Anna experiences her first orgasm, when her girlfriend desides to help her out

Anna experiences her first orgasm, when her girlfriend desides to help her out

“I’ve never experienced an orgasm,” my roommate Anna
confessed. I looked at her, surprised. She was a
pretty, firm-breasted blonde with long, straight hair
that she kept in a pair of heavy braids. Her serious
blue eyes were highlighted by her white-gold eyebrows
and flawless complexion. I shifted uneasily in my
chair as I involuntarily flashed on the image of my
tongue flicking across the pink button of her throbbing

“That’s too bad,” I said carefully. What are you
supposed to say to something like that? HEY, GIRL,
I’LL SHOW YOU HOW IT’S DONE seemed kind of crude.

“Have you ever had a problem like that?” she asked.

“No,” I admitted, hoping it didn’t sound like I was
bragging. “In fact, I’m a little bit trigger-happy if
you touch me in the right place.”

“Maybe it’s just that no one has ever touched me in
the right place…” Her voice trailed off as she
glanced down at the floor, too shy to meet my gaze.
Damn her, she was hinting!

“If you want, I can check it out for you,” I said,
still trying to sound like I didn’t care one way or
the other. “Or, if you feel uncomfortable about
another woman touching your body, I could just show
you how I play with myself . . . ”

Anna was already zipping down my skirt. When she
yanked it to my ankles, I kicked it away. My panties
followed quickly. Naked from the waist down, I sat
down in the chair with my legs spread wide so she
could look straight up my creamy cunthole.

“I have this sensitive bundle of nerves right here,”
I said, touching the place where the heavy lips of my
pussy converged to form the hood that protected my
clitoris. That secret love button danced twitchily
under my fingers, going as hard as a small perfect

“You don’t stick you finger up your cunt to jerk
yourself off?” she asked, amazed.

“Nah. I like it better this way. A lot of girls do.”
I moved the tips of my fingers in a circular motion over
my quivering clitoris. As I grew more excited, I strum-
med harder, playing my love button like a sexual guitar.
Anna leaned forward, licking her lips.

“You can get closer,” I said, encouraging her. “Take
a good look.”

She got out of her chair and knelt on the floor
between my legs. As she bent over my cunt, I felt
her hot breath tickle the sensitive skin of my inner
thighs. she was so close to sucking off my twat and
my hand blurred over my clitty nubbin as I thundered
into my first orgasm.

Suddenly, as I kicked and squirmed in my chair, Anna
shoved my fingers out of the way so she could watch my
spasming clitoris undergo its crazy contractions. Then
she actually bent down and wrapped her lips around that
sensitive bud! When she moved the flat of her tongue
experimentally across my clit, I went from one mind-
blasting orgasm into a series of cunt-shattering multi-
ples. Her beginner’s lick job was enough to keep me
thundering in my seat for a full two minutes.

Even when the wildest shudders ceased, small orgasmic
aftershocks continued to ripple through my body. Anna,
who really wanted that close-up look, refused to take
her head from my crotch. In fact, she diddled her
tongue lower, licking it in and out of my pussy so she
could taste my female juices.

At long last, she got up. “That was unbelievable,”
she said, a yearning in her voice. “But I could never
experience so much pleasure…”

“Of course you can!” High on sex, I jumped up as
fresh energy zipped through my body. “Come here,
lover,” I said and I started taking off her clothes.

“When we were both completely naked, I guided Anna
down onto the carpet, so that she was stretched out
flat on her back. Shy, she kept both legs together
until I gently spread her knees apart and climbed
between them. Running my tongue around my suddenly-dry
lips, I proceeded to suck her.

“The golden fleece that lined Anna’s soft pussy
tickled my tongue as I lapped across her whole twat.
Rolling her blush-pink pussy wattles between my lips,
I slowly circled in on her pea-sized clitoris.
Pressing it hard, I made her jerk and kick her feet
against the floor. She raised one hand and then let
it fall, smacking the carpet with and emphatic sound.

She felt a little stiff at first, as if she was
afraid to let go. As it became obvious that I loved
her gooey oyster sauce, she relaxed. Her butt began
to undulate against the carpet to the beat of my
tongue-strokes. Her hard, erect clitoris fluttered.
Then she went stiff al over, and next she exploded!

I lost track of the number of orgasms I gave Anna
that afternoon. But I knew it wasn’t enough to make
up for all she’d missed. I guess I’ll just have to
give her some more.

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Anna experiences her first orgasm, when her girlfriend desides to help her out