Anne Humilation – Mixed race student is paid to pose naked by her professor

Anne Humilation – Mixed race student is paid to pose naked by her professor

The doorbell went again early the next morning.

“Hi Anne.”

“Morning,” she replied sombrely.

“You decided to come back then.”

“Well, you are clearly one disgusting, dirty old pervert who has no business being a college professor, but I need the money. Simple as that.”

“What you say is most probably true Anne. I am a dirty old pervert and my fetish is quite unusual I know, but I hope we can still be friends at the same time?”

“Sure. I didn’t mean to be so rude, sorry. I think you’re an honest man, and so long as I feel safe, then I’m happy – no that’s so the wrong word – I am prepared to humiliate myself in whatever way your dirty mind desires to help keep me in school. Just so long as you don’t get any other ideas. I’m not a whore and I won’t be treated like one.”

“I think we have a common understanding on that Anne. I absolutely promise never to touch you – unless invited.”

“And that’s not very likely, sorry.”

“So be it. Maybe we shouldn’t be having this conversation on my doorstep eh? Please do come on in.”

“So what do you have in mind for me today professor?”

“I’m just getting my breakfast so if you could go on through to the dining room and get undressed for me that would be wonderful. I’ll be with you in a minute.”

I pushed the door open for her and pointed at the table which I had laid out with a place mat, bowl and cutlery. I’d like you to climb up there Anne please.”

“What, really; on your dining room table?” she exclaimed.

“Yes, really. I want to sit and have coffee and eat my pastry while you pose for me.”

“What, you don’t read a newspaper like other regular people?”

“Very funny! Would you like a coffee?” I asked going out to the kitchen

“Why not – just black please.”

I resisted the urge to make some witticism.

“Coming up. Make yourself comfortable.”

“Yeh, like I’m gonna feel real comfortable drinking coffee whilst my professor ogles my private parts!”

A few minutes later I returned with a small tray with two coffees and a plate of pastries. As I entered the dining room, I was greeted with the most amazing sight I could ever have imagined taking place in my own house. There, sitting fully naked on the edge of the table next to my place setting, was my stunningly gorgeous, nineteen year old student. She was mixed race, half black, half Korean, with the most amazing caramel skin. And for the next half hour I could study her naked body in any which way I wanted. I only had to ask her to pose for me.

Her legs were drawn up close to her chest with her arms locked tightly around them. I could only imagine how she must be feeling right at this moment – vulnerable, embarrassed, perhaps deeply ashamed? I decided that I must go very carefully so as not to completely freak her out.

“Here’s your coffee Anne, and a pastry if you would like one?” I said, laying down the tray beside her

“Just coffee thank you.”

“Can I ask did you shower since yesterday?”

“Well I guess you’ll find that out for yourself, professor, in a second. That’s what you really want isn’t it?”

“Sounds like an invitation I can’t refuse!”

“I suppose it’s only fair you get your money’s worth.”

I drew back the chair and sat down in front of her. At five foot one she was quite tiny so even though she was sitting on the table, our eyes were more or less at the same level. As I looked into her beautiful face, I could see she was trembling ever so slightly. I realised at once that I needed to put her at her more at ease before moving to the next level.

So for the next few minutes, as we sipped our coffees, I attempted to engage her in some ordinary, mundane conversation. But it was hard to ignore her nakedness (and the huge swelling in my underpants) and within only five minutes of inane chatting, I was already risking a few glances down at her body.

“It’s OK professor, I can see you’re trying to be sensitive, but I know why I’m here and it’s not to discuss the terrible British weather.

“No, that’s very true.”

“I want you to pose for me.”

“Yes, of course. How to you want me?”

“Well if you don’t mind then I would like you to open your legs for me Anne so I can see exactly what your genitals look like. Given your mixed ethnic background, I’m really intrigued to find out.”

“I think maybe I do mind,” said Anne with hint of resignation in her voice, “but I guess a deal is a deal.”

“Indeed. Would you mind if I undid my trousers, it’s getting awfully uncomfortable down there.”

“Ha-ha! By all means take out your cock professor and play with yourself as much as you like – I just don’t want to see it that’s all!”

“Yes I quite understand.”

