at the same time her commanding voice made her seem like some sort of mother figure. She began to remove her clothes.

The eight young men jacked off their hard lunds and watched as the gorgeous 36 year old Bangladeshi woman stripped off her clothes with no shame. Her gaand was big, round and shapely, her doodhs huge, heavy and topped with stiff brown nipples, her body curvacious and utterly sexy.

Mom got onto one of the beds on her knees and elbows.

“Raj?” she said to the younger of the brothers, “Lubricate my asshole with a bit of vaseline.”

“Okay,” the teenager said, and he took some Vaseline and used it to slick up the brown little anus between Nahid’s plump, spread buttocks.

“Nahid, can I fuck you first?” asked one of the boys, a 19 year old with a 10″ lund, “I’m as horny as a motherfucker, I have never fucked anybody in my life!”

“Sure, go ahead,” Raj agreed, stepping aside.

The blonde guy got up onto the bed and placed the head of his lauda to Nahid’s anus.

“Do you want me to go slow?” he asked mom.

“Go how you want,” whimpered Nahid, her voice heavy with burning lust, “Just fuck that big fat lund up my gaand and bugger me unconscious!”

Excited by such slutty reply, the boy began to push forward his lund, mom gripping the bed-sheet and letting out a long whimper as her asshole was busted open for the first of many times that night. Inch by inch, the thick shaft of her young fucker slid up into her anal passage until it was stuffed in there fully.

“OHHH WOW! What a tight gaand!” the young boy cried, pumping his lund back and forth in Nahid’s clasping shithole, “Yaar, you Bangladeshi aunties really love kinky fucking, don’t you? Uuuuh, this is good, this is a great gaand! Yeah!”

He grabbed the my mom’s hips and began to increase his pace, a look of sheer joy on his face as he drilled Nahid’s putki and making her cry out with pleasure. The other guys watched, jacking off their stiff dicks, waiting for their turn.

A few minutes later, the boy ejaculated, his long hard lund pumping thick cream up into the depths of my mother’s bowels.

He tugged his lund free and staggered off the bed, clearly satisfied but stroking his soiled lauda and already preparing himself for another round.

In no time at all, Raj stepped up and sank his fat lauda into Nahid’s gaping shitter, deeply sodomizing her fast and hard. Moments later his sperm erupted and shot into the voluptious lady’s gaand, and within seconds of him withdrawing, his place was taken by his brother, Khaled. Once he’d pumped Nahid’s gaand with his sperm another stepped up, and then another and another.

40-minutes after they’d began this first round, all eight of the young boys had buggered my mother. Her previously-tight brown asshole gaped open to a diameter of about an inch and a half, semen leaking out and running down her thighs, her pink anal walls filled with white cum visible through the wide-open anal hole.

The night wasn’t finished yet. The first four guys who had buggered Nahid were hard once more, and the others were preparing themselves for the next round too.

Khaled ordered my mother to get on her knees in the middle of the room.

“Ok boys line up so Nahid can suck your lunds,” Khaled said laughing. The boys all got up and surrounded mom. She looked up at the eight lunds pointing at her.

“Now suck our laudas, slut,” demanded Khaled offering her his lund.

Mom took Khaled’s lauda in her mouth and started sucking his fat lund, another boy took one of her hands and placed it on his hard lauda, and she wrapped her fingers around it and started jerking it off. Seeing this, yet another boy took her free hand and offered his lund. Mom went from one lauda to the next sucking each one for a minute while jerking off two others.

The boys mauled my whore-mother’s big, heavy, swinging doodhs while she hungrily sucked their lunds.

Within a few minutes all the boys lunds were nice and hard.

“Time for double anal,” Nahid announced. Her face was slick with sweat but she showed no signs of being anally satisfied just yet.

My slut mom was then carried back over to the bed where the 18 year old boy with the 10″ cock lay down. Between his legs knelt Raj, and my whore-mommy squatting above them and reaching down to hold their fat lunds together. Then, she lowered herself, her loosened asshole managing to slowly accomodate the two swollen lauda-heads that were squashed together to form a single, ultra-thick baseball bat. With a look of ecstasy on her face, Nahid lowered herself further, pushing her gaand down and uttering obscene cries until, finally, she had both pricks stuffed up her putki.

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Her two fuckers then took control, holding the sexy raand between them tight and holding her still as they drilled her gaand in turn with their fat laudas, one pulling back while the other pushed back, alternating like this and driving the
big-doodhwali anal-whore between them wild.

The boys buggered Nahid brutally, slamming their giant lunds into her hungry tight putki-hole, sending her soft big white ass wobbling all over the place.

Eventually, the 18 year old boy ejaculted first, shooting his sperm up into Nahid’s already cum-filled ass. Raj came seconds later, pumping his thick sperm whilst he held Nahid’s shoulders in his strong hands.

Both young men pulled out their lunds and staggered to oneside. Nahid was barely able to get her breath back when the activity was repeated, another two guys coming up and spearing her asshole at the same time and buggering her hard.

Both of the new fuckers pushed on her anus and she let them push in their fat lunds. Her little anal pucker sucked the brown heads of their laudas inside. Mom let a deep sigh out.

“You like fucking in the ass, don’t you auntie?” One boy asked.