As Anne unfolded her arms and legs, I sat back in my chair, unzipped my suit trousers and clumsily took out my huge, throbbing cock. On seeing those long, dark nipples again, it leapt to attention in front of her.

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“Wow, that’s quite impressive professor – and I like that you’re circumcised.”

“I though you didn’t want to see?”

“It’s a bit hard to ignore isn’t it!”

“Well thank you for the complement. And it was just your big brown nipples that caused that.”

“It’s nice to know they have that effect on a man, even one as old as you!” she laughed.

“Yes, very funny,” I retorted. “So let’s see what you’ve got between your legs Missy. Open wide and show me your vagina.”

“That sounds so clinical.”

“Sorry, but I just find that talking to you like this…well it just enhances the whole experience of er…”

“Degrading me?” She said, finishing my sentence.

“In a sense, I suppose; if I’m honest.”

“Well I admire honesty. So here you are professor…” And with that, Anne dutifully leaned back on her hands for support, planted one foot firmly either side of my leather place mat and opened her legs as wide as she could.

“This is what my vagina looks like.”

“Oh my God Anne!” My cock jerked in spasm. “What a… what an amazing sight that is!”

Just how many boys in her year group, I wondered, had dreamed of ever seeing Anne like this.

Once more I was feasting my eyes on the huge expanse of tiny, glistening, wiry black coils that were her pubic hairs. Although not dense at all, the hairs themselves were quite thick and wiry and spread out in all directions from the dark, exotic folds of her vagina right across her lower tummy. They grew ever more sparse at the outer edges and as I studied her intently, I could even a make out a few random curly hairs sprouting around her inner thighs. Some of them looked to have raised little pimples and red sores from constant chaffing in the creases between her legs.

Through all the hairs, I could easily make out the change in skin tone around her entire genital area. Here, the smooth, caramel colour of her legs and torso transformed abruptly into dark brown tinged with lilac around the prominently raised oval which was her labia majora. At this point the hair growth intensified and served to frame the rubbery black flaps of her inner lips which protruded invitingly.

I started to stroke my cock and was immediately aware of some pre-cum coating my thumb and forefinger.

“Do you like what you see professor?”

“Oh my. What can I say; your black cunt is magnificent!”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh so sorry about my language. I’m not racist or anything. I’m just so turned on by seeing all the exotic colours between your legs. I sincerely hope you’re not offended.”

“Well I never thought to hear you use such words professor. But it’s OK. Guess I’ll get used to it.”

“Yes sorry. I’m just so excited to be looking at you like this.”

“Well you’re already ten minutes into our half hour session – so make the most of it. I need to get to class soon.”

“OK, please can you squat over my bowl? This is today’s pose. I want to study your cunt while I have my breakfast.”

“Uh, now that is degrading.”

“I want to study your cunt while I eat my breakfast.”

“Yes, I know. Here goes then.”

Anne gingerly raised herself up and manoeuvred herself into position, one foot either side of the bowl. She balanced on the balls of her feet and then started to lower herself down. As the cheeks of her bottom sank back onto the heels of her feet, her knees were forced outwards and I was treated to the most explicit view of her entire genital area.

Squatting low, she settled herself as best she could over my breakfast bowl and allowed the hanging wattle of her inky black, hairy labia to dangle right into the bowl. I drank in the view.

“Oh, my, God Anne!” I exclaimed. “That is the most incredible sight I have ever seen in my entire life!”

I started to masturbate furiously.

The plain white glaze of the bowl contrasted perfectly with the dark colours between her legs and provided a perfect backdrop against which to study the contours of her dangling labia as well as every minute detail of her pubic growth. If I looked closely enough, I could see where each individual black hair grew from, how long it was, the texture, the curl and the smell…

The smell was almost overpowering; but I was not complaining.

I took a sip of coffee and sat back to admire the view.

“Can you hold open your vagina Anne so I can look up inside your hole while I eat my pastry?”


Anne reached down and fumbled about in amongst the hairs until she managed to separate her labia and gently ease them apart like the petals of an exotic plant. As the smooth, dark rubbery edges of her inner labia opened up, I got my first glimpses of her actual vaginal opening and her tiny little piss hole.

“Nice. Really nice” I said as I stared in amongst the ring of fleshy, pink folds and nubbins that formed the rim of her inner hole. The whole area was coated in a glistening, translucent cream. In some places it was very glutinous, especially around the root of her labia, where random formations of cheesy yellow curd were floating in suspension.

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It doesn’t get any better than this, I thought, as I sat enjoying my coffee and pastry while Anne squatted low over my breakfast bowl and obligingly displayed the inner contours of her vagina and urethra.

“I can’t see your clitoris Anne?”

“Oh, sorry, what was I thinking!” she said sarcastically.

Applying pressure with her thumbs, she rolled back the big brown hood to reveal the shiny pink orb of her clit. It was surprisingly large. As she applied further pressure, it bulged further outwards and I could clearly see a ring of cream coloured smegma lodged under the hood. The contrasts between her black pubic hairs, dark brown hood, cream colour smeg and glistening pink clitoris were mind blowing.


Putting down my coffee cup, I instinctively reached for my cock and started to masturbate furiously. Seeing that I was now very excited, Anne started to flex her inner muscles and I watched wide eyed as her vagina contracted and dilated right in front of my face. After a minute or so, her inner juices started to flow quite freely and I was treated to the incredible sight of watching her cunt juices dribble down into my breakfast bowl and form little pools of milky white.

“Can I taste it?” I stammered. “I mean what you’ve done in the bowl?”

Anne immediately looked down and was horrified to see what she had done.

“Oh my God!”

“I just want to lick the bowl.”


“I’ll pay for it.”

“Another ten pounds then.”

“Only if you masturbate in front of me and make as much cream as you can.”

“OK professor. Watch closely then” she said, starting to excite her clitoris.

I needed no further invitation. Leaning forward as much as a dare, I stared right into Anne’s hole and watched in fascination as her vaginal mucus began to boil inside. What had begun as just a dribble, soon turned into a little stream of milky liquid running out of her vagina and into the tiny coils of black hair that were just about surviving around the lower regions of her vaginal opening. Here, the broad dusky petals of her inner labia where reduced to little more than slight ridges as they connected together above her pimply, purple coloured perineum.

The ‘drip, drip, drip’ trickle of her juices into my breakfast bowl accelerated and I started to wank vigorously.

“Is that enough yet for you?” she asked, breaking my rhythm.

I stared down into the bowl to see an impressive puddle of what looked like raw egg whites with a few curly black hairs floating in it.

“Ok yes,” I said reaching for the bowl and bringing it straight up to my nose. I sniffed all around it for a moment, as if judging a fine wine…

“Mm” I nodded, and then poured the entire contents right into my mouth. Some of her pubic hairs lodged around my teeth as I strained her vaginal juices and swilled them around my palette to assess the taste.

“You taste good Anne,” easily best the value for money breakfast juice I ever had!”

I continued to wank right in front of her with no attempt to hide what I was doing.

“Well I’m pleased you like it,” she replied, looking down at my cock. “Have you seen everything you want for today then?”

“Oh yes I have. That was a truly amazing experience Anne, thank you. If you would just let me smell your hole for a minute or so then you may go upstairs and shower.”

“OK, just for a minute, but no touching remember.”

“I promise,” I said, as I leaned in between her legs and started to sniff all around her cunt.

“Do you mind if I ejaculate?”

“I don’t think you will be able to stop yourself professor. Here, let me help.” And with that Anne stretched herself as wide open as she could allowing me to see past the dangling pink fronds of her vaginal opening all the way up to her glistening cervix.

I came in that instant.

Day Three

Despite the humiliations of yesterday’s session, Anne was back on my doorstep, punctually, the next morning.

“Hello professor.”

“Morning Anne.”

“What would you like to look at today?”

“Well, I thought we might have you back up on the breakfast table, only this time in baby pose.”

“What’s that?”

“On your back, like when you change a baby’s nappy. It allows me to have a good look at the soles of your feet and also study your anus.”

“I’ve not showered you know.”

“I was hoping not.”

“It will smell.”

“Good. I was rather hoping to sniff it.”

“Really? Are you really sure you want that? It’s so gross. I know I keep saying it but your sexual desires are quite disgusting professor.”

“I know. Just how bad is it down there Anne?”