“Oh, yesssss, I love anal fucking!” mom cried out. “Fuck my asshole.”

And they did.

When these young boys had shot their cum, two others, Khaled and another boy, invaded Nahid’s back door. They slammed their lunds and started fucking her asshole, wasting no time in pumping her back door. My slut mom Nahid once again received two loads of semen into her asshole at the same time.

Then another pair of boys mounted my whore-mom and started banging her loosenned asshole. All the eight guys buggered my mother’s big gaand for 70 minutes straight.

When these guys had retired, her asshole was hanging open an inch and leaking what seemed to be a gallon of sperm, all white and warm.

Finally, she looked at all her fuckers. Some of them were still hard.

“For a finale,” Nahid began, exhaustion in her voice, “I want a nice cum bath! All of you boys want to cum all over me?”

All the guys nodded and whistled, stepping up to the bed. Nahid sat up on her Knees, facing up as the young boys stood all around her and masturbated their hard cocks. My whore-mom took two lunds in her hands, and one in her mouth, and started to service the boys’ lunds in turn.

Soon the guys were so excited from their whore-auntie’s lund-sucking that all their lauda’s were ready to burst. My slut mom prepared herself, facing up, letting out her tonge, and immediately the cum started pouring on her face. Nahid was ready for it. Her mouth was open and ready to take the boys’s sperms as it gushed in torrents from their throbbing lunds. The sperms were massive in amount that sprayed nearly out of control. Thick heavy streams of cum poured over in Nahid’s mouth and lined along her cheeks and forehead, on her face, all over her big breasts, smearing her in sticky jizz. Big globs of sperm that dropped onto her tongue and slid to the back of her throat. It was a great load to finish the night off. The jism on her face felt warm and slimy and the mouthful she swallowed she enjoyed, enjoying the taste of the boys’s love juice. Then she cleaned their lunds with her lips sucking out what little he had left.

Finally, they were all done. Nahid got to her feet and kissed all the boys, thanking them for the great anal-banging, the men in turn grateful and certain that Nahid had done them a favor!

Just for three love-birds

The well-fucked woman staggered off to the bathroom and took a long shower, and when she had come out the six visitors had gone, leaving behind just the hosts, Raj and Khaled.

They insisted on taking Nahid out for a dinner, and she agreed, so they got dressed up and went to the restaurant
downstairs for dinner.

Sex was again on their minds when they were upstairs again at about 10:30 PM. Nahid stripped naked and bent over the bed, begging to be sodomized some more. Raj and Khaled’s stamina had returned after their hearty meal downstairs. The two brothers were capable of giving her the required treatment.

Taking up appropriate positions, Raj and Khaled rammed their fat lunds into her wet stretched tight anal sphincter with a hard steady solid push, and her asshole was filled with two cocks at once.

They started to bugger my mother again, shooting their hot cum inside the randy mother’s putki. After a while, Nahid was getting gaand-fucked by Khaled, she asked Raj to bring her purse to her. She took out her cellphone and dialled my number. When I answered, I could hear her heavy breathing and wondered which of the lucky brothers had his fat lund up my mom’s gaand. Mom told me that she was spending the night with the boys, and asked me to eat dinner and go to sleep. I wished mom a great night with the boys, and told her that she must tell me about her gangbang adventure in the morning. We said good night and mom hung up the phone, while Khaled shot his cum deep in her gaand. As soon as he pulled his lund out, Raj took her hand and told her to get up from the bed.

He led my naked mother to the open balcony in front of the room. Mom felt the cool breeze of the night on her body. From the balcony, they could see the town below, cars plying on the streets, and a few men strolling. Mom knew anybody who cared to look up would see her naked body. But she didn’t care, she felt like a total anal-slut now. Raj commanded her to kneel. Without hesitating, mom obliged. She bent her hips and knelt forwards, holding the steel railings, sticking her big juicy well-fucked gaand up. Raj clutched her buxom waist and rammed his big lund up her loosenned ass-hole. He started sodomizing my gorgeous mother in front of the whole town!

Raj buggered my mom’s juicy gaand steadily for a while, when Khaled came out naked to the balcony. He was feeling horny again, excited to see his daring younger brother fucking their anal-bitch out in the open. Admiring Nahid’s courage, he rubbed his limp lund across her face. Without saying anything, mom openned her mouth and started sucking Khaled’s lauda.

Raj continued to bugger my mom’s big, wobbly gaand, while his elder brother face-fucked their beautiful anal-whore. After both the brothers had deposited their sperm in my mother’s holes, the three came back into the room.

They chatted and drank Coke and watched some TV, Nahid regaining her breath back. Then Khaled made my mom lie flat on her tummy on his bed. He mounted her big, bubble gaand and sodomized her with long, hard thrusts. When he had dumped his thick cum inside her, Raj ordered mom to come to her bed. My slut mom obliged, and moved over to Raj’s bed and lay down on Raj’s bed where the younger brother speared her loosenned ass-hole once again, and buggered her.

Mom had to shuttle between the two beds a few more times, and both the brothers buggered her three times each, while she fingered her choot and whimpered in ecstasy, all three of them eventually falling into a deep sleep after a night of strenous, but fun, activity.

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