“Mm. You’d best get ready then.”

I showed her though into the dining room and sat down in my chair.

“Please stand right in front of me and undress, and then sit up on the table again like yesterday.”

Anne did as instructed. She always did. Whatever was going on in her head, whatever she was thinking about me, or indeed however reluctant she was about doing these most degrading of things, she had reliably followed through on her promises to me that day in my study at the University. At some point I owed her some greater reward than just a few pounds pocket money.

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She stood only two feet away from me, looked me straight in the eye, and calmly took off all her clothes. Knowing that she was watching me, I intently scanned her body from head to toe, pausing to look at different parts of her as they were revealed to me. When finally she removed her white panties, I asked her to pass them to me so I could examine the inner gusset for stains. Now, as I stared at her naked form, full frontal, I brought her pants up to my nose and inhaled deeply.

I coughed slightly at the intensity of the smell as the sweet, sweaty musk of her inner crotch washed over my face followed by a wave of stale faeces when my nose dove into a damp area of fabric that had been wedged up inside the crack of her ass. I unfurled the gusset to take a look at the inner lining and was greeted by a thin brown streak which culminated in a gritty smudge of yellowy brown. It was the exact spot where her anus had been rubbing up against the lining.

“Must you do that while I’m actually watching?”

“Sorry, I was getting distracted. Can you climb up onto the table again please?”

“Sure.” Anne turned away and heaved herself up onto the edge of the table.

“If you wouldn’t mind then, for today’s pose, please can you roll backwards and clasp your thighs against your chest, knees apart, so I can study the soles of your feet and the whole area around anus for the rest of the session.”

“Uh, that sounds uncomfortable, but OK, if that’s what you want.”

Anne brought her hands up behind her knees to draw her thighs in towards her body and rolled backwards as instructed.

“Open your legs more Anne so I can see right inside the crack of your bottom. And put the soles of your feet in my face please.”

“That is one very explicit pose professor!”

“I know.”

She drew herself into a tighter ball and allowed her legs to drop to the sides, at the same time flexing her ankles so that the soles of her feet hovered just a few inches from my face. I could no longer see her pretty face – but I could see everything else. My entire view of Anne now consisted of the two round orbs of her tightly stretched buttocks, and the dark, rubbery blades of her scrunched up labia nestling in between.

Unlike the smooth, warm brown hues of the rest of her body, the soles of her feet by contrast were very light in colour and quite calloused with hard white skin around the ball of each foot and around the back of the heels.

“Oh this table is so hard!”

“I can get you a pillow if you like?”

“Oh yes please”

I reached behind me to grab a pillow from the sofa and as I passed it back between her legs I took the opportunity to smell her feet. They were slightly cheesy from wearing canvas shoes, with no socks, but otherwise not too offensive.

I sat back down and drew my chair as close up to the table as I could. As Anne placed her pillow and wriggled around on her back to get comfy, the smell from between her legs started wafting around my face. Despite already having sniffed the inside of her pants, I was shocked just how strong she was and almost recoiled from the instant assault on my senses. Leaning forward now with intent, I took a deep break through my nose and tried to decipher her smells. It was a heady cocktail of aromas combining the natural sweaty, musk of her vagina with a hint of stale urine and the unmistakeable stink of poo.

“Oh wow!”

“What you doing back there professor?”

“Smelling your bottom.”

“Did it gross you out?”

“Yes somewhat!”

“That’s my special gift for you for helping me out. I haven’t showered at all since I came yesterday.”

“Much appreciated. Are you more comfortable now?”

“Yes thanks.”

“I can’t quite see everything though. If you could just clasp your hands firmly behind your knees again, then I can get a proper look at your anus.”

“If you really want to.”

“Is it hairy Anne?”

“Is what?”

“Is your anus surrounded by more tiny little hairs?”

“See for yourself professor…”

As her bottom rolled upwards up to greet me, her lovely rounded buttocks tightened and spread apart to reveal everything she had between her legs. I was immediately drawn to her dark, purple anus which was set firmly in the centre of a neat brown triangle from which sprouted maybe fifty tiny coils of black pubic hair.

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Anne Humilation – Mixed race student is paid to pose naked by her professor

